FULL Bethesda Press Conference - E3 2018


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  • Captain Thr3e
    Captain Thr3e 5 days ago

    This conference feels so weird in hindsight...

  • books from Windblown
    books from Windblown 18 days ago

    2018 E3 commercial

  • HaloF4n 4lyfe
    HaloF4n 4lyfe 4 months ago

    8:53 that dude is doing it right, that band was terrible

  • Cat in the Hat
    Cat in the Hat 7 months ago

    there's somebody clearing their throat and snuffling???

  • Gregory wm
    Gregory wm 8 months ago

    booooo wolfenstein now has twin girls as the main characters. wolfenstein has always been like doom with a super alpha main character

  • Steven Weeks
    Steven Weeks 8 months ago

    God Howard called me a degenerate. I literally came.

  • William Cole
    William Cole 8 months ago

    Todd literally saved this entire conference. And then some.

  • marcus24000
    marcus24000 8 months ago

    i do have to say its amazing how people can bring other people together pretty much into group community's through these games that they created they bring people together in fun and warmth and it amazing and deserves reconition.
    shure there marketing can be abit greedy at times but they bring people together through amazing created worlds and story's,i dont say it often but i do thank these people that made all this happen together with all of us ^^

  • zebrapadskitta
    zebrapadskitta 8 months ago


  • 이상우
    이상우 8 months ago

    Yeah... You won!

  • Jannie Van vliet
    Jannie Van vliet 8 months ago

    timestamps ign ?

    • Sothis IsChristmas
      Sothis IsChristmas 8 months ago

      See my reply. I originally posted on Gamespots version of the full conference, but can't be arsed to compensate for the time difference between IGN's and Gamespots, but I hope it helps and that you get the idea :)

  • Mar-Works
    Mar-Works 8 months ago

    They screwed up rage....

  • The FreeAngel2021
    The FreeAngel2021 8 months ago

    Jesus Christ is the true savior. He died so you can go to heaven. Choose him before it's too late.

  • William Lowick McNAMARA


  • Jamison S
    Jamison S 8 months ago

    Bethesda always has the best conferences, second is probably sony.

  • Jamison S
    Jamison S 8 months ago

    The only bad thing about Fallout 76 is that there will probably be microtransactions, did anyone notice the special currency that showed up after he executed that guy?

  • Philippe Miranda
    Philippe Miranda 8 months ago +1

    i really want skyrim on alexa kk

  • Nestor Gonzalez
    Nestor Gonzalez 8 months ago

    I think 76 sounds to small for mmorpg

  • Nestor Gonzalez
    Nestor Gonzalez 8 months ago

    That blades game looks like it will put you to sleep

  • RFAB Productions
    RFAB Productions 8 months ago +1

    Fallout ? FALLLOUT!! It’s Fallout!? 😍❤️🔥 I also love how tod isn’t cringey like some other developers he tells it how it is

  • Vasquez Beardoracci
    Vasquez Beardoracci 8 months ago

    but can u nuke the nuke? Hm

  • Damon J
    Damon J 8 months ago

    B Grade conference, good game reveals, not many im into but ok and the show had too many awkward moments thanks to a slow teleprompter. Still solid show.

  • ElementGuns12
    ElementGuns12 8 months ago

    Along with Sony, these 2 will destroy ubisoft's trash

  • Joshua Broughm
    Joshua Broughm 8 months ago +1

    This was an EXCELLENT Press Event! FO76 looks a hell of a better than I expected it to be.

  • Dylan Jimenez
    Dylan Jimenez 8 months ago

    G thanks walmart

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude 8 months ago

    Who else jizzed when they heard about elder scrolls 6

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude 8 months ago +1

    No one clapped for Quake lmao

  • Adam Butler
    Adam Butler 8 months ago

    Bethesda killing it as usual they just keep getting better and better you shall have full access to my wallet

  • Jackie Santos
    Jackie Santos 8 months ago

    Man I really love the Bethesda they make really good games clean the one they made like Doom Wolfenstein quake why I'm saying I love all the games

  • Johnny Patterson
    Johnny Patterson 8 months ago

    I live in West Virginia and after seeing this I've never been more excited to play a Fallout game hell yeah bring it on.

  • deidara _
    deidara _ 8 months ago

    I love the amount of self-depricating and sarcastic jokes from Todd, gives me a feeling that they might finally listen a bit to their fans.

  • deidara _
    deidara _ 8 months ago

    TES Blades is a nice way to recycle assets from previous titles and put them to good use. It's essentially like a mix of Hearhstone/TES Legends(in the shape of game modes being either pvp arena or dungeon run) and TES Arena.

    • deidara _
      deidara _ 8 months ago

      For that matter, I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, but 76 uses alot of the same animations and models as fallout 4, just with some prettier lighting, the UI is also very similar.

  • Fabulous Metrocop
    Fabulous Metrocop 8 months ago +1

    This conference was a roller coaster of emotions. In the Twitch chat you could just see the mood change every time somebody said something, going from "HYPE!!!" to "residentsleeper," then when Todd Howard comes on stage everyone is spamming "TODD," then Fallout 76 is announced and everyone is either praising it or flaming it, then just as people are ready for it to be over, we get an actual trailer for TES 6.

  • Cosmonaut Billy
    Cosmonaut Billy 8 months ago


  • Santiago Suárez
    Santiago Suárez 8 months ago

    chandler bing got a gig at Doom it seems

  • Kakarotto
    Kakarotto 8 months ago

    the beginning is so cheesy lmao

  • The GloryXros
    The GloryXros 8 months ago

    I don't really care for most Bethesda games, however I do like their presentation.

  • Kevin King
    Kevin King 8 months ago

    Fantastic job, Bethesda.

  • A For Average
    A For Average 8 months ago

    Amazing Show! Just Missing Some DLC For The Evil Within 2

  • SumkindaHuman
    SumkindaHuman 8 months ago

    Not a single console game i wouldn’t buy. Well done Bethesda

  • PunchKickBlog
    PunchKickBlog 8 months ago

    How can you not like this show after the walmart dig?

    • PunchKickBlog
      PunchKickBlog 8 months ago

      Uh, and the part about eff nazis. Appreciate that.

  • Anderson da Silva
    Anderson da Silva 8 months ago

    It will be a nice 2025 year to play these games.

  • Anderson da Silva
    Anderson da Silva 8 months ago

    Glad we have only to wait more 8 years to play elder scrolls VI

  • Paul Schlote
    Paul Schlote 8 months ago

    Online games must DIE. Nobody cares. And if they do? It is a very short gain. Want to be immortal? Make a great game for the generations.

  • alexmini123
    alexmini123 8 months ago

    so are they making a reboot for doom 2 as well? :D OMG YES SUPER SHOTGUN

  • Paul Schlote
    Paul Schlote 8 months ago

    I foresee many titles that will fade quickly. Remember when gaming was fun? Like someone screaming in your face, YOU WANTED THIS!!!! Bullshit.

  • thedivil666
    thedivil666 8 months ago

    will fallout 76 be subscription based like eso was to start with or will it be, once you buy the game that's you.

  • Jordan Kaufman
    Jordan Kaufman 8 months ago

    Is this battletoads?

  • Xerathon
    Xerathon 8 months ago +1

    Elder Scrolls IV, finally it have been 7 years Bethesda

    • deidara _
      deidara _ 8 months ago

      Don't get your hype up, by the looks of it it's gonna be Hammerfell. So basically Skyrim 2 with some better graphics, a few skills fused and 80% of the NPCs unkillable. Let's pray they don't attempt any voiced protagonist, else that won't have any budget left to make a good game, considering the 10 different races times 2 genders that makes 20 voice actors.

  • The rogue hunter 2003
    The rogue hunter 2003 8 months ago

    Did anyone else love the band for rage 2

  • Malak Winter
    Malak Winter 8 months ago

    Yeah its looking like its going to be "Rust" only with hackers and trolls that will be equipped with nuclear armaments. If everything is as it seems, I'll probably just hold off until Fallout 5. They should of picked "7 Days To Die" as an online role-model instead of "Rust". At least on 7 Days To Die you can choose single-player, co-op, or online server play with all 3 being modifiable.
    I get this feeling that trying to play this game "solo" will be a murder-fest with your head as the prize assuming that hackers don't just blow up the entire server shooting nukes like bullets coming out of a mini-gun. No true single-player and there's no chance I'm going to invest money into it. I would play it for free... maybe, depending on the community. True single-player option and I'll buy it for sure. True Single-player option and co-op, I'll buy it for myself and a few friends.

  • Michael Masko
    Michael Masko 8 months ago

    Do we know if you can play in 3rd person view or will it have to be 1st person?

  • Calvin Young
    Calvin Young 8 months ago

    Literally ever time I watch E3, I get so aggravated by the camera work. You would think that after all these years of people complaining about it, they would’ve fixed it.

  • Lackaboy
    Lackaboy 8 months ago

    I downloaded fallout shelter on my switch so fast

  • Jessica
    Jessica 8 months ago

    The Fallout segment was interesting only because Howard knows how to deliver. The rest of it was boring. Starfield was a freaking title screen. Why bother. -_-

    • yrahcaz htims
      yrahcaz htims 8 months ago

      Because they confirmed that Starfeild was actually a thing and not just a rumor.

  • Galactic N0MAD
    Galactic N0MAD 8 months ago

    I’ve been waiting for elder scrolls 6 for 8 years and it’s actually happening

  • CodyBedrock36
    CodyBedrock36 8 months ago +6

    Man, that audience does not look like the "fun" type

  • Stuart Burrell
    Stuart Burrell 8 months ago

    Brilliant show,

  • Mike Workman
    Mike Workman 8 months ago

    Andrew W.K.? I haven't seen him since like Ozzfest 2000

  • Corey Thompson
    Corey Thompson 8 months ago

    Anyone else notice the "revenge" on PGarvey, im guessing they were like. Okay so for this scene, i want you to shoot and miss me with a missle launcher "HEY I SAID MISS ME!"

  • Supa Kai
    Supa Kai 8 months ago

    Since the game is being online i wonder if their is permadeath?
    and if so, whether (you would think) that means you can spend time on creating a character/s
    and make it one of the many presets (? is that the right word? )
    That way you don't have to create another character from scratch after a permadeath character?
    would be cool, to create an "urgency" to Survive with all your stuff.
    Maybe the vault would be like a LOBBY for all online characters and you CHOOSE who you want to travel with (max 4 players so Ive heard)?

    • Supa Kai
      Supa Kai 8 months ago

      *watches more
      in before the release I hope their is an option to leave the vault BEFORE approclimation day (or whatever)
      to test whether you made a character good enough to do that (lockpick/sneak/hacks)
      would be cool to see people posting, yay I escaped the vault BEFORE it was MEANT to,
      Only to find that for that action you are now a ghoul because you got out too early
      given the time we are "supposed" to be released (when its "safe")
      anyways just speculation

  • Folie A Deux
    Folie A Deux 8 months ago

    lol ESO loved? the most hated rather. everyone loves bethesda and elder scrolls, but the fact that such an online crape game is gets to use the word bethesda is offensive. its a 5 button simulator you could do on your phone, except for the crates that will require two hands to hit someone with after you lost hundreds of dollars on microtransactions.

  • RalphAlpha111
    RalphAlpha111 8 months ago +2

    The Rage 2 thing seemed like the most American Anime Opening. Deserves 5 watchmojo videos

  • Krayzie Stryker
    Krayzie Stryker 8 months ago

    Yisss Yisss Time to hype Bethesda :D

  • Rogue Shade
    Rogue Shade 8 months ago +1

    poor TEW2 got no DLC at all

  • Dan W.
    Dan W. 8 months ago +2

    I wish that we could’ve gotten some more info on starfield lol

    • deidara _
      deidara _ 8 months ago

      They said it would be another year, so we will definitely hear more later, this was just a tease.

  • MojoNoahGamer
    MojoNoahGamer 8 months ago


  • ScottishSniper9
    ScottishSniper9 8 months ago

    Can’t wait for the next Elder Scrolls!

  • Conde Racelis
    Conde Racelis 8 months ago

    For what it was, it was a very good Show but does this Publisher ever make Games that isn't 1st Person except for The Evil Within? LOL! All they do is make Games from a 1st Person perspective. I know you can play Fallout in 3rd Person but that game was really made from a view of 1st Person. Anyway, like I said for what it is it was a very good show. Some of those games I'm interested in but all in a deep deep sale of an Ultimate Edition simply because they are all in 1st Person.

  • Gavin Armstrong
    Gavin Armstrong 8 months ago

    this conference made xbox look weak what a show cant wait for fallout 76 and elder scrools 6

  • Connor Darbyshire
    Connor Darbyshire 8 months ago

    Bethesda is the GOAT

  • Barry Tran
    Barry Tran 8 months ago

    BLade is the highlight of the conference cant wait to spend 999 dollar on it

  • Awesomanous
    Awesomanous 8 months ago


  • VoidFletcher
    VoidFletcher 8 months ago

    Anyone else watching this in 2028 waiting for TES 6 and not another Fallout 76 remake?

  • Azorès Azote
    Azorès Azote 8 months ago +1

    mooncrash looks so good

  • Patrick Vanegas
    Patrick Vanegas 8 months ago

    There goes my college career.

  • PastoKage
    PastoKage 8 months ago +2

    No Devolver Conference upload?!

  • Daan Amelink
    Daan Amelink 8 months ago

    Microsoft and bethesda killed it. EA was utter fucktrash

  • Silver Films
    Silver Films 8 months ago

    Best musical act Ive ever seen at E3

  • Patrick Vanegas
    Patrick Vanegas 8 months ago

    Wow. Kratos went from world war 2 hero to metal guitar god.

  • Keoni Williams
    Keoni Williams 8 months ago


  • Black Swan Rider
    Black Swan Rider 8 months ago

    RAGE and DOOM look good.

  • maziarkd
    maziarkd 8 months ago +6

    Seriously, do these announcers need an applause after every sentence? It's super cheese.

  • Dylan McGilvary
    Dylan McGilvary 8 months ago +1

    I wonder if by the end of Fallout 76’s life span it will all just be a wasteland because of the nukes we all get to shoot where ever we want

  • Jonas Hjelmblink
    Jonas Hjelmblink 8 months ago


  • CMDR badassjedi
    CMDR badassjedi 8 months ago

    mostly every besthesda game has console and fallout is no exeption

  • CMDR badassjedi
    CMDR badassjedi 8 months ago

    fallout 76 will be ruined with console comands i guess

  • maverickM249
    maverickM249 8 months ago

    Rage's music is very bad hair metal.
    I understand why, it's meant to be disposable.
    Reminds me of the movie Chappie.

  • TheSkruer
    TheSkruer 8 months ago

    I wish doom would do some squad combat. allthough I liked the combat in Doom, I kinda think that battles are won with tactics and rarly with brute solo man adventure. Give us squads, a tactical map where you can send them, while you can choose which areas you wanna do with your own squad.

  • Erick M
    Erick M 8 months ago

    Bethesda can do no wrong.

  • RevHans
    RevHans 8 months ago

    Lightning and shadow makes graphics look a lot better. What if there is none

  • Reidon Gaumer
    Reidon Gaumer 8 months ago

    Elder scrolls VI... I actually lived to see the day... I can not believe it...

  • T-NOX Gaming
    T-NOX Gaming 8 months ago

    Quake Champions doesn´t really look that good tbh. I´d rather play Overwatch.

  • EN Dinesh
    EN Dinesh 8 months ago +3

    Am I only one excited for Wolfenstein Young Blood

  • Emerson Biggons
    Emerson Biggons 8 months ago

    It's sad that this only got 17k views. IGN you are so sad.

  • Ezequiel Leyes
    Ezequiel Leyes 8 months ago

    Disapointing. I was expecting to see Despacito 2

  • Epic_gamer_shane
    Epic_gamer_shane 8 months ago


  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia 8 months ago

    Well all those games were garbage what a let down

  • Epic_gamer_shane
    Epic_gamer_shane 8 months ago


  • I_Am_SamIII
    I_Am_SamIII 8 months ago +1

    Like Microsoft, it was a decent conference. Nothing unexpected from both companies. I give the edge to Bethesda