5 Things NORMAL in Germany that will CONFUSE Americans!

  • Published on Oct 20, 2018
  • If you are from the United States, You Will want to know these 5 things about Germany BEFORE you go!!
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  • Conner Sullivan
    Conner Sullivan  10 months ago +1926

    This is why I love traveling! You learn so much and encounter things that are totally different than your home culture. Much Love for Germany ❤️

    • enterIT 1953
      enterIT 1953 Month ago

      Chris Hogan true, make germany great again.. :) so true

    • enterIT 1953
      enterIT 1953 Month ago

      Runar Andersen true ? Why ?

    • Darius Kang
      Darius Kang Month ago

      Please add more noises like those dings, bangs, toks etc. It makes the video so engaging and hilarious for all of us millennials; it appeals to the water that we have in our heads instead of brains. Also please speak more in a random, over-excited cadence as it is easier to understand and makes the video so excitingly exciting and oh so bro-ey! And please, please, please never make the blunder of showing photographs of anything you talk about. Instead, get a spastic fellow who is having a seizure to illustrate it by holding a ketchup bottle. And make the while video more exciting by having words appear all over the video suddenly, hiding your faces. Two left thumbs u from all of us millennials!

    • Warum nicht Gaming???
      Warum nicht Gaming??? 2 months ago

      I am from Germany...

    • NightSlime The Prime
      NightSlime The Prime 4 months ago

      Im fast as FUCK boy

  • Imelda Tobing
    Imelda Tobing 9 hours ago

    Lucky guy

  • Rosanet Tovar
    Rosanet Tovar 4 days ago

    In mexico you have to pay for bathrooms too

  • ich lio
    ich lio 4 days ago

    Also die Blitzer nerven, ja das stimmt aber der Rest ist normal wenn man es gewöhnt ist, und es gibt auch fusbodenheizung

  • MyEnEmY MyEnEmY
    MyEnEmY MyEnEmY 5 days ago +1

    Here in Germany we call it


  • Johanna Traub
    Johanna Traub 6 days ago

    Haha due tun so als ob man am sonntag verhungern würde obwohl bäcker und so trotzdem offen haben 😂😂

  • Felipe F
    Felipe F 9 days ago +1

    i am german

  • E11y
    E11y 10 days ago

    Air conditioning in Germany is what we call the „fünftes Rad am Wagen“

  • yeet yeet lps
    yeet yeet lps 11 days ago +1

    In the city where I life there is a street that goes from 70 to 50km/h in 15meters and right at the beginning of the 50 km part there is a Blitzer. My mom always makes fun of the people that don't slow down :p

  • Ducky The Fabulous
    Ducky The Fabulous 13 days ago

    Somebody needs a nap.

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan 13 days ago

    How do you use toilets in America, is it ok to walk in any store or restaurant and use their bathroom without bying something? And when it is, why are so many homeless people shitting on the sidewalk?

  • Arianeek3
    Arianeek3 14 days ago

    In Brazil it's all the same

  • Veltare YT
    Veltare YT 14 days ago

    Speed cameras are pretty much everywhere ._.

  • Nuttymeemps
    Nuttymeemps 16 days ago

    In America, blitzers would be shot by every red neck going by in their pick up truck.

  • Musical Person
    Musical Person 17 days ago +1

    Ich versuche Deutsch zu lernen und schaue in den Kommentarbereich und gehe sofort zu google translate XD

  • Ilias OLY
    Ilias OLY 17 days ago

    Warte mal, also darf man in den USA von rechts und von links überholen?

  • Melissa Davis
    Melissa Davis 17 days ago

    Yuan learned wicked motherfukers you dick I was like mother f****** b****

  • jameswwindsor
    jameswwindsor 17 days ago


  • DoktorChaos81
    DoktorChaos81 21 day ago

    Not all the shops are closed on sundays! There are exceptions!

  • R D
    R D 22 days ago

    Restaurants are open on Sundays.

  • Nocturnal Reveller
    Nocturnal Reveller 22 days ago

    i have paid 13700 UAE Dirham for traffic fines in 3 years here in Dubai :(

  • DerAnanasKing
    DerAnanasKing 22 days ago

    2:14 its BLITZKRIEG

  • Insta : z_luca_z
    Insta : z_luca_z 22 days ago

    McDonald’s hat sonntags auf 🤷🏼‍♂️😂reicht doch

  • Pia Wilke
    Pia Wilke 23 days ago

    It‘s so funny to watch because I live in Germany and it‘s so true😂😂

  • Lee Grant
    Lee Grant 24 days ago

    We have a nickname for speed cameras in the UK ok we like to call them cash cows.

  • シXextive
    シXextive 25 days ago


  • heathengypsy
    heathengypsy 25 days ago

    We have speeding cameras everywhere in Australia too.

  • amalawawaw 2
    amalawawaw 2 26 days ago


  • やみよる かすみ

    sie sind das essen und wir sind die jäger

  • [S8] STEVE
    [S8] STEVE 27 days ago

    I know in America there isn't a direct fee just to use the bathroom in stores and restaurants. But you're telling me you guys never went into a place that told you you can't use the restroom unless you are a paying customer. In other words you basically have to pay to take a piss. I mean it's not very common everywhere in the US but you telling me that's never ever happened to you guys?

  • KleytenHD
    KleytenHD 28 days ago

    a few of the last points where not correct but most of them :D

    far right on the autobahn is mostly used by trucks (lkws) and the middle one for normal cars that wont go that fast and yes, the left one is for the crazy fast people or if you want to overtake one infront of you :D

  • Melissa
    Melissa 28 days ago

    I hate those Blitzers here, they’re fuckin everywhere

  • xXT1MM3YXx
    xXT1MM3YXx 28 days ago

    Download a Blitzer-App xd

  • Lil
    Lil 28 days ago

    I love UsA 🇺🇸 bit why they can‘t make good beer and what the fuck !
    Why you have to be 21 for alcohol
    No no no thats makes me akresive

  • Gamze Chan
    Gamze Chan 29 days ago +1

    Blitzer sind das schlimmste

  • Milkman4279
    Milkman4279 29 days ago

    Germans don't have two days worth of food in their house?

  • nureinpsyxho
    nureinpsyxho Month ago


  • Josefine Seyfarth
    Josefine Seyfarth Month ago

    Though in the 99% of houses "without air conditioning" people use wood or oil or gas for heating (in ovens which they fire whenever they need to heat up the apartment/house). The more modern way would be the Elektroheizung, basically heating using electricity. That's what we use at home for example. You got a second electric meter and a second cost accounting then. You can make your settings so it heats up automatically or turn it completely off like in summer when you don't need it.
    The white "heating box" you showed in your video is called "Heizkörper". It is basically the part of the heating through which the heat is delivered to the room. Other possibilities would be Deckenstrahler (ceiling spotlights used for heating) or Fußbodenheizung (underfloor heating, which is used very often for example in bathrooms).
    On the other hand, when it gets too hot in the house/apartment, Germans would most likely turn the heating off, close all shutters over the day (so that the sun can't heat up the apartment) and then open the windows widely in the evening when it's colder outside. This technique is most likely used in bedrooms. Newer houses in Germany do usually have a very good Dämmung (insulation), older ones often have thicker walls- therefore they don't heat up that fast anyway. Though at a certain point of the year, heating gets shut down completely until like September/October or even longer, depending on the weather and temperatures outside.
    All in all, there are soo many ways to keep your apartment (and your brain) in a good temperature. In most cases, air conditioning is not necessary at all.

  • leandoer
    leandoer Month ago

    40 celcius is normal where i live, i have no AC. AC's are for pussies

  • MrShamsiyah
    MrShamsiyah Month ago

    These are typical Americans. Sad they try to run everything. Europe beware!

  • A. A.
    A. A. Month ago

    I mean you could always choose not to speed lol

  • Michael Strauss
    Michael Strauss Month ago

    Blizzers are very rare in germany

  • PugLordTR
    PugLordTR Month ago +1

    Oh mein Gott why do they not have Air conditioning anywhere I'm in Konstanz in the Middle of summer this is torture für mir

  • Loonytoones85
    Loonytoones85 Month ago +1

    I truly hate douches. You 2 are douches

  • Unicorn-Fluff
    Unicorn-Fluff Month ago

    I know it is rlly annoying to pay for visiting the bathroom.... I hate it too. But in some shopping malls you don't have to pay ^^

  • Gioia Alyshia
    Gioia Alyshia Month ago

    For the speed limit thing you can get a navigation system that tells you when there is a blitzer nearby or if you turn on the radio some will tell you where a blitzer is

  • eliskakordulova
    eliskakordulova Month ago

    All of these apply to other European countries as well, not just Germany. Interesting that you don't have speed radars in in the US, tho.

  • der Rocky der dich verascht

    Whaaaat in amarica you can buy food on sundays???!!!

  • TheRisingSalas
    TheRisingSalas Month ago

    Lol. Dummies. I’m American and i knew these things. Same with Mexico. No ac some places. They close on holidays but people still work somehow. Restrooms not free. have to talk to the waiters to get their attention. A lot of other countries are the same. No Free water at restaurants? Wheeeet? Cars are wayyyyyy to small in Europe than USA. We are privileged. So let’s be thankful.

  • online mooouu
    online mooouu Month ago +1

    Denkt ihr die zwei verstehen uns wenn wir über sie lästern
    die sind bescheuert
    Translate: you both are the best:)

  • stankface
    stankface Month ago

    They have those camera things in certain places in the US like Texas but like not on the freeway

  • Dancenasticgirl 812

    I used to live in Germany 2012-2016 because of military and it really is the best place to live. I hate America and want to go back. Once I can I will.

  • atrin
    atrin Month ago

    You are on Our Television on Pro7 taff :D

  • Catharina Mussehl
    Catharina Mussehl Month ago

    in germany you dont have to pay for all the bathrooms

  • Linda I. K
    Linda I. K Month ago

    it's about 💶0.60/person for using restroom coz their restrooms are so so clean and automatic, and I think maintenance do cost a lot.

  • Iririf Djdjdj
    Iririf Djdjdj Month ago

    Best I am in Germany now for vacation and it's just trash. I wished I never came

  • mary jane
    mary jane Month ago

    Some stores are open at Sunday but with a time limit? Like Nahkauf has open (in my city)on Sundays from 10 am to 13 pm and I mean you don't have to go buy food every day right? You have for sure some left overs from shopping the day before?🤔 (sorry my English sucks since English isn't my first language)

  • gagamileyselenataylor

    K!llng jews and homosexuals???

  • M K
    M K Month ago

    I'm German and out of my experience there usually no ac even high class hotels here. Luckly I'm a carpenter with some sparky skills ans I build one for my house myself😎

  • I have Alzheimer's
    I have Alzheimer's Month ago

    Lose wars

  • Ice cream
    Ice cream Month ago

    Ich finde dieses Video so unnormal Witzig😂

  • Henrik T Olesen
    Henrik T Olesen Month ago

    Blitzers are in every European country

  • Hein Mück
    Hein Mück Month ago

    Für's Klo zu zahlen ist ganz klar das Allerletzte und ja, wir bräuchten Klimaanlagen. Da könnten die tollen Deutschen doch mal wieder etwas erfinden: Umweltfreundliche Klimaanlagen (oder anders bauen … und ich meine nicht die Nicht-Spielkarten-Bauweise, sondern so wie die Araber).

  • The chair that Jimin threw in Boy in Luv MV

    Most of these also apply to Hungary lol

  • Jimmy Schulz
    Jimmy Schulz Month ago

    Es gibt vielleicht auch Ventilatoren LOL 😂

  • amalia sparkle
    amalia sparkle Month ago

    Hallo , ich komme aus Deutschland und nicht alles ist richtig.

  • Frosty
    Frosty Month ago

    Who cares? The Germans are trashy people and also weird, stay in the US its pretty dead across Germany

  • Marilou Fortin
    Marilou Fortin Month ago

    blitzers? oh, you mean photo radars...yeah, we have those in canada as well guys...guess USA's are unicorns^^

  • Devon Orr
    Devon Orr Month ago

    You don’t pass on the fucking right anyways and people who do need their asses beat...also paying for a bathroom is no different than paying for water and food...soon we’ll be paying someone for clean air to breathe

  • Rose rose
    Rose rose Month ago

    Soo nice

  • Julio Meletz
    Julio Meletz Month ago

    So how do you fund your trips

  • André Bleu-Marine
    André Bleu-Marine Month ago

    Your 5th. point is the reason why I like driving on European motorways better than US motorways. Passing, or, left lane hogs are so verdammen annoying; especially, in Calif., Utah, & Ariz.

  • huberfloover
    huberfloover Month ago

    If you get Great Courses, definitely look at the bubonic plague seminar (I think it's called black death). Hearing people talk about hard times will never be the same

  • Corinna Huettner
    Corinna Huettner Month ago

    6:29 Yes, it is right, but there are situations, where you can do this to the right side. But these situations are not often.

  • Corinna Huettner
    Corinna Huettner Month ago

    4:35 This is, because many houses are very old and keeps the warm air stays outside, so inside it is often cooler ( I mean the english meaning for this word!) than outside.