How-To Carve a Realistic beetle out of Wewd

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
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    Ok Dukeys, this piece took sooo much work, but it was worth it. In this video I show you how to carve a super realistic Japanese Rhinoceros beetle out of different species of wewd. Let me know what you think of it in the comments and subscribe if you haven't already. Yay! Love you guys.
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  • Jenn Worthington
    Jenn Worthington 10 hours ago

    Please, do something with purple heart wood!

  • Surender Singh Bisht
    Surender Singh Bisht 10 hours ago

    Awesome Man I love your work a lot..... And you are funny too.... Thanks to entertain us...

  • Lydia Farley
    Lydia Farley 10 hours ago

    You should do more of creating insects and animals! Your incredible! Love your art!❤️

  • chimmymangg -
    chimmymangg - 10 hours ago

    We love that your daughter is a bts stan
    also we love that you made a beetle out of wewd

  • Tristan Stephens
    Tristan Stephens 11 hours ago

    what is wewd or is it weed

  • Toby Rainey
    Toby Rainey 11 hours ago

    Bobby Duke, Master of Wewd

  • MMD Momo
    MMD Momo 11 hours ago

    this makes me so happy when i need cheering up

  • BladeAddict
    BladeAddict 11 hours ago

    I accidentally read this as weed and was briefly so excited

  • Scott Wentworth
    Scott Wentworth 11 hours ago

    Love your wewd art. Fingernails art a lil grody though.

  • James Burk
    James Burk 12 hours ago

    god it's making me so nervous watching him handle that thing at the end. make a cool shadow box or something to mount it in. i would break that so fast

  • TheRaginWeirdo
    TheRaginWeirdo 12 hours ago

    "Okay now you've seen my wood"
    guys in collage..

  • sranderson48
    sranderson48 12 hours ago

    "OH MY GAAWD!!!!"
    -Bobby's daughters/daughter's friends or something like that

  • Clockwork TV
    Clockwork TV 12 hours ago

    Can you make a lightsaber from something?

  • Grimmjax
    Grimmjax 12 hours ago

    Best work hands down

  • Yellowroo
    Yellowroo 12 hours ago

    keep rubbing my eyes at 6:20

  • Brandon
    Brandon 12 hours ago

    I think the beetle is the top 3 of anything I have seen you have made. I don't think I've wanted a piece of your art as much as I WONT THAYAT beetle. Great job, and I'm a huge fan. Your humor matches your art: unprecedented.

  • Hope Bangle
    Hope Bangle 12 hours ago


  • Hope Bangle
    Hope Bangle 12 hours ago

    Why does he say wear

  • Default dance sans
    Default dance sans 12 hours ago

    Hey this seems like a place I could find tickets to SawCon does anybody know were I can get them?

  • Ray Chong
    Ray Chong 12 hours ago

    I only found this channel yesterday. So great. And you featured Destin!

  • Lisa Englert
    Lisa Englert 12 hours ago

    Wooooow! amazing work, fun to watch as well

  • James Davis
    James Davis 13 hours ago

    If I wasn't afraid/self-conscious about what other people (even family) would think of me. I'd probably be just like you.

  • opalfish sparklequasar
    opalfish sparklequasar 13 hours ago

    My Dad got me a hand blown glass rhinoceros beetle in Venice.
    It looked so real we kept trying to throw it away as a real dead beetle, when we saw it in the curio cabinet.

  • Salty Lettuce
    Salty Lettuce 13 hours ago

    0:15 I have your daughters hoodie lmao

  • Mia_sfx_artist _
    Mia_sfx_artist _ 13 hours ago


  • Brittany Webb
    Brittany Webb 13 hours ago

    Be my dad

  • Claire Jacobs
    Claire Jacobs 13 hours ago

    This is absolutely gorgeous not only to watch the process, but also the final outcome. I'd love to see a whole series where you just make beetles.

  • Krystal Harper
    Krystal Harper 13 hours ago

    do you sell any of your creations??
    if so, WHERE?

  • H-Bomb F
    H-Bomb F 13 hours ago

    OMG!! I love bugs so much more now!! I’d love to see another beetle.

  • Derpette Derpington
    Derpette Derpington 13 hours ago

    Just found the channel. And im already won over. Lol

  • Marc Kenner
    Marc Kenner 13 hours ago

    The weird egg-looking thing is a Banksia seed pod from Australia.

  • Señor Austin
    Señor Austin 13 hours ago

    I like air planes

  • Jasmine DoggieTvn
    Jasmine DoggieTvn 13 hours ago +1

    _S’cuse me_ but are your legs made of jelly?

  • I Am In Extreme Pain
    I Am In Extreme Pain 13 hours ago +1

    I challenge you to make a life size vase of your head. To have it be open you take the hat off.

  • Sebastian Cuellar
    Sebastian Cuellar 14 hours ago

    Alguien sabe qué herramienta usa (marca - tipo) para tallar madera?

  • Micheal Jackson fan
    Micheal Jackson fan 14 hours ago

    Oh shot

  • Uden One-Eye
    Uden One-Eye 14 hours ago

    omg its got a butthole on its belly! yaaay!

  • AZ makeup .aikeyo
    AZ makeup .aikeyo 14 hours ago

    De wing ding s

  • Yolanda Gonzales[Fam]
    Yolanda Gonzales[Fam] 14 hours ago

    You are BAD ASS!! much love

  • BAGELS are my life
    BAGELS are my life 14 hours ago

    Could you make a dragonfly???

  • Leaking Gūtz
    Leaking Gūtz 14 hours ago

    Music: Fallen youth - RUDE

    your welcome! 4:53

  • Dillon Cannon
    Dillon Cannon 14 hours ago

    Skeleton Bobby in a casket... MADE OUT OF WEWD

  • Ordialsis Pelegrin
    Ordialsis Pelegrin 14 hours ago

    Did someone else noticed that the girl with glasses at 0:17 has a BT21 sweater???
    My fangirl ass is shaking

    (EDIT): Btw loved the beettle

  • S. Weaver
    S. Weaver 14 hours ago

    😱 I want that!

  • muffin man
    muffin man 14 hours ago

    Please do more wewd beetles

  • Sarah Christina Designs

    Wow that red palm wood is so pretty!!

  • Metronox Studios
    Metronox Studios 14 hours ago

    Hey there father, I'm back for your content

  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine 14 hours ago


  • Fishy Fish
    Fishy Fish 15 hours ago

    Other people: Draw me like one of your French girls!
    Bobby: Draw me like this *wewd* !

  • bad gaming
    bad gaming 15 hours ago

    I was wondering since you made totoro can you make ponyo and spirited away along with kikis delivery service

  • Sandra Aubrey
    Sandra Aubrey 15 hours ago

    Omg Bobby that is amazing beetle live it.i love dragons too..u should do a 3d.dreamcatcher out of resin. That glitter in the sun..

  • pinkie shy
    pinkie shy 15 hours ago

    wow brother that's nice

  • Brenda Singer
    Brenda Singer 15 hours ago

    This belongs in a museum!

  • Paris Saniah
    Paris Saniah 15 hours ago

    00:15 am I the only Army that saw her BT21 shirt and rewind it to make sure I was correct. But I’m happy his daughter loves BTS or the Line Characters😊💜

  • Yaio Escamilla
    Yaio Escamilla 15 hours ago

    I love the beetles ....^-^

  • ink the leader of the star sanses

    Hey did you said wing dings i can talk like that ×℅¥℅℅¢]℅℅©}}\{¥[℅™™®%°€™^£¢~÷π¶•∆=€℅®[€=%℅℅℅ ( I realy love your art well the only thing I can Do is only draw on paper but my art is still cool así yours) art conparacion my art 100%good dukes art 1T% good

  • jonathan bailey
    jonathan bailey 16 hours ago


  • Aiyana W
    Aiyana W 16 hours ago


  • Yūki Hinami
    Yūki Hinami 16 hours ago

    I love the guy he’s so funnh

  • Jasmine M.
    Jasmine M. 16 hours ago +2

    omg his daughter is wearing a BT21 hoodie

  • Matthew Hyndman
    Matthew Hyndman 16 hours ago


    The details great too, keep it up 🤘

  • Otter Box
    Otter Box 16 hours ago

    When you only have one joke so you have to keep milking it

  • Hamid Amini
    Hamid Amini 16 hours ago


  • a bean with intentions
    a bean with intentions 16 hours ago

    8:34 My art teacher has the same bobble head :o

  • J1y25
    J1y25 17 hours ago

    The woods are expensive.

  • JRMURF 12
    JRMURF 12 17 hours ago

    Bobby I just wanna say that you like EXACTLY like my geometry teacher

  • Ria Coleman
    Ria Coleman 17 hours ago


  • God first
    God first 17 hours ago

    Bobby Duke do a PRAYING MANTIS!!!

  • Blinn Family
    Blinn Family 17 hours ago

    you should name it Jeremy P. Wewd.

  • -Molten Freddy-
    -Molten Freddy- 17 hours ago

    Thats alot of shredded cocoa beans ya got dere m8

  • -Molten Freddy-
    -Molten Freddy- 17 hours ago

    “This is a bag full of W O O D”

  • -Molten Freddy-
    -Molten Freddy- 17 hours ago

    Me: “Movingui” *crashing in the backround*

  • -Molten Freddy-
    -Molten Freddy- 17 hours ago

    Me: “woah this wood is called assorted”

  • -Molten Freddy-
    -Molten Freddy- 17 hours ago

    Me: “Olive Wood Ramen”

  • -Molten Freddy-
    -Molten Freddy- 17 hours ago

    Me: “BYEEEEE” *honks car*
    My Friend: “OH MY GOD!”

  • Sylvie-chan - ShumaiAndMakiRolls

    *"I love wewd"*

  • Queen Scully
    Queen Scully 17 hours ago

    I want that, it's so beautiful! More beetle vids would be cool.

  • Macie Winfrey
    Macie Winfrey 17 hours ago

    Our most recent project in Industrial Technology was a letter block and we used a scroll saw. I stained mine a dark brown. It looks pretty good if I do say so myself.
    Edit: my hands hurt from a week of filing all the edges and using sandpaper to smooth it out lmao 😂

  • Indoraptor Lover
    Indoraptor Lover 17 hours ago

    Beautiful beetle by the way

  • Indoraptor Lover
    Indoraptor Lover 17 hours ago

    Your such a dork I gotta say omg you make my day your awesome

  • Indoraptor Lover
    Indoraptor Lover 17 hours ago

    Dude you are so hysterical!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • wolf sorrow
    wolf sorrow 17 hours ago

    how has youtube allowed this guy to flash his wewd everywhere

  • Tara Bonee
    Tara Bonee 17 hours ago

    I'm not even a wewdwerker...yet I keep watching bc it's so funny

  • Chris Dub
    Chris Dub 18 hours ago

    That is a pretty awesome wewd beetle

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 18 hours ago


  • Yellow Oreo
    Yellow Oreo 18 hours ago +1

    *W E W D*

  • LittleJabber - PPHD
    LittleJabber - PPHD 18 hours ago


  • FoxTrot Girl
    FoxTrot Girl 18 hours ago

    My grandpa was an architect and a carver and while working on my house he cut off his finger tips with a saw on accident ;-;

  • Why are we still here
    Why are we still here 18 hours ago

    This wewd make a great prank

  • Corey Bartlett
    Corey Bartlett 18 hours ago


  • Corey Bartlett
    Corey Bartlett 18 hours ago

    Thanks for the free dragon on dragon mania legends

  • Teo Kiernan
    Teo Kiernan 18 hours ago

    The music while he's doing the legs sounds like it is saying datgum

  • Amran Salh
    Amran Salh 18 hours ago

    Oooo ths is soo ...

  • Tony Page
    Tony Page 19 hours ago

    Umm AWESOME !👏🏼

  • Space Nerd
    Space Nerd 19 hours ago

    More bugs!!!!!!!

  • Amaryn Smart
    Amaryn Smart 19 hours ago

    I hear the song rude!

  • weather day
    weather day 19 hours ago

    I can tell this guy's a Jim carry fan

  • Connor Cheal
    Connor Cheal 19 hours ago

    3:16 ok now that you have seen my wood...

    im so deaddddddddd

  • Jon H
    Jon H 19 hours ago

    Gald to see you still doing strong! Thank you for going through all of your tools and what is needed so that people at home can follow along. Much love man.

  • Dulcis Darkhaus
    Dulcis Darkhaus 19 hours ago

    More beet les