Ryan Tries: Primitive Building - EPIC SNOW FORT

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
  • Always been a fan of those primitive building videos and just wanted to give it a try! Welcome to the first Ryan Tries episode!
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Comments • 16 647

  • Nell Elisabeth
    Nell Elisabeth Day ago

    set the speed to 0.5X 2:49
    its like if they are magnets joining with the snow xD

  • Kajus Grobovas
    Kajus Grobovas Day ago

    But Ryan he wanted to go snowboards

  • Much
    Much Day ago

    Good Minecraft sound effects.

  • Shaheer Shakeel
    Shaheer Shakeel Day ago +1

    this looks like an asmr BTS

  • SJ BN
    SJ BN Day ago

    But you're cheating. The rope is a tool

  • Ian Tragis
    Ian Tragis Day ago

    Gregory just wanted to snowboard... 😢

  • SJ BN
    SJ BN Day ago

    The sound is legit the same hahhahahahahahahahaha

  • Faisal Khan
    Faisal Khan Day ago

    Did you actually sleep there???

  • Scarlette Pieces

    ugh now I wanna build my own snowcastle too. lol

  • Rufus Scrimger
    Rufus Scrimger Day ago

    This is actually a great snow fort

  • chandana namala
    chandana namala Day ago

    Ohh Ryan!!!! Lots of ❤️♥️♥️
    No video of yours ever disappoints!!!!!

  • Naruto RAMPAGE
    Naruto RAMPAGE Day ago

    9:21 100% real

  • End Zone
    End Zone Day ago


  • Mujahidul Islam
    Mujahidul Islam Day ago

    It’s really amazing

  • SrmthfgRockLee
    SrmthfgRockLee Day ago

    tee hey nananaaanaa hey hey indeed. mmm i like how awkward he make it or smth when he slide down n stuff 'just coz it has to be in the video, doin work just for da work serious aktor'* face**'.

  • SrmthfgRockLee
    SrmthfgRockLee Day ago


  • [Frost] CallMeCynical

    Netflix name for the show:

    Just T-Ryan”I copied it but idgaf”

  • SrmthfgRockLee
    SrmthfgRockLee Day ago

    sure, those videos might've been somewhat seen past years, but they werent rly so famous/viral i saw em randomly somehow n n ot too much..

    • SrmthfgRockLee
      SrmthfgRockLee Day ago

      02:53 tip use 2xspeed guys its boring and until first3min if ure smart fast like me u gna realise it fast or faster

    • SrmthfgRockLee
      SrmthfgRockLee Day ago

      doi u think the video was faked?? i mean the script for that guy being surprised

  • SrmthfgRockLee
    SrmthfgRockLee Day ago


  • [Frost] CallMeCynical

    I just can’t wait for this to melt

  • [Frost] CallMeCynical

    Why isn’t this on Netflix?

  • [Frost] CallMeCynical

    Wait the girl from teen wolf Kira is ryan higa’s ex girlfriend or girlfriend?

  • KK Lao
    KK Lao Day ago

    When you expect a snow pile but get a house :))

  • CodyXSavageX
    CodyXSavageX Day ago

    Who else played on 2x speed

  • samriddha mishra


  • Ghostly Knight
    Ghostly Knight Day ago

    Dear Ryan make an anime tsundere rap

  • Ghostly Knight
    Ghostly Knight Day ago

    Dear Ryan make a waiffu rap

  • Muhammad Bwengo
    Muhammad Bwengo Day ago

    I bet Ryan laughed in half half quarters of the video 😂😂😂

  • Sir Potato
    Sir Potato Day ago

    You guys made my day with this. Thank you!

  • Suraj Ganvir
    Suraj Ganvir Day ago

    *THAT WAS FUN!!!!*

  • Grapppilixious Ilse


  • Sean Luke Gimena

    Man, this is actually my childbood dream fort

  • Naveed Shah
    Naveed Shah Day ago +1


  • Lynsaint Matthea Kuizon

    I kennot stop laughing 😂

  • Meryem  Algérien

    Yep totally livable hhhhh😹😹

  • Hannah Howarth
    Hannah Howarth Day ago

    this is the only asmr ive ever liked

  • Nicolai Hjerpe
    Nicolai Hjerpe Day ago

    weird flex but okay

  • The Duel Bros.
    The Duel Bros. Day ago

    No tools?

  • My DIY stuff
    My DIY stuff Day ago

    ryan make a video on subscribing to pewdiepie

  • Senji Kim
    Senji Kim Day ago

    He is so creative XD

  • battousai 360
    battousai 360 Day ago +1


  • boogala
    boogala Day ago

    This is one of the funnies videos I've seen. I was like wtf are they doing lol

  • Edward Franklin
    Edward Franklin Day ago

    bring back will and greg show

  • jeff wei
    jeff wei Day ago

    Hope you don't get in trouble for cutting down those trees. How'd you do that without tools anyway?

  • Owen Ng
    Owen Ng Day ago

    They look like extremely awkward looking Minecraft players

  • Shadow Walker
    Shadow Walker Day ago

    Did y'all have like Midnight Snack or something every day?

  • Shadow Walker
    Shadow Walker Day ago

    Sound like terraria when u uses the Hallowed Axe Pickaxe

  • Shadow Walker
    Shadow Walker Day ago

    Primitive Building ASMR

  • Wendy Guia
    Wendy Guia Day ago

    nice snow house

  • Shadow Walker
    Shadow Walker Day ago

    A not so quiet video (quiet place parody)

  • Jemcy Mae
    Jemcy Mae Day ago +1

    There's some asmr going on in this video

  • Mad overkill
    Mad overkill Day ago

    Sticks are tools

  • Vqlle
    Vqlle Day ago

    09:22 lmaoo

  • Vqlle
    Vqlle Day ago

    3:00 are they just playing in the Snow?

  • Kevin L
    Kevin L Day ago

    Speed up to 2x it will be awesome

  • Milly Draws
    Milly Draws Day ago

    I mean what can we expect from him no one will ever be like ryan

  • Gerson Godinez
    Gerson Godinez Day ago

    Make another one☺

  • hotwings1024
    hotwings1024 Day ago

    That's honestly amazing ryan is always coming up with this elaborate new videos , I would not be able to build all that lol!

  • Benjamin Catto
    Benjamin Catto Day ago

    Dear Ryan can you balance seven oranges on the table

  • Alone bones
    Alone bones Day ago

    Fr thi, did they actually make that?

  • Ritik Khilnani
    Ritik Khilnani Day ago

    Minecraft has never looked so real

  • Kai Yeung
    Kai Yeung Day ago


  • Mr.Apple.Gaming
    Mr.Apple.Gaming Day ago


  • Jaycupp
    Jaycupp Day ago

    what’s the matter tonya

  • UnmiLou O_o
    UnmiLou O_o Day ago

    So... do you plan on continuing brane games?

  • Kaden Lu
    Kaden Lu Day ago

    On day three, Ryan and Greg switched sides after that slept

  • Sheena Murdock
    Sheena Murdock Day ago

    Total ASMR feels

  • Kursed One
    Kursed One Day ago

    I used to build club House's or whatever you wanna call them with my friends when i was younger, but never to this extent. This was awesome

  • Jesse Kang
    Jesse Kang Day ago


  • Samuel Yarhi
    Samuel Yarhi Day ago

    I would live there

  • Go Low
    Go Low Day ago

    Just seeing them Working literally makes me laugh😂😂😂😂

  • Matthew Stevens
    Matthew Stevens Day ago


  • WeeTards
    WeeTards Day ago +1


  • Margi Patel
    Margi Patel Day ago

    I would pay to live in this snow fort!

  • Jessica Pereira
    Jessica Pereira Day ago

    This is the best idea you’ve ever had!!!! I need more of this!

  • Electric
    Electric Day ago

    Damn, I thought this was one of his Hanate-like quirks and was super similar to dude vs. Arctic but damn I was wrong. Really impressive Ryan.

  • Elijah Hayward
    Elijah Hayward Day ago

    Dear Ryan can you be thanos

  • Alisha Anderson
    Alisha Anderson Day ago

    This was freaking awesome

  • JS -Brawl Stars
    JS -Brawl Stars Day ago +1

    What r ur opinions on Jeremy Lin going to the raptors?

  • Raceel Caved
    Raceel Caved Day ago

    The fact that they didn’t spoke for so long spooked me

  • Andy Le
    Andy Le Day ago

    im loving this series alreadyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ben blumenfeld
    ben blumenfeld Day ago

    That was sick

  • Aden Summer
    Aden Summer Day ago

    wtf this was actually dummy sick

  • It's_Me_Konnor
    It's_Me_Konnor Day ago

    It turned out really well! Wish I could build something like that!

  • ryosama1988
    ryosama1988 Day ago

    So does this counts as ASMR? Because Im oddly arous-*clears throat*relaxed with the pitter pattering of two grown men building a snow fort.

  • Maddy Jade01
    Maddy Jade01 Day ago

    That’s some REAL good packing snow you got there

  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool Day ago

    I believe we've just witnessed the Finest Art in the making

  • catsandtennis
    catsandtennis Day ago

    this could be a new category of ASMR

  • Dank Memer
    Dank Memer 2 days ago

    dude VS wild V2

  • BTB Plays
    BTB Plays 2 days ago +2

    You should do an Apex Legends trailer

  • threeokok
    threeokok 2 days ago

    did that actually take you 3 days

  • Jason Ilas
    Jason Ilas 2 days ago

    So they starved themselves for 3 days and had no water? And how does the camera have so much battery.

  • Kyle Iturralde
    Kyle Iturralde 2 days ago

    Something we all wanted to do as a kid but never could

  • Preston Miller
    Preston Miller 2 days ago

    Low key this also sounds like an asmr video

  • Youtube Youtube
    Youtube Youtube 2 days ago

    this is amazing

  • Mayu
    Mayu 2 days ago

    IKEA 2.0

  • Maya L0283
    Maya L0283 2 days ago

    this isnt a good primitive video it was THE BEST primitive video out there like wow P.S i love you vids :)

  • Isabella Rieger
    Isabella Rieger 2 days ago

    7:07 they woke up on different sides 😂😂

  • Sharmayne Koehler
    Sharmayne Koehler 2 days ago +1

    Can you TRY grab sleeves with Julián?

  • DD Gaming YT
    DD Gaming YT 2 days ago

    2:43 hahaha