Has Sarah Sanders Lost Credibility? | The View

  • Published on May 4, 2018

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  • jeannette jones
    jeannette jones 14 hours ago

    3:41🤣🤣🤣as usual you’re wrong

  • gary smith
    gary smith Month ago

    Idiots on the view have no credibility.

  • ron sheppard
    ron sheppard Month ago

    I hope she runs for Office anywhere in govt.

  • Kenneth Gebhardt
    Kenneth Gebhardt Month ago

    The queen and ultimate authority of truth (Goldberg), spewing trash from her pie hole.

  • donald cook
    donald cook Month ago +1

    It will be good not to see anymore.such a liar what you have to do to keep her job .Sarah 👋 good bye

  • Jim Pickering
    Jim Pickering Month ago

    No she has not lost credibilty but VIEW HAS

  • Carlos Calimeno
    Carlos Calimeno 2 months ago +1

    She. Lyign. Lyign. Lyign.

  • Tanya Owen
    Tanya Owen 2 months ago +1

    Sanders allowed herself to be put in the position she is in. They take the sword for trump and then, when the tables turn, they are little more than a piece of paper to be waded up and tossed in a waste basket. How many have we witnessed Trump destroy?

  • Jere Sitko
    Jere Sitko 2 months ago +1

    Impeach Trump now!!!! He's a con artist /grifter!

  • Donna Hill
    Donna Hill 2 months ago


  • Terry Oesch
    Terry Oesch 2 months ago

    Woolfy is dying of stupidity

  • Karen Bishop
    Karen Bishop 2 months ago +1

    Megan, Sarah can quit, she can apologize, There is no excuse

  • Cheryl Kallman
    Cheryl Kallman 2 months ago

    Crediliby??? She has NEVER been creditable.

  • Judy Kennedy
    Judy Kennedy 2 months ago

    Long time ago Sarah Sanders lost credibility with SANE world !!

  • Kathleen Kenyon
    Kathleen Kenyon 2 months ago

    One things for sure and this is stating it nicely, both Meghan and Sarah are getting bigger by the day! Makeup is not working for their chubby faces and bodies. Sarah seems to think if she has her "magic" pearls on, it exhonerates her telling the truth, like she is some poor Barbara Billinsley, (beavers mom). If I wear my pearls while working, I seem like a nicer person.

  • ricky jurecki
    ricky jurecki 2 months ago

    I don't know how this infantile inane rubbish makes it to air. It would be very difficult to say for sure which one is the most stupid.Possibly Whoopi.

  • stilllife2
    stilllife2 2 months ago +1

    Sarah Sanders had credibility??? REALLY?????

  • Frances Magnus
    Frances Magnus 2 months ago +1


  • Ozler Gurpinar
    Ozler Gurpinar 2 months ago +1

    Is she a robot, I think so

  • Ozler Gurpinar
    Ozler Gurpinar 2 months ago +1

    Did he ever have credibility. Go home raise your children witch

  • N S
    N S 2 months ago +1

    Joy, "Sarah Huckabee Sanders lies for a liar."

  • Mary Johnson
    Mary Johnson 2 months ago +1

    I don’t trust anything Sarah Sanders says because she is paid to lie and cover up for Trump.

  • Jean Engstrom
    Jean Engstrom 2 months ago +1

    Lost her self respect and dignity a long time ago...FORGET credibility. 😢

  • Ken Bugbee
    Ken Bugbee 2 months ago +1

    She is measly a spokesperson, she gets only a certain amount of information.
    What part of that confuses these cackling hens ?!?

  • Laurie Huntley
    Laurie Huntley 2 months ago +1

    Feel bad for SARAH SANDERS. WHOOPI, are you ok .

  • Darrell MAGGARD
    Darrell MAGGARD 2 months ago +1

    you are reprobate do you know the story of Noah and the ark your the sub humans are the ones outside the ark I don't like you at all

  • beverly a
    beverly a 2 months ago

    The only way trump is going to have you in his administration is you have to be willing to lie for him

  • Mary Johnson
    Mary Johnson 2 months ago +1

    Sarah Sanders is paid to lie for Trump .

  • GTD69
    GTD69 2 months ago +1

    Sanders is a puppet. Stand up for yourself

    CAROLE LA POINTE 2 months ago +1


  • Maribel Roos
    Maribel Roos 2 months ago

    Sarah wanted this job! A job she has not dignified herself in . It’s not spin it’s lies. As per the Mueller Report she lied. How.could any decent person lie for this despot President. She does not deserve sympathy She sold her soul to the devil for money.

  • geri holder
    geri holder 3 months ago +1

    Exactly when was Sarah Sanders credible?

  • Roxana Nazar
    Roxana Nazar 3 months ago +1

    She is a big liar. Period.

  • Eric Marshall
    Eric Marshall 3 months ago +1

    Lies lies lies

  • Bob leroy
    Bob leroy 3 months ago

    can you believe 1 year later Sarah is still lying

    COMPASSION2611 3 months ago +1

    She has no credibility!!! At All!!!

  • Ken Keil
    Ken Keil 3 months ago

    Big Deal, View!, You be never made slips or mistakes. Take the log out of your eye so you can see the splinter in another’s eye.

    • Eric Rivera
      Eric Rivera 27 days ago

      Ken Keil liying is not a mistake..it's intentional..

  • nadjie13
    nadjie13 3 months ago

    Watching this again after the mueller report revealed that sarah huckabee sanders admitted that her statements about countless (or a large number of) fbi employees were happy with trump’s decision to fire comey were not based on anything (i.e. lies)

    GUY TERRY 3 months ago

    The following is a list of all the great things 0blamer and billary did ---

    GUY TERRY 3 months ago

    i _____________________________________________-saved u some time

    GUY TERRY 3 months ago

    my commits are mine-- and if your unhappy they don't kiss up to your hero-- please draw a line thur 99% of your listing --cause i don't care for that garbage-- just to be fair

    GUY TERRY 3 months ago

    anthony sweetie-- if u like yo doctor u can keep yo doctor--member? or we got to pass it before we find out whats in it? member--- u get the 0 part right -- u A big 0-- but the boz0 likes u

  • Mark Lapworth
    Mark Lapworth 3 months ago

    "Has Sarah Sanders Lost Credibility?" Are the ABC Editors serious? Where is YOUR bloody credibility if you need to keep asking this question? When was the last time she HAD any credibility? Why does the media think that you can not state the obvious? Pathetic.

  • Lady x
    Lady x 3 months ago

    I wonder how all these heifers are going to act when that fisa report in that 302 comes out and it destroys the Democratic false sense of righteousness

  • claire bigelow
    claire bigelow 3 months ago

    she had Credibility ??? Huckabeast will lie lie lie and lie again for the Orange Idiot...how does this woman look her children in the eyes ???

  • Chani Salado
    Chani Salado 4 months ago

    Sara Sanders is Meghan McCain's age omg she didn't age well no offense

  • Eve Rabi
    Eve Rabi 6 months ago

    Sarah sanders is not a decent human being. If you truely are a person of integrity you will do what Jim Mathis did - you will quit. She stays, enables Trump the racist and in the process murders two children seeking safety and shelter in the land of the free. It’s heartbreaking. She has children? Well karma will get her for sure.

  • Clayton Pope
    Clayton Pope 6 months ago

    Hmmmm the view ?? Credibility hmmmm ????? The old hags have ZERO creds just babbling idiots anti American every day

  • Jordan Brendmoen
    Jordan Brendmoen 6 months ago

    The view is more of a hen house they run on emotional nonsense Sarah is a wonderful person certainly alot more disciplined then most of the views audience

  • Gordon Adams
    Gordon Adams 6 months ago

    She had credibility? Lol

  • Cali Babii
    Cali Babii 7 months ago

    Poor sarah sanders huh

  • treefrog156
    treefrog156 7 months ago

    How do y'all still have any viewers? Must be some really stupid people incapable of making their own decisions. My opinion you know I've always suck though. That is an opinion I share with millions of others

  • treefrog156
    treefrog156 7 months ago

    Y'all are all lying pieces of s*** and that actually just helped her credibility yall just too stupid to see the truth.

  • Kevin Henderson
    Kevin Henderson 8 months ago

    This is what happens when you ask the same question over and over. You get the same answers. It doesn't matter what she says the media will twist around to have a negative outcome. But you liberals know that, it's what you always do.
    Funny to me how these hags on the view talk about credibility.
    Always just sounds like hate speech against the president.
    An unhinged extreme case of TDS.
    Where were they when Obama kept telling the American people lie after lie like, you can keep your doctor you can keep your health care plan.
    Benghazi attack was about a viral video on USclip. Then stranded the heroes in Germany afterwards.
    He didn't know anything about the fast and furious operation that got our border agent killed.
    Spied on an opposition opponents campaign using a phony dossier. Illegally obtained a fisa warrants. So he lied to the fisa judge too.
    Spied on a Fox reporter and his family . You remember Jim Rosen don't you?
    I believe also the accociated press too.
    What about all that money we were supposed to spend on infrastructure. Didn't happen! Where did Obama spend over 10 trillion dollars of Taxpayer money?
    Where were you idiots then?
    You dare talk about credibility?
    You morons on the view couldn't even spell the word.
    With Obama, those are just a few examples of deceit and corruption.
    Megan turned out to be as pathetic as her father. Frickin RINO! She has really found a home on the view. Enjoy your time with the American hating liberal loser.

  • Dell Johnson
    Dell Johnson 8 months ago

    WOOPEE YOUR JUST A RACIST ANTI TRUMP CLUELESS 300LB PO💩you flock of losers should be in public..you might be contagious..and that low life classless Mcain even bashed trump at her fathers funeral jealous and hateful to the end..Joys less then💩

  • Melissa Haletky
    Melissa Haletky 8 months ago

    It must be tiring to lie on behalf of a lier.

  • Mike Evans
    Mike Evans 8 months ago

    more verbal dysentery from these collective crevices

  • Kid Kool
    Kid Kool 8 months ago

    LOL Just look at this absolute clown questioning someone else's credibility. Obnoxious moron!

  • Margo Nickolson
    Margo Nickolson 8 months ago

    Joy is a bitter, biased old woman. Retire for Gods sake. Do us all a favour.

  • Margo Nickolson
    Margo Nickolson 8 months ago

    The last person we need to hear from is Whoopi...she’s in the negative numbers as far as credibility goes😏🤨😏🤨😏🤨

  • Tonya Long
    Tonya Long 8 months ago

    what dont yaw talk about Bob jobs

  • Tonya Long
    Tonya Long 8 months ago

    whopping is mad cant do whopping with kids anymore sucass

  • ThaCuttUp Girl
    ThaCuttUp Girl 8 months ago

    History will handle this Trump Tramp, I'm sure of it.

  • None None
    None None 8 months ago

    has Sarah Sanders ever had credibility.....she went to a bible thumping school and is a proud member of the Klux Klux Klan. Jesus was black as his beloved mother Mary. the black madonnaxwas painted by thecapositle Luke. no cameras then......k k k Judy's you are a genuine low life. Judy's was meant to print Jesus sorry......

  • Courage Karnga
    Courage Karnga 9 months ago

    Sarah Sanders has credibility?

  • david campbell
    david campbell 9 months ago


  • Jan Bracewell
    Jan Bracewell 10 months ago

    She is fantastic , love her

  • Leslie Goins
    Leslie Goins 10 months ago

    Sanders is cruel!

  • Brigitte McDonough
    Brigitte McDonough 10 months ago

    Sarah Sanders accepted her role with total consciousness. What is the problem?

  • charles beckwith
    charles beckwith 10 months ago

    Sarah should join a circus!

  • mr hollands opus
    mr hollands opus 10 months ago

    Yeah and thats no information. Her lips are going to twist all around her nose. She is not a smart woman at all. If she was she would walk away and save whats left of her reputation.

  • rose gold
    rose gold 10 months ago

    where is all this coughing coming from?

  • Maximino Morelos
    Maximino Morelos 10 months ago

    She is a crap as a Trump without moral; for do the job that she does most have to be with the same low standard as humanbee

  • pigatt1
    pigatt1 10 months ago

    Why would you feel bad for a liar.No matter where the lie originates from.IT IS STILL A LIE.Best information is STILL a lie.No one is questioning her intelligence. She knows full well for whom she works for. If you are that morally upstanding; then quit.

  • Steven Ratti
    Steven Ratti 10 months ago

    Has she Lost credibility? She's the mouthpiece for a pathological liar who usurped the Presidency with help from a foreign power. When did she ever have credibility in the first place?!

  • Blue Heels
    Blue Heels 11 months ago

    If I was Sarah, I would resign asap.

  • C.T. RAM
    C.T. RAM 11 months ago +1

    I could be wrong, but I think she has a good $$$SALARY$$..

  • mike John
    mike John 11 months ago

    Sarah Sanders is a member of the k k k. Should I say more do you still feel sorry for her. She is trash...

  • Obi
    Obi 11 months ago

    Credibility? I still do not know who she is and come from; honestly I do not care. Keep lying under oath Sarah, Karma will soon meet you at the door! Or podium rather

    COBYKOEHL2 Year ago

    shut up magen mccain

  • Cheryl Schultz
    Cheryl Schultz Year ago

    They themselves gave no credibility

  • Hammer Head
    Hammer Head Year ago

    Stuck. Catch 22

  • mynume2015 Wholly

    Yes since first tv appearance she's been a stupid liar she's like Trump for sure.Sarah is very bold telling lies with attitude.

  • john norris
    john norris Year ago

    I have joined the boycott of ABC and any Disney products shows and amusement parks because of the double standard that they constantly show until.... the view is completely off the air.

  • Beef old Alaskan
    Beef old Alaskan Year ago

    lmao @ whoopiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.........more like owie your perfect for cnn whoopiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii....no one watches them either......

  • nsx
    nsx Year ago

    She has never had any credibility at all specially with that crazy eye going all over the place trying to search in that coconut for answers..

  • Darryl A. Davis
    Darryl A. Davis Year ago

    LGBTQPedo Diabolical Narcisists. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a gift. Remember to tell your friends in California to vote Republican / Libertarian.

  • Gypsy SnickerDoodle

    Oh LOOK she killed her smokey eye stylings... HA!!

  • TheLeigha72
    TheLeigha72 Year ago

    There used to be a feeling of respect for her because she was completely committed to a sinking ship, doing the job asked of her. But, there comes a point you have to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything. I believe, she is fully on board, at this stage.

  • murr cyril
    murr cyril Year ago

    i don't thinks Sarah s is informed, i think she is set up to tell excuses instead of facts. she is supposed to do her job with information that would tell us what is going on instead of making us go in circles.

  • Samuel Clemons
    Samuel Clemons Year ago

    These shrews NEVER had any credibility !!! NEVER !!!!!!

    • Eric Rivera
      Eric Rivera 27 days ago

      Samuel Clemons it's a talk show, they don't run the country..

  • Rachel Garber
    Rachel Garber Year ago

    She lost credibility long ago.

  • Javi Lund Gomez
    Javi Lund Gomez Year ago

    I don't feel sorry for her one bit. She's a snot who is a preachers daughter who has probably never had anyone confront or get in her face ever in her life; she has this attitude with reporters as if she can't be bothered by these peons and her arrogance shows throughout. The good news is she will likely never have a job again because after this, she will be forever associated with such a toxic administration.

  • Soreofhing
    Soreofhing Year ago +1

    Hi, I'm Sarah Huckabee and I don't answer difficult questions.

  • Cheryl Schultz
    Cheryl Schultz Year ago

    If Ihad to make my reputation on any of those on the view, I'd quit. These ladies are full of self and could care less for Ameica or its people!

  • Ambria Daniels Band
    Ambria Daniels Band Year ago +1

    Eff the View! You ppl are whats wrong with America!!!!

    • Eric Rivera
      Eric Rivera 27 days ago

      Ambria Daniels Band a talk show is what's wring with America?

  • Time  Keeper
    Time Keeper Year ago

    Liberal women are mean .

    • Eric Rivera
      Eric Rivera 6 months ago

      Time Keeper and so are republican men..

  • softwater88
    softwater88 Year ago

    "She's my age." Sarah Sanders is 10-years older than Megan McCain.

  • Len Dennler
    Len Dennler Year ago +1

    Do liberal's consider Ms Behar, Ms Goldberg and The View as the foremost authority on political matters ?

    • Eric Rivera
      Eric Rivera 6 months ago

      Len Dennler do you consider rush Limbaugh a mouthpiece for the republican party?

  • mysticoversoul
    mysticoversoul Year ago

    McCain is fat.