Best of the Worst: The Instructor, Through Doohan's Eye, and Twisted Pair

  • Published on Sep 5, 2019
  • The Canadians are back to discuss James Doohan, Neil Breen, and the longest and most absurd chase scene in movie history!
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  • Alex Jackson
    Alex Jackson 4 hours ago

    Breennnaise! the new sandwich spread from Kraft. It's just crazy how good it is!

  • Joe Bean
    Joe Bean 17 hours ago


  • Patrick Hanlon
    Patrick Hanlon 20 hours ago

    The Canadian with facial hair was extra funny this episode. edit: except for that lorus ipsum joke...

  • Obsidian Obi-Dog
    Obsidian Obi-Dog 2 days ago

    23:16 for personal use

  • NYCStreetQueen
    NYCStreetQueen 2 days ago

    Holy crap, 555 is right behind them! Nice.

  • Rockin Records
    Rockin Records 3 days ago

    The druggie couple scene gave me serious Twin Peaks: The Return vibes. Since that one girl early in the series was strung out on pills and booze in her house. And she had a brother I think. I wouldn’t be surprised if Neil Breen saw TP and wanted to do something similar.

  • itlivesinthere
    itlivesinthere 3 days ago

    20:45 The light above Rich's head goes out. It's an omen about his impending death on Spooky Day this year. RIP Rich Evans 10/31/2019

  • Diego
    Diego 3 days ago +1

    The instructor, Richie: 'Everything is disgustingly ugly', and the lamp behind him dies, as does a part of himself.

  • Skywalker Sounds
    Skywalker Sounds 5 days ago +1

    40:14 Who else saw Mike notice that Rich and James Doohan had the same shirt, then double check, and wait for an opening in the chatter so his observation would land as devastatingly as possible 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • TheHandOfFear
    TheHandOfFear 5 days ago

    Lorem Ipsum 😂

  • Stranger Jones
    Stranger Jones 5 days ago +2

    The only thing funnier than Neil Breen's work is Rich Evan's reaction to Neil Breen's work.

  • TexMechs
    TexMechs 6 days ago

    One of the best shows because of the power of James Doohan

  • Alberto Sánchez G.
    Alberto Sánchez G. 6 days ago

    Your mother's a bitch

  • Byron Reid
    Byron Reid 6 days ago

    Holy shit, Twisted Pair was from 2018??? I thought it was at least 10 years old with all the outdated clip art.

  • markiangooley
    markiangooley 7 days ago

    Killer in Through Doohan’s eye is on PCP?

  • Dante Christensen
    Dante Christensen 8 days ago

    I got the Lorem Ipsum reference. I got you buddy.

  • FaithRTronz
    FaithRTronz 8 days ago

    How have I never seen The Eiger Sanction on any of your shows?

  • Horus Vestige
    Horus Vestige 8 days ago

    My mother in law has that same lamp

  • Elsie Clark
    Elsie Clark 8 days ago

    20:28 for me

  • Leah Frazier
    Leah Frazier 9 days ago +2

    Im a graphic design student and i appreciate the lorem ipsum joke :D

  • Mr. Bittz
    Mr. Bittz 9 days ago

    Neil Breen: Narcissism on a budget.

  • Steven Ashton Baker
    Steven Ashton Baker 9 days ago +1

    Holy Shit a Neil Breen! I've been waiting years for you to do another Breen.

  • Cody Curry
    Cody Curry 10 days ago +1

    Mike didn't wear his collared button up shirt, so they wouldn't let him on the panel.

  • Francisco Carlos
    Francisco Carlos 10 days ago +1

    I like to what Neil Breen would make if he was given a major blockbuster level budget

  • theinternalkiller
    theinternalkiller 10 days ago

    theY wOuld have bEeen in lOOove???????

  • tycho
    tycho 11 days ago

    that "beam me up" when he lights the cigar is the pinnacle of happysad

  • tycho
    tycho 11 days ago

    Neil Breen's evil beard is straight up ripped off from Abed Nadir in Community. Which takes place at a......

  • Frankenstec
    Frankenstec 11 days ago

    Guys, he didn't say "Serial Carolings" its very clear that he is saying "Serial Killings". You can try and tarnish Rich Evans' reputation but the man's talent will always shine through

  • MrJans3n
    MrJans3n 11 days ago +1

    I feel like the AU Italian version of Through Dead Eyes Jay is talking about is basically The Psychic.

  • Baylor R. Barnard
    Baylor R. Barnard 13 days ago

    Twisted Pair has a 6.6 star rating on IMDB. I don't know how this is possible.

  • Kyle Micheals
    Kyle Micheals 13 days ago

    Neil Breen sounds like Garfield

  • Anrea Santos
    Anrea Santos 13 days ago +3

    Twisted Pair movie screening with a Q&A and Meet & Greet with Neil Breen after the movie at the Garden Amp in Orange County, CA on Friday Oct 11th.
    Tickets at gardenamp . com - see you there!

  • Jerrell McNutt
    Jerrell McNutt 13 days ago

    Cade Altair will return in Avengers Infinity War

  • Jermbo Notrombone
    Jermbo Notrombone 13 days ago +1

    Supreme Breeing

  • mrbjangles
    mrbjangles 14 days ago

    i cannot listen to that fake laugh for another second

  • ligitness Mcawesome
    ligitness Mcawesome 14 days ago

    Why do they look like they're ready for a Hawaii vacation.

  • Order 69
    Order 69 14 days ago

    I would happily watch the Neil Breen biopic starring Jim.

  • toonbat
    toonbat 14 days ago +3

    9:25 RICH: "Oh, wait. Mike's not here. It's, it's, ah, like Spock..."
    [flashback to earlier] MIKE: "And remember, Rich Evans. When I'm not here, you're the Mike of the house!"

  • Flynn Papandrea
    Flynn Papandrea 14 days ago

    Neal Breen's next film needs to be one long take

  • Von_Sternberg
    Von_Sternberg 15 days ago +1

    Of course everything looks ugly in the Instructor, it's "Rust Belt" Akron, Ohio in the 70's.

  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist 15 days ago


  • AnonymousJerkbag
    AnonymousJerkbag 15 days ago +1

    How do you give birth to somebody like Neil Breen.

  • William Bubenzer
    William Bubenzer 15 days ago +1

    soooo...have you guys reached out to breen yet to guest? we need the kabasinski treatment

  • Jack Tocci
    Jack Tocci 16 days ago +1

    Jim and Colin are the cutest couple

  • TheCoinmancer
    TheCoinmancer 16 days ago

    51:34 - anyone else recognize this clip from Marilyn Mansons album? great stuff

  • Parker Smith
    Parker Smith 17 days ago

    Holy Tommy Bahama Batman what's with the Hawaiian shirts lol

  • Ashamaxa
    Ashamaxa 17 days ago +25

    56:23 You can hear Mike saying "That's Jay" to the strangling cats comments.... Priceless.

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen 18 days ago +4

    52:10 Big Boss really let himself go

  • Dilan Gunawardana
    Dilan Gunawardana 18 days ago

    24:22 he looks like that doll Mike and Rich used to beat up in their home videos

  • Stephen Martin
    Stephen Martin 18 days ago +18

    Holy shit, I've just watched every Best of the Worst in about a month since I discovered it. I am now a broken man.

  • Skeptical Panda
    Skeptical Panda 19 days ago +8

    The villains speech at the end of the Doohan movie was like something from a Silent Hill game (3 specifically).

  • Aware
    Aware 19 days ago +1

    I seriously wonder if Neil Breen came across these reviews and his heart sank every time a group of middle aged men laughed hysterically at his masterpieces.

  • Daniel Stone
    Daniel Stone 19 days ago

    why is neal writing multiple scenes where he fights women?

  • Selator EPiCo
    Selator EPiCo 20 days ago

    20:45 change that light bulb please

  • Stephen Pero
    Stephen Pero 20 days ago +1

    the instructor was shot in my hometown and definitely not in LA. there are several local landmarks used as set pieces and ohio . com even did an article on it praising it as a time capsule and explaining the history of its creation

  • RoyalFlush270
    RoyalFlush270 20 days ago +2

    *Cade Altair will return in Avengers: Endgame*

  • DubbleD
    DubbleD 21 day ago +17

    "The stuntmen in the fight scene at the park succumbed to hypothermia after going through the rivers and its waterfalls." --from IMDB! Someone DIED for THAT crappy karate movie!

  • thenewaeon
    thenewaeon 21 day ago

    15:14 Is that Tom Kenny?

  • allright715
    allright715 21 day ago

    Why does Through Dead Eyes look more like a fucked up romance movie where a traumatized woman suffers Stockholm syndrome and falls in love with a brutal rapist that abducts her and not a murder mystery thriller?

  • Jordan Beers
    Jordan Beers 21 day ago +1

    I'm wondering if with Twister pair the Cade Altair will return is some sort of weird joke. Because Altair means eagle and the eagle is seemingly apart of the movie.