DIY MakeUp/Beauty Life Hacks! Niki and Gabi

  • Published on Feb 21, 2017
  • In this video we show you DIY Make Up/Beauty Life Hacks for girls! Once you see them, you all will HAVE to try them. We show you make up hacks, diy beauty life hacks, make up diys/ diy make up, and how to DIY highlighter and DIY lipgloss! All the DIY makeup is SUPER easy, and all the makeup life hacks are a MUST.
    We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you liked our rainbow slime challenge! We’re twin sisters who are totally different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like lifestyle, comedy skits, DIYS, music, singing, fashion, beauty, and more!
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  • ali knight
    ali knight 10 days ago

    rose gold

  • Its Winnie
    Its Winnie 11 days ago

    4:08 her left eye looks like she got punched, her undereyes are so red and looked like it enchanted her dark circles, kinda like if your wearing a bold red lipstick then people notice that right away

  • nur balqis 🦄🦄
    nur balqis 🦄🦄 12 days ago

    I love both of your lipgloss .

  • Nicole Gacha
    Nicole Gacha 13 days ago

    I love these videos I wish they do these kind again

  • Glossy Vlog By Alan
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  • yeetus that fetus
    yeetus that fetus 26 days ago

    I hate what niki does with her lips 😩🔫
    ALSO WHOS 2019

  • Hazelwood Family
    Hazelwood Family Month ago

    How does she keep her hair the same color and !ake not go darker or lighter

  • precious fajardo
    precious fajardo Month ago

    Gabi can you shout out to fancy babys

  • Bianca Smith
    Bianca Smith Month ago

    niki omg i have circles around my eys to i always use make up and i am more a pink persob

  • charlene lee
    charlene lee Month ago

    You are twins but. You Changed

  • Leanne Drollinger
    Leanne Drollinger Month ago

    Me and my sister are twins!!!💓💜💙

  • Leanne Drollinger
    Leanne Drollinger Month ago


  • Leanne Drollinger
    Leanne Drollinger Month ago

    You guys are so so so so awesome!!!!!!!! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Bob B. Bobbinson
    Bob B. Bobbinson Month ago +1

    2:10 costed 😬

  • Shanel Burleson
    Shanel Burleson Month ago

    2019 anyone?

  • The Animal Channel !

    I’m a rose gold lipgloss person!

  • xo L&L
    xo L&L Month ago

    4:23 I’m allergic to hairspray lol

  • Ava Johnson
    Ava Johnson 2 months ago +1

    Who else is bored at 12:00 watching this in March 2019

    • Jen EH
      Jen EH 2 months ago

      @ava johnson well is 830 same basically lol

  • Chelsea Joseph
    Chelsea Joseph 2 months ago

    gabi's nose is soooooooo different

  • Merry Bebevski
    Merry Bebevski 2 months ago +1

    Gabbi looks sooooooo happy!

  • Sandra wejman
    Sandra wejman 2 months ago +1


  • Molly Wright
    Molly Wright 2 months ago

    Hack 5 is kind of weird because you are pink under your eye and it looks like you have pink eye so you should of used of used yellow 🤗

  • Lola-Mae Randall
    Lola-Mae Randall 2 months ago

    1.50 = I spilled the rubbing alcohol #relateable!!!???

  • Alyssa Dana
    Alyssa Dana 2 months ago


  • Sarah Hill
    Sarah Hill 2 months ago

    Did you know that you could also use cornstarch as a lip matter

  • ciara inks
    ciara inks 3 months ago

    um idk if hairspray is healthy for your face..... im concerned....

  • Delaney Griffin
    Delaney Griffin 3 months ago


  • jenn kubow
    jenn kubow 3 months ago

    Rose gold

  • Jordan Rodriguez
    Jordan Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Blue that’s my favorite color 🇵🇷🇵🇷

  • Jakelin Ramirez Escobar

    bule i love the bule it is nice

  • Melissa Riback
    Melissa Riback 4 months ago

    this has helped so much i have saved $100 per month

  • Presley Wheat
    Presley Wheat 4 months ago

    a hack that i like is if you apply your foundation or concealer, let it dry before you blend it out and this will get the powders to set and make it more full coverage/pigmented

  • Bumblebee Yaya
    Bumblebee Yaya 4 months ago

    I have a question how do u guys end fight

  • Rosa Rostek
    Rosa Rostek 4 months ago

    I love ur life hacks x🥰

  • Kelly M.
    Kelly M. 4 months ago

    Diy makeup????? They just used makeup to make makeup.....kinda stupid

  • Talia Eltayeb
    Talia Eltayeb 4 months ago

    Gabi 's pink gold metallic lipgloss👄👄👄👄

  • Roi the dog Roi super cute

    Dont try thoosr

  • Eliza SYMONS
    Eliza SYMONS 4 months ago

    i love you guys but i would never put hair spray on my face

  • Maeve McCarthy
    Maeve McCarthy 4 months ago

    At 2:10 “costed”

  • Billie Stauber
    Billie Stauber 5 months ago

    The first life hack reminded me of Safiya Nygaard.

  • Life of Scarlett
    Life of Scarlett 5 months ago

    I miss these vids

  • lovelove gamer
    lovelove gamer 5 months ago +1

    Rose gold

  • Lily Amber, Grace
    Lily Amber, Grace 5 months ago

    Love the hair Niki ❤️

  • Carys Mayhew
    Carys Mayhew 5 months ago

    Don't put hairspray on your face are you stupiddddddd!!!!!

  • Pink Fluffy Unicorn
    Pink Fluffy Unicorn 5 months ago

    First jack I though that it was gabi

  • Michelle Manoj
    Michelle Manoj 5 months ago

    pink rose gold defo

  • FluffyFox 2507
    FluffyFox 2507 6 months ago +1

    Nikis blue lipgloss 💄 so cool!!

  • Hayley Blumenschein
    Hayley Blumenschein 6 months ago

    I love the blue better

  • Nourhane Merazga
    Nourhane Merazga 6 months ago

    Gain and niki s highlighter is on fleek❤️❤️😭👌🔥

  • Bubbly
    Bubbly 6 months ago

    For the dark under eye circle lipstick thing how about if you are black?

  • Kelly Trieu
    Kelly Trieu 6 months ago +1

    Just do the makeup and stop talking, you little uglyass bitch

  • Kelly Trieu
    Kelly Trieu 6 months ago +1

    Go suck a dick

  • Kelly Trieu
    Kelly Trieu 6 months ago +1

    Why does she exist

  • Kelly Trieu
    Kelly Trieu 6 months ago +1

    Eww that makeup looks disgusting

  • Faith Aliese
    Faith Aliese 6 months ago

    You guys should do full face if only diy makeup

  • Helena Debrincat
    Helena Debrincat 6 months ago

    rose gold

  • Caroline Clarke
    Caroline Clarke 6 months ago

    Rose gold

  • Zarah Floss
    Zarah Floss 6 months ago

    Rose gold lipgloss all the away

  • Raylinn Onzahwah
    Raylinn Onzahwah 6 months ago

    Lip gloss and hair spray

  • Judy Sarout
    Judy Sarout 6 months ago

    Gabi's rose gold lips 😍

  • Abi Beesley
    Abi Beesley 6 months ago

    costed? CoStEd? 😂♥️

  • Reagan
    Reagan 6 months ago

    Rose gold

  • Rick Bergman
    Rick Bergman 6 months ago +1

    2:10 niki and it costed nothing hahahah

  • Isabella Torres
    Isabella Torres 6 months ago

    I liked the blue one because i am more of a person who likes wearing edgy out fits so yea

  • Kirby Nintendo
    Kirby Nintendo 6 months ago


  • Maria Carvajal
    Maria Carvajal 6 months ago


  • Art Action
    Art Action 7 months ago

    I am more niki but I like the rose gold matte lips

  • Moustache Maniac
    Moustache Maniac 7 months ago +1

    If u have paler skin, use a yellowish corrector under ur eyes, if u are around a medium tan to darker skin tone then use red lipstick, not hating I love u guys just some advice! ❤️💝💞❣️❣️💓💞❤️

  • D and A Squad
    D and A Squad 7 months ago

    Rose gold and I love you guys ❤️❤️❤️

  • Dieyna Ba
    Dieyna Ba 7 months ago


  • krisha patel
    krisha patel 7 months ago

    Put some baby powder on lipgloss to make it Matt

  • Anna Rose
    Anna Rose 7 months ago

    Wow I am so doing this

  • Lily Potter
    Lily Potter 7 months ago

    Love you

  • Shelbie Benner
    Shelbie Benner 7 months ago +1

    So any eye shadow color will work just mix with clear lip gloss. Thank you so much.
    This is really helpful for me cause there are eyeshadows I don't like but I would love them as a lip gloss.
    Here's a hack for you girls out there.
    If you have ever wanted colors like Maybelline. Then just buy L.A. colors.
    Here are the steps
    1. Put on some chap stick
    2. Apply the the L.A. colors
    3. And you'll have the great lips.
    4. Enjoy your lushes lips.
    5. Hi to whom ever took the time to read this.
    Your handsome or beatiful.

  • Mia Bear Production
    Mia Bear Production 7 months ago

    When you guy do a voiceover I can't tell which one which

  • Scarlett's Life
    Scarlett's Life 7 months ago +1

    I miss these types of videos

  • Janelle Ratliff
    Janelle Ratliff 7 months ago

    Blue lips

  • Kimberly Ramirez
    Kimberly Ramirez 7 months ago

    Hair spray on the face can ruin ur face

  • Nasr Tawous
    Nasr Tawous 8 months ago

    But I’m just like niki

  • Nasr Tawous
    Nasr Tawous 8 months ago


  • Signe Lautrup
    Signe Lautrup 8 months ago

    Dont put hairspray on yo face girl😫

  • Danique Govender
    Danique Govender 8 months ago

    Use a balloon instead of a beauty blender

  • Danique Govender
    Danique Govender 8 months ago

    Please please please please please do another makeup hack video please guys😃😃😃😃

  • Madeline Stevens
    Madeline Stevens 8 months ago

    Niki's Blue lip gloss

  • Ariana.H
    Ariana.H 8 months ago

    I am rose gold

  • Fat Cat
    Fat Cat 8 months ago

    Yas girl

  • Muneera Tabassum
    Muneera Tabassum 8 months ago

    I love this hacks please give me 2 likes

  • Kiara Perry-Wilson
    Kiara Perry-Wilson 8 months ago +1

    I like Niki's blue lip gloss! I'm a blue lip gloss person because my favorite color is blue!

  • Prathiyanka Sanjay
    Prathiyanka Sanjay 9 months ago

    Niki' s blue lip gloss

  • Mad Diy
    Mad Diy 9 months ago

    Ohhhh so lol 😝 love your channel bt dubs your channel is the bomb

  • Dale Obrycki
    Dale Obrycki 9 months ago

    You can use lipstick as blush too all you have to do is make one to two dots on your cheek and when did into your skin with any kind of brush or use your finger

  • sophia baade
    sophia baade 9 months ago

    Costed lol

  • Camryn Thomas
    Camryn Thomas 9 months ago


  • Camryn Thomas
    Camryn Thomas 9 months ago

    Love you guys😛

  • Jenna love
    Jenna love 9 months ago

    the highlighter i liked it was so cool

  • eva rblx
    eva rblx 9 months ago


  • Hanieh Shahrestani
    Hanieh Shahrestani 9 months ago

    I liked the lip gloss one
    I love the rose gold and pink lipstick

  • Got that STYLE
    Got that STYLE 9 months ago

    I love the diy highlighter and the pink matte lipstick

  • ariana grandefan
    ariana grandefan 9 months ago

    #pinkmatte lipstick

  • Cristina Silva
    Cristina Silva 9 months ago

    I love u niki so tomboy i am too i am 10 years old like niki lippgloss