Fusion Power Explained - Future or Failure

  • Published on Nov 10, 2016
  • How does Fusion Energy work and is it a good idea?
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  • Siegfried Seidler
    Siegfried Seidler 2 hours ago

    Sry guys, the argument about not enough storage (batteries) is nonsensical and not true. The fear of fusion is it would ignite the oxygen in the atmosphere if the containment field fails. Pls avoid bias to make your videos.

  • nictipoloi
    nictipoloi 10 hours ago

    I like a lot your videos, they are great.
    But check out the typos in the spanish subtitles

  • Tom McCarthy
    Tom McCarthy 13 hours ago

    "For fusion we have to get creative." *shows piccolo and goku fusing. Man I already loved this channel so much but you guys make it easy to love you even more lol.

  • Lawrence Diamonds
    Lawrence Diamonds 18 hours ago

    Lol dragon ball Z-Super

  • 黃黃國煥
    黃黃國煥 Day ago


  • Good Dog
    Good Dog Day ago

    How bout bombing small countries then harvest the energy released from the explosion? another reason to start a nuclear war

  • No one
    No one Day ago

    Theres already a mini star somewhere in china

  • Angery Pepe
    Angery Pepe Day ago

    Mr nucleus, I don't feel so good

  • Haris Haringa
    Haris Haringa 2 days ago


  • Sis Atan İnsan
    Sis Atan İnsan 3 days ago

    yanicazzzzzzzz babbabaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • TheZui
    TheZui 3 days ago

    Hey, quick question:
    What type of energy would Fusion produce? Nuclear Fission produces heat to heat up water which can then move turbines.
    But with nuclear fusion, we would have "enough" heat already (because we need high temperatures to keep it going)
    Hope someone can help

  • Patrick Luy
    Patrick Luy 3 days ago

    Wait... How safe will these reactors be? Isn’t hydrogen flammable?

  • The Flipper
    The Flipper 3 days ago

    Plz make a video on how a nuclear reactor works

  • Aleksandar Rastic
    Aleksandar Rastic 3 days ago

    Someone notice goku and pikolo doing fusion xD hahahah 1:49

  • Shark's Theoretical Discovery

    Science needs to question more their own theories! Science is not a vehicle business! I've already busted one of their theories. The big bang theory is false. The universe is limitless and exists without a beginning.

    • Shark's Theoretical Discovery
      Shark's Theoretical Discovery 3 days ago

      +John DC I did write more than 6 emails to different research groups including the university. Only one told me that it's not their field. The others didn't say a word.

    • John DC
      John DC 3 days ago

      +Shark's Theoretical Discovery I am pretty sure that they would care about a guy disproving one of the most controversial theories.

    • Shark's Theoretical Discovery
      Shark's Theoretical Discovery 3 days ago

      +John DC Reviewed like by the University? It's not like in the movies. They don't care.

    • John DC
      John DC 3 days ago

      And what is your proof behind this? Has your research been peer reviewed? Have you cited your sources, if any?

  • ionisator idk
    ionisator idk 4 days ago +1

    1:50 LOL Picollo and Goku fuse

  • Lt_Darkseeker /Antique

    Go to ask the creators of the lore for fallout 4 to know how to create fusion reactors

  • Rupert Jung
    Rupert Jung 4 days ago

    A "10 Billion Dollar bet" for basically solving all energy problems forever. That's less than a 80th (!) of just the US defence budget of a single year...

  • 양준형
    양준형 7 days ago

    자막 진짜 잘 달았다

  • PolygonPanda
    PolygonPanda 8 days ago

    What's nuclear fission and what happens in a nuclear reactor

  • warinext
    warinext 8 days ago

    i live this

  • Kalydosos
    Kalydosos 8 days ago

    Another great video I made allot of short notes.

  • LOLSflint
    LOLSflint 8 days ago

    0:09 infinite zoom on itself on the very left

  • Edith de Linde
    Edith de Linde 8 days ago

    what is the "official scientific" view of Nikola Tesla´s zero point energy device?

  • Harith Azmi
    Harith Azmi 9 days ago

    I learned all of this before in Gundam.

  • Anes menari
    Anes menari 9 days ago

    Please, can you tell me what program name is used to create the video

  • giorgi chachua
    giorgi chachua 9 days ago

    To be 100% safe make fusion engin in space near earth it will be safe and free energy, but we can't make fusion engin about 200_500 year's because it needs technology that we don't have.before that there are lots of ways to get clean and cheap energy before fusion engine.

  • Chrinolas Elderbark
    Chrinolas Elderbark 10 days ago

    you made me feel bad for a neutron

  • Lighto desu
    Lighto desu 11 days ago

    Is it as radioactive as fission?

  • Canned Mayonaise
    Canned Mayonaise 11 days ago

    just do the fusion dance! like in pokemon or Dragon ball Z

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 13 days ago

    But if we use our sea water for the hydrogen, dont we use our most important source? Water?
    Because we fuse Hydrogen to Helium?

  • Le Build
    Le Build 14 days ago +1

    I used this for an Physik-Projekt it was veeeeery helpful! because you find just nothing about this type of Fusion in the internet :D

  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez 14 days ago

    What about fission energy

  • Grace Fuchs
    Grace Fuchs 14 days ago

    I love dragon ball z they did the fusion dance from it in a this vid

  • FightingFights
    FightingFights 15 days ago

    5:50 "I don't like them putting chemicals in the water..."

  • Colin Colincharles
    Colin Colincharles 16 days ago

    Which energy type r u static .electricity. wind .radioactive. star . Black hole .o ya fusion.ok choose me black hole now u

  • Matteo Giaquinto
    Matteo Giaquinto 17 days ago

    Infinite loop in the powering computers option

  • Tom Bar-Zvi
    Tom Bar-Zvi 18 days ago

    You can explain about electricity

  • Another Dr Pepper
    Another Dr Pepper 18 days ago

    It looks like a donut? Great now I’m hungry

  • Juan Lucas Rezende Schneider

    Talk about wireless transmission of power!! Like a wifi network that when connected, can charge your lamps, phone and all home!!

  • RedGamez
    RedGamez 20 days ago

    if only important things din't costed.....

    and i bet that US government will renforce the useless military for freeeeeeee

    government you suck so much

  • RedGamez
    RedGamez 20 days ago

    so about the helium-3 on moon one comic wasn't wrong

    almost no one will know what comic it was

  • aaron4820
    aaron4820 21 day ago

    Seems crazy that there's only 20kg of tritium in the world yet it's in so many fishing lures, watches and gun sights and vials can be bought for pennies. They must contain a seriously negligible amount seeing as a gram of tritium is $30,000...

  • AnCap AF
    AnCap AF 21 day ago

    China created an artificial sun recently

  • Nguyet Lam
    Nguyet Lam 22 days ago

    I love ❤️ and the way my life is a great day and a beautiful day and the best of all the great things and beautiful things I hope 🤞 will ever be the best of my life and I love it 😍 sgcburghh......................,.,. Physical activities and THEND

  • LOLSflint
    LOLSflint 22 days ago

    0:38 "star in a bottle! How did it get here? Who cares! Get yours now for only 10 billion dollars!"

  • The Why Perspective
    The Why Perspective 22 days ago

    first the term fossil fuels are misleading and not true. second all this new energy methods all seem to require outrageous amounts of energy to make energy...so where does the energy come from to generate energy. hydro electric and oil are natural and efficient. stop trying to recreate the wheel. think green burn oil

  • delqyrus
    delqyrus 22 days ago

    Sorry, but you ignore the fact that fusion actually produces radioactive material. The fusion creates neutrinos, which bounces on every shielding-layer and drops out electrons - what makes the shielding-layer itself radioactive. So you need to replace them - and have tons of radioactive material, which needs to be disposed. Nuclear fusion isn't that clean as it sounds. Even if i think it would really worth it, we first need to think about a solution for that problem. We will run into that problem sooner or later.
    Also other energy-soliutions are not that clean as they meant to be. There are more species died on water-energy than on any other energy-production. Photovoltaic cells are producing tons of chemical waste, which really hurts the environment. Wind is okay so far, unless we use too much of it - wind is some kind of climate-regulator. If we took too much energy from it... Dead Valley is a nice place to show the consequences for the loss of wind.
    In fact, i think there isn't a real "clean" way to take energy out of the environment. Maybe something like a dyson-sphere. But even this would hurt the environments environment. The only way to don't hurt it, is to don't use that much energy.

  • Cosas Ramdom
    Cosas Ramdom 23 days ago

    4:34 cuando te tiras un pedo en clase

  • Intelligence Cube
    Intelligence Cube 23 days ago +1

    What about Geothermal? It is potentially easier for cost, and it would give us infinite energy due to the constant temperature of the mantle. Heck, if used right, it could cool the magma inside volcanos if we use the heat right.

  • giorgi gogoladze
    giorgi gogoladze 23 days ago

    I think sun seems to have "limitless energy" only because it is so much larger relative to earth.

  • Kevin Moore
    Kevin Moore 24 days ago

    I don’t think that waste free is true in this situation. We can manage the waste in a non-toxic way that can be turned back into fuel, but it’s not waste free.

  • Virteris Virteris
    Virteris Virteris 24 days ago

    Do y'all wonder what this stuff would sound like with the narration?

  • WitherSnow
    WitherSnow 25 days ago

    I'm not sure what makes fuel fuel.
    What's stopping us from using something like a few blades of grass, or something not useful like communists for fuel.
    What are the limits of fuel?

  • Pavlik Shimko
    Pavlik Shimko 25 days ago

    what about wave power? (fusion and wave power is from simcity citys of tomorow)

  • Bady89
    Bady89 25 days ago

    Atoms are flat - Lol , that was Epic.

  • Bachsau
    Bachsau 26 days ago

    Not to mention that half life of tritium is just around 12 years, which means it decays way faster than most other nuclear waste.

  • Quantum Proton
    Quantum Proton 27 days ago

    If 10 billionaires donated one billion dollars, we'll have the money

  • Divine Sekki
    Divine Sekki 27 days ago

    fu-sion HA!

  • Fr Louie Goad
    Fr Louie Goad 27 days ago


  • bro ski
    bro ski 28 days ago

    if anyone has seen the movie "moon" the whole backdrop of the movie is about mining helium 3

  • André Coelho
    André Coelho 28 days ago

    its not allowed by law to create free anything... these studies are only to waste time and money

  • Alfie Keet
    Alfie Keet 29 days ago

    I'm from the future and if we can die or it can run out its not worth the risk

  • Yash Dev Solanki
    Yash Dev Solanki Month ago

    We need Goku's help for the fusion

  • NotSoPro Guy
    NotSoPro Guy Month ago

    Its simple. Watch dragonball z: fusion reborn
    It goes like fuuuuuusion haaaaaa

  • Humza Hussaini
    Humza Hussaini Month ago

    0:30 That makes me so happy!

  • Nighttime Vlogs
    Nighttime Vlogs Month ago

    Like because Dragonball

  • Dong Trinh Duc
    Dong Trinh Duc Month ago

    mr.electron i don't feel so good 1:00

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    Muhammad A Devotes Month ago

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  • 3dgar 7eandro
    3dgar 7eandro Month ago

    1:52 DBZ LOL😂😂👌👌

  • Valdo
    Valdo Month ago

    Good job!

  • luminal 47
    luminal 47 Month ago

    All the billionaires in the world should invest in this specially people like bill gates and bezos what else are they going to do with their billions of dollars???

  • luminal 47
    luminal 47 Month ago

    10 billion??? Hey Jeff we need to talk

  • Andrei Dante
    Andrei Dante Month ago

    Can you make a video about elements and their isotopes?
    I'm studying Nuclear Technologies and my teacher said there way more Tritium on Earth, 20 kg it's nothing compare with what the real number is... He said "20 kg? Maybe 20 tons, but even 20 tons sounds little bit"

  • suresh krishendeholl

    To solve the problem of Global Warming, we need better Nuclear Power plants. Remember we are not certain about Fusion Power.
    The world should go Nuclear.

  • NotAsian
    NotAsian Month ago

    "Better spent on other clean energy thats already proven itself"
    Cool ill just hop in my solar powered space ship then... Whats that? That will never work? Ok my wind powered space ship... O that wont work either? Ok my hydro powered space ship... Hmmm I think there is a problem here.
    All energy sources are not equivalent Kurzgesagt is a weird channel that seems to have access to knowledge but the understanding appears to be superficial.

  • Gabriel Haskins
    Gabriel Haskins Month ago

    "Energy is the fundamental currency of the universe"
    You play Stellaris too?

  • Jonah Pil
    Jonah Pil Month ago

    Remember how fossil fuels are running out?
    What’s gonna stop the helium-3 from running out on the moon?

  • Tails otaku
    Tails otaku Month ago

    is not work , my sorry
    to conclue this decision, we most create one " second son " , but this taste is very dangerous , pill hungily all earth

    TEKKEN KING Month ago


  • Pierre Deagostini
    Pierre Deagostini Month ago +1


  • Bearcat Ben
    Bearcat Ben Month ago

    still waiting for the solar video

  • -_NobodyEpic_- TheAwpBurner

    I love ur videos. I think we should countine

  • donald deluxe
    donald deluxe Month ago

    I do have a better idea, why not make solar panels in space and have those satellites send the power wirelessly?

  • Gerald Pastias
    Gerald Pastias Month ago

    USA: wait theres helium 3 in the moon that might later replace fuels for oil after its expended? Time for some freedom!

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia Month ago

    Even if a leak is quickly diluted, would that not build up over time and eventually get saturated or close to it. ... Or does it somehow just go away? ..

  • Prahlad
    Prahlad Month ago

    An amazing video

  • Davis Welsh
    Davis Welsh Month ago

    this is just the plot of spiderman 2 we need to stop these madmen before dr octopus happens

  • Catalôncio
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  • Bearded Dragons
    Bearded Dragons Month ago

    Kurzgesagt,i am like everyone else but i REALLY love your animations so i thought i would draw one of those black birds of yours.I sent it to some other friends too 🐤

  • Debby Kaelin
    Debby Kaelin Month ago

    You can rather easily yield tritium from lithium and a spare neutron. In a nuclear fusion reactor, neutrons would be "produced" in abundance and could thus be used in tritium production. Furthermore the the helium waste could also be reused to cool the reactor. Functional fusion reactors would basically be self-sustaining.

  • TiLL Kai Nikhil
    TiLL Kai Nikhil Month ago

    2:35 a new type of lazer tag!!!!!!!!!

  • ChallengzD
    ChallengzD Month ago

    Explain how nuclear power works

  • BananaLlama
    BananaLlama Month ago +1

    But can it run Internet Explorer?

  • MrDrew
    MrDrew Month ago +1

    Wie komt er nog meer van Zondag met Lubach?

  • Eu Sunt Dracul
    Eu Sunt Dracul Month ago

    "can we bottle a star?"...childhood dream.

  • Mysterious One
    Mysterious One Month ago

    spider man 2

  • Mr.Doge-a-lot 1
    Mr.Doge-a-lot 1 Month ago

    “Very fast means very hot”

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    Be done