Fusion Power Explained - Future or Failure

  • Published on Nov 10, 2016
  • How does Fusion Energy work and is it a good idea?
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  • Pradeep
    Pradeep 19 hours ago +1

    Stop social security and there will be more than 10 billion $ to spend on it.

  • Nazmus Saquib
    Nazmus Saquib Day ago

    After watching this video my head was in a nutshell

  • Sam Edenburn
    Sam Edenburn 2 days ago

    Going to the moon for some helium filament

  • Steven Parada
    Steven Parada 2 days ago

    Nuclear energy is so dangerous Obama didn't fund it in the Recovery "Act"

  • Soviet Union Jack
    Soviet Union Jack 3 days ago

    Tokamak energy have made this video old news.

  • Aceeton
    Aceeton 4 days ago

    10 billion gamble yet america spends 600bil + a year on military

  • Wesley Nielsen
    Wesley Nielsen 4 days ago

    Anybody else get a rush of pleasure whenever he says "in a nutshell" in the videos?

  • Steve-o
    Steve-o 4 days ago +2

    🌤Hi Sunshine, I think your way of thinking about Energy might have some problems with development, but this is my opinion an no one else's. To rely on capitalism to develop nuclear fusion may lead to a pathway to Human destruction. Using the Energy of the Planet with total agreement of the Earth's occupants may be a better solution for the Planet an it's Occupants, again just my opinion. Do you know anything about the Energies that can be produced by Pyramids?

  • Marc T
    Marc T 4 days ago

    The conclusion here is pretty much nonsense. Spending more money on a reactor does not automatically make a better reactor, and there are many many lines of fusion research that are still ongoing. We _will_ have a practical fusion reactor within the current century, but there are also many practical problems that need to be worked out, and even when we discover something new or useful, testing those discoveries requires constructing a new test reactor which takes both money and time. In turn, only designs which show a high degree of promise or which would allow us to learn many new things actually get considered to be funded and constructed.
    Scientists are often very bad about wasting money, and fusion reactor research is so expensive that it could easily burn the world's economy into the ground without producing any result, which is why we have to be very selective about what we waste taxpayer dollars pursuing.

  • moharexx
    moharexx 4 days ago

    rename it: how to get assassinated by big oil companies

  • postblitz
    postblitz 4 days ago

    There's literally no reason to think the balance of "energy spent" to "energy gained" would ever shift and so is the "promise" of "unlimited energy" a lie that's so "too good to be true" it makes Santa Claus look like a genuinely proven daily phenomenon.
    How about just promote nuclear powerplants for now instead of coal and all the other nasty ones, use clean energy as back-up and just clean-up the rest of our environment like the cars and planes and yachts.

  • Foxtrot Delta
    Foxtrot Delta 5 days ago

    I love the DBZ Kai and Wallace and Gromit easter eggs-pretty much every video has cool easter eggs in it.
    And they're brilliantly educational too.

  • Sebastian Kranzinger

    2:25 slipped in a german word ;)

  • Ratophobia
    Ratophobia 5 days ago

    1:44 funniest part ever!!!!

  • Supertyp
    Supertyp 6 days ago

    10 Billion? That means, Zuckerberg, who did nothing else but sell our data, alone could fund 5 of this and still have 9.5 billion to spend for parties and hookers?
    10 Billion is not that much of money if you put on the right perspective.

  • PLEXER 13
    PLEXER 13 6 days ago +1

    I think its a little bit Odd, that one of our own creations, is one of the biggest things that holds us away from expanding humanity:

  • Mr Slinky dragon
    Mr Slinky dragon 6 days ago

    magnetic confinement reactors will be the ones to be used, the fuel would be easier to add to the chamber (pump it in at a steady rate) than that of a laser based reactor which would need the reactor to be shut down and a new pellet added each time...

  • CodeCrafter 1
    CodeCrafter 1 8 days ago

    0:09 to understand recursion, first understand recursion

  • George Pavlou
    George Pavlou 8 days ago

    Every single of your videos is build around “IF” and “MAYBE”,that’s life

  • Isaiah Overholt
    Isaiah Overholt 8 days ago

    1:53 FUSION :P

  • kjetil Bergesen
    kjetil Bergesen 9 days ago


  • Castsmith
    Castsmith 9 days ago

    I thought you need 2 saiyan to do the fusion?

  • Stock Market 101 - Stock Market Videos

    I'll fund the moon base!

  • Reece Lenz
    Reece Lenz 9 days ago

    Its fision

  • Niki Purizo
    Niki Purizo 10 days ago

    Do thorium reactors!!

  • David G
    David G 10 days ago

    I think another technology has outrun fusion. They'r called H2IL They have some informative videos on their game changing technology and a interesting video comparing it to the efficiency of fusion. Worth investigating.

  • theultimateJJ
    theultimateJJ 10 days ago

    2:25 Warte warte warte, Hohlraum ist ein englisches Wort?

  • Catcrumbs
    Catcrumbs 11 days ago

    Don't let perfect be the enemy of the good: fission power now while we work towards a fusion future.

  • Streety McCarface
    Streety McCarface 11 days ago

    60 deaths from coal mining per 1000 kWh seems really really off...

  • Fernando B
    Fernando B 12 days ago

    thanks, great video

  • ferdous ahmed
    ferdous ahmed 12 days ago

    How many likes do I have to give you guys?

  • Mateo Ceballos Querol
    Mateo Ceballos Querol 14 days ago

    it seems to me like governments would only fund fusion power if it were used in weapons.....what a sad world we live in

    • kovona
      kovona 7 days ago

      Proven oil reserves now stand at around 1.7 trillion barrels. At current rate of consumption, we'll exhaust it in a little over 50 years. Taking the fact that oil companies tend to overestimate their assets in order to inflate their stock portfolio and consumption is still on the rise, it could be even less. Global natural gas reserves are in the same situation. Coal will last us for at least century, maybe less if the remaining coal is diverted to produce hydrocarbon products that once came from crude oil. Either way, a crash in supply is coming within the next four decades.

    • IExist
      IExist 7 days ago

      What are you talking about? We have lots of fossil fuels left. They will just destroy the earth's climate by carbon emissions but that's something else

    • kovona
      kovona 11 days ago

      Uncontrolled fusion initiation is waay easier to attain than controlled ones that can be harness for power generation. Thermonuclear devices simply use a powerful fission explosion to kickstart the fusion reaction. We are getting closer with controlled fusion, ITER is expected to reach or surpass zero net in 20 years. Than we have another 20 years to make fusion energy practical before fossil fuels run dry...

  • NotoriousSkittles
    NotoriousSkittles 14 days ago

    Are we all missing the fact that the Sun is filled with bitcoins?
    We need to mine the Sun!!!

  • Ray Trillz
    Ray Trillz 14 days ago

    go hear my new song on my page dawg

  • nox ghoster
    nox ghoster 14 days ago


  • Moto arzan
    Moto arzan 14 days ago

    Let me get this straight. Build star on earth spending billions. Make energy. Spend millions to erect 10's thousand of kiliometers of cables all over country to distribute energy. Spend millions to maintain distribution system. Isn't there already a star way far away in space where it cost no money and is already FREE. And the energy from it falling all around us for FREE, in unlimited quantities, for the next millions of years???? The same amount of money spent towards fusion technology could accelerate R&D on solar panels making them close to 100% efficient and 1/100th the cost, and still probably buy a set for every family on earth.

    • IExist
      IExist 7 days ago

      Only a very small amount of the sun's rays hit the earth. Not to talk about the poles. It's possible, but probably not the best solution

    • kovona
      kovona 11 days ago

      The problem is storing that energy and making it available when the sun is not there in the sky. Solar cells are already cheap to make, but the storage systems that make them usable on demand are not. To build a 12 hour grid battery large enough to power a large city like Dallas will cost upwards of $400 million with existing technology. Pumped hydro will cost half that to build and have much less upkeep/overhaul costs, but can't be built everywhere. Both fusion and solar have their own merits and shortcomings.

  • Adithya Kosgi
    Adithya Kosgi 15 days ago

    Being as popular a channel as you are, you guys would be making quite an impact to the whole nuclear power world if you were to do a video on the Thorium-based reactor - with both a history as to why research on it was quelled and how it could revolutionize nuclear power in the short term - a much shorter term than fusion power - without nearly the safety hazards of plutonium-based reactors.

  • Rinkki Kkumari
    Rinkki Kkumari 15 days ago

    It is unviable because slowly in a 1000 years the amount of water on earth would become very less

  • SlothInSpace
    SlothInSpace 15 days ago

    Im wrighting an assignenment about this, is there any way for me to get your sources?

  • Pip Squek
    Pip Squek 16 days ago +1

    They got Guko and Piccolo reference lmao

  • Jesp9435
    Jesp9435 16 days ago

    Wait, so what’s the difference between tritium and hydrogen-3?

  • Kelsey Samples
    Kelsey Samples 17 days ago

    Mr. Nucleus I don't feel so good

  • TheLegion28
    TheLegion28 17 days ago

    Me: elon musk we need to make a moon base
    Elon Musk: no
    Me: we can make fusion reactors
    Elon Musk: ...


  • The KING
    The KING 18 days ago

    Human reproductive system

  • Odilson Braz
    Odilson Braz 18 days ago

    The problem is not solely cost, but the energy needed to get to the right temperature is higher than the energy we would harvest from it. There is a quite considerable amount of wrong info in this video (like saying that nuclear is bad for the environment, and showing explosions during a meltdown), but I don't know enough to explain why.
    Tbh, this video falls in the category of vids that I don't know if I should hit the like or the dislike, because it has a good production quality but the info is simply not right.

    • IExist
      IExist 7 days ago

      Uhm, that's what they said. Right now we don't have efficient enough systems to gain energy from the process. But that's why we need to spend money on research for it.
      The sun manages to make energy from fusion, it's possible, if that's what you're thinking

  • Luke AOD
    Luke AOD 18 days ago

    1:33 "and releasing energy in the process". I can't find an actual scientific explnation of whats actually going on. On an atomic level what actually happens? Does it give up subatomic particles or something?

    • kovona
      kovona 11 days ago +1

      I'll give it a shot. In fusion reaction between deuterium and tritium, a deuterium nucleus (1 proton + 1 neutron) are bought close enough to merge with a tritium nucleus (1 proton + 2 neutron). The result is two protons + two neutrons hook up to form a new type of nucleus (that of helium-4), while a free neutron gets kicked out of the party. By some virtue of physics voodoo (nuclear binding energy), the resulting helium-4 is actually *slightly* lighter in mass than the actual weight of the 2 neutrons + 2 protons that went in to make it. So you expect 2 +2 = 4, but it actually equals 3.98. The missing 0.02 of missing mass has been converted into energy. A very large amount of energy.

  • Goutoda Aki
    Goutoda Aki 18 days ago

    Hi Kurzgesagt! Ich denke ihr habt vergessen "Hohlraum" zu übersetzen ^.^ (2:24)

  • MIKI
    MIKI 19 days ago

    The best video !
    Can you explain biochemist energy?

  • Tal Tamir
    Tal Tamir 20 days ago

    What people forget when they talk about "nuclear waste" is that it is less radioactive than the nuclear fuel we mined out of the ground in the first place. We can put it literally where we found the original nuclear fuel, only now there would be less radiation in said mine because of most of it being used up by humans to produce energy. Nuclear is not a renewable resource, but a limited quantity fuel we take out of the ground, just like petrol.

  • TsarDragon
    TsarDragon 20 days ago

    Thank you for the DBZ reference

  • Y002b Watermelonshark
    Y002b Watermelonshark 20 days ago

    0:09 kurzgesagtception

  • Alan Q. Wake
    Alan Q. Wake 21 day ago

    Let's do it! Fusion2100

  • M R C O M B I N E
    M R C O M B I N E 21 day ago

    Thanks for helpin with the paper

  • Daniel Price
    Daniel Price 21 day ago

    Okey dokey now tell us how to make it create more energy than is needed to power the system while being cost-effective and with enough fuel and you’ll get that Nobel prize

  • nicolas thorne
    nicolas thorne 23 days ago +2

    You should put your sources so we can learn more about this topics and do some self research (like books, authors, etc). LOVE YOUR VIDS, get this comment to the top so they can see it.!!,

  • Bake. Bean
    Bake. Bean 23 days ago

    Bring me the tridium.

  • Manjunath Neelmath
    Manjunath Neelmath 24 days ago +1

    Explain about fracking.

  • Obama In Space
    Obama In Space 25 days ago

    This is the plot of Anno 2205

  • santosh Chauhan
    santosh Chauhan 26 days ago +2

    A fan of dragon Ball super and its fusion.?

  • Binichmoses zwei
    Binichmoses zwei 26 days ago

    question: if the sun implodes after its ,,done,, burning, creating a black hole why would that not happen with fusion power as well? why should fusion power just cool down if its using a similar or the same method of energy ,,making,, as the sun? how high are the chances of creating a black hole?

  • KCTE GaminG
    KCTE GaminG 27 days ago +1

    Surely 10 billion couldn't be too hard, when the world spends 1.9 trillion on warfare every year.

  • Tim the 16-Bit Nerd
    Tim the 16-Bit Nerd 27 days ago +2

    3:40 LOL Who else gets that reference

    P.S. its from walace and gromit the rong trousers

  • Jake Brown
    Jake Brown 27 days ago

    Cost is everything. If what the video says is true and the energy is unlimited at no further cost eventually they won't make money from it then the energy industry will almost become dead.

    • IExist
      IExist 7 days ago

      It's not unlimited with no further cost.
      It will cost money to mine helium-3. It will cost a little bit of money to pump water and get the needed atoms. It will cost money to operate the reactors and maintain them.
      Helium-3 and the water isotopes will eventually run out. But so will the sun. So they're basically unlimited, but technically not.

  • Hyxpel The Un0riginal
    Hyxpel The Un0riginal 28 days ago

    no danger = no fun

  • Chloe Stone
    Chloe Stone 28 days ago

    The hardest part of fusion is getting your power level to match the person who you are fusing with.

  • onyi oji
    onyi oji 28 days ago

    dang man u got lots of subscribers

  • Gamer harish
    Gamer harish 28 days ago

    Better go for fusion

  • Nilson Oliveira
    Nilson Oliveira 29 days ago +2

    This is electricity 2.0

  • Лев пересада

    Так что я не хочу термоялерный реактор. Как так я хочу чтобы была вода. Потому что она так просто исчезнет из земли. И будет планета пустыня.

  • pan drzewko
    pan drzewko 29 days ago +1

    0:08 look at the computer. INCEPTION

  • MrfantasticXX Gaming
    MrfantasticXX Gaming 29 days ago +4

    He we should do it.
    1 figure out fusion
    2 figure out a way of getting hydrogen
    3 realise helium 3 is a good choice
    4 realise there is loads on the moon
    5 we go to the moon
    6 we make a moon base
    7 we mine for a few years
    8 we bring it all back to earth
    9 we extract the hydrogen
    10 bang fusion
    11 we use it to propel our space craft
    12 we colonize the solar system
    13 we rule the galaxy.
    There is my plan...

  • Tien Pham
    Tien Pham Month ago

    Iron man?

  • Brian Goetz
    Brian Goetz Month ago

    What they are doing is making dirty nuke bombs it has nothing to do with free power

  • Brian Goetz
    Brian Goetz Month ago

    It runs on gas what is the point it will not run with out gas just like a car

  • hafiz_ridzuan harun

    fuuuuuusion hah.... gocolo

  • Gica Nanu
    Gica Nanu Month ago

    The fact that Tritium is so rare and is so useful for a new type of energy and we used it for nuclear warheads describes the humanity perfectly .

  • hamoodi 1902
    hamoodi 1902 Month ago

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  • Neon Endo
    Neon Endo Month ago


    İHSAN ÖZYÜREK Month ago

    I want to see all passage .where can I find?

  • James Hopkins
    James Hopkins Month ago

    Time to chach up

  • Agent Shot
    Agent Shot Month ago +1

    I want Fusion to power my ftx 9080ti 400gb VRAM graphics card and my AMD Breadripper clocked at 20ghz.

  • Rambo Luib
    Rambo Luib Month ago

    Dr. Otto Octavius did it already in 2004

  • The lone builder 457

    America: (finds large reserves of tritum 3 on the moon) Cancels missions to the moon
    America again: (finds small reserve of oil) we will make an expensive war for it blaming who lives there and make them pay for a wall!

  • Odysseus Of Ithaca
    Odysseus Of Ithaca Month ago

    In 200 years our great great great great great great grandchildren will laugh at us for using these type of methods the same way that we laugh at people in the 70s for using those kind of computers....

  • Odysseus Of Ithaca
    Odysseus Of Ithaca Month ago

    We already have fusion power....

    The United States military is the one behind the suppression of advancements in technology. just look at the advancements in computers in the past 10 years. yet we are still running on a crude oil combustible engine ???? all of these people scientist researchers people are universities are wasting their fucking time. We have this technology somewhere in a fucking bunker just sitting there please people wake the fuck up! We are being lied to every fucking day....

  • Game_or_DarckJ
    Game_or_DarckJ Month ago

    That will be the most good power source, but isn't yet created and petroleum will be useless and so people with huge power , they would threaten the scientist... Why petroleum exist!!!

  • Onur Tasci
    Onur Tasci Month ago

    Türkler burayı keşfetmemiş tabi canım bizim bilimle milimle ne işimiz olur

  • jesse rodrigues
    jesse rodrigues Month ago

    Hi brazilians!!!!

  • Kreesan Naicker
    Kreesan Naicker Month ago

    But can it run crysis

  • JaKsNERF, reviews and showcase

    What about thorium?

  • Just Phagocyte
    Just Phagocyte Month ago

    _Not to be confused with Dragon Ball_

  • Te C-Jones
    Te C-Jones Month ago

    Since this video came out, I've been tracking progress with fusion reactors, and I think there is some testing for a possible commercial one in either Germany or the U.S.

  • Skandar
    Skandar Month ago

    In Elon we trust

  • Elpresidente Elperez

    I hope they never find this energy.. come on i am saudi and this will destroy our economy

    • Joseph Hugo Tjiong
      Joseph Hugo Tjiong Month ago +1

      And we already find this energy, its in the sun, its just not viable for use yet, but there are experiments

    • Joseph Hugo Tjiong
      Joseph Hugo Tjiong Month ago +1

      Then expand your economy to more alternatives, not jist oil but many alternatives, trust me it will help in the future, so we could finally ascend to a type 1 civilization with fusion energy

  • SrmthfgRockLee
    SrmthfgRockLee Month ago

    well just cut off cigarettes n alchohol rather investin that then 100% waste it on smth bad we alrdy wasete so much money

  • iwantitpaintedblack

    only 20kg of Tritium on planet earth and i have a glowing keychain with tritium in it which will glow for 20 years or so, cant be that rare if it can be bought

  • 김대근
    김대근 Month ago

    korea no.1

  • Harold Hughes
    Harold Hughes Month ago

    1:48 goku and piccolo never fused

  • Batrisya  Aisyah
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    Ashraf Louati Month ago

    Zhang Behei where are you ?