The Ex Girlfriend of Jake Paul


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  • shane
    shane  2 months ago +5919


    • Oggydogg 313
      Oggydogg 313 23 hours ago

      The 9 part episodes that really should have been 1 episode but I’m a greedy fuck and love to make all the money on USclip

    • sasa ivanov
      sasa ivanov 2 days ago


    • sasa ivanov
      sasa ivanov 2 days ago


    • E B K
      E B K 2 days ago

      SHANE!! Please do a conspiracy video on bright eyes or dark waltz!( They are songs) There is so much things! * Hint* Bright eyes is obsessed with death!

    • Digvijay Hazarika
      Digvijay Hazarika 3 days ago

      Please interview KSI... I want to know his opinion over Paul brothers @shane

  • Ashisrude Jiminisgorgeous
    Ashisrude Jiminisgorgeous 16 minutes ago

    0:18 I’m surprised bts army hoes (like Myself) didn’t notice that

  • Alexa Castillo
    Alexa Castillo Hour ago

    Not only is Logan a piece of sh*t but Jake ,too,that's why I'm not a fan

  • Spearin' Skittles
    Spearin' Skittles Hour ago +1

    I feel bad for her. I remember seeing her video on jake when i was only like 14 or 15 in 2017, but I thought she was just messing around, but now it was serious.

  • Spearin' Skittles
    Spearin' Skittles 2 hours ago +1

    21:29 Jesus fuck I thought an alarm in my neighborhood went off

  • Ivy Barney
    Ivy Barney 2 hours ago


  • Phoebe Rogan
    Phoebe Rogan 3 hours ago

    I feel so Bad for Alissa😭😭

  • Charlotte Vlogs
    Charlotte Vlogs 6 hours ago

    I’m always so shook after Shane video and now I’m sHoOk

  • navdeep singh
    navdeep singh 6 hours ago

    You a fuckin bitch shane

    • Kaylee Smith
      Kaylee Smith 4 hours ago

      no he is not your jealous f u shut up

  • End you in words
    End you in words 6 hours ago

    2:00 why is Disrespect here , lol

  • Colonel Oma
    Colonel Oma 6 hours ago

    11:30 ew is that her nipple?

  • anmol sharma
    anmol sharma 8 hours ago

    Fuck jake

  • Aung Oo
    Aung Oo 9 hours ago

    It seemed like Alisa put on some weights. :(

  • Emma The gamer
    Emma The gamer 9 hours ago +1

    So she just hooked up with Logan?
    That is understandable because she was at a club there would be drinking and shit
    And things can just happen ya know?

  • Miss Merav
    Miss Merav 9 hours ago

    She is not his ex. She is Alissa violet duhhhh 😂❤️❤️❤️hehe #alissavioletteam

  • IamMatt
    IamMatt 11 hours ago


  • IamMatt
    IamMatt 11 hours ago

    alissa needs to commit; like she's so worthless oml over it

  • Kornel funvlogeverything

    Its the exactly your brain tell

  • Kornel funvlogeverything

    Lister. XD welcome back

  • Amaya Bonacci
    Amaya Bonacci 18 hours ago

    Is anyone going to talk about the fact that Nick and Alissa’s house are exactly the same?! Like even the Hollywood sign on the pool!

  • Adriana Amparan
    Adriana Amparan 19 hours ago

    It's not a real Shane dawson video if he's not wearing that dam shirt

  • Eddy127
    Eddy127 21 hour ago

    When Andrew gets the 1st row seat to all the real tea lol

  • Ashley Rownd
    Ashley Rownd 21 hour ago

    shane i love you so much, you inspired me to create my own channel.
    if you're reading this, i would love the support, thank you :)

  • Eddy127
    Eddy127 22 hours ago

    Lmfao when shane went to the bed and fell 30:02

  • Eddy127
    Eddy127 22 hours ago

    These documentaries are so good because people in LA have unresolved issues in the USclip world

  • Bethany Foley
    Bethany Foley 22 hours ago

    So wait Alissa and Logan DID have sex? I’m so confused!!

  • Aleyna Azaklı
    Aleyna Azaklı 22 hours ago

    2:03 ...

  • Eddy127
    Eddy127 22 hours ago

    Plot twist: Alissa and Andrew make are a couple

  • Madison Holcombe
    Madison Holcombe 22 hours ago


  • Ginnygirl04
    Ginnygirl04 23 hours ago

    This is really entertain, omg gj

  • Angelica Veloz
    Angelica Veloz 23 hours ago

    I can’t be the only one trying to understand why in the fuck she said it looks like a trap house? 😭 research saves lives and helps you look 100% smarter 🤦🏻‍♀️ privileged life style at its finest 🤭

  • Evelyn Cummins
    Evelyn Cummins Day ago

    3:07 *shaneful*

  • Klara Collao Kyster

    alissa is son pretty like... OMG

  • AmberSatrr
    AmberSatrr Day ago

    Who else is watching this 2019?

  • Yasmine H
    Yasmine H Day ago

    Dr Phil and Oprah could never

  • Chinstrap Miller

    Why is she playing a victim? You signed a contract! Read through the thing before you sign it. I get verbal abuse happened but they over exaggerated everything. She acts like her life is horrible. You live in a god damn mansion in LA. You have millions of followers. You have money. You don't know the struggle I feel like she's the type of girl to have everything handed to her because she's pretty. Ridiculous...

  • Chris Green
    Chris Green Day ago

    You know it’s the same house as nicks? Look closely it’s the exact same with the Hollywood sign by the pool and the kitchen and cinema

  • Olivia McArtney
    Olivia McArtney Day ago

    so talented.

  • Tessa Laramie
    Tessa Laramie Day ago

    Either she is a great actress or she's telling the truth. Even if she's lying there's always a little bit of truth in the lie and I believe her. If not entirely, I believe it's a good possibility that there's still a lot of truth in her story

  • UnicornFam
    UnicornFam Day ago

    I hope Jake Paul dies from being rude

  • Mohamed .M
    Mohamed .M Day ago

    Shane the king of suspense.

  • Arsene Wenger
    Arsene Wenger Day ago +2

    I think it's pretty interesting people are taking believing a word from Alissa. A girl who has a decency to even sleep with your ex boyfriend older brother. Not only that it is Logan out of all people, and she was disrespected through ou tthe relationship and still put up with it.
    Now you're telling me she is legit? lol!

  • Kenxie B
    Kenxie B Day ago

    I feel for her so bad, what she went through seems super hard. I hope she's in a better place now mentally. I lost all respect for Jake Paul...

  • Nicolas Borunda
    Nicolas Borunda Day ago

    41:48 left off

  • Nicolas Borunda
    Nicolas Borunda Day ago +1

    [USclip has left the chat.]*-

  • Jaylene Salcido
    Jaylene Salcido Day ago

    R u gay

  • Sarah Estrada
    Sarah Estrada Day ago

    why doesnt anyone know how to cook?

  • Arissa 33439
    Arissa 33439 Day ago

    this bitch is lying i dont believe anything she saying

  • Rin Alaina
    Rin Alaina Day ago

    Just keep spilling the tea ☕️ cuz I love 💗 it

  • Lern Jauregui
    Lern Jauregui Day ago

    Lol i used to ship logan and alissa back then XD


    lol why is lil tay and danielle in this vid XD

  • alanah kirby
    alanah kirby 2 days ago

    Shane you are amazing keep doing you but what I found out about the Paul family makes me really mad at them Im so proud of Alissa for staying strong through that horrible time

  • Awesome_ugly• Person

    I feel like just the paul family is toxic af . And if you can can you answer some of the coments questions because I have one . Why did jake paul treat Alissa badly but not even Ericka ? why ?

  • Lil Poomp & Poooy
    Lil Poomp & Poooy 2 days ago

    I love how he dramatically puts the vines in the video to make her like hold a gun and stuff

  • x.emily. x
    x.emily. x 2 days ago

    I only just started feeling bad for him and liking him and now this happens 😂

  • xSuii
    xSuii 2 days ago

    Never be jealous of someone, even if they broadcast their „entire perfect“ life. Behind the scenes, everything is different.

  • x.emily. x
    x.emily. x 2 days ago

    Now jerika has broken up 💔

  • xSuii
    xSuii 2 days ago

    And Jake is so ugly ughhhhhh

  • Elizabeth Ann Anderson

    I feel sorry for Alissa

  • Mr Twister
    Mr Twister 2 days ago

    21:34 open subtitles

  • alix lewter
    alix lewter 2 days ago

    she honestly looks better now, she looks healthier

  • Icy_ McDank
    Icy_ McDank 2 days ago +2

    Alyssa Is a frickin liar looking for attention. She is trying to pull the hurt card. Frick That. Don't pull that BullCrap. Frick Alyssa. Frick her lies. And frick her attitude problems.

  • Dave Fendley
    Dave Fendley 2 days ago +3

    Alissa you should look towards the future with a positive attitude and forget about that negative person ( if you can call him that).
    I mean you should be happy that he's not in your life anymore affecting it in a negative way. You're beautiful, smart and still young
    enough where you can find someone who will treat you properly and with respect in which you so deserve. Be glad that he's not
    able to emotionally abuse you anymore. Sometimes in life we go through bad things to learn from them and become a stronger

  • Unsalted Bagyeet
    Unsalted Bagyeet 2 days ago

    Anyone else's name Violet?

  • angelica pain
    angelica pain 2 days ago

    Honestly i feel like a lot of what she says is half truths. Im normally pretty good at reading people and i just get weird vibe with her. This Is from someone that doesn't actually care for any of the people in this series, I'm just having shane withdrawals

  • Chandani Rathnam
    Chandani Rathnam 2 days ago +9

    She looks like a cross between Lele pons and Bella thorne

    • PurpleBlazerHQ
      PurpleBlazerHQ 23 hours ago

      Don't ever insult her like that again you rat!

  • Lily Mason
    Lily Mason 2 days ago

    Shane you should of interviewed the dolan twins because they used to make vines with them and they had problems with Jake and Logan and made it more interesting for people

  • Nikita Wachira
    Nikita Wachira 2 days ago +5

    I didn't even skip a second of this.

  • Eryn Kae
    Eryn Kae 2 days ago

    What in the world is this house! An elevator for real?

  • Aly alvarez
    Aly alvarez 2 days ago

    My name is Alyssa with a y

    SPIDEY SPDY 2 days ago +1

    *2019 anyone?*

  • Lea Lola
    Lea Lola 2 days ago

    I hate Jake but I love Alissa❤️❤️

  • Debra Davis
    Debra Davis 2 days ago

    wow...... this made me cry for Alissa, im so sorry for what u went through 😢

  • Kyndall Pope
    Kyndall Pope 2 days ago


  • Bjørg Egholm
    Bjørg Egholm 2 days ago

    Wow Shane!😮 15 mio views!😮😮

  • LemonTwist15 !!
    LemonTwist15 !! 3 days ago

    Poor alissa though it was really wrong of her to do what she did with jake

  • Luke Heimgartner
    Luke Heimgartner 3 days ago

    No one likes Jake Paul

  • Alexi Navarro
    Alexi Navarro 3 days ago

    Shane SHane SHAne SHANe SHANE! You’ve collected enough tea 🍵 to bathe yourself

  • Ocean 1919
    Ocean 1919 3 days ago +1

    I remember like a long time ago.Me and my cousin were in a car and my parents were in the store (my cousin came over to a sleepover).And she asked me team Jake or team Logand .I was like “I don’t now”and then She made I snapchat like “TEAM ALISSSAAAAAAAA”.Like I didn’t now very much about Jake and Logan and Alisa.It all was like “wait what”.Now it’s like Alisa has been through so much.How much my cousin liked Alisa is unreal.It’s so sad how much Alisa has been through and my cousin I can’t imagine how my cousin was feeling wen she found out... it’s so sad... well bye...😔

  • Amanda Okoli
    Amanda Okoli 3 days ago

    didn't really know who he was until these videos but now i'm somehow invested lol

  • Niroshan Sivakumaran

    She slept with both Brother. That is fucked Up

  • OMG girly gamer
    OMG girly gamer 3 days ago


  • Sam Samson
    Sam Samson 3 days ago

    Shane, can you please make a video about the new DreamWorks SHE-RA cartoon on Netflix? It's so good and LGBTQ friendly..

  • Digvijay Hazarika
    Digvijay Hazarika 3 days ago

    Please interview KSI... I want to know his opinion over Paul brothers @shanes

  • Briana Smith Smith
    Briana Smith Smith 3 days ago

    Love Andrew and Shane w my whole heart

  • time for fun
    time for fun 3 days ago


    COCOPEBBLES :v 3 days ago

    why hasn't shane been posting lately like if you agree

  • benja min
    benja min 3 days ago

    Ur gay af

  • Adrienne Foong
    Adrienne Foong 3 days ago

    Shane so gay

  • Megasons3 Josh
    Megasons3 Josh 3 days ago +1

    Me: oh wow this is a lot
    Me also: Alexa play crab rave please

  • One Buffalo
    One Buffalo 3 days ago

    Everyone out here like "Omg i feel so bad for her"... why? She literally jumped in the sack with the fuckboi of the decade because she was a money grubbing fame seeker. She then fucked his brother and cries foul that he basically laughed in her face and called himself a "savage and a maverick". Everyone knew the pauls were douchebags including her but she valued their money and influence more. So what, im suppose to pity her now? She made her choices. Live with them.
    I only got so much empathy to go around. You reap what you sow, and if you sell your soul for fame and fortune then I got no empathy left for you. Cause you willingly made the choice to insert yourself into that scenario so that you could live that lifestyle.

  • Jerald Collins
    Jerald Collins 3 days ago

    There is a cautionary tale embedded in all of this. The plastic toxicity and over-the-top materialism of the LA lifestyle can be very damaging to naive people that walk into it unprepared to deal with some very dark realities.

  • Katee Peck
    Katee Peck 3 days ago

    Do more fucking conspiracy videos PLEASE.

  • Charlene Ettinger
    Charlene Ettinger 3 days ago

    Not a whore but makes a diss track about her ex while she makes out with his brother. Like kaaaay

  • Faith Withawick
    Faith Withawick 3 days ago

    You are not a s---- you are a grateful nice person make sure you no that

  • Jorja Smith
    Jorja Smith 3 days ago

    Allissa be like: everyone hates jake Paul. I be like: OVER HERE!!!!!!!

  • Carlos Aparicio
    Carlos Aparicio 3 days ago


  • Carlos Aparicio
    Carlos Aparicio 3 days ago


  • Linden Trescott
    Linden Trescott 3 days ago +11

    I am so sorry for the situation that Alissa was caught up in. The Paul family is incredibly messed up. Some of the things that Jake and especially Logan has done are disgusting. I wish Alissa nothing but the best with her future endeavours and hope she fully moves on to better things and has some genuine connections and relationships.

  • Molly 101
    Molly 101 3 days ago

    Tea- SPILLED
    Snacks -GRABBED
    Hotel -TRIVAGO!