Everything Wrong With Venom In 16 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • Venom made a TON of money. And it has lots of fans and lots of haters. We just watched it for sins, and found plenty.
    Next week: scary sins and rom-com sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Comments • 6 836

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah Day ago +1

    Another sin...

    This movie has the WORST villain ever!! At least in the MCU

  • Lobo fräggt
    Lobo fräggt Day ago

    I surprisingly liked the movie

  • SESHskeleton
    SESHskeleton Day ago

    I enjoyed the hell out of this movie, maybe because I didnt expect much from it going in. The only thing thats missing in my opinion is that strong moment that would stay in the memory, like Thanos' snap in IW, Snoke's and Luke's death in TLJ. I'd even say that it's a good movie. You have that Rotten Tomatoes bullshit where the critics score and the audience score is a huge difference. It got a B- on that other page which collects people's opinions as they walk out the theater. That just proves it's not bad and it's worth watching. Hell, even rewatching. I don't believe Rotten Tomatoes critics since they gave like 95% for TLJ and 98% for Black Panther.

  • Q Crew
    Q Crew Day ago

    Spiderverse isnt Stan Lee's last cameo... he filmed one for Endgame, Captain Marvel, and Far From Home

  • Jay
    Jay Day ago

    I liked this movie and it made more than enough to be given the chance of that rarest of cinematic things: a sequel that improves on the original. I won't hold my breath for it, but I'm glad there'll be more Sony-Venom. Maybe they'll make it more mature then pull a Deadpool and release a PG version on Amazon Prime :P

  • Jordan Uecker
    Jordan Uecker Day ago

    “Man of steel scenario” I disagree because we were told in a few ways that the other symbiote is stronger than venom BUT they overcame this difference because venoms host was stronger...one sin I disagreed with keep up the great vids bud

  • Hypocrite_of_America

    Hey they finally did Upgrade-oh wait it's just that other movie with a guy who has a voice in his head that can control his body

  • Mack Aroni
    Mack Aroni Day ago

    Hay it was a good movie sow stop tring to make it sownd it bad

  • Kieran Stark
    Kieran Stark Day ago +1

    0:21 We weren't even a minute in when watching Venom, and someone, let alone a space flier curses?!
    LOL 😉✌

  • Carl Lorenz Andonaque

    ozzyman wanna be.. fook off b*tch and do something meaningful..

  • jay
    jay Day ago

    "sir, this is a Wendy's" MOOD

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel Day ago

    I thought this movie was ass

  • LOL Trolling
    LOL Trolling Day ago

    "malaysianese..." *facepalm*

  • Robert Morris
    Robert Morris Day ago

    In the final... wrap up scenes, you completely dropped the ball on the San Francisco setting shot by not using Dirty Harry theme.

  • Arthur Kirk
    Arthur Kirk Day ago

    It's 2019, how are her shoes not a sin?!? Freaking ridiculous. 3:36

  • Guero Rodriguez
    Guero Rodriguez Day ago

    Remind me not to watch this piece of shit

  • Ted Williams
    Ted Williams Day ago

    Jesus this dude sucks so much Liberal cock with his failed Trump jokes. When are these morons in entertainment going to learn not to alienate half their fucking audience?

  • SliCeouT
    SliCeouT Day ago

    9:21 technically there are no legal repercussions for Eddie since the doctor considers him a quote "patient" and people with a confirmed mental illness are not liability capable in a lot of cases. But it also depends on the individual case.

  • Ksnow 42
    Ksnow 42 Day ago +1

    For your next video do everything wrong with Cinema sins in 15 hours or less

  • Ksnow 42
    Ksnow 42 Day ago +1

    I’ll honestly give someone 100$ if they can tell me how at least 3 of the things this guy said were wrong in this movie

  • RiotforPeacePlz
    RiotforPeacePlz Day ago

    I din't mind Venom to much I thought it was pretty decent. I mean the only complaint I had was it took like 45min to 50 min just to get Venom actually involved. Well felt like forever.

  • magellanthecat
    magellanthecat 2 days ago

    Notice that the girl never gets a chance to actually ask her question, much less have it answered?
    Riot has weapons you've never seen before? Like what? Axes, Maces, clubs, spikes, and whips... What's the strange new stuff?

  • magellanthecat
    magellanthecat 2 days ago

    Rather telling that fans saying "Well, it didn't completely suck" has been treated by Sony as if they'd won the Oscar for Best Movie.

  • Jakitron
    Jakitron 2 days ago

    The movie obviously shows Venom can speak english because he can read his mind

  • Bill Zonker
    Bill Zonker 2 days ago

    Its not stan lees last cameo. He got his cameo tapes for the last avengers movie

  • Apexyboii -
    Apexyboii - 2 days ago +1

    I love how he'll make a joke about something that isn't a sin and count it as a sin.
    Not a very good channel tbh :/

    • Apexyboii -
      Apexyboii - Day ago

      +Ksnow 42 Ikr, there's like 3 sins before the actual movie even starts.

    • Ksnow 42
      Ksnow 42 Day ago +1

      Apexyboii - he just criticizes everything that moves the plot forward. This guy is too retarded to know that most movies aren’t meant to be realistic.

  • Jamila Hussan
    Jamila Hussan 2 days ago

    This is 16 minutes or more

  • Siobhana Crasto Craig

    Something else I noticed...
    sometimes, when Venom opens his mouth, you see a full throat that is definitely not Eddie's. However, in the "we are Venom" part, Eddie's face is clearly exactly where Venom's is. What's with that?
    I also don't understand what happens when Venom eats people. At all. And why are Eddie and Ann so casual about having eaten people?

  • Jackson Stigen
    Jackson Stigen 2 days ago

    This movie should get a 'Everything that's great about' episode. It's a fun movie. Sure there are a lot of problems but I think it's very enjoyable and it deserves some time to talk about what it does right.

  • Demise Rainyy
    Demise Rainyy 2 days ago

    6:23 they don’t it just dies

  • TheCephalon
    TheCephalon 2 days ago +2

    This is not marvel. This is sony

  • Ken Adams
    Ken Adams 2 days ago

    also his name is Riot not driot. -.- imdb will tell you that much

  • Gastón Sepúlveda
    Gastón Sepúlveda 2 days ago

    The guilty pleasure movie of 2018.

    LOGAN FPV 2 days ago

    Venom was so shit and tom hardy should punch himself in the balls for his shit acting

    • Jake Shevitz
      Jake Shevitz 2 days ago

      Honestly, he was the only good part

  • Jose
    Jose 2 days ago

    I enjoyed the movie but the changes to Venom's backstory did bother me. Eddie's decisions throughout the movie also bugged me but I still was able to like the movie tho.

  • Kyle Campbell
    Kyle Campbell 2 days ago

    Producers: "Venom will be PG-13"
    Me: "PUSSIES!!!"

  • Earl Locke
    Earl Locke 2 days ago

    3:09 Sir this is a Wendy's laughed way too hard at that.

  • SWBFΙΙCommαηdεrZirαsツ


  • RainbowzLizzie
    RainbowzLizzie 2 days ago

    There’s gonna be carn-
    (I never laughed more)

  • tomzicare
    tomzicare 2 days ago

    The only thing that pissess me off is why the hell did Venom change his mind, it makes absolutely no sense.

  • M Gibs
    M Gibs 2 days ago +1

    Riot, not Driot. No cinema sins video is without sin

  • Hava N. Day
    Hava N. Day 2 days ago

    This is just one of those movies that are fun when you just let it be a movie

  • SPTX
    SPTX 2 days ago

    2:53 starting with the script writer and director who went full blown SJW in this scene. The only way it would have been more in your face was if they asked the little white girl to check her white privilege.

  • Some random guy
    Some random guy 2 days ago

    Everything wrong with a star is born/ crazy rich asians

  • Jettus 14
    Jettus 14 2 days ago

    venom could speak english because he can absorb the knowledge from its host making it easy to gather intelligence. venom knew that eddie saw riot because he went over all his memories during the time they were apart so venom didnt have to ask questions. symbiotes can learn fast just by attaching themselves to someone

  • nipper80
    nipper80 2 days ago +1

    Big sin missed at the end scene, he walks into the store during the day then minutes later walks out into darkness WTF?!

  • Rikardo .A Kabrera
    Rikardo .A Kabrera 2 days ago

    The Venom Symbiote knows the English language because he's bonded to an ENGLISH speaking host!! He knows his memories and thoughts..... But no! There's no way that a parasitic entity that has bonded to every organ in your body, to know the language that the host speaks....
    This is exactly what happens when you speak of things you know nothing about. I demand a sin to be removed.

  • Alvargon
    Alvargon 2 days ago

    17:07 XDDDD

  • Hunson Abadeer
    Hunson Abadeer 2 days ago

    no "Venom kissing" referrence?

  • Jeanmi Ess
    Jeanmi Ess 2 days ago +3

    Like a turd in the wind....

  • Tyler Does Stuff
    Tyler Does Stuff 2 days ago

    'The Room' probably "San Francisco'd" harder than 'Venom,' but that's about it.

  • Meatbyproducts
    Meatbyproducts 2 days ago

    Most Marvel bad guys are boring and the same.

  • Animdude64
    Animdude64 2 days ago

    Like a turd...

    In the wind... >:)

  • FadedSouL
    FadedSouL 2 days ago

    No. 19, unless you're Hillary Clinton.

  • Domi B.
    Domi B. 2 days ago

    Is it just me or do I remember venom from like 7 years ago

  • Pizza Eater
    Pizza Eater 2 days ago

    Pull the carrot out of your ass,it’s too big for your anus!

  • DreamerLemurMemer
    DreamerLemurMemer 2 days ago

    The reason that venom knows English is because he has access to eddies mind, acting dumb doesn’t excuse you for the shitty sin

  • Jeffery Chan
    Jeffery Chan 2 days ago

    Eschews...please look up how to pronounce...

  • david escareno
    david escareno 2 days ago

    Do eww upgrade

  • The Wealth Generator

    I was looking forward to the venom exchange through kissing scene

  • Sajirou Plays
    Sajirou Plays 2 days ago

    All the sins: this movie exists without Spider-Man.

  • Zohara Ashley-Ross
    Zohara Ashley-Ross 2 days ago

    "Huh I guess Eddie doesn't wanna Brock" 😂

  • Christina Ikonomou
    Christina Ikonomou 2 days ago

    I was watching this movie in my hotel and i had to stop after Eddie was “infected” because it was so bad

  • xwingz13
    xwingz13 2 days ago

    Ajax? you mean Francis right?

  • NORLA League
    NORLA League 2 days ago


  • Synixal Alvarez
    Synixal Alvarez 2 days ago

    I enjoyed the movie, I loved Venom before and still today

  • ChanceAndTyler
    ChanceAndTyler 2 days ago +4

    13:28 Hmm....Let’s see, we have Tom Hardy, and look at that, he is being interrogated by a guy wearing a black (-ish) suit, yelling something along the lines of, “WHERE IS IT!” Sound familiar?

  • AverageLuke
    AverageLuke 2 days ago

    If I upload this movie to my private USclip account, will it be flagged for copyright infringement??

  • Michael Earley
    Michael Earley 2 days ago

    You need to revert sin 77. Venom can speak english because he can gather informatipn from eddies mind. The movie explains that later, yet the sin still stands

  • AverageLuke
    AverageLuke 2 days ago

    This movie was arguably the dumbest and best movie of all time

  • TrevelyanL85A2
    TrevelyanL85A2 2 days ago

    It's not Malaysianese, it's Malay. Please get it right, CinemaSins >_>

  • L The Fifteenth
    L The Fifteenth 2 days ago

    "Sir, this is a Wendy's."
    Why did I laugh at that do hard?

  • Mike H
    Mike H 2 days ago

    Your a low life

  • Have to wait 90 days to change my name. -

    Some people just want to watch the world burn.

  • Mitchell Johnson
    Mitchell Johnson 2 days ago

    Stan Lee actually filmed his cameos for Capt. Marvel, Endgame, and Far From Home before he passed

  • SIRA063
    SIRA063 2 days ago

    hw do they make such shit movies?

  • Kaity Donovan
    Kaity Donovan 2 days ago

    I haven’t even see this why am I here

  • Jeffrey Perales
    Jeffrey Perales 2 days ago

    It's dumb that this vid is longer than 16mins. Bad title ha like 16 isn't even a round number why didn't they just say "17 or less"

  • just stop this
    just stop this 2 days ago +1

    The language spoken in Malaysia is Malay

  • Cosmic Cat
    Cosmic Cat 2 days ago

    I forgot that I have not seen it yet but now I know what it is about

  • Ali-a’s Cartoon brother

    Now it makes sense why this movie got bad reviews

  • saiyan26
    saiyan26 2 days ago

    "Jeremy ignores sexy She-Venom" *ding*

  • Can i get 10000 subs With no vids?

    I swear this made me laugh to death 😂😂😂😂

  • KnoxTheBox
    KnoxTheBox 2 days ago

    I've been sexually raped by Angels and had my energy stolen from me Dont call out to angles they will ruin your life, they have never experienced a human life and they fail to know what is right and wrong, fuck all angles they are dumb energy vampires who need to experience themselves, they just want sexual energy and anxiety so they can get a buzz off of us. They are drug addicts and they don't know when to stop. (They have raped me against my free will) they are a doomed race which refuses to communicate shit to each other and god will remove them if they continue to do this to me! I am your Downfall Angels. You think God isn't Watching?

  • Rock Brentwood
    Rock Brentwood 2 days ago

    46 should be: 'turning gun sideways to show you're more gangsta than gangsta' cliche! *Ding*

  • madison davis
    madison davis 2 days ago

    Whoa, I didnt catch that six month continuity issue with the lady,😂 that's bad

  • Sandstorm Studios
    Sandstorm Studios 2 days ago

    I agree with most sins but there is one that bothered me. Because venom is not ACTUALLY talking to the people. The are giving them illusions and Schizophrenia (sort of.) so this is just him hearing and seeing things.

  • Myriam Mo
    Myriam Mo 2 days ago

    Must be too old for comic book movies. All I saw was Tom Hardy doing a poor Al Pacino impression in the most done-to-death cinematic universe before being eaten by angry tar.

  • Raymond Jackson
    Raymond Jackson 2 days ago

    Actually, the antagonist symbiote was named Riot not Driot

  • The Air Softer Micheal

    Use me as a sin counter.

  • fbi boi
    fbi boi 2 days ago

    14:50 disrespectful man

  • benjaminKSA
    benjaminKSA 2 days ago

    14:04 "evenly matched"
    this is kind of an egregious miss imo... it was made pretty clear that venom was weaker

  • Droptop Minivan
    Droptop Minivan 3 days ago

    was that a becky g reference

  • Jonathan Mcnasty
    Jonathan Mcnasty 3 days ago

    You’re trash Brock

  • Dominick McMannamy
    Dominick McMannamy 3 days ago

    It’s riot not driot

  • silentkiller733
    silentkiller733 3 days ago

    Symbiote is this not stargate sg1

  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson 3 days ago

    I was expecting editing issues or huge mistakes that can't make it plausible, this however sounds more like nitpicking, if you don't like the movie you don't have to watch it. Unless this is for comedic purposes, I don't think the movie needed over 136 sins.

  • kent clark
    kent clark 3 days ago

    How did you not sin the major Tongue down the throat

    ANGRY CROW 3 days ago


  • Lucikalinari
    Lucikalinari 3 days ago

    "Sir, this is a Wendy's| - rofl