A House with a Pin in it's Balls


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  • Mikuzu
    Mikuzu 6 hours ago +1

    So this is what Jack meant by Gaming

  • Strap Smash Player
    Strap Smash Player 7 hours ago

    Nice! We have a free play arcade here in TX. Kinda similar with pinball and retro arcade cabinets. Me and my wife like to hit it up, it's unlimited plays so time flys pretty fast.

  • Bella Bella
    Bella Bella 8 hours ago +1

    I love you Jack Black since Cable Guy! Need to see your face, shave that beard😂. Just subscribed!

  • Glitch3d Syst3m
    Glitch3d Syst3m 8 hours ago +1

    *Get that corn outta my face!* 🌽

  • Sullyhogs
    Sullyhogs 8 hours ago

    That was a home ruuuuun motherfather!

  • ignited creeper
    ignited creeper 8 hours ago +1

    That's a...gaming.

  • BillyBob BoBoss
    BillyBob BoBoss 9 hours ago

    *clap* Ice *clap* Revue.

  • Thedigger 28
    Thedigger 28 9 hours ago

    Hi 👋🏻

  • Xkem
    Xkem 9 hours ago +1

    Hi Jack, From what I can tell, part of this channel is engaging with your kids, and I like what you're doing.
    I wanted to let your son(s) know it's ok for him to show affection to you on camera - we don't think it's lame to hug your dad.
    Much Love, Matt.

  • AbsntDealer
    AbsntDealer 9 hours ago +1

    Yes fire intro🔥

  • Life exe
    Life exe 9 hours ago +1

    He sounds like the character po from kung fu panda

  • YouTube Censorship Account

    I lived right down the road from there near E. Reno at some shitty apartments. That pinball hall of fame is priceless!

  • Drake The Snake 2
    Drake The Snake 2 10 hours ago

    1:04 imma eat it.

  • Hiranga Goonawardena
    Hiranga Goonawardena 10 hours ago

    "knockin some fool OUT" lol.. classic JB

  • Ryan Is Online
    Ryan Is Online 10 hours ago

    What’s the outro music called? Can someone please help

  • Kyler Garcia
    Kyler Garcia 11 hours ago

    Tenacious D Allstar cover???

  • That Guy who loves Coasters

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  • JakJak527
    JakJak527 11 hours ago


  • nah fool
    nah fool 12 hours ago


  • YoutubersHorrorDomain
    YoutubersHorrorDomain 13 hours ago +2

    Jack if you do not reply to this comment I will find you and I will k...... Just joking love you man. Can't wait for a new upload🔥💯👍

  • LoLzmanbruh
    LoLzmanbruh 13 hours ago

    no one is allowed to dislike

  • luke Halliwell
    luke Halliwell 14 hours ago

    I love your new movie btw

  • Frolicking In Florida
    Frolicking In Florida 15 hours ago

    now this is gaming!

  • James Rathbone
    James Rathbone 16 hours ago +1

    Where is today’s episode?

  • Maruko Chan 99
    Maruko Chan 99 16 hours ago +1

    there needs to be a cover of allstar from you

  • AyeKay Anandha
    AyeKay Anandha 17 hours ago


  • Mikeee Gamer
    Mikeee Gamer 18 hours ago

    Somebody once told me the burble-imbed burbip.

  • Doolie
    Doolie 18 hours ago

    This man has no shame

  • Dolly Pops!!
    Dolly Pops!! 18 hours ago

    Oh ya your my hero!!

  • 2TEN90 Brewing
    2TEN90 Brewing 18 hours ago

    Figures i learn of this amazing channel run by an amazing man from what i thought was the most amazing USclipr @CaseyNeistat until now...this is amazing! Cheers everyone!

  • Tech_ Nic
    Tech_ Nic 19 hours ago

    Shave that bierd

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi 19 hours ago +7

    Jack black: sings all star
    pewdiepie: loses all hope of remaining on top

  • Laura Villa
    Laura Villa 20 hours ago


  • Drakinite
    Drakinite 20 hours ago

    I actually did watch A House with a Clock in its Walls, I enjoyed it a lot

  • Soapy River
    Soapy River 21 hour ago

    When the live action shrek musical movie is made, Jack Black will play shrek. I will give you all of my dollar

  • Rahul K.Radhin
    Rahul K.Radhin 22 hours ago +7

    Look at the intro...he is a fan of sans.

    Im gonna like my own comment 'cause there is no chance my comment will be seen.

  • CakerMcBomb
    CakerMcBomb 23 hours ago

    I just wanna see the look on his son's face behind the camera lol

  • Nikita-Anne Gilbert

    Jack you are my inspiration ♡♡♡

  • Ella CN & EN
    Ella CN & EN Day ago

    Finally a USclipr that’s not playing the celebrity card

  • jheric jils
    jheric jils Day ago

    I really like this dude . Dont need to make gaming vids just be yourself 👍

  • hungrey_
    hungrey_ Day ago

    hey jack, did you know that the creator of undertale, toby fox, also worked on the music for a webcomic called homestuck? did you know that in homestuck, there is a character called jack noir? did you know that noir means black, meaning that that character's name is jack black? did you know that there's a video game based on homestuck called hiveswap that you could play on your channel after reading homestuck?

  • Hamflipper Entertainment

    This guy reminds me of Jack Black

  • FanofJesus
    FanofJesus Day ago

    We the sheeple are thinking you are a Satanic pedophile POS now on USclip in a very sad attempt to continue to have influence - good luck!

  • J-Sama1990
    J-Sama1990 Day ago

    Much love Jack your awesome 😎

  • Emily Sora Norin

    I wanna rename this video to bloopers I can't stop laughing... xD My fav panda! :3

  • GamingWithKyle
    GamingWithKyle Day ago

    "I wonder howmany balls i get"

  • Brie Tyler
    Brie Tyler Day ago

    is there anyone i love more than jack black because i don't think there is

  • Luchiini
    Luchiini Day ago

    Father Jack, you must play the best game of all time, N, from the game heaven, Newgrounds.

  • Tinidy 10
    Tinidy 10 Day ago

    Play pubg to get more famous

  • TeknoGeek
    TeknoGeek Day ago

    Is it weird if jack black makes jack black references

  • Cameron Young
    Cameron Young Day ago

    More of this. Much more. Please.

  • charlie queally
    charlie queally Day ago

    This is scary
    The version of jack is SCARY

  • Andi
    Andi Day ago

    danG now on fridays i get to look forward to temple AND these videos :,) thank u

  • Nadia Keaton
    Nadia Keaton Day ago

    what happened to him goddamn

  • ccc CCC
    ccc CCC Day ago

    So cringe

  • Big Itchy
    Big Itchy Day ago

    Love you jack

  • Raging Reindeer
    Raging Reindeer Day ago

    I enjoyed this

  • TiffyMissWiffy
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  • Anisha
    Anisha Day ago +1

    Sammy has Teddy Fresh merch #papabless

    SCUBAGUY Day ago

    follow us for gaming..... SEARCH SCUBAGUY ADD ME SUBSCRIBE AND LETS PLAY!!!

  • grant nolan
    grant nolan Day ago

    Only jack black would use a nacho libre clip

  • Fang The Winged
    Fang The Winged Day ago

    That name is beautiful.

  • Grace Prda
    Grace Prda Day ago

    I'm crying I love this

  • Abdul Moiz Qureshi

    Is that a goddamn Undertale reference?!

  • Giiggle
    Giiggle Day ago

    he's just spitting out references left and right

  • Kelsey Updike
    Kelsey Updike Day ago

    I had no idea you were so meme savvy this is such a shock to me

  • Mark M
    Mark M Day ago

    10/10 Great video! However, it's sad that I remember playing some of those "old" games when I was a kid.

  • Davidart777
    Davidart777 Day ago


  • Rowan Daniels
    Rowan Daniels Day ago

    Mother Father this guy is good. they should give him a movie or something.

  • TweedsterV
    TweedsterV 2 days ago

    2:40 that's haaaawwwt!

  • ikl Hernais
    ikl Hernais 2 days ago +1

    2:40 Pause bois u can see angels

  • MooshieMoo ‘’
    MooshieMoo ‘’ 2 days ago

    I like how he included a scene from nacho libre that was cool

  • Don Karnage
    Don Karnage 2 days ago

    "Get the corn outta my face" Nacho libre.

  • Blades the Trickster

    Wow. When did ya start growing a beard, stine!?

  • Ashley
    Ashley 2 days ago

    first of all DAT OPENING, sent me right back to the mid 90's, i fucking love it. second im loving the content so far keep it up :D

  • jadelove 1000
    jadelove 1000 2 days ago

    How do you star in jamonji and become a USclip I'm cringing

  • Craig Southgate
    Craig Southgate 2 days ago

    Get a that corna outa my faisa

  • Grant Kimball
    Grant Kimball 2 days ago

    When were you there brobert? I totally passed on a trip there on the 4-6th of Jan as a Christmas present cause I’m a d bag.

  • Red
    Red 2 days ago

    Haha. I was at the pinball hall of fame a few months ago. Unfortunately the Star Wars arcade game didn’t there when I got there...

  • Buckett Dope
    Buckett Dope 2 days ago

    I want to be your son so bad

  • Ryan Kinnucan
    Ryan Kinnucan 2 days ago

    The Game has changed. A celebrity is making a youtube channel

  • Angella Knight
    Angella Knight 2 days ago

    0:58 rocking that teddy fresh hoodie 👌

  • DarkXslayer XD
    DarkXslayer XD 2 days ago

    jajaja no entendi la referencia

  • Santinooo
    Santinooo 2 days ago

    I have to admit this is cringy

  • the wii sports resort dog

    im hysterically laughing this man is the only celebrity allowed to have a youtube channel

  • Mr. RetroLust
    Mr. RetroLust 2 days ago

    Good lord Jack I had to pause the video... finding you here on the youtubes is awesome, you doing a gaming channel friggin mind blowing, you quoting the most brilliant comedy ever after a few seconds is just too much for my brain to handle, dude you dont even know how many times we watched Nacho Libre here, it is a masterpiece in so many ways especially concerning your facial muscles and timing lol it is perfection, I still feel the film is very underrated by the general public, now excuse me while I press play again, its too much all in all I am positively confused, rock on! \m/

  • Super Miles 64
    Super Miles 64 2 days ago

    0:58 Nice Teddy Fresh hoodie Sammy

  • meme editor
    meme editor 2 days ago

    I love you no homo

  • Iron Mecha
    Iron Mecha 2 days ago

    Nacho libre is the best jack black movie 👌

  • Hazzer
    Hazzer 2 days ago

    Jack black is class, and his son has some serious edit skills with the funny clips and sounds 👌🏼

  • Six Sack
    Six Sack 2 days ago

    Father Jablinski I have created a video for you

  • Nick Vlogs
    Nick Vlogs 2 days ago

    Wish he could shave his beard

  • Martin Máté
    Martin Máté 2 days ago

    Go to Stern Pinball!!!

    INCΛRN 2 days ago

    please eat my ass

  • Jorge-Saul Garcia
    Jorge-Saul Garcia 2 days ago

    A PITFALL! T-shirt. One of his first acting jobs was a commercial for the game.

  • Alexander Taylor
    Alexander Taylor 2 days ago

    I've played that Shrek pinball game

    FORTNITE NOOBIE 2 days ago