GIANT Tetherball Challenge!!

  • Published on Sep 4, 2018
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 3 821

  • IsaiahLetsPlay
    IsaiahLetsPlay 16 hours ago

    bobby looks like an actual newscaster

  • Makayla Delamora

    The jokes got me dead 🤣

  • lil miss chatterbox
    lil miss chatterbox 2 days ago

    Ok can we just talk about how good Bobby looks?? I love the earings

  • Sydney Radachowsky
    Sydney Radachowsky 4 days ago +3

    I have never seen BOBBY so DRESSED UP! Lol

  • Mo El-
    Mo El- 4 days ago

    Love all your vid’s❤️❤️

  • Xxx Xxx
    Xxx Xxx 4 days ago +2

    Bobby you really handsome

  • Oscar Dragon2709
    Oscar Dragon2709 5 days ago +1

    When bobby said switch Bryan it the ball

  • landon pelchat
    landon pelchat 5 days ago

    J fread

  • Super Monocle
    Super Monocle 5 days ago

    10:02 that's hilarious

  • Midhal Pk
    Midhal Pk 6 days ago

    Wipeout challenge

  • Mason's Masonry
    Mason's Masonry 6 days ago

    Oof bobby be lookin cute

  • Sighentist
    Sighentist 7 days ago

    "Wha..? How did you get up here? This is the 21st floor." hahahah

  • JW Plays
    JW Plays 7 days ago

    Boy I’m fat

  • Bryson Evans
    Bryson Evans 8 days ago

    Someone is going to get hurt ⚔️😢🤾‍♂️

  • Alexys Lavis
    Alexys Lavis 8 days ago +1

    Bobby sould of got that he made fun of Joyey so ya please like I never got a like before

  • Lillian Andrew
    Lillian Andrew 8 days ago

    Bobby looks soooooo fancy

  • Jaylen Gebeck
    Jaylen Gebeck 8 days ago +2

    Did anybody else notice that Bryan hit the ball everytime the Bobby said switch

  • Dragon TM1
    Dragon TM1 9 days ago

    Billy held it in the first blind round

  • Al Duty
    Al Duty 10 days ago

    They brought the brachiosaurus back to life

  • Liam Donohoe
    Liam Donohoe 10 days ago

    Bobby low key looks like a news reporter

  • Advay N
    Advay N 11 days ago

    Bobby rigs the game for Billy. Brotherly love

    CHXMP 11 days ago

    from which channel is Robbert from?

  • Derek Smith
    Derek Smith 11 days ago

    Anybody else notice that the mentor for skill share had the name “ flex harder”

  • Brooke J
    Brooke J 16 days ago +1

    The final round made me laugh so much lol 😂 thanks for the joy tanner lol 😂

  • Alex Terrio
    Alex Terrio 17 days ago +2

    is it me or does billy look like james from big brother 18?

  • Yasin Awwal
    Yasin Awwal 18 days ago +1

    Bryan choose the right choice by drinking Bobby's drink

  • aleah dancy
    aleah dancy 18 days ago +2

    I love tanners happy attitude lol

  • Dusty_Puffs
    Dusty_Puffs 19 days ago +1

    Oh my Bobby looks like a ceo. So serious

  • River Meme
    River Meme 19 days ago +1

    bobby and billy sittin in a tree f-i-s-h-i-n-g

  • Brandy Adkins
    Brandy Adkins 20 days ago


  • Spring BOY
    Spring BOY 20 days ago +2

    Red is the couler OF wining

  • Aaron nguyen
    Aaron nguyen 23 days ago

    Uh that’s wall ball

  • TheDiamondTea [Otaku with a Aspen Wand]

    "Eh hes a eh hes a siamese cat"

  • Loghan !
    Loghan ! 24 days ago

    K. O. Popped on.

  • Typical Tortilla
    Typical Tortilla 24 days ago

    Oh look tanner actually did something active

  • nerf nelly
    nerf nelly 24 days ago


  • Elena Brown
    Elena Brown 26 days ago

    j fred doing the blindfold was entertaining

    A GHØST 27 days ago

    Bryan trying to slide on the ground represents my life

  • Mocha Cookie
    Mocha Cookie 27 days ago +17

    I've always wondered why Joey screams like that.. 🤣

  • Wanna sprite Cranberry

    Rip bobby peen

  • Xx_ThiccBean_xX
    Xx_ThiccBean_xX 28 days ago


  • cool Brown
    cool Brown 28 days ago

    i think he was saging but it was hilarious i about cried

  • Jennifer Bellinger
    Jennifer Bellinger 28 days ago

    1:17 is what your looking for

  • Money
    Money 29 days ago

    125? He actually that skinny? If so I weigh more and I’m 14

  • Jacob Burkett
    Jacob Burkett Month ago

    I feel like Bobby was altering the game

  • Riceasaur
    Riceasaur Month ago

    OGs vs. Newbies

  • Alana Doiron
    Alana Doiron Month ago

    Bobby said how did you get all the way up here I’m on the 21st floor but you could literally see him in the background when they’re playing the game

  • Alana Doiron
    Alana Doiron Month ago

    Green screen

  • Zonatepuma69298 /Emma

    Its not hand ball, its WALL ball!

  • Nicolaj Vangsgaard
    Nicolaj Vangsgaard Month ago

    I like how Joey hitting the ball straight into Billy while Billy is off to the side is interference. But Bryan pushing the other team around and standing in the way is not


    1:35 rip bobby

  • Jessie Melendy
    Jessie Melendy Month ago

    Bobby is so hot in this

  • CamCam Nation
    CamCam Nation Month ago


  • CamCam Nation
    CamCam Nation Month ago


  • Finn Williams
    Finn Williams Month ago

    Bobby: *gets hurt*
    Everybody else thinking to help
    Bobby: nah
    Everybody:*films and watches Bobby suffer*

  • Bomb Squad
    Bomb Squad Month ago

    Bobby always gets hit in the balls every video

  • Łøśer_ Kãtïe
    Łøśer_ Kãtïe Month ago

    Enter clip of Giraffe fight at 3:07

  • ksumser1
    ksumser1 Month ago

    Bobby should wear a cup for all of the challenges

  • Dark Elixir
    Dark Elixir Month ago

    2:37 Lol 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Ashie Lycan
    Ashie Lycan Month ago

    *sees bobby* *immediately falls on the floor nosebleeding because holy crap he’s fricken cute as hecc rn omg* like I’m actually confused at myself why is he suddenly so cute to me.

  • XJ Ethan
    XJ Ethan Month ago

    Bruh I played this in 5 grade 4 3 2 1 grade all these games

  • PotatoChip356
    PotatoChip356 Month ago

    Do you guys know it is wallball or is it just a punishment

  • Colton Cody
    Colton Cody Month ago


  • Mikayla Knowles
    Mikayla Knowles Month ago

    1:17 😬😬😂😂

  • Tommy Cowell
    Tommy Cowell Month ago +1

    blue team has a history

  • Anthony John
    Anthony John Month ago

    Why does Robert and bobby have the same clothes? 😂

    Jk i know they are both bobby.

  • nicoalex820 ELM
    nicoalex820 ELM Month ago

    That is a spitting image of bryancito

  • Nerds Rule
    Nerds Rule Month ago

    Joey 😂😂

  • Jeremiah Razo
    Jeremiah Razo Month ago

    I feel so bad for Bobby’s children

  • Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders from Mars

    Rip Bobby/Robert

  • Amanu Gilliam
    Amanu Gilliam Month ago

    The brontusorus was deadly to boby in the shot

  • Jenna Strobel
    Jenna Strobel Month ago

    Why do u see bobby’s set in 11:49

  • Gut's Hub
    Gut's Hub Month ago

    the y crotch shot must hurt

  • XwolfXGamer0408
    XwolfXGamer0408 Month ago +3

    if team edge is still a thing when i grow up i want to work for them. like if you want if you to!

  • shagy do
    shagy do Month ago

    I would have demolished tgen

  • David Rollo
    David Rollo Month ago

    You aren't better

  • Tim White
    Tim White Month ago

    Bobby is always hit in the Nono spot lol.

  • Niamh Rooney
    Niamh Rooney Month ago

    Ahaahhahahahahahaahhaahahhahahahaahahahha sooooo funy Mep

  • AddictExplore
    AddictExplore Month ago

    1:11 Bryan that wasn’t a joke

  • Halo Meow
    Halo Meow Month ago +1


  • Gunner Bright
    Gunner Bright Month ago

    Bobby should always where a cup around joey

  • ShadowCloneTy121
    ShadowCloneTy121 Month ago

    Love that cholo impression by Bryan

  • Caitlin Peart
    Caitlin Peart Month ago +1


  • Ray
    Ray Month ago

    Stop the Bobby abuse

  • Monique Sewell
    Monique Sewell 2 months ago

    im first
    i get free

  • Katarochan76
    Katarochan76 2 months ago

    I like clean boby

  • Pups Chaloopy
    Pups Chaloopy 2 months ago

    Hey! Look at the quart on Bryan's face ( like if you get my reference)

  • Pups Chaloopy
    Pups Chaloopy 2 months ago

    Oh yeah! And, how many brothers does Bobby have?!?!

  • Pups Chaloopy
    Pups Chaloopy 2 months ago

    2:44 let's get ready for some buzz up ay

  • Krista Jahn
    Krista Jahn 2 months ago

    Go skinny guatamalan

  • sub to pewdiepie unsub from t series

    I just wanna say how if it’s out of the line on the floor, it’s fine if it’s out of the line of the wall then it’s not fine
    Edit: black and white magic is also considered cheating it’s when you go above or under the ball and u don’t hit it I’m giving y’all a handball lesson c:

  • Unreadbump !
    Unreadbump ! 2 months ago +4

    Why does Bobby always get hit below the belt and when he does it's always joey and that's why joey is my favorite

  • Can we get this to 10000 subscribers?


  • BroncosFan_8818 Overcash

    🤔 Bobby and Robert weirdly look alike

  • shae smith
    shae smith 2 months ago

    why does bobby look FANCY

  • Sakina Riviere
    Sakina Riviere 2 months ago

    Pause the video at 5:50 and look at bobbys face

  • Xzavier swift
    Xzavier swift 2 months ago

    I hate joey

  • Noah Santiago
    Noah Santiago 2 months ago

    I thought Billy was the Bobby

  • Jake TV
    Jake TV 2 months ago

    I have a feeling that Bobby isn’t going to have kids anytime soon.

  • BravoSquad 001
    BravoSquad 001 2 months ago

    4:45 Inappropriate Language