The Ex Girlfriend of Jake Paul

  • Published on Oct 16, 2018
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    “The Mind of Jake Paul” is an in depth look at one of the fasted growing USclipr’s of all time. From his childhood, to his teenage years, to his days of jumping on top of news vans and lighting empty swimming pools on fire; everything will be explored to find out what makes Jake Paul who he is.
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  • shane
    shane  5 months ago +6822


    • Emily Adams
      Emily Adams 4 days ago

      I know you're always trying to be objective or calm in these videos - but this girl was abused and saying stuff about her abuser having actual emotions, etc. probably made her feel like shit. She was super young and was used...extensively. She is not at all at an equal level of blame as anyone else in this situation. She probably will be working through this shit for years. Also, being pulled down the stairs in anger and smashing her phone IS a form of physical abuse. Just saying.

    • Shadow_Church _Gacha
      Shadow_Church _Gacha 8 days ago


      I don’t have to wait 😂😂

    • 10,000 Subs without any videos challenge!
      10,000 Subs without any videos challenge! 9 days ago

      Thanks for being that one honest person and being the good guy on your part.

    • Yeidaris Isabel Flores
      Yeidaris Isabel Flores 10 days ago +1

      shane how did you not get Kati (the therapist) to evaluate the LACK OF ANY REAL EMOTION in Alissa’s “confession”? ...I literally don’t believe anything she said. She was HIRED by Jake and then she was just upset he didn’t want an actual relationship with her! Boo-hoo!

      STILL CHILL 16 days ago


  • Becky Gacha youtuber!!

    Okay just STOP this Dream and BE FRIENDS!

  • RavenJewel7
    RavenJewel7 3 hours ago

    shane, ion if youre ever going to read this, but I fucking love you.

  • -Loner- Wolf-
    -Loner- Wolf- 4 hours ago

    These 10 year olds ain't got any brains...

  • Mary Petersen
    Mary Petersen 4 hours ago

    So... who was better? And... hope you got your money girl. Brothers are savage. Blood is blood. Sucks that it happened glad she's not acting as victim.

  • Joseph Z
    Joseph Z 5 hours ago


  • Chunky Kitty
    Chunky Kitty 5 hours ago

    Please do jojo behind the bow

  • Chunky Kitty
    Chunky Kitty 6 hours ago

    0:18 park chimchim

  • Boiling Tea
    Boiling Tea 8 hours ago

    Alissa was like a toy. Two kids argue over her until she breaks.

  • Boiling Tea
    Boiling Tea 8 hours ago

    “And I was just like “....oh” and I couldn’t even afford to leave.”
    *_That broke my heart_*

  • k a r m a
    k a r m a 10 hours ago

    I just wish that Jake finds the girl that will change him and love him..

  • Desiree Rivera
    Desiree Rivera 16 hours ago CHECK THIS OUT 😱

  • Noname 1567
    Noname 1567 16 hours ago

    Why are you talking to the knome king

  • The LED f
    The LED f 17 hours ago

    Wow that girl who said Alyssa needed plastic surgery is really jealous of her like maybe u did not check the mirror right and did not really see who really needed the plastic surgery

  • BonBon ;3
    BonBon ;3 19 hours ago +1


  • greenfrogandmonkey1

    Hiw can she cheat if they were never together

  • Amanda Ostrem
    Amanda Ostrem Day ago +2

    You don't have to be physically hit every single day for it to still be considered physical abuse. The fact that Shane hears all that Jake did to her but still says "well that's good it wasn't physical abuse." He's just missing the whole point. He made excuses for Jake during this entire series because he just wanted to be liked by Jake. Alissa deserves to be heard and Shane had no right to ask her what she did wrong in the relationship to try to justify Jake's actions. Jake abused her. End of story.

  • Random Cakes
    Random Cakes Day ago +1

    i’m pretty sure Ericka is under contract still. that’s why shes still around

  • Poisonous 950
    Poisonous 950 Day ago

    This should be a Netflix documentary

  • Poppy Giles
    Poppy Giles Day ago

    They used her OMG

  • Noah Criddle
    Noah Criddle Day ago

    You fuck your cat like I fuck my sister

  • Lizzy Freeman
    Lizzy Freeman Day ago

    Jake hurt her she didn't hurt him f Jake

  • Hellanga Kulatunga

    I feel like only genuine and normal human in these documentry episodes were Nick Compton ex team 10 guy. Other people just passing their selfish opinions about each other. He said she said shit.

  • Dolan Twinz
    Dolan Twinz Day ago +3

    Wait at first I thought the house was apartments, but that’s their whole house... no way my house isn’t even as big as the first floor .... um what is life anymore 😶😕😭

  • JimineyBob
    JimineyBob 2 days ago +1

    Minecraft music.

  • Tahira bxd
    Tahira bxd 2 days ago

    He left her alone to have sex with another bitch out of town wouldn't let her go and then slut shames her when he just said they were just friends and she hooked up with logan. YALL WERE NEVER A THING SO LIKE.......Why he do her like that

  • abigail s.
    abigail s. 2 days ago

    I love Alissa so much

  • abigail s.
    abigail s. 2 days ago

    Alissa is so beautiful

  • Free Man
    Free Man 2 days ago +1


  • Griffin Dunn
    Griffin Dunn 2 days ago

    why doesShane wear the same shirt in this docuseries????

  • Rogan Bruised head
    Rogan Bruised head 2 days ago

    Cool h

  • Rogan Bruised head
    Rogan Bruised head 2 days ago

    This is

  • China Bell
    China Bell 2 days ago

    Darn,Jake's not into trans??

  • Miax Edits
    Miax Edits 2 days ago +10

    Im not blaming Jake or Alissa but greg Paul and Logan Paul for messing Jake up

  • - QuestionablyRoblox -
    - QuestionablyRoblox - 2 days ago +4

    Alissa:Im fine
    Shane: nice to meet you fine
    *everyone unsubscribes*

    GOKU INSTINCINT 3 days ago

    The shade under youtubers is deep the struggle the pain the anxeity they cant undo what they did

  • MaKayla Sanchez
    MaKayla Sanchez 3 days ago +3

    I feel so bad for Alissa having to hold back and be afraid of letting go . No women should feel this way. The Paul brothers are TOXIC , Erica needs to leave Jake and not come back and forth .

  • clarissa davila
    clarissa davila 3 days ago

    My poor Alissa 😭 she had to go though life with jake treating her like shit

  • clarissa davila
    clarissa davila 3 days ago +5

    Alissa: big fan
    Andrew: Aww thanx same *serious voice

  • cy fi dell
    cy fi dell 3 days ago

    Fuck the lugans and sub to pwe

  • cy fi dell
    cy fi dell 3 days ago

    Your gay!!!!!

  • Star Artist
    Star Artist 3 days ago

    It is the EXACT same house

  • Lil Piile
    Lil Piile 3 days ago +4

    Why do all youtubers live in one house?😂😂

  • Lil Piile
    Lil Piile 3 days ago +4

    Shane should become a psychiatrist😂

  • Brandon Villa
    Brandon Villa 3 days ago +3

    After watching a bunch of Fortnite vids and this pops up In my recommended

  • Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber 3 days ago

    are we gonna see that she pushes him and she does “abusive” stuff him or are we just gonna push past that stuff?

  • Yo lethal
    Yo lethal 3 days ago +8

    Personally I'm on Alissa's side, but I honestly dont think we will ever know what really happened. Yes she could be telling the truth but Jake or Logan or anyone who is against Alissa is going to say thats not true and same with Jake.

  • Yo Friend
    Yo Friend 3 days ago +4

    Mental abuse can be worse than físical abuse and is all bad equally, this girl need to get her head straight about abuse so it won't happens again.

  • Animal Lover
    Animal Lover 3 days ago +4

    Count how many times alllisa says I don’t know

  • i ct to please
    i ct to please 3 days ago

    Now she is with turner

  • Rose Ruiz
    Rose Ruiz 3 days ago +2

    It's really sad because it seems like Alissa really did love him but he only used her.

  • Laurel Porcelli
    Laurel Porcelli 3 days ago


  • Alive Emmachef
    Alive Emmachef 4 days ago +1

    Inside the mind of Kim Kardashian

  • Natsuki Hoi
    Natsuki Hoi 4 days ago +34

    Alissa is actually really pretty. Those little girls hating on Alissa should be in school instead of hating. They're like under 10 Yr old.

  • Riloai
    Riloai 4 days ago

    lmao shaneful

  • Brooklyn Dolan
    Brooklyn Dolan 4 days ago +4


  • Kiva Farah
    Kiva Farah 4 days ago

    dude I dont buy this girls shit

  • Sarah Liebig
    Sarah Liebig 4 days ago +8

    anyone else see alissa juul at 46:41 lol
    NO HATE:)

  • Bryauna Kerr
    Bryauna Kerr 4 days ago +4

    I don’t think she realizes that someone will only change for who they want to. And he didn’t change for you bc he truly didn’t want to.

  • Alex Ramirez
    Alex Ramirez 4 days ago

    Watch me progress

  • Laura Smith
    Laura Smith 4 days ago +5

    Conspiracyyyyyy. The clout house is the house he interviewed Nick in.

  • Faze Thunder
    Faze Thunder 4 days ago

    Alissa is lying

  • Morgann Belle
    Morgann Belle 4 days ago +1

    Is no one going to talk about how cory in the house just popped up in the end?

  • RioT
    RioT 5 days ago

    10:12 nice dbz shirt Alissa

  • Dumb Productions
    Dumb Productions 5 days ago

    Jake made you rich and famous!
    And you complain about, doing some pranks on you?
    Complain about connections you have because of him?
    The millions subs you have because of him?
    The USclip experience and the millions of dollars, you have because of him?
    He runs team 10, meaning he has to be disciplined , he has to control "his employees".
    He has to manage 10 crying kids and make them famous and rich.
    And this hoe is complaining because she got rejected.
    And Shane makes the brothers look like sociopaths?????

  • Jared Anderson
    Jared Anderson 5 days ago

    42:29 that "litterally" from Shane was so funny yet so fucked the pause afterwards was hilarious lol

  • I don't care
    I don't care 5 days ago

    I'm 10 why am I here ?

  • Shiham Tan Hayudini
    Shiham Tan Hayudini 5 days ago

    Is it just me because i think alissa and andrew with be agood ship

  • Zack Rodriguez
    Zack Rodriguez 5 days ago

    I don't watch Jake Paul but if he acted like he did with Shane I'd so watch

  • Alexis HI
    Alexis HI 5 days ago

    Sooo it's Greg Paul the "bad guy" and Logan is like his father and Jake is just trying to be like his big brother and father because that's what boys do??

  • Maricela Carmona
    Maricela Carmona 5 days ago

    Alissa is telling the truth and I met Jake in person he's really mean

  • Rachel Schwartz
    Rachel Schwartz 5 days ago +5

    I love Alissa this episode is heart breaking 😪❤️

    ELITE DUDE 6 days ago +1


  • Glitter Pancake
    Glitter Pancake 6 days ago

    I think that bits and pieces of what everyone is saying is true and not but Alissa said that jakes like “ oh m a savage I’m a MAVERICK” but jake doesn’t say maverick that’s Logan.

  • Geamer Craft
    Geamer Craft 6 days ago

    Is shane gay

  • Dikshya Mohapatra
    Dikshya Mohapatra 6 days ago

    "they were like chess master or something and I was their pawn"...

    *Cue to Katie saying how sociopaths see all of us as tools and chess peices

  • Txuria AJPW
    Txuria AJPW 6 days ago

    I feel bad for alissa she does not deserve to be treated badly😩😭

  • Dikshya Mohapatra
    Dikshya Mohapatra 6 days ago

    Erica and Alissa were bffsss....😭😭

  • Dikshya Mohapatra
    Dikshya Mohapatra 6 days ago +10

    I think Jake sometimes forgets the difference between the internet persona and reality.

  • Sanish Maharjan
    Sanish Maharjan 6 days ago

    Nice pic.

  • Sanish Maharjan
    Sanish Maharjan 6 days ago

    Nice pic.

  • Sanish Maharjan
    Sanish Maharjan 6 days ago


  • That Girl On YouTube
    That Girl On YouTube 6 days ago +1

    Thank you so much for all of the effort and time you guys put into making the best series I've ever seen the love you both too pieces! The fact you put so much time into this FREE content and people still have the nerve to talk bad upon make's me so upset! I've been watching you for years and I have never felt so connected to someone before thanking you for everything you have done lots of love XOXO

  • Ahchesca Velasco
    Ahchesca Velasco 6 days ago


  • bacon man is cool
    bacon man is cool 6 days ago

    I kinda feel bad for her

  • Fifi Kavo
    Fifi Kavo 6 days ago +5

    Can we just talk about the fact that she is literally 1000000000000000000% prettier than Erica and not just on the outside but on the inside too 🥰🥰🥰

  • Akeefa Ali
    Akeefa Ali 7 days ago

    30:00 had me shook 😂💗

  • booo nb
    booo nb 7 days ago +6

    Theres a jump scare @ 38:40 ...just keep your volume down!

  • Brittania  Smith
    Brittania Smith 7 days ago

    And it was so weird seeing Kyle massey there too!

  • Brittania  Smith
    Brittania Smith 7 days ago

    Faze rug 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

  • Eduardo Villamar
    Eduardo Villamar 7 days ago

    Alysa went from big ass million dollar house to bigger million dollar house

  • Jillian Patnaude
    Jillian Patnaude 7 days ago

    Omg her DBZ shirt :D I sense a person of culture.

  • Danica Fleenor
    Danica Fleenor 7 days ago +1

    Welp I going unsub from Jake byeeeeeeee

  • Danica Fleenor
    Danica Fleenor 7 days ago

    My friend likes Jake I almosted puked I feel so sad for her

  • Ivanna Daflo
    Ivanna Daflo 7 days ago +4

    She was so strong, u could see how she wanted to avoid crying and she smiled

  • Ivanna Daflo
    Ivanna Daflo 7 days ago

    I didn’t knew Alyssa (idk if that’s how you spell it) but seeing this video makes me love her personality 💕💕

  • BroTeam YT
    BroTeam YT 7 days ago

    Allisa is just a gold digger

  • BroTeam YT
    BroTeam YT 7 days ago +1

    Why the fuck you lying, why you always lying OMG

  • Mia's gacha channel
    Mia's gacha channel 8 days ago

    this changed my whole opinion on jake paul..

  • IM SHOOK 360
    IM SHOOK 360 8 days ago +11

    The clout house is literally next to Nick Crompton’s house, literally you can tell