NERF Slender Man Challenge!

  • Published on Jan 19, 2017
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  • Addie Bakugo
    Addie Bakugo 2 days ago

    I thought that he called himself their gay master,, and I was like,, “Why do we need to know this? Like, I have nothing against it, and I’m not saying I’m straight,, but so random??” Until I delisted to it and hear it says game master..

  • Ethan Williams
    Ethan Williams 9 days ago

    Plz do more horro

  • Ethan Williams
    Ethan Williams 9 days ago

    Micheal FROM Burger King🍔👑

  • Ethan Williams
    Ethan Williams 9 days ago

    Okay okay okay oh man get away from me okay okay thats creey this ones still on a hoverboard

  • love Mandrew forever
    love Mandrew forever 11 days ago

    I could never do that. I get scared real easily

    ANONYMOUSTACHE 15 days ago

    #slendernike the guy with the hat sceard my sis

  • Matt Scagnelli
    Matt Scagnelli 17 days ago

    At 9:54 you can hear Bobby or J-Fred say “Oh gosh!”

  • Cheryl Hooks
    Cheryl Hooks 18 days ago

    the tall guy is J Fred

  • Elisa Luong
    Elisa Luong 22 days ago

    Slender man is gone

  • Mikala McClain
    Mikala McClain 25 days ago

    Back ground I see real slenderman that is Matthias’es brother (duh duh duuuuuuu)

  • Rod Diggle
    Rod Diggle 29 days ago

    I love the waffle!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacqueline Damian
    Jacqueline Damian Month ago

    One with a hoverboard.

  • Jackson Lyon
    Jackson Lyon Month ago

    Race in this message and then you are not sure that the way to be in a few months

  • Erwin Condol Vlogs
    Erwin Condol Vlogs Month ago

    The 8th page is always the hardest to find

  • Timothy Trotter
    Timothy Trotter Month ago +1

    they loose the scarey look with the glasses

  • Alexander Martin
    Alexander Martin Month ago

    They are more like weeping angels then slender man

  • Buck August
    Buck August Month ago

    do it blind folded

  • Robin Sympson
    Robin Sympson Month ago


  • Robin Sympson
    Robin Sympson Month ago

    Can you guys do a water in your mouth dad jokes challenge!? You guys are awesome, including team edge!!!

  • SamitiYT
    SamitiYT Month ago

    Who’s watching in 2019 😝😝⬇️

  • LandonGAMEPLAY
    LandonGAMEPLAY 2 months ago

    Something is tricky that's fishy where you trying to sing Hopson

  • logan sparks 122016
    logan sparks 122016 2 months ago

    Slender has red tie

  • Cheyenne Yoe
    Cheyenne Yoe 2 months ago

    Dude this is so creepy

  • Suzanne Yang
    Suzanne Yang 2 months ago


  • IloveMilinki
    IloveMilinki 2 months ago

    wait wait wait 9:02 is that a hopsin-ill mind of hopsin 8 reference? xd

  • io io
    io io 3 months ago


  • Matt Foo
    Matt Foo 3 months ago


  • Juan C Garcia
    Juan C Garcia 3 months ago

    You should do NERF surviving the demogorgon challenge!

  • Juan C Garcia
    Juan C Garcia 3 months ago

    Your not suppose to stare at slender the more you stare at them the weaker you get

  • Jake Schiller
    Jake Schiller 3 months ago

    Connor do you know slender?If you look he takes

  • Chris Bratten
    Chris Bratten 3 months ago

    Cool j Fred good gay

  • ItsMeDatBoy 1010
    ItsMeDatBoy 1010 3 months ago

    What is the real slenderman was there

  • jonas williams
    jonas williams 3 months ago

    I would not want to be partnered with Connor in a horror movie. His giggling would get us killed.

  • Evan's Wild-Life
    Evan's Wild-Life 3 months ago

    longacedonkey aka sleder man is funny when you know whos under the mask

  • 愛Kirai愛夢嫌いCami

    Always remember the tallest Slenderman is J-Fred

  • HeangTSH
    HeangTSH 3 months ago +1

    Conner is here!!

  • comrade arcade
    comrade arcade 3 months ago

    you guys should do a five nights a freddys version but with cupcakes

  • Lai Lai
    Lai Lai 3 months ago

    Hey gow do u get rid of SLENDERMANS?

  • 100% Cringe
    100% Cringe 3 months ago

    Why does Connor look constipated in the thumbnail

  • j marsh
    j marsh 4 months ago

    whenever i see a video from you guys i legitimately smile

  • Aldrin Micaya
    Aldrin Micaya 4 months ago

    I watched a very scary slender an trailer just before this. Just because I become paranoid sometimes.

  • Wendyy
    Wendyy 4 months ago

    Connor's laugh is funny I don''t remember when the last time I laughed so hard was

  • Brandon Ross
    Brandon Ross 4 months ago

    Sorry Chad exactly what come on now how do you cook oatmeal what.

  • Brandon Ross
    Brandon Ross 4 months ago

    Yeah he is

  • Brandon Ross
    Brandon Ross 4 months ago


  • Brandon Ross
    Brandon Ross 4 months ago

    What Chad wild clay I'm nine years old I know how to cook oatmeal you need some lessons from me and my cousins and my family that knows how to cook oatmeal

    GAVIN PAYNE 4 months ago

    How tall is j-fared

  • zachary gabriel
    zachary gabriel 4 months ago

    J FRed is good but conner is ugly

  • roxy the fox
    roxy the fox 4 months ago


  • Justin Merritt
    Justin Merritt 4 months ago +1

    Kinda thought they were all flashback Mary 😂😂

  • Melon_lol Melon_lol
    Melon_lol Melon_lol 4 months ago


  • Kyle’s Awesome Gaming
    Kyle’s Awesome Gaming 4 months ago +1

    1:02 just watch the light

  • Crazy Kute Kitty
    Crazy Kute Kitty 4 months ago +1

    connor relax just relax

  • aiah muhsen
    aiah muhsen 4 months ago


  • William Vu
    William Vu 5 months ago


  • Chikee
    Chikee 5 months ago

    Conner gets so scared to the point he has to laugh. XD

  • Sharlene Her
    Sharlene Her 5 months ago

    9:01 had me dead 😂

  • camila contreras
    camila contreras 5 months ago

    Those are good pages to be honest xd I love slender the move and with all my favorite youtubers doing it yassssss queen

  • Sans Jr.
    Sans Jr. 5 months ago

    2019 anyone

  • live stream online
    live stream online 5 months ago

    Damn, these men are really slender :)

  • nobody cares
    nobody cares 5 months ago

    Who wete the slender man? I know there was joey anr bobby but who else

  • Jasmine Robles
    Jasmine Robles 5 months ago +1

    Wow Conner can count!
    2019 anyone?

  • emily gill
    emily gill 5 months ago

    I'm glad Connor got some attention 💖😝😊

  • Plasma Inferno
    Plasma Inferno 5 months ago

    I like this video it’s pretty cool and when I was watching this video it was really funny.😆

  • Rick Storment
    Rick Storment 5 months ago


  • Big Weirdo
    Big Weirdo 5 months ago

    I could tell which slenderman was Joey and Bobby 😂

  • Jvv Hat.
    Jvv Hat. 5 months ago


  • Jvv Hat.
    Jvv Hat. 5 months ago

    İ saw chad!

  • Jeff Easton
    Jeff Easton 5 months ago

    Connors laugh3 is soooooooooooooooooooooooo funny

    • Levi Bower
      Levi Bower 5 months ago

      So mad and so mad I'm so mad I'm so mad

      I am so mad that go like your mean house before they can get can I get if I'm running
      It's really

  • Mud Ball
    Mud Ball 6 months ago

    Is it connor or Jeff Dunham who does peanuts laughs?!?

  • Itzel Albarran
    Itzel Albarran 6 months ago

    Slender man 👨 scars me

  • Mathew Arriaza
    Mathew Arriaza 6 months ago


  • Mathew Arriaza
    Mathew Arriaza 6 months ago

    Oh i watch you chad

  • Demo The Dragon
    Demo The Dragon 6 months ago

    They should do this again

  • Blake Nicholls
    Blake Nicholls 6 months ago

    Need to do this challenge again but the seeker has noise cancelling headphones to make it scarier XD

  • T J
    T J 6 months ago

  • CocoDog GR
    CocoDog GR 6 months ago +1

    I miss Mike😭(2018)

  • Phoenix Amaku
    Phoenix Amaku 6 months ago

    find the notes*shoots nerf dary and runs*

  • grant demille
    grant demille 6 months ago

    how you can tell he is a juraff

  • Payal Patel
    Payal Patel 7 months ago +1


  • ItsTrulyThomasYT
    ItsTrulyThomasYT 7 months ago


  • Dylan Drash
    Dylan Drash 7 months ago

    i from the future and the new channel name is battle universe

  • rylie gen
    rylie gen 7 months ago

    "house keeping, you want mint for pillow?"

  • Brando C4o
    Brando C4o 7 months ago

    How did they stand so still

  • Gacha lollipop
    Gacha lollipop 8 months ago


  • Nerdy cookie
    Nerdy cookie 8 months ago

    When my gma knows I have 5 drinks and asks me do you want a drink 2:30 is my reply

  • Riseo
    Riseo 8 months ago

    The amount of times Bobby has been hit there.

  • TheDiamondTea [Otaku with a Aspen Wand]

    And here, we see a man go slowly insane because his friends are in costumes in the dark.

  • The gaming pear
    The gaming pear 8 months ago

    Joey is the most slender man

  • Ricardo Rivera Garcia
    Ricardo Rivera Garcia 8 months ago

    Why Chad is in there he should be on the house.

  • Benmblackmon
    Benmblackmon 8 months ago

    It's good to know that no matter what channel he is on, Bobby always gets hit in the no-no spot

  • MrNobody
    MrNobody 8 months ago +1

    light off sitting on the toilet, not pooping, ready for Slendy

  • Nital Patel
    Nital Patel 9 months ago

    slender man ugly

  • Erma Lando
    Erma Lando 9 months ago

    one of them sould have been eating something

  • Mysterious Gacha Tuber
    Mysterious Gacha Tuber 9 months ago

    Next minute the real slenderman shows up,
    All: AHHHHHHHH (J Fred, you will scream the loudest) (Like always)

  • hi all
    hi all 9 months ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆dis is so funny

  • Aqua PlayzPG3D
    Aqua PlayzPG3D 9 months ago

    I got scared so bad cause i am scared of slenderman

  • Lillie Friday
    Lillie Friday 9 months ago

    HOw Do YoU CoOk OatMEal!?!?!?!??!

  • Edward Stackevicius
    Edward Stackevicius 9 months ago +1

    On the stove