Do All Trump Supporters Think the Same?

  • Published on Dec 23, 2018
  • We brought Trump supporters together to see where they stand on issues related to Donald Trump.
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Comments • 30 313

  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  5 months ago +3524

    Hey everyone - thanks for watching episode 2 of Spectrum! Regardless of our own opinions, we aim to create a safe space to share a diversity of other opinions.
    Editor's Note: We've flipped the visual image in the edit because we found it was confusing to have "Agree" on the left and "Disagree" on the right. As a result, any text on clothing is flipped, but aside from that, no alterations have been made and the participants' responses are true and accurate. Apologies for the inconvenience and hope you understand!

    • Angel soto
      Angel soto 7 days ago +1

      @conservative nation ummmmm its pretty fuckin true soooo

    • Angel soto
      Angel soto 7 days ago +1

      @sasha hart i agree 👌

    • Angel soto
      Angel soto 7 days ago +1

      @AMERICAN PATRIOT i agree 100 percent

    • DomPolidori
      DomPolidori Month ago

      I fr love Johnathan

    • Let Love Reign
      Let Love Reign Month ago

      Jubilee you guys are awesome. Although it’s hard to understand trump supporters, this made me empathize a little bit more.

  • Alani Phillips
    Alani Phillips Hour ago

    I know damn well this lady did not just say that trump is a good role model to kids , as in me being a minor 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ .

  • Golden Pancake
    Golden Pancake Hour ago

    I loveeee johnathon. I like how he respectably speaks (not that the others didn’t)

  • Autumn Nicole
    Autumn Nicole Hour ago

    y’all are some weirdos, and that’s on period.

  • melanie montano
    melanie montano Hour ago

    Lmao but can we talk about how the man w the black hat said yeet by pretending to disagree w something but actually agreed w it? Lmaoooo

  • Greek_Fire
    Greek_Fire 2 hours ago

    Who is that lady?

  • Sarah S Alpizar
    Sarah S Alpizar 2 hours ago

    Well Sarah it's because these "immigrants" are fleeing from their countries beacuse of starvation and other things at least you can afford college these people can barely afford food

  • Ej StickGod
    Ej StickGod 3 hours ago

    "Who cares?"

  • Shadow Girl
    Shadow Girl 3 hours ago

    Who tf is this off brand skinny uncle ruckus with no badges

  • The Holy Bitches
    The Holy Bitches 4 hours ago +1

    9:22 they do anything for *clout* 🎶

  • The Holy Bitches
    The Holy Bitches 4 hours ago +1

    If your name is *Peter Paul* you bet he a Trump suppoter

  • The Holy Bitches
    The Holy Bitches 4 hours ago +1

    LGB *T*
    "I don't identify with these people I'm *transgender* " bruh

  • Frankie J
    Frankie J 4 hours ago

    You should do a "do parents and their children think the same"

  • ColdDragons
    ColdDragons 7 hours ago +4

    I lost brain cells by watching this 🤢

  • Kiara The Pooh
    Kiara The Pooh 8 hours ago

    Out of all these episodes, this is the one that has made me the most ANGERRRRR

  • Lina Sophie Martha Struwe

    I like Gina she is a really nice person. She is so respectful. 😊 But still the Trump 😂

  • Yoselin Berduo
    Yoselin Berduo 9 hours ago

    spectrum: do all hispanic teens think the same ?

  • Sky Blake
    Sky Blake 12 hours ago

    i have a serious question . when was America great again? like i don’t understand what they mean by that honestly.

  • Adelaide
    Adelaide 12 hours ago

    Damn that chick with the afro was fine asf

  • iiCookiezz
    iiCookiezz 13 hours ago +1

    I know this is their opinions but I wanna drop kick some of these people, and ima just say straight up it's the girl with the afro

    THE PEOPLE'S CHAMP 16 hours ago

    How is he making America Great again.? Only to His supporters but not in General & definitely NOT ON A WORLD STAGE. He is an EMBARRASSMENT...PERIOD!

  • high on infinity
    high on infinity 21 hour ago

    i'm genuinely surprised gina is a trump supporter as a trans woman. wonder how she feels about him now.

  • That one girl who likes bts lol

    Ok I disagree with people who say you should have come here legally with a visa they wouldn’t be saying that if they actually tried getting a visa my parents tried getting a visa so many times and they couldn’t because of their jobs and their income for that reason I spent four years in a different country because my parents were deported to El Salvador for crossing the country illegally mind you I was still four months old do you know why they crossed the border because they didn’t want their child to grow up in such a dangerous country like El Salvador so stop saying get a visa because you don’t know how hard it is to get one

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 21 hour ago

      That one girl who likes bts lol 1. Just because something is difficult doesn't mean you can just then break the law. You still have to face consequences for your actions. 2. No one here said this. They actually agreed with you and said the system needs improvement. Congratulations, you're on the same page as Trump supporters. *Gasp* The horror.

  • Toxic Lean
    Toxic Lean 23 hours ago

    *bruh what did I do to click on this video did they said that they need to built a wall IM DONE BRUH*

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 21 hour ago

      Toxic Lean Bruh, you clicked on a video with Trump supporter in the title and you expected them to not agree with one of his most major ideals, bruh bruh?

  • Imane R.
    Imane R. Day ago

    Guy with the cap speaks so intense it gave off major incel vibes

  • SaveTheManuals
    SaveTheManuals Day ago

    Dude in the back is literally overflowing with awkward energy.

  • Unicornslime Gigi_Sydney

    For the LGBT question the black guy just started rambling and someone on the other side contradicted him and he said “oh! Good. Very good.” Like wtf??? I’m so confused 6:00

  • YaGirl Kk
    YaGirl Kk Day ago

    Bruh America don’t need a freaking wall. Y’all talking about what the “benefits” or whatever of the wall are but aren’t talking about what could happen once the wall would be built!! Y’all might start a freaking war by building a wall!!

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs Day ago

      YaGirl Kk A war between who exactly?

  • Fatima Faneca
    Fatima Faneca Day ago +2

    I don't andersantd if the most people on the comments didn't andersantd the people of the video or if they misrepresent what they said on purpose.

  • Green and Blue loser

    i don't agree with everyone's opinions, but im still going to accept them even though they don't think the same as me

  • Fer Jimenez
    Fer Jimenez Day ago

    Bro wtf, do you really think inmigrants go to your country because its funny? Dammm bro you need to read more about other people issues, you need to learn to listen, build a wall? Nah you`re just mental

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs Day ago

      Fer Jimenez Dammmm bro, you really need to like learn to pay attention for ten minutes at a time, bro. Bro, no one said that, and worse yet they did explain their views, bro...

  • batnat
    batnat Day ago

    8:41 sis why would you even do that when you know people will hate on you or disagree and that i'd case a scene? THAT's the reason you aint getting scholarships

  • batnat
    batnat Day ago

    how can trump be a good role model for children when he's one of the most hypocritical, horrible, uneducated and especially illiterate people i've ever seen lmao

    like dont you want your kids to be able to spell properly?

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs Day ago

      batnat Literally where in my comment did I say spelling specifically? I said you couldn't get your own english right, which you didn't. Capitalization, punctuation, and made up acronyms definitely count as incorrect. Pedantic, absolutely, but you should be prepared for that when your own "arguments" are aswell.

    • batnat
      batnat Day ago

      @SS Robs literally where did i spell a word wrong lmao

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs Day ago

      batnat He's hypocritical but you couldn't get your own english right. Fantastic. 😂👌

  • batnat
    batnat Day ago

    the racism towards mexico (and homophobia) is especially bright tonight my friends

    • Sogexx
      Sogexx Day ago +1

      batnat Haha so you admit you are wrong. You can’t even list the evidence of the points you are making. Pathetic really.

    • batnat
      batnat Day ago

      @Sogexx i'm not gonna watch a whole video all over again just because you want a time stamp, i have better things to do. Watch the LGBT and the wall questions ffs get a grip

    • Sogexx
      Sogexx Day ago +1

      batnat Give me a time stamp. You can’t make accusations and not know why you made them

    • batnat
      batnat Day ago

      @Sogexx literally just watch the first half lmao

    • Sogexx
      Sogexx Day ago +1

      batnat Both

  • Angela Korynn
    Angela Korynn Day ago

    so where exactly is this list of “natural laws” because i’ve never seen it.

  • No one will know Mwahaha

    If you support trump you are an awful human. Do these people understand what he does?

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs Day ago

      No one will know Mwahaha Do You?

  • peter-paul kutschlojenga

    I got three types of brain cancer while watching this video

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs Day ago

      peter-paul kutschlojenga You are the cancer...

  • angelon111
    angelon111 Day ago

    Why does the finest one have to be a trump supporter

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs Day ago

      angelon111 Because it's the whole point of the video, genuis.

  • Emily
    Emily Day ago

    The skateboarder is cute

  • Ariez Carmine
    Ariez Carmine Day ago

    Just... No... Some good points were brought up but overall. Trump is not making America great again, in fact, in my opinion, no president has done, or will do that. All of them are just doing what they can with what they have. Until THAT system gets better, then we could spout these empty buzz words and rhetorical terms.

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs Day ago

      Ariez Carmine That's fine, I actually feel the same way. Just needed some clarification on your reasoning, and that could possibly be insufficient reasoning. You're welcomed to it though.

    • Ariez Carmine
      Ariez Carmine Day ago +1

      @SS Robs Hmmm... Yup. Don't care for Trump and never did even before he was president. I dont hate him just dont care.

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs Day ago +1

      So you're condemning a single man overall, despite points you agree with, because of your own subjective view of the label "great" and for something literally all politicians do?

  • Lulä M.
    Lulä M. Day ago +1

    “Ya we should build a wall bc I don’t get scholarship”

    • SilverMenace100
      SilverMenace100 Day ago

      @Sogexx That is hogwash

    • Sogexx
      Sogexx Day ago +1

      Lulä M. Linked to illegal immigration which is the sole purpose of the wall.

  • Anonymous5253
    Anonymous5253 Day ago +2

    I love the diversity of people in this video!

  • Marth Saito
    Marth Saito Day ago +2

    Even though I don't agree with the black men about lgbt marriage, I think he is the most honest from them all. And he clearly is intelligent and has a good reasons.

  • Victoria Salas
    Victoria Salas Day ago +1

    I truly appreciate this video. It gave me more insight on people who support Trump. It reminded me they dont agree with Trump they agree with the ideas he brings. Like the skateboard dude said its about national security not being rascist but Trump makes it about racism.

  • Zealous
    Zealous Day ago

    Lol Gina is a tranny

  • A Unicorn
    A Unicorn Day ago

    Can I talk to a trump supporter because I would like to hear your opinion as long as you try not to convince me your right and I'll do the same for you.

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs Day ago

      A Unicorn About what exactly?

  • Aliyah scottt
    Aliyah scottt Day ago

    This was literally 11:10 minutes of stupidity I could have used that time to find the cure to cancer.

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs Day ago

      Aliyah scottt You are the cancer...

  • Wonder Girl
    Wonder Girl Day ago

    Most of their reasons did not make any sense. The girl who complained about not getting a "scholarship"; how about you work harder and meet the requirements. Then that lady who said "My album rose because of trump supporters" like who the hell are you?? I don't like Trump whatsoever and we need a real President. What he said about my Muslim Community is just unacceptable which is why I hate him. I am honestly saying this that I don't feel safe in the country I was raised in anymore.

  • Aliyah scottt
    Aliyah scottt 2 days ago +3

    Each one of these fools had said something at least once that didn't make any type of sense.

  • Aliyah scottt
    Aliyah scottt 2 days ago

    so grab her in the you know what is definitely something we want our kids to hear.

  • Aliyah scottt
    Aliyah scottt 2 days ago

    There's no such thing as free college you can earn your way into college but it's not free for anyone all the dream act does is allow immigrants to be able to apply for college.

  • Aliyah scottt
    Aliyah scottt 2 days ago

    Ignorance is bliss

  • Xavier Stokes
    Xavier Stokes 2 days ago

    I’m hurt to hear as a black teen that he thinks black issues are not important

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs Day ago +1

      No one said that. Watch it again. He said they are not MORE important than anyone else's. NOT they weren't period..

  • Esthefany Santos
    Esthefany Santos 2 days ago

    “I didn’t get a scholarship” okayyy? How is you not getting a scholarship their fault?

    • Sogexx
      Sogexx Day ago

      Esthefany Santos Because they are given it free for doing wrong

  • Amirr iam
    Amirr iam 2 days ago

    The same issues of the black community do not affect others communities and the fact that he said that is such a disgrace

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs Day ago

      Amirr iam What are these specific issues that only effect the black community?

    • Amirr iam
      Amirr iam Day ago

      @SS Robs what do u mean then what are they?

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs Day ago

      Amirr iam Then what are they?

  • Sam Kunkel
    Sam Kunkel 2 days ago

    Not getting the right to marry someone of the same sex is an extra right that gay people fight for? Oh.

  • Brianna The Wannabe Skeleton

    hated the highschool teacher in the back. otherwise, most opinions were educated and i agree with them

  • Onyx River
    Onyx River 2 days ago +2

    May not agree fully but they're still people 👍👍👍

  • Breeyah Smalls
    Breeyah Smalls 2 days ago

    The black girl is basically using trump for clout

  • Uhhh V
    Uhhh V 2 days ago +1

    I’m just hear trying to understand where they are coming from but some things don’t make sense to me and the lady that was supposedly famous... who is she ?

  • aesthetically depressed

    "I think Trump is a good role model because he sets out what he's gonna do and he does it"
    Okay, sis.

  • maddie
    maddie 2 days ago +1

    all i see is a bunch of clowns

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs Day ago

      SilverMenace100 Yeah, the misguided bozos in the reflection of this video, specifically the ones repeating the same 5 comments over and over again because THEY'VE failed to understand something.. I said that already. What are you not understanding?

    • SilverMenace100
      SilverMenace100 Day ago

      @SS Robs Nope. It's the misguided bozos in the video

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 2 days ago

      maddie Its probably just the reflection in whatever screen you're using.

  • T -!nfinity
    T -!nfinity 2 days ago


  • sophia
    sophia 2 days ago

    when was america ever great? i just don’t get it.

  • Saylor Werthington
    Saylor Werthington 2 days ago +1

    I disliked the video solely because they are Trump supporters and they are all garbage people xoxo

  • igor henrique
    igor henrique 2 days ago +1

    America , americans, americans, AMERICA, protect america, STRONG America...
    nationalist people, dont care about the rest of the world. They rather destroy the world just to be the powerfull country.

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 2 days ago

      igor henrique Are you drunk?

  • Tommy Stock
    Tommy Stock 2 days ago +5

    When does the Declaration of Independence state that u can’t be gay?

  • King Smooth
    King Smooth 2 days ago

    She is sexy as hell

  • Teagan Borelli
    Teagan Borelli 2 days ago +2

    I think trump should be a role model for “smart adult males”

    ((how original))

  • Akira H
    Akira H 2 days ago +1

    I lost some brain cells watching this...from the black man to the fro woman 🤦🏾‍♀️ God fix it

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 2 days ago

      Akira H Its alright, you didn't have any to lose.

  • pikaseel
    pikaseel 2 days ago

    Peter Paul looks like he just stepped out of a Chaplin film.

  • Fionna_ Cool_Girl
    Fionna_ Cool_Girl 3 days ago

    Imagine BuzzFeed even caring about their opinions :/

  • yeehaw bitch
    yeehaw bitch 3 days ago

    Literally nobody knows who joy villa is I've never heard her music and don't plan on it ever

    • yeehaw bitch
      yeehaw bitch 3 days ago

      Its so sad how proud they are to say they want to build the wall

  • Velencia Summers
    Velencia Summers 3 days ago

    "Extra rights" my àśs 🙄 we dont get basic rights ! Were still kicked out of our apartments and homes we rent for being LGBT. We get killed for being LGBT. We get fired for being LGBT. Now tell me does that happen to straights for being straight specifically? N👏O

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 2 days ago

      Velencia Summers Oh, and it was never a competition, no one referred to it as such but you and you set up your own personal qualifications anyway.

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 2 days ago

      Velencia Summers Is it illegal to discriminate housings purely based on sexual orientation? Is it legal to be killed for being homosexual? Is it legal to fire someone soley for being gay? You have those rights now. Just because you have rare case where people choose not to obey those laws doesn't make your rights disappear..

  • Tamaya Cross
    Tamaya Cross 3 days ago


  • Michelle Miller
    Michelle Miller 3 days ago

    I like how the guy in the green hat says “ trump is a good role model for adults and men” soooo not women?

  • Michelle Miller
    Michelle Miller 3 days ago +1

    These people seem confused angry and ignorant

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 2 days ago

      Michelle Miller Take a look at the comment section for a better perspective.

  • fonk u
    fonk u 3 days ago

    bruh the dude with the camo hat’s parents prolly came illegal lmaoo

    • Sogexx
      Sogexx 2 days ago +1

      fonk u so probably all Latinos in America are illegals?

    • fonk u
      fonk u 2 days ago

      SS Robs i said “probably” and “came illegal”

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 2 days ago +1

      fonk u Not all Latino people are illegal...

  • Sam & lizzy
    Sam & lizzy 3 days ago +1

    I honestly don’t like trump, but this video really opened my eyes to why some people like him

  • lucyseverus weasley
    lucyseverus weasley 3 days ago

    Omg, please educate yourselves!!!

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 21 hour ago

      lucyseverus weasley That's why this type of video exists. They're supposed to be explaining their views so people like you can better understand them. The thing about that though is you'd actually have to be willing to hear them out.

    • lucyseverus weasley
      lucyseverus weasley 21 hour ago

      Ok I get that... I was just overwhelmed by this video that people can actually think that way

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs Day ago

      lucyseverus weasley No one told you to support anyone....You can have whatever opinions you want, but if you're insulting people for simply not agreeing with you, I'm going to insult you back.

    • lucyseverus weasley
      lucyseverus weasley Day ago

      Why though? I‘m sorry, but I cannot support this president with his weird beliefs

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 2 days ago

      lucyseverus weasley No u

  • Dominique Garcia
    Dominique Garcia 3 days ago +1

    the point of the wall is cause human trafficking and drug trafficking is getting so bad . I feel like a lot of people miss the huge point of it , even trump supporters. A walls was built around Yuma Arizona and the crime and human trafficking rate went down by 96% percent.

  • Lizbeth Gallardo
    Lizbeth Gallardo 4 days ago

    I’m not even trying to understand this honestly

  • Rosie Graf
    Rosie Graf 4 days ago +1

    I am a liberal but I don’t get mad at people for supporting trump

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 4 days ago +1

      Rosie Graf Because you're also a sane person. Sadly thats not as common as it should be anymore.

  • Dakota Cook
    Dakota Cook 4 days ago +1

    I love this!

  • Catie Melford
    Catie Melford 4 days ago +1

    Here I go... I think Trump is a buffoon. He keeps insulting other people, and calling hus daughter hot. And he needs to learn how to shut his mouth. But, he has done a lot for this country. He has sat doen with North Korea and solved a VERY big problem between us. He has gotten this country out sooooo much debt, that Obama put us through. The wall...i think we need it, kinda. Reason being, with illegal immigrants taxes go up. Taxes go up, because we need somewhere to put them, something to feed them, somewhere to shower them. And most of America isn't rich. With taxes going up it is becoming VERY hard for some people. Some people are losing their businesses and houses and cars. And I don't thibk it is a racism issue, because if it were Canada doing the same, I feel we would build a wall there. And I am personally independent. So i agree with some things from both republican and democrats. But I feel, these two parties have divided america soooo much. I also think people should be able to have there own opinion without other people attacking them for it. We should all respect everyones opinion.

  • Frrossted
    Frrossted 4 days ago +1

    So I’ve been reading the comments on this video; We’re soooo fucked.

  • leaf stones
    leaf stones 4 days ago

    i like camo hat guy

  • Laila Stromas
    Laila Stromas 4 days ago

    I don’t support trump but I understand his ideas but my question is what native America told him this was white Man country
    Also that black dude is crazy 😂😂

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 4 days ago

      Laila Stromas The Native Americans that made no claim to said land and then lost wars to try and keep it, yet were still given some of it.

  • Chanel Devereaux
    Chanel Devereaux 4 days ago

    Thank you next✌🏼 this is America everyone has the right to be wrong✊🏽

  • Zay. Budder
    Zay. Budder 4 days ago +1

    Honestly all of their responses made 0 sense

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 4 days ago

      Zay. Budder Maybe the problem lies with you....

  • Strawberry_ Raine
    Strawberry_ Raine 4 days ago


  • Jalisaa Lanaye
    Jalisaa Lanaye 5 days ago

    That women saying he’s a good role model for children she said “ Yehh he tweets things that aren’t appropriate but who doesn’t ? “ the president of the United States is completely different then a person sharing there opinion with friends and family. He’s affecting the entire world, not just America. The president of the United States should be more aware and careful of his words and actions much more then just your average person. I don’t support trump but can understand many of these points that were made. He’s not spreading any sort of positivity though , he doesn’t seem to care about the happiness of the people in the country he’s controlling. He clearly gets way to angry way too quick and I’m sorry but I feel that , that shouldn’t be someone in charge of nuclear bombs and one of the most powerful army’s in the world. He’s nuts, sorry not sorry.

  • Gabriela Cabanas
    Gabriela Cabanas 5 days ago +6

    “Trump is a good role model for our children”
    Everyone: *laughs* wtf r u laughing at

  • itsSaje
    itsSaje 5 days ago

    “Bc the black” I’ve heard all I needed to hear

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 4 days ago

      itsSaje Apparently not because you shut down your "brain" at "the black" instead of hearing the rest of what was said about how everyone is equal and no one's problems are MORE important than anyone else's, NOT not important.

    • itsSaje
      itsSaje 4 days ago

      SS Robs plus what he said was invalid tamir rice was 12 and didn’t run from the police when he was shot and the list literally goes on

    • itsSaje
      itsSaje 4 days ago

      SS Robs LOL I said I’ve heard all I’ve needed to hear to understand what kind of person he is... and I watched the whole thing thanks for your concern

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 4 days ago

      Maybe you should go back and listen to what was said, instead of stopping because you got offended because you didn't like how it was phrased.

  • Maggie G.
    Maggie G. 5 days ago

    we all know which people trump paid to be in this video, goodnight

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 4 days ago

      Maggie G. We all know you need to seek a mental health professional immediately.

  • Dr. Yvette Thomas
    Dr. Yvette Thomas 5 days ago

    Don't they realize a wall is a horrible engineering solution to people coming into this country??????? Many immigrants are coming from other countries besides Mexico

  • Growvee
    Growvee 5 days ago

    damn, what's with the dislikes?

  • Stefon430
    Stefon430 5 days ago

    this reconfirms that most republicans ideology is predicated on hate and dislike.

  • Stefon430
    Stefon430 5 days ago

    its so sad that when you see a minority supporting the republican party, and more specifically trump, they very often hate their own people and in turn, hate themselves. its sad.

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 4 days ago

      Stefon430 Pssstt, take a look around, it's not the right hating people here.

  • TheAmnesia
    TheAmnesia 5 days ago

    I am coming from the Video "Do All Transgender People Think The Same?
    " uhm 0:32 is this the same person?...