I Hired A Speech Therapist To Fix My Boring Voice

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • Kane Diep has always had a monotone voice. He finally decided to hire a speech therapist to fix his boring voice. He had no idea just how life-changing the journey would be.
    Speech Therapist:
    Amy Chapman
    Camera Support:
    Thien Dam
    Kevin Stiller
    External Cast:
    Bryan Michael Nuñez
    Shane Whitaker
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    Shane Whitaker
    Bryan Michael Nuñez
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    Amy Chapman

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  • BenAqua
    BenAqua 6 hours ago

    since when did he come out as gay? was he even gay? wtf

  • منوعات سناب شات وانستكرام المشاهير

    ليش ماكوو عرب هنااا

  • Chris Kalos
    Chris Kalos Day ago

    Wait, Kane is gay???????

  • Mr. Observant
    Mr. Observant Day ago

    10:48 "I wanna see you in a blue hat... let's see what that does to your ass."

  • Uri Comendador
    Uri Comendador 4 days ago

    The speech therapist resembles Lady Gaga as Ally in "A Star is Born" meets Lilly Allen.

  • Ones Ones
    Ones Ones 7 days ago

    I think it’s an Asian thing


    triggering lol

  • sbtopjosh
    sbtopjosh 8 days ago

    That's just being asian.

  • Paola Torres
    Paola Torres 16 days ago

    ah, Kane, I love you. this made me tear up

  • Xingyu Chen
    Xingyu Chen 16 days ago

    I don't think he needs to be fixed... I hate it when people talk too dramatically... Maybe it's cuz I'm not American

  • Robin Maynard
    Robin Maynard 17 days ago

    "why am I so awkward?!" LOL. You are adorable, Kane!

  • Glitchor Junior
    Glitchor Junior 17 days ago

    Are you not proud of what you are???

  • Jordan Godwin
    Jordan Godwin 18 days ago

    I would be a telepathic than speaking with my actual voice due to people assume I have monotone voice.

  • Samiha Khondoker
    Samiha Khondoker 21 day ago

    This guy is literally me. People think I don't like them when I actually wanna be friends 😂

  • Colby Stephenson
    Colby Stephenson 25 days ago +1

    Where did he get that lamp on his right at 0:01 lol

  • Magic11
    Magic11 25 days ago

    So you can be a bad communicator and have 18M followers? :D

  • Sama MKS
    Sama MKS 27 days ago

    is no one gonna talk about how iconic that speech therapist was lol

  • Broken and Broke
    Broken and Broke 27 days ago

    I just realized I had a monotone voice. I’ve been told a few years ago but didn’t pay any attention to it and now I just met a new friend and she constantly brings it up so I looked it up and now I’m here.
    I absolutely hate it and wish I could just change it.

  • Mariana Nolasco
    Mariana Nolasco 29 days ago

    I only came here to see if the hair transplant worked

  • Continuous Self-Improvement

    I am also very insecure about my voice. I just hide it by being a good listener. It's not pretense, though. I honestly enjoy listening to people.

  • Jessi Eoin
    Jessi Eoin Month ago

    This was such an endearing, sweet, moving video, and I really appreciate your vulnerability here, Kane.

    ABHILASH hAcKeD Month ago

    I have my roommate just like him.

  • criminallyvulgar
    criminallyvulgar Month ago +1

    Kane and I are literally the same person. I'm private, I'm monotone, I can be dismissive, people are always questioning whether I like them or not.. maybe seeing a speech therapist isn't a bad thing.

  • Samantha A
    Samantha A Month ago

    lmfaooo this used to be me/ is still me

  • criminallyvulgar
    criminallyvulgar Month ago +1

    Damn, not even 2 mins in and she's already roasting his ass lmaaaoo

  • san roque do rosario

    What happened to your hair transplant

  • Christina-Marie Brewington

    OMG I think we are kindred spirits lol

  • Mike Gillen
    Mike Gillen Month ago


  • Laura Beth
    Laura Beth Month ago

    Your final speech was beautiful! Your jokes had a much better flow than before and you did a really good job conveying emotion, I'm proud of you!

  • smhaaokir
    smhaaokir Month ago

    I think men need male voice therapist and women need female voice therapist because the guy might speak like a woman and the girl speak like a man.

  • Kaitlyn Sheinhartz
    Kaitlyn Sheinhartz Month ago

    week 3, so much progress!

  • English Mastery
    English Mastery Month ago


  • Michael Parker
    Michael Parker Month ago

    Can he take the hat off? I wanna see his hair but he’s always wearing a hat

  • hieu Cu
    hieu Cu Month ago

    He seems like a genuine good guy, but the only expression he has is a awkward smiling face that makes him extremely boring and unattractive. Hope he'll make it.

  • Hash Money
    Hash Money Month ago

    YOu are awesome man. Keep improving. btw the blck chick is fkn hot.
    you look like jeremy lin

  • Johnny Dee
    Johnny Dee Month ago

    I want to try this but I'm afraid I might come off as affected

  • sltaylo
    sltaylo Month ago

    Great video! I'm conflicted, because I have the same exact issue. I'm a huge introvert. I have to literally tell people, especially younger people from the more sensitive generations, that they shouldn't try to read my expressions and I'm friendly and a huge goofball once you take the time to get to know me. It helps me manage without changing myself for others. Because you have to wonder which is the case. In the end you apologized? Why should you apologize for who you are? Was there something wrong with your voice or is there something wrong with people? Because it kind of seems like you are changing your voice/expressions to cater to extroverts. To reassure them. Once you begin to act, using these new extroverted communication methods, will your expressions come across as not genuine to those who now know you? Maybe your colleagues shouldn't have been so quick to judge you/your expressions and take time to get to know you? Maybe they shouldn't be so insecure and immediately jump to "oh my God he didn't smile so he hates me!" Should the friend who is "extra" calm down a little to cater to laid back people like you? Why did YOU need to change?

  • 2002william
    2002william Month ago

    Your video was really awe-inspiring! I loved it:)

  • oli • 11 years ago
    oli • 11 years ago Month ago +1

    I tried to look my teacher in the eye but I ended up staring at her even after she finished speaking and in the i was like “ bye _mum_ “


  • Erin Drybola
    Erin Drybola Month ago

    and this version I am seeing is more authentic too, I like how he is growing

  • Erin Drybola
    Erin Drybola Month ago

    I found this video very helpful and has me considering speech therapy. I'm super awkward and sometimes I cannot communicate well what I'm thinking because I don't know how to put it in words so that the person I have communication with can understand exactly and not leave me feeling like I could have explained something better.

  • Will Daure
    Will Daure Month ago

    Not a coming out story, but a similar one. I've been studying in a good university for more than 3 years now. Initially, I was very vocal about my opinions. But after a few months, I feel like I've been silenced. It's like you're only allowed to speak the right opinion, which is a very liberal one. And while my political views are generally left leaning, I have some reservations. I think it's okay to joke about things that would be considered hurtful by SJW standards. I also think it's not okay for people who are not part of a minority group to not accept liability for the actions they did not intend to do (for example, automatically being racist because you're white or automatically being toxic because you're male), because that is rooted in problems in our society and not an individual problem. Calling them out will only fuel a divisive society. But my college has made me feel afraid to speak out because if I did, I would be mobbed by SJWs and even more, I may be dropped from uni due to pressure. It didn't help that people in my school had Twitter accounts that called out every viral tweet that were only slightly problematic. It became a situation where I would only comment if I agree with them or totally ignore them at all. Because of that mentality, I developed anxiety and a weird speech pattern that made it seem like I'm not sure about the things I'm saying. That is why people question why I have good essays, but whenever I speak in front, it's like I don't have anything to say.

  • ImpaledBerry
    ImpaledBerry Month ago

    this is my voice, 1 day, in antartica

  • Jay Saleh
    Jay Saleh Month ago

    Monotone voices have been found to be more attractive by women lol

  • iKerewin
    iKerewin Month ago

    Kane that was beautiful

  • Kadie Galewaler
    Kadie Galewaler Month ago

    So proud of you

  • Michael Lazarou
    Michael Lazarou Month ago

    My grandpa always used to tell me that "colouring" my voice, or using hand gestures, extending the syllables and using emotion is bad. He thought it was "gay" and that only women talk like that. It was a huge insecurity of mine for a long time, especially the hand gestures, because I use them a lot when giving a description of something or when trying to explain my thoughts etc and kids in school would often make fun of me. Thus, I was really surprised that someone would want to colour their voice and put emotion in it, a really boring way of speaking is considered traditionally "masculine", I'm so proud of you Kane!

  • Destiny Shae
    Destiny Shae Month ago

    His skin is glowing my gawd!

  • fla la
    fla la Month ago +3

    5:59 “I really need to wash my car, because it’s So dirty.” *Voice twin of comedian John Mulaney right there!* + the delivery of it too.
    Especially when he said: “...so dirty.”

  • Kelly Tieu
    Kelly Tieu 2 months ago +1

    Haven’t seen Kane in forever...

  • Owen Williams
    Owen Williams 2 months ago +1

    There's an epidemic amongst trendy young people at the moment to have a rising cadence at the end of every sentence and to slow down what they're saying as if they're asking a really sensitive question from which they're not sure what the answer will be. It needs to be sorted out immediately

  • TheAnaleishablahblah
    TheAnaleishablahblah 2 months ago

    Ive had people tell me the same things they told Kane.

  • Kathryn Bondoc
    Kathryn Bondoc 2 months ago +1

    KANE!!!!! You look so good without your likkle pink hat 🥰

  • Proffia tv
    Proffia tv 2 months ago

    You don't like me didn't you

  • Rain D
    Rain D 2 months ago +1

    Thank you so much, I've noticed that I actually need this video until today. It did uncover many things about why I talked that way too. Thanks again

  • Arr Ziz
    Arr Ziz 2 months ago

    Anyone on the autistic spectrum who thinks their 'tone perception' (or lack thereof) makes them less appealing for the hearing of neuronormatives?.

  • fiig
    fiig 2 months ago +1

    This guy needs to sub to alpha m

  • mc
    mc 2 months ago

    “why it look like you got heart burn?” Lmao 😂

  • SolarFan Wings
    SolarFan Wings 2 months ago

    Supports Planned Parenthood. Says it takes 9 months to develop a baby (?)

    FML LOLOL 2 months ago +1

    I don’t get it, it’s nothing wrong with his voice 🗣

    • Johnny Dee
      Johnny Dee Month ago

      Same. He sounds so normal to me.

  • sten beetlex
    sten beetlex 2 months ago

    Oh come on, show your new hair !

  • Landon Sarrett
    Landon Sarrett 2 months ago

    Why does the speech therapist look like lady Gaga on the low 👀

  • Ryan McLaren
    Ryan McLaren 2 months ago

    This was so beautiful, thank you

  • Matthew Nelson
    Matthew Nelson 2 months ago

    Its absolutely amazing what little effort people invest in trying to understand other people ... I don't think He should have had to change they way he expresses himself because people are terrible listeners ! : (

  • Ryan McLaren
    Ryan McLaren 2 months ago

    Some of the therapists advice feels like lessons in manipulation and being inauthentic.

  • Ryan McLaren
    Ryan McLaren 2 months ago

    Idk, this therapist seems to be full of BS on some things. Like Amy Cuddy.

  • Ryan McLaren
    Ryan McLaren 2 months ago

    How do you find a therapist like that?

  • jolo logon
    jolo logon 2 months ago

    Amy, the speech therapist, was really outstanding. I like how specific and simple her feedback and instructions.

  • Televisie Momenten
    Televisie Momenten 2 months ago

    Lady Gaga?

  • Vanessa Gardela
    Vanessa Gardela 2 months ago


    • Vanessa Gardela
      Vanessa Gardela 2 months ago

      like " I'm doing good? I like pizza? omfggg hes so annoying

  • Talia Strip
    Talia Strip 2 months ago

    Damn she fine

  • Janny Jin
    Janny Jin 2 months ago

    hey this video is helpful! I recommend whoever what to improve speech performance, go check American Accent Training. It explained so well that even a native English speaker can benefit from it. I got my intonation improved right away from just finish 1/5 of the training. I also have my youtube videos to prove that!

  • Jack Tate
    Jack Tate 2 months ago

    One of the first BuzzFeed videos I’ve actually liked, keep it up fella.

  • Study IntoTheFuture
    Study IntoTheFuture 2 months ago

    One of your biggest insecurities you literally can't *talk* about...
    see what I did there ;P

  • Mary Perez
    Mary Perez 2 months ago

    This made me so happy!!! There is hope for me! 🤗

  • Laoch
    Laoch 2 months ago

    16:07 This is when I really noticed the difference, wow! Well done Kane 😁

  • ablurida
    ablurida 2 months ago

    Kane, I'm super picky when it comes to voices. It genuinely can be a factor on whether I am attracted to someone or not. Guess what? Yours is fine by my ridiculous standards. :)

  • Garpet Flarpet
    Garpet Flarpet 2 months ago

    This lady seems so trust worthy, it's crazy

    • Garpet Flarpet
      Garpet Flarpet 2 months ago

      The way she talks makes me want to hop on to her level

  • Garpet Flarpet
    Garpet Flarpet 2 months ago

    This reminded me of the "some of y'all bout to be real mad at me but. it. must. be. said." Girl

  • Heather Aurelia
    Heather Aurelia 2 months ago

    I love this video! As a person with a speech impediment and I have really bad acne, I try to deflect attention from myself all the time. Basically, you running away from that fan, is me. I love that you did this! Hopefully, more people who feel low self-esteem see this and be able to see that they can change for the better too!

  • Flora Vercaygne
    Flora Vercaygne 2 months ago

    Aww Kane you were probably so nervous

  • A Day in the Life of
    A Day in the Life of 2 months ago

    You should just be you, why do you wanna be like every other drone in society. Your nonchalant is freaking awesome!

  • Joe st. george
    Joe st. george 2 months ago

    One of my biggest insecurities I don't talk about... The jokes write themselves

  • Alek Avalos
    Alek Avalos 2 months ago

    I also struggle with a very “boring/monotone” voice, I wish to better myself and learn to be more talkative especially now that I work retail. I hope it helps me come out of my shell and be less monotone!

  • Zane Salamah
    Zane Salamah 2 months ago

    I don't know what it is but I'm am so attracted to the speech therapist.

  • CraZGuy Kwan
    CraZGuy Kwan 2 months ago

    10:49 Wait what? Run, my guy!

  • Katriin S
    Katriin S 2 months ago

    Daamn this touched my heart💖

  • Yaga Sendur
    Yaga Sendur 2 months ago

    The most moving BuzzFeed video I've ever watched... Grateful and touched!

  • Clouded Games
    Clouded Games 2 months ago

    10:50 "Let's see what that does to your ass." Or.... was it eyes???? I'm so confused.

    • Nessa
      Nessa Month ago

      Me too! Lol

  • Olivia Dyck
    Olivia Dyck 2 months ago

    oof i think i need a speech therapist

  • Swoosy Lee
    Swoosy Lee 2 months ago

    "Don't let others quiet your voice, and always remember to embrace your curiosity." - Kane Diep 2019 :')

  • Swoosy Lee
    Swoosy Lee 2 months ago

    Ughhh this made me cry so hard at the end

  • solana G
    solana G 2 months ago

    Ugh awkward gays club

  • kahfi bonboy
    kahfi bonboy 2 months ago

    he is kind of sissy

  • Spicybaeg
    Spicybaeg 2 months ago

    What an incredible video! The words I feel are not usable nor exist. The closest one is free. Thank you!

  • norubi
    norubi 2 months ago

    Traduzcanlo al castellano por favor :(

  • Let's Talk About It
    Let's Talk About It 2 months ago

    Omg I love him 😭

  • Marketa Haluzova
    Marketa Haluzova 2 months ago +1

    Awesome and really heplfull video. U are the champion!!

  • allison baum
    allison baum 2 months ago

    No boss in this entire world cares if her/his employee likes them or not!

  • H 2x
    H 2x 2 months ago

    The whole video remind me of the book,Quiet, by Susan Cain.
    I choked up when he said his mom tell him not to tell anyone, that hurts like hell when you open up your heart to someone you love and trust then failed ... totally understand the cultural issue he is addressing, the Asian"face" problem, the discourage of being independent thinker, and obey to the authorities until you lose your personalities. It is sad, they need to change but it is a long way to go.
    I wasn't expect this video to be so educational, or inspiring. The end of video makes me feel like i am watching a TEDtalk.