Fusion Power Explained - Future or Failure

  • Published on Nov 10, 2016
  • How does Fusion Energy work and is it a good idea?
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  • Tarr Gaming
    Tarr Gaming 27 minutes ago

    So to get Helium-3 you need to harvest it from moon rocks? Isn't that just Portal: Moondust irl?

  • XerSpot
    XerSpot 7 hours ago

    goku piccolo :) you are awesome

  • Karina Camacho
    Karina Camacho 15 hours ago

    If we created a star on earth wouldn’t that star die soon and turn into black hole and make all of us implode on ourselves🤔🤔🤔

  • The Woodio Bros
    The Woodio Bros 16 hours ago

    You should do a video explaining fission and how safe it actually is and how little waste it produces.
    You say in your video "Well, it's nuclear waste"
    That is about as dangerous as it gets. you put it in a giant concrete or glass block and put a sign on it saying "do not touch"
    The amount generated is pretty tiny and once put inside a big block of glass or concrete isn't at all a harm to the environment. Easy, simple. fuck coal and fuck wind power.
    Solar is cool but batteries aren't good enough yet

  • Kardelen Ciritbeyi
    Kardelen Ciritbeyi 23 hours ago

    Füzyon reaktörü yapılabilse fisyon reaktörüne oranla çok daha yararlı olur.

  • Sean Hunt
    Sean Hunt Day ago

    The power density of the Sun is similar to a compost heap.

  • MR.martianz
    MR.martianz Day ago

    Just build arc reactor

  • QuickPro Studios

    0:09 Computerception!

  • Paul Steven Conyngham

    Explain neural networks!

  • Thanos The Titan

    We have this kind of tech on titan its worth it trust me im just your friendly neighbourhood titan

  • Noob MLG
    Noob MLG Day ago


  • Kyrtin Atreides
    Kyrtin Atreides 2 days ago

    If the people "working on fusion" had a better grasp of the universe in Amplituhedron / N-Dimensional physics terms they'd realize that destabilizing hafnium 178m to jump start a reaction with 1.7 GJ is actually quite easy, but in terms of energy density the sun is still a very sad joke, putting out very little energy relative to size, and only making up for that poor performance by lasting for billions of years. By the time they get a viable product out of decades of failure better options will already be available. Richard Feynman may be no saint, but he and Chris Wheeler recognized the inferiority of fusion's energy potential a long time ago. Investing billions in fusion research only yields results if the people you're paying are competent.

  • DJ S
    DJ S 2 days ago +1

    This channel deserves an oscar

  • eminemishh
    eminemishh 3 days ago

    Some cocksucker better cough up the cash. Instead of new aircraft carriers maybe if humans were to invest in acctually useful things...

  • GetJinxed
    GetJinxed 3 days ago

    Clouds have a very negligible effect on solar panels, I work with them and the clouds don’t stop them from collecting the energy they provide

  • Isaac Fig Newton
    Isaac Fig Newton 3 days ago

    I hear that they've successfully generated more energy from the fusion of a hydrogen pellet than it took to power the lasers to generate the heat to fuse the atoms.

  • Saisriram Sanjai
    Saisriram Sanjai 4 days ago

    if only trunks came earlier...

  • XXXGunner Sam
    XXXGunner Sam 4 days ago

    Lol 1:50 fusion dance

  • Troy Jimenez
    Troy Jimenez 4 days ago

    Tsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!! YEAAAH! COOL

  • Dalton.
    Dalton. 4 days ago

    I know this may sound werid but if the center of the sun is so hot then it will make a atom and when u cool the plasma could that make the reasourse back together then could u have infenite energy sorry if this makes no sense

  • Jadher Noel
    Jadher Noel 4 days ago

    0:56 just use my mixtape

  • Daniel Sosa
    Daniel Sosa 5 days ago

    In the meanwhile, USA is spending 5 billion to send a rocket to the sun.

  • Ninjarj 117
    Ninjarj 117 5 days ago

    I love the walus and gromet reference at 3:44

  • Roblox Basics
    Roblox Basics 5 days ago

    *Just do it*

  • Nandodando
    Nandodando 5 days ago

    Could you explain salt reactors please?

  • Guapo Music
    Guapo Music 5 days ago

    No man's sky

  • Sersomeone
    Sersomeone 6 days ago

    I love the humor

  • Sersomeone
    Sersomeone 6 days ago

    Nerf humans pls. Too op

  • alex dino
    alex dino 6 days ago

    "it's not a bomb"......yet.

  • Glenn Matthews
    Glenn Matthews 6 days ago

    Get rid of fruit

  • RitterDK14
    RitterDK14 7 days ago

    What happens when all Hydrogen is turned into Helium then? No more water? Oops.

  • Raenir Salazar
    Raenir Salazar 7 days ago

    We're not funding fusion anywhere near to the levels we should be.

  • Lincoln Smith
    Lincoln Smith 7 days ago

    Sun " you get a energy you get a energy everybody get an energy!"

  • Kartihk Kumar
    Kartihk Kumar 7 days ago

    Rocket engine

  • Scyride's World
    Scyride's World 7 days ago

    You got it wrong
    atoms are flat

  • Alejandro Arevalo
    Alejandro Arevalo 7 days ago

    Awesome video! I didn't understand that much, but they got my like when I saw a DBZ reference!

  • Ray Tracer
    Ray Tracer 7 days ago

    10 billion dollars? It's like pocket change for major military budgets.

  • Vallo Tubli
    Vallo Tubli 7 days ago

    There's no need for batteries to store energy for cloudy days. Simply store the energy for pumping water to a reservoir and use hydro energy while it's cloudy.

  • Siddesh Jammi
    Siddesh Jammi 8 days ago +1

    Dyson's sphere plz

  • Jason Meyer
    Jason Meyer 8 days ago

    Can you do a video and explain what are the things in my skin biopsys on my youtube?

  • the gamerator 10
    the gamerator 10 8 days ago

    Don;t you need Fusion Materials and the Spell Card Polymerization to make it work?
    Besides, that's a loooot of Fusion Monsters.

  • tailsftn XD
    tailsftn XD 8 days ago

    Ohh thats why cool!

    GALAXI WOLF 8 days ago

    1:52 LOL XD

  • Kai Waite
    Kai Waite 8 days ago

    To bad things that could SAVE THE WORLD still hate cost as a major set back.

  • 0GalaxyCat0
    0GalaxyCat0 10 days ago


  • Joe Biden
    Joe Biden 10 days ago

    Standing wave reactors...

  • Aktin
    Aktin 11 days ago

    Just think of this: Build a fusion reactor on the moon and send the energy as quantum to the earth. Where it's saved in energy tanks

    NASTZI JEWMUNY 11 days ago

    Why do no current designs incorporate the well known and paramount and easy to achieve the effect of magnetic plasma toroid sub-orbital induced auto-pinch (word salad, but i cannot think of it's formal name)

  • MGang TV
    MGang TV 11 days ago

    dope video

  • Nicolas Brinzoni
    Nicolas Brinzoni 11 days ago

    0:10 computerception

  • tetrahedron mind over matter

    0_o 666 carbon

  • Vtron
    Vtron 12 days ago


  • Douglas Pantz
    Douglas Pantz 12 days ago

    4:04 He-man
    Adventure Time

    WISDOMPHIΦΦΦ 12 days ago


  • Omair Ahmed
    Omair Ahmed 13 days ago

    Explain what is space and why it reacts with gravity?

  • Todd Blackmon
    Todd Blackmon 13 days ago

    Was anyone else's key take away from this video the fact that we NEED to see a fusion between Goku and Piccolo?

  • Brad Reame
    Brad Reame 13 days ago

    coming from personal experience.. we would be close to fusion reactors or have them if the government was not so cheap on scientific research

  • DavaGaming
    DavaGaming 13 days ago

    Maybe, with the Moon, we gotta can product Fusion for thousand of years, but, that meen we're on the same deal than the Petrol or Plutonium : *what will happen when we're gonna be out of helium3 ?*

    • A Faggot
      A Faggot 12 days ago

      Surely 1,000 years is enough for us to discover a new type of energy source though.

    • DavaGaming
      DavaGaming 12 days ago

      yes, i'ts impossible, but comparate to 5 billion of years it rest to the sun, somes thousands of years is absolutely nothing.

    • A Faggot
      A Faggot 12 days ago

      That "what will happen when we run out of (insert fuel here)" argument could be done with every-single energy source possible that isn't infinite energy, which is impossible anyways

  • stoneheart
    stoneheart 14 days ago

    And I found the Easter egg

  • Z Rez
    Z Rez 14 days ago

    I feel the presence of corporate funded miss information hmmm.

  • Trevor Pier
    Trevor Pier 14 days ago

    Tony Stark built one in a cave. WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS

  • dropdead234
    dropdead234 14 days ago

    One tiny problem. Fusion may not work like we think. Not enough neutrinos being emitted by the sun.

    • A Faggot
      A Faggot 10 days ago

      Except we already have working fusion reactors, bad thing is that none of them are capable of producing significant energy to be usable

  • Nathaniel mitrani
    Nathaniel mitrani 15 days ago

    My dad works in ITER, every 1/2 weeks he goes there. Most of the building is done but now they need to make the machine work. They say that in 2050 it will be done.

  • welcome to darkseid
    welcome to darkseid 15 days ago

    Dr. Octopus was right

  • Warpmine
    Warpmine 15 days ago

    Can we sink a well into the sun?

  • AwesomeGlitch 123
    AwesomeGlitch 123 15 days ago

    I am from the future, people are doing it so i guess gg?

  • Leonardo Neves Simões

    Hello guys, thanks for your amazing work!! Would you consider explain us how do we experience our senses perception and whats is its relation to the witness consciusness that we are inside. Thanks and have an amazing day

  • Damian Toczek
    Damian Toczek 16 days ago

    The problem i see... is money.
    It can't be done because:
    A: Humanity is to stupid.
    B: We are lazy.
    C: Because "It's to expensive"

    • A Faggot
      A Faggot 10 days ago

      Except everyone agreed that no nation can ever own the moon, or a planet

    • Miyaten Meiritsu
      Miyaten Meiritsu 14 days ago

      And humans fighting over resources. If we have to mine Helium-3 on the moon, the superpowers on Earth will fight for their own mining privilege at the Moon and denying it to their non-allies.
      Oh, and nations will compete to create, improve, militarize and sabotage these reactors too, sometimes crying "technology stolen" and whatnot, because we don't like seeing our enemies prosper.

  • Spooksly
    Spooksly 17 days ago

    Just a future update (I'm not aware whether or not it already existed when this video was made) but in france they are building a fusion reactor based on the russian concept back in 1960 which uses magnetic fields to keep the plasma into place, right now it is said that it will be finished by 2025 and that if the calculations are correct it would need an input of only 50 MW of power while outputting 500 MW of power

    • Spooksly
      Spooksly 16 days ago

      I forgot to mention something
      The way they fixed the efficiency was by going, let's make it's bigger.
      If I recall correctly it has a floorspace of 1 square kilometer.
      And yeah, I would have preferred the Helium from the moon too.

    • JD Marshall
      JD Marshall 16 days ago

      That's awesome, thanks for the update, really wish we had that Helium from the moon so more of these experiments could be tried out

  • nochtczar
    nochtczar 17 days ago

    It's worth researching, but in the meanwhile we have to start replacing our fossil fuel plants with cleaner sources such as fission, solar-thermal and wind turbine

  • Carlos_A_M
    Carlos_A_M 17 days ago

    Mans not bomb

    MOSTAFA ALINIA 17 days ago

    please explain producing power with melting salt

  • George Muriithi
    George Muriithi 18 days ago

    really awesome video... i always like the way you break down complex concepts into simple explanations (am in love with your animations & birdies 😍😍)
    i have a small request... can you please make a video on cold fusion? 🙏 thanks 😁

  • Godwin Enao
    Godwin Enao 18 days ago

    if the person dies in space ? what happen to the body of the person?

    • A Faggot
      A Faggot 12 days ago

      Body would most likely freeze along with all the blood vessels bursting maybe, apart from that, nothing else unless it miraculously gets hit with a meteor/asteroid which is extremely lucky/unlucky

    • Carl Tackett
      Carl Tackett 18 days ago

      Well... if they don’t have a space suit on they would probably inflate

  • Jojo Fam
    Jojo Fam 18 days ago

    I saw a movie about sifting the moon for helium or a mineral

  • Alexander 057
    Alexander 057 19 days ago

    I already knew what this was just from the intro. Dyson sphere!!!!

  • Noob Selfish
    Noob Selfish 19 days ago

    well, the Vietnamese caption write: Kurzgesagt: in a pine cone.

  • Frederick Lubaton
    Frederick Lubaton 19 days ago

    do documentary about heavy water. is it important

  • Ganesh Rasane
    Ganesh Rasane 20 days ago

    My dream is nuclear energy power plant it's should be completed in 31/12/2020

  • Ganesh Rasane
    Ganesh Rasane 20 days ago

    Super sir

  • Digi20
    Digi20 20 days ago

    The money spent on fusion power research (while in the billions) is basically nothing compared to just the military budget of a typical european country, let alone the USA. but as stated, its unproven technology and governments dont relly invest in such things. i guess the only way we can aquire fusion power in our live-times is with private companys (not unlike the new "space race" where private companys like space x and blue origin did more for the technology in one decade than government run agencys did in the last 50 years) . there are already some out there, and as technology progresses, it might become feasable. hopefully.

  • TXP Ghost
    TXP Ghost 20 days ago +2

    10 billion dollars? Just cut the military budget from $700b to $690b for one year, and problem solved!

  • Cellogasm
    Cellogasm 21 day ago

    So... Dock Ock in Spiderman 2 was bullshitting about Tritium🤔🤔🤔

  • Caden Richter
    Caden Richter 21 day ago

    do you guys not monetize your videos?

  • Lewis Rueda
    Lewis Rueda 21 day ago

    Someone can explain what happened in Fallout 4 when destroying the institute with a fusion reactor? And why if that's the case fusion cores don't last decades?

  • Gerrit Okkema
    Gerrit Okkema 22 days ago

    meltdown ?


    just use the released tritium as fuel.....

  • Krystal Myth
    Krystal Myth 22 days ago

    Unlimited free energycs number one hindrance is cost? Cost? Like this species could harness a sun but it costs too much. Like we would face energy crisis and the inhibition of advancement in humanity because of cost. What's it going to take for humans to band together, an alien attack?

    • A Faggot
      A Faggot 10 days ago

      World peace is impossible imo, there will always be groups of people who's opinions clash with other people, only way to have world peace is for humans to miraculously develop a Hive-mind

  • Xavier Robinson
    Xavier Robinson 22 days ago

    Ayyyy Z machine pride in Albuquerque

  • Ssnakee
    Ssnakee 23 days ago

    Now all we need is uu-matter. (Tekkit reference)

  • NeXonical.
    NeXonical. 23 days ago

    Want free energy try using redstone torches

  • Constantine Kramarenko

    I say keep building Fusion experiments, even if it doesn't produce viable fusion science always has a habit of making itself useful in unpredictable ways.

  • Constantine Kramarenko

    Lol @ DBZ reference.

  • merjhon 123
    merjhon 123 24 days ago

    what about fixing the ozone layer

  • atax45x
    atax45x 24 days ago +1

    If we use that eventually our water in the earth will run out of.

    • atax45x
      atax45x 6 days ago +1

      Ok. It won't run out of but it will decrease mostly.

    • zaheer khan channel
      zaheer khan channel 14 days ago

      *Earth has trillions of gallons of water, It'll never ever run out. But, you will... :-)*

    • ilmu011
      ilmu011 19 days ago

      atax45x You're kidding, right?

  • James Peterson
    James Peterson 24 days ago

    Heck I'm sad y'all didn't put dock ock in the vid

  • M Glasser
    M Glasser 24 days ago

    You could do laser fusion with power lasers powering a micro star for power but thats sci-fi

  • Joey Koningsbruggen
    Joey Koningsbruggen 24 days ago

    I wish they made a new one now that the private ventures of General Fusion and SPARC have made the government's ITER look silly.

  • Malcolm Akner
    Malcolm Akner 25 days ago

    I find it hilarious that we still think of wind turbines and hydro electric as "green and sustainable alternatives". Holy shit no, go nuclear, go gen IV, go Thorium and most of all, go fusion. These technologies need funding and R&D, don't litter the entire planet with useless fans of fans!

  • Marxism Sucks
    Marxism Sucks 26 days ago +1

    This is a great video I show to everyone when the subject comes up. Which is maybe 1-2 times per year. And that’s the reason we don’t have nuclear fusion: there is almost no public awareness of it.
    Nuclear fusion is a proven idea. If we have any doubts, just look up at the sky every day (not directly of course). It’s an engineering issue, not a concept issue. $10 billion may seem like a lot of money - and it is. But we spend more than that every year in the US alone on unproven, obsolete, or inefficient energy technologies like fossil fuels, solar, wind, and hydro.
    More public awareness and promotion for nuclear fusion, and less for dead end “green” tech, and fusion will finally get the funding it deserves. And in a generation we will have solved our energy problems.