I Stream Sniped FaZe Kay until he RAGE QUIT FORTNITE

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
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  • Julie Salas
    Julie Salas 3 hours ago

    Why did you not use slurp yo hello

  • Isaacballen Is the name
    Isaacballen Is the name 4 hours ago +1

    Hey Jarvis you want to play

  • JOSHPOT 1908
    JOSHPOT 1908 4 hours ago


  • Drop Luck
    Drop Luck 4 hours ago +1

    Let's Play a Game!

    Boys Keep the Like Button Odd
    Girls Keep the Like Button Even
    Road to 1K

  • Alex Whitty123
    Alex Whitty123 5 hours ago

    anybody notice the cursor on Kay's screen

  • El Outcast
    El Outcast 6 hours ago


  • brian janiec
    brian janiec 8 hours ago


  • You Tube
    You Tube 12 hours ago +1

    10:40 200 shield?

  • Nate Drift
    Nate Drift 12 hours ago

    Yo can I join FaZe

  • Clan Ice
    Clan Ice 13 hours ago

    Can someone tell me what pc he got

  • Thomas Toliver
    Thomas Toliver 17 hours ago

    Someone is a try hard

  • Plushbro Gaming/Adventures19

    Jarvis is my real name.

  • Diamond Wolfie
    Diamond Wolfie 18 hours ago


  • Allen Moody
    Allen Moody 18 hours ago

    Bad acting guys

  • Ben Lidgley
    Ben Lidgley 23 hours ago

    Jarvis: get trolled
    Kay: that’s insane Jarvis

  • Caden Plante
    Caden Plante Day ago

    3:31 Jarvis thanked the bus

  • TTV.Rylant44
    TTV.Rylant44 Day ago

    “YoUr InSaNe BrO”

  • Nadia Munesar
    Nadia Munesar Day ago

    You called jarvis a bot kay

  • jon carna
    jon carna Day ago +1

    This is so fake the cringe

  • Raihaan Ali
    Raihaan Ali Day ago +1

    Fake stream he wasn’t streaming lol🥴🥴🥴

  • Samantha Gomez
    Samantha Gomez Day ago +1

    Fuk you

  • Rebecca Rokos
    Rebecca Rokos Day ago

    Jarvis in the second game hahaha 👌

  • Ninja Gamer-kid -spiderykid


  • FG9
    FG9 Day ago +1

    3:30 'FaZe Jarvis thanked the bus driver'

  • Kunzyz
    Kunzyz Day ago +1

    Kay is really retarded

  • truly - agar
    truly - agar Day ago

    9:00 they’re praying

  • Fundip
    Fundip Day ago +2

    This is so fkn fake

  • Dankeapolis
    Dankeapolis Day ago

    How tf did an Xbox player get into ps4 lobby????

  • ty gamer
    ty gamer Day ago +2

    This never actually happened on his stream

  • Hassan Shah
    Hassan Shah Day ago +2

    Third clip probs accidentally bludgeoned him

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones Day ago

    I sent u a message

  • christopher chavez

    You claped Faze Kay

  • ariana grande
    ariana grande Day ago +2

    Read the second word going from the top :)

  • FaZe HyPeR
    FaZe HyPeR Day ago +1

    On the second game if u look closely at it Jarvis thanked the bus driver

  • Luis Pacheco
    Luis Pacheco Day ago

    1v1 my casen luis03m

  • Luis Pacheco
    Luis Pacheco Day ago

    jarvis 1v1 me

  • Jahelijah king
    Jahelijah king Day ago

    Bro nice trolls faze kay with Jarvis's arm

  • Jonah White
    Jonah White Day ago

    Jarvis is the best

  • Hobo Andreww
    Hobo Andreww Day ago

    Jarvis gets 1 like
    Kay: tHaTS iNSAne bRo

  • RMScaptainD
    RMScaptainD Day ago

    Kay: * stream snipes Jarvis *
    Jarvis: * stream snipes back *
    Kay: That's unfair bro!
    Me: hmmm are you sure?

  • Patricia Howard
    Patricia Howard Day ago

    Sub to RCA_Glitch

  • Mason Winters
    Mason Winters Day ago

    Faze Kay use your name is not Faze Kay it is solo On your thumbnail

  • bigrick3913
    bigrick3913 Day ago

    Your brother said up is late but when I look at it makes me look like it makes it look like Gwet

  • Sealy Chef
    Sealy Chef Day ago


  • Senseツ
    Senseツ 2 days ago +1

    That's Fake!

  • pro master
    pro master 2 days ago +1

    11:29 Lol

  • 9 Ball
    9 Ball 2 days ago

    Woah man watch out a thot get down

  • Simen langhaug
    Simen langhaug 2 days ago

    kay is actually so bad

  • Lego Mann
    Lego Mann 2 days ago

    Kay: i think its a bot
    Jarvis: ha ha

  • Tee Thompson
    Tee Thompson 2 days ago

    Hey Jarvis I've just got back to Xbox bc I didn't have xbox live lol I'm trying out claw but I don't have a controller like you do I'm trying to be a beast at fortnite I rely want to join Faze Clan! I can do the symbol everything but I probably won't ever join Faze Clan D: I Love You And Kay :D I rely want to be like you and Kay well that's all I gotta say Byee!

  • RipperClips
    RipperClips 2 days ago

    I find it funny how when people stream snipe they get banned, but if its a popular streamer they are praised... Epic needs to stop bumlicking streamers...

  • TK_Hasty
    TK_Hasty 2 days ago

    Jarvis is really good but kay is traSH

    like if u agree

  • Faze Revo
    Faze Revo 2 days ago

    6.4m view WTF

  • Sonnboyzimba 345
    Sonnboyzimba 345 2 days ago

    He is on PS4 and Jarvis is on Xbox and he drilled killed him

  • Mirtheska Badillo
    Mirtheska Badillo 2 days ago

    Jarvis do another account and then stream snipe him

  • Davon Williams II
    Davon Williams II 2 days ago

    Yo can I get what backbling Jarvis wears

  • od fn
    od fn 2 days ago

    I’m about to make a USclip video playing FaZe Jarvis and FaZe sway settings but playing left handed on a controller. When you see it you’ll be impressed

  • BBCSI Employee
    BBCSI Employee 2 days ago

    Xbox more like gay box

  • Alfie Rimmer
    Alfie Rimmer 2 days ago

    Kay stop turning into morgz

  • Joshua Elem-Etop
    Joshua Elem-Etop 2 days ago


  • SpongebobDeluxe123
    SpongebobDeluxe123 2 days ago

    Lol it’s like a ps4 vs an xbox player

  • Koizy
    Koizy 2 days ago

    FaZe Jarvis thanked the bus driver

  • Billy Boost
    Billy Boost 2 days ago

    Lol good one Jarvis

  • kamo greenYT13
    kamo greenYT13 2 days ago


  • sazza WEST
    sazza WEST 2 days ago

    2nd game I saw Jarvis thank the bus driver

  • Jeannie Smith
    Jeannie Smith 2 days ago

    Your fornite games are good I Neely win

  • Jared McGrath
    Jared McGrath 2 days ago

    Lmao imagine

  • Jared McGrath
    Jared McGrath 2 days ago

    Hey I do this to you too

  • Ronaldo Rosero
    Ronaldo Rosero 2 days ago +1

    All video kay: Whatsssss!!??

  • Jack Justus
    Jack Justus 2 days ago +3

    Lol it’s funny how fake every stream sniping vid y’all do is

  • jetski
    jetski 2 days ago


  • Alan Elpro
    Alan Elpro 2 days ago +1

    11:30 evil laugh😂 nice video Jarvis

  • Rhydian Hughes
    Rhydian Hughes 3 days ago

    Why do you have a cat on your hat you dickehead

  • Lacey Family
    Lacey Family 3 days ago

    Kay: Jarvis ur awful bro

  • Harry Blanche
    Harry Blanche 3 days ago


  • ThtsWtSheSaid 360
    ThtsWtSheSaid 360 3 days ago

    Your a god bro

  • Ironic Racer
    Ironic Racer 3 days ago

    new sub

  • Drizzyzackzack
    Drizzyzackzack 3 days ago

    You expelled because you got clapped by my dog

  • Drizzyzackzack
    Drizzyzackzack 3 days ago

    You expelled because you got clapped by my dog

  • Drizzyzackzack
    Drizzyzackzack 3 days ago

    Good morning my friend and I will go ahead and get the PS4

  • Drizzyzackzack
    Drizzyzackzack 3 days ago

    What kind of revenge onion flavoured

  • Chiel & his piano
    Chiel & his piano 3 days ago

    This is so funny do this again!

  • sleak goatjay
    sleak goatjay 3 days ago

    0 : 43 sound like he said hey shorty

  • Hush OCE
    Hush OCE 3 days ago

    Check out us new to youtube best oce clan out

  • Byron DeTolve
    Byron DeTolve 3 days ago


  • Dustin Miller
    Dustin Miller 3 days ago +1

    Can I join faze clan plz

  • Nathan Dowdy
    Nathan Dowdy 3 days ago

    I play claw too jarvis!

  • YT FortniteGamer
    YT FortniteGamer 3 days ago

    Jarvis: easy

  • Rebecca Claussen
    Rebecca Claussen 3 days ago

    I love your vids can you friend me

  • xXLegitnessXx 123
    xXLegitnessXx 123 3 days ago

    1 like = one part of tilted towers to come back😩😩😩

  • Trixy
    Trixy 3 days ago

    Jarvis: TrUsT
    Kay: that’s insane bro

  • Krazykieran21 YT
    Krazykieran21 YT 3 days ago

    Yoooo that's insaaaane

  • Flick0ne - Hamza
    Flick0ne - Hamza 3 days ago +1

    Check my channel out guys im grinding for SoaR !

  • Melissa Brooks
    Melissa Brooks 3 days ago

    Jarvis is the king Kay is still good

  • Little digel Sertic
    Little digel Sertic 3 days ago

    This how meny times kay dies IN GAMES And zone wars with faze👇

  • Prettybrokeboy84
    Prettybrokeboy84 4 days ago

    Is this how all fortnite videos are made cause this was the most weirdly fake video I’ve ever seen

  • AdarD
    AdarD 4 days ago

    Is it me or is Jarvis’ accent turning American

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 4 days ago

    Shut the fuck up giorno

  • TheBeast YT
    TheBeast YT 4 days ago

    1:34 kay is in the air so how does he have a gun

  • thelanceman1
    thelanceman1 4 days ago +1

    Lol 😂😂😂😂