3 Scary TRUE Highway Horror Stories


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  • Anastasia Kol
    Anastasia Kol 20 hours ago

    “Daniella started to cry because she had to piss really bad.” The wording of that sentence😂😂

  • Phoebe XO
    Phoebe XO Day ago

    Who’s home alone right now?

  • PinkFluffy Unicorn


  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill 3 days ago


  • Crime Escapist
    Crime Escapist 4 days ago

    Me: hears clapping like in the story
    Also me: guess I'll die 🤷

  • Tombo Vitale
    Tombo Vitale 4 days ago

    Especially now a days u look at people the wrong way or they look at u the wrong way u call 911. So this people come close to scary and suspicious men and they don't call nine-one-one or the cops they just go home fake stories but they're good but they're only for fun

  • Tombo Vitale
    Tombo Vitale 4 days ago

    None of this people ever call 911 or the cops how funny is that

  • Jack Bundy
    Jack Bundy 5 days ago

    It’s 3am for me and I’m watching this I swipe to USclip kids for Crist sac

  • Breanah Cole
    Breanah Cole 6 days ago

    Holly shit

  • Dave Richards
    Dave Richards 8 days ago

    Wranglers are shit

  • Norway Tracking
    Norway Tracking 8 days ago

    11:50 MEME REVIEW

  • Dylan Speer
    Dylan Speer 8 days ago

    Do you want to hear a scary story


    You just did

  • Gary the Frog
    Gary the Frog 9 days ago

    Want to hear a scary story?


  • NessChaBless
    NessChaBless 10 days ago +1

    I got a story
    This reminds me of when l was little. Me and my family were sleeping beside the ride in a van. I was the only one awake and l was on the passenger side well l started to go back in a the van to see if anyone was awake. Then l saw a masked man outside looking at me in the forest, then l ducked down hopefully this person was gone. Afterwards l looked out, then he was looking straight at my eyes as l was looking at his mask well he was close to the van. Then he just walk off into the forest. I started to wake up my family well l was panicking, later they finally got up. I told what l saw and they didn’t believe, so they got up and started to switch spots well l was looking at the forest, but farther away from the van on the side of the ride just standing there if l could see the person again to convince my family what l saw outside. It was just my mom, 2 brothers, and 3 sisters,also my relatives kids. I will never forget that persons mask.🤡

  • John Ashmore
    John Ashmore 10 days ago

    Damn. This is the only channel that doesn't has tik tok ads on it.

  • Anna Natalia
    Anna Natalia 11 days ago

    OMG so scary

  • Thomss Noctor
    Thomss Noctor 12 days ago

    Is that a spider on the windshield in a story 2?

  • shadow kill04
    shadow kill04 12 days ago

    It freaks me out sometimes when I watch these videos cause in some of these theres just people in the middle of nowhere in the dark woods, forest it makes no sense why they are there and what their intentions are it freaks me out who these people are and I want to know if they still do this or what they are doing now

  • Abbie
    Abbie 12 days ago +1

    whispers angrily: *what are you doing in my SWAMP”*

  • Prouvik Deb Sarkar
    Prouvik Deb Sarkar 13 days ago

    Scary horror stories

  • qwerty cool
    qwerty cool 14 days ago

    Who tf dislikes this?

  • Eli Martinez
    Eli Martinez 17 days ago

    This One Time @ Band Camp LOL American Pie

  • MelliProductions
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  • Mike V
    Mike V 18 days ago

    I really hate the excessive ads on this thing
    Jesus fucking Christ.

  • Kyle Grasso
    Kyle Grasso 18 days ago

    Are these stories based on real stories or all fake?

  • Reni C
    Reni C 18 days ago


  • DV CA
    DV CA 19 days ago

    Female Killers and this channel are the reason i am glad i carry 24/7.
    bigfoot gon' get ALL the bullets

  • Loggie Videos
    Loggie Videos 20 days ago +1

    Why did the signs on the right bounce at 6:12

  • Gregory Hogues
    Gregory Hogues 20 days ago

    Nothing worse than a storie about a fake cop

  • Gavin Morley
    Gavin Morley 23 days ago

    Any scary stories about driving in the Australian outback?

  • IG LuckyFetus
    IG LuckyFetus 23 days ago

    You know what's worse than being trapped in a car, having to take a piss? Being trapped in a car with Daniela who has to take a shiit. Boner killer smh 😭

  • Gladys Morgan
    Gladys Morgan 24 days ago

    why did she go so far from the car to pee ?? that was dumb as heck!

  • Max Jerome Burr
    Max Jerome Burr 25 days ago +1

    Want me to hear a scary story?

    You find an untouched pizza in the bin

  • M1LK_ _TEA
    M1LK_ _TEA 25 days ago +1

    Oof my name is Daniela


  • Holivern
    Holivern 25 days ago

    20 mins for a tow truck in the highway? That's way too fast.

  • BulletSpoung
    BulletSpoung 26 days ago

    #3 was nothing more than a millennial from the intercity stopped along the side of the road near a farm without his Mom.

  • Jorge salas
    Jorge salas 26 days ago

    How do people manage to bump into these "people" in the middle of nowhere ???

    YOSHIFUNCLUB444 26 days ago

    Bear country.... yummy.

  • Monadnock 8418
    Monadnock 8418 26 days ago

    Guys I had to drive starting at 4 AM to to the mountain where that North American Hogwarts from fantastic beasts is supposed to be and I passed one of those fall festival scarecrow contests in the middle of the dark and I all of a sudden got a bad feeling then had to swerve around a porcupine in the middle of the road. As random as this is, it’s true

  • Jenn S
    Jenn S 26 days ago

    Wanna hear a scary story?

    Ur mum gae

  • PeanutButterTurtle14
    PeanutButterTurtle14 26 days ago +1

    Wanna hear a scary story?

    good for you.

  • Maddie Armstrong
    Maddie Armstrong 26 days ago

    I've been watching a lot of these videos lately and while watching this one my mom was asleep and my dad and brother were gone I heard my front door open and then started to hear footsteps in my house and got freaked out I wasn't facing the door so I turned around and I saw a man in my doorway I freaked out and gasped really loud in fear but then I realized it was just my dad that had just got home coming to greet me.

  • Christopher Nelson
    Christopher Nelson 26 days ago

    I'm probably your biggest fan, your stories are REALLY REALLY awesome

  • Christopher Nelson
    Christopher Nelson 26 days ago

    I love it mr.nightmare👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  • sami circle
    sami circle 27 days ago


  • funkierfawn budgie
    funkierfawn budgie 27 days ago +1

    This is why you carry a big metal baseball bat under your seat lol

  • john cameron
    john cameron 27 days ago

    1- pee next to the car. And wow that's just random. Talk about timing
    2- you didn't call the cops?
    3- deer clap? But huh?

  • Cara Hartzell
    Cara Hartzell 28 days ago +1

    What were the clapping noises for?

  • Daniela Mendoza
    Daniela Mendoza 28 days ago

    0:26 M-my name is daniela...

  • doge master X
    doge master X 29 days ago

    aliens are scary

  • 707Racing
    707Racing 29 days ago

    13:00 that’s a fat ooooooof

  • Abhijit Chaudhary
    Abhijit Chaudhary 29 days ago

    fucking Daniella and her piss

  • Jus Rarsh
    Jus Rarsh Month ago

    Story 3 was weak. If your in this situation the last thing you wanna do is turn off your headlights and hide in your car. Man up for your survival bro. The guy in the woods knew you were scared to his advantage.

  • Starkweather15
    Starkweather15 Month ago

    I'm glad that Mr. Nightmare tells stories that give me the chills, but aren't so explicit that I would cringe. Also... kind of makes you wonder what these creepy people's intentions are. I hate thinking the worst. Also most stories are like the cops can't do anything, which is more concerning because the creeps that flee will definitely repeat their intentions on a more helpless victim.

  • Auron Schluntz
    Auron Schluntz Month ago

    I doubt these story’s are true, everything conviently happening at the exact perfect time? The AAA mans arival, runing out of gas when the meter tells you how much as soon as you turn a car on.

  • Auron Schluntz
    Auron Schluntz Month ago

    Couldn’t you have been able to tell how much gas was in the car before even driving off?

  • Mountain Wolf
    Mountain Wolf Month ago

    i always have an airsoft gun next to me when watching your cideos

  • TheSuperMandy1
    TheSuperMandy1 Month ago

    Lol 20 minutes? That's great! One of my friend's waited almost 3 HOURS for triple A

  • Laura’s Life
    Laura’s Life Month ago


  • TFP Travel.Food.Peace.

    Story#2 Why did he have to be black? Lol

  • TFP Travel.Food.Peace.

    Michael is me. I would be the drunk one and laughing all damn loud. I'm so damn goofy!

  • Rainbow Moon Readings

    Soooooo creeepppyyyyy. Ugh. I can't

  • raptor notes
    raptor notes Month ago


  • Jair Angel
    Jair Angel Month ago

    Get back up there stop hiding from the scariness and reading the comments

  • noonehonestlycaresmate

    what song was playing during during the outro?

  • Tater GD
    Tater GD Month ago

    Lights off, curled up in blankets, big pillow, morning, best way to watch

  • bacchante1
    bacchante1 Month ago

    Would kinda help to know the gender of the person whose story is being told. I mean, a guy creeping outside the car of a woman stuck in the middle of nowhere on the side of the road out of gas -- has a slightly different feel/possible motive than if he were stalking a college aged guy, yannow?
    Equally freaky to whoever it's happening to -- but gives the listener a better idea of what's at stake and what possible reasons for some of these actions might be....

  • Blah BlahBlah
    Blah BlahBlah Month ago

    Saw crazy guy with scary looking clown mask driving in Chevrolet Van with no license plate numbers at night at 2am on an empty freeway. FUCK!!!!!

  • john fleming
    john fleming Month ago

    All mr nightmares videos deal with people lurking around pedophiles getting into your house sitting your room watching you etc. Same ol same ol. Mostly creepy pastas online

  • Paiggge Knowthename

    Are you from Maine

  • Vince Roscoe
    Vince Roscoe Month ago

    I would have stayed at the car and honked the horn for my friend if I was in that type of situation!

  • Wade Anglin
    Wade Anglin Month ago

    I would have drove my truck threw the con

  • Елис Елис
    Елис Елис Month ago

    the moment he didnt show his badge i will just drive away instead of sitting and waiting when things became worse

  • Елис Елис
    Елис Елис Month ago

    6:46 i. would just continue dribing and hit the jerk if jerk will stood in the way it was clear what he wanted from the start

  • Елис Елис
    Елис Елис Month ago

    "just because im that type of a person who cant have someone watching me piss" ohhh how prudent, or rather idiotical - ye go risking life of your friend just so no one will see you piss. and what the hell with this "watching" no one said she is supposed to watch it - she may just stood next to you. my dad took a piss behind a tree while i stodd the was passerbyes wont see him - and what?

  • Елис Елис
    Елис Елис Month ago

    "she disappeared in the woods. i went to the oppodite side of a road" oh great just all you need at night, in the middle of nowhere. why on earth those to idiots went in night separate ways to take a piss? they shall do it in the same place in turns so while one taking piss, the other stood in case someone would watching

  • Елис Елис
    Елис Елис Month ago

    1:02 she wants to take piss" - and what the is problem? was it so hard to stop the car, then let take a piss on the of a road and stood next to her in case someone may see her? thats idiotic

  • TIS 25
    TIS 25 Month ago

    Isis horror stories!

    Like if agree lol

  • Joe Rivera
    Joe Rivera Month ago

    That 1st story was scary af. I hate cornfields

  • Morgan Keziah
    Morgan Keziah Month ago

    omg as soon as that guy said 12:17 it turned 12:17 here :( AHHH

  • Mike Zacharias
    Mike Zacharias Month ago

    I have a scary story
    Read more

  • jolima07
    jolima07 Month ago

    OK, being on a country road at night is scary enough....peeing in the middle of a corn field BY.YOUR.SELF?? omg......That was like the start to a horror movie

  • Seller
    Seller Month ago

    Man this headlight isn't bright you need XENON HEADLIGHT

  • Alterjunkie
    Alterjunkie Month ago

    Ok I need to stop watching these videos, its midnight, I'm alone and I'm getting spooked LOL

  • Mr. Douchebag
    Mr. Douchebag Month ago

    Makes you wonder if anyone has fallen into the fake officer's grasp...god forbid.

  • Javier Otten
    Javier Otten Month ago

    Meme review

  • Tiny big
    Tiny big Month ago

    He shows his face at 15:00

  • Carina Rosales
    Carina Rosales Month ago

    this wasnt a real cop oh snap thats crazy😗💙🎡🌈🎄🎀🎉🎃☔🦄🍟

  • TheAscendedConscious

    Let me fill you with my "feel good" aura. My "sexy" feel good aura

  • Joshua Linforth
    Joshua Linforth Month ago

    That guy complaining about a 20min wait for AAA usually its atleast 2 hours

  • Mark Wyatt
    Mark Wyatt Month ago

    11:51 MEME REVIEW

  • Commander 66
    Commander 66 Month ago

    Wierd I can watch these at night, but during the day it scares me?

  • David Anonymous
    David Anonymous Month ago

    Would a cop even be allowed to wear an earring?

  • Nicholas Vonrhine
    Nicholas Vonrhine Month ago

    I slept in the woods for a year and a half ain't seen nothing.

  • Darkness That No One Likes

    If you want to go punk mode: Have weapons and have every entrance closed and have all the lights on and watch in the day.
    If you want to go normal mode: Just have every entrance closed and watch in the afternoon.
    If you want to go extreme mode: Have some entrances open and watch at night.
    If you want to go GOD mode: Have every entrance open and watch at 3AM and watch in the basement.

  • Gage Benson
    Gage Benson Month ago

    Sad part is so many of these stories are fake

  • Kari Manning
    Kari Manning Month ago

    The world is a scary place! Stay alert! Be safe! Trust in God!

  • dar rad
    dar rad Month ago

    It was my husband Brad Bigfoot he forgot his key again.

  • Lady Gigi
    Lady Gigi Month ago

    i would of asked for the guy's badge right away lol

  • Ethan Dennis
    Ethan Dennis Month ago

    How was he suddenly on his own? Where did Michael go in Story 1?