Introducing my Widebody Toyota Supra!!

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
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  • DriipyD 23
    DriipyD 23 Day ago

    I like the low wing more makes the Supra look hella sleek but the big wing will definitely help you take flight ✈️

  • Eva Handriany
    Eva Handriany 2 days ago

    The killer GTR was 80eigty i better much right

  • Jskan Meme
    Jskan Meme 2 days ago

    Video starts 10:00

  • Ablicious 1
    Ablicious 1 3 days ago

    Omg Why would you ruin the Supra like that 😣

    SASKARA DAB 3 days ago


  • Daniel
    Daniel 3 days ago

    It's not a Toyota Supra. It's a re bashed BMW Z4. It has nothing to do with supra legacy because it's made by BMW all aground.

  • F-14トムたん
    F-14トムたん 4 days ago

    Is that a Supra !?

  • Aidan Bruggeman
    Aidan Bruggeman 4 days ago

    Lime green

  • Zonlander
    Zonlander 7 days ago

    Lol that looks shit

  • HAPPY Slav
    HAPPY Slav 9 days ago

    yellow brake pads

  • Di Ohanes Richi Christian Plenden

    You should try KARMA bodykit from Indonesia

  • Gaming Cooper
    Gaming Cooper 10 days ago

    The offset looks shit af

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia 10 days ago

    Nothing to compare with real cars like Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Maclarens etc

  • Encinaar Encinaar
    Encinaar Encinaar 12 days ago +1

    New bmw supra keeps failing to meet expectations.

  • Gabriel Bumanglag
    Gabriel Bumanglag 13 days ago

    I see this as rice to flex and not something to break laptops with...

  • Born 2 Win
    Born 2 Win 16 days ago

    My guy, the car was ugly off the lot but this, this right here, just made it 10x worse. But hey, your car.

  • Paman Ikan
    Paman Ikan 17 days ago

    are this viper car? 😅

  • Gabs Smith
    Gabs Smith 17 days ago

    That kind of supra looks ugly

  • Agung Nugraha
    Agung Nugraha 17 days ago

    Ngomong naon si mang teu ngarti Kuring mh

  • kongyu mok
    kongyu mok 18 days ago

    I would've rebuild this according to the FT-1 concept body

  • Joe150 ish
    Joe150 ish 18 days ago +4

    Your one of those guys that makes me think it's not so bad being poor:)

  • Loud Mike Media
    Loud Mike Media 18 days ago


  • Darryl Jackson
    Darryl Jackson 19 days ago

    Looks like tha Batmobile!!!!! Asian version!!!!!!

  • Brandon
    Brandon 19 days ago

    I like the kit but the wing not so much

  • Wan Farhaan
    Wan Farhaan 19 days ago

    Mute my phone zzz

  • ilham fadhilah
    ilham fadhilah 22 days ago

    Ooo atta halilintir

  • Wakandaforever
    Wakandaforever 22 days ago

    The rear 🤮🤢💔

  • loou26
    loou26 23 days ago

    Car belongs in a batman film. Looks like sh**.

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo 24 days ago

    take to papadakis first, then put HUGE tires on it, be the first

  • chuck white
    chuck white 25 days ago

    where do all these people in Utah make this money jesus

    • Wodz30
      Wodz30 23 days ago

      he moved from Cali to Utah...hence why he OBVIOUSLY does not fit in there lol

  • Kulas Nikov
    Kulas Nikov 26 days ago

    That wing looks so ‘90s, TJ ZHunt’s included!!!

  • Kevin Cheng
    Kevin Cheng Month ago

    Totally wasn't worth impressing the girl... not that they are impressed by purple Jeeps anyway. Omg that wing is ridic! Did they really sponsor you?

  •  Month ago

    The Batmobile!

  • GTRMclaren722
    GTRMclaren722 Month ago

    absolutly disgusting, at least put wider tires on that

  • dave Vera
    dave Vera Month ago

    The rev is so dope

  • Adammartini
    Adammartini Month ago

    Looked so much better in black and silver than that horrible flat purple... at least gloss purple it... paint it!! Omg so sick of wrapping everything

  • Caleb Salazar
    Caleb Salazar Month ago

    The Logan Paul of cartubers.

  • Lost WolveZz
    Lost WolveZz Month ago

    The fact James went from dumpster diving for a SEMA pass and now his Supra is 1 of 6 cars in the main gallery/hall

  • Scr3wBlu3
    Scr3wBlu3 Month ago

    I like it but I would make the make the grill bigger

  • mike r
    mike r Month ago

    Poor supra

  • Ag
    Ag Month ago

    It’s fugly

  • Shuya82
    Shuya82 Month ago

    I really like it, the wing does look pretty obnoxious from behind, but on approach it actually had a really mean presence. The new Supra gets a lot of hate but they are growing on me. Kit looks sick, looking forward to seeing it finished.

  • Bing Gaming
    Bing Gaming Month ago

    TJ’s is better

  • R S
    R S Month ago

    Looks fast. Not fast

  • Arnel08
    Arnel08 Month ago

    Omg... Just ruined that nice car!

  • Jan Büker
    Jan Büker Month ago

    The 80eighty is nicer.......sorry man.

  • 4B vEnOm
    4B vEnOm Month ago

    I hate the fact the car is black and I can't see anything about the supra...wanna see those wide body

  • Tony Ramirez
    Tony Ramirez Month ago

    And the floor full of freaking mud . 🤦‍♂️well Maybe you did clean it up🙌

  • Dr. Wisdom
    Dr. Wisdom Month ago

    That thing looks ugliiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!

  • _joshy24_
    _joshy24_ Month ago

    V 1 1/2

  • Rafael Bonilla
    Rafael Bonilla Month ago +7

    Damn why are there so many haters in the comments :/ usually it’s all supportive and stuff but geez. Keep up the great work and energy James you’re doing great things

  • Rafael Bonilla
    Rafael Bonilla Month ago

    1.5 wing is better

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia Month ago

    ugly assss fucking car

  • Yusuf Yasmeena
    Yusuf Yasmeena Month ago

    make the wheels lined up with the body kit

    • Alex Zutes
      Alex Zutes Month ago

      Lmao are you dumb? His wheels didn’t come in yet which he did say in the video? All wide body kits should have wide wheels and i think he knows.

  • NightKill 871
    NightKill 871 Month ago +2

    There is something I don't like about this guy

  • aimie botona
    aimie botona Month ago

    When the valves are closed the exuse sounds like the ther vibrating

  • Martin Nelson
    Martin Nelson Month ago

    Make the Calipers bright ass blue

  • Benjamin Malito
    Benjamin Malito Month ago

    I think the eighty-80 wing looks better.

  • Kevin Torres
    Kevin Torres Month ago


  • Will James
    Will James Month ago

    Someone tell him red doesn’t go with purple, that car is gonna be ugly af