Film Theory: Harry Potter, MORE VOLDEMORT than Voldemort!

  • Published on Jan 17, 2017
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    Is the biggest Dark Lord in the Harry Potter series Harry Potter HIMSELF? When you look at the science of Horcrux soul splitting, Voldemort's plan starts to reveal some SHOCKING revelations about Harry's childhood, the battle against He Who Must Not Be Named, and the nature of Harry's soul. We're digging into Potter lore and doing some magic with numbers to find out who the DARKEST Lord actually is!
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  • Chloe Jackson
    Chloe Jackson 2 years ago +15383

    omg the wand thing at the end killed me, because I was eating

  • Tav Charles
    Tav Charles Hour ago

    I have a theory about Cedric Diggory. So Robert Pattenson plays him, as you all should know. So when Cedric was killed, he actually didn’t fully die, like Voldemort. So he made the same potion as Voldemort did. After he took it he hated his nose, so he did some other magic and made his nose larger... but it didn’t work out too well. But by the time he makes the potion and “fixes” his nose, all his friends and everyone he’s ever known is gone. So he finds out how to travel back in time a bit. But he traveled back a little too far. So that’s when he gets bitten by a vampire. His skin is already whiteish grey and sparkly so nothing really changed. He just lost most of his memory about his old life. And became Edward Cullen
    I rest my headcanon

  • Scorpius Malfoy
    Scorpius Malfoy 6 hours ago

    It was grapefruit btw

  • Dark Heart
    Dark Heart 6 hours ago

    I think it was carrots
    Edit: oh nevermind I just went in the book and found it was grapefruit

  • Joseph Shiflett
    Joseph Shiflett Day ago


  • starstruck wario

    You were right about the grapefruit

  • Fnaf fan 14
    Fnaf fan 14 Day ago

    12:16 meaning that Sans is not the weakest MONSTER. OK this was hurtful to Lil old voldie

    Sorry voldermord- I mean you know who.... XD

  • Luna Moon
    Luna Moon Day ago


  • mlp factory
    mlp factory Day ago

    Soooo Harry is just weak cuz It took a lot of power for him to defeat .78 percent of Voldemort I wonder what would have happened if he had to duel 98.275 percent of Voldemort I think everyone would die
    I know I did the math wrong

  • Ros e
    Ros e Day ago

    Anyone Harry x Draco :>

  • Ros e
    Ros e Day ago

    Yes it is grapefruit ya guessed :D

  • LilyCanadian
    LilyCanadian 2 days ago +1

    its honestly just sinful your telling us to rewatch the movies when the books were VASTLY better. one sin for that!

  • LilyCanadian
    LilyCanadian 2 days ago

    me: series or character? i already hate harrys guts and he's a horrible human being who's rude so yeah.

    i only ever cared about remus tonks fred and draco 2/3 are dead and gone

  • TheOmegaGames 783
    TheOmegaGames 783 2 days ago +1

    Splitting his soul hint hint nudge nudge HORCRUES
    Edit (clap clap)I WAS RIGHT

  • Fla me
    Fla me 2 days ago

    They were eating grapefruit on the morning that Harry was picked up for the World Cup you’re correct

  • TheDragonbornPiglet
    TheDragonbornPiglet 2 days ago

    Movies #terable books gooder

  • Lilly Mahlke
    Lilly Mahlke 2 days ago

    Here's the percentage that Harry's soul is Voldemort's. 0.78125. This is Nagini's. 0.390625. It's really crazy!

  • S.M.A
    S.M.A 2 days ago

    Number magic literally is a subject tought at Hogwarts

  • William White
    William White 2 days ago

    So a horcrux is like a Skyrim soul gem

  • AnLan Xu
    AnLan Xu 3 days ago +1

    actually, it only makes sense if the soul returns to it's original body after the horcrux is destroyed, maybe?

  • Lorenzo Waeles
    Lorenzo Waeles 4 days ago

    But who says voldomort wasnt able choose how much procent he splitted from his soul with every horcrux?

  • Darth Sanguine
    Darth Sanguine 4 days ago

    Myrtle wasn't killed by Voldemort - she was killed by the basilisk. The diary horcrux was most likely created when he killed his father and grandparents, alomg with the ring.

  • Darth Sanguine
    Darth Sanguine 4 days ago

    1:51 Yes it is - it's called Arithmancy, and is one of the classes Hermione takes, but Harry and Ron don't.

  • Ashish Tayade
    Ashish Tayade 4 days ago

    I guess im done over here.

  • 100 subscribers with no vids

    JK Rowling already altered my HP experience

  • Cherity Pick
    Cherity Pick 5 days ago

    I love Harry Potter I think I am going to have a harry Potter birthday

  • Uuf Uuf
    Uuf Uuf 5 days ago

    Um, Harry's horcrux is eradicated in deathly hallows and deathly hallows part 2 by the killing curse so in the end Voldemort is completely gone.

  • Chuyeh Alex
    Chuyeh Alex 5 days ago

    omg i never really thought about that horcrux bit😨😨

  • Crazy Coconuts
    Crazy Coconuts 5 days ago

    Lol wow math actually is my fifth period class

  • The Retard Station
    The Retard Station 5 days ago

    The breakfast they were eating was sausage

  • custerjessica
    custerjessica 5 days ago

    Heck to the frick to the yeah. Harry Potter!

  • Hef zebra
    Hef zebra 7 days ago

    Hepzibah? That sounds awfully similarly to my name Hefzi-ba

  • Dominick Gamboa
    Dominick Gamboa 8 days ago

    Noooooo voldemort broke the horcrux when he tried to kill harry in the forbidden forest!! Do more research mat!!!!

  • Ichi Doll
    Ichi Doll 9 days ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Quirrell had several years on the School before Harry arrived? So that "every year" just applies for when Harry was around.

  • Lola Birgen
    Lola Birgen 9 days ago

    I’ve watched this serie over 10 times cause I love it so much

  • Eliot Bray
    Eliot Bray 9 days ago

    no number magic??? ever heard of arithmancy????????????

  • Windy Steam
    Windy Steam 9 days ago

    There is a subject at Hogwarts named artmense

  • Tyler McAwesome
    Tyler McAwesome 9 days ago


  • HomieAndAntiPinkShee TheFireBalls of Roblox

    You were right on the grapefruit thing

  • lingdu68
    lingdu68 10 days ago

    12:19 look at dem wittle toes!!!

  • Kelly Drop
    Kelly Drop 10 days ago

    Wait so if Harry had 100% of his soul when a little bit of Voldemort’s soul was placed inside Harry, would Harry have 101.5% soul. If so, what does that mean? Is it possible that the killing curse killed Harry, it didn’t destroy all of the total soul he had in his body, so that’s why he didn’t die. Ik kind of a stretch but just interesting. Have a good day potterheads

  • Emily Pentland
    Emily Pentland 10 days ago

    But number magic awesome that's what im gonna call it

  • Obsidian Night
    Obsidian Night 10 days ago

    Hermione derp

  • MeowMeow Woofles
    MeowMeow Woofles 10 days ago

    When hasn't MatPat ruined our childhood😂😂😂

  • Bella Kolibu - Osprey Woods PS (1583)

    Hermonie because she is pretty and smart

  • Ibrahim Bin Imran
    Ibrahim Bin Imran 10 days ago

    He can’t use elder wand cause he is not owner

  • FN_ Blue Cobra
    FN_ Blue Cobra 10 days ago


  • kyle benjamin
    kyle benjamin 11 days ago

    I have been looking through the comments and some people have addressed this but I would like to say it again: Tom Riddle was planning his rise to power since he was at hogwarts there is always the possibility (assuming that the soul-splitting mechanics don’t dictate it) that he was planning the soul-percentages and donated equal amounts of soul to each one. The problem is we don’t get an explanation of how the horcrux-soul percentages work in the books (that I remember through my two readthroughs). Does anyone have anything to add to this?

  • EaglePointEl
    EaglePointEl 11 days ago

    at 2 minuets and 55 seconds we FINALLY see some of MatPat's sensitive side...

  • ImaRobloxNoob
    ImaRobloxNoob 11 days ago

    Hop on those firebolts! *Shows a picture of a Nimbus 2000*

  • Sahil HSHhahhaha
    Sahil HSHhahhaha 11 days ago

    It’s been two years and MatPat still hasn’t done a fantastic beasts theory

  • Theatre Kid
    Theatre Kid 12 days ago

    when he started talking about killing the TV show in the back ground started laughing

  • Joe Said
    Joe Said 12 days ago +2

    My entire childhood
    Loved by Stan lee and Pokemon

  • Thomas Kirkbride
    Thomas Kirkbride 12 days ago

    Grape fruit

  • Big Clay
    Big Clay 12 days ago

    Wow. Just. Wow 👍

  • John Eccles
    John Eccles 12 days ago

    When we never got a film theory over fantastic beast

    ALLISON RIXEY 13 days ago

    I know what you mean
    *not really*

  • CheeseTruck Gamer
    CheeseTruck Gamer 13 days ago

    It was grapefruit. Also did anyone else read the books

  • Miki’s Gaming
    Miki’s Gaming 13 days ago

    It was grapefruit. You were correct

  • irgendein typ
    irgendein typ 13 days ago

    Yeaah, that won't effect me

  • Pierre Groulx
    Pierre Groulx 13 days ago

    Thats why the phionox that gve a feather to harrys wand also gave a feather to voldemorts wand

  • Rip Acogs
    Rip Acogs 13 days ago

    Many flaws in this video, but nice video non the less

  • Lori Sylvester
    Lori Sylvester 14 days ago +1

    Neville bitch never

  • Doot/Ari
    Doot/Ari 14 days ago

    No, I'm pretty sure Dumbledore curses the job.

  • White eye Stikbot
    White eye Stikbot 14 days ago

    Yup ur right that the Dursley's ate grapefruit

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 15 days ago

    I'm a potter head

  • Royal Memers
    Royal Memers 15 days ago

    1:57 you idiot that was a Nimbus 2000, not a firebolt.

  • Liam Raver
    Liam Raver 15 days ago

    What’s with the music change at 12:38

  • Nupoor SURI
    Nupoor SURI 15 days ago +2

    Now I know Voldemort is dumb because he is killing himself

    • irgendein typ
      irgendein typ 13 days ago

      Why are you thinking that? Its a theory (not even a good one btw).

  • Ava W
    Ava W 15 days ago +4

    A few things:
    First of all, Harry would rather have his parents alive than be famous.
    Second of all, Neville being part of the prophecy is a big part of Harry Potter lore, not some random bit of trivia.
    Thirdly, 1:52 that’s a Nimbus 2000 not a Firebolt, it says it right on the handle.
    Lastly, Dumbledore states that just because Voldemort’s soul is torn and almost gone, that doesn’t mean that he is any less powerful.
    I don’t even know why I watch theories based on the movies, they always get things wrong 😔

  • Jacqueline Doss
    Jacqueline Doss 16 days ago +2

    Harry potter would be 35

  • lin lorca
    lin lorca 16 days ago +1

    Ok. Bitsss i am a die-hard PotterHead👌🏻 I knew this like when i was 8!

  • Arielle Bronstein
    Arielle Bronstein 16 days ago

    Totally grapefruit

  • Víctor Vargas Ch.
    Víctor Vargas Ch. 17 days ago +1

    3:42 If the rock in the Deathly Hollows' symbols is a circle, why is the rock in the ring a square-shape one?

  • Chloe E
    Chloe E 17 days ago +1

    Ever since my Harry Potter obsessed French teacher made us watch Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone in French, my childhood was already ruined.

  • lolipopgore pineapple
    lolipopgore pineapple 17 days ago


  • Sissi 0004
    Sissi 0004 17 days ago +6

    I have the perfect way to hide a horcrux,

    Put it on a piece of sand and then throw it at the beach.
    All done, now you will never die

  • Stinky Kraken
    Stinky Kraken 17 days ago +1

    Read a few harry potter books, watched this video, then watched a few movies, the watched dis again

  • Korah Harrington
    Korah Harrington 18 days ago

    Harry is my fav out of the three of them

  • Honey Bunny
    Honey Bunny 19 days ago

    There is definitely going to be a Voldemort movie.

    • VikerMen
      VikerMen 19 days ago

      The years between graduation and the attack on Potters deserve their own story. Also, KJ Apa would kill it as Voldie...

    Eryn BOSCHIERI 19 days ago

    Fantastic beasts 2 does a great job at explaining some shit :)

  • Dasiy Gaming
    Dasiy Gaming 20 days ago

    Harry potter's scar isnt a lightning bolt,its the hand movement for advra kedavra

  • Jennifer StGeorge
    Jennifer StGeorge 20 days ago

    Hermione is iconic but I love Ron too

  • Oganodos
    Oganodos 21 day ago

    Mat 04333356 sure if you looked deeper i go the movie the 7th horcrux is nagini the snake

  • Ελένη
    Ελένη 21 day ago

    Hairy lmfaaaoooo

  • Diamond Assassin129
    Diamond Assassin129 22 days ago

    I know this a very old theory but when voldemort kills harry in the forbidden forest he destroys the horcrux within him.

  • -sub• zero-
    -sub• zero- 22 days ago

    I have never liked Harry Potter. Although you have given me something to annoy my friend about. Thanks Matt.

  • beni
    beni 22 days ago +1

    That's a lot of voldemort

  • The cartoon Gamers
    The cartoon Gamers 22 days ago

    Ron weasly

  • Cedric Wade
    Cedric Wade 22 days ago

    It's the spiffing brit

  • The lucky poptart
    The lucky poptart 23 days ago

    I thought most people knew this already. Hmm. Okay.
    Dumbledore points out several times that Voldemort pretty much set his own death.
    He picked the boy. Who just happened to be related to him.
    He chose to kill his mom, instead of sparing her like he said he would.
    So that put protection on Harry and turn Snape against him.
    He's the one that chose to break his soul up so much that when the spell rebounded it broke his soul again.
    And he just had to use Harry's blood instead of anyone else's to resurrect also putting Harry's mother's fucking love conquers all spell on himself.
    The man who doesn't love.
    In the end it's not really hairy that beat Voldemort but Voldemort beating himself. He was so full of himself and thought he knew so much more than everybody else he kind of screwed himself over.
    I mean how many times can things go wrong and you just go nope I'll keep doing the same things. That will fix it.

  • Diana DoesArt
    Diana DoesArt 23 days ago

    How did Harry Potter go down the hill!?
    He flew!
    J.K. Rowling!

  • A Furry Even If It Doesn't Show A Furry

    Tem has number magik in five period at cool mat pat stalking tem?

  • C. wan
    C. wan 24 days ago

    Why does keep pronouncing 'Rowling' like that?

  • Miguel Novais
    Miguel Novais 24 days ago

    Prove my ass.
    Half is just an expression. Its 7 equal parts

  • KBO GB
    KBO GB 24 days ago

    This is based on the movie which I understand it is film theory but the books are ignore which makes flaws in the theory

  • Sean Froula
    Sean Froula 24 days ago

    yaeh ya ri

  • Gta ac solid dude
    Gta ac solid dude 25 days ago +1

    Here's a battle of two wizards:
    Matpat, wizard of theory VS Marvin the magnificent, (jacksepticeye) the wizard of magic and laughter.

  • Sheila Johnson
    Sheila Johnson 25 days ago

    It was grapefruit