I Hired A Speech Therapist To Fix My Boring Voice

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • Kane Diep has always had a monotone voice. He finally decided to hire a speech therapist to fix his boring voice. He had no idea just how life-changing the journey would be.
    Speech Therapist:
    Amy Chapman
    Camera Support:
    Thien Dam
    Kevin Stiller
    External Cast:
    Bryan Michael Nuñez
    Shane Whitaker
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    Amy Chapman

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    8:05 i like this lady check out that patrón bottle!

  • masano3103
    masano3103 Hour ago

    thank you for being so open and honest. I'm sure so many people other than me appreciate it too. Keep up the great work!

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    jiminslostjams Hour ago

    I’m so proud

  • Talita Jada
    Talita Jada Hour ago

    Legit me.

  • ryan adhitya
    ryan adhitya 2 hours ago

    There is so many useful advice here that helps me as a non native english speaker. Many thanks!

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  • Tina Mar
    Tina Mar 3 hours ago

    This man has come a long way!!👍🙏🏻💕

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    Kristina Morrison 4 hours ago

    I’ve already liked this video but I want to like this video like 5000000 more times because i feel so proud of someone I don’t know.

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    Sneaky Master 5 hours ago

    This dude is super insecure...

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    Oh yeah 5 hours ago

    Wow the speach speaking and tone was awesome. Great job !!👏👏👏

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    Stanford Jusuf 6 hours ago

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    Giorgos Koronidis 6 hours ago

    Go kill you'r self you stupit Gey

    A.RIVAL 7 hours ago +1

    I really wish I watched this before I had to give a speech for my class 🤦

  • Jan Marielle
    Jan Marielle 7 hours ago

    Thank you Kane!

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    Alena Teo 7 hours ago

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    Tasha🌻 9 hours ago

    At 1:26 she sounds like a robot

  • Dylan Otto
    Dylan Otto 9 hours ago

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    Adrian Le 11 hours ago

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  • Jay Resendiz
    Jay Resendiz 12 hours ago

    I am literally bawling right now. I’m 21yrs old and one of my biggest insecurities is my speech. I have really bad speech anxiety so I tend to be super awkward in starting conversation, keeping up with conversation and ending conversation. I always wanted to go to a speech therapist but I hide this deep insecurity because I’m actually really embarrassed by it. I’ve learned a lot recently and have since improved my speech anxiety a little but by taking deeper breathes in between sentences but could really use more help. This video really inspired me to keep working on this insecurity and to not give up. Thanks BuzzFeed.

  • Xx Dragonfire xX
    Xx Dragonfire xX 13 hours ago

    Every time she talks and is not on camera, she sounds like my GPS ☠️😂

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    jacob choa 13 hours ago

    Naomi smalls and Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 needs this.. Ahaha

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    Your voice isn’t that mono tone to me hahahahaha you should listen to me math teacher😶😂

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Australian

    Never knew Kane was gay

  • Almost Julie
    Almost Julie 14 hours ago

    "Saving face." That really hits home. I've been hiding myself for so long just to "save" my face. So this has really inspired me to open up from now on.

  • Irene
    Irene 15 hours ago

    “GET IM BOI” am I the only person that hears that dude yelling that from the audience LMFAO CUS I FIND IF HILAAAARIOUS

  • ꧁ Sweetly.Salted ꧂
    ꧁ Sweetly.Salted ꧂ 16 hours ago

    i used to have a speech therapist when i was three. not to fix the sound of my voice, but i actually had apraxia lol


    I have one deep and sad voice, id rather no talk

    KELSEY THERESA 16 hours ago

    You're doing amazing, sweetie 👏👏👏

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    Kyng Cam 17 hours ago

    The opposite of him is JoJo siwa

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    Lima Foli 17 hours ago

    4:00 watch him talking in 1.25 speed and you can hear more emotion in his voice. He seems to speak at a very slow pace that makes him sound more monotone. I haven't watched this vid till the end to know what happens next btw.

  • Stephen039
    Stephen039 17 hours ago

    I need help speaking louder 😔 everyone says I’m so quite and ask me to speak up but I think I’m talking loud enough. And being honest to myself I don’t think I can yell 😬 all my friends and coaches ask me too and I blow it off.

  • Socman86
    Socman86 17 hours ago

    Anyone know what kind of cool lights those are?

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    Katie Giglia 17 hours ago

    im so proud of you
    my heart is warm

  • MOON 777
    MOON 777 17 hours ago

    This is beautiful I can definitely relate seeing your documentary, I want to come out of my shell more. You’re amazing Kane thank you 🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾

  • Angela
    Angela 18 hours ago

    I feel like I could benefit so much from this kind of therapist but Id be too embarrassed to actually go

  • cyb0rgirl
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    this lady has a lot of great advice :0

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    *Anyone noticed how he OVER EXAGGERATED his 'monotone' voice? Gurl, bye.*

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    This video is very insightful! Thank you for sharing!

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    Really helps me, people always asking me if I'm bored or uninterested with them but im not, I'm just so awkward potato.

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    Bro this man has so many problems

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    Berenise -t Day ago

    never seen such a video that made me look at it from a whole different side of it and feel so much of it. I loved this sooo empowering !

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    He’s gay???

    Not saying that’s bad I just did not expect that
    I am also gay so 😀

  • Ariel Anicete
    Ariel Anicete Day ago

    Thank you for this! This is the most motivational & relatable video I’ve watched thus far. This speaks to who I am as a person & I want to grow and be able to speak up too! ☺️

  • mia paula tuvilla

    This is so me in many ways. I'm struggling in comunicating for many years now. Thank you buzzfed for inspiring me to come out my box. I'm still hoping I could talk to a speeh therapist though 😊

  • Angie Bernardino Lopez

    Wow I talk the same!! All of my friends said the same as yours, I hope those tips work 😂💕

  • Samaa Ezzeddine
    Samaa Ezzeddine Day ago

    Just some advice: you seem to make everything sound so matter-of-fact in your speech, it's a little off-putting. However loved how hard you worked overall to sound and look engaging with your gestures. Hopefully you can learn to let loose and feel more comfortable soon, with practice! BEST OF LUCK!

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  • Blake Anonymous
    Blake Anonymous Day ago +1

    Yo I relate to this guy so much I hate my voice and everyone thinks I’m always mad or uninterested in them. Imagine how many friends I could’ve made throughout my entire life. They should teach kids this in middle school or sumn. I could’ve been a completely different person.

  • DebunkeDescant
    DebunkeDescant Day ago +1

    8:06, when you really see his monotone voice in action

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    green. tae Day ago

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    This hits home..I'm so proud of Kane! I also have a monotone voice and just as he's learning something new each week, I'm also learning stuff about speech. Great video!