10 Horrifying TRUE Stories (Volume 3)

  • Published on Apr 27, 2015
  • Here is another 10 stories that I felt were worth being put into a video.
    Thank you to those of you that sent me your stories.
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  • makeup junkie
    makeup junkie 14 hours ago


  • kelly loughney
    kelly loughney 20 hours ago

    Imagine that kid in the Last Story now telling people how he was saved by a 1 year old

  • teddybear _213
    teddybear _213 Day ago +1

    6:22 "i let out the highest pitch scream and ran past the man" why did that remind me of the juan lopez
    Ghost vine😂😭💀.

  • UnwieldyXP zeek
    UnwieldyXP zeek 2 days ago

    12:39 this kids is why you tuck your feet into the blanket at night😂🤦‍♂

  • That0neWhlteKid
    That0neWhlteKid 3 days ago

    God damn you for the music at the end, You scared the shit out of me

  • Joanna Lakes
    Joanna Lakes 3 days ago +2

    Anyone here for re-runs?🤣😜🤞🏻

  • Karter Burke
    Karter Burke 5 days ago +1

    the story: “who is it?”
    the ad: “this is the Eve”

  • Lonely Lodgeisop
    Lonely Lodgeisop 7 days ago

    F you for that’ outro

  • Jesse Resendiz
    Jesse Resendiz 8 days ago +1

    When you listen to these while playing Minecraft the video ends and you don't realize because ur fighting a creeper the music ear rapes you and the creeper explodes ur house

  • Silent Shadow07
    Silent Shadow07 9 days ago

    Me: watching Mr. Nightmare
    Video: Ad begins
    Me: craps pants because ad scares me

  • n-word pass
    n-word pass 9 days ago


  • C_Tube_Dude
    C_Tube_Dude 11 days ago

    What happens during a scary story: breakdown
    1. intro
    2. spooky shit
    3. spookier shit
    4. scary climax
    5. person getting the fuck out of there
    6. them either fleeing and/or calls police

    not insulting these stories, they're all creepy as hell

  • Tasty Meat Pockets
    Tasty Meat Pockets 16 days ago

    What does Jacob's mothers drug addiction have to do with anything?

  • Jay Allen
    Jay Allen 16 days ago

    It's always black messy hair

  • Ryan Scott
    Ryan Scott 17 days ago

    In the snow story where he herd knocking and the foot prints were gone maybe he watched the Shinning to many times.

  • Stephen Black
    Stephen Black 17 days ago

    Scared of being home alone Fortnight settles

  • Stephen Black
    Stephen Black 17 days ago

    I've never been home alone for the rest of the night ever in my life but after listening to this creepy ass stories of house intrusion I wish to not being home alone whether it's for day or night ever in the future 😱

  • R. DeMora
    R. DeMora 17 days ago

    Mr Nightmare: There was a serial rapist
    *Trojan condoms commercial pops up*
    Nice one there USclip.

  • Jacob Bordenkircher
    Jacob Bordenkircher 17 days ago +1

    We all might have our own opinions on things, but we can all agree on one thing though, that Mr. Nightmare is one of the best storytellers on USclip.

  • Jeremy Tilley
    Jeremy Tilley 17 days ago +1

    My power level is over 9000, I'm watching this outside in the dark with my headphones on while smoking a cig, I wish someone would try me 😂😂😂😂

  • joshua armstrong
    joshua armstrong 17 days ago

    okay, the story still going at 12:55 no, what you should do is tell your dumb friend to keep an eye on who comes and goes in his house, who knows what the woman truly wanted or could have done, your friend is really stupid, and again, please stop with the imagery and orchestra of the damned, its overkill and just plain distracting, sometimes i strained a little to hear the stories, so maybe tone down the music, the stories are what people come here for after all, so please tone it down

  • Figet Spiner
    Figet Spiner 17 days ago

    How y'all get scared from this

  • NapkinSapkin
    NapkinSapkin 17 days ago

    a DRUG ad-DICT

  • Justin S
    Justin S 18 days ago

    Why is a baby by the boiler room you fucking degenerates?!?!

  • Dominique Gonzalez
    Dominique Gonzalez 18 days ago

    Whooooz maaaaaaaaanzzzz iiiiiiiiiiiizzzzz thiiiiiiiiizzzzzz

  • Dominique Gonzalez
    Dominique Gonzalez 18 days ago

    Drug adik

  • wolfgirl
    wolfgirl 18 days ago +2

    1. Listen to this when home alone
    2.hears a noise behind my door
    3.stay paranoid for the whole day
    4.go to sleep when you still are paranoid
    5.the next day its ok
    6. Repeat

  • wolfgirl
    wolfgirl 19 days ago

    Im listening to this when im home alone 😨

  • Verge Nova
    Verge Nova 19 days ago


  • Peashooter OD
    Peashooter OD 20 days ago +1

    VOTE, After watching a Mr Nightmare Marathon , if you sleep with the door and closet open dislike , If you pee , poop and fart in your pants , like

  • Kaylee Phillips
    Kaylee Phillips 20 days ago

    Always cover you feet when your sleeping.

  • Adam
    Adam 21 day ago +1

    9:48 orgasm

  • Salitha Kaweendra
    Salitha Kaweendra 21 day ago

    F that outro man

  • Steven Segura
    Steven Segura 21 day ago +1


  • Willi Wildfang
    Willi Wildfang 21 day ago +1

    The sigh scared the shit out of me

  • Paige Godwin
    Paige Godwin 22 days ago

    Lol TV's didnt have remotes back then

  • thomas hardin
    thomas hardin 23 days ago +1

    QUIT putting the ads in the middle of the video! Put them either BEFORE or AFTER the video NOT in the middle! It cuts off part of the content you’re trying to hear from the video.

    • I like sPriTe K
      I like sPriTe K 8 days ago

      thomas hardin You do know this is a 4 year old video, right?

  • Kyley Katchatag
    Kyley Katchatag 23 days ago +1

    Why would any parent let their ONE year old and ten year old sleep in the basement? All by themselves? And not bother to check on the one year old screaming 😆

  • Vlogs By Jesusgon200
    Vlogs By Jesusgon200 24 days ago +2

    “Man hunt (A.K.A hide and go seek for older people)” this made me feel old ._.

  • SchaeFTW
    SchaeFTW 26 days ago

    the fucking violin music at the end scared the shit outa me wtf

  • Lizard King113
    Lizard King113 26 days ago

    Dude the last one though😬

  • Married4Now2015
    Married4Now2015 27 days ago

    “ ‘Hide n Go Seek’ for old people” you bastard -_-

  • melb7172
    melb7172 27 days ago

    best storys ever

  • Sameer RAJA
    Sameer RAJA 27 days ago +4

    "My parents saw me and instantly looked relieved, so I was confused". 8:28
    This with no context is sad.

  • Patrick Mullen
    Patrick Mullen 27 days ago

    9:49 I just died

  • Baret
    Baret 28 days ago

    Great stories, not very true/real though.

  • Kyril J
    Kyril J 28 days ago

    When I'm watching these and there's a knock at the door in the story it always startles me because I think someone is banging on my door.

  • Sharon Horsfall
    Sharon Horsfall 29 days ago

    you know when parents say *oh it's just your imagination* and the next day they find their kid either missing or dead because they said *it's only your imagination* and they regret not listing to them

  • Arsh X
    Arsh X 29 days ago

    The sun light :). Finalllyyyy sleeping 💤

  • Joe M
    Joe M Month ago +3

    I NEVER let my foot hang over the bed. That’s just asking for some monster to grab it.

  • El Queso
    El Queso Month ago

    Drug Adict

  • Mandie Morton
    Mandie Morton Month ago


  • D B
    D B Month ago

    A drug a dict lol

  • Nicole Joncas
    Nicole Joncas Month ago +1

    2019? Any one?? ok

  • AshWolf 717
    AshWolf 717 Month ago

    Something that happened last week: I was texting my bf, laying in bed. Now I live with my grandparents and my grandma broke her arm recently. So she has a way to call my grandpa so he can help her to the bathroom. Anyway, that night I was laying in bed while talking to my bf. It was probably around 1 a.m. and I wasn't tired. I look up after I sent a text and saw my door cracked, then it opening. I thought it was my grandpa who checked on me and didn't close the door good, but when I went to close it again no light was on (my too is in a place where I can see all of the rooms and the bathroom). I got freaked out because the last time I got up was around 10:40 p.m.. I freaked out at my bf but he said it was probably my grandpa. I calmed down and about an hour later we fell asleep. The next morning on the way to school I asked my grandpa and he denied it was him and it couldn't have been my grandma..I'm still scared about it and I always make sure my door is closed good.

  • Michael Coombs
    Michael Coombs Month ago +1

    9:48 *S I G H*

  • Draedon 686
    Draedon 686 Month ago

    what did the guy in story 3 say about the finger i didn't understand

  • MonsterPro Gaming
    MonsterPro Gaming Month ago

    Lots of these scary stories would end a lot quicker if the protagonist had a shotgun

  • pappu halwai
    pappu halwai Month ago

    19:04 - 19 :13 was more scarier than all of the stories

  • Toxic Wafflez
    Toxic Wafflez Month ago

    I used to think he was keeping changeing genders 😂

  • The popo Werdzz
    The popo Werdzz Month ago

    These stories seem very genuine. Now a days the stories everyone reads sound cliché and some of them are just simply people over reacting. These ones actually instil fear in you because you don’t know what will happen next. The more recent stories are just too simple, someone is in their room sleeping, they hear a noise, they get up and someone’s breaking and entering, they call police, they either catch the person or the person gets away. Some sketchy person asks someone a question the person runs away, then they just happen to find out that the person is wanted or something. They find a dead body somewhere, they look on the news and here that a killer is on the loose and it just happens to be the sketchy person they ran into the other day. Yes, they’re still creepy but it’s just tiring to listen to and I just need to hear something new, these stories have a genuine feel to them, all of Mr.Nightmares stories seem different and genuine I can’t express that any further.

  • Drazword
    Drazword Month ago +4

    Yo, pretend I said something nice that won't make you feel paranoid anymore.

    I gotchu ;>

  • Mei Chang-Field
    Mei Chang-Field Month ago

    I don’t get 7

  • Bren Painting
    Bren Painting Month ago

    The one about the man at the end of his bed Im freaked

  • Speedy Gunz
    Speedy Gunz Month ago +4

    "The man was either homeless or crazy." Try both.

  • jam§daz
    jam§daz Month ago

    Too many ads

  • Jaxyn Hailo
    Jaxyn Hailo Month ago

    i dont think that 1 COP WILL SEARCH for a SERIAL RAPIST

  • Commander 66
    Commander 66 Month ago

    At the end you hurt my ears

  • Kianna Vlogss
    Kianna Vlogss Month ago

    “ l had my leg hanging from my bed “ “and then a cold hand touch it “ nope putting my leg under my blanket for now 😭😬

  • Baby G
    Baby G Month ago

    How do you even know if these are true ?

  • I’m Weird
    I’m Weird Month ago

    4 years and a day late but still...

  • I am a pigeon
    I am a pigeon Month ago +1

    sleep? whats that?

  • Ryan Russell
    Ryan Russell Month ago +2

    “My dad got the baton from under his bed and raced to my room.”
    What was he going to do, twirl the guy to death?

  • Barco Brandon
    Barco Brandon Month ago +4

    Mr. nightmare reads a tutorial on Mac and cheese
    Add milk butter

  • Luke Passos
    Luke Passos Month ago

    wtf is up with random guys appearing in children's rooms, jesus christ.

  • The Bad Bee
    The Bad Bee Month ago +4

    2019 people where you at... I watch these while I sleep skskksksk

    • SneakyFriend94
      SneakyFriend94 Month ago

      The Bad Bee I know your 2019 the “sksksksk” gave it away😔

  • Mr Emerald
    Mr Emerald Month ago

    omg i got jumpscared at the end

  • Maisy Macgillivary
    Maisy Macgillivary Month ago +1

    These videos are my drugs ( because I’m addicted )

  • Wojciech Tomaszewski


  • coolguy9916
    coolguy9916 Month ago +1

    9:49 that sigh sounded like Markiplier 😂

  • Joyciepoo.
    Joyciepoo. Month ago

    "He went outside screaming like a little girl" omgsh 😭😂😂 wooo lol.. Man

  • PikaCam™
    PikaCam™ Month ago

    You never leave your foot hanging of the bed

    • skinger skanger
      skinger skanger Month ago

      *reading this comment with my foot HANGING OFF THE BED*

  • DamienDailyVlogs
    DamienDailyVlogs Month ago +4

    Guys im going out of the covers and full screen pray for me

  • Winter WolfieGaming

    You're supposed to be knitting socks and making stew. NOT hiding in closets and stroking peoples feet

  • Sterling And Natalie Littlebull

    One night I was on USclip watching some of my favorite channels and I was into it chilling, I heard a growl and whining noise and I freaked the fuck out.
    Took me some time but I then realized it was my ass letting out farts.

  • Fuu Hououji
    Fuu Hououji Month ago

    I love how Mr. Nightmare is not like BUY MY MERCH. you don't advertise I buy your merch

  • Savannah Christensen
    Savannah Christensen Month ago +1

    Lol my friends all think I'm weird now because I fell asleep listening to these ideos😂

  • Katelynn Edwards
    Katelynn Edwards 2 months ago

    everyone making jokes

  • ClaspFive
    ClaspFive 2 months ago

    I threw my phone at the end.

  • Mega Wumbo
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  • Deadaccount 24
    Deadaccount 24 2 months ago +2

    Oh my god why am I watching this at night. Someone help me 😂

  • Young@Heart
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  • Alice Underwood
    Alice Underwood 2 months ago +4

    “Heard something on the roof”
    * raccoon sticks his head through the window*

  • Ava McDonough
    Ava McDonough 2 months ago

    Who thinks they should add him on Spotify

  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 months ago

    “Can you help me” bro she was trying to smash🤪

    GLMR KILZ 2 months ago

    I find myself listening to these while trying to take a nap, it’s so immersive that way... but I end up having night mares but damn it’s a good sleep

  • Carlyryan2006
    Carlyryan2006 2 months ago +1

    Me nightmare is the best USclipr

  • Toby Hoyle
    Toby Hoyle 2 months ago +1

    This shit gets me to sleep it’s relaxing