Hotel Hell - Season 3 Episode 2 - Vienna Inn Full Episode HD

  • Published on Nov 30, 2017
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    Hell's Kitchen - Season 17 Episode 5 - Josh Josh Josh Full Episode
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  • Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen

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    • Charrise ann Bordon
      Charrise ann Bordon 23 days ago +1

      The attitude of the lady owner really pissed me off! She's fucking horrible! I think she's a bitch

    • Mechanical blue Dragon
      Mechanical blue Dragon Month ago

      Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen first!!!

  • Chelsnie Adantemapur
    Chelsnie Adantemapur 2 hours ago

    auchh her body language while talking with ramsey, really annoying

  • Livia Blanka
    Livia Blanka 6 hours ago

    He is mary poppins for real 😂

  • Paolo Palanisamy
    Paolo Palanisamy 7 hours ago

    this psycotic woman just destroyed a HUGE oppurtunity due to her OCD

  • Ritu Priya
    Ritu Priya 8 hours ago

    This woman reminds me of laura lee so much😂

  • Rrazed 8
    Rrazed 8 14 hours ago

    21:49 I love to Knorr plug, MARCO STRIKES BACK!

  • Celestial Salamander
    Celestial Salamander 14 hours ago

    I think the wife might have a mild mental disorder.

  • Sam'sWorld
    Sam'sWorld 20 hours ago

    The old uniforms were gorgeous.WTF he changed them,

  • Inari Senju
    Inari Senju Day ago

    What Happened Next?
    Shortly after Gordon left we are told that Lisa and Jonathon reverted straight back to the old Vienna, they changed the decor and returned all of the clutter back out of storage. They went back to the old menu and as a result their reputation has remained the same.

    Reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp are suspiciously different to the portrayal of hotel on the show both before and after Gordon's visit, with a solid 4.5* on both Trip Advisor and Yelp.

    In November 2017, the hotel suffered from a fire and as a result Vienna Inn closed.

    Vienna Inn aired on May 31 2016, the episode was filmed in November 2015 and is Hotel Hell season 3 episode 2.

  • LaNague
    LaNague Day ago

    I wouldnt trust an american to make my Sauerkraut :D

  • Lexus Policarpio

    ungrateful bitch

  • Thomas H
    Thomas H Day ago

    Poor husband. Seriously.

  • Jack The Lad
    Jack The Lad 2 days ago

    the staff people sure like to bitch a lot if u hate ur job just leave lol

  • ValetinoLovebird
    ValetinoLovebird 2 days ago

    Did Gordan's company renovate 15 rooms for free? Who request Gordan's help in the first place?

  • Catherine Joyce Abad

    The creepiest ep in the show so far. The wife was so...arrogant & fake & psycho? Dunno the right term. I just wanted Gordon to get out of there. Not worthy of his time.

  • Mau365PP
    Mau365PP 2 days ago

    That bitch is crazy

  • just blue
    just blue 3 days ago

    It's just striked me that Gordon Ramsay is the only restaurant chef i've seen who actually pays some respect to the waiting staff. Go him!

  • dahee wang
    dahee wang 3 days ago

    I can’t help but want to punch her psychopathic face.

  • inkve79
    inkve79 3 days ago look at her and its obvious what kind of psycho she thing is for sure....she gives customers an extra late night wonder why in this episode gordon didnt slept least they could run the place better by turning it into a real swingers club...and then its her husband....what a pathetic slave kind of a man...season three is more interesting with all those wierdos.

  • Nesseire
    Nesseire 4 days ago

    I´ve been in Vienna, and I swear that no place is as tacky as that place

  • jakx2ob
    jakx2ob 4 days ago

    So this is what it feels like to get culturally appropriated.

  • Narah Jones
    Narah Jones 4 days ago

    such morons! stay in the hell forever!

  • Elim Poon
    Elim Poon 4 days ago

    not a good idea to read the comments before watching it... you don’t want to watch it anymore....

  • Chris Pellatt
    Chris Pellatt 4 days ago

    If my manager ever hit me on the back of the head, in front of customers or not, I would make sure it's the last thing they touch for a long time. I had a manager once verbally abuse me in front of customers, I snapped around so quick and was that close to him I'm sure I could see the blood vessels in the back of his eyes. I quit on the spot, pushed him all the way to his office and the pussy still payed me severance pay. 90% of these people are just weak cunts that have to own a business so they think they are in charge of something.

  • TheEldritchinfluence

    ”We’re very friendly people. VERY friendly”.

  • dast freiche
    dast freiche 5 days ago

    Wow. What a friggin weird woman. Glad this hotel were closed

  • Linda McPherson
    Linda McPherson 5 days ago

    I so hate to see the ungrateful ones get help... No wonder it was closed and then sold

  • Col Friday
    Col Friday 6 days ago

    Maaaan this season has to be the weirdest one yet, is so obscure, I mean I felt happy for the guys in the first episode of this season, but still the theme its very dark

  • Swastik Swarup Das
    Swastik Swarup Das 6 days ago

    Im making a prediction : "Gone is the hideous wallpaper " and ill let you know if it worked

  • Number_9
    Number_9 6 days ago

    Disappointed that he didn't try the Schnitzel :')

  • Number_9
    Number_9 6 days ago

    Lol, how they pronounced the German names were so off

  • Victoria Peitz
    Victoria Peitz 7 days ago

    There are so many spelling mistakes in the menu o.O

  • positive pete
    positive pete 7 days ago

    The wife needs a BBC

  • Eliktro Karam
    Eliktro Karam 7 days ago

    The most haunted hotel in america 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • FIASCO!!
    FIASCO!! 7 days ago

    the wife is a hypocrite, she sees only her husband's fault but she doesn't see hers. Mostly, she is what brings the business down.

  • FIASCO!!
    FIASCO!! 7 days ago

    the wife is a hypocrite, she sees only her husband's fault but she doesn't see hers. Mostly, she is what brings the business down.

  • Jett J
    Jett J 7 days ago

  • MMaya
    MMaya 8 days ago

    the flirting is hilarious because she's completely mental hahaha

  • janhavi gadgil
    janhavi gadgil 8 days ago

    Gordon fumbling through the kitchen while they cook.... I understand why the chefs are so nervous when he is around, it is the same feeling when you are writing an exam, and the teacher just stands and reads what you are writing, then shouts "read the questions carefully!"

  • benny kumala
    benny kumala 8 days ago

    this couple seems like lost of passion and emotion especially the husband looks flat-liner.

  • benny kumala
    benny kumala 8 days ago

    mellisa actually great looking, if she ever slim down a bit she will look absolutely gorgeous beauty.

  • benny kumala
    benny kumala 8 days ago

    that lisa absolutely has high pride and ego, cocky, arrogant; she should learn to shed those off if she wants her inn to have long term business.

  • pqhcqkes
    pqhcqkes 8 days ago

    Shortly after Gordon left, Lisa and Jonathon reverted straight back to the old Vienna, they changed the decor and returned all of the clutter back out of storage. They went back to the old menu and as a result their reputation has remained the same. But In November 2017, the hotel suffered from a fire and as a result Vienna Inn closed. How sad

  • Alice Smithy
    Alice Smithy 8 days ago

    The woman here is so...*eugh*. It’s like she’s trying so hard to seduce gordon. Can’t help but cringe the whole time.

  • Kris Clarke
    Kris Clarke 8 days ago

    What the fuck was this episode.

  • Elektra Pedersen
    Elektra Pedersen 9 days ago

    Hope the man divorced the woman

  • Sweet Potato Pumpkin Pie

    This woman gives me the creeps, like why is she talking with such a calm voice. It sounds like she constantly has a grin in her voice, you know what I mean? Not like I nice, welcoming happy voice like the waitress has, but a creepy one, like she has a secret or is waiting for him to come across something sinister. This was so uncomfortable to watch, it constantly felt like she was gonna snap...

  • jonny jones
    jonny jones 9 days ago

    this woman really MUST stop weeping and urgently undergo with a psychological treatment

  • I am
    I am 9 days ago +1

    Her husband is a beta cuck

  • Mattias Petersson
    Mattias Petersson 10 days ago

    Fingers from SOA is Serving? :)

  • blumenmaedchen 3000
    blumenmaedchen 3000 10 days ago

    As a german i must say: it's so cute how they spell the german words :*

  • Dangermuffinz
    Dangermuffinz 10 days ago

    Damn it, that blonde woman and her fake-ass crying and attentionwhore behaviour is pissing me off. And they're only blaming her husband???

  • Jeriel B
    Jeriel B 10 days ago

    death all round.. even if ur not superstitious or an atheist. it is still a bad vibe and impression. bad management

  • Conal O’Neill
    Conal O’Neill 10 days ago +1

    29:51 you can see her analyse the room, looking at the reaction of Gordon and then just suddenly breaking into tears, that’s a fake ass bitch.

  • Saša Šimunović
    Saša Šimunović 11 days ago +1

    Next episode: Crazy cat woman from the Simpsons.

  • Avirup Sarkar
    Avirup Sarkar 11 days ago

    Bunch of losers!

  • Franco Cordini
    Franco Cordini 11 days ago

    the wife is a narcissistic piece of shit

  • Freddie QG
    Freddie QG 11 days ago

    Sue them Gordon!!

  • Danish MoonMan
    Danish MoonMan 11 days ago

    23:00 WHAT a BITCH

  • Danish MoonMan
    Danish MoonMan 11 days ago

    6:50 that failed flirting and she kkeeps going. Get your saggy tits out of here.

  • Somin Kim
    Somin Kim 12 days ago

    This episode can be summarized as : "bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bawl-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-biyatch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-I aint' bitchin--bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-No I ain't-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-Auf wiedersehen."

  • Somin Kim
    Somin Kim 12 days ago

    Let's face it - a century or so of advanced medicine which we as a race do not deserve and which ultimately is detrimental to the progress of life in the cosmos is what created that unappreciative douche. Just two centuries ago, be it anywhere in the world, that ungrateful knob would have had its head smashed in early on in life. You all know who - or what - I'm talking about.

  • Pika Pika
    Pika Pika 12 days ago

    The wife is a narcissistic psycho and she was flirting with Gordon. That's why he was mentioning his wife so much. Lol

  • Sebastian Melmoth
    Sebastian Melmoth 12 days ago

    Submit this to the a psychologist and he will tell you: classic malignant narcissism.

  • Arjen Liewerink
    Arjen Liewerink 12 days ago

    Ow jeez i hate that woman

  • emoedison
    emoedison 12 days ago

    She can't pronounce "Spätzle" but by God she'll defend hers to the death.

  • DanceyPenguin
    DanceyPenguin 12 days ago

    I feel like the wife was flirting with Gordon. Even if she isn’t, she is still a bad person especially to her husband

  • love anime
    love anime 12 days ago

    The lady is an idiot I'm not suprised if they close the hotel

  • Enes Bilgin
    Enes Bilgin 12 days ago

    This guy in 32:28 was in one of the eposides Gordon Ramsay's

  • Cathy Ferrari
    Cathy Ferrari 13 days ago

    OMG that woman needs a check up from the neck up!!!!

  • Jonathan Vella
    Jonathan Vella 13 days ago

    7:20 whipping her boob 🤣😂

  • Jopot
    Jopot 13 days ago

    35:38 "no light bulb" ..
    Me : the F are you doing?

  • Hare Brahs
    Hare Brahs 13 days ago

    Wife is a ego maniac, jesus. All she wanted from Gordon was the exposure from this show, not to show off her business, but herself.

  • Hare Brahs
    Hare Brahs 13 days ago

    Adolf Hitler was from Austria.

  • Beun007
    Beun007 13 days ago

    I would go for divorce! What bitch!

  • Beun007
    Beun007 13 days ago

    She constantly strikes her hubby in front of everyone! Gosh! What a bitch! Did she want divorce or something?! I kicked her in her cunt!

  • Beun007
    Beun007 13 days ago

    What an arrogant icy bitch! And with those outdated tits not even actractive! What a shame!

  • Mátyás Gömböcz
    Mátyás Gömböcz 14 days ago

    35:43 love of my life

  • carlos navas
    carlos navas 14 days ago

    Estos son reptilianos o vampiros se nota shapeshifters la decoración el.buho el gato negro

  • Rise
    Rise 14 days ago

    I don't know how he can handle people like this

  • David
    David 14 days ago

    She is what so many American women are becoming. Women who had all of their ego in their looks and attention from strangers. When they start to lose their looks they realize that is all they had so they become bitter and rude.
    This woman needs to take a huge dose of LSD, that might be the only thing to get her to realize her mistakes.
    I also would 100% believe she does not believe in god or hell.

  • Sezent Mehmed
    Sezent Mehmed 15 days ago

    This is fake....

  • Blackaceed
    Blackaceed 15 days ago

    A Picture of a prussian monarch in an "Austrian" hotel?
    Thats a heresie!!!

  • sweyde
    sweyde 15 days ago

    this lady is flirting o_O dont even try this shit with ramsey ... its not gonna work !!! lol

  • johan haghjoo
    johan haghjoo 15 days ago

  • Sacred Supreme
    Sacred Supreme 16 days ago

    That wife is fake-crying through the episode...its so creepy and weird

  • Sacred Supreme
    Sacred Supreme 16 days ago

    This was so uncomfortable

  • Nene Fondo
    Nene Fondo 16 days ago

    These guys are so so ungrateful..shame on them.

  • Velel
    Velel 16 days ago


  • Leah Lio-ra
    Leah Lio-ra 16 days ago

    Wtf is wrong with this woman? When Gordon entered the hotel it feels like any minute she's going to throw herself on him. Don't put all the blame on your husband. Damn I feel sorry for him. What an actress.

  • Rowgendythedragboy 16
    Rowgendythedragboy 16 16 days ago +1

    41:40 mins and I hate how the wife is acting the guy was right he needs devorse

  • Andrew Shee
    Andrew Shee 16 days ago

    they should see if the people who are getting help really deserve it. These people deserve to fail.

  • Malm alf
    Malm alf 16 days ago

    The wife is crazy

    AHMED SALAH 17 days ago

    i just love the fake crying

  • nameless_xo
    nameless_xo 17 days ago

    I just wanna punch the wife in the face

  • Nitesh Chauhan
    Nitesh Chauhan 17 days ago

    Lady just shut the fuck up!

  • Ulioh
    Ulioh 18 days ago

    5:34 Damn....Ramsay really knows how to roast people

  • BartholomewJS
    BartholomewJS 18 days ago

    She indeed has an extreme sex vibe to her.. Damn, no wonder they are called swingers...

  • Music Channel Denmark
    Music Channel Denmark 19 days ago

    The wife is psycho.

  • Saiful sKiNo the Beatmaker Hip-Hop/Trap/R&B

    i bet even Arnold Schwarzenegger wouldn't wanna stay there, even though he is Austrian himself....