Street Food in Gilgit + PAKISTANI VILLAGE FOOD | Ultra Happiness in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan!

  • Published on Dec 9, 2018
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    This video includes Day 9 and 10 of our Pakistani food tour trip (you can watch the entire video series here: I combined the two days because things didn’t work out as planned on Day 9, and so didn’t end up being able to film much. But that’s the way things go sometimes!
    So firstly, on Day 9, the plan was to drive from Shigar to to Deosai National Park, and drive all the way through the park to the other side, en-route to Gilgit. Unfortunately it started snowing along the way, and by the time we arrived to the entrance of the park, it was snowing too hard, and it was too risky to proceed. So we turned around and took the long way to Gilgit.
    Gilgit, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan - Ok, so now back to today (Day 10) we started the morning with a street food tour of Gilgit. Gilgit is an amazing small town, sort of the gateway of Gilgit Baltistan, and a commerce hub for the region on the Karakoram highway. The town is extremely friendly, and everywhere we went to eat on this small market and street food tour, we were greeted with such friendliness and hospitality.
    Kabuli pulao - 140 PKR ($1.04)
    Grilled meat - 120 PKR ($0.89)
    Curry - 120 PKR ($0.89)
    After about an hour eating street food and walking around the market, we continued on to Nizam’s house, which was about a 15 minute drive from the center of Gilgit. Nizam is an employee of Ali, and he graciously invited us to his amazing home in the countryside. The view from the backyard was breathtaking.
    We first went to the river valley to pick vegetables where we met Nizam’s father in law, who again may be the happiest man on earth - he was amazing pounding the chilies. We picked vegetables, and just stood in amazement at the natural wonder beauty of Pakistan.
    Lunch was incredibly delicious, all the fresh vegetables we picked, plus both mutton and beef curry, with rice and roti. The curries were some of the best I ate in Pakistan, but the fresh mountain vegetables, sauteed down with dried tomato, were the highlight. An incredible meal, really one of the most memorable I had in my entire trip to Pakistan.
    Thank you Nizam and family for the amazing meal!
    Watch the entire Pakistani video series:
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