Waking Up With Ariana Grande | British Vogue

  • Published on Jun 8, 2018
  • "I'm very grateful to be here, and that overpowers any of the negative elements that come with fame." Vogue wakes up with Ariana Grande, cover star of the July 2018 issue.
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    Waking up with Ariana Grande
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Comments • 4 467

  • dorky's Tuts
    dorky's Tuts Day ago

    1:08 she said 😗

  • Carlos C teacher privado

    Did she say that she's got personalities [inside her]... Isn't that DID (Personality Identity Disorder)?

  • Kirsta Lee
    Kirsta Lee 3 days ago

    Such a beautiful human

  • Serenity Shields
    Serenity Shields 5 days ago

    Wakes up all perfect.There's celebraty life for ya😏

  • d3ch3n s
    d3ch3n s 6 days ago

    how am i just finding this

  • Swagata Saikia
    Swagata Saikia 6 days ago

    How did her freakishly long hair get into that freakishly small bun??!!! Somebody FREAKING TEACH ME!!!

  • yo wag1
    yo wag1 6 days ago +1

    She wakes up with makeup on????

  • spirit yeeted away
    spirit yeeted away 7 days ago

    Her hair looks so little without hr extentions

  • ultramaryna
    ultramaryna 9 days ago +2

    I'm surprised that she decided to show her real hair in this video.

  • medinah
    medinah 10 days ago +1

    why am i just seeing this

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith 10 days ago +1

    Do 73 questions

  • Eliana’s dope music Channel

    I wish this video was longer....

  • Fother Mucker
    Fother Mucker 11 days ago

    fake hair
    fake voice
    plastic surgery
    how lovely

  • ahmed ghare
    ahmed ghare 12 days ago +1


  • aman anwer
    aman anwer 13 days ago +1

    her voice blew me away

  • Pauline Brocard
    Pauline Brocard 14 days ago +1

    I love so much her dress

  • Reyhan Polat
    Reyhan Polat 14 days ago

    She is a ANGELLLL♥️♥️

  • Κατια Μσ
    Κατια Μσ 15 days ago +11

    None gonna discuss how she climbs up the sink to put makeup on? 😂 Our shortie little queen 😍👑

  • Sousou Mandhouj
    Sousou Mandhouj 16 days ago

    Trop belle

  • Darragh Ruddy
    Darragh Ruddy 17 days ago

    What a tiny little fucktoy

  • Lucero Orozco Sanchez
    Lucero Orozco Sanchez 17 days ago

    Hi mk ultra

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez 21 day ago

    The worlds greatest woman that ever lived 😍

  • vitomir filipovic
    vitomir filipovic 21 day ago

    Can you film this kinda video w/ Maddie Ziegler?

  • Polly yeye
    Polly yeye 22 days ago

    Her voice sounds so different

  • No Name
    No Name 22 days ago +1

    Polska? ;D

  • Angelina Didio
    Angelina Didio 23 days ago +2

    I love how Ariana just casually does her makeup in the sink 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Ariana Grande fan
    Ariana Grande fan 23 days ago +1


  • H. Alazawii
    H. Alazawii 23 days ago

    1:07 wtf is wrong with her back

  • Lloyd Anthony Gonzales

    I ❤️ You!

  • Kamilė Jurevičiūtė
    Kamilė Jurevičiūtė 24 days ago +2

    Mom: Be Yourself
    Me: *Eats food all day*
    Mom: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Stop eating and do your homework!
    Me: But you told me to be myself.

  • Dominique B.
    Dominique B. 24 days ago

    I love seeing just her natural hair

  • G0ldenrayyy
    G0ldenrayyy 25 days ago

    Where is that dress from😩?

  • sweetener
    sweetener 25 days ago

    prettiest human being ever.

  • R2 Pretty
    R2 Pretty 27 days ago +1

    I love her so much ♥️🖤💜

  • m. mache
    m. mache 29 days ago

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  • m. mache
    m. mache 29 days ago

    Ariana grande relaxing in her bobble bath honey you are magical gorgeous Artists singer your voice can be heard from the sky all over the world truthfully 95 percent of the world loves you I can't deny it myself or eny one health and I can't deny it by loves you public sector round the world voted 4.8 Bilions like you Best congratulations best wishes to my baby Ariana grande. Mo RAAD Artists and judges on USclip International? X mo?

  • Melvin Xavier
    Melvin Xavier Month ago

    If only that foam evaporated

  • blub blub
    blub blub Month ago +1

    How can this already be 10 months ago?

  • termitater squared
    termitater squared Month ago

    I've never seen anyone so blatantly all about themselves like Ariana grande 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kìmonanthe
    Kìmonanthe Month ago

    The entire time I kept waiting for them to show the right side of her face.

  • Tom Hall
    Tom Hall Month ago

    Wats happened to her hair

  • Isabella Odonnell
    Isabella Odonnell Month ago +2

    Imagine living next to Ariana Grande and it doesn't matter if you're rich it's still cool

  • AJ/Aisha Jafar
    AJ/Aisha Jafar Month ago

    I like the music used in this segment.

  • Elian Simon
    Elian Simon Month ago


  • qwerty lol
    qwerty lol Month ago

    😯😯😯 before watching this I didn't knew Ariana always wear hair extensions, I thought she naturally had such long beautiful ponytail 😬😬

  • 그는Chae
    그는Chae Month ago

    My dog name IS coco

  • Lauren De Zee
    Lauren De Zee Month ago

    We need 73 questions with Ariana Grande ❤️

  • Rianna Umandap
    Rianna Umandap Month ago

    When I wake up I I get my iPad and phone brush my teeth wash my face and then put moisturizer and lip and cheek tint then go back to bed but not sleep then watch or play my iPad and phone 😂😂😂

  • Swapacoinforafish
    Swapacoinforafish Month ago

    That vocal fry tho

  • Mrs. Kwon
    Mrs. Kwon Month ago

    For the love of ponytail, 73 questions with Ariana Grande pleaseeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  • Clarissa Whitelaw
    Clarissa Whitelaw Month ago

    I love her, she’s such an inspiration 💜💜

  • tinku01061978
    tinku01061978 Month ago

    When I wake up I go back to sleep

  • Ruby Hiley
    Ruby Hiley Month ago

    she is inspirational❤

  • Lavanya Mohankumar
    Lavanya Mohankumar Month ago

    That was it?? I wish there was more detail...

  • Erin Mack
    Erin Mack Month ago

    I love this video smmmmm

  • Alissa Anderson
    Alissa Anderson Month ago

    Who came here after the parody? 🙋‍♀️

  • Madison Smiley
    Madison Smiley Month ago

    am i the only one worried about her shoulder blades?

  • Katarina Taaru
    Katarina Taaru Month ago +1

    1:04 omg her back

  • ελενη κιουτσουκη

    To be honest I am a little disappointed (sorry) 😔

  • Lookatmy Ping
    Lookatmy Ping Month ago

    omg i love ariiii

  • Vasilios Agoros
    Vasilios Agoros Month ago +6

    My mornin routine
    Wakin up
    Goin back to sleep
    mum screamin me to wake up
    go to the bathroom

  • Memphis-Rayne McCarthy

    Who thinks that she doesn’t need makeup to be beautiful

  • Kathryn Tutorials
    Kathryn Tutorials Month ago

    She should ware space buns more. She is cute in em

  • PursuitOfContent
    PursuitOfContent Month ago

    So she still doesn’t have hair?

  • itsyogirlkira
    itsyogirlkira Month ago

    1:05 I-

  • Beauty rabbits
    Beauty rabbits Month ago

    What is happend with her hair? They look so short.

  • Nat is my Name
    Nat is my Name Month ago

    I’m so jealous uhhhh

  • Jesus Almighty
    Jesus Almighty Month ago

    She is so gorgeous

  • arianas ponytail
    arianas ponytail Month ago

    she’s precious

  • Maddie Graf
    Maddie Graf Month ago

    why is she so adorable?

  • Ana
    Ana Month ago

    Omg... she's so gorgeous

  • Meche
    Meche Month ago +1

    Wake up with Ariana, yuh yuh, cuz I’m bored

  • Hedwig Taaru
    Hedwig Taaru Month ago

    on 1:06 did you see her back

  • Liani Saechao
    Liani Saechao Month ago +25

    Ariana: wakes up with beautiful hair, flawless face, and cute pjs
    Me: wakes lookin like a high lion 😑

    • Anaaya miller
      Anaaya miller 9 days ago

      Liani Saechao She was wearing makeup lol

  • Mailan Tate
    Mailan Tate Month ago


  • Akward Isabella
    Akward Isabella Month ago

    1:08 No one is going to talk about what she did with her back :o

  • Ara bellA
    Ara bellA Month ago

    My morning routine - I can’t sleep

  • Jael Unterseher
    Jael Unterseher Month ago


  • hope-line ♡
    hope-line ♡ Month ago

    1:07 ily ari but wtf is happening to her back

  • Shreya Rai
    Shreya Rai Month ago

    Her voice fry though

  • Puppy Gamer Entertainment

    I LOVE how Ariana EXPRESSES herself with positive energy

  • 文朗嘉
    文朗嘉 Month ago

    Ariana is lyk 1 of my fav singers. Live her voice n listen 2 her songs

  • Sweetener Diaries
    Sweetener Diaries Month ago +1

    She’s so beautiful 😭🖤

  • Pallavi Harishchandre

    What's up with the hairs

  • Joshua Bullicer
    Joshua Bullicer Month ago +43

    Ari's Shoulder Blades: 1:07

    • vito vr
      vito vr 23 days ago +2

      I don't know who tf are you. But I love you. nd I respect you.

  • Harley
    Harley Month ago

    She looks strange without other people around her. I bet she can never be alone and goes crazy when she is.

  • Cindy Vanessa Salazar

    Oh that’s why gaby also does her makeup like that

  • E-Leazy
    E-Leazy 2 months ago +4

    The title of the video sounds like a vogue camera man slept with her

  • Vanessa Artiga
    Vanessa Artiga 2 months ago

    Ugh what a queen ❤️❤️

  • Edits
    Edits 2 months ago +1

    Her voice is just so relaxing 😌

  • Hannah Fleenor
    Hannah Fleenor 2 months ago

    This comes off so annoying omg

  • Lovely Jandi
    Lovely Jandi 2 months ago


  • ariana grande
    ariana grande 2 months ago +1

    I love her ♡♡♡♡♡

  • Mathieu POTIRON
    Mathieu POTIRON 2 months ago +1


  • The AG4
    The AG4 2 months ago +1

    My morning!! READY:
    1. Wake up at 8:00 unless I stay up till one am prob 8:30 to 9:00 lol
    2. Go on phone or iPad for an hour do roblox or USclip
    3. Go get breakfast, I have coffee or tea
    4. Go upstairs and get change
    5. Do hair (I don’t wear makeup yet, I’m 11 but I can when i’m 12)
    6. Make my bed, open my curtains.
    7. Tidy room if dirty
    8. Do chores
    That is pretty much it!! I don’t go to school I’m homeschooled, we only do school on days my dad is at work. He work very odd days sense he is a fireman goes to work for 2 days rarely 3 and comes home for 4 days. And on the days he is at work, we do school..

  • Vlog Queen
    Vlog Queen 2 months ago

    I love her natural voice

  • Yuri Angel
    Yuri Angel 2 months ago

    0:57 nice feet Ariana 😍

  • rubessc
    rubessc 2 months ago

    explain why her hair is so tiny when she gotta thicc pony tale 24/8

    • J L S D
      J L S D 2 months ago

      rubessc she has a stylist. She uses extensions

  • yeehaw sir
    yeehaw sir 2 months ago

    When I wake up I play Fortnite

    REAL_SERENITY 2 months ago

    Thank U, Next! I Love Ariana Grande's Music!