Best of Game Grumps (2018 FULL YEAR)

  • Published on Jan 1, 2019
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    Diddle Kid:
    How To Make a Game Grumps Remix:
    Sonic and the Black Knight
    Doki Doki Literature Club
    Paper Mario TTYD
    Fire Pro Wrestling
    Mega Man VII
    Mario Odyssey
    Guts and Glory
    Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
    Mario Party 7
    House Party
    Super Mario Maker
    A Way Out
    Pokemon Snap
    Detroit: Become Human
    Dark Souls Remastered
    Monopoly Plus
    Monster Prom
    Super Mario Party
    Mega Man 11
    Ice Hockey
    WWE 2K19
    Wheel of Fortune
    Kitty Love
    Legend of Zelda
    Monopoly Plus
    Mario Party 5
    Dead or Alive Venus Vacation
    The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
    Sonic 3D Blast
    Sonic The Hedgehog
    Stick Fight
    Doodle Date
    Sonic & The Secret Rings
    Spider Man
    Mario Party 6
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  • Sbassbear
    Sbassbear  2 months ago +221

    Thank you all for the support! You can find our new album at

    • Sbassbear
      Sbassbear  2 months ago

      Thanks friend! Feels good to finally release some music.

    • Dude Bundo
      Dude Bundo 2 months ago +1

      Crime me a river is a comedy magnum opus. You guys are geniuses.

    • Formerlyknownasmousecopp
      Formerlyknownasmousecopp 2 months ago

      +Frederick Beaudoin Yessssss that. Thank you!

    • Frederick Beaudoin
      Frederick Beaudoin 2 months ago +1

      +Formerlyknownasmousecopp micro machines game on snes

    • Greg Burgner
      Greg Burgner 2 months ago

      Happy New Year Dear

  • HeadPhonePoe
    HeadPhonePoe 2 hours ago



  • ChronoXtremeX
    ChronoXtremeX 2 days ago

    1:07:48 slowest moving arrow

  • Carly Marcin
    Carly Marcin 4 days ago

    “Scrawny clown snatch” actually gave me the hiccups from laughter holy fuck

  • movie stalker
    movie stalker 7 days ago


  • randy's random facts

    I like how it’s paper MARIO then u watch dan have a mental break down at doki doki

  • Ophi2
    Ophi2 7 days ago

    Bless your soul

    RΔTCHΣR 10 days ago


  • Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson 12 days ago

    2:56:47 Dan lands on $2500 and gets a Bankrupt..... i can't believe how cursed they are with Wheel of Fortune........

  • Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson 12 days ago

    I forgot about Doodle Date and how freakin' hilarious it is....... I wanna be buried with my laptop or whatever i have at the time, so the Grumps can be with me. Too funny

  • Night
    Night 12 days ago

    Name of the game at 3:25:08? I can't find it anywhere :c

    • Spike -
      Spike - 10 days ago

      It’s Yomawari

  • Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson 12 days ago

    I was gonna say, there was Super Mario Maker in 2018??? But then i remember they did a bunch after episode 139..... Hope they try it again, maybe like a final run, get to 200 episodes......

  • Eduardo Silva
    Eduardo Silva 13 days ago


  • Brandon Rogers
    Brandon Rogers 14 days ago

    1:49:06 Arin needs to scream like that more.

  • Ale Schmidtler
    Ale Schmidtler 15 days ago

    Super mega sucks!
    Game grumps faweveh

  • Alex Bald Twin
    Alex Bald Twin 16 days ago

    43:35 it looks like she’s spreading some really big butt cheeks

    SOVIET BLOBFISH 17 days ago

    Yep this is definitely anime.

  • ceara knowles
    ceara knowles 17 days ago

    whats the song they're singing around 40:20

  • Gummygoo
    Gummygoo 19 days ago

    I love that

  • Damon Smith
    Damon Smith 19 days ago

    Wait so now all of a sudden arin doesn't want him talking about his mom's puss out in the open? A little late ya doofus

  • Damon Smith
    Damon Smith 19 days ago +1

    Hearing dans suffering as arin plays doki doki makes me very happy

  • Dustin Evans
    Dustin Evans 21 day ago

    2:10:00 scene makes me die laughing everytime

  • Geletain King
    Geletain King 21 day ago

    ...where’s the content?

  • Moonchild Production
    Moonchild Production 23 days ago

    3:38:10 I was wheezing

  • KittySalad
    KittySalad 23 days ago

    2:59:45 you're welcome

  • Johnny Horan
    Johnny Horan 24 days ago


  • DabbusVult
    DabbusVult 25 days ago


  • StrayMutant:TGO
    StrayMutant:TGO 26 days ago

    "I'm gonna hug my dad, tomorrow."
    "He's waiting for it."
    "He's waiting for it."

  • David Crowther
    David Crowther 26 days ago

    1:09:15 what game is this?

  • Lucas Gidman
    Lucas Gidman 26 days ago

    14:14 Oh Dan you have know fucking idea......

  • Jay Is Boolin
    Jay Is Boolin 27 days ago

    1:22:43 Adolf Hansen

  • Jay Is Boolin
    Jay Is Boolin 27 days ago

    59:45 IM DYING

  • TacComControl
    TacComControl 27 days ago

    Would a bunch of dudes from Warsaw, going to Antarctica, to provide male escort and dancer services for those in a hurry, be called a Polish Polar Pole Express?

  • Argentum Oculis Grimm
    Argentum Oculis Grimm 27 days ago

    It’s funny how Arin managed to accidentally pull off a speed running trick in MM with the bombs.

  • MrKittyKat :3
    MrKittyKat :3 27 days ago

    Video game BOY!

  • Peasant
    Peasant 28 days ago

    Always thought it was weird twinrova became shopkeeps

  • Ashlen Marashadow
    Ashlen Marashadow 29 days ago

    2:59:45 This is amazing. Pure gold.

  • sketchywolff
    sketchywolff 29 days ago

    “Sketchy will you marry me” kind of scared me... lmao

  • TheCosplayhouse
    TheCosplayhouse 29 days ago

    God damn it Zelda sucks major ass XD

  • Smithy Smoth
    Smithy Smoth Month ago

    Just saving my spot - 20:00

  • Thomas bridges
    Thomas bridges Month ago

    NO FISH!!!!!!!!

  • Samurai Red
    Samurai Red Month ago

    The comments are 420... nevermind it's 421....

  • Manek Iridius
    Manek Iridius Month ago

    Game Grumps is garbage.

  • Amond Hawes-Khalifa
    Amond Hawes-Khalifa Month ago +1

    Am I the only one with the video stuttering? I'm preparing to claw my eyes out.

  • AdmiralA
    AdmiralA Month ago

    "Yeah, what a gift"

  • Hanky Boy
    Hanky Boy Month ago

    Does anyone know the song at 1:14:35?

    • Hanky Boy
      Hanky Boy Month ago

      Sbassbear Thank you! I knew I had heard it somewhere. Hey love your work by the way. Keep it up!

    • Sbassbear
      Sbassbear  Month ago

      it's our remix of diddle kid!

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller Month ago +1

    3:31:05, way funnier than it has any right to be!

  • Bargain Bin
    Bargain Bin Month ago

    11:02 whoops

  • Zrkrop The Reaper King

    Died in dark souls 2 for the millionth time while listening to this and yelled your a fuck cuc Jon as pissed off as humanly possible

  • b e
    b e Month ago

    what's the game at 29:04

  • MarioxZelda Gamer
    MarioxZelda Gamer Month ago +3

    0:40 I don't think Arin sucks I think he's just the most unluckiest person ever

  • Seab M
    Seab M Month ago +1

    1:11:16 is the meme of the year

  • Blue Samurai
    Blue Samurai Month ago

    “How do they hug their children?”
    The Pepsi I was drinking instantly goes up my nose and I start hacking and laughing simultaneously. The room goes dark. I don’t care because I’m laughing too hard .

  • Sir Cumference
    Sir Cumference Month ago

    Anyone know what the song was when sonic was head banging at 1:14:37

    • Sbassbear
      Sbassbear  Month ago

      it's our remix of diddle kid

  • Mr Moopsy
    Mr Moopsy Month ago +1

    That stuff u added to the house party playthrough was amazing!

  • diggy
    diggy Month ago

    *this comment was made by just using suggested word so dont take it seriously*
    I think I can use the same old is the same old thing I have the biggest problem in my opinion and I will be come out with the other kids in my Christian community for a new you are the c of a game grumps stories about you playing a role and a little while you are part one th3 and the same power as you do have a good boi need da and I have a new favourite youtube channel in the house so can you pick up javkson for the first time

  • diggy
    diggy Month ago

    *this comment was made by just using suggested word so dont take it seriously*
    I think I can use the same old is the same old thing I have the biggest problem in my opinion and I will be come out with the other kids in my Christian community for a new you are the c of a game grumps stories about you playing a role and a little while you are part one th3 and the same power as you do have a good boi need da and I have a new favourite youtube channel in the house so can you pick up javkson for the first time

  • Xekinai Wolf
    Xekinai Wolf Month ago

    40:55 : umm..........PhUhdnblud

  • Mazcraft
    Mazcraft Month ago +1


  • Zebert
    Zebert Month ago +3

    1:09:05 totally caught me off guard. ive never heard danny yell that sharply😂

  • Snappl's Palace
    Snappl's Palace Month ago

    Suck my ass until you feel my precious drips

  • Daniel king
    Daniel king Month ago

    Danny: He had a really hot sister?
    Arin: no
    Danny: ok..... really hot mom?
    Arin: *exhale*.............
    Danny: YUP!

  • Bryce Diaz
    Bryce Diaz Month ago

    Future me 1:29:00

  • Artan9000
    Artan9000 Month ago +1


  • fabio
    fabio Month ago

    3:20:29 i i... I just shit myself

  • chris campbell
    chris campbell Month ago

    Be ironic if Arin played SONIC HEROES and was like" this is okay". As that seems to be the one everyone hates.

  • ecalevol
    ecalevol Month ago +2

    ah i wish you wouldve included the build-up of arin and dan saying "no ones gonna follow me out this closed door...." and backing away before the deer showed up on 3:24:00 ! i thought it was hilarious. but considering this is an otherwise BRILLIANT almost 4-hour long comp, i dont have much room to complain! amazing work once again, sbassbear!!

    RAGEMODE115 Month ago


  • Oivatank
    Oivatank Month ago

    I almost can't believe some of these were in 2018. Damn it was a long year.

  • Night Ryder
    Night Ryder Month ago

    Nice sassbeer

  • Jess Brajer
    Jess Brajer Month ago

    I absolutely love how Arin does a bit and Dan will laugh his ass off which prompts Arin to continue the bit. RELATABLE

  • Navi
    Navi Month ago

    at 48:25 can anyone tell me what DAW or MIDI software that guy was using? i really want to know. Thanks!

    • Sbassbear
      Sbassbear  Month ago

      lol "that guy" is us, and we use Ableton

  • Chris Roldan
    Chris Roldan Month ago

    Is this the inspiration behind “ looks like you have a baby penis” lol

  • The Left One
    The Left One Month ago

    *B a d g e r*

  • Z 0 1 D
    Z 0 1 D Month ago +2

    That reference to Of mice and men at 1:36:27 really caught me off guard

  • Xekinai Wolf
    Xekinai Wolf Month ago

    49:30 Arin: yea it’s been a while since I- Y A H H

  • jessika judd
    jessika judd Month ago


  • AJ Zoch
    AJ Zoch Month ago

    1:14:34 song?

  • Jenny Dasilva
    Jenny Dasilva Month ago

    What game are they playing at 31:38

  • 28 The Gr8
    28 The Gr8 Month ago

    Can someone tell me where to find “squeezey Jim” or something like that, it’s been in my head for 2 days now

  • Eric Nunya
    Eric Nunya Month ago

    What is the game at 3:04:23?

  • Gavin Woolf
    Gavin Woolf Month ago

    What is that hulk hogan reference?

  • nathan bennett
    nathan bennett Month ago

    Out of all the gameplay for Spiderman, Arin is the only person to die 3 times in the first level.

  • WY477 H4RR15
    WY477 H4RR15 Month ago +2

    Spider watch! Spider liked! Spider kiss? Spider watched!!!

  • theripper451
    theripper451 Month ago +2

    I love how they’re talking about perfect pitch and dan parrots Arin’s note at 16:05 and is flat

  • SMB3
    SMB3 Month ago

    Is it just me or have they been more self-referential this past year? Jokes come back all the time, but it feels like they were watching the occasional older video throughout the year and remembering stuff.

  • Moriko owo
    Moriko owo Month ago

    What’s the game at 33:24

  • Mister Dizzy
    Mister Dizzy Month ago

    Head canon: Codex == SneezyAnus

  • Doodlyepicface
    Doodlyepicface Month ago

    new alarm sound 2:59:46

  • Webster91
    Webster91 Month ago

    "Hello, thats Arin Harin" XD

  • Kevin Vega
    Kevin Vega Month ago +1

    2:36:00 Can we please get a full video that’s entirely just arin arguing with a bot

  • andy walgenbach
    andy walgenbach Month ago +2

    3:05 they both do a homer scream

  • sushie snail
    sushie snail Month ago

    13:19 wait my name is bradley

  • Olivia Kyler
    Olivia Kyler Month ago

    11:06 is way too underrated

  • Leigh Rel
    Leigh Rel Month ago

    My first full year of being a Game Grumps fan. I started watching in May of 2017, took a few weeks before I knew Dan and Arin apart.
    2019 now, a full year of Grumps. I love these two idiots, I feel like I know them on a personal level. I guess that’s what makes them such a popular show, they are really amazing. I’ll never be as big a fan as the people who joined since the beginning, but I can consider myself a fan.
    Gotta love ‘em. Happy New Year.

  • StrayMutant:TGO
    StrayMutant:TGO Month ago

    Oh no! Oh yes!

  • MrHocotateFreight
    MrHocotateFreight Month ago

    boop boop boop boop boop boop boop that cat!

  • Wesley FitzGerald
    Wesley FitzGerald Month ago

    Arin: "We can beat him!"
    Danny: "FUCK YOU!!!"

  • Spects
    Spects Month ago


  • kthfox
    kthfox 2 months ago

    is 1:54:47 how Arin got his phobia of the number 4? :P