CAPTAIN MARVEL Full Movie Breakdown! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

  • Published on Mar 13, 2019
  • Captain Marvel (2019) gets a scene by scene breakdown & analysis! All the Avengers Easter Eggs you missed! Go to to take back your Internet privacy TODAY and find out how you can get 3 months free. Less than $7 a month, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
    Captain Marvel is packed with missable details that connect the film to the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Captain America movies. What Marvel Easter Eggs did you miss in Captain Marvel? Erik Voss breaks down Captain Marvel scene by scene for all the visual clues that tie Carol Danvers, Nick Fury, and the Kree to the events of Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame. What secret cameos did the directors hide in the movie? How did Captain Marvel change the Marvel timeline and the history of the Tesseract? How did the movie revolutionize our understanding of the war between the Kree and the Skrull... and what Marvel hero could be a Skrull in disguise?
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  • Ryan Linden
    Ryan Linden 9 days ago

    Just watched, I thought the movie was GREAT. funny, and amusing.

  • William Maldonado
    William Maldonado 16 days ago

    Not related to Kara Danvers(Supergirl).

  • Soundnathan46
    Soundnathan46 19 days ago


  • Darkest4Huntress
    Darkest4Huntress 19 days ago

    I am curious why you didn't mention the name of marvel avengers. Marvel = mar-vell and avengers = Carroll danverse plane photo. For me this was the biggest surprise. I believe it was mar-vell where marvel comes from because If i recall fury miss pronounced it earlier in the film. Your thoughts?

  • Benjamin Cox
    Benjamin Cox 21 day ago

    Did anyone notice that the airport area is the slingshot in agents of sheild season 1 episode 2

  • Igor Ziobroń
    Igor Ziobroń 22 days ago +1


  • Garland FX
    Garland FX 22 days ago

    I thought the Tarantino drink scene was more Reservoir Dogs, but you pointed it out a little more clearly. Very cool - maybe they were going for both?

  • Alona Baluyot
    Alona Baluyot 24 days ago +3

    Star lord and captain marvel dang

  • Big Daddy Egg
    Big Daddy Egg 24 days ago

    I hope somebody has a petition to have Stan Lee cameos as graffiti, pictures, or something to honor him

  • Raul Gajadhar
    Raul Gajadhar 25 days ago

    Missable detail! Before 1995 we 'hoped' that there were Exoplanets out there. Since 1995 to present; We now Know there are.

  • Jomarzito
    Jomarzito 27 days ago

    “Advantage” in endgame

  • loading 128
    loading 128 27 days ago

    The flerken initiative

  • ddroman2000
    ddroman2000 28 days ago

    Maybe meme on the what are those...but I'll be damed if "Mr postman" was a meme to remembered first and not the song itself. Wtf people

  • Brandon Wolf
    Brandon Wolf Month ago

    R.i.p mr. postman

  • Howard Clarke
    Howard Clarke Month ago

    Stan isn’t dead his just cameos in heaven 🥺

  • Dj Karma
    Dj Karma Month ago

    Skrull invasion and with super skrulls

  • Nobody Epicz
    Nobody Epicz Month ago

    15:20 where's his ipadx? (eyepatch). he gets scratched before getting a goatee and shaving his head? 25:05

  • theBoxFace
    theBoxFace Month ago

    the sequence where nick fury is seeing the skrull for the first time mirrors the sequence in pulp fiction where Jules said not getting shot from point-blank range is a miracle

  • Rito
    Rito Month ago

    I missed the entire movie

  • Dustyn Feltner
    Dustyn Feltner Month ago

    He meant when he’s on Phub

  • Beef boy
    Beef boy Month ago

    I feel like they put some things like posters and what in their around the time
    And then we pick it up and think it’s a big crazy philosophical meaning type thing

  • muja MR
    muja MR Month ago

    Personally, I think CM is a pretty good movie☺️

  • Austine Ochieng
    Austine Ochieng Month ago +1

    I wonder if starlord was able to recorgnize captain marvel during endgame

  • busywl69
    busywl69 Month ago

    just watched Captain marvel for a 3rd time. Hope they do another one!

  • Billy Katt
    Billy Katt Month ago

    You forgot the scene when fury fought the skrull

  • andrew dorme
    andrew dorme Month ago

    that was the weirdest example including a teacher ever

    • Arin Jäger
      Arin Jäger Month ago

      freudian slip ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Erik's got some dark secrets)

  • Adnane TruthSeeker
    Adnane TruthSeeker Month ago

    Turns out, goose was borrowed from Men in Black, he was the cat holding the tiny galaxy, remember? hhhhh

  • Bazuka stopmotion studio


  • General Grievous
    General Grievous Month ago +2


  • Ralsei :3
    Ralsei :3 Month ago +3

    I just watched the movie a couple seconds ago and I’m just watching this now lol

  • Knight Story Brick
    Knight Story Brick Month ago

    8:12 Shh
    This mom's Cancer
    Meredith Quill X

  • Shadow Vlogs
    Shadow Vlogs Month ago

    It’s not the binary it’s called super sayian get it right

  • jacob nelson
    jacob nelson 2 months ago

    Who is the evolutionary

  • Chi
    Chi 2 months ago

    12:48 WOW🤯

  • Anthony Chang
    Anthony Chang 2 months ago +2

    I hope in Guardians of the galaxy vol. III they have Captain Marvel in it.

  • Xhrist Tv
    Xhrist Tv 2 months ago

    Lol lets not do any more caotain marvels thanks

  • Treyvin Tracy
    Treyvin Tracy 2 months ago

    This was live

  • Treyvin Tracy
    Treyvin Tracy 2 months ago

    I dont get why the didnt use the stan lee marvel logo in endgame after all he is what started all this

    • Arin Jäger
      Arin Jäger Month ago

      yeah, it seems like endgame is a more important movie (story) than C.M. (which is "just" a one character's origin story)

  • Joe Hung
    Joe Hung 2 months ago

    How does a low ranking SHIELD member in 95 know Howard Stark so well?

  • ImSorry Ehh
    ImSorry Ehh 2 months ago +1

    To be fair to Goose, he didn't eat Fury, so technically he kept his promise.

    • Arin Jäger
      Arin Jäger Month ago

      on one hand: he lost his eye to a fuckin' cat!
      on the other hand: he lost his eye to a cosmic horror (disguised as a cat)

  • sausageman54
    sausageman54 2 months ago


  • ליאור למדן
    ליאור למדן 2 months ago

    Kree logo, the eight pointed star, is also on Nova corps in gotg and wonderwoman tiara

  • ליאור למדן
    ליאור למדן 2 months ago

    Like Independence Day, they fly in the canyon

  • Adrian Aye
    Adrian Aye 2 months ago

    Hail Hydra

    • Arin Jäger
      Arin Jäger Month ago

      "Take a deep breath. Calm your mind. You know what is best. What is best is you comply. Compliance will be rewarded." Hail Hydra!

  • Xen Quenano
    Xen Quenano 2 months ago

    very nice

  • Eva Mai
    Eva Mai 2 months ago

    The funniest part in hindsight is the prediction that Wong was the chubby arm in the Quantum Suit when it was actually Thor 👌👌

  • Russell Brown
    Russell Brown 2 months ago

    At 7mins in, the non stop barrage of crazy mumbo jumbo had me exhausted to the point i stopped caring and decided to NEVER WATCH THIS MOVIE
    and apparently it pushes hard a feminist message
    If u push hard any message to me, i am not amused
    I go 2 the movies to be ENTERTAINED, NOT LECTURED TO, thank you vvvveeeeeeerrrrrryyyyy much, (as Brie would say)

  • CrownedPhoenix
    CrownedPhoenix 2 months ago

    I want to see the sequel "Flerkan vs The World

  • Emily Brown
    Emily Brown 2 months ago

    this has so much to do with the comics i was getting lost omggg

  • Brian Lawellin
    Brian Lawellin 2 months ago +2

    Who else is at the movies about to watch this movie???

    Just me...... ok 😬😬😬

  • acehole131
    acehole131 2 months ago

    The good suit option has got to be from fortnite

  • hootbutler
    hootbutler 2 months ago


  • z zZ
    z zZ 2 months ago


  • Maia Stenger
    Maia Stenger 2 months ago

    They needed to make Coulson younger!

    • Arin Jäger
      Arin Jäger Month ago

      and give him more screen time (the Skrull Coulson doesn't count)

  • ACID
    ACID 2 months ago

    i saw the First Knight Dvd 1995 at the background

  • MetaP1
    MetaP1 2 months ago

    Um actually
    (Pushes up glasses)
    They confirmed that Stan lee plays the same character throughout all of his cameos thank you very much

    • Arin Jäger
      Arin Jäger Month ago

      yep, he's a watcher (not THE watcher, tho')

  • TherealBigChungus M
    TherealBigChungus M 2 months ago

    Dang vers captain marvel and carol really all look alike

  • Zane Jones1
    Zane Jones1 2 months ago

    Loki is a shape shifter right so then every ice creature from Loki’s actual family is shape shifters to right???

    • Arin Jäger
      Arin Jäger Month ago

      no, his "shapeshifting" is a "magic trick" (or some Odin's thing, because baby Loki changed when Odin touched it, so... do I remember it right, or...? Thor 1 was long ago)

  • brad arnold
    brad arnold 2 months ago +3

    OUT OF ALL THIS ! How do you skip the "give me a smile part "?
    As someone who was really worried this would be a swj movie, it really wasnt and that "give me a smile" line had me laughing so hard.

    • Arin Jäger
      Arin Jäger Month ago

      the biker was an asshole for sure... he'd be one even if he was black or whatever (green with polka dots)... doesn't mean "all white men are sexist"
      I too was worried, but I was pleasantly surprised, the movie was OK (as in good, not great, not bad, either - good)

  • Rashaad Billups
    Rashaad Billups 2 months ago

    Im only here cause Im bout to go watch endgame in a couple hours.

  • Clare Smith
    Clare Smith 2 months ago

    I want to see an animated series featuring Goose.

  • Ms. Jackson
    Ms. Jackson 2 months ago +1

    Tell me more about Goose!

  • Broderick Bowden
    Broderick Bowden 2 months ago

    Me half hour before watching endgame: *watches this*

  • Adrian Baraka
    Adrian Baraka 2 months ago

    Did anyone notice that the name Carol Danvers resembles supergirl name Kara Danvers

  • lilj 45
    lilj 45 2 months ago

    You didn't even mention the current Ms. Marvel in the comments who is Kamala Khan

    • Arin Jäger
      Arin Jäger Month ago

      nobody cares about that... that thing >.>

  • Akhilesh Jadhav
    Akhilesh Jadhav 2 months ago +1

    Who's watching this before watching the Avengers Endgame...

  • Jumpman056
    Jumpman056 2 months ago

    Ain’t flurkin them things from I am number 4

  • Jumpman056
    Jumpman056 2 months ago

    Watching this instead of going to the movies

  • Ravi.R
    Ravi.R 2 months ago

    Not a very inspiring movie. Had a lot of hope but the movie did not live up to it. to me a rushed intro movie.

  • Mo Said
    Mo Said 2 months ago

    VPN express don’t work for Netflix btw I’m in uk tired USA network to watch marvel movies only available in us wont work