Irish People Try The Toe of Satan Challenge

  • Published on Dec 21, 2018
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    The Toe of Satan is a devilishly devious lollipop made from a 9 million Scoville heat chili extract. The challenge is to simply hold the lollipop in your mouth for five minutes. Four of our bravest TRYers stood up to The Toe of Satan challenge. But how well did they do?
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    Vanessa Ifediora: TRY.Media/Vanessa
    Colin Regan: TRY.Media/Colin
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Comments • 3 985

  • The TRY Channel
    The TRY Channel  5 months ago +1342

    HELLO PEOPLE, just to clarify: Vanessa was in first, and it was our bad - we messed up the rules of the challenge & explained it wrong. Please direct any and all fiery rage towards us and not her - we'll have to get a few more toes of satan in for round 2...🔥🔥🔥

    • Vampir Tara
      Vampir Tara 4 days ago

      @the undead1 she's lucky if she did a total full minute the entire time. With all the two and three seconds that she had it in her mouth added together. This isn't about siding with a girl because she's good-looking and she's your favorite it's about the challenge. Now the rest I give credit to they gave it a shot.

    • the undead1
      the undead1 4 days ago

      She may have not actually did 5 continous full min. But props for suffering the toe of satan. Lol give them all a beer. Or a 12 pack!

    • Vampir Tara
      Vampir Tara 16 days ago

      @Evy Gonzalez take the lollipop out of her mouth! She had the lollipop out of her mouth more than she had it in her mouth. The point of her being there was to take the challenge just like the rest was. She knew the rules and was reading them off the back of the box. So if you know the rules and don't obey them that makes you a cheater.

    • Vampir Tara
      Vampir Tara 16 days ago

      I call bullshit 🐂💩 the girl was reading the back of the box on how the challenge goes a number of times throughout the video. She knew she had to keep the lollipop in her mouth for 5 minutes but she figured she was going to be slick and talk and keep it out of her mouth as much as possible. So quit making excuses!

    • Jokerfan45
      Jokerfan45 17 days ago

      It's all good. She just has to do it again, but do it right.

  • The Drive Inside
    The Drive Inside Hour ago

    The black chick barely had it in her mouth!!!!

  • Billy Sparkman
    Billy Sparkman 4 hours ago

    The girl in the grey she bit down on it and didn't suck on it and kept talking the whole time most girls would get dumped for that reason lol

  • Isaias salmeron
    Isaias salmeron 16 hours ago

    I think my wiener falling of isnt great

  • Peachy Onion Cat
    Peachy Onion Cat Day ago +1

    Clisare, you are the hero! Winner!!!!😁

  • zDisturbed1
    zDisturbed1 2 days ago +2

    This would have been a great video if you cut Vanessa out of it.

  • Raymond Davis
    Raymond Davis 2 days ago

    Hey Dermot you know what is good getting rid of that burning sensation ? A big spoonful of creamy peanutbutter.

  • darkstreak Aia
    darkstreak Aia 2 days ago

    Clisare is hotter than that lollipop.

  • A M
    A M 3 days ago +2

    I cant even watch the whole video because of Vanessa.

  • A M
    A M 3 days ago

    I wont watch anymore videos with Vanessa in them. In fact, if I see her again I will unsuscribe

  • DerMacko
    DerMacko 3 days ago

    oh he got the hiccups! thats HOT! (i mean the chili shit, not him)

  • Megan Cooke
    Megan Cooke 4 days ago

    New girl didn’t even keep it in here mouth. She was to busy talking. That doesn’t count.

    MARY ANGELA McLane 4 days ago +1

    By talking Vanessa cheated.Sorry hon,tis true

  • tom sebastian
    tom sebastian 5 days ago

    I love you all for this. you are all champs

  • Emma Ross
    Emma Ross 5 days ago

    Jesus that nordy bitch is wild irritating!

  • Shari Lavender-Hummel

    The lady in the sweatshirt cheated, she should not have been taking it out of her mouth.

  • Biglz Worth
    Biglz Worth 6 days ago

    LOL. Bring your best Vanessa! Love your style. Be YOU no matter what the haters hate on. This is a great channel. Keep on keep’n on.

  • dason barnes
    dason barnes 6 days ago

    I like Vanessa. She's cool

  • L 1711
    L 1711 7 days ago

    "Almost as spicy as my pussy"

  • Basrugadh
    Basrugadh 7 days ago

    Red was clearly the winner,in or out.She kept it in,didn't talk,until she couldn't take anymore.The "winner" kept taking it out,running off at the mouth and was nowhere near had the time in that Red did.Sorry,quit yapping and do it right.

  • Mike Posenke
    Mike Posenke 8 days ago

    The emergency is "I don't put the sucker in my mouth at all!"

  • nashvillenightkat
    nashvillenightkat 9 days ago

    Clisare won hands down Dermot was hilarious

  • patrick carr
    patrick carr 9 days ago

    "This is spicy as my pussy" xD wtf hahahahaha

  • buddyboy2k13
    buddyboy2k13 9 days ago

    yer wan looks like the female version of Ultan Delan, the irish rugby player xD

  • TGLymantaiste
    TGLymantaiste 10 days ago

    The stupid one barely had it in her mouth.

  • Gary L
    Gary L 10 days ago

    The correct quotation is:" 'Ulster will fight and Ulster wil be right". But she was neither. Cheating on a USclip spicy hot lollipop sucking contest=REALLY?????

  • wizardfromy
    wizardfromy 10 days ago

    That one girl cheated kept taking it out of her mouth she actually only did about 3 minutes tops then she said she could do another 5 - 7 minutes yes when you don't keep it in there.

  • Bobbnoxious
    Bobbnoxious 10 days ago

    Vanessa is still listed on Try's homepage but hasn't done a vid since April 29. And the channel puts out 3 vids a week. So is she on holiday or what? Just asking.

  • Ken & Shanin
    Ken & Shanin 10 days ago +1

    Me screaming: COME ON YOU'RE A NATURAL REDHEAD!!!!

    • Gary L
      Gary L 10 days ago


  • Jordan Graff
    Jordan Graff 10 days ago

    Vanessa, shut up! All-Star talker. Bet Ciara could handle this no problem. Just tell her it's booze

  • dennis sutton
    dennis sutton 11 days ago

    Vanessa you are the BIGGEST LOSER!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephen Whatley
    Stephen Whatley 11 days ago

    I love how the cocky cunt acted like she didn't have it out of her mouth the whole time.

  • James Masters
    James Masters 12 days ago

    The girl who stopped at 5 mins, spent half the time talking shit, and not actually doing the challenge. She failed, but tries to bs her self into believing she was strong enough to do the challenge.
    Typical shit talkers, full of shit.

  • Marty Barrett
    Marty Barrett 12 days ago

    Vanessa had the thing in her mouth for a total of 20 seconds, the rest was a bunch of hot air. She comes in last and I hope we don’t see her again.

  • _PanDart
    _PanDart 12 days ago

    Vanessa.....Shut the fuck up....I speak for all of us in the comment section....just...shut...the...fuck...up

  • Adam Bohan
    Adam Bohan 13 days ago

    Vanessa can fuck of back to ulster

  • Jarrod
    Jarrod 13 days ago

    No one won, especially Vanessa.

  • Ron Stoner
    Ron Stoner 14 days ago +1

    Ok, all that one chick did was jabber. Jabber time 4:50/toe in mouth time 0:10.
    And she wasn't even amusing. The toe in mouth time was a definite improvement.

  • Michael Carlow
    Michael Carlow 14 days ago

    The one girl trying sooooo hard to act cool... didnt have the thing in her mouth for even one complete minute. Not cool, just obnoxious.

  • Meester Dinglefritz
    Meester Dinglefritz 14 days ago

    Why didn’t anyone call out Vanessa for cheating? She seemed so proud of herself, but all she did was talk...

    • Ghost_Hands
      Ghost_Hands 6 days ago

      read the pinned comment. the producers messed up the rules for Vanessa

  • Canada Dan
    Canada Dan 14 days ago

    How was that a win? That girl didn’t even begin to suffer like those who really rocked it.

  • nemuineko
    nemuineko 14 days ago

    I think everyone is being too hard on the new girl, give her time to get into the swing of things

  • Pieces109
    Pieces109 14 days ago

    4:08 What man or woman wants to eat a spicy pussy, chick you need to clean that thing thoroughly and maybe see a doctor about it.

  • 4ern ic8it
    4ern ic8it 15 days ago +2

    umm yeah the one that spent more time
    waving the toe around and taking about
    how spicy her ... cat is came in last place

  • Robert Herron
    Robert Herron 15 days ago

    She had it out of her mouth half the challenge

  • Erika Ferrell
    Erika Ferrell 15 days ago

    I don't give a shit about who won, they were all hilarious ❤️

  • Jason Hu
    Jason Hu 16 days ago

    What she says at 5:17?

  • Exalted Nevaeh
    Exalted Nevaeh 16 days ago

    Eh, I kinda liked Vanessa, though she did cheat this challenge.

  • Vampir Tara
    Vampir Tara 16 days ago

    The girl in the grey shirt did not do the challenge, she had the lollipop 🍭🔥 in her mouth for only a few seconds here and there, while she talked. And I call bullshit! 🐂💩 You making excuses for her. Then she has the audacity to say, "She could have done it for another 10 minutes but she chooses not to!"

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 16 days ago

    Vanessa trash mouth

  • KLM Hooked Moore
    KLM Hooked Moore 17 days ago

    Gray shirt girl cheated. She spent most of her time talking.

  • eclypse3d
    eclypse3d 17 days ago

    Vanessa should stay home, its the try channel not, hype yourself up channel, u r no badass lassie...

  • James
    James 17 days ago

    Yeah new girl in grey, see you later.

  • Old Guy In Colorado
    Old Guy In Colorado 17 days ago

    Hot shit on a silver platter... is really a cold turd on a paper plate!

  • Jokerfan45
    Jokerfan45 17 days ago

    Round 2!!

  • Jan Nebrija
    Jan Nebrija 17 days ago

    You should do korean fire noodles with x2, x4 and x8 spiciness

  • trick nigga Joe
    trick nigga Joe 17 days ago +1

    Clisare got it, hands down.

  • woodelves r superior
    woodelves r superior 18 days ago

    “I’m the baddest bitch on this channel” yes she has it out of her mouth for like half the time

  • evelyn Wilson
    evelyn Wilson 18 days ago

    Vanessa is soooooo irritating.

  • Megara Valkyrie
    Megara Valkyrie 19 days ago +1

    Can do without Vanessa tbh. Dont enjoy her at all.

  • H.R. Pufnstuf
    H.R. Pufnstuf 19 days ago

    Half & Half needs to keep it in her mouth. She failed!!!

  • Michael T
    Michael T 19 days ago

    I’m guessing Vanessa has had more offensive things in her mouth before.

  • Jenifer Adams
    Jenifer Adams 20 days ago

    Agreed all but the one girl did it correctly and Clisare won

  • Eleanor Mayhew
    Eleanor Mayhew 20 days ago +1

    I'm really not bothered whether she kept it in her mouth for the proper time...her attitude is just toxic...unfunny jokes, trying to be edgy, aiming for shock value...just all wrong for this channel.

  • Robert Mitchell
    Robert Mitchell 20 days ago

    I think all the comments here from people are WRONG!!! Bring Vanessa back and give her a second chance.
    Get her in the Paqui one Chip challenge (those that did the paqui ghost pepper chips haven’t seen anything yet). The. She is in the same playing g field as all the others no taking it and talking the whole time.
    Or get hold of the Johnny Scoville tube of terror. Let’s watch her eat that and still talk trash.
    If she can do those then she can talk all that crap

  • Chris Donaldson
    Chris Donaldson 21 day ago

    But can Dermot keep peanut butter in his mouth for 5 minutes?

  • Blue Max
    Blue Max 21 day ago

    Ulster talked more than sucked.

  • wizardfromy
    wizardfromy 21 day ago

    That one gal cheated she kept taking it out of her mouth if you really time her I bet she didn't even do 4 minutes

  • Put this in your pipe And smok it

    I'm in love with clisare

  • MrMetuber1
    MrMetuber1 23 days ago +1

    Redhead is savage!
    She’s cute as hell and has amazing eyes! 😍😍

  • K McManus
    K McManus 24 days ago

    Dermot you did better than I could have

  • Steve Lambert
    Steve Lambert 24 days ago

    Cheater!!! No respect! Less talk more suck, and I mean that in the most non-sexist way.

  • Thom Hilner
    Thom Hilner 24 days ago +1

    A good tries the other gave. I wouldnt be able to survive that long

  • Thom Hilner
    Thom Hilner 24 days ago

    she who did talk thrue the whole challenge did not make the challenge and can not call her a Winner in this challenge!

  • Cozy SZN
    Cozy SZN 24 days ago

    Grey sweater probably didnt even fucking put her tongue on it lmao

  • Christopher B.
    Christopher B. 25 days ago

    Chew it up big babies, but I love it.

  • katherine EGJ
    katherine EGJ 25 days ago


  • JT F
    JT F 25 days ago

    We never want to see Vanessa ever again. Ever.

  • Ernesto Perez
    Ernesto Perez 25 days ago

    Tell that broad with the gray sweatshirt to shut the fuck up.

  • huy nguyen
    huy nguyen 25 days ago

    The chick in the gray is cheating she has it outside her mouth the whole fucking time

  • m k
    m k 25 days ago

    Nobody likes a dumb bitch that talks shit and doesnt back it up. Shes only right about one thing...her dick sucking job is the only thing she can do with her mouth. For the first time ever watching this series I absolutely hated the gray shirt dumbass who thinks she actually did anything special. Fucking idiot just would not shut up about how she could do it for another 7 min (bitch only had it in her mouth for 15 seconds out of the last 5 min).

  • Josh Lanigan
    Josh Lanigan 26 days ago

    The one chick that kept talking she should have to go an extra 2 minutes or just shut up

  • Bud Simpson
    Bud Simpson 27 days ago

    Dermont you aren't a wuss, quitting first just demonstrates you were the smartest person in the group.

  • Bud Simpson
    Bud Simpson 27 days ago

    The one girl had the thing out of her mouth most of the time, even when she was bragging about being so tough. However, anyone doing this, is dumb as hell.

  • duke'M Explorer
    duke'M Explorer 27 days ago

    She lost ...suppose to be in mouth entire time

    420GLADIATOR 27 days ago

    The girl that won kept taking it out of her mouth.

  • Great Googlypuff
    Great Googlypuff 27 days ago


    ALLAN ALIEN 28 days ago +1

    Clisare such beautiful eyes

  • Adric George
    Adric George 28 days ago

    Should have given dermont some peanut butter icecream... little girl

  • cbmbdb
    cbmbdb 28 days ago

    Boy her arm must get tired from constantly patting herself on the back. Ugh.

  • Dearce Goodman
    Dearce Goodman Month ago

    I'm so in love with Vanessa

  • John C
    John C Month ago

    The girl in the gray was all talk and no suck. She called herself the baddest bitch? She's ceratinly the loudest!

  • Rich Conant
    Rich Conant Month ago

    All Vanessa did was talk! She didn't win; she lost!

  • Slowpoke
    Slowpoke Month ago

    The ginger wins

  • chipum2 fleming
    chipum2 fleming Month ago

    No hate or rage here, but If you were to just count the time the sucker stayed in that one girls mouth she'd have come in last, cause she talked more than she had it in her mouth. Yeah I know you have already addressed this issue, but the whole challenge written ON THE PACKAGE that she opened, is 5 minutes in her mouth, not talking for 5 minutes, just trying to keep it in for that long, so yeah if there was an award for spending more time talking with it outta her mouth then she won.

  • GrassFedMeats
    GrassFedMeats Month ago +2

    Redhead won! Not for saying she felt like she just got railed either...that was just a bonus

  • plop pill
    plop pill Month ago

    Needs more Vanessa😁

  • J Mireles
    J Mireles Month ago

    Grey sweater chick needs to get gone. Kick rocks, Miss. There's foul language because the challenge is insane, and then there's her. No thanks, I'm good. Try, y'all need to find someone else.

  • Pnshr 88
    Pnshr 88 Month ago

    I fkn love Vanessa, obviously non-sexually. Feel bad for any dude that ever does her wrong. Either way on either end.
    Lol Clisare and Ciara I love the most. Dumont close 3rd.
    Cant believe pez is behind this.

  • BatSh1t Crazy
    BatSh1t Crazy Month ago

    Tell Vanessa to call me if she’s ever in Texas, hot and arrogant. Love it Man 😜😉😉😉