I Stream Sniped FaZe Kay until he RAGE QUIT FORTNITE

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
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  • Meerahn Samuels
    Meerahn Samuels 4 hours ago +1

    Its actually funny

  • blake bills
    blake bills 12 hours ago

    5:14 that is the funny ist sense ever

  • PheeF1re 808
    PheeF1re 808 14 hours ago +1

    Trust in Jarvis

  • Fortnite creative Trick shots

    whats up

  • Radin Vasmeh
    Radin Vasmeh 19 hours ago +2

    ali a sucks

  • Chip Wood
    Chip Wood Day ago

    Too funny

  • Cinnamxn- Bunx
    Cinnamxn- Bunx 2 days ago

    Jarvis we have the same headphones

  • Logan M
    Logan M 2 days ago +1

    Lmao when jarvis drops. “faze jump”

  • Rozza Mina
    Rozza Mina 2 days ago


  • shaunjace rebutoc
    shaunjace rebutoc 2 days ago

    Is jarvis

  • FaZe Danut Rs
    FaZe Danut Rs 2 days ago

    Reg FaZe Kay

  • HelaHm F R
    HelaHm F R 3 days ago


  • Matthew Kylstad
    Matthew Kylstad 3 days ago

    Anyone else notice him say he dose t have a gun at 1:30 to 1:36

  • Blake Stout
    Blake Stout 3 days ago +1


  • I have no name video

    13:44 a lama LOL

  • I have no name video

    3:29 jarvis is thanking the bus driver

    WASEEM ALAHERI 3 days ago

    Jarvis is the best in Fortnite and his brother

  • Squashy
    Squashy 3 days ago

    And he didn’t even think of that, in six months he was not gonna play Fortnite anymore!

  • bad boi
    bad boi 3 days ago +3

    Who relized that when jarvis pickaxed him on kays screen the pickaxe did 38 damage

  • Joshua Cook-walton
    Joshua Cook-walton 4 days ago

    Jarvis U ARE HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arniko Pokhrel
    Arniko Pokhrel 4 days ago

    10:42 look at the elimination chat

  • It’z Reactions
    It’z Reactions 4 days ago


  • X L Chen
    X L Chen 4 days ago

    Meh im here after jarvis got banned

  • Landon Hill
    Landon Hill 4 days ago

    Your creator doesn't work but you killed me before because it said face jarvis

  • xd Strantex
    xd Strantex 4 days ago

    When you prank your sibling.. 4:56

  • no name
    no name 4 days ago

    Hit the thumbs up button if you thank Jarvis is better then tefue

  • Morgz Morgn
    Morgz Morgn 4 days ago


  • L C
    L C 4 days ago

    Not to go out there for you and your family

  • Clutchz
    Clutchz 4 days ago

    I thought he was banned

  • Dyvine Vlogs
    Dyvine Vlogs 5 days ago


  • Sy the Guy
    Sy the Guy 5 days ago

    who’s here after jarvis is banned


  • Puneet Sandhar
    Puneet Sandhar 5 days ago


  • Sahara Gaming and fun
    Sahara Gaming and fun 5 days ago +11

    This how many people miss Jarvis playing fortnite

  • exotic gamer
    exotic gamer 5 days ago

    "Bro what"shut the f up kay your trash

  • Salty JackRabbit
    Salty JackRabbit 6 days ago

    The bus driver will beat up you in your sleep if you don’t thank him.

  • Aarush Rana
    Aarush Rana 6 days ago +1

    Dude everybody’s watching Jarvis play for fortnite when he was not banned And I can’t believe Jarvis has so many views like literally he has 11 million views and 176 k Like dude this is insane

  • Steven Guzman
    Steven Guzman 6 days ago

    Very cool my epic is fazeclan-01

  • JamClopz
    JamClopz 7 days ago +1

    Jarvis: Stream Snipes FaZe Kay
    FaZe Kay: dAm uR iNsAnE

  • Emerson King
    Emerson King 7 days ago


  • Ric- -Flair
    Ric- -Flair 7 days ago

    Key you asked for Jarvis To stream snipe you

  • Mig Alghouthani
    Mig Alghouthani 7 days ago

    It said Jarvis killed someone?

  • Armando Lopez
    Armando Lopez 7 days ago


  • Odhran Mcgowan
    Odhran Mcgowan 7 days ago

    at 3:30 u could see that jarvis thanked the bus driver lolll

  • Jack Yammine
    Jack Yammine 7 days ago +1

    Outro music name pleese?

  • Tom Hil
    Tom Hil 7 days ago

    When he is band 😂😂😂

  • Tom Hil
    Tom Hil 7 days ago

    Mate season 11 anyone

  • Abul Kayes
    Abul Kayes 8 days ago

    Your so epic Jarvis 🏺 oof faze Kay

  • Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson 8 days ago

    He dose not know how to edit get good Kay

  • SwayZ X
    SwayZ X 8 days ago +1

    Whose here after Jarvis got banned

    Also I’m trying to grow my channel and if you want to help I would appreciate it sooo much

  • TTV BTW midfox
    TTV BTW midfox 8 days ago

    Who’s better Jarvis or kay

  • TTV BTW midfox
    TTV BTW midfox 8 days ago

    Put onnuamos mode on

  • Ethan Evans
    Ethan Evans 9 days ago

    This is how many kills you will get on you're next game 👎

  • Tyrus Williams
    Tyrus Williams 9 days ago

    Jarvis he’s tricking you

  • crtcZ LuCrure
    crtcZ LuCrure 9 days ago

    This one s how many people watched him everyday👇

  • Jayden Brau
    Jayden Brau 10 days ago +1

    I think Jarvis is too good how about you

  • Benjamin Tu
    Benjamin Tu 10 days ago

    Literally shows up in Kay’s killfeed
    And still gets killed...
    Btw, I’m talking about the one where he said he was gonna “stalk” him

  • Zavier Paredes
    Zavier Paredes 10 days ago

    Why!!! Stop being so mean to each other

  • Robert Buckland
    Robert Buckland 10 days ago

    Holy jarvis

  • Peter Ferrara
    Peter Ferrara 10 days ago +1

    Will stop at 5 AM after you get banned or do you other games besides fortnight

  • John Will
    John Will 11 days ago

    Are you gonna do another one of shit my bad I forgot