5 Things NORMAL in Germany that will CONFUSE Americans!

  • Published on Oct 20, 2018
  • If you are from the United States, You Will want to know these 5 things about Germany BEFORE you go!!
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  • Conner Sullivan
    Conner Sullivan  7 months ago +1801

    This is why I love traveling! You learn so much and encounter things that are totally different than your home culture. Much Love for Germany ❤️

    • NightSlime The Prime
      NightSlime The Prime Month ago

      Im fast as FUCK boy

    • ChaosCat 9.9 die stolze Kriegerin
      ChaosCat 9.9 die stolze Kriegerin Month ago

      Can you understant me ? Hallo ich lebe in Deutschland. Infos: Monday = Montag, Tuesday = Dienstag, Wednesday = Mittwoch, Thursday = Donnerstag, Friday = Freitag, Saturday = Samstag, Sunday = Sontag.

    • Chris Hogan
      Chris Hogan Month ago

      Germany is Great! But Lose Merkel! She is bad for Germany.

    • Alana Blumenfeld
      Alana Blumenfeld 2 months ago

      You don't have to pay for using the bathroom. They (janitors) ask for money bc they keep maintenance on the bathrooms. It's out of courtesy. And... There is no ac bc you don't need it.

    • Sabine Reinhardt
      Sabine Reinhardt 2 months ago

      I have never, ever heard so much horseshit....in my live...you do not know what the Hexxxxx you are talking about

  • Grace Whaley
    Grace Whaley 7 hours ago

    I live in America and almost everything is closed on Sundays where I live. They're called Blue Laws. They're really annoying and antiquated but I'm used to it.

  • Verena Schmidt
    Verena Schmidt 2 days ago

    Ich habe so hart gelacht mit den Blitzern!! 😂😂Als wäre das so unnormal und nur in Deutschland so ;)

  • covenant2610
    covenant2610 5 days ago

    you dont have to pay for toilet use in germany the only place you have to invest money is on the motorway but there you get a voucher wich you can redeem in store

  • Amit Goyal
    Amit Goyal 6 days ago

    Boom baby! I wish I could speak in eng like you 😇😇😇😇😇

  • Spaßspieler
    Spaßspieler 6 days ago

    Nur amerikanische Weicheier brauchen Air Condition. Und die Heizung haben wir auch nur, damit das Wasser nicht in den Rohren gefriert. Die Heizung wird nicht angemacht, wenn es nicht nötig ist: Der Schwabe spart das Geld, der Norddeutsche macht den obersten Knopf vom Hemd zu.

  • Marina .2003
    Marina .2003 8 days ago

    Das stimmt doch gar nicht 😂

  • JustAGirl
    JustAGirl 9 days ago

    wait,,, so stores that close on sundays is a germany ONLY thing???

  • Nihaal Appana
    Nihaal Appana 9 days ago

    *Who YOU TeXtIng BrO* ?

  • Micah
    Micah 10 days ago

    Germans do have (electric-) fans, though.

  • Micah
    Micah 10 days ago

    It does not just help keep the public bathrooms clean, but also the people cleaning them get a better payment. Sometimes there are people (who clean the bathrooms, not random people) sitting in front of the bathrooms with a plate, happens in fast-food-restaurants and shopping centres a lot. You can give them as much change as you want, but are also not forced to give them anything. It's a little extra money they can get and I like giving them some, because it's like appreciating that they clean up after all the people are done with their dirty business.

  • Kirim Salfeux
    Kirim Salfeux 12 days ago

    Some of the things you mentioned are simply wrong or misleading. 1. There are public toilets for free. Just the majority of toilets on the highways aren’t. 2. We don’t need air conditioning since it is cold most of the time -> Doesn’t make sense to purchase one

  • Ariel Dai
    Ariel Dai 13 days ago

    Pees are more expensive than drinking water lol

  • cinemarules
    cinemarules 13 days ago

    You don't for peeing, I don't pay for university. Fair trade, imo.

  • Juan X. Zhao
    Juan X. Zhao 13 days ago

    what's the point of a monkey acting like a kid beside the person who speaks?

  • Fourfire
    Fourfire 14 days ago

    ich deutsch sein

  • Kevin Meier
    Kevin Meier 14 days ago

    How Germany Works:
    1. Make a law
    2. Make it irrelevant by releasing another law.
    3. Repeat.

  • lgndMaax
    lgndMaax 14 days ago

    There r apps for the “Blitzer” (idk the english word)

  • sunday's
    sunday's 14 days ago

    Welcome to Vietnam.
    You will have many interesting things

  • Gangster PEKKA
    Gangster PEKKA 15 days ago

    1.Thats because the Bible says that Sunday is the Day where u should rest and not work
    2.I cant remember that the Stores are closed on Holidays
    3.Well actually there is a Speedlimit at the Autobahn
    4.Thats right,but not every public Bathroom costs Money
    5.Well yeah we dont have Air Conditions XD, I will never need one, I have a Fan
    6.Jup, be always carefull on the Autobahn
    Well, the Video was very cool
    Greetings from Germany
    But know I muss los XD

  • The Typical Average Youtuber

    I know about the Autobahn

  • Tiana Z
    Tiana Z 17 days ago

    Whatttt america has no Blitzer? In my need for speed play is a Blitzer and this game are from America

  • French And You
    French And You 17 days ago

    Nice video

  • Chiara Weinhäupl
    Chiara Weinhäupl 18 days ago

    Wer kennt ned to know😂🙈

  • jake linton
    jake linton 19 days ago

    “You should always be on the very far right, that’s what Germans do” best unintentional quote in the video 😂😂

  • Jasmin Krah
    Jasmin Krah 19 days ago

    Hehe we have speed cameras in Australia too :/

  • Johanniklas Lp
    Johanniklas Lp 19 days ago +1

    Why do you hate Blitzers?
    I mean, it's only 20-60€. This stops almost nobody from speeding. At least in Germany. So if you go as fast as the people in Germany, you will most likely get a ticket for speeding.

  • chyba cie cos
    chyba cie cos 20 days ago

    Almost all are the same as in Poland, except for no limits on freeways lol

  • Lülü
    Lülü 21 day ago

    Und in Amerika gibt es genug Stromausfälle wegen den ganzen Klimaanlagen.
    Ein Blitzer ist dazu da, das Menschen nicht zu schnell fahren und weniger Unfälle geschehen.
    Links überholen hilft auch Unfälle zu vermeiden.
    Für Toiletten bezahlt man, um den Menschen ein Trinkgeld dazulassen, die deine scheisse wegwischen.
    Und Sonntag Geschäfte geschlossen zu halten liegt wohl daran, dass man den Menschen noch eine Möglichkeit gibt, Zeit mit der Familie zu verbringen.
    Dieses Video ist echt das dümmste was ich jemals gesehen habe.

  • Kubinator 1337
    Kubinator 1337 22 days ago +1

    6:18 in Germany we call it “Rechtsfahrgebot“ wich means that you should always drive on the right hand side and the left hand side is only for passing slower cars. Also important thing: on the most Autobahnen (german for Highways) on the very right hand side is a lane that ist bordered with a full wight line. That’s a line that ONLY can use police cars and ambulances etc. DONT drive there!!

  • Dan Iel
    Dan Iel 23 days ago

    Stupid bitches

  • водка
    водка 24 days ago

    blizters sound like hell... my mom pretty much drives 30 over the speed limit over the day, and has never gotten a ticket before, because to her, driving laws only apply when cops are around. Then again, we live in rural south, in a trailer park so there really isn’t a lot of police, the police even ignore the drags right by the trailer park, and it’s pretty much a fuck fest of illegal activity. Drugs, prostitution, drag racing etc., it’s insane

  • Hannah RT
    Hannah RT 25 days ago

    Have u done a UK one because most of these r the same

  • Unicorn Galexy
    Unicorn Galexy 25 days ago

    We have so many complicated rules and things in Germany, sometimes I think okay what's going on with Germany
    And I live my life here so far😂😂

  • KillaKommie ForyaMommie

    Okay oh, it isn't because you kids are so young, like just completely ignorant. It is illegal in the US to pass in the right-hand Lane, too. Just because you have never been given a ticket, doesn't mean it isn't the illegal. I guarantee you, if you're passing someone on in on the right, and a traffic accident results oh, you will be cited as the responsible party!

  • KillaKommie ForyaMommie

    When I was a kid, in America, through the 1970s, almost all public toilets were pay toilets. Your kids are very young.

  • terrorschock hd
    terrorschock hd 26 days ago

    We got air conditions in Our house and my friends to soooo..... greetings from germany

  • Someone Here
    Someone Here 26 days ago

    Being French it's totally normal for us. And for the air conditioner we only have 2or3 really hot months in the year so it's to expensive for a short period use.

  • Magdalena .walburger
    Magdalena .walburger 26 days ago

    Fahren ganz rechts nich eig immer die LKWs?? 😅

  • ich darf das
    ich darf das 26 days ago +1

    Mc Donalds, KFC, Subway and stuff like that is still open on Sunday so keep calm you won‘t die of hunger

  • Cynthia Henze
    Cynthia Henze 27 days ago

    Can’t help but laugh at the Germans who are getting so pissed off in these comments 😂

  • Svea Steinmeier
    Svea Steinmeier 27 days ago +1

    Als ob man in den 6 Wochen Sommerferien nicht einkaufen gehen könnte und wir essen für 6 Wochen kaufen müssen 😂😂😂

  • Ludger Lu
    Ludger Lu 27 days ago


  • darf der kevin bei mir spielen kommen

    i live in germany grüße an alle die nach deutschland gehen

  • Daniel AF
    Daniel AF 28 days ago

    "You have to go to the far right, that's what Germans do"

  • Gerd Lentze
    Gerd Lentze 28 days ago

    F.U.C.K.W.I.T. YANKS

  • Whotfcares
    Whotfcares 28 days ago

    You can eat food on sunday at fast food resturants

  • Vulcan
    Vulcan 28 days ago

    You do realize in America you are supposed to stay in the far right lane unless you’re passing right? The left lane is literally called the passing lane in American driving books and im pretty sure if you’re caught driving in the left lane without passing you get punished for it during a license test, I’ve seen cops get behind cars in the left lane, turn their lights on to force the car to pull over to the right lane, then when it does they turn their lights back off and pass the car.

  • What Ever
    What Ever Month ago

    Paying for the Bathroom “Sanifair” was “invented” because of the hygiene and to financial the cost and hold the hygiene. Anyway you get a ticke what you can use as a voucher in the near stores. It was weird for us too as it came up. Oh an Germans also get spending tickets at hates Blitzer. But if we honest if we get get “geblitzt” we deserve it 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Sila Aydin
    Sila Aydin Month ago +1

    I am from germany. On sundays the stores are closed, cuz there is no work on sundays (except hotels)

  • Weirdooo
    Weirdooo Month ago

    Okay! okay! okay! I don’t know a place where you HAVE to pay for going on the toilet.
    Sometimes in Shopping-Centers there is the person who cleaned the bathroom and you can give them some money if you WANT to

  • Yannick Schmidt
    Yannick Schmidt Month ago

    Sorry but I am living in Germany and stores are opened in the holidays.

    • Ja na
      Ja na Month ago

      Die sagten "on holidays", also an Feiertagen und das stimmt ja.

  • Fruxaq
    Fruxaq Month ago

    Geschlowsen (:

  • Waylon
    Waylon Month ago

    I say leckt mich ihr amerikanischen dicklecker

  • Artur Ialanski
    Artur Ialanski Month ago +1

    Am I the only one who is not German? 😂

  • Anna-Maria Gangl
    Anna-Maria Gangl Month ago

    Tja... es gibt einen Grund warum viele deutsche Autos sehr gut und sehr sehr schnell sind...
    Und auch wenn es auf fremde oft witzig wirkt wenn man auf der autobahn so rasen kann, deutsche und schnell auf der autobahn fahren ist wie Amerikaner und Waffen.
    Beides ist sau gefährlich und kostet Leben, aber will man es weg nehmen rasten alle aus. (Ich würde aber auch nicht langsam fahren wollen)

  • Ella_otter
    Ella_otter Month ago

    Totaly normal here in Germany

  • Nightmare
    Nightmare Month ago

    When The Fuck Does The Video Actually Start ?!

  • Foxy Gaming
    Foxy Gaming Month ago

    1. Ok they are closed bucase other people who work the whole week also want to have a day free mostly they go to the Netherlands then.

  • Philip Buckley
    Philip Buckley Month ago

    er....got by quite nicely, in Germany....danke....

  • Rouvinator 54
    Rouvinator 54 Month ago

    In germany,they say in the radio where the Blitzers are👍

  • MRXP
    MRXP Month ago

    I always use the speeding lane on the highway because i speed everyday even my car is uhhhhhhh 13 years old it has a top speed of 260km/h

  • Monilienka Farkasová

    In Slovakia it works the same...

  • Philip Buckley
    Philip Buckley Month ago

    one second....good enough...er...next...

  • Royal Ant
    Royal Ant Month ago

    Wo sind die Deutschen, die sich totlachen?🤣

  • Nooberus
    Nooberus Month ago

    You dont HAVE to pay to go to a public bathroom, its just recommended. I never do that myself, because I think its not right!

  • Anouk Kaessmann
    Anouk Kaessmann Month ago +2

    Can you speak a bit slowlier? Because lots of your followers are German (like me) and we would understand more... Thank you😉

  • Mettje Arendt
    Mettje Arendt Month ago

    Here in Germany de Pay for the Toiletts, because of the Cleaning Women and Men don't get mich money for theyr Hard Work. With this little money you pay they have to buy food etc. So its Not much money they geh..

  • mynameisroman
    mynameisroman Month ago

    the speeds on the Autobahn in germany are only possible because you are only allowed to pass over on the left. if you were allowed to pass over on both sides it would we impossible to have no speed limits. you would have to many accidents. with this rule its pretty safe to drive really fast here...

  • mynameisroman
    mynameisroman Month ago

    paying for a bathroom is worse in Britain. In Germany you can find a bathroom for free if you know where to look

  • Lilly Rootenberg
    Lilly Rootenberg Month ago

    Okay this is pissing me off the way you read the word euro is OIRO not the way you read it its judt a pet peeve from me

  • Erik Holtz
    Erik Holtz Month ago

    We dont need AC, we can buy beer if we are 16 years old

  • Die Europäische Union

    Every saturday is like a apocalypse.

  • Markus Brachert
    Markus Brachert Month ago

    Germans aren't just used to pass other cars on the left side, it's forbidden to pass other cars on the right side on the autobahn. (there are some exceptions, but they are probably to complicated to explain it here)

  • acid doea stuff
    acid doea stuff Month ago

    Why specificly Americans? People live in other countries too ya know

  • Per 23e ̈wdo
    Per 23e ̈wdo Month ago

    Anything can confuse an American

  • Nate Rivers
    Nate Rivers Month ago

    In Deutschland brauchste auch kein air conditioning so kacke wie das Wetter meistens ist 😂

  • Iloyed Kater
    Iloyed Kater Month ago

    Paying for bathrooms was actually somewhat illegal, but the law was changed so they could make money out of the toilets in those places.

  • Sir Ramónski al Leklek van Bliemeister

    You've got a lot of wrong information there

  • Chanel Cakir
    Chanel Cakir Month ago +1

    this time i feel you all need to do all of this to make sure you get it right because it real and trusted.
    just type on 'chanel cakir group' on your search engine and you will see all for yourselves. all the best.

  • AndersonYT
    AndersonYT Month ago

    Another kind of showing off...

  • Holger Priske
    Holger Priske Month ago

    Why should people, who come for a one-week vacation and stay in Hotels, know about grocery shopping ? They eat in Restaurants. Restaurants are not closed on sundays.
    And why should they know about the AC of family houses ? They probably never get into one.
    So this might be considered 'fun-facts' but it's not stuff "you need to know".
    How to open a window, might be a good advice for Americans, escpially the 3 positions of the handle. Our replacement for AC. We open the Window (at night)

  • ilovecookiiiesxD
    ilovecookiiiesxD Month ago +1

    Why would I need an air conditioner? We have brick walls that keep out the heat.
    Free left lane ?!!?!?!?! Hahahahahaha good joke! The left lane is NEVER FREE! There are always some idiots who block the left lane

  • Viv Wallace
    Viv Wallace Month ago

    You know for some reason if you don't have too many windows in your house that let all the sunshine in during summer, then you won't feel too hot. Keep the curtains closed from after morning until afternoon and you will be fine.
    But most days it's not that hot here, I think.
    I used to live in China for years and it gets really hot there where I was in summer, much hotter than in Germany I gotta admit, but even if I kept the curtains closed and pulled all the German tricks nothing worked to keep my apartment cool.
    For some reason it works in Germany and I can't explain why. It must be a coincidence of many little things.

  • TheGG2
    TheGG2 Month ago

    speedlimit tickets in germany: meh just pay it ...
    speedlimit tickets in switzerland: "WAIT WTF I HAVE TO PAY 300 EUROS FOR GOING 15 OVER THE LIMIT?"
    yes here in switzerland speedtickets can cost A LOT! don't do it here!

  • Einhorn regenbogen
    Einhorn regenbogen Month ago +2

    Im from Germany 😂😂😂😂😂

  • parsa ka
    parsa ka Month ago

    U are too lovely anf extremly funny

  • Ange Sando
    Ange Sando Month ago

    Da fragt man sich ob man nach Amerika auswandern soll😄

  • Elisa Frank
    Elisa Frank Month ago

    Need to know is a German youtuber🤣

  • Yxosang
    Yxosang Month ago

    Ich musste so wegen den Blitzern lachen... nicht deutsche/ Europäer denken sich jetzt so: wtf? Abschießen?

  • BagleTime
    BagleTime Month ago

    I'm reading the comments and I'm so confused how and why most of the comments are in German... If the video was in English..

  • Signe Brummerstedt
    Signe Brummerstedt Month ago

    In Denmark it’s law that you pass on the left...

  • Mokinsen
    Mokinsen Month ago

    You forgot that in Germany is no freedom of speech

  • a n
    a n Month ago +1

    It doesn't normally get hot enough often enough in Germany to absolutely need air conditioning inside the house. Occasionally you'll just be a bit hot in the summer but it REALLY isn't a big deal. I learned that living in an apartment with no AC in Italy in July. I thought I was dying. No comparison.

  • Any Ratac
    Any Ratac Month ago

    Things to remember in Germany: stores suck. And so does traffic. Because it’s not like in America.
    I feel refreshed.

  • Mi
    Mi Month ago

    "only 2 months a year" where it's hot... I can tell you're not living in the south, oh my. We're DYING for about 4-5 months straight every year

  • Mido Aljohmani
    Mido Aljohmani Month ago

    Are you both on speed ?

  • Gero Noven
    Gero Noven Month ago +2

    When you think in german are many "blitzers" then you was never in Switzerland 😂

  • Alaiddin Emre Özyurt
    Alaiddin Emre Özyurt Month ago +1

    Pff we don‘t need AC.
    In Germany we call it lüften;)