We Tried To Re-Create This Giant Cinnamon Roll


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  • wolfdancer beauty_2007

    I live in San Antonio where Lulu's is located and let me say...they are as good as they look!

  • Nicole Hirata
    Nicole Hirata 4 hours ago

    Fyi, the dough flopped in the middle not1 only because you touched it too much, but also because it fermented for too long before going to the oven. The right timing for fermentation is important to make the dough stronger, which is usually 25% smaller than the final size.

  • Kayla Ton-nu
    Kayla Ton-nu 7 hours ago

    It's the tilting tower of piza

    Z0MBIETACO 8 hours ago

    If you cant soften stuff because you forgot, you can blend it to make it into a paste and it tends to work okay

  • Becca
    Becca 9 hours ago

    I love Rie's expression whenever she's helping out. It's like: this is my job; I'm focused on helping them; I'm interested in the outcome of this.
    It's not like it's a fun little thing she's volunteered to help with (like it looks like with most people on screen). This is her job and she's serious about it.

  • Xenquility
    Xenquility 9 hours ago

    Why would they try to recreate Adam

  • Pluto
    Pluto 11 hours ago


  • Samarth Patil
    Samarth Patil 11 hours ago

    Dude the thing Andrew was watching on

    It’s a microwave

  • Advika Sengupta
    Advika Sengupta 11 hours ago

    "mine looks like chicken wing" same gurl sameee ahahaha

  • Enveloped MC
    Enveloped MC 12 hours ago +1

    Try wraping something solid around it so it would keep its shape.

  • sozoehmi
    sozoehmi 14 hours ago

    everyone loves annie and i hope annie knows this 💕💖

  • Btt
    Btt 15 hours ago

    I think everybody already knew what divide and conquer meant.

  • Teh Foxxy
    Teh Foxxy 15 hours ago

    Nice shout out to "some guy"

  • Lydia Taiwo
    Lydia Taiwo 15 hours ago


  • Bleach Me
    Bleach Me 16 hours ago

    I just learnt what divide and conquer really means. I also just learnt the first thing I ever have from a BuzzFeed family video.

  • Tahsanul Faruque
    Tahsanul Faruque 17 hours ago


  • tyara keena
    tyara keena 17 hours ago

    "computer" lmao

  • EmmylouBauer
    EmmylouBauer 18 hours ago

    Wait... I thought literally everyone knew where Divide and Conquer came from??????? I'm shook.

  • hellolala
    hellolala 18 hours ago +1

    its ok Andrew I'll eat anything you make. cause I love you!

  • hellolala
    hellolala 18 hours ago +1

    I need to find a man that can do baking stuff with me. cause I'm horrible on my own. I can bake, but I lack motivation

  • Code Red
    Code Red 18 hours ago

    Giant cinnamon ro-.. Cake

  • mehwhyausername1
    mehwhyausername1 20 hours ago +2

    giant 3 lb cinnamon roll = 1/3 cats

  • Diana Teddy
    Diana Teddy 21 hour ago

    Idk why but Annie reminds me of Annie Leonhart in Attack on Titan

  • Eliza Spriggs
    Eliza Spriggs 22 hours ago

    Why make a giant cinnamon roll when you have one behind the camera anyway?

  • Zon Zon
    Zon Zon 23 hours ago

    That girl need to look at the camera more...dont be shy, you’re in buzzfeed man

  • _KaraLee_ _
    _KaraLee_ _ Day ago

    That’s a cats worth of flour
    That’s a damn cats worth of flour Andrew

  • Flashout 1
    Flashout 1 Day ago

    I think we all know that Adam is the real cinnamon roll in this video.

  • Alexis Hayashi
    Alexis Hayashi Day ago

    so tasty recreated tasty recreating a giant cinnamon roll
    what a mind fuck.

  • Lucy Colwell
    Lucy Colwell Day ago

    I felt awkward and I’m not even there...

  • Tarun Pandit
    Tarun Pandit Day ago +1

    OMG THAT WAS MY SHOPPING LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jenn the Human
    Jenn the Human Day ago

    Why is the butter so green looking?

  • 21 Guns
    21 Guns Day ago

    My significant other and I love To go to LuLu’s bakery late at night

  • Sam Makeup Alien

    I love these videos!!! Adam tell them to do more.

  • LolBrownie Geode

    The process of the analyzation shows how long it must have taken founders of famous restaurants with secret recipes to actually find the right recipe. Everything has to be just right. The founder of Chick-Fil-A tried over 100 times to make the perfect chicken sandwich.

  • Lukestarcutter
    Lukestarcutter Day ago +1

    I am surprised that more people don’t measure weight in cats.

  • Teal Panda
    Teal Panda Day ago

    Any one else really jealous and wants one

    BOSS_OF_DA_GAME Day ago

    I'm 14 and even i could do a better job.

  • Nathan de Haas
    Nathan de Haas Day ago

    Sudden shoot fade consist determination use summit body cave assist.

  • Rainbow Brite
    Rainbow Brite Day ago

    Andrew reminds me so much of Castiel

  • Angelic Melody
    Angelic Melody Day ago

    *c o m p u t e r*

  • xXSir CartierXx
    xXSir CartierXx Day ago

    You guys should’ve put them separately in circle cake tins

  • mariahuh11
    mariahuh11 Day ago

    “Looks a little scary” lol

  • Celeste K
    Celeste K Day ago

    I daresay you guys didn't let the dough rise long enough. That's why it collapsed after you baked it.

  • Nikkki
    Nikkki Day ago

    *_its so satisfying_*
    _its such a_ *_satisfying_* _color_

  • Dope Kicks
    Dope Kicks Day ago +1

    the sound at 6:01 tho

  • I dont deserve subs

    Thats what you call,

  • Celeste K
    Celeste K Day ago

    Jeez! Oh lord! I can feel the sugar rushing through my veins and going right to my head. LOL!

  • Savonna Harper
    Savonna Harper Day ago

    Now im going to Cinnabon 🤤🤤😛

  • Elena Bron
    Elena Bron Day ago +6

    the realest thing in the video:
    Andrew: Do you like chocolate milk?
    Annie: I'm lactose intolerant.
    Andrew: Do you want some?
    Annie: Sure.
    "ignores intolerance and chugs milk"

  • Mihajlo C
    Mihajlo C Day ago

    why do americans drink from jars?

  • thegoofylover
    thegoofylover Day ago

    Hmm. Am I the only one who would have used a round baking tin for each of the cinnamon rolls? lol. Looks yummy though.

  • Aqua Rose
    Aqua Rose Day ago

    lol you're supposed to cool them in a freezer so they keep they're shape

  • Lololo Lolololo
    Lololo Lolololo Day ago


  • Chicken Permission

    I follow all types of cinnamon roll recipes and, yet, I have never accomplished the right dough texture 😩

  • Majestic Black
    Majestic Black Day ago

    Most of the time Andrew has this expression that he doesn't want to be there but this time it's Annie who looks like she doesn't want to be there XD XD

  • Ann Other
    Ann Other Day ago

    You put the butter on before baking, dummy

  • Artajah Rainey
    Artajah Rainey Day ago

    couldve use a blender for the frosting thats what i do when i make ooey gooey cake🤷🏽‍♀️

  • zombie6flesh
    zombie6flesh Day ago

    Where we dropping boys?

  • Ghemms
    Ghemms Day ago

    8:16 u couldve just blended the chunky frosting in a blender then put it through a strainer, it works for me when i fuck up frosting :)

  • Lily Rose
    Lily Rose Day ago +1

    These videos are the most I hear Adam talk

  • danicoleb5394
    danicoleb5394 Day ago

    I hate when they use cream cheese for the frosting. 😭

  • Moo Moo Puppy
    Moo Moo Puppy Day ago

    put it through a sieve

  • Moo Moo Puppy
    Moo Moo Puppy Day ago

    ...bath salts...

  • Mya Allen
    Mya Allen Day ago

    Annies earrings 😂😂

  • ZabZab_
    ZabZab_ Day ago

    im fasting i shouldn't be watching this

  • Gerber D
    Gerber D Day ago

    you should’ve cut the big circle into a couple of lines and then you roll one and roll that one onto another one and keep going until u have no more

  • Qasim Zaffar
    Qasim Zaffar Day ago

    I'm surprised that there are people out there who think "divide and conquer" means something other than what it actually does!!

  • Lulu Edits
    Lulu Edits Day ago

    I heard the word Lulu!!!!!!!!!

  • KayFluffle
    KayFluffle Day ago


  • Gabriel Liu
    Gabriel Liu Day ago

    Is that Andrew? **clicks**

  • Adel Wolf
    Adel Wolf Day ago

    Please, for the love of puppies, BAKE IN METRIC! I flinched every time he said "flour" and "cup"

  • Matthew Song
    Matthew Song Day ago

    Whats laxsosntoowjdeiwifjjreid

  • HI, Hello
    HI, Hello Day ago

    I still wonder whos "oh yes!" That is

  • LewHen Silvar
    LewHen Silvar Day ago

    I’ve been waiting for Annie to appear in a series ever since I saw her in that Ladylike video.

  • Aliana ARD
    Aliana ARD Day ago

    "Viraural video"

  • Catsoup
    Catsoup Day ago

    Annie is so beautiful...

  • hanbin kim
    hanbin kim Day ago

    There's a huge cinnamon roll right there. The one who's filming haha. Adam.

  • Pungent AJ
    Pungent AJ Day ago


  • Diya Teeluck
    Diya Teeluck Day ago

    The divide and Conquer thing had me dead!! 😂😂

  • Brissa Sanchez
    Brissa Sanchez Day ago

    Should have baked one in a circular pan to keep the shape 😩

  • Medeline Citra Vanessa


  • VGZeR0
    VGZeR0 2 days ago

    I love Annie's shade and indifference! It is needed and thank you

  • carl shneebly
    carl shneebly 2 days ago

    Does buzzfeed go out of their way to hire hot asian chicks?

  • Monzurat Oni
    Monzurat Oni 2 days ago

    why didn't you make them in springform pans?

  • Ordinary_ Girl2000
    Ordinary_ Girl2000 2 days ago

    Man behind the camera hi adam 😁

  • what the hell grace
    what the hell grace 2 days ago

    how many cats

  • nope !?!
    nope !?! 2 days ago

    I like how they put computer at the top of the laptop

  • Googly Eyes
    Googly Eyes 2 days ago

    "It might just be the excitement of giant food"

  • Kathryn Sleezer
    Kathryn Sleezer 2 days ago

    too bad I'm writing an essay for English right now, my last school never made us write essays, but now we have to, to pass any of our classes, so i cant watch this video, but the first 3 seconds were great!!!!!!!!

  • Arlene TriSinging
    Arlene TriSinging 2 days ago

    tell me i'm no the only one, but i've always wondered, who says the " oh yes" at the end of the videos?

  • Ocean view Peek
    Ocean view Peek 2 days ago +1

    Adam is just perfect.😂

  • Leilani Garcia
    Leilani Garcia 2 days ago

    Andrew: "Do you measure things by cat in Japan?"
    Rie: "HEHEHEH....." -__-
    ME: " *OMG THEY EAT CATS OVER THERE!!......wait* "

  • Snake TV
    Snake TV 2 days ago

    So Thiiiick

  • Otaku World
    Otaku World 2 days ago

    I kinda miss nikki

  • Wonho is my one hoe
    Wonho is my one hoe 2 days ago

    The word computer on their laptop was really funny to me lmao idk

  • darcysgurl
    darcysgurl 2 days ago

    Andrew here is more himself , he is making jokes , goofing around ! Not like worth it series

  • BlueJae
    BlueJae 2 days ago


  • Elisa Sammut
    Elisa Sammut 2 days ago

    Annie: Oh, we need to measure one and half cups of melted butter.
    Adam: WhAt?

  • Fareeha Ahmed
    Fareeha Ahmed 2 days ago


  • Jesse Amar
    Jesse Amar 2 days ago

    "it looks like a chicken wing"