Game Master Power Box Found in Backyard Pond with Spy Gadget Radio Transmitter Device Inside!!

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • Recently Stephen Sharer posted PAUSE CHALLENGE with GRACE SHARER for 24 HOURS (Mystery remote found in Game Master Treasure Chest) and then Stephen’s sister Grace Sharer posted Ultimate Sis Vs Bro PAUSE CHALLENGE!! (I Control Stephen Sharer’s Life for a Day with Worlds Biggest Remote) and Steven Sher was doing a bunch of moves from the Game Master remote control challenges every time Grace would press a button. After that, Stephen realized he had to go down to the sharer fam backyard pond because in OPENING Island Adventure GAME MASTER Treasure Chest (Rebecca Zamolo Twin FOUND Hiding INSIDE!!) the RZ Twin left a note that said to meet at pond. So the Sharer siblings grabbed some spy gadgets to go explore the backyard pond. On their way down to the pond they thought they saw a snake or another mystery monster in pond monster!! Once down there they found a power box. Inside this power box by backyard pond they saw control room wires and even a spy gadget radio transmitter device lodged inside. Why was this power box control room by their family pond? Stephen could only guess it was the Game Master who set this up, so they took the spy gadget transmitter and brought it back up to the Sharer Family house to figure out where the Game Master or RZ twin was and what the next steps could be. And they also have a huge surprise for the Sharer Family but its top secret so if a Sharer member can guess the surprise correctly they may just win a Share The Love Swag Pack!!
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