Lil Baby Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | On the Rocks | GQ

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
  • You've never seen watches like these ones before.
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    Lil Baby Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | On the Rocks | GQ
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Comments • 2 344

  • Tyrell Grant
    Tyrell Grant 16 hours ago

    PAC had em star rings first... 👌

  • j30a1 Hernandez
    j30a1 Hernandez 19 hours ago

    do philthy rich

  • Julia Baida
    Julia Baida Day ago

    All that money an yo baby mama got to sell used clothes 😌

  • Alexander Salazar
    Alexander Salazar 4 days ago

    get blueface on the show please!!!

  • stephon mcmullen
    stephon mcmullen 4 days ago

    that wasnt even floyd lmaooooooo

  • Sk8inbacon
    Sk8inbacon 5 days ago

    My older cousin calls me lil baby

  • Farhan R
    Farhan R 9 days ago

    Baby mende kimak...

  • MrDietmint
    MrDietmint 9 days ago

    Good !!

  • Rael Sitienei
    Rael Sitienei 11 days ago

    My is empty

  • youtube deleted my F.B.I account

    *gucci mane 500k ring*

  • Franz Muriel
    Franz Muriel 14 days ago

    gunna has better jewelry

  • Kapil Patel
    Kapil Patel 16 days ago

    Wahhh wahhh wahhh

  • Kaplan Wilson
    Kaplan Wilson 17 days ago

    do nba youngboy

  • I like em wet lIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIl

    4:41 one of the Diamonds are missing if I'm not mistaken.

  • airsoftology 101
    airsoftology 101 19 days ago

    That qc chain missing a 💎 on the side. Better go see coach k and get you another one lol

    KILL THE PAIN 20 days ago

    I'm tryna get the Cuban then ice that out wit black and white diamonds...

    NGB TWIN 20 days ago


    NGB TWIN 20 days ago


  • Cuban Des
    Cuban Des 21 day ago

    His numbers on the jewelry was so much more realistic than other rappers because if you paying 50k them diamonds better look like it

  • 12345332133345554332111234566666 34

    We need a future jewelry collection

  • Nick James
    Nick James 21 day ago

    Lol baby rich but he humble 😊😊

  • Nothing but FunStuff

    wein wein wein it"s yo boy lil baby. . His a succesful rapper with a lisp and doesnt talk properly, how you comprehend that its not logical but these days everything is possible just look at a prume example -LIL PUMP- .

  • Alan White
    Alan White 22 days ago

    I wish I could find these niggas jewelry they be loosing

  • N2L Entertainment N2L
    N2L Entertainment N2L 23 days ago

    He still got a lot to collect he just getting started 🔥👍🏽

  • Roddy Righteous
    Roddy Righteous 23 days ago

    4:22 stone missin out da qc piece

  • Cheese It’s Are Not Made With Cheese

    I don’t even know half of these rappers

  • OMB Polery
    OMB Polery 23 days ago

    Qc chain

  • Carlos Bs
    Carlos Bs 26 days ago

    *Lil Who?*

  • James Stephens
    James Stephens 26 days ago

    0:31 Yo GQ that's Adonis "chickenson" Stevenson not Floyd LMAO. You know the guy who ducked Kovelev his whole Fn career smh.

  • Oryan Wiley
    Oryan Wiley 26 days ago

    Takeoff ?

  • BradleyWelshTV
    BradleyWelshTV 27 days ago +1

    4:41 spot the missing stone

  • jesus erree
    jesus erree 27 days ago +1

    I feel like everything he say is a rap

  • A frendly spazmoid
    A frendly spazmoid 27 days ago +1

    His jury sure is expensive

  • Chantal Booker
    Chantal Booker 28 days ago

    Why every one on on the rocks got star rings 😕😕

  • Andrew Hernandez
    Andrew Hernandez Month ago

    he dumb tupac had the star ring first

  • abishek karumathil
    abishek karumathil Month ago

    Bring Travis Scott on the show

  • Kathrine Bozeman
    Kathrine Bozeman Month ago

    Samya bozeman love you GQ..
    Love you26😘😘😘😍😍💵💵💵😘😍🎤💰💰💰

  • Dylan Finney
    Dylan Finney Month ago

    I’m tired of the same adjective to describe the people’s jewelry collection

  • Trapper Tanker
    Trapper Tanker Month ago

    Yo baby 🤘✌️🤞

  • LifeOf BangBang
    LifeOf BangBang Month ago +2

    Y’all gotta make one with young thug

  • Steven Bucks
    Steven Bucks Month ago

    so nobody peeped that wasn’t Floyd mayweather 😂😂

  • Sky Jones
    Sky Jones Month ago +2

    Every single one of these “On The Rocks” videos these rappers lose their rings.

  • Cold Spaghetti
    Cold Spaghetti Month ago +1

    Lil baby is Macy Gray's son

  • Jesse Charland
    Jesse Charland Month ago +2

    QC pendent had a rock missing lol,
    The camera guy just had to take a shot of that side if the charm ❄

  • sqeeshmeesh
    sqeeshmeesh Month ago

    he didnt mention migos in the begining

  • Og Jouniorbug
    Og Jouniorbug Month ago

    Do more jewelry videos

  • Derrion Fry
    Derrion Fry Month ago


  • Eddie Gordon
    Eddie Gordon Month ago

    His jelrey is 🥶

  • Vazquez Medina
    Vazquez Medina Month ago

    QC missing a diamond lil bby

  • Slaks
    Slaks Month ago

    Everything this man says sounds like it can be in a song lol

  • E squad E squad
    E squad E squad Month ago

    4:22 spot the diamond missing

  • Dirty Dozen
    Dirty Dozen Month ago

    Get playboy carti on here

  • 804 Nano
    804 Nano Month ago


  • John Oliveira
    John Oliveira Month ago

    When he said “crazy” he actually meant it.

  • Hoodie Nico
    Hoodie Nico Month ago

    Get meek on

  • Tommy Brown
    Tommy Brown Month ago +2

    why these rappers stay losin ice😂

  • Money Jacks
    Money Jacks Month ago

    Do one with youngboy

  • johan cespedes
    johan cespedes Month ago +1

    He’s the baby Dave chappelle saw that one night he was in a limo

  • Clapback MDS
    Clapback MDS Month ago

    Get Future on here

  • Emmanuel Harris
    Emmanuel Harris Month ago

    first person with the star ring was chingy

  • Za'Niyjah Holmes
    Za'Niyjah Holmes Month ago

    Get NBA youngboy on here

  • Christian stoudamire.

    We need lil uzi on here

  • Taydoe Savv
    Taydoe Savv Month ago

    Tupac had the star ring first

  • Lyssa A
    Lyssa A Month ago +1

    Im surprised ur neck didn't fall off wearing all those chains

  • Brindon Hamlin
    Brindon Hamlin Month ago

    Do a vid with Gunna

  • eXposedBitch
    eXposedBitch Month ago

  • Good Smoke
    Good Smoke Month ago

    So y'all gone act like he ain't just put a random picture in for Mayweather 🤣🤣

  • chuckROCK202
    chuckROCK202 Month ago

    nba younboy

  • 2FlyGraffiti
    2FlyGraffiti Month ago

    Tupac had the star ring maneeee

  • findoca 1
    findoca 1 Month ago +4

    I swear Atlanta rappers have their own language

  • Tiffany Grant
    Tiffany Grant Month ago

    Lil baby kind of looks like damion jones

  • Y Hass
    Y Hass Month ago

    It's pronounced jewelry, not jury lool

  • Lil Phil
    Lil Phil Month ago

    Can't wait to see you go under cover on here, I'm working on some music hopefully we can do a song together one day

  • lemar fraenk
    lemar fraenk Month ago

    what song is that its just soo fire

  • lemar fraenk
    lemar fraenk Month ago

    mann the first background song of the video is fireeee dawggg danmm

  • Yeru Yohannes
    Yeru Yohannes Month ago

    It's funny when rappers don't know their history Tupac was the first with the star chain

  • Term
    Term Month ago +1

    What’s that instrumental? 4:03

  • Elliott P Williams Jr

    That was not Floyd tho

  • E,Kayy Dripp
    E,Kayy Dripp Month ago

    I got a candy necklace am i ballin like im kobe ?

  • young lord
    young lord Month ago

    They they really put a picture Adonis Stevenson when they said Floyd Mayweather??😂😂😂💀

  • zues 19
    zues 19 Month ago +1

    Do trippie rad

  • Almighty YT
    Almighty YT 2 months ago

    This BabyFace cuthin? Get a solid gold and uranium diaper on a Cuban links

  • RICH_KIDZ_ 101
    RICH_KIDZ_ 101 2 months ago

    Lilpump got the star rings

  • Thomas Sprain
    Thomas Sprain 2 months ago

    At 4:41 a diamond is missing

  • Fly High Music
    Fly High Music 2 months ago

    Tupac did it first ! Star ring !

  • rs
    rs 2 months ago

    as a grown man why are you called lil baby , that's just dumb

  • Mystxry
    Mystxry 2 months ago

    i got like 5 rings. they were around 15 dollars each soooo GQ let me know when you need me to come through

  • Jahiem Gillett
    Jahiem Gillett 2 months ago

    Get the guy who buys these rappers jewelry on here

  • Dojah Jackson
    Dojah Jackson 2 months ago

    Boi I seen u cop those chains at the indoor swap meet

  • Joseph Mosquera
    Joseph Mosquera 2 months ago

    Trippie redd

  • James Noffsinger
    James Noffsinger 2 months ago

    2pac was the 1st star ring to do it

  • Chris John
    Chris John 2 months ago

    What are these rappers investment/retirement plans? I think all the foolish excessive spending on jewelry is a part of the reason the white man continues to run the music business.

  • Dwuan Freeman jr
    Dwuan Freeman jr 2 months ago

    Missing diamonds in qc

  • AT TV
    AT TV 2 months ago if this gets number one comment ill give a random new sub 300$

  • Omar Maldonado
    Omar Maldonado 2 months ago

    Four hundred years later, we buyin our own chains

  • 50k Dom
    50k Dom 2 months ago

  • SlimSlimy123
    SlimSlimy123 2 months ago


  • Prince Elijah
    Prince Elijah 2 months ago

    2pac had the star ring before future & thug

  • Z Scott
    Z Scott 2 months ago

    4PF is the same sigh as 4CH...four corner hustlers....Chi Town...

  • Vincent Roman
    Vincent Roman 2 months ago

    lil baby ok in rap,still i like his style tho.he needs to improve on lyric.