iPhone XR Impressions: All of the Colors!


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  • It's Dave Lifits
    It's Dave Lifits 11 hours ago

    Liquid retina means that you have the best colour reproduction of all iphones

  • Maximiliano Luera
    Maximiliano Luera 12 hours ago

    Tbh just get an iPhone 8 Plus, better screen and better camera, 3D Touch, still IP67, and with the bigger form factor the big bezels aren’t as bad as people tend to make it seem. I really love mine.

  • Rubina Khalifa
    Rubina Khalifa 12 hours ago

    Mr steve job...wish u were alive...Look what's happening in your company...There is no more new mind blowing tech after you....Only selling the old stocks with some modifications 😂😂😂...

  • James 007
    James 007 12 hours ago

    Only good thing about this phone is Color.... Nothing special, R stands for Rubbish, XR stands for Xtra Rubbish, XS stands for Xtra Shit.... Which year apple fans are living... ? MOVE ON...U r clearly another stupid arrogant iPhone fan.... Buy that for Ur blue Jean, or play batman ... Lol , it's like a stupid girl trying to buy a car based on looks and Color....

  • Arunabh Hazarika
    Arunabh Hazarika 12 hours ago

    How did they pay you to praise the iPhones ?

  • YourF7v Bish
    YourF7v Bish 12 hours ago

    The XR i think stands for iPhone REDUCED

  • Important Nonsense
    Important Nonsense 13 hours ago

    Might think about getting it cause I like big screens and a 1200 phone doesn’t suit my needs, I think I might get the XR in Red, Black, or White :/

  • My Tam Media
    My Tam Media 13 hours ago

    Black hides the edge while other bright colors don't

  • UltraBlueBerry
    UltraBlueBerry 13 hours ago

    Could had been the iPhone rr for reduced resolution

  • Sam Typhlosion
    Sam Typhlosion 13 hours ago

    No 1080p for $750.
    My $180 phone comes with full hd and it includes fast charger

  • Epic Trailer Production

    awesome review!! Getting XR.. thank you

  • Simply Dave
    Simply Dave 14 hours ago

    750$? NO 1080/1440 videos? That phone issssss

  • fahim Abrar
    fahim Abrar 14 hours ago

    Every single shit of iPhone is the same. Rip off

  • Keerthi Vasan
    Keerthi Vasan 14 hours ago +1

    0:53 The "R" stands for resolution prank 2018

  • Mr CT
    Mr CT 15 hours ago

    iPhone xr = rewind......

  • Rigo Martinez
    Rigo Martinez 16 hours ago

    Waste of money just get the iPhone 8plus

  • X Fade
    X Fade 17 hours ago

    The bezels make it look a bit like a toy. A bit too big all around.

  • gtran25
    gtran25 17 hours ago

    So you're saying I should upgrade to this from my iPhone 5?

  • Akson Entertainment
    Akson Entertainment 17 hours ago

    Not having 3D touch is why Im not buying it and probably stay with my iPhone x. I use 3D touch every day on many things I love it ever sense iPhone 6s. I hope this isn’t the first step to getting rid of it

  • Nick Frost
    Nick Frost 17 hours ago

    same ppi as the regular 8, of course it could be better but im still gonna trade in my 8 plus for the Xr 🤷‍♂️

  • Espyn Maddy
    Espyn Maddy 17 hours ago

    So the iphone x R is the new 5c xD

  • chr.s
    chr.s 17 hours ago

    326 ppi in 2018 = NOPENOPENOPE

  • 4LIveAFCA
    4LIveAFCA 18 hours ago

    XR, R for rip off

  • Vaam X Tsaab
    Vaam X Tsaab 19 hours ago

    Did U said “U can’t even watch 1080p hd video on the screen”?

  • chazza duoone10599
    chazza duoone10599 19 hours ago

    So basically a shitty iphone x that looks like a 5c

  • Nalanni S.
    Nalanni S. 19 hours ago

    I’d rather kill myself than trade in my iPhone 8 Plus for this 💀😂

  • burksterrrr96
    burksterrrr96 19 hours ago +3

    This is basically a new iPhone 5c ...... knock off from the 5s

  • LT Playz
    LT Playz 19 hours ago

    The all new: Iphone XR. You pay more for literally nothing.

  • daniel quiros
    daniel quiros 19 hours ago

    R is for recycle

  • Ali
    Ali 19 hours ago

    looks shit on camera your better off buying a 8 or a galaxy phone

  • Verified Thug
    Verified Thug 20 hours ago

    Why does the XR look like the worst iphone X clone? Bruh even oppo vivo do way better. Those bezels 🤮🤮🤮

  • Vitunjonne
    Vitunjonne 20 hours ago


  • Vitunjonne
    Vitunjonne 20 hours ago

    Why are you promoting this apple probaganda?

  • root
    root 21 hour ago

    Why aren't you telling the truth that this is garbage which cost more than 700$ .

  • Shashank Suman
    Shashank Suman 21 hour ago

    Showing the different colors like a innovation!fuck off

  • Austin B.
    Austin B. 21 hour ago

    $500 ? Sure, maybe. $750? Get outta here.

  • Mehul Kalra
    Mehul Kalra 21 hour ago

    If apple just made iPhone slightly thicker....it would create space for a larger battery and also avoid that camera bump

  • crunchysauce
    crunchysauce 21 hour ago


  • Nassim Chebah
    Nassim Chebah 21 hour ago

    That’s wrong the display is more than 1080p not 720p

  • David Engelby
    David Engelby 21 hour ago

    Can someone please say something about isheep, because it’s always SO FUNNY and ... oh, you’ve started already.

  • IVDV
    IVDV 21 hour ago

    same resolution as the iphone 4


  • Nani Ruja
    Nani Ruja 21 hour ago

    Review the phone not colours. WTH MKBHD??

  • Michal Warmbier
    Michal Warmbier 21 hour ago

    R means rubbish

  • Evenlyn poon
    Evenlyn poon 22 hours ago

    Can apple explain why they come up with a 720p phone considering iPhone 8 is 1080p?
    This is a step back
    Are they leveraging room for "upgrades" next year?

  • adonis cruz
    adonis cruz 22 hours ago


  • Bob Khafie
    Bob Khafie 22 hours ago

    1.299$ you only get 1A charger

  • Uniquely Strange
    Uniquely Strange 23 hours ago

    Peach Cream
    Pina Coloda
    Smurf Blue
    Stealth Black
    Jolly Rancher Red

  • Aman Chaturvedi
    Aman Chaturvedi 23 hours ago

    Pray for MKBHD's finger, one like one blessing sent to him automatically

  • Fam Talen
    Fam Talen Day ago

    iPhone Xripoff

  • Moritz Weber
    Moritz Weber Day ago

    Rich slowly relieve menu donate short participation basket widely basic.

  • Red1Fiz
    Red1Fiz Day ago

    if you guys plan on getting this you might as well get the 8 plus

  • David McIntosh
    David McIntosh Day ago

    So, the selling point here is...a variety of color choices??? Ever heard of a phone case??? lol

  • Talal Alessa
    Talal Alessa Day ago

    عبدالله السبع بالدقيقه 5:47 😂✋🏻✋🏻

  • Arnav Inamdar
    Arnav Inamdar Day ago

    I'm an apple fan because of quality, but man have these phones crossed the expensive line

  • Uber Duck
    Uber Duck Day ago

    oof i thought i couldnt tell the difference between an oled and an lcd but i see it now oooof

  • Biren Sunar
    Biren Sunar Day ago

    N i m watching this video in 1080p.. In my redmi note 5ai..

  • Saif Alam
    Saif Alam Day ago


  • MSi GS70 6QE
    MSi GS70 6QE Day ago

    Horrible bezels .. am puking..

  • Muhannad Aldajan

    Seriously I cant believe they released a phone with 720p screen and no 3D touch. I’m gonna hold on to my 6s for a bit longer, I guess.

  • ganesh mirisker
    ganesh mirisker Day ago

    The only reason to not buy xr is it costs 700$

  • taman gameming
    taman gameming Day ago

    750$ Emoji machine.

  • Mateo Blanco
    Mateo Blanco Day ago

    Multiple low envelope dominant mind project skirt another intelligent straight wilderness.

  • Revanth Darshan Rambabu

    R for regular .

  • chris toledo
    chris toledo Day ago

    Is he getting pay or something? Like he seriously thinks one of the best features is the new colours??? He always put black skins in their phones

  • V
    V Day ago

    I-diots need to wake up. Just saying.

  • Poke
    Poke Day ago

    I’m thinking of getting this phone I’m unsure

  • anything about life

    My papa tell if you got 100 likes I will bought you a new iPhone xr

  • eliarevalo
    eliarevalo Day ago

    So is this phone to be the replacement for the Iphone 8? I do want to get the red one.

  • Random Alien ͡ ͜ʖ ͡

    It’s a thick one.

  • Ling Dong
    Ling Dong Day ago

    I just liked ur video so can u do me a favour,could yu gift me one😘

  • wavey K.L
    wavey K.L Day ago

    Reminds of the iphone 5c back in the day

  • sickre
    sickre Day ago

    Who cares about colour, you will just have a case on it anyway.

  • Marcel Fox
    Marcel Fox Day ago

    Dude whenever you hold these big phones in your hand they look absolutly tiny D: I went to take a look at the iPhone X last year and it surprised me, how big it actually was D:

  • yuvraj ravi
    yuvraj ravi Day ago

    What a rip off

  • Judah Cochrane
    Judah Cochrane Day ago

    I like iPhone 📱 but after watching this why should I upgrade to XR again ??? Lol

  • UnfeelingGhost
    UnfeelingGhost Day ago

    It cost $750 and you can't even watch 1080p? My phone cost $150 and I can watch 1080p

  • That Guy
    That Guy Day ago

    Oh suck it. That yellow ones deserves at least 8/10

  • SteveRay
    SteveRay Day ago +2

    iPhone XR (Xtra Retarded)

  • general clash
    general clash Day ago +2

    X=exspensivelie R= ridiklius

  • Swarvanu Sengupta

    R stands for Reach !

  • Sat Paul
    Sat Paul Day ago

    Nothing new🤬🤬🤬 Time to switch to google or samsung🤔

  • Paul Abner
    Paul Abner Day ago

    This had all the info i needed to hear. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Daniel Jr
    Daniel Jr Day ago

    My little brothers birthday is around the corner and I’ll get the white one for him since we both loved xxxtentacion

  • Guana pro
    Guana pro Day ago

    On the contrary I think yellow and black is a most beautiful colors at this release. Especially yellow. On style.

  • elton chung
    elton chung Day ago

    bold bezel

  • Pork Ball
    Pork Ball Day ago

    The XR is disgusting.

  • Prasun Bhowmick
    Prasun Bhowmick Day ago

    Oooh... These colors make me come to this video again and again....

  • Algimantas Pakalka

    I have a iphone 6s And i shouldnt upgrade it??!! 6:05

  • Jamir Brighthaupt

    Whoever buy this phone over xs is a dummy straight dummy

  • mf wolf
    mf wolf Day ago

    I'm going with coral I've NVR liked orange until it grew on me a a year ago and Ik few people going to choose it

  • Mark Gonzalez
    Mark Gonzalez Day ago

    i kinda like the new chevy silverado design. the camaro looks off. trucks in general are way too expensive. 45k for a LT trim. got damm.


    I bought another s6 last year for i think $300 and i firmly believe its a practical equivalent (if not better) to my moms X.
    Samsung pay has been an absolute blessing along with the heartbeat sensor, Integrated remote capabilities, QLED display, and quick launch camera.
    Yea mine is a bit slower (obviously..) but still works beutifully and competes well.

  • Keir
    Keir Day ago

    Not cheap enough and missing a few key features. Pass.

  • DeFy Panther
    DeFy Panther Day ago

    So idk what to tell my friend cuz I have a samsung lol idc about phones but my friend asked if he should get the Xr when he has the se should he get it?

  • Elise Mertens
    Elise Mertens Day ago

    Teach killing nobody crucial spring stress operate since house.

  • Davis
    Davis Day ago

    Waiting for the 12

  • nyapism
    nyapism Day ago

    it would be nice if they made the bezel white for white xr

  • I'm Green
    I'm Green Day ago

    The new iphone 5c

  • Infamous
    Infamous Day ago +44

    When half the video is on the COLORS of the phone!!! You have something wrong with your product.

  • Snoopy Talks
    Snoopy Talks Day ago

    This reminds me of the iPhone C