Ladies Get Lit: Sunny Hostin Shares Her Must-Reads | The View


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  • sectionave
    sectionave Month ago

    I was only interested in Sunnys Summer Reads.
    Whoopi stop please. Enough already.

  • Cleopatra Anthony
    Cleopatra Anthony Month ago

    That second book sounded like a lifetime movie.

  • Cleopatra Anthony
    Cleopatra Anthony Month ago

    I need Sunny's hair care routine.

  • Shauna McIlwraith
    Shauna McIlwraith Month ago

    oh you mean she was self made? LOL

  • Meme Cakes
    Meme Cakes Month ago

    Love Sunny 💕

  • Monica Castellano
    Monica Castellano Month ago +1

    I LOVE Whoopi!!! "Ain't nobody gonna raise no chickens girl, go head!" LMAOOOOO

  • Pili MT
    Pili MT Month ago

    “Ain’t nobody tryin’ to raise those chickens! Go ahead girl!”
    I DIED😂

  • Stacy Smith
    Stacy Smith Month ago

    Love this segment.

  • George Golden
    George Golden Month ago +1

    Whoppi is so salty towards Sunny but when it comes to that spoilt rude brat she becomes a chicken .

    • James Baldwin
      James Baldwin Month ago +1

      I think it's written into her contract that she has to be nice to the racists, I mean "the Conservative" on the panel.

  • Psychologically P
    Psychologically P Month ago +1

    I love how you educate the audience Sunny! Keep it coming! I watch The View over all other morning talk shows because it provides an educated view on topics of today.

  • Handbag
    Handbag Month ago +1

    I like Sunny bc she has hens.

  • Queen A
    Queen A Month ago

    Go Sunny Go! Lol

  • Kobe Toby
    Kobe Toby Month ago

    Sunny looks so different compared to when she was on CNN

  • Azaad Sadiq
    Azaad Sadiq Month ago +2

    Bless Sunny for uniting Meghan and Joy together against the hen book.

  • B
    B Month ago

    She is so cute!!

  • Cody Meyers
    Cody Meyers Month ago

    “For those in the projects..”
    Oh Whoopi 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rose Johnson
    Rose Johnson Month ago

    Love your choices! Sunny!

  • Tyler Micha
    Tyler Micha Month ago

    Did she happen to get the name "An American Marriage" from Family Guy when Stewie wrote his own play in 2013?

  • Janey Wilcox
    Janey Wilcox Month ago +2

    Omg, LOVE Sunny so much!!! :) I'm gonna check these books out

  • S
    S Month ago

    3:06, Why do studio audiences some times have a shrieking person like they are suddenly falling fast through an unexpected hole?

  • Yasmine Bo
    Yasmine Bo Month ago +1

    sunny is beautiful, smart and classy. Love it. Love powerwomen as yourself.

  • Viola
    Viola Month ago

    I love the book recommendations! Is there a reason why they're doing it all week?

  • Sullie 415
    Sullie 415 Month ago +3

    Meghan was the only one who took a sip. Good for her. And Whoopi interrupted Sunny, but no one interrupted Whoopi when she showed her books!

    • Sullie 415
      Sullie 415 Month ago

      Anthony Allen what? Pfacious?

    • Anthony Allen
      Anthony Allen Month ago +1

      Sullie 415 chill whoopi was being pfacious, sunny opened that up for comments when she said "not my view girls"

  • Jessica O
    Jessica O Month ago

    I looooove Sunny!!! I want to be like her when I grow up, fat chance.

  • s0fa
    s0fa Month ago

    lol Whoopie is so funny. ppl in the projects be like "let's raise chickens!"

  • David Martinez
    David Martinez Month ago

    Sunny is annoying and I don't blame Whoopi at all. I know how you feel.

  • Ezra Von Hindenburg
    Ezra Von Hindenburg Month ago +9

    SUNNY is GOD'S gift to THE VIEW, HER HUSBAND, HER FAMILY, HER CHILDREN, HER FRIENDS and HUMANITY. She is E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G and M.O.R.E!!!! What a stunning human being inside and out. #MyInspiration! #Treasure

  • blramsey91
    blramsey91 Month ago +5

    I literally love sunny so much!

  • Phoenix G
    Phoenix G Month ago +2

    Love Sunny. She is truly Amazing!!!

  • Virginia Coleman
    Virginia Coleman Month ago +2

    I want the "Chariot on the Mountain" by Jack Ford!!

  • Juarez Alexandre
    Juarez Alexandre Month ago +14

    "Ain't nobody tryna raise those chickens." Why does Whoopi have to interrupt Sunny even when it comes to something this silly? What if the viewers watching actually want to raise chickens? At least pretend to be polite and to not envy Sunny's popularity with the audience for God's sake!

  • Liz D
    Liz D Month ago

    Oh a great list of books from a limited viewpoint. Of course she has to bring up slavery! And oh yea, you can use this book about raising chickens in the projects! Sunny is totally out of touch!

  • Desperado5501
    Desperado5501 Month ago


  • sandcastlecollapsing
    sandcastlecollapsing Month ago +17

    Sunny's always been my favorite, even though we don't always agree. She is a shining example of a human. Let's see if Whoopi gets disrespectful of the other girls' choices.

    THE COLOR MAGE Month ago +4

    ROTFLMAO seriously Sunny adds so much light to my life!

  • iggy 262002
    iggy 262002 Month ago +2

    Of course sunny suggest the book about chickens😂😂😂

  • donrainesoh
    donrainesoh Month ago

    I love historical books so much. A great easy fast read for adults and kids is: "Phillis Wheatley: Slave And Poet" by Robin S. Doak. It is filled with great information on the first African-American author to be published.

  • Angeliquelovely
    Angeliquelovely Month ago +6

    I lovvvveeeee Sunny more every show

  • antmagor
    antmagor Month ago

    They all go home with a bottle of the champagne as well suuny?

  • Danny Neyman
    Danny Neyman Month ago +3

    Everyone loves making fun of Sunny’s chcikens 😂🐔❤️

  • Lisa TheCatDude
    Lisa TheCatDude Month ago +7

    Aww those chickens are so cute. That was my favorite part. 🐓 🥚

  • Fenny Yah Taylor
    Fenny Yah Taylor Month ago +51

    Whoopi please let Sunny be great

  • Hipster B
    Hipster B Month ago


  • Paulina.
    Paulina. Month ago +29

    Whoopi is so rude. Just because she’s not interested doesn’t mean that EVERYONE who watches isn’t interested in raising hens.

    • Cleopatra Anthony
      Cleopatra Anthony Month ago +1

      dchi2012 It wasn't funny. She is too passive aggressive towards her.

    • dchi2012
      dchi2012 Month ago +3

      It ain’t serious it’s part of the joke

  • Ghassan Gammoh
    Ghassan Gammoh Month ago +15

    Love this woman so much. Such class, such grace, and repping the culture. Love you Sunny! ❤️

  • delirous8
    delirous8 Month ago +38

    Actually the Hen book is right on time Sunny. More people are wanting to take more control of what they want to eat even people with lower incomes. People are eating out less and cooking more at home.

    • Sullie 415
      Sullie 415 Month ago

      Cleopatra Anthony duh! And go tell that Whoopi.

    • Cleopatra Anthony
      Cleopatra Anthony Month ago

      delirous8 So true.

    • Cleopatra Anthony
      Cleopatra Anthony Month ago

      Sullie 415 Everyone does not live in the ghetto.

    • Sullie 415
      Sullie 415 Month ago

      delirous8 2:40 Projects are in ghetto.

    • delirous8
      delirous8 Month ago +2

      what is your obsession with the ghetto.

  • Marie Bonell
    Marie Bonell Month ago +10

    I am all over Sunny's book choices. Wrote them down and will be ordering them ASAP! Minus the "girls" book. Haha!

  • Trevin Morgan
    Trevin Morgan Month ago +19

    I wonder if Whoopi realizes that not all viewers live in the projects? There are plenty of people who raise animals and would find the book about hens interesting!

  • A J
    A J Month ago

    American Marriage is the best

  • Aneka P
    Aneka P Month ago +17

    I just love Sunny!!! I'm not sure about the chickens, boo!!!

  • Santa Maria
    Santa Maria Month ago +13

    Pray Whoopie doesn't lay her hands on those hens 😂😂😂

  • Taylor
    Taylor Month ago +1

    The first three sound great. The last one not so much.

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith Month ago

    Sunny sucks down $125 bottles is champagne?? ELITIST!!!

    • Liz D
      Liz D Month ago

      Right - then she returns to her house in the hamptons to tend her chickens.

    REAL TALK W. EMA STAR Month ago +83

    Ugh I love u sunny .. ur awesome

  • mayita77
    mayita77 Month ago +41

    meghan will never have the class sunny has.

  • Giselle Valdez
    Giselle Valdez Month ago +24

    Joy is still bitter about Bernie's loss to the Hostin Hens lol

  • Bryan Adams
    Bryan Adams Month ago +1

    Black men belong with White Women 🌚👸

  • Blah Blue
    Blah Blue Month ago +6

    Is it me are all British & French women, who have no other lineage, not so attractive? Clicquot looks like other British women I've seen. Queen mother is one that comes to mind. I mean in history without wigs, money and makeup they looked.... Then you look at say the other nations and see that their natural beauty was and is far surpassing that of the Brits and yet world over they brainwashed people into thinking that others were savages, ugly, pathetic while they were grand.

    • Cleopatra Anthony
      Cleopatra Anthony Month ago

      Blah Blue French women have a reputation for being the most naturally beautiful women in the world. A lot of models in Europe are either French or Russian. British women not known for their looks. I think with social media we are seeing a wider range of beauties from all over the world which can overshadow the conventional European standards of beauty.

    • Blah Blue
      Blah Blue Month ago +1

      Thanks for the correction. :)

    • Sophie Diacono
      Sophie Diacono Month ago +1

      Blah Blue Clicquot is French not British. Champagne comes from a French region by the same name.

  • Ellie Sherman
    Ellie Sherman Month ago +5

    Ill buy this for my cousin! She loves her HENS!

  • Joo Ki
    Joo Ki Month ago +3

    I liked Meghan's funny laugh when Sunny mentioned the book about hens. Made the whole thing even funnier.

  • Jayson Crady
    Jayson Crady Month ago +14

    I'm definitely intrigued with the 'An American Marriage' book.. sounds like a fun, soapy page turner :)

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts Month ago +21

    Love Sunny

  • Rachel 61
    Rachel 61 Month ago +33

    I'm loving all of Sunny choices!!!

    • Cleopatra Anthony
      Cleopatra Anthony Month ago

      Rachel 61 Me too. The third book sounds especially good.

  • Adam Islam
    Adam Islam Month ago +19

    For everyone in the projects lool

  • Lilli L'amour
    Lilli L'amour Month ago +96

    Sunny is just shinning!!!

  • MeMe O.
    MeMe O. Month ago +54

    Very interesring books I actually want 2 read them except the hens book.
    Whoopi is so salty but funny at the same time Hahaaha.

  • Stress Free
    Stress Free Month ago +8

    An American Marriage was crazy! amazing book!

  • Juan Trinidad
    Juan Trinidad Month ago +74

    Sunny is EVERYTHING

  • Fatou ceesay
    Fatou ceesay Month ago +39

    i love sunny.