Film Theory: Harry Potter, MORE VOLDEMORT than Voldemort!

  • Published on Jan 17, 2017
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    Is the biggest Dark Lord in the Harry Potter series Harry Potter HIMSELF? When you look at the science of Horcrux soul splitting, Voldemort's plan starts to reveal some SHOCKING revelations about Harry's childhood, the battle against He Who Must Not Be Named, and the nature of Harry's soul. We're digging into Potter lore and doing some magic with numbers to find out who the DARKEST Lord actually is!
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  • Chloe Hoffman
    Chloe Hoffman 2 years ago +15946

    omg the wand thing at the end killed me, because I was eating

  • dead lucky
    dead lucky 2 hours ago


  • Jackson S
    Jackson S 7 hours ago

    Your right

  • Mark Fox
    Mark Fox 10 hours ago

    I’m still waiting for a fantastic beasts theory

  • Emmy LovesShipping
    Emmy LovesShipping 15 hours ago

    1:33 it was grapefruit

  • OceanKovic 34
    OceanKovic 34 16 hours ago

    Just read the books please and stop referring to the non canon movie
    (I still love your videos though)

  • BM 7
    BM 7 19 hours ago

    ur right

  • Jean Thomas
    Jean Thomas 19 hours ago


  • Superslash Gaming
    Superslash Gaming 19 hours ago

    His horcrux inside him was destroyed in the deathly Hallows though.

  • Rocky Sarkate
    Rocky Sarkate 20 hours ago +1

    So, 1.5 part of Voldemort is still alive.

  • Yeetos Cheetos
    Yeetos Cheetos Day ago

    But how can naigini be a horcrux she’s a maledictus for crying out loud you can’t make a living horcrux!

  • Cocoa Beanz
    Cocoa Beanz Day ago

    It’s Grapefruit

  • Perilous Peril
    Perilous Peril Day ago

    no no no no no, 5:28
    is wrong! moaning myrtle assumed it was a boy because "it" was talking weirdly. the killer was the BASSILISK. maybe riddle used the bassilisc to kill her but it wasn't him that she saw. sorry for spelling of "bassilissiacacsc"

  • Infinite Thunder

    Sorry but...
    This is old news for Potterheads.

  • TheJStale
    TheJStale Day ago

    Don't forget that by the time Harry and Voldemort have their final battle, the Voldemort inside Harry has been destroyed, therefore by that time, Voldemort IS more Voldemort than Harry by that point.
    But aside from that little tidbit, I agree with this theory 100%

  • Memer gaming NL
    Memer gaming NL 2 days ago +1

    It was grapefruit

  • Prannav&Vanshika kishan

    why you hate fantastic beast its awsome

  • Brooky Bee
    Brooky Bee 2 days ago

    The beginning part I was like “eh I’ll forget I ever watched this in like a couple hours...And then will remember it at the worst time like when I’m actually reading the Harry Potter books

  • Jake Doin Stuff
    Jake Doin Stuff 2 days ago

    No wonder Ginny was possessed so easily by Tom Riddles diary. IT LITERALLY HAD 50% OR VOLDEMORTS SOUL IN IT.

  • bruce fuller
    bruce fuller 2 days ago +1

    5th period for me is art and I love art soooooo 6th is science switch that out!

  • Guinea Pigs Unite
    Guinea Pigs Unite 2 days ago +1

    Why didn't Voldemort just make 'Where's Wally/Waldo' as a horcrux?

  • Guinea Pigs Unite
    Guinea Pigs Unite 2 days ago +1

    yes........ it was grapefruit!

  • Jojobob
    Jojobob 2 days ago

    at page 708 harry removes the voldemort

  • Pritish Mishra
    Pritish Mishra 2 days ago

    Thnx for wasting these 15 min. Knowing nothing about what a soul is, this entire theory is baseless.

  • Hans Scharff
    Hans Scharff 3 days ago

    So... Basically half life equation

  • udontlikme
    udontlikme 3 days ago

    Any Draco fans no fine then

  • Le Kanraposte
    Le Kanraposte 3 days ago +2

    0:20 "Your childhood have been warned".
    I was already a 21 years old adult when the very first Harry Potter book was released in 1997....

  • Phoenix Bugg
    Phoenix Bugg 3 days ago


  • Rory Shepherd
    Rory Shepherd 3 days ago

    Does that mean that Harry has 101.5% soul?

  • the beast is a god
    the beast is a god 4 days ago

    Harold pater

  • ZanDork Bread
    ZanDork Bread 4 days ago

    1:49 They did learn number magic, it was called Arithmancy which was taught by Professor Vector. It was Hermione's favorite subject. But it's okay you didn't know about it since Harry never took the class and it was only mentioned once in the books.

  • ShojoDraws
    ShojoDraws 4 days ago

    You have changed nothing about how I view these movies. They're still trash.

  • REN Plays
    REN Plays 4 days ago

    You are right about the grapefruit.

  • MML Madden mobile legends

    Luna love good is the best

  • Kyle Blackmore
    Kyle Blackmore 5 days ago

    no one has ever said that the soul splits 50/50 during a horcrux creation. only a "portion". i am pretty sure that voldy could have placed oh lets say 15% into the ring. like geez.

    • Kyle Blackmore
      Kyle Blackmore Day ago

      @TheJStale lol.

    • TheJStale
      TheJStale Day ago

      I don't think when he intended to make a horcrux, he had the option to choose how much of his soul to put into an object lol.
      "Hmm I think for this one, I'll put in.. hmm... maybe 5% of my soul. And for THIS one, I'll put in 25%..."

  • Xhyle charm Drilon
    Xhyle charm Drilon 5 days ago

    Do you know what i cant understand more than Matpat....?
    *HARRY AND HARMONIA*(i cant remember her name) *DIDNT END UP*

    • Xhyle charm Drilon
      Xhyle charm Drilon 2 days ago +1

      @Guinea Pigs Unite of coures thank you..!

    • Guinea Pigs Unite
      Guinea Pigs Unite 2 days ago +2

      @Xhyle charm Drilon
      All good😊
      There are audio books on youtube, or I think the books are online. See If you can find it because you would really enjoy them!

    • Xhyle charm Drilon
      Xhyle charm Drilon 2 days ago +2

      @Guinea Pigs Unite ive watched the movies but havent read the books, Because my family cant afford it.. But thank you for the suggestion..😄😄

    • Guinea Pigs Unite
      Guinea Pigs Unite 2 days ago +2

      Its *Hermione*
      You haven't read the books, or seen all the movies have you???
      Ron and Hermione are a perfect couple and Ginny and Harry are perfect also ( even if the movies didn't show Ginny's true amazing character).
      Go read the books! they are great

  • Mcwalrus Jigglers
    Mcwalrus Jigglers 5 days ago

    My childhood was already destroyed, I saw the death count videos

  • Cloude Kreame Gacha
    Cloude Kreame Gacha 5 days ago

    how dare you touch my precious harry potter?

  • Goode Bartschi
    Goode Bartschi 5 days ago

    This didn't affect me at all

  • Jayden Olafson
    Jayden Olafson 5 days ago

    it was grapefruit

  • Jayden Olafson
    Jayden Olafson 5 days ago

    your right

  • Gage Allen
    Gage Allen 6 days ago

    The reason voldemorts nose is like that is because he had to drink a concoction of snake milk and unicorn blood left over from one one of the previous movies to stay alive( or as close as he could get to it) in the goblet of fire.

  • keeganshigh
    keeganshigh 6 days ago

    I've never seen any of the Harry potter movies.
    Haven't read any of the books either.

  • TDMstevo
    TDMstevo 6 days ago

    This is also how VA healthcare works.

  • The Rainbooms
    The Rainbooms 6 days ago

    Well, this channel teaches me more math than a school

  • Qurhsi Ribak44
    Qurhsi Ribak44 6 days ago +1

    I love the way he starts the video..'Your Childhoods Have Been Warned'...😞

  • Nine year old Army
    Nine year old Army 7 days ago


  • Lana Nguyen
    Lana Nguyen 7 days ago

    How can he walk if he split his sole up?

  • Chester's tips for life

    Ur very cringy

  • Sharkboy 979
    Sharkboy 979 8 days ago

    Kenzie says Hermoine

  • Brethren of Yeshua
    Brethren of Yeshua 8 days ago

    What's some Longbottom? I'm not sure what you mean. Is that some kind of gay joke?

  • Nadine Rosner
    Nadine Rosner 8 days ago

    Warum steht die titelbeschreibung auf deutsch und er labbert in englisch?

  • Alienoid TV
    Alienoid TV 9 days ago +1

    Before Final battle, Harry was killed by Voldemort in the Forest. You have it wrong MatPat😏.

  • Red X
    Red X 10 days ago

    Number magic is taught at Hogwarts. It's called Arithmancy

  • Scarlet Cow
    Scarlet Cow 10 days ago


  • Scarlet Cow
    Scarlet Cow 10 days ago


  • Sreerag Jayagopal
    Sreerag Jayagopal 10 days ago

    but then during the final battle there was no more voldemort left in harry as voldemort had killed the horcrux part of himself in harry at the confrontation that had happened in the forbidden forest in the last book ... so thats why harry was able to be the master of the elder wand effectively otherwise since there is more voldemort in harry and voldemort cant use the wand neither can harry. so during the final battle there is no voldemort left in harry

  • Decky Adisurya
    Decky Adisurya 10 days ago +1 one cares about pjo

  • ngoc huynh
    ngoc huynh 11 days ago

    fun fact about meh: I LOVE HARRY POTTER! I read Harry Potter as every book at school

  • Adam Freed
    Adam Freed 11 days ago

    This theory forgets about one important fact. Why does creating a horcrux require killing? It would make sense if he was absorbing the soul of the person he kills into the horcrux, while splitting half his soul to transform the horcrux soul into his own. If this is true, Voldemort could retain the split half-soul to use in creating more horcruxes, explaining why it is even possible to survive after creating a few. His true soul is split, but his horcrux soul is whole, and would actually be valuable in resurrecting him.

  • Olivia The Foolish
    Olivia The Foolish 11 days ago

    Ugh... all movie stuff. The theory would hold more ground and things would make a lot more sense if you used even SOME book reference.

  • Robert Colbck
    Robert Colbck 11 days ago

    Grapefruit is right

  • Joeelyn .T
    Joeelyn .T 11 days ago

    Just amazed no words to say..

  • Cute Hufflepuff
    Cute Hufflepuff 12 days ago

    Um.......where's the Fantastic Beasts Theory - we're already 2 movies in!!!

  • No one Here
    No one Here 12 days ago

    Oh I call call it 7.5

  • Prabhakar Singh
    Prabhakar Singh 12 days ago

    0:26 Hey! That was out of syllabus...

  • Tobias Scott
    Tobias Scott 12 days ago

    Grapefruit is correct, Matpat.

  • Noa Braker
    Noa Braker 12 days ago

    #notifucationscwat you dae best matpat i love your theories

  • Arnav Samant
    Arnav Samant 13 days ago +2

    thats why Harry was feeling angry and had a will to kill in Order of Pheonix

  • Rya Enoch
    Rya Enoch 13 days ago

    2:34 no not just anything it has to be something important to him
    Just had to say though but I do love your videos

  • Jay Chu
    Jay Chu 13 days ago

    Arithmacy is taught in hog warts

  • Sully 111
    Sully 111 13 days ago

    This would be a really good theory if you’re soul split in half but I’m pretty sure it just says that it splits. But hey it’s just a theory.

  • ThatOldPhatGuy
    ThatOldPhatGuy 13 days ago +2

    "your childhoods have been warned"

    haha j0kes on you i'm 11

    ( i'm useing my dad's account also, love ur channel)

  • Daniel Roberts
    Daniel Roberts 14 days ago

    Huh. I always thought that destroying the horcrux basically freed that part of the soul and returned it to Voldemort so as more horcruxes are destroyed he gets more powerful in exchange to being less immortal

  • Midnight Black
    Midnight Black 14 days ago

    If Harry was a horucrux that would make sense why Harry can tell when Voldemort is mad or happy

  • Marsjan 93
    Marsjan 93 14 days ago

    What if he used less then half of his soul for this lets say 25%

  • Science Plaza
    Science Plaza 15 days ago

    You’re right it was grapefruit

  • Michael Arvay
    Michael Arvay 15 days ago

    I love it but when Harry fought Voldy in the forest after the ghost stone thing, he totally dunked on his own horcrux. That's why Harry didn't actually die and got albus ex machina'd back to life.

  • Tung Chien Wu
    Tung Chien Wu 15 days ago

    Actually hogwarts has an arithmacy class

  • Katherine Earheart
    Katherine Earheart 15 days ago

    I think Voldemort was searching for some important fact connecting to Gryffindor during his, as you put it, "siesta." All of his previous horcruxes had some important connection to a Hogwarts founder, all but Gryffindor.

  • Rob Goddard
    Rob Goddard 15 days ago +1

    in the books it says that doing the murder is what rips the soul in half and then using one half of that soul you use dark magic to stuff into something

  • eris coniku
    eris coniku 15 days ago

    This didnt ruin HP for me at all

  • Susan Wersom
    Susan Wersom 15 days ago +3


  • 666 666
    666 666 15 days ago +7

    Heck it WAS grapefruit and sadly I DO remember...

  • Tyranid Sid
    Tyranid Sid 15 days ago

    Ronald Weedsly, Harry pot, Heroine and The Snorting hat.

  • k Bob
    k Bob 16 days ago

    So Harry Potter has to kill himself

  • valentina maldonado
    valentina maldonado 16 days ago

    The huddle puff Cup is not in goblet of fire the goblet of fire and the trial wizard cup are the only cups in it other then their water goblets

  • Lady260191
    Lady260191 16 days ago +6

    This channel is so great. You handle these things so well. :D

    • Kyle Blackmore
      Kyle Blackmore 5 days ago

      he really didnt. on top of stealing this idea from others, he didn't build on it whatsover, and even took liberties with the "facts" of the harry potter universe.

    MARIANA BJELETICH 16 days ago

    well apperently if u use math ((cuz i totally didnt use a calculater)) he has 0.78125 of his soul left

  • Nicole Birnbaum
    Nicole Birnbaum 16 days ago

    Yes you are right

  • Prerna Baheti
    Prerna Baheti 17 days ago


    MARIANA BJELETICH 17 days ago +2

    do ya know what i mean
    you know wut i mean
    u know what i mean
    u kNoW wHat i meAN
    but do we tho

  • Jordan Partridge
    Jordan Partridge 17 days ago +5

    by the way they do teach magic maths in Hogwarts Hermione takes it

    • Jordan Partridge
      Jordan Partridge 10 days ago

      @micklucas1 it was called aritmancy

    • micklucas1
      micklucas1 10 days ago

      i dont remember hermione going to a math class

  • Casey Conroy
    Casey Conroy 17 days ago


  • ALostCause
    ALostCause 17 days ago +3

    Congrats you made a long time hardcore Harry Potter fan learn something new about the series.

  • Stay Puft Marshmallow Man


  • blackvixencrypt
    blackvixencrypt 18 days ago +3

    Before I continue to watch this video, may I remind you that if you’re going to talk about something based in the UK, it’s maths not math. Thank you.

  • ZaneTNS _
    ZaneTNS _ 18 days ago

    read the books dang it.

  • Inkpierno Plays
    Inkpierno Plays 18 days ago

    “Say you-know-who will you!?”

  • Anca Varzaru
    Anca Varzaru 18 days ago

    Harry is 1/2 Harry and 1/2 Voldemort, but Voldemort is 1/8 Voldemort, 1/4 Harry, 1/4 Peter and 1/4 Nagini