Avengers Endgame WHERE IS SHURI? New Black Panther & Wakanda Theory Explained!

  • Published on Feb 25, 2019
  • Avengers Endgame Shuri Theory! Why is Shuri listed as "missing" in the Avengers Endgame trailer? Did Shuri die in Avengers Infinity War, and if not, where did she go after Thanos' snap? Erik Voss explains the different theories for Shuri's whereabouts after Infinity War, and what that tells us about the future of Black Panther. Has Wakanda gone back into seclusion after Infinity War? Is Shuri a fugitive? Could Shuri be key to rebuilding and assembling the Avengers in Endgame? And will Shuri ever become Black Panther herself?
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Comments • 784

  • Jomo
    Jomo 17 days ago +1

    I can't believe black pantger turned in to dust an vanished into thin air

  • Bean the Queen
    Bean the Queen 29 days ago

    Shuri is the bomb

  • Marcos Parreira
    Marcos Parreira Month ago

    Yeah, Russo's played a prank. I don't even remember Shuri in the movie hahah.

  • Devil Playz
    Devil Playz Month ago +2

    She's dead

  • spooder man
    spooder man 2 months ago


  • Edward Tamez
    Edward Tamez 2 months ago


  • NoodleCake Art
    NoodleCake Art 2 months ago

    I want shuri to be the next black panther and help the avengers

  • Marcus Moore
    Marcus Moore 2 months ago


  • Amit Bar
    Amit Bar 2 months ago

    in the endgame trailer there is another missing sighn to our left but it is too transparent to see through.
    can you try and see who's sighn is it?

  • HackeRsWolD
    HackeRsWolD 2 months ago

    why is no one thinking about how shuri is going to build something that will save Tony and Nebula.

  • Doug Golden Golden
    Doug Golden Golden 2 months ago

    First day after snap I would have emptied the bugghati dealership

  • Marioapeach
    Marioapeach 2 months ago

    Sadly it seems that the character posters for the movie have proved that theory one is correct. Big Oof.

  • Fortnite Noob
    Fortnite Noob 2 months ago

    How does Shuri become Black Panther if all the Heart-Shaped Herbs were burn it Black Panther

  • 19 89
    19 89 2 months ago

    Plz don't tell me some of the hero's who dusted away like black Panther(not including Gomorrah)will not come back

  • Yashraj Tiwari
    Yashraj Tiwari 2 months ago

    I like the fourth theory

  • Sky Wolf
    Sky Wolf 2 months ago

    Maybe the president turrned into dust

  • I'm Player One
    I'm Player One 2 months ago +1

    Is shuri smarter than tony or nah

  • Donavan West
    Donavan West 2 months ago

    Also the wakandans wouldn't turn on each other (especially the royale family) because they are one community and they stick together no matter what

  • Donavan West
    Donavan West 2 months ago

    I think shuri should help Tony Stark make a time traveling machine to get the stones and prevent the snap

  • CynicalPushes
    CynicalPushes 2 months ago

    But the all the ancient herbs were destroyed

  • Czarjonz
    Czarjonz 2 months ago +1

    Shuri- the next Black Panther👍🏾🤨

  • Sophia Clark
    Sophia Clark 2 months ago

    Shuri is my queen

  • TheBrob1983
    TheBrob1983 2 months ago

    I believe they went dark again 1 for their own protection and 2 to still shield the world from all the aliens and parts of the aliens ships that crashed there..the rest of the world know everyone is gone but only those involved with the avengers/shield knows about the snap

  • Ben Magnez
    Ben Magnez 2 months ago

    I want there to be three blank panthers. T'challa, Shuri and Okoyei

  • AetosNuxta
    AetosNuxta 2 months ago

    Shuri cant be black panther, remember killmonger burned all the heart shaped herb

  • Gushie
    Gushie 2 months ago

    I want Shuri and Pepper to team up in Endgame

  • CustoMish
    CustoMish 2 months ago


  • fortnite gaming
    fortnite gaming 2 months ago

    Shes missing

  • Samantha Fisher
    Samantha Fisher 2 months ago


  • Hamthemomkey55 R.i.p
    Hamthemomkey55 R.i.p 2 months ago +1

    The 4th one would be cool

  • ThatFlyGuySavi
    ThatFlyGuySavi 2 months ago

    Captain marvel rescues Tony Stark from his bend spacecraft it's 100% obvious

  • Skibidip Ch
    Skibidip Ch 2 months ago +6

    I just have 1 question, WHERE IS NAKIA?

  • Nurul Imran
    Nurul Imran 2 months ago

    shuri was kidnapped by the future avengers... what we will see in endgame.

  • Joshua Salles
    Joshua Salles 2 months ago

    but the magical flower juice is gone :(

  • RickBobo29
    RickBobo29 3 months ago


  • Im 12
    Im 12 3 months ago

    *sharpens katana on gauntlet* hahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Itz_J4ck
    Itz_J4ck 3 months ago +1

    Umm 4:22 in the search bar?

  • yekula. Csr
    yekula. Csr 3 months ago

    White tiger

  • Fish Daddy
    Fish Daddy 3 months ago

    They’re not dead, they are in the soul stone but they will come back

  • B.R. Wiggins
    B.R. Wiggins 3 months ago


  • B.R. Wiggins
    B.R. Wiggins 3 months ago

    THEORY 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lion Of Judah
    Lion Of Judah 3 months ago

    Getting rear ended by white wolf.

  • simonas zalalis
    simonas zalalis 3 months ago

    If it was 50% of the universe why was earth targete SO much the universe is giant. Barely any people would die in earth tbh I think it was 50% of earth just not as catchy. ALSO how tf did fury know that capitain marvel is ALIVE!!!

    KYSNGAMING 3 months ago

    We dont exist anymore,byeee

  • lul kvng savage
    lul kvng savage 3 months ago

    I have a theory that the message tony stark sent to pepper potts was found by captain America and thats why he said is this an old message.

  • Matteo LG
    Matteo LG 3 months ago

    Clint was whipping off blood with the blunt side of the sword

  • Amalan Terbaik Dari Al Quran & As Sunnah

    Pager stop flashes somewhere at avengers facilty..with steve natasha bruce rudy there..and there is the presents of Captain Marvel..end credit 1..just watch...captain Marvel..movie itselves no any cameo or link with any avengers accept fury..

  • Omar Leon
    Omar Leon 3 months ago

    What about the sovereign? Will they play a roll in endgame? Half their people got wiped out too?

    ASHVIN RAJ 3 months ago

    Theory 4 will be true
    Just that Shuri will be called White Tiger and will wear the white suit

  • Shameera 3
    Shameera 3 3 months ago

    DID YOU GET A HAIR CUT??????????!!!!!

  • permeus2nd
    permeus2nd 3 months ago

    4:37 he isn't sharpening his sword on it he is cleaning it, its really bad for your sword or and iron blade to be sheathed while still wet or dirty, you know like if its all bloody.

  • Person 5630
    Person 5630 3 months ago

    THEORY $

  • Melissa Holden
    Melissa Holden 3 months ago

    When people dusted, why did their clothes go to? Like, bucky should have been a pile of clothes and an arm, covered in dust. Maybe they really did go into a different reality

  • Jaylen Mark
    Jaylen Mark 3 months ago

    I just hope to marvel studio's that she's alive👃

  • Spazmic Paradox
    Spazmic Paradox 3 months ago +1

    Shuri Is Currently in fortnite season 8 tier 100

  • Jared Fleming
    Jared Fleming 3 months ago

    no not shuri 😭😭😭

  • Drew Davies
    Drew Davies 3 months ago

    Make Shuri the next black panther please.

  • Josh Marine
    Josh Marine 3 months ago

    Shuri should be banished but Gaines followers and takes back wakanda

  • Mr McGregor
    Mr McGregor 3 months ago

    Marvel is finished.
    No one cares where shuri is anymore.

  • Jose D
    Jose D 3 months ago

    T'Challa not being able to defend his people feels like a great way to execute Black Panther 2. Kind of like the "A Nation Under Our Feet" comics where the Wakandans don't trust the King.

  • BuzzVanti
    BuzzVanti 3 months ago

    Theory 4

  • Seif Hamdan
    Seif Hamdan 3 months ago

    The ancient one is in the cast of Endgame

  • Dhorjyo Khengey
    Dhorjyo Khengey 3 months ago

    i was wondering why Dr. Strange did not know about Thanos since we specifically heard him say that he was keeping a list of people who might be a threat to earth, and that Loki was one of them. So shouldn't he know about Thanos too?? Plot hole maybe??

  • GXTitanium
    GXTitanium 3 months ago

    Shuri could have a panther outfit, sure,... but there is no more heart shaped herb to bring the powers of the Panther. Shed be a normal human in vibranium.

  • jaswanth kumar
    jaswanth kumar 3 months ago

    Can u explain why tony was in India in Spiderman home coming?

  • Hazib Latif
    Hazib Latif 3 months ago

    I think you should be asking: WHY IS SHURI??

  • Sivaguru prakash
    Sivaguru prakash 3 months ago

    Shuri can't be the black panther...as killmonger destroyed all the heart shaped herbs

  • Tenapix
    Tenapix 3 months ago

    I'm leaning towards Shuri becoming the next Black Panther. A few months back, the Russo Brothers twitter banner had images of the heroes from Inifinity War AND Shuri was featured in all black with the silver Black Panther necklace and a spear. They have since changed the twitter banner. But then again the Russo Brother be LYIN'!!! LOL

  • Kaili Brinton
    Kaili Brinton 3 months ago

    Theory 4 would work if it hadnt been for killmonger burning all the heart herb in Black Panther. So purple heart herb, no more Black Panthers

  • Tony Lester
    Tony Lester 3 months ago

    How is there going to be another Black Panther if all of the purple flowers were destroyed ?

  • Em
    Em 3 months ago

    Visit em

  • jordan brown
    jordan brown 3 months ago

    What's even darker is I fill like more than just half the ppl died like imagine how many ppl were on planes when pilots dusted,ppl driving cars with passengers possibly even babies, ppl in the middle of surgeries etc.

  • Adam Fischer
    Adam Fischer 3 months ago

    I enjoy the 4th theory but didn’t Warmonger destroy all the heart shaped herbs but one that Tachala had to get saved?

  • saket patil
    saket patil 3 months ago

    In Thanos's 1st appearance his hand looked like human hand. Why?
    Can any1 explain?
    In The Avengers.

  • The Golden Gamer
    The Golden Gamer 3 months ago +1

    Shuri is in Apex Legends as lifeline

  • BTS and NCT Trash [Yuta's Smile]

    Honestly Wakanda going back to secrecy makes total sense.

  • Jay'L Harris
    Jay'L Harris 3 months ago

    I think it is theory 4

  • qncymrtn
    qncymrtn 3 months ago

    Hey fox merger approved in Brazil

  • Relugus
    Relugus 3 months ago

    As Vision won't be in the movie till Act 3 I think Shuri is dusted.

  • Mickey Johno
    Mickey Johno 3 months ago

    He's wiping the blood off not sharpening it.

  • Nikhlesh Prasad
    Nikhlesh Prasad 3 months ago

    When you see GOTG vol 2 , the Stan Lee's camio suggests that the event of Civil war has already happened but the movie (GOTG vol 2) starts a few months after the events of GOTG vol 1 i.e 2014. One mistake that marvel didn't realize. Lol

  • Imogen Imagine
    Imogen Imagine 3 months ago

    I'm just kinda salty that Infinity War won NOTHING

  • StreamPro MOB
    StreamPro MOB 3 months ago

    See Wakanda...this is what happens when you let immigrants in.

  • Pranay
    Pranay 3 months ago

    Why do you gotta keep pickin on the Mets like that? :(

  • joe draw
    joe draw 3 months ago +1

    Ha shuri is now lynx

  • chronicles of shade city

    I see the reason why imbaku was shown when his tribe desibegrarlted

  • Vengeance
    Vengeance 3 months ago

    Shuri finds shaggy to fight thanos

  • Jan Davies
    Jan Davies 3 months ago

    Is shura dead

  • Wilson Quiachon
    Wilson Quiachon 3 months ago

    Looking forward for Shuri and M'Baku love Story.

  • Master Bait Fishing
    Master Bait Fishing 3 months ago

    Why do you always look like one of those SPCA dogs that was rescued from an abusive home? You need to take some happy pills my friend!

  • Terry Devlin
    Terry Devlin 3 months ago

    I hope the characters dead because she's just a bad character

  • Lorenzo Gutierrez
    Lorenzo Gutierrez 3 months ago

    Erik is too funny in the last bit.

  • mike washington
    mike washington 3 months ago +1

    The ruso brother confirmed a while back that shuri got dusted

  • BK Playz
    BK Playz 3 months ago

    She's in the land of apex legends now

  • darrknight1971
    darrknight1971 3 months ago

    I want Kilmonger to become king and black panther with Shuri designing more tech to help the team through the quantum realm..

  • Marshall Grayvold
    Marshall Grayvold 3 months ago +1

    4:30 "katana"

  • Jack Scheckla
    Jack Scheckla 3 months ago

    lots of good theories u guys! i bet shes alive and serves a bigger purpose in the endgame!

  • Sound Quake
    Sound Quake 3 months ago +13

    OR that photo of Shuri in the trailer is purposely put there to trick us and it’s actually not there in the movie. 🤭
    Didn’t they do that for the Infinity War trailers? Just a thought.

    • Donavan West
      Donavan West 2 months ago

      They kinda did that for hulk in the poster

    • remo2500 remo2500
      remo2500 remo2500 2 months ago

      They did remove the infinity stones in the trailer, so anything is possible

  • Marxist Libertarian
    Marxist Libertarian 3 months ago

    jesus christ its erik voss

  • Gio Betancourt
    Gio Betancourt 3 months ago

    Friday would have known spiderman was up there and did not return