Dropping a Car from a Crane


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  • onkar phall
    onkar phall 5 hours ago

    Should have camera all the way round car to see tyres pop.

  • Finn Campeau
    Finn Campeau 22 hours ago

    Thank god it was a Chevy

  • MelanticaGaming
    MelanticaGaming Day ago

    Drop a car when the engine is running

  • hendry jawhari
    hendry jawhari 2 days ago

    Just want to know what the purpose of these guys throwing car with crane?

  • Justin Does Earth
    Justin Does Earth 3 days ago

    It's not Freon it's R134a and I'm pretty sure it's illegal to intentionally vent it into the atmosphere.

  • Akira Kurusu
    Akira Kurusu 3 days ago

    2:48 - 2:49
    *_C r u n c h ._*

  • josse13579
    josse13579 8 days ago

    This is also a perfect example of when you hit a car into a building or a tree. The higher up you lift the car, the more speed it has when it comes down, and the effect is the same as if you're on the road and hit your car into something. Drive safe ♥

  • kittycatgamer51
    kittycatgamer51 8 days ago

    that poor cavalier

  • Pablo Méndez
    Pablo Méndez 10 days ago

    "Sound guy is going to be sad." IT'S NOT LIKE YOU LITERALLY DESTROYED HIS CAR!!!

  • Taj Colon
    Taj Colon 11 days ago

    But could somebody survive this the first one only obviously lol

  • Jitendra Nath Ghosh Jitendra Nath Ghosh

    You should giveaway the car it is better than destroy.

  • hugglescake
    hugglescake 13 days ago

    When you two finally grow up, what are you going to do for a living?

  • chaser107
    chaser107 17 days ago

    Why don't you drop phones from different heights?

  • James Luqqy
    James Luqqy 17 days ago

    A tonne is 2000 pounds so 3.5 tonnes is 7000. Not that it matters you still cant lift it

  • Daniele Gerussi
    Daniele Gerussi 19 days ago

    2:11 laser rays off da's hand

  • Mandy Jo
    Mandy Jo 22 days ago

    You should try to drive it on the road now

  • Mandy Jo
    Mandy Jo 22 days ago

    How many times have you used the car

  • Jean-Philippe Paradis
    Jean-Philippe Paradis 23 days ago

    They're saying no car has ever been more crushed than this...
    Apparently, they've never heard of a car compactor.

  • Colin Lanham
    Colin Lanham 24 days ago



  • Tammy Foster
    Tammy Foster 28 days ago

    no 4:45

  • Tammy Foster
    Tammy Foster 28 days ago

    4:50 dan flips off gav

  • Daniel Symes
    Daniel Symes 29 days ago

    3.43 Gav took that too well😡

  • Braydenwarrior60
    Braydenwarrior60 29 days ago

    wth how rich are you?

  • Mukhammad Famal
    Mukhammad Famal Month ago

    hey.... what about record d speed of light... ex: record d speed of laser

  • Muir Robertson
    Muir Robertson Month ago

    In Sydney there is an “artwork” of a car with a boulder on it in the middle of a roundabout

  • adostalr
    adostalr Month ago

    гараж54 бесил этой фигней, теперь и сломогайс!

  • Jolly Bigbeard
    Jolly Bigbeard Month ago

    I think they should have used a helicopter and dropped it from a hole lot higher for more carnage

  • Super Sarcastic Sokka

    If you ever go to Central Florida just call my dad, he works/owns a crane business.

  • LKSimbalvr
    LKSimbalvr Month ago

    had to watch at quarter speed to make it much slower and still its too fast. really needed at least 10,000fps. i would prefer decent slowness rather than 4k anyday.

  • Anthony Green
    Anthony Green Month ago

    4:45 pause video

  • Kendra Carreras
    Kendra Carreras Month ago

    4:46 Did you just flip me off...? Lol.

  • Tony Turi
    Tony Turi Month ago

    You should’ve taken the hood off so we could see the engine

  • Tyvan Kenyon
    Tyvan Kenyon Month ago

    As the former owner of a late 90s model Chevrolet Cavalier, and its sister car, the Pontiac Sunfire, this video was extremely satisfying


    Evacuating the A/C system of refrigerant would have been a good idea. That stuff is still a strong pollutant in the air.

  • Paul McDonagh
    Paul McDonagh Month ago

    Do it again but drop the K rail upside down so all the force is pressed into a smaller area and see if you can chop the car down its length :)

  • Andrew Rogerson
    Andrew Rogerson Month ago

    I'd rather do that than stance a car

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago

    I’ll OL doubleOF

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago

    Play LOL

  • MacBook778
    MacBook778 Month ago

    No not the chevy cavalire

  • Daniel Navrátil
    Daniel Navrátil Month ago

    I am too Daniel

  • LukeIsChilling
    LukeIsChilling Month ago +1

    This is why the Slow Mo Guys have so many subs.

  • Maniacal Coyote
    Maniacal Coyote Month ago

    Completely finishing it would have involved thermate and TNT.

  • Stella Nappi
    Stella Nappi Month ago

    "That just looks so wrong. A concrete rail should not be in the air like that." DON"T CRITICIZE THE CONCRETE RAIL LIKE THAT DAN! THAT'S SO MEAN!

  • Juicy Land
    Juicy Land Month ago

    Gavin’s Friend “GAVIN where are you” “Gav?” Aurther Morgan “Still looking for him?”

  • Leenus Hansan
    Leenus Hansan Month ago

    please guys next time need this with FERRARI

  • Crazy Brit Nasa Fan

    Car for sale. Two not very careful owners. Above avarage wear and tear.........

  • Fortnight the3rd
    Fortnight the3rd 2 months ago

    200 stone

  • Kristen Sincleair
    Kristen Sincleair 2 months ago

    At 4:46 Dan flipped gav off

  • PH Ng
    PH Ng 2 months ago

    Lol the camera or GoPro did not break

  • ken vuong
    ken vuong 2 months ago

    People in Africa: dying of no food. America: