Fusion Power Explained - Future or Failure

  • Published on Nov 10, 2016
  • How does Fusion Energy work and is it a good idea?
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  • Infinity Lands
    Infinity Lands 13 hours ago

    All while the US Military Budget is almost 1 trillion dollars

  • Xavier Earnst
    Xavier Earnst 21 hour ago

    10 billion dollar gamble huh?

  • Laura Setzer
    Laura Setzer 22 hours ago

    nuclei: no homo

  • f0rest_hunter
    f0rest_hunter 22 hours ago

    At 2:23 where you explayn the second type I just wunder what type of fule it used

  • f0rest_hunter
    f0rest_hunter Day ago

    Can you explain cold fusion in a new video?

  • jeff hruska
    jeff hruska Day ago

    10 billion? The government had to shut down over 5 billion.

  • Michael Ferrando

    We could more than likely create that type of energy but in order to "bottle a star" the hardest part is going to be keeping it from destroying the earth. If something that was smaller than a star but had the same type of energy output was made, itd be extremely challenging to harness it. Since its prolly gonna melt every single type of matter that it comes into contact with.

    • John DC
      John DC 20 hours ago

      I don't think we would risk building a fusion reactor with a similar power output to the sun though.
      Firstly, that would cost way too much energy. In order to actually make fusion happen artificially, you would need a lot of energy start up. That's why we aren't using it that much.

  • Peter Schubert
    Peter Schubert 2 days ago


  • Dandan681
    Dandan681 2 days ago +1

    Sounds like the plot of Spider-Man 2

  • Izzy Iz
    Izzy Iz 3 days ago

    Of course the US approach would be: Shoot it with the biggest laser available!

  • Springtrap and Freddy

    0:09 the computer is a black hole of images

  • JonahTGP
    JonahTGP 3 days ago

    Dutarium can fuse with itself to make tritium

  • Samuel Chapman
    Samuel Chapman 4 days ago

    Could you put trash in a fusion plant and kill two birds with one stone?

    • John DC
      John DC 20 hours ago

      Fusion reactors require light nuclei like hydrogen and helium though, not larger atoms and particles.

  • Glitch Loco
    Glitch Loco 4 days ago

    The sun be flexing on us

  • Zehao Li
    Zehao Li 4 days ago +1

    but a cup of water for a gallon for fuel isn't that much right? won't we run out of water someday?

  • VicariousReality7
    VicariousReality7 5 days ago

    I have a big vial of tritium on my desk

  • Andromeda M82
    Andromeda M82 5 days ago


  • Anip Nip
    Anip Nip 6 days ago

    masih ada bahayanya.

  • DrGeneralkumar82
    DrGeneralkumar82 6 days ago +1

    Ahh the dragonball z reference just made my day. :-)

  • GEFORCE RTX 2080 Ti 4-way SLI

    Build a sun on Earth vs build a solar panel around the Sun

  • Phyma 7
    Phyma 7 6 days ago +1

    So have I learned it right..only the increase in temperature (very extreme )in hydrogen gas will lead to fusion reaction??

  • This Dog Is Drinking Milk

    Isn't all Water made of hydrogen, I guess Saltwater has more hydrogen then Freshwater.

    • Grev
      Grev 6 days ago

      how? Saltwater = H2O + NaCl, Freshwater = H2O.

  • Vladimir Poutine
    Vladimir Poutine 7 days ago

    That Wallace and Gromit easter egg though haha.

  • Pwned 101
    Pwned 101 8 days ago

    Tell that to Elon Musk.

    TANTILIST 9 days ago

    Fusion FTW!

  • Osvaldo Gallardo
    Osvaldo Gallardo 9 days ago

    Lol the dragon ball refrence

  • Wise Ferret
    Wise Ferret 9 days ago

    A helium particle walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Sorry but we don't serve noble gases here." The helium particle doesn't react.

  • Esmooth 39
    Esmooth 39 9 days ago

    I was extremely lucky. I got a French horn from a guy who worked there. He took us for an inside tour in one of the two fusion reactors in the U.S, LLE is Rochester. One of the coolest experiences of my life

  • Skorpion hun
    Skorpion hun 10 days ago

    Yeah "free energy"in your dreems

  • Cheung Liu Fu
    Cheung Liu Fu 10 days ago

    US gov spend more than trillion dollars on military. Spending 10 billions looks buying a toy for those governments.....

    • Grev
      Grev 6 days ago

      If only it is as easy as buying a toy. The ITER project costs more than 10 billion already, and we are not close to fusion.

  • Millzy
    Millzy 10 days ago

    Put moon rocks in a rocket

  • Kyoko the saiyan
    Kyoko the saiyan 11 days ago

    Goku and piccolo fusing XD

  • Alpha
    Alpha 12 days ago

    Tritium is expensive because they are used in nuclear warheads, and building nuclear warheads is very, very expensive...
    Why don't they just dismantle the warheads and stop building them for more productive use of resources, especially tritium? Politicians all over the world say that they love peace, not war, and they never stop preparing to fight! How ridiculous things are in this planet...

  • Hanbie Ryu
    Hanbie Ryu 12 days ago

    I think this should be Elon Musk's next science project

  • amar ek
    amar ek 12 days ago

    Fusion power reasearch will not come untill our Oil reserves are sold by the Cash eating pigs.

  • Exult Death
    Exult Death 12 days ago

    I'm watching this video 3 years in the future.

  • Xtremex
    Xtremex 12 days ago

    You forgot taxes

  • Özgür Karagül
    Özgür Karagül 12 days ago

    3:00 communism

  • Husain Alaqmar Luvai Dawood


  • Connor The Canister
    Connor The Canister 13 days ago

    *_Fallout 4 intensifies_*

  • Jimmy Mallay
    Jimmy Mallay 13 days ago

    00:09 Wait what? Inception!

  • Lucas Eirfeldt
    Lucas Eirfeldt 13 days ago

    If I remember duterium Can fuse With itself to make tritium

  • VoodooG
    VoodooG 13 days ago

    The problem with Fusion is so clear here: "If... then maybe... might... possibly... perhaps... On the moon."
    This sounds like: "uncertain... unlikely... probably not... out of our current reach... not 0 waste... extremely expensive."
    If we need to make a permanent moon base for this to work, then it won't work, because other methods that are already proven, it'll be too late once we get there.

  • Koronoa S.
    Koronoa S. 14 days ago

    spiderman2 ?

  • MrJahanGuy
    MrJahanGuy 15 days ago

    I wanna hug that depressed plain hydrogen

  • shahriyar nishad
    shahriyar nishad 15 days ago

    and now my course teacher wants me to give a lecture on this to junior batches.. goddamn kurzgesagt is the best youtube channel

  • Eternal Library of Truth

    A fusion reactor 😂😂😂 scale the mechanical fusion device to the fusion energy needed per task and eliminate the old dumb concepts of entropy and classical physics. Accept that the only constant is change. The only concept of realitivity is what is it relative too and quit dividing all that we have learned over 2000 years into smaller categories. Learn how to direct energy like an orchestra. Be the Mozart of physics.

  • Soham Patil
    Soham Patil 16 days ago

    Please explain ring world

  • MrRealeyesrealize
    MrRealeyesrealize 16 days ago

    It’s amazing people exist to figure this stuff out. And it’s also amazing that humanity as a majority is too concerned with their social status or their religion being the right religion to actually find this more important.

  • Mohammed Hussainyh
    Mohammed Hussainyh 17 days ago

    loving the fusion dance between piccolo and goku lol

  • Unwanted Children
    Unwanted Children 18 days ago

    Is the tritium he is talking about an isotope of the normal tritium because the normal tritium is not very rare , I literally have some in my hand wile wrighting this comment

  • EcoDimension
    EcoDimension 18 days ago

    who wants tot see piccolo and goku fuse? 1:48

  • voidyss
    voidyss 19 days ago

    Please explain LFTR!

  • Naim Uddin
    Naim Uddin 19 days ago

    Please explain graphene

  • Atomic Adam
    Atomic Adam 20 days ago

    So, Bill Gates has 96.3 billion dollars. The US spends around 200 billion dollars on it's military. The US spent about 2.4 TRILLION dollars in 2007 for the war in Iraq. 10 BILLION DOLLARS IS LIKE POCKET MONEY FOR THE GOVERNMENT WHAT THE HELL U.S WHY ARENT WE DOING THIS???

  • Nicholas Natale
    Nicholas Natale 20 days ago

    0:00 CTRL - C CTRL - V
    "Would you like orbit? No? Well, how about orbit?"

  • Fabian Volf
    Fabian Volf 20 days ago

    What if the Sun is really just a big fucking fusion reactor from ancient civilisation?

  • Trudovik2000
    Trudovik2000 20 days ago

    После постройки реактора бензин все равно подорожает...

  • Shaik Nizamuddin
    Shaik Nizamuddin 20 days ago

    I think if this is implemented both advantage and disadvantage would occur due to radioactive waste it damage the atmosphere

  • The Midnight Terror
    The Midnight Terror 21 day ago +3

    Scientists: Can we spend $10billion dollars on a fusion reactor?
    Government: What's the magic word?
    Scientists: oh sorry, Can we spend$10billion on a "Millitary" fusion reactor?
    Government: Sure you can!

    • Grev
      Grev 6 days ago

      So what is the method for making sustainable fusion reaction then? And you do realize that Fusion bomb already exists, right? And the Manhattan project costs 22bil, so I doubt this will cost less than that.

  • supadox
    supadox 23 days ago

    lol that sad nucleus when it lost it's electron

  • Maris Staff70
    Maris Staff70 24 days ago

    And going to the moon totally isn’t expensive

  • fcuquet
    fcuquet 24 days ago

    "Nuclear waste is... well, nuclear waste". I love your videos, but what a shitty argument. It's not even an argument. Damn, nuclear waste is not even liquid like your drawing shows...

  • J. Schwahn
    J. Schwahn 24 days ago

    Make it out of bedrock... duh 🙄

  • Support Life Chose Me.

    this is how Fallout started.
    we have to eliminate the red menace before the nuke USA.

  • RitterDK14
    RitterDK14 25 days ago

    A glass of water equals a barrel of oil? What when we have turned all our hydrogen into heavier elements? No more water on the planet?

  • Pooh Zie
    Pooh Zie 26 days ago

    Will we have to wait 20 to 50 years for this tech to happen?

  • Lil' PEW
    Lil' PEW 27 days ago

    Make a video about photon bond please
    Oh yeah yeah

  • andose88
    andose88 27 days ago

    Dr. Otto Octavius had the tech. Hell, Dr. Eggman had that tech as well.

  • ashita vachhani
    ashita vachhani 28 days ago

    Please explain ion energy and how can we make it smaller than rockets ion engine's

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk 28 days ago

    Can you please explain Solar Energy?

  • NyaasuGaming
    NyaasuGaming 28 days ago

    Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world therefore having reproduction with him must hurt a lot.

  • Atemkeng Bekongncho
    Atemkeng Bekongncho 29 days ago

    When this fussion-mystry will be solved,then that will be the end of the world.....Mark my words.

  • Mohit Kumar Tripathy

    U r a fan of DBZ too

  • Mohit Kumar Tripathy

    Every nation of the world must contribute to this project if it can be proved anyway

  • life equals anime
    life equals anime Month ago

    Please make a vedio on working of nuclear reactor, ion truster and VASIMR.

  • Infinity Studios
    Infinity Studios Month ago

    The sun has no infinity energy it will die after billions of years

  • Hoioidoi Gaming
    Hoioidoi Gaming Month ago +13

    "It's a 10 billion dollar gamble"
    Americans spend 9 billion on Halloween each year

  • Kuldeep Rao
    Kuldeep Rao Month ago

    What kind of cooling system can control 100 million degrees temperature.

  • Psycho Wings
    Psycho Wings Month ago

    Get Elon Musk on the fuckin line he's crazy enough to do this

  • Daniel Newhouse
    Daniel Newhouse Month ago

    nuclear fusion parametry is what we need on a 10 rail grid to power quantum dischargers.
    Nuclear fusion beam is what we need on a 12 rail grid to power food replicators. It will cost more than cable TV.

  • Aman Jain
    Aman Jain Month ago

    Make a video on Chernobyl disaster

  • Indominus Rex
    Indominus Rex Month ago

    I don't get the fact when u say the cost of building fusion energy is very high...
    Well,... We all live here and anything we make will be used by us,.So how is something expensive?
    We are gonna use resources on earth to produce something on earth...no cost indeed....but if u talk about the human labour work...then there is a debate...

  • Doggs4Life
    Doggs4Life Month ago

    the real way to get fusion

    goku and piccilo

  • PandaAlex
    PandaAlex Month ago

    Oups ! You spilled some german at 2:24 :p

  • VGames 1
    VGames 1 Month ago

    Do not get me wrong, I am all for clean and efficient innovations, but we have to think critical. So we start mining helium 3 on the Moon, and we will mine and mine....and mine. In the end, we are wasting the Moon for Helium 3 just like we wasted Earth for mining coal. Basically, He3 is a fossil fuel as well it would not regenerate, or only after a long time. And when we use Water, is it then gone forever? It would be a pity draining the Oceans for "cheap energy".

  • Houng SoPhilip
    Houng SoPhilip Month ago

    plz create this app with offline video....

  • That Bearded Guy
    That Bearded Guy Month ago

    i have a feeling, if we ever get it, it'd get banned in germany because reasons........

  • Bxnce Gaming
    Bxnce Gaming Month ago


  • TheGameMakeGuy
    TheGameMakeGuy Month ago

    20 years ago Fusion energy will come in 20 years now fusion energy will come in 20 years and it is super safe 20 years in the future we have made an oopsie its a Supernova so sad can we get ONE MILLION Likes

  • jason joashon
    jason joashon Month ago

    6:15 atoms are cube

  • Ryan Ashey
    Ryan Ashey Month ago

    Failure. Until we figure out how to get the pressure up in fusion reactors to reduce the energy cost, it's not gonna happen. It's been 20 years away for 50+ years now.
    Sidenote: nuclear breeder reactors can be used to extract the excess radioactive energy from nuclear waste and convert it to usable energy. Not only do we get more energy from it, it also cleans up the nuclear waste we have lying around and makes it inert. It's also cheaper than blasting the waste into space or straight up burying it because of maintenance costs. We also have the tech now already and it's being looked at being used again now that it's alternative of enrichment has been fully used already.

  • PuR3 Clan
    PuR3 Clan Month ago


  • OlymPigs2010
    OlymPigs2010 Month ago +1

    ...what energy does fusion produce...heat?

    • OlymPigs2010
      OlymPigs2010 12 days ago

      +Teixas ...so it's a pretty crude system of producing energy...I mean in this world of advanced (fictional) Sci-Fi Warp Drives !

    • Teixas
      Teixas 12 days ago

      the reaction Radiates a significant amount of energy in the form of heat and charged particles
      in the interest of keeping the reaction self sustained however lets just say it radiates a lot of heat, said heat can be used to run turbines

  • Fredrik Studiee
    Fredrik Studiee Month ago

    Just want to chime in and say that conventional salt loop reactors cannot melt down either, and they have very little waste. They have been around since 1986. Altho most operational nuclear plants today was built in the 1970's and thus can melt down and does produce a lot of waste (Fukushima for example)

  • CaptStab 84
    CaptStab 84 Month ago

    It's 2019 and still no fusion. :(

  • יואב מגידיש

    Honestly a lot of industries with tens of billions of dollars, they don't want to do it for cuz they fear it will make their business absolete

  • Ognjen Janicijevic
    Ognjen Janicijevic Month ago

    But how do you control that

  • Space Engine
    Space Engine Month ago

    5:51 gay energy