Irish People Try The Toe of Satan Challenge

  • Published on Dec 21, 2018
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    The Toe of Satan is a devilishly devious lollipop made from a 9 million Scoville heat chili extract. The challenge is to simply hold the lollipop in your mouth for five minutes. Four of our bravest TRYers stood up to The Toe of Satan challenge. But how well did they do?
    The Tryers featured in this video:
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    Dermot Ward: TRY.Media/Dermot
    Vanessa Ifediora: TRY.Media/Vanessa
    Colin Regan: TRY.Media/Colin
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Comments • 3 499

  • The TRY Channel
    The TRY Channel  29 days ago +1026

    HELLO PEOPLE, just to clarify: Vanessa was in first, and it was our bad - we messed up the rules of the challenge & explained it wrong. Please direct any and all fiery rage towards us and not her - we'll have to get a few more toes of satan in for round 2...🔥🔥🔥

    • Sarah Harper
      Sarah Harper 2 days ago

      The first person on here I don’t care for it’s the way she talks

    • Sarah Harper
      Sarah Harper 2 days ago +1

      It’s was her language she needs to go not one of the other guys has talked like her

    • Kevin
      Kevin 3 days ago +1

      NO, She is just too much. Cursing ways too much, please remove her from any future videos

    • Savage Dameron
      Savage Dameron 3 days ago

      She read on the box out loud that it has to stay in the mouth for 5 minutes lol. That guy who was praying won the challenge he had it in the longest.

  • Brent Strech
    Brent Strech 2 hours ago

    If she would've kept it in her mouth she wouldn't have made it she talked more than it was in her mouth... Worse blow job ever!

  • sparX Kuijper
    sparX Kuijper 4 hours ago

    Naw naw , Ilene's granddaughter forfeits at 0:23:26 fer sher .

  • Sheen Estevez
    Sheen Estevez 5 hours ago

    I was more bothered by the color of the glass of milk, than by how the challenge was played by each

  • Kevin Cooper
    Kevin Cooper 5 hours ago

    Fucking cheater.

  • Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa 7 hours ago

    Sorry Vanessa is not the winner. Kept taking it out of her mouth to talk. Cheating! Clisare is the obvious winner here. She kept it in longer than anyone without taking it out every 2 seconds to go on a verbal rant about something.

  • ricardo rios
    ricardo rios 11 hours ago

    The so-called baddest bitch spent more time talking then anything else

  • Elijah Ottino
    Elijah Ottino 14 hours ago

    Lmao people ROASTING new girl. Poor thing. Well, shoulda read what’s on the box. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Fuckface McMike
    Fuckface McMike 15 hours ago

    I think I’m in love with Vanessa.

  • john jackson
    john jackson 18 hours ago

    vanessa totally cheated. the game is keeping it in your mouth the entire 5 minutes. we need a redo. clisare won that one due to best time

  • Muse of a Blank Canvas
    Muse of a Blank Canvas 20 hours ago

    Damn .-. y'all talking about getting rid of Vanessa but I quite like her talkativeness. I rolled when she kept avoiding putting the toe back in her mouth by talking....

  • Noah Trezona
    Noah Trezona 20 hours ago

    Clisare is definitely the winner, and my favorite haha

  • deucesolo
    deucesolo 22 hours ago

    Your Irish milk looks funny, ours looks more white.

  • Rob Nelson
    Rob Nelson 23 hours ago

    The one in tge sweatshirt cheated, have to keep it in

  • Roger Johnson
    Roger Johnson Day ago

    Maybe if the one yappy chick kept it in her non stop talking mouth she wouldn't of gone so long.................

  • Specter1065
    Specter1065 Day ago

    Y'all are some BAMF's!!!

  • alice215
    alice215 2 days ago

    I love how it's ok for guys to talk about dick but god forbid a girl talk about pussy. The new girl is great, fuck these haters. I suspect there's some racist shite in the background of these comments.

  • rosecoloredambitions

    Vanessa is the best 😂

  • Erik Simmons
    Erik Simmons 2 days ago

    You can’t keep pulling it out and talking, no respect for that, the other three do deserve respect

  • Dean Stanley
    Dean Stanley 2 days ago

    Girl wearing grey only had it in her mouth for about 8 seconds of the 5 minutes

  • Valentina Fangirling

    People are being unnecessarily mean to Vanessa... but I do think she’s trying a little too hard to be funny lmao

  • jieul
    jieul 2 days ago

    Vanessa is just unfunny, stupid crass. Your pussy and your boyfriend's dick attempted jokes really fell flat.

  • Faith Taylor
    Faith Taylor 2 days ago +1

    I like the ex boyfriend idea LMBO 😂😂😂😂😂 " spicy ass my pussy " she's hilarious

  • Kevin Castillo
    Kevin Castillo 2 days ago

    Could you guys do a video of a 101 on different Irish accents, please! I wanna know the differences and who speaks it!

  • Mei Ling
    Mei Ling 2 days ago

    Everyone's hating the girl on the grey 😂 she's feeling herself so much and giving herself credit when she lost the moment she took the sucker 24sec in

  • Sarah Harper
    Sarah Harper 2 days ago

    Don’t care for Vanessa language she needs to go

  • Jerry Adams
    Jerry Adams 3 days ago

    Vanessa didn't even hold it in her mouth the whole time

  • Tatiana Pereira
    Tatiana Pereira 3 days ago

    Yes unfortunately the new girl didn't do as great as she thought. Talked more while in the challenge instead of having the lollypop in her mouth. But its still one hell of a challenge. And they all did an amazing job because that thing is soooooooo hot not even playing!!

  • Lunar Childe
    Lunar Childe 3 days ago

    Regardless of whether or not she did the challenge properly, Vanessa is just not up to par with everyone else. I come for the giggles and she couldn't even get a grin out of me. NEXT

  • Casha scy
    Casha scy 3 days ago

    She can do it for another 7 minutes of course she could because she have it in her mouth more the a couple of seconds at a time.

  • Shaun Robertson
    Shaun Robertson 3 days ago

    Seeing that she is such a stud with slamming hot things in her mouth....I wouldn't mind being the Irish man to stuff her mouth shut with some real Irish spices LMFAO!!!!

  • knight night
    knight night 3 days ago

    Did you check with the spicy pussy is pussy. She only made it to the five minute Mark cuz she kept the sucker out of her mouth for more than 4 minutes total. Fake

  • gbecerraodp
    gbecerraodp 3 days ago

    The girl in the grey is annoying and can’t play right 😶

  • baysickleebuck
    baysickleebuck 3 days ago

    Tell Vanessa to stop trying so hard.
    I'm probably going to skip any future videos with her unless she turns off her bullshit.

  • Lessly Aragon
    Lessly Aragon 3 days ago

    Can you please not bring Vanessa back. Leave her at home. Thank you.

  • big must
    big must 3 days ago

    she would of lost if she would of kept it in her mouth

  • sergezede
    sergezede 3 days ago

    That girl was terrible and never had it in her mouth. "All Star" my ass

  • LoGiTiC
    LoGiTiC 3 days ago

    I guess you guys don't know anything about a "capsaicin high", it was so hot it literally got her drunk. Props to her!!!

  • Jessica Sparkle
    Jessica Sparkle 3 days ago

    Allstar cheated the whole time!

  • Melinda Murr
    Melinda Murr 3 days ago

    The one chic is such a cheater.

  • LuAnn Picarello
    LuAnn Picarello 3 days ago

    Ulster is a cheating bitch wtf wrd

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C 3 days ago

    Dude the chick had the sucker out of her mouth more than in it. She probably gives lazy blow jobs too.

  • JW Hoadley
    JW Hoadley 4 days ago

    Vanessa didn't really do it! Sad shite.

  • Sam
    Sam 4 days ago

    3 things 1) Redhead is Smoking Hot, 2) Grey shirt is pretty just talks alot, 3) That milk looks weird

  • Greg McCarter
    Greg McCarter 4 days ago

    Where did the halfrican come from. "spicy as my pussy", not sure I want to sample that.

  • Aby Sri
    Aby Sri 4 days ago

    The other girl one...

  • Draken Gaming
    Draken Gaming 4 days ago

    Try channel clearance is in order! Vanessa MUST GO! She cheated, she didn't do the challenge right, and she is not even worth watching. Keep her behind the screen and off the channel please.

  • JKL
    JKL 4 days ago

    Not a fan of being called a cunt. The new girl wasn't just annoying because she didn't do the challenge right, she came in acting superior to the other ladies on the channel and that just isn't a good way to introduce yourself.

  • ReddFoxx1562
    ReddFoxx1562 4 days ago

    I'm not sure how reading the box was something that the first person couldn't do, but that person was also chosen to have a significant amount of screen time by the editor after everything was said and done.
    I am far, FAR less likely to watch another video on this channel, and this issue illuminates a question which is "why am I watching this anyway?"
    That is not a question a channel like this should be presenting.

  • zekethezack
    zekethezack 4 days ago

    Spitters are quitters

  • Huli81
    Huli81 4 days ago

    Vanessa, shut the fuck up!

  • BooFriend
    BooFriend 4 days ago

    New girl tried waaaaay tooooo hard to be cool.

  • Eddie King
    Eddie King 4 days ago

    Gray sweater girl, I'm not giving up." You never fucking started babe.
    She doesn't deserve that cool Irish accent.

  • Festering Wound
    Festering Wound 4 days ago

    Why do whamen always cheat?

  • Joshua Lafond
    Joshua Lafond 4 days ago

    All that chick did was talk the whole dam time

  • Kevin Solo
    Kevin Solo 5 days ago

    I don't think the girl in grey understood how the challenge works

  • O Who
    O Who 5 days ago

    Get rid of gray shirt girl. Talked so much trash but didn't even do the challenge. Worst Try Channel person ever.

  • Catie
    Catie 5 days ago

    Now do it again but drunk

  • Star Fighter
    Star Fighter 5 days ago

    You should shove it in Vanessa's mouth and staple it shut.

  • Brad Baker
    Brad Baker 5 days ago

    I did this and put up a Facebook video. If you wanna see I will link it to you.

  • nisko C
    nisko C 5 days ago

    The bitch in the gray was cheating 😂

  • Matthew Wiemeri
    Matthew Wiemeri 5 days ago

    I don’t like the dark haired girl, she was cheating the whole time! lol taking it in and out like what? No

  • Amanda s.
    Amanda s. 5 days ago +1

    I can't believe Vanessa said it was almost as spicy as her p&$$%. Gross! I dont mind the curse words, but that was just arrogant and gross!

  • dethaddr
    dethaddr 5 days ago

    Vanessa: Biggest Loser EVER! Lost at 00:23.26 and spent most of the time talking with it outside her mouth. Channel should lose her QUICK, I even hated her dumb anecdotes. Total opposite of entertaining. Video gets a dislike (first one for try from me) just because of HER.
    Clisare is the biggest ROCK STAR for holding it in her mouth longer than anyone else, including the guys.
    Colin gets the "thanks for trying" award. At least he was entertaining.

  • Jillian Pelkey
    Jillian Pelkey 5 days ago

    The broad in the sweatshirt is a cheating cunt for sure!

  • Matt Sater
    Matt Sater 5 days ago

    The one girl cheated. You're supposed to keep it in your mouth for the whole 5 minutes

  • Vincent Fentress
    Vincent Fentress 5 days ago

    No subscriptions because of new girl. Shes the durian fruit of the group

  • Vincent Fentress
    Vincent Fentress 5 days ago

    Of course u could do 7 more minutes, u took it out of ur mouth 25 times a minute. Get her outta there

  • Vincent Fentress
    Vincent Fentress 5 days ago

    New girl cheated her ass off

  • PervReacts
    PervReacts 6 days ago

    Girl in the gray sweater and potty mouth had been out for quite some time... what does she think she’s slick or something?

  • Bibb Kikk
    Bibb Kikk 6 days ago

    That one bitch is a cheat. She keeps taking it out of her mouth. But I think she's funny

  • Bobby Cratchet
    Bobby Cratchet 6 days ago

    Producer and director failed so Vanessa did as well. Surprising that she's a sadist but f you gonna talk that much smack youngster you need to learn how to take it.

    Why the heck are you Try guys so effing ignorant and illiterate? Are the rules that hard to interpret? Or do you simply not know the difference between in and out(completely not a double entendre)? Maybe it's the weak Irish in you because we know 4 out 5 Irish peeps are weak quitters that can't even do a child's job of keeping a lollipop in their mouth. Slobbering all over the place like invalids. Damn stupid Try channel.

    This message in in direct response to 'Please direct any and all fiery rage towards us and not her - we'll have to get a few more toes of satan in for round 2...'.
    And because of your inability to correctly convey constructive criticism to your charges they should have to dip their next toe in Mad Dog 357 Plutonium!

  • Masochistic Suicidie

    *Only one rule*
    Hold the entire lolli in your mouth.
    Repeatedly removes lollipop & talks.

    You lose
    You did not win

  • Angela Sanovali
    Angela Sanovali 6 days ago

    I swear it sounds like they all lost their Irish accents right after.😂 This is my new favorite channel.

  • Tab Adab
    Tab Adab 6 days ago

    Colin is adorable in this video.

  • chadbrochill19
    chadbrochill19 6 days ago

    The new girl who 'completed' the challenge spent half the time talking and barely licking it for a second and then more talking, what the hell is that... props to the ones who ACTUALLY kept it in their mouth.

  • baarsenal25
    baarsenal25 6 days ago

    Not only was the gray sweatshirt girl incredibly annoying for being so cocky after she failed the challenge miserably, she was also just not fun to watch. Way too arrogant and vulgar.

  • Amy
    Amy 6 days ago

    The fact that people think she’s saying All Star and not Ulster makes me actually cry laughing HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Jon Kennedy
    Jon Kennedy 6 days ago

    Hot pus ok

  • Cameron Hoyt
    Cameron Hoyt 6 days ago

    Spicy vagina lady talked for 90% of it.

  • ThePaul555
    ThePaul555 6 days ago

    Nobody thinks shes cool and nobody wants to see more of her. Burst her bubble. PLEASE

  • ThePaul555
    ThePaul555 6 days ago

    New girl is shit.

  • jmjohnson1081
    jmjohnson1081 6 days ago

    She did not last 5 minutes

  • Dee LACalif
    Dee LACalif 6 days ago

    New girl didn’t play fair she kept taking it out of her mouth 🤷🏼‍♀️ Don’t bring back the new girl in gray 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Eric
    Eric 7 days ago

    It takes time to build a tolerance to the heat. But, even the most seasoned chili eater would not of enjoyed this.

  • SouthernBassHunter
    SouthernBassHunter 7 days ago

    My fav red head Clisare 😍

  • Abel Jimenez
    Abel Jimenez 7 days ago

    that bitch didn't even do the challenge she spent most of her time with her fucking mouth talking in the lollipop away from me you have to be consistent on it she didn't do no 5 minutes

  • Mike Habic
    Mike Habic 7 days ago

    Yeah......Whoever the chick is that didn't do the challenge properly, she kinda ruined what would have been a funny video.
    She was instantly annoying a F.

  • Eric Amaya
    Eric Amaya 7 days ago

    Disappointed in the try community. Comments are a disgrace. Everyone was great and who cares if the challenge wasn't done right by one person the video was still great. Been a fan since the fact channel.

  • tito9107
    tito9107 7 days ago


  • Rocco Rodriguez
    Rocco Rodriguez 7 days ago

    Your editing didn’t do Vanessa any good. Satan’s toe is spicier than her pussy???

  • Catherine Garmon
    Catherine Garmon 7 days ago

    No more Vanessa! She was terrible all the way around!

  • Oliver The Chinchilla

    clisare kicked that toe’s ass!

  • Ryan Morishige
    Ryan Morishige 8 days ago

    She truly is the baddest bitch

  • Daniel Ciurcanu
    Daniel Ciurcanu 8 days ago

    Bich shut the fuck up and put that un your mought....... She can t stop speaking.

  • Corleone Reeder
    Corleone Reeder 8 days ago

    That Vanessa chick is annoying as hell... first video that was ruined by 1 person... Come on #trychannel y’all are better than this.... An her closing the video with her sayin “if we think she’s cool as hell click the subscribe button” almost makes me want to unsubscribe lol cheers y’all 🍻

  • grndmstaj
    grndmstaj 8 days ago

    I want to try her pussy now 😂

  • Ariana Leibenguth
    Ariana Leibenguth 8 days ago

    Saw the comments about New girl and didn’t think she’d be that bad but yeah she totally was. Never again

  • Kinjiru731
    Kinjiru731 8 days ago

    Vanessa seemed to spend more time with it out of her mouth than in.

  • Merek Brent
    Merek Brent 8 days ago

    The girl in the grey sweat shirt is a stupid ass cheater