'I want more Kobe' - Marc J. Spears wants Jayson Tatum to be more aggressive | The Jump

  • Published on Oct 14, 2019
  • On The Jump, Rachel Nichols, Chiney Ogwumike, Kevin Arnovitz and Marc J. Spears discuss Boston Celtics’ forward Jayson Tatum being "deKobed" in terms of taking fewer midrange jumpers. They also go in depth on whether Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine should eliminate that shot in his arsenal and focus on attacking the rim and 3-pointers.
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Comments • 687

  • candy girlll
    candy girlll 19 days ago

    I miss you kobe Thank you kobe We love you kobe I miss you kobe Thank you kobe We love you kobe I miss you kobe Thank you kobe We love you kobe I miss you kobe Thank you kobe We love you kobe I miss you kobe Thank you kobe We love you kobe I miss you kobe Thank you kobe We love you kobe I miss you kobe Thank you kobe We love you kobe I miss you kobe Thank you kobe We love you kobe I miss you kobe Thank you kobe We love you kobe I miss you kobe Thank you kobe We love you kobe I miss you kobe Thank you kobe We love you kobe I miss you kobe Thank you kobe We love you kobe I miss you kobe Thank you kobe We love you kobe I miss you kobe Thank you kobe We love you kobe I miss you kobe Thank you kobe We love you kobe I miss you kobe Thank you kobe We love you kobe 😁

  • Wuzi Mu
    Wuzi Mu 20 days ago

    that lady sounds stupid. she obviously doesn't understand anything about analytics. the mid range exists and is important. those stupid extra long 2s are bad shots because it's basically a 3 but way harder than an actual mid range shot that teams actually want.

  • Wikkitt Klown
    Wikkitt Klown 21 day ago

    Tatum can be way beyond great, he's got the tools, the mechanics, the IQ , he just needs to polish and increase his comfort and confidence and get more opportunities. I'd love to see Tatum and Turner (Myles) on the same team still. They would be insane.

  • Kohner Warren
    Kohner Warren 23 days ago

    Stop comparing players to Kobe! Anyone that knows basketball knows that devin booker is the only one that comes close. You could argue James Harden.

  • Ahron
    Ahron 23 days ago

    Zack Lavine takes a "bad shot", so dude suggests he passes to a teammate to take a zero point shot.....

  • bluchap43
    bluchap43 24 days ago +1

    Carmelo Anthony literally apologized for shooting a midrange shot when at Houston. Trust. They are being told to shoot the 3.

  • mc333
    mc333 25 days ago

    "Its better if you make shots" -ESPN

  • Drip Wellington
    Drip Wellington 25 days ago

    Does Kevin Arnovitz ever say anything that’s credible

  • H.P. Albers
    H.P. Albers 26 days ago

    3 is more than 2 and 2 is more than 0. Thanks, Rachel.

  • Scorpii The Scorpion
    Scorpii The Scorpion 26 days ago +4

    Kobe out here enjoying retirement and we still find ways to disrespect this man's legacy. Cah what heck 😂😂💯

  • Pizza Baratheon
    Pizza Baratheon 26 days ago

    Kyrie destroyed the Celtics.

  • Top Dog
    Top Dog 26 days ago

    Nichols is a dummy. An open 3 pt shot and a mid range shot are not the same. It is more efficient to shoot a three point blank period.

  • Alexis Valdez
    Alexis Valdez 26 days ago

    So we gonna bring the Mid range back but Melo still can’t get a job...

  • flyofchange
    flyofchange 27 days ago

    As long as he doesn't mirror Kobes shot selection everything is cool.

  • bojo perez
    bojo perez 27 days ago

    bring back post up

  • Joseph Daniel Batino
    Joseph Daniel Batino 27 days ago

    Analytics works for the average players. That's what analytics all about , averages. the mean, the bell curve. However, there are special players , the outliers. This is not accounted for by analytics.

  • Anime King
    Anime King 27 days ago

    Giannis worked out with Kobe and became an MVP. People need to stop disrespecting Kobe.

    SLICENSLASH 27 days ago

    Zach has the potential to be a Top 3 scorer because of all of his physical ability; but he doesn't take good enough shots to ever reach that point. Hence, why the coaches want him to shoot more 3s & less mid-range. His shot IQ is the issue here.

  • john james
    john james 27 days ago

    NBA mid range stats almost made me cry,parts of basketball are dying,first post play now mid range,in the end all we see will be dunks,layups,threes,and free throw. Sad

  • John Bailey
    John Bailey 27 days ago

    They really need to stop beating a dead horse. These media personnel need new material . The Celtics need Tatum driving to the rim , getting easy buckets and getting to the free throw line which will also help free up shooters around him. That will decrease Tatums bad shots and lead to better high percentage shot attempts overall .

  • TheJairo562
    TheJairo562 27 days ago +1

    Bald dude Insulting Zach Lavine is a joke where'd they find this clown he needs more training

  • Lucas alvarez
    Lucas alvarez 27 days ago

    Nobody can be kobe..💪

  • K1DFR3SH77
    K1DFR3SH77 27 days ago

    De-Kobe-ing? What kind of blasphemy is this?!

  • Jeremy Stevens
    Jeremy Stevens 27 days ago

    I Think EveryOne Is Confused About The Question, The Celtics Saying To Take The Kobe Out Of His Game Is To Stop Playing ISO Ball ThroughOut The Whole Game. Kobe From The Time Shaq Left To Till Gasol Came In Was A Loser Cause The Ball Was Always In His Hands.

  • Kaiden Hendrickson
    Kaiden Hendrickson 27 days ago

    The little mans dunk😂

  • Jaytee Panganiban
    Jaytee Panganiban 27 days ago

    How about dirk's midrange shot? That was automatic.

  • Bey Tuber
    Bey Tuber 27 days ago +1

    Tatum doesn’t even Kobe as efficient as Kobe .

  • William Bennett
    William Bennett 28 days ago

    Tatum has the best mid-range j nothing from kd obv but he's The most talented player in league....height handles hops body control not many w Kobe Mike Vince talent but he does easily...Levine may b the other active player for that matter.....Booker j. Murray j.brown k.thompson r close on the next tier down but could make a jump they're all young butlers close but I mean Tatum could avg 45

  • Belak
    Belak 28 days ago

    So basically all nba teams are going to play the same exact style of basketball. Good plan. 90s basketball will always be the golden era. I don’t even know what I’m watching anymore, like popovich said the game is becoming more like a circus.

  • Yoda Man
    Yoda Man 28 days ago

    So ESPN thought Kobe should’ve shown Tatum how to shoot layups and open threes?

  • Emjay Jay
    Emjay Jay 28 days ago

    Thats why at times, never trust analytics. Taking good shots no matter where it may be is a good shot. I don't why analytics say that the three ball wins games just because of the warriors and how they won in the previous years, when in fact they won because they were moving the ball and finding guys in open spots whether it be in the three point line or in the midrange. One example is Shaun Livingston, he didn't take many threes because his game is around the midrange and inside the paint, but he is still a vital part of the warriors winning. Ball movement is what make teams better and not taking more threes than midrange shots

  • vincespell
    vincespell 28 days ago


  • Yoda Man
    Yoda Man 28 days ago

    I’m sick of people who have never played professional sports tell professional players how they’re supposed to play.

  • CloudyB MT
    CloudyB MT 28 days ago +1

    Egghead over there said "LaVine takes a lot of stupid shots" just shows how uneducated he is about basketball. Clearly he does not "watch LaVine a lot".

  • Montpbm Crawford
    Montpbm Crawford 28 days ago +2

    F all them that discredit Kobe and don't like him.

  • 1man1allahmi
    1man1allahmi 28 days ago

    I think I see why they black balled Melo , HE’S a MID RANGE MASTER and the league/ Analysts don’t know the game and think it’s uses less. They’re big sleep

  • 1man1allahmi
    1man1allahmi 28 days ago

    They’re really tryna kill the MIDRANGE 🤦🏾‍♂️LAME

  • erwin021777
    erwin021777 28 days ago

    If you put hatred aside you know prime Kobe (or AI, TMac, 04 Pistons,) would have higher efficiency in today's Charmin NBA.

  • erwin021777
    erwin021777 28 days ago

    The CHARMIN NBA is what caused better efficiency today. Revert back to 80-2010 rules and most 3 shooters will be benched like Dell Curry, Craig Hodges.

  • Carson Kahla
    Carson Kahla 28 days ago

    As Rick Carlisle says, Open shots are good shots.

  • secondpink
    secondpink 28 days ago

    Only problem here is that Zach Lavine is actually a really bad mid-range shooter. His mid-range percentages are dreadful for a guard.

  • Hova 1987
    Hova 1987 28 days ago

    Stevens system isn't designed for Iso hold the ball players

  • David Morrison
    David Morrison 28 days ago +1

    This dude doesn't understand how good Zach is he is on a bad team. This is ignorant.
    Non athletes telling athletes how to play will always be silly.

  • Tj Bost
    Tj Bost 28 days ago

    Celtics will be Knicks status by 2022.

  • Wesley Dunlop
    Wesley Dunlop 28 days ago

    Tatum has the skill set. He just needs to be a man.

  • TheNamesDitto
    TheNamesDitto 28 days ago

    It should be I want more MJ. MJ was excellent at coming off screen.

  • Malaki727
    Malaki727 28 days ago

    Hate to see all them 3s in 2k. NPC will be cheating

  • Malaki727
    Malaki727 28 days ago

    Kobe got 5 rings.
    More than lebron, harden, curry, Durant, kyrie, and plenty other legends.
    Listen and you will achieve.
    Analytics are always wrong.
    Rockets proved that

  • FOM FamilyOverMoney
    FOM FamilyOverMoney 28 days ago +2

    Who doesn't need more 🐐 in them!!!!

  • Mark Millington
    Mark Millington 28 days ago

    Some people may be misunderstanding the mid range concept. Remember power forwards that took CATCH AND SHOOT 2'S? Foul line extended or "bird in the corner" baseline? those are terrible shots. Almost like a turnover. That shot doesnt put constant pressure on the defense. Layups free throws and threes conceptually will WIN more points in the long run however ,off the dibble and attack pull up 2s work because its forcing the defense to move, making the defense overthink and get tired over the course of a game. Those off the dribble shots shouldnt be taken more than a lay up or dribble drive three. But its a great way to keep the defense guessing on what finishing move the offensive team will use. The defense are always on "roller skates". This team concept is almost ungaurdable if you have B- level talent and up. A buddy and I always used those concepts coaching in AAU and school teams the past 11 yrs. We won alot of games with lesser talent with this concept/strategy
    (Take a look at the Celtics Magic preseason game as a reference. The magic got destroyed be the celtics ...... hockey assit 3's, 45 degree angle picks and drives for layups or pully up 2', Attack dribbles to rim until the defense stops you and transtions threes... magic where doing pump fake 3 to pull 2. Not a good shot.. and transition contested 2's instead of flaring to the 3 point line for UNCONTESTED 3s)

  • Josh O
    Josh O 28 days ago

    Stfu baldie. Zach is the reason they’re a bad team? How can you sound so stupid. Talking like you know better than the pro player next to you stfu

  • Josh O
    Josh O 28 days ago +1

    De Kobe-ing has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard

  • Chad Fofana
    Chad Fofana 28 days ago

    Jayson Tatum is Melo light at best. Outside of a mid fade he doesn’t resemble Kobe at all

  • Southcidal Music
    Southcidal Music 28 days ago

    "The Kobe Kill spots?" That's like a player coming along and stealing the hook shot from Kareem and you call it anything but the Kareem shot. I think you mean the JORDAN kill spots.

  • Antonio Venegas
    Antonio Venegas 28 days ago

    Def agree with Zach. Michael Jordan did not get to where he is at in the all time scoring list by popping 3s like Steph Curry, he did not average a career 30ppg by shooting 3s as much as James Harden does.

  • Crish Shah
    Crish Shah 28 days ago

    Chiney Ogwumike keeping it real. Broke it down perfectly👌🏽 Respect. Underrated analysis, she needs to be on more, fans respect quality🙌🏽

  • Alain Lamour
    Alain Lamour 28 days ago

    MJ Kobe D wade Lebron Bird KD Khawi Dirk Steph Iverson and many many more all killed ppl with a lethal midrange jumper. It’s a tool often needed to go from good to great

  • Marcos Gonzalez
    Marcos Gonzalez 28 days ago

    I feel like that dude is gonna have sexual harassment charges in the future # Creep

  • Domeo
    Domeo 28 days ago

    Pretty sure dekobeing means shooting over 43% and not forcing bad shots

  • Charlie Bryant
    Charlie Bryant 28 days ago

    Hey espn how about you put some RESPECT ON KOBES NAME!!! Always sneak dissing and everything fucking tired of it.....