Fusion Power Explained - Future or Failure

  • Published on Nov 10, 2016
  • How does Fusion Energy work and is it a good idea?
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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    • Matthew Dick
      Matthew Dick 3 days ago

      The author leaves a lot out. Fusion is a money pit because of mismanagement. Most of the money goes to the Tokamak......a device that no power company will buy

    • Nikushī
      Nikushī 11 days ago


    • Abood_ sahli
      Abood_ sahli Month ago

      شكرا لترجمة الفيديو للغة العربية

    • Jeff Galea
      Jeff Galea Month ago

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell what’s the most effective way to kill everyone on earth

    GUNSandTRIGGER 5 hours ago

    I wouldn't exactly call solar and wind "proven". More like adequate in a limited scope but for sure not efficient enough to be the next evolution of power.

  • Werdco 57632
    Werdco 57632 5 hours ago

    0:05-0:10 hmm, sounds like monster inc

  • Kgosi Mookodi
    Kgosi Mookodi 15 hours ago

    Goku and piccolo nice fusion 🤣🤣🤣

  • Buzo Martín
    Buzo Martín Day ago

    To bad rich people prefer to donate mony to rebuild a building owned by an alredy rich organization

  • Момчил Любчев

    Why not just make an ark reactor..?

  • Jared Pelletier
    Jared Pelletier 2 days ago

    Anybody see the Wallace and Grommet reference?

  • Hero_
    Hero_ 2 days ago +1

    I am 18 at the time of this comment and I'm currently going to college and I have plans to make commercial fusion a real thing! I believe it's completely possible either now or in the next coming years! I'm doing this and I'm taking the risk as I care about the environment and we need to do something I believe we as humans have a very limited time on this earth to undo our effects that will permanently destroy the lives of our children or generations to come if we keep wasting and our usual rate. I believe that a fusion reactor will fix our energy issues, and with cars starting to slowly change to more electronic means then all we would have to do is focus on waste produced by farming and food production.
    I believe in a better future for the human race and we do not have the time to do so. We don't have enough time to colonize a planet for the time being whether you want to argue about it our not, its an irrefutable fact that we are fucking everything up, and I believe that the first step to stopping this is changing our means of producing energy rather than stopping waste.
    We caused global warming and all the major effects that go alongside it. But I believe that each and everyone of us holds the potential to reverse those effects!

    • Brandon Lunch
      Brandon Lunch 21 hour ago +1

      Do it. And do it soon. I may not agree with you on the colonization idea, but if you got enough ambition make it happen. Our generation will try to hold things together the best we can until you get there.

  • Rohan Jansen
    Rohan Jansen 2 days ago

    Fusion is the energy source of the future change my mind

  • timothy paul
    timothy paul 3 days ago

    Hmmm... quantum energy?

  • timothy paul
    timothy paul 3 days ago

    sell the earth. 1 octillion done.

  • SteveAkaGoatpile
    SteveAkaGoatpile 3 days ago

    time and time again it has been proven to me that the public and governments have absolutely terrible priorities. more money is spent on utterly useless nonsense in black friday sales than is invested in vital research like fusion or NASA.

  • parityviolation
    parityviolation 3 days ago

    You should've picked vegeta instead of piccolo^^ way more powerful fusion with goku xD

  • Trolol 29
    Trolol 29 3 days ago

    -Le réacteur nucléaire a fissuré.
    -Le réacteur à fusion a fissuré.
    -J'ai compris, je sors les panneaux solaires.

  • Viliam Lenko
    Viliam Lenko 3 days ago

    I was thinking thoose were birds.

  • Ace Allisto
    Ace Allisto 3 days ago

    6:10 Wait! Are Atoms flat??????!

  • Mr Saxman
    Mr Saxman 4 days ago

    Loved the Wallace and Gromit reference at 3:42 !! I do enjoy them putting fun references in their videos ^-^

  • Salil Manocha
    Salil Manocha 4 days ago

    That animation of Goku and Picollo int backgound was amazing

  • Lumber Jack
    Lumber Jack 4 days ago

    I always thought it was just a fancy trope

  • spark ofjustice
    spark ofjustice 4 days ago


  • Indo Surfer
    Indo Surfer 4 days ago

    Fusion power is always 30 years away

  • Zach B
    Zach B 5 days ago

    Nuclear is the future: change my mind

  • Seung Hyun Kim
    Seung Hyun Kim 5 days ago

    Kstar suceeded 100 million degrees celcius plasma! Whoo

  • Hlebuw3k
    Hlebuw3k 5 days ago

    "You got it wrong atoms are flat" what a great time to live

  • Jason Wolfe
    Jason Wolfe 5 days ago

    Why couldn't we have been shown this channel in school? He's so clear and concise, I would have gotten perfect grades.

  • Douglas Alfaro
    Douglas Alfaro 5 days ago

    So many theories in the comments I don’t know what to believe :(

    • Brandon Lunch
      Brandon Lunch 21 hour ago

      None of them lol. The comments are a dark place. Watch the video and come to your own conclusions. If you still want more information, seek it from experts and reliable sources. Theres nothing for you in these uninformed rants.

  • Mosi Armstrong
    Mosi Armstrong 5 days ago

    Can Goku and Piccolo even fuse? 1:48. Props to Kurzgesagt for the DBZ reference though. That was cool.

  • Ricardo Bejarano
    Ricardo Bejarano 5 days ago

    I say using the ones proved already and also doing the gamble at the same time

  • Manisha Raut
    Manisha Raut 5 days ago

    "Nuclear waste is well.........
    Nuclear waste"

  • john alcalde
    john alcalde 5 days ago

    I honestly love the DB refences

  • Anthony Decesare
    Anthony Decesare 6 days ago +1

    Odd fact: Solar waste per unit of energy is 300 times as toxic as that of nuclear.

    • Brandon Lunch
      Brandon Lunch 19 hours ago

      +Anthony Decesarewhere exactly is this link? You haven't sent it. Resend it if you have it

    • Anthony Decesare
      Anthony Decesare 19 hours ago

      +Brandon Lunch Is it not appearing?

  • YellowFellow
    YellowFellow 6 days ago

    I thought the thumbnail was an arc reactor and then I thought you should do a vid on that

  • humphrey707
    humphrey707 6 days ago

    But what if we used it for rockets

  • Bobb
    Bobb 6 days ago +3

    Anyone here after watching Chernobyl on HBO?

  • Oprean Trifan Mircea

    "it was fun, bye" hahahaha

  • Boring Old White Guy

    Good video but lacking in one critical part. A part that I haven't seen any other video cover either. We hear about all this wonderful "energy" that fusion gives off but no one seems to discuss how this energy creates electricity. Maybe do a follow up video to explain how once fusion is initiated we will be able to power our homes, offices and industry. Just seems like only half the story is being discussed.

    • Brandon Lunch
      Brandon Lunch 21 hour ago

      Nearly every reactor does this the same way, from coal to biofuel to nuclear. The heat generated from either burning or reacting your fuel source boils water into vapor which spins a turbine and recycles. That's the basis for every large scale reactor. Fission, fossil fuel, geothermal, algae, gas, probably a billion more. Do a google search or something.

  • guy dangerous
    guy dangerous 7 days ago

    In my opinion fusion is such a good and effective way of gaining energy, but the part about mining the moon, well, from past human experiences I can almost guarantee you that humans are gonna destroy the moon, and when that happens, Earth is also automatically doomed. So not a good idea after all if the moon is gonna get involved.

  • Crypto Rootz
    Crypto Rootz 8 days ago

    100,s of hours to Make ? South Park does That shit in 3 days! stop bullshittin and smoking soo much weed...

  • Paul Hayden
    Paul Hayden 8 days ago

    We are using energy up at rate like there is no tomorrow. All on a gamble that something will come along.
    There is no thought of the future. Once the fossil fuels are depleted and if nothing comes along, who cares?

    • Brandon Lunch
      Brandon Lunch 21 hour ago

      Idk, the next generation? Whatever overpopulated hellhole humanity has turned into? I'd say that's someone, though wtf do I know I guess.

  • ZenKha
    ZenKha 8 days ago

    I have a question. If in case of a fusion reactor failure, the heat is just dispersed around the surrounding air, then how do hydrogen bombs work? I know they get kick started by a smaller nuclear fission bomb, and that nuclear fusion reactions create a lot more energy, but I can't wrap my head around how these two different scenarios produce such a different outcome when they both share the "uncontrolled nuclear fusion" part.

  • Ed Hughes
    Ed Hughes 8 days ago

    Fusion in stars H to He is 1 in 10 to the 23 it is quantum tunneling that cause the stars to shine.

  • Jakob
    Jakob 9 days ago

    Good video Kurzgesagt.. you get a thumbs up from here.. sure' go ahead and break even. I will certainly buy some of your fusion energy.

  • 이준영
    이준영 9 days ago +1

    Woohoo!! Korean tocamac 'KSTAR'
    made the plasma on 100,000,000°C!!
    as 5 SECONDS!!!

  • Anjunakitchen
    Anjunakitchen 10 days ago

    Love these polished videos! It must take over a month to make one of those polished animated videos with a team behind it

  • DiabloMinero
    DiabloMinero 10 days ago

    "It's not a bomb" And how much energy is stored in the giant superconducting magnets? IDK, but from what I've heard, you don't want to be hugging one when it turns back into a normal conductor.

    • Brandon Lunch
      Brandon Lunch 21 hour ago

      I mean, theyd be fucking freezing, but they wouldn't goddamn explode. Maglev trains power up and down giant superconductors constantly, and Japan hasn't blown up yet.

  • IndustrialDonut
    IndustrialDonut 10 days ago

    Kurzgesagt are fucking shills

  • Filip Georgescu
    Filip Georgescu 11 days ago

    4:40 and people are scared of nuclear power plants

  • Mauro Scimone
    Mauro Scimone 12 days ago

    Tritium H3 can be used to self sustain the fusion reaction, so one the fusion will be stable, part of the fuel is created on site so a greater thing!!

  • Supercoal9k Slither
    Supercoal9k Slither 12 days ago

    Goku and piccolo were fusion in 😂😂

  • rab
    rab 12 days ago +1

    Before we try fusion we should wait for spiderman to exist so he can put the "out of control" sun under the river in new york

    LIAM JACOB CAMET 13 days ago

    Fission is better. H bombs are better than A bombs.

  • kuber shekhawat
    kuber shekhawat 13 days ago

    Explain arc reactor

  • Cyan
    Cyan 14 days ago

    Just get the tesseract back already, willya

  • Adegbolade Adebote
    Adegbolade Adebote 14 days ago

    This was amazing... Well done !

  • Wisse Wester
    Wisse Wester 15 days ago

    Energy always have to come from somewhere this is never going to work......

  • Wisse Wester
    Wisse Wester 15 days ago

    Cool but i cant see the logic in using energy to create energy as far as i know energy can only be harvested not created so, why do people think that by creating a small star by using a shitton of energy how would it be possible to extract more energy than they put into it in the first place?

    • Wisse Wester
      Wisse Wester 20 hours ago

      +Brandon Lunch i was talking about myself. but k bye

    • Brandon Lunch
      Brandon Lunch 20 hours ago

      +Wisse Wester oh great. I almost had a half decent conversation on USclip for once. I did watch the damn video, and did my own research from more verified experts. I explained it clearly to you, said goodbye, but of course you felt the need to flaunt your insecurity instead of simply leaving it at that. Fusion energy is simple to understand. Its stored energy just like coal and wood, but its energy density is insanely high because of its atomic instability. Easy. Do some research on your own if your still somehow confused. Muted

    • Wisse Wester
      Wisse Wester 20 hours ago

      +Brandon Lunch shoud probably watch the video next time before writing a comment

    • Brandon Lunch
      Brandon Lunch 20 hours ago

      +Wisse Wester glad to give some insight. Enjoy your evening

    • Wisse Wester
      Wisse Wester 20 hours ago

      +Brandon Lunch ah i see, then it makes sence

  • Gregor Weertman
    Gregor Weertman 18 days ago

    Wind and solar energy are proven technologies that don't work.

    • Brandon Lunch
      Brandon Lunch 21 hour ago

      Really? They dont work? So that 8% of the entire world energy supply is just being pulled out of your ass or something?

  • War diary
    War diary 18 days ago +1

    1:09 Proton be like : *Ey that's gay !*

  • yujinn g
    yujinn g 18 days ago +1

    10 Billion Dollar gamble eh? Two individuals just donated a total 1 Billion Euros for the restoration of a cathedral! Humans and their priorities.... smh

    • Zach B
      Zach B 5 days ago

      yujinn g historical human artifact
      A new energy source that has little hope of success

  • Shadow0505
    Shadow0505 19 days ago

    Dragon Ball easter egg at 1:49 😂😂. I love this channel ❤❤

  • Jellystone 7
    Jellystone 7 21 day ago

    but there is alredey something like tgis it is this one thing theat turnes arount it self and poduse mor energie then it need to turn

  • robraver
    robraver 21 day ago

    It would be wonderful to achieve this, because we need to do something...soon.

  • Umeed Bandu1
    Umeed Bandu1 21 day ago

    not commercially viable? ????? TONY STARK BUILT THIS IN A CAVE

  • Ya Boy
    Ya Boy 21 day ago

    People debate risking $10 billion for unlimited energy? It’s really not that much, Americans in 2019 spent $20.7 billion on valentine’s day

    • Zach B
      Zach B 5 days ago

      It’s not unlimited, and that’s just the research, what about this moon mining venture, or the creation of a magnet powerful enough to create these extreme temperatures.

  • Mellow Waters
    Mellow Waters 22 days ago

    Can spend trillions making weapons which include fusion bombs but cannot spend 10 billion to create clean and unlimited energy for everyone.

  • cool persononroblox
    cool persononroblox 23 days ago


  • Raving_souL
    Raving_souL 24 days ago +1

    Hey guys is there a possibility of a privately funded fusion reactor? What I mean is that I want to know if it's feasible for a fusion reactor that can be built and funded by an industry not owned by the state rather individuals.

  • Siamzero1994
    Siamzero1994 25 days ago

    2:24 Oops, one of the animation team didn't translate everything into english

  • Alisher Kurbonaliev
    Alisher Kurbonaliev 26 days ago

    Лайк если смотришь с субтитрами)

  • BinaryInf
    BinaryInf 26 days ago

    1:36 Why do the birds look like they're on crack?

  • Stefan Nantz
    Stefan Nantz 26 days ago

    10 billion $ gamble ??? 10 billion is nothing compared what we spend on the potential to destroy the planet. Just asked every country to take 1% of their military spend to develop fusion reactors and we have enough funds.

  • Hernando Stefan Amisola

    0:08 Have you realized that the lightbulb on the computer is different than the actual one?

  • Booce Boi
    Booce Boi 27 days ago

    We already have efficient fusion energy, just not for the public

  • J Roberson
    J Roberson 27 days ago

    I think the best answer is to build up our current clean energies, and once we are very powerful, take the risk

  • Nick Joslin
    Nick Joslin 28 days ago +1

    One of the professors in the nuclear engineering department teaches plasma physics, and she explicitly stated that she didn't believe commercial fusion to be feasible, barring some major scientific breakthrough in the field. The energy required to contain the plasma currently requires more energy to generate than the nuclei creates through fusion.

  • Trolleroskar
    Trolleroskar 28 days ago

    WE have lost 50 nukes and WE like: WE DON'T have enough nuclear materials

  • I Make Random Videos
    I Make Random Videos 28 days ago

    Another reason to not have an economy

  • John David
    John David Month ago

    The ego of man trying to create the power of stars on earth. And the ignorance of man trusting man to sustain the lethal radiation of a star. There’s a reason that earth has an atmosphere. To protect us from the nuclear radiation of the sun! Our atmosphere allows just enough sunlight inside earth to recharge humans with Vitamin D which is vital to the growth of our immune system. God created the perfect atmosphere to protect us from the sun’s deadly radiation and here we go trying to build that sun inside the atmosphere. Wtf smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Brandon Lunch
      Brandon Lunch 21 hour ago

      The ignorance of man trusting shepard's who wrote a couple books 2000 years ago over the people who put food on your plate, medicine in your body and technology at your fingertips. The geniuses pushing limits in science for the betterment of humanity while you trust your silent and unhelpful deity for answers to our own fuckups. Like a child who trusts his parents to solve his every problem. And when fusion energy gets developed and commercialized, I'm sure you'll use it just like the rest of us.

  • Freak of Nature Studios

    1:51 😂😂

  • ron james
    ron james Month ago

    Yoooo can I have sources for this I need it for a physics assignment lol

    • CinnaBear _
      CinnaBear _ 29 days ago

      Same, they usually post their sources in the description or a pinned comment

  • R2OTR Team
    R2OTR Team Month ago


  • a ramdom astronomy star

    I do that 1:23

  • Timotius Aditya
    Timotius Aditya Month ago +1

    isn't it obeying the law of conservation energy?

    • Berek71182
      Berek71182 Month ago

      Thats the point. There are a few not-famous scientist who claimed to know that Fusion may never work out. It's mathematicly Physically and practically impossible without the cheatcode (beeing a star/sun).

  • Foxy-games2008 Mark kiki

    We can make Energy from Uranium.
    1Ton uranium = 100Jears unlimited energy.

  • The LOL Minecrafter
    The LOL Minecrafter Month ago +1

    Looks like ol' Earthy had too many beans again.

  • SAMGalaxy32
    SAMGalaxy32 Month ago

    when the fossil and nuclear fuel runs out, let's see if this becomes the best way to have unlimited energy

  • Sir AZØR
    Sir AZØR Month ago

    I love so much all of your animation in the vids ♥

  • norfniale zucchini
    norfniale zucchini Month ago


  • Amar Verma
    Amar Verma Month ago

    What if two black holes collide each other ?? Plz make video on this

  • FatMan Airsoft
    FatMan Airsoft Month ago

    Wouldn't the oil crisis just change to a water crisis eventually ?

  • dimolishor 2618
    dimolishor 2618 Month ago

    Would this process be easier than the dyson shpere in terms on comlexity

  • Baião
    Baião Month ago


  • Alder The Magician
    Alder The Magician Month ago

    Wild a circle thing wih 2 pro5ons in it one held still and the other spinning in a circle create energy?

  • MasterMarioMX
    MasterMarioMX Month ago

    0:09 youtubeception!

  • Luis Miguel Garrido Genesta

    "but we can mine it"
    *grabs pickaxe*
    *screams the lyrics of welcome to my mine*

  • GF Brown
    GF Brown Month ago

    Did people see goku in the video

  • Thurein Tun
    Thurein Tun Month ago

    Why you portrayed humans as birds in every single video of yours? I love you so must!!!!!

  • Ádám Penk
    Ádám Penk Month ago

    anno 2205?

  • Caleb Kei
    Caleb Kei Month ago

    is helium 3 the reason why gru stole the moon?

  • benjamin topper
    benjamin topper Month ago

    Fissile fuel doesn’t cause global warming. And global warming, isn’t a thing