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  • Published on Jun 6, 2018
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    “A Star is Born” stars four-time Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper (“American Sniper,” “American Hustle,” “Silver Linings Playbook”) and multiple award-winning, Oscar-nominated music superstar Lady Gaga, in her first leading role in a major motion picture. Cooper helms the drama, marking his directorial debut.
    In this new take on the tragic love story, he plays seasoned musician Jackson Maine, who discovers-and falls in love with-struggling artist Ally (Gaga). She has just about given up on her dream to make it big as a singer... until Jack coaxes her into the spotlight. But even as Ally’s career takes off, the personal side of their relationship is breaking down, as Jack fights an ongoing battle with his own internal demons.
    The cast of “A Star is Born” also includes Andrew Dice Clay, with Dave Chappelle and Sam Elliott.
    In addition to playing Ally, Gaga, who earned her Oscar nod for the song “Til It Happens to You” from “The Hunting Ground,” performs original songs in the film, which she wrote with Cooper and a handful of artists, including Lukas Nelson, Jason Isbell and Mark Ronson. All the music is original and was recorded live.
    “A Star is Born” is produced by Bill Gerber, Jon Peters, Bradley Cooper, Todd Phillips and Lynette Howell Taylor. Ravi Mehta, Basil Iwanyk, Niija Kuykendall, Sue Kroll, Michael Rapino and Heather Parry serve as executive producers. The screenplay is by Eric Roth and Bradley Cooper & Will Fetters.
    Collaborating with Cooper behind the scenes are Oscar-nominated director of photography Matthew Libatique (“Black Swan”), production designer Karen Murphy, three-time Oscar-nominated editor Jay Cassidy (“American Hustle,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” “Into the Wild”), and costume designer Erin Benach.
    Warner Bros. Pictures Presents, in Association with Live Nation Productions, in Association with Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures, A Jon Peters/Bill Gerber/Joint Effort Production, “A Star is Born.” Slated for release on October 5, 2018, the film will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company. It is rated R.
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  • shrestha roman
    shrestha roman 7 hours ago

    abey bc..yeh to ashiqi 2 jaisi movie lag railey hai rey baap !!

  • Tina Giordanella
    Tina Giordanella 8 hours ago

    I am seeing this tonight. Trying to put the Judy Garland one of my mind and going into it with an open mind because the trailer looks very intriguing and I have heard nothing but positive reviews about it. Also, avoiding spoilers for this movie has been an impossible task lol. I just want to say though that I am having hard time believing Lady Gaga as the ugly duckling that she's portrayed as in this trailer because I think she's gorgeous!

  • rohan sharma
    rohan sharma 9 hours ago

    OMG to what extent it's similar to AASHIQUI 2 is blowing my mind away

  • Macie Baxter
    Macie Baxter 9 hours ago

    I love the song at the end

  • pooja gurjar
    pooja gurjar 10 hours ago

    I have not even seen this movie but i can tell already its a copy of Indian movie Aashiqui 2, there is no difference.

  • yasmin alsolahi
    yasmin alsolahi 10 hours ago

    What happens to poker face 😐miss the old lady gaga

  • music is life
    music is life 12 hours ago

    trailer is somewhat like hindi movie aashiqui 2..

    • Sheet Music
      Sheet Music 11 hours ago

      Aashiqui 2 is a remake of A Star Is Born (1937)

  • vankov
    vankov 14 hours ago

    Music and lyrics 2

  • Aiman Hamizan
    Aiman Hamizan 14 hours ago

    Should i watch the movie??

  • Olive
    Olive 14 hours ago

    I have now seen this FIVE times in the theater 😍

  • Parvathy Premlal Tiruvalla

    this movie seems to be an exact copy of the indian hindi movie: "Aashiqui 2"

    • Sheet Music
      Sheet Music 11 hours ago

      Aashiqui is a remake of A Star Is Born (1937)

  • Monohar Baraik
    Monohar Baraik 17 hours ago

    OMG Lady Gaga 😍😍😍
    Love from 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • blink10111
    blink10111 18 hours ago

    Just saw it and I was bawling just as badly as my girlfriend was. I don’t usually comment on shit but man this deserves an Oscar

  • Jose Jimenez
    Jose Jimenez 20 hours ago

    To the three blonde friends that saw this movie next me, thank you for taking the time and talking to me after I started crying in the theater...I literally haven't cried that much, ever. This has a been one of the best movies I have seen and it was amazing.

  • Dannysubliminal
    Dannysubliminal 22 hours ago

    First half of the film was outstanding, second half was cheesy dog shit. 4/10

  • DeadpoolFan BvS
    DeadpoolFan BvS Day ago

    Oscar nominations predictions:
    Best actor: Bradley Cooper for ASIB, Rami Malek for BR, Christian Bale for Vice
    Best actress: Lady Gaga
    Best director: Bradley Cooper
    Oscar winners: Actor and director Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga for A STAR IS BORN

  • Chris Shaw
    Chris Shaw Day ago

    Fabulous xxx❤️ Gaga is a star Don't too feel another tough don't want to start another fire ❤️

  • Richard Forman
    Richard Forman Day ago

    My wife wanted to watch this at the cinema but I wasn't keen but went as I am a fan of the Hangover and gave Bradley a chance.
    Came away thinking Lady Gaga was an amazing actress and hope she gets recognised for this.
    Bradley Cooper was exceptional and i rate this movie in my top 2 of all time.

  • MamaOgre
    MamaOgre Day ago

    I love the music at the end of this trailer.....does anyone know the song?

  • Nicole Parsons
    Nicole Parsons Day ago

    This the most beautiful I’ve ever seen Lady Gaga. I can’t wait to see this movie!

  • Brandon Cartagena
    Brandon Cartagena Day ago +1

    I'd rather watch ur grandma toe moles than ever watch this shit movie ever again

  • Harshitha Vaas
    Harshitha Vaas Day ago

    This is a remake of Ashiqui2 Indian bollywood movie. Looks even the scenes and camera angles are similar.

    • Sheet Music
      Sheet Music 11 hours ago

      Aashiqui 2 is a remake of A Star Is Born (1937)

  • Bethany Wheatley

    Damn I want to see this movie

  • Haykal Arsya
    Haykal Arsya Day ago +2

    20 MILLION VIEWS !!!!

  • Nissa Verlita
    Nissa Verlita Day ago

    Gue nangis di ending film ini..sedih

  • Yla Ine
    Yla Ine Day ago

    Lady Gaga looked like Miley from Hannah Montana the Movie...but with more flare.

  • kabayan
    kabayan Day ago

    never seen the old version and this one also, but to compare the two, is just not right, i mean, they all worked very hard to make the films. and we should apreciate both films, no matter what.
    your opinion of the films are not valid, everybody has their own interpretation.

  • Tom Mangu
    Tom Mangu Day ago

    I need to see this movie

  • Melanie Jane
    Melanie Jane Day ago +1

    I an going to miss Bradley Cooper on the big screen. He will surely be directing after "A Star Is Born" sweeps the Oscars. I've lost my brother and sister in tragic accidentsI felt them with me through the music in "A Star is Born". Thank you Bradley for digging so deep and giving so much. Thank you.

  • Robbie Maynard ASID, CID

    This movie is incredible and deserves many Oscars! Bradley is unbelievable in every way, Gaga is amazing as always. I can't wait to see it over and over and over! My all time favorite movie, we needed an epic love story!!

  • jakob  Lewis
    jakob Lewis Day ago

    Jono and Ben one is better

  • Chrome ACE
    Chrome ACE 2 days ago

    I don’t know but i cried just watching the trailer

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 2 days ago +1

    fucj yr mum

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 2 days ago +1

    copyrighting hags

  • Cameron Williams
    Cameron Williams 2 days ago

    Time to see this trailer 6 times in a row at amc theaters.

  • I'm a faggot but,
    I'm a faggot but, 2 days ago

    Wow, Gaga is a great actress

  • twinkeez2003
    twinkeez2003 2 days ago

    I so loved this movie! Bring tissue's because your going to need it :)

  • Mr Apple
    Mr Apple 2 days ago

    Aashique 2 hai ye!!!

    • Sheet Music
      Sheet Music 11 hours ago

      Aashiqui 2 is a remake of A Star Is Born (1937)

  • ChiChi XoX
    ChiChi XoX 2 days ago

    i watched this movie and i cried so much!!! I ANBSSBJSJSSBAIWKFMMN THE END!!! Y JACK/Bradley Y?!

  • Cass N
    Cass N 2 days ago

    Could watch this movie daily!! Absolutely loved it! Bradley and Gaga were both outstanding and deserve every award! Brilliant movie!

  • I K
    I K 2 days ago

    Might as well sing 'Tum hi ho'

  • junior reyes
    junior reyes 2 days ago

    Oh shit just watch the whole movie and just notice she was.lady gaga

  • Meg X
    Meg X 3 days ago

    Lady gags is such a beautiful person

  • Meg X
    Meg X 3 days ago


  • Paul Mize
    Paul Mize 3 days ago

    Holy shit this is fucking amazing !!!

  • Robby fitz
    Robby fitz 3 days ago

    This was the best movie I’ve ever seen, acting is amazing, chemistry between Gaga and bradly is perfect, the music touched me in a deep and amazing way, there were happy moments, funny moments, sad, and when you hear about the behind the scenes to this movie and how bradly cooper prepared for this role and the way he gave himself 100%, I dont think there’s gonna be anything that like this for a while, I never felt so connected to a movie before and just never been so impressed

  • Mazlani Sulaiman
    Mazlani Sulaiman 3 days ago

    I'm falling in love with Lady Gaga

  • Joe River
    Joe River 3 days ago

    Planning on go out to the theater tonight to watch a movie but I can't decided whether I should watch Bohemian Rhapsody or A Star is Born...please help! Which one should I watch in a theater??

    • Nuranis Hilmi
      Nuranis Hilmi 2 days ago +2

      A star is born. You will not regret it. 😊

    • Hani
      Hani 3 days ago +2

      A Star is Born !

  • ....
    .... 3 days ago

    its a COPYCAT of indian movie "Ashique2"
    from moviecritics

    • ....
      .... 2 days ago

      Exos Hoe.... oh....idk about that.

    • Exos Hoe
      Exos Hoe 2 days ago

      .... nope, asshiqui is the Copycat star is born, the original movie star is born from 1937

  • Herley Salazar
    Herley Salazar 3 days ago

    Fantastic....Lady Gaga al natural....es increiblemente mas bella. !!!

  • Rhys Murdoch
    Rhys Murdoch 3 days ago +3

    I can't stand musicals or romantic movies but this movie was something fucking special. When Gaga first belts out that "Shallows" song with Bradley Cooper I got goosebumps. They both deserve Oscars.

  • anjo sevs
    anjo sevs 3 days ago

    RIP 50 Shades

    WONG EDAN 3 days ago

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  • Moas Phenom
    Moas Phenom 3 days ago

    Alcohol is good for the mind and soul drink away friends

  • Roy Callard
    Roy Callard 3 days ago

    Ga Ga is pure talent and much better with her natural look. Oscar coming up....

  • dunk88
    dunk88 3 days ago

    Did any dudes like it? I have to go watch this with my girlfriend

    • Mblom03
      Mblom03 3 days ago

      Yes. Absolutly amazing movie.

    • Hani
      Hani 3 days ago


  • Jean Gaston de la baston

    This movie was fucking laaaame

  • Joao Taques
    Joao Taques 4 days ago


  • Dodo Ngai
    Dodo Ngai 4 days ago

    these damn onions

  • Kult Smolt
    Kult Smolt 4 days ago

    I like the movie Bradley was awesome in this movie. He should win something for this.

  • Michaela Leslie
    Michaela Leslie 4 days ago

    usclip.net/video/n37KtgiinOw/video.html I’d love for you to check out my cover of ‘Shallow’ :)

  • Calm Down
    Calm Down 4 days ago

    A star is born? Nah..... A star is C O R N

  • Joanne Davey
    Joanne Davey 4 days ago

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful performance by Stephanie and Bradley! You both pulled at my heartstrings and brought me to tears 😭. I loved this film, thank you to everyone involved in the making of A Star Is Born ⭐️. Both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper deserve Oscars!

  • Klary Park
    Klary Park 4 days ago

    Blown away! I cant wait to watch this!

    • ʟɪᴛᴇʀᴀʟʟʏ ɴᴏ ᴏɴᴇ
      ʟɪᴛᴇʀᴀʟʟʏ ɴᴏ ᴏɴᴇ 4 days ago

      Klary Park Bradley hangs himself in the garage in-front of his dog. Gaga sees it and becomes stronger because of it, blossoming into a great career.

  • DC. Ochiroo
    DC. Ochiroo 4 days ago

    1:47 to 1:57 best ten seconds of my life.

  • PT Peu
    PT Peu 4 days ago

    What is the name of the opening song of this trailer? With cooper

  • Sonia Ballares
    Sonia Ballares 4 days ago

    I can't wait to watch this movie😍😍😍

    • Konrád Konrád Béla
      Konrád Konrád Béla 3 days ago

      ​+Sonia Ballares boxxy software is only for online streaming, but why you need to download something, except app on your PC or smartphone when you have all movies/series ever made for free?

    • Sonia Ballares
      Sonia Ballares 3 days ago

      +ʟɪᴛᴇʀᴀʟʟʏ ɴᴏ ᴏɴᴇ Thanks for spoiling me hahahahha 😅😅😅😅

    • Sonia Ballares
      Sonia Ballares 3 days ago +1

      +Konrád Konrád Béla Is it only for online streaming? Can I download a movie in that app?

    • ʟɪᴛᴇʀᴀʟʟʏ ɴᴏ ᴏɴᴇ
      ʟɪᴛᴇʀᴀʟʟʏ ɴᴏ ᴏɴᴇ 4 days ago

      Sonia Ballares Bradley hangs himself in the garage and dies slow in front of his dog. Gaga sees it.

    • Konrád Konrád Béla
      Konrád Konrád Béla 4 days ago

      wait for what? i downloaded one month ago boxxy software app and i watching movies for free

  • Janelle Dillahunt
    Janelle Dillahunt 4 days ago

    another love story...i'll pass

  • Cameron Peterson
    Cameron Peterson 4 days ago

    A beautiful film. It shows a bit of a darker side of Fame and the control that the music industry has on certain artists. Lady Gaga looks amazing and her acting is superb along with the rest of the cast. The ending is tragic but also hopeful

  • NewWayEarners
    NewWayEarners 4 days ago +3

    Looking at the comments makes me believe the world is actually getting better. Turn off the news. Let's spread the love.

    • Morgan M-James
      Morgan M-James 21 hour ago

      Hey! I just uploaded a cover of I'll Never Love Again from A Star Is Born to my channel! It would mean so much if you could check it out! Thanks!! :)

  • Ceej Channel
    Ceej Channel 4 days ago +1

    Im gay

  • liberal tears
    liberal tears 5 days ago

    Lady gaga a liberal lunatic

  • Rose Gold
    Rose Gold 5 days ago

    what’s it about though?

  • F.A.B MARK
    F.A.B MARK 5 days ago

    I watched the version with Streisand the other day before I saw this one. if it`s anything like the 70`s version, then I can`t wait :)

  • G Mail
    G Mail 5 days ago

    What a piece of fucking shit fuck you lady gaga and fuck you bradley cooper gay ass shit

    • G Bea
      G Bea 4 days ago

      G Mail
      So I take it you didn’t entirely enjoy this film.

  • Zayd Muzawar
    Zayd Muzawar 5 days ago

    Who has feeling of watching ashiqui 2

  • Wrestling Bug
    Wrestling Bug 5 days ago

    oscar content

  • ABU Studio iPhone Drum Loops

    Best part of this movie is when Bradley Cooper kills himself at the end. So weak, so boring, so predictable.

  • marsou c
    marsou c 5 days ago

    J'ai une question: dans ce trailer, à 1min18 lady gaga /Ally fait de la tyrolienne, la scène est dans le film? Je ne m'en souviens pas. Quelqu'un sait?? Merci d'avance.

  • Animesh Deshmukh
    Animesh Deshmukh 5 days ago

    Ashiqui 2 (Hollywood version)

  • Andrei Ardelean
    Andrei Ardelean 5 days ago

    What. A. Movie

  • K-line pour les 1tim

    * Touchée en plein cœur * Vous avez rendu votre rencontre immortelle. Merci pour cette histoire pleine de vérité.

  • Pasquale G.
    Pasquale G. 5 days ago

    Der ist Toll meine Frau hat in in Kino gesehen

  • the spawn of Michael Myers

    Gaga is so beautiful and very talented she is and always has been an role model to me

  • Anubis Wolf
    Anubis Wolf 5 days ago +1


  • Huda Mohammed
    Huda Mohammed 5 days ago

    Is this movie the American version of the Indian film Asheqi??

  • 2 Two
    2 Two 5 days ago

    copy of Bollywood movie aashiqi 2
    but i love it......lady 'Behind every successful man there is a woman.' Is it truth or ...
    always work.

  • love horses
    love horses 5 days ago

    I definitely need to see this movie 😍

  • Reece Towle
    Reece Towle 6 days ago

    Loved seeing this movie

  • Game Detective
    Game Detective 6 days ago

    This movie was amazing, great achievement and great contender for the following oscars:
    - Best Supporting Actor, Sam Elliott.
    - Best Original Song, either Shallow or I'll Never Love Again.
    - Best Director, Bradley Cooper.
    - Best Actor, Bradley Cooper.
    - Best Picture.
    And maybe also a nomination for Lady Gaga's peformance as Ally. It is a great year for performances by actresses, that's why I don't know for sure.

  • Off the Leash
    Off the Leash 6 days ago

    A star is born this way.

  • Michelle Gonsalves
    Michelle Gonsalves 6 days ago

    "Just line up the Oscars here and the Grammys there please"

  • Michelle Gonsalves
    Michelle Gonsalves 6 days ago

    Hey you out there reading this, if you haven't seen this movie yet please do! You will not regret this. This movie is worth all the hype it recieves

    • Nuranis Hilmi
      Nuranis Hilmi 2 days ago

      One of the greatest movie this year. Love it.

    • Emay Kyuwo
      Emay Kyuwo 5 days ago

      I love it!

    • Arnold Henry
      Arnold Henry 6 days ago

      Its not that great.I don't understand the hype

  • Mohammed Iqbal
    Mohammed Iqbal 6 days ago

    This movie seems exactly like aashiqui 2 from bollywood. same story, same plot, same dialogue

    • Paxyl
      Paxyl 6 days ago +1

      Mohammed Iqbal of course. AASHIQUI is a copy of the first A star is born movie. NO ONE WANTS TO REMAKE BOLLYWOOD movies like come on.

  • Hunger games Of thrones

    Fuck off with this Aashiqui rip-off shit. This film is a remake of a 1934 film so if anything your precious Bollywood film is a rip off of A Star is Born.

  • Tegamerk Is here
    Tegamerk Is here 6 days ago

    I cry on the trailer I don’t wanna think how it’s going to be when I am going to go watch it...

  • David S Connelly
    David S Connelly 6 days ago +3

    💫 I took my kids to see "A Star Is Born" the other night, & I must confess; this iconic love story about star-crossed lovers & their tragically misaligned career-trajectories invoked a wee degree of existential rumination in me.
    Bradley Cooper plays a whisky voiced country-rock star by the name of Jordan Maine whose comet has begun to wane. Lady Ga Ga plays Allie, a diffident waitress whose talents remain mere smolderings until that chance encounter--Jordan, searching for a place to drink, stumbles onto Allie's breathtaking cabaret performance in a drag bar.
    I've seen three other variations on this plot, but this one far exceeds its progenitors. There's much I could say about this version of "A Star Is Born," but for the sake of brevity, I'm just going to focus on how this movie seems to mirror today's cultural zeitgeist.
    This movie trailer I posted opens up with my favorite song from the film, "Maybe It's Time to Let the Old Ways Die." Maine keeps coming back to this folksy country ballad as it seems like an important statement of theme & purpose for the story; the song's not only an exploration of what's actually happening when this grizzled crooner plucks young Allie out of obscurity, but on a larger scale, the elegiac lyrics also seem to reflect some kind of protracted extinction of the 'old-white-guy' & everything this demographic may have once stood for:
    "🎼 Maybe it's time to let the old ways die/It takes a lot to change a man/Hell, it takes a lot to try/Maybe it's time to let the old ways die/Nobody knows what awaits for the dead..."
    I hope I'm not spoiling the ending for anybody here, but considering how the protagonist has killed himself in each of the 3 previous Hollywood versions, I imagine y'all have gotten the memo on this one.
    'Purposelessness' leads to suicide, & being a proponent of logo-therapy, I'm always trying to motivate my students to find a purpose in life or as the French call it, a 'raison d'etre.' Without a sense of purpose, depression naturally sets in, & it's obvious that Jackson Maine is indeed depressed. Atop of all his issues that he numbs with alcohol, he also recognizes that his gritty style of music is about ready for the glue factory. & to make matters worse, he's losing his hearing & pondering whether or not he's ready for the glue factory, himself...
    84% of people who kill themselves are white & about 77% are men. You could say the character Jordan Maine is the poster-boy for these stats.
    All in all, I think men are their own worst enemies. They tend not to openly discuss their feelings. Jordan Maine had an opportunity to talk about his insecurities with Allie as they lay in bed before her big show, yet he chose to keep the conversation laconic while masking his core depression with a spurious smile.
    I can't help but to imagine that if he'd been more forthcoming about how badly he felt for having sullied Allie's public-image with much of his self-destructive alcoholism, that they could have found another resolution other than suicide...
    Anyhow, I didn't cry. I wanted to--mainly because this particular issue haunts me till this very day. But I didn't want to appear to be a wuss in front of my girls.
    & I suppose that's the crux of the problem right there...
    Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die.
    🎬 Bottom line, this movie gets a strong thumbs up from this ol' cowboy. 👍🏼

    • Emma Willshire
      Emma Willshire Day ago

      It’s Jackson not Jordan

    • Owais Sayani
      Owais Sayani 2 days ago

      David S Connelly thanks for this fantastic post! 👍🏻

    • cha53z
      cha53z 5 days ago +1

      "Without a sense of purpose, depression naturally sets in" i suppose thats why i probably connect to this story more than i should. It speaks to the part of me thats really trying but failing. Ofc in the presence of those we love and hold dear we pretend our worries are gone. It's the lonely hours that just makes things worse.

  • Madhavi Sharma
    Madhavi Sharma 6 days ago +2

    At 1:10 that resembles a dialogue Bollywood movie named Aashiqui 2...

    • Gerald Cetrulo
      Gerald Cetrulo 2 days ago

      Madhavi Sharma That movie is based on the original version of A Star is Born

  • dibyendu paul
    dibyendu paul 6 days ago

    It's a remake of the Bollywood film "Aashiqui 2"