Kathy Griffin Says She is Taking Back Her Apology for Trump Photoshoot | The View


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  • A G
    A G 4 hours ago

    Her CONNECTION with the military? Telling sorry jokes to soldiers does not get you a connection with the military!

  • A G
    A G 5 hours ago

    She may think she can take back her apology, but what she can't take back is her blatant show of individual STUPIDITY!!!!!!!

  • naxel37
    naxel37 4 days ago

    Ban Alex Jones from USclip and Facebook but nevermind this Wich holding Trump's severed head dripping blood!!! Ohh no... Lil slap on the wrist...,.

  • Miss Maww
    Miss Maww 5 days ago

    Lol oh Lord

  • Amairani Garcia
    Amairani Garcia 7 days ago

    The girl next to her in red 🙄Smh that girl couldn’t stop making faces

  • Barrios Groupie
    Barrios Groupie 7 days ago

    She looks her age -- 57

  • Mac Alton TV
    Mac Alton TV 7 days ago

    Every real question she deflected

  • MJR 9
    MJR 9 8 days ago

    This b%%ch is a lunatic

  • World Rover Rover
    World Rover Rover 8 days ago

    Can't Congress enact a law making Whoopi Goldberg illegal?

  • Jeffy X
    Jeffy X 9 days ago

    Kathy slides in seamlessly with this group of SJW skanks. She would be a great side kick for that Whoopi guy.

  • Rachel Aspögård
    Rachel Aspögård 9 days ago

    Some people will be so stupid and do anything to crawl back into the sewer.

  • Hop The Border Productions

    lol Trump supporters get away with everything SINCE FREAKING WHEN! We can't even get away with a comment, lol there's no way we get away with anything. People need to pop those Lib-bubbles

  • Hop The Border Productions

    tf This president isn't "DIFFERENT" kathy , You literally can't do those things on the public scale you did, It ISN'T freedom of speech when potential for Treason is involved and if you took the head of any average person on the street , Made a replica of there head held it up like you did with fake blood, That looks like a threat, And what you did would have been wrong with ALL presidents and with obama the lynchings didn't have a face behind them and there were isolated incidents and none of the photos had the person who actually made that hideous thing in them, They were on lawns and outside and the people with the faces in them got reprimanded yes they did. Again with Hilary Not the same thing, Yours clearly looked like an act of war It looked like ISIS and it looked like you were making a threat. I have no idea what you were thinking, Love that you don't hold back, hate how you don't pull back on the liberal propaganda train. I digress but point is, Treason has been against the law for ALL administrations and ALL must deal with it the same way and take everything serious even jokes, Kids get the swat team to there house for tweeting threats to the white house all the time, What you did was the same as tweeting a threat to the white house.

  • Woodrow Woody
    Woodrow Woody 9 days ago

    Yeah because we can all see the similarity of a semen stained dress and holding up a severed head to terrorism

  • chilvari
    chilvari 9 days ago +3

    She only apologized cuz she got called out on it. Now she's taking it back when nobody even cares anymore. What she should've done was OWN IT. Besides, what was an apology gonna do? The damage was already done.

  • Allen Michailov
    Allen Michailov 11 days ago

    she's never been funny, and she demented and ugly as F*c*

  • Brittany Lynn
    Brittany Lynn 11 days ago

    These women are trash

  • Harvey M8
    Harvey M8 11 days ago

    Women aren't funny

  • Venom
    Venom 11 days ago

    Kathy Griffin looks like Peter Pan

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith 11 days ago +1

    Desperately grabbing at relevance, not gonna happen you skeletal freak.

  • Mikhail Mikhail
    Mikhail Mikhail 12 days ago

    Ugly AF

  • W Zen
    W Zen 12 days ago

    Griffin is manic

  • Brady Peatross
    Brady Peatross 12 days ago

    She looks like Peter Pan

  • shannon stewart
    shannon stewart 13 days ago

    Looking like a skinny Peter Griffin. This lil boy will never learn his lesson.

  • Jon K.
    Jon K. 13 days ago

    0:49. Carrot Top has really let himself go. 🤣

  • Sabrina T
    Sabrina T 13 days ago +1

    4:25 YYYeeeesssss Giiiirrrlll

  • Danny G
    Danny G 13 days ago

    Ok but why is she in Peter Pan cosplay

  • Matt H
    Matt H 13 days ago

    haha she cut her hair short you know shes going off the deep end now

    THUGGA BUU 13 days ago

    😂😂😂 whole lotta ugly

  • Ducklover23
    Ducklover23 13 days ago +1

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Ethan Nolastname
    Ethan Nolastname 14 days ago +1

    What she did was absolutely horrible. It was not the least bit funny, and just shows how fucking horrible she really is.

  • Jen May
    Jen May 14 days ago

    Whoopi needs to be fired.

  • Shanna Robertson
    Shanna Robertson 14 days ago +1

    I don’t understand why it was so fucking funny to take pictures of yourself holding a mask of the president covered in blood and posting it? No wonder she’s a failed comedian

  • Brandon Ramirez
    Brandon Ramirez 14 days ago

    She's really corny... like she tries too hard...

  • Trevor Griffin
    Trevor Griffin 14 days ago

    This woman is delusional. She's a danger to herself and others.

  • Chris Resendes
    Chris Resendes 14 days ago

    She takes her apology back, now that she knows it hasn't affected her career?! lol

  • Trev Mac
    Trev Mac 14 days ago

    *mentally unstable*

  • Daughter of The King
    Daughter of The King 14 days ago

    I don't think either side should try and justify cruel or hateful comments, suggesting that people of any kind should die. She has a right of free speech, But that does not justifies her actions. I don't believe she should be forced into hiding, we have all made an ill-humored joke or two.

  • EnRocko
    EnRocko 15 days ago

    Peter Pan on meth

  • Paul King
    Paul King 15 days ago

    No irony here re- Roseanne Barr

  • Mark Chaves
    Mark Chaves 16 days ago +1

    She is disgraceful! These ladies are horrible human beings! Hypocrites, they hate President Trump and his supporters , yet they say and do worse!

  • Ancient Evidence
    Ancient Evidence 16 days ago +1

    She's such a funny person, and she didn't deserve to get harassed by the Justice Dept. WoW, talk about misuse of power.

  • Chan
    Chan 17 days ago

    i love her lol

  • Alexander Hoang
    Alexander Hoang 17 days ago +1


  • Kate Hall
    Kate Hall 17 days ago

    Lol oh well everyone is too sensitive

  • Cleveland Todd
    Cleveland Todd 17 days ago

    Elf on a shelf....... lmao

  • Stephen Richards
    Stephen Richards 18 days ago +1

    after all the fucked up and violent things that Trump has said .. she was attacked for a ketchup covered mask. WHAT?

    • Stephen Richards
      Stephen Richards 12 days ago

      Patrick he continues to say fucked up things all the time. i don’t think she was correct but people took things to far with her

    • Patrick
      Patrick 12 days ago

      Stephen Richards while trump has said bad things in the past, he apologized for that, and shouldn't be completely judged based on what he said years ago. And it was a decapitated head of trump

  • Omari jackson
    Omari jackson 18 days ago +1


  • Heurheurheur
    Heurheurheur 19 days ago

    I *LOVE* her.

  • Mel Villa
    Mel Villa 19 days ago

    Thank you The View &Kathy Griffin I am an AMERICAN Citizen and I Respect The Presidency so the Fact that Trump is NOT respecting the Presidency He doesnt deserve Respect for his Unamerican TREASONOUS Acts Against USA The AMERICAN PEOPLE by using in Fact #PutinsPlayBook of Propaganda to Harm&Dismantle USA Values DEMOCRACY,which Makes Trump a FACTUAL TREASONOUS TRAITOR to USA The AMERICAN PEOPLE. #AwokeCitizen TrumPutinPence must be Removed for the Sake of Our USA Values Democracy,transparency for We The PEOPLE'S USA,it's Time to Impeach45Lies or DeathPenalty45Lies for TREASON Against USA.

  • lola acalain
    lola acalain 20 days ago

    "I don't mean to disrespect the presidency." But says that she doesn't regret what she did at all...Yeah okay.

  • Trinity Wright
    Trinity Wright 20 days ago

    I’m so happy she brought up the obama lynching thing bc that’s exactly what I thought when the backlash happened

  • Terri Wilson
    Terri Wilson 20 days ago

    She's Exhausting....

  • Jade Paulson
    Jade Paulson 20 days ago

    Should never have apologized.

  • lola acalain
    lola acalain 20 days ago

    Your jokes are not funny. A gun shot to the arm is funnier than you. Seriously.

  • lola acalain
    lola acalain 20 days ago

    So this is what Katy Perry will look like when she grows up? Sad.

  • Kwicked3
    Kwicked3 20 days ago

    She only apologized because she was afraid of losing her job. Now she’s over it and is back to her disturbing self. This shows that she never did care. Her apology meant nothing.

  • John Cahalen
    John Cahalen 21 day ago

    She looks like a very bad Drag Queen

  • Orange Bar
    Orange Bar 21 day ago +2

    I love her

    • djkennd2
      djkennd2 13 days ago

      She is a fucking idiot.

  • Gabriella Michalec
    Gabriella Michalec 21 day ago

    Wow, is her plastic surgeon's practice located inside her neighborhood WalMart??? See how insane, ignorant hatred makes these liberal beasts so indescribably ugly???

  • Joyc Ford
    Joyc Ford 21 day ago

    You lunatic. No one fucking cares. We dont like you. You should be in prison too.

  • maurico Rico
    maurico Rico 21 day ago


  • james smith
    james smith 21 day ago

    Kathy is a fucking lunatic.

  • Ghetto Lisa
    Ghetto Lisa 21 day ago

    Yet there are people defending James Gunn pedophilia jokes...

  • B. Fortune
    B. Fortune 21 day ago

    Peter Pan?

  • shawna jackson
    shawna jackson 21 day ago

    Gosh these ladies of the view if that’s what you want to call them are so annoying. I love you Kathy!! People get so butt hurt over everything.

    • Ghetto Lisa
      Ghetto Lisa 21 day ago

      shawna jackson Then why are you defending James Gunn pedophilia jokes???

  • Danny Workman
    Danny Workman 21 day ago

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH WITCHIE POO! Where is kuff n puff?

  • Ellie MM
    Ellie MM 21 day ago

    Oh, that hacked off head of the President is so funny. Hahaha. Oh, she is so funny and talented. What's next, her running over geriatric people? She's just too much.

  • daftacktwo
    daftacktwo 22 days ago


  • Ez Milone
    Ez Milone 22 days ago

    U all really need wine..calm down stop crying

  • Sophie Udell
    Sophie Udell 22 days ago +1

    Kathy should not be forgiven. It’s never funny to make any threats towards anyone. I can’t even think of what poor Barons reaction one day if he sees that picture

    • Sophie Udell
      Sophie Udell 21 day ago

      Ghetto Lisa who says I am?

    • Ghetto Lisa
      Ghetto Lisa 21 day ago

      Sophie Udell Then why were you defending James Gunn pedophilia jokes??

    MIGUEL GOMEZ 22 days ago

    8 years is right whooptie do said it. 😂🤣🤣

    MIGUEL GOMEZ 22 days ago

    Trump was never there because that was Bushe's and Obama's war and the conflict is reducing with a strong offensive no more let them flee tyo the next target like drones didn't see large movements they could have attacked the on the move with out risking civilians but their whole intent was to destabilise the region and use them for it. She should shut the FK up..

    MIGUEL GOMEZ 22 days ago

    What she did was just great right after we've put Isis down to an extent and watch all those Americans get decapitated.. good riddance if you think that was a cross the line joke.

  • Soho Haus Rules
    Soho Haus Rules 22 days ago

    I adore Kathy. I never talk to her though. Don't wanna end up in the act. But Bravo to her. A true original though I prefer to sit on the other side of Craig's if she's there. She hears everything and remembers everything and I don't like that. I say too much hehe. I prefer her via the screen where I am safe. She makes Soho House fun though, and Gaga knows we need it these days. X Jackie

  • Jason Morgan
    Jason Morgan 22 days ago

    We’re not going back after you. We’re done with you.

  • Razzle Dazzle
    Razzle Dazzle 23 days ago

    Ok so she's ok of a young child seeing a realistic mask of there fathers head decapitated? She's definitely mentally ill

  • higherlivingPJW Last
    higherlivingPJW Last 23 days ago

    KG has no tact. Well, if you ever wanted to know what Howdy Doody looked like in drag...hmm! Nothing against the dragsters, but she needs to stop!

  • Spirit Path
    Spirit Path 23 days ago

    Lookin' like a Teletubby.... ???retracted apology? - this spineless flop so blatently sucks up to any group for 'customers'.... sociopathic.

  • Zimba's Doom Corner
    Zimba's Doom Corner 23 days ago

    Kathy Griffin is a ghoul

  • Advance Merch
    Advance Merch 23 days ago

    I feel sad for these people . this gets worse as you commenters keep supporting it . you dont know the right thing to support. Liberal stuff is gross .

  • John Doe
    John Doe 23 days ago

    She looks like an elf lmao

  • A r t e m i s
    A r t e m i s 23 days ago

    Its like a trend to hate trump lmao

  • Noah Gavin
    Noah Gavin 24 days ago +1

    Yikes this was fucking cancer

  • KamekoBruns
    KamekoBruns 24 days ago

    I find it curious how so many feckless cunts on the left think that what Kathy did was "free speech" and yet hanging an Obozo doll was a direct threat.
    So glad to see the hypocrisy is alive and well on the left. It's the primary reason why I left the DNC decades ago and never turned back.

  • Lauren Hamilton
    Lauren Hamilton 24 days ago

    Lol! I love her.

  • Derek Dementia
    Derek Dementia 24 days ago

    wow, She is an ugly troll now? what happened?

  • Bobby Z
    Bobby Z 24 days ago

    No wonder she has no spouse she is a deranged lunatic

  • Ashleigh Layne
    Ashleigh Layne 24 days ago

    Ok Kathy serving neverland realness👏👏

  • Bobby Z
    Bobby Z 24 days ago

    Looks like she had her period on her head

  • Bobby Z
    Bobby Z 24 days ago

    Why haven’t people started selling her head with blood all over it

  • J St. Angelo
    J St. Angelo 24 days ago

    Liberate our entertainment industry from the Gods of Usury in London.

  • crod324
    crod324 24 days ago


  • Shanna Folden
    Shanna Folden 24 days ago

    👎I didnt know kathy went after President Obama too?

  • Mila Luv
    Mila Luv 24 days ago

    You go girl

  • Angela Payne
    Angela Payne 24 days ago


  • Jane Dough
    Jane Dough 25 days ago

    A typical vile violent liberal - one that I would not allow my own children to listen to - or go near her.

  • John Deer
    John Deer 25 days ago

    I didn't vote Trump last election, but I will in 2020. I can't wait to witness the mass hysteria from the Left when they lose again in 2020. I am actively making it my goal to draw all of my Dem family members away from the party.

  • John Deer
    John Deer 25 days ago

    These people are absolutely wretched, and the audience and people who support this garbage is worse. This Left culture is comprised of a bunch of people with daddy issues.

  • Tana Xana
    Tana Xana 25 days ago

    Delusions of grandeur.