Larissa Threatens to Divorce Colt | 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

  • Published on May 3, 2019
  • Colt sits down with Larissa to try and have a civil conversation but their toxic relationship might be too much to overcome.
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Comments • 1 717

  • n sane
    n sane Day ago


  • Natalie Salerno
    Natalie Salerno 3 days ago

    Please leave colt larrissa, I wanna see how he will react 😂 plus I’m pretty sure he’s a girl anyways

  • w harrington
    w harrington 3 days ago

    He should just marry his mom.

  • GlitterBaby
    GlitterBaby 3 days ago

    This is what happens to silly boys who go for looks and dismiss the personality and character!

  • David Stone
    David Stone 3 days ago

    She ain't fucking worth it. Kick her spoiled, entitled ass out.

  • gingerale
    gingerale 4 days ago

    She's cruel and awful.

  • Kyle
    Kyle 11 days ago

    She looks like a latino caveman

  • A Q
    A Q 11 days ago

    It’s natural to be protective of your assets in the presence of a gold digging whore who’s got multiple kids who talks in prostitute terms (probably was one) you know damn well that the roof over her head and food on her table wasn’t a given back in her shithole, yet people criticize this man.

  • J
    J 11 days ago

    Got Damn my dude! Stop eating so much and do some sit-ups. Look at her and look at you

  • Dont Stop
    Dont Stop 11 days ago

    I want her naked 24/7

  • Chamesha Asmr
    Chamesha Asmr 11 days ago

    Fellas if you can’t afford the women don’t lie to her and say you will take care of her!

  • Kjs
    Kjs 13 days ago +2

    This man built like silly putty.

  • Amanda Baldounis
    Amanda Baldounis 14 days ago

    Leave her please...

  • Sameer Ahmad
    Sameer Ahmad 14 days ago


  • AlexeyRussian
    AlexeyRussian 15 days ago

    Fking gold digger...go to your country and Look for an asshole just like you.

  • Burger Hobo
    Burger Hobo 20 days ago

    'i go to stripping'

  • Jess Holden
    Jess Holden 21 day ago

    I’ve seen more get up and go in my tragic savings account than in colt.

  • Monique Alecia
    Monique Alecia 26 days ago

    I feel awful saying it but he is built so off putting like I just couldn't deal with his personality, mommy issues AND that body like I'm starting to feel really bad for Larissa. It just aint worth it sis!

  • Wallat Baban
    Wallat Baban 27 days ago

    This girl is a hoe. The guy is good. End of story.

  • Diocletian
    Diocletian 28 days ago

    Waitin his time with this Bugs Bunny lookin bitch. Good lord. Also Colt, you gotta get some better fitting clothes, preferably black. The Grey is killin you brotha. The button up shirts gotta go too lmao.

  • Rafael dJL Mendes
    Rafael dJL Mendes Month ago

    Everybody, like, *everybody* criticizing the guy but not the gold digger.

  • Alan O Brien
    Alan O Brien Month ago

    Colt needs to face the fact he's a melting pot of mommas boy,

  • Jared Begeegard
    Jared Begeegard Month ago

    Look at how gold digger Portuguese women's are...

  • Caio ventura
    Caio ventura Month ago

    dont worry colty, your belly is biger then this

  • Caio ventura
    Caio ventura Month ago

    dont worry colty, your belly is biger then this

  • SigmaOrionis77 Us
    SigmaOrionis77 Us Month ago

    That’s happening when a man looks just for a pretty woman. They don’t care about a descent wife. Just a beautiful lady. It’s funny to see bat people in both sides.

  • Zed Jay
    Zed Jay Month ago

    he lookin like a damn beanbag

  • M TN
    M TN Month ago

    Lol how are people only making fun of Colt when that woman acts like a child, I hope men knows that not all women act this way.

  • Alexa R
    Alexa R Month ago

    Viviendo el aún con la mamá a los 33 años, cuando crecerá solo, que pena.

  • Lana Agarian
    Lana Agarian Month ago

    Colts body is really pissing me off

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago

    Colty built like a condom filled with vanilla custard

  • John Gwin Texas
    John Gwin Texas Month ago

    They both are fat

  • luis antonio
    luis antonio Month ago

    Colt have body ugly....

  • MisterMan
    MisterMan Month ago

    Larissa makes me sick and her additude. How can any man be able to hold her out. And she has children...

  • Debie House
    Debie House Month ago

    Colts looks like a pedophile

  • Ahmed Al Anbagi
    Ahmed Al Anbagi Month ago

    lol they both f up

  • Vincenzo Lee
    Vincenzo Lee Month ago

    She traded being with her own children for expensive everything. I don’t see her contribution.

  • Vincenzo Lee
    Vincenzo Lee Month ago +1

    “Coltey” please please dump her! Can you make her go back?

  • Rekuji
    Rekuji 2 months ago

    "You are my sponsor." Yeah this marriage is totally going to last.

  • MidnightPolaris800
    MidnightPolaris800 2 months ago

    narssistic biatch . cant believe this soy boy fell for her. what trash

  • nmhowl80
    nmhowl80 2 months ago

    Oh Colty, why you not just live-a with Debbie and be-a happy?

  • Patrick deJong
    Patrick deJong 2 months ago

    I'm glad she left Coltee. He's pathetic!.

  • Ella Sansolis
    Ella Sansolis 2 months ago

    He’s so fuckin weird jesus

  • MegaAndjac
    MegaAndjac 2 months ago

    How Larissa met Colt?

  • WolfsParadox
    WolfsParadox 2 months ago +1

    Why the hell is everyone in comments on the side of the woman?? Because she’s hot?? She’s a bitch!! She’s selfish!! She doesnt care about him!!!! She doesn’t do anything so far to try to make him happy. She’s a grown child. And everyone is saying colt is the problem. Yea he has a problem but he actually is trying to have a discussion and she’s walking away. Every single one of you people will have failed marriages if you think Larissa is anything but a terrible spouse.

  • William Thompson
    William Thompson 2 months ago

    That bitch only there for him to buy her stuff

  • Bella Morelli
    Bella Morelli 2 months ago

    Colt always says that he can't have a conversation with Larissa but all he ever says is "I don't understand her" "I don't understand the problem". When Larissa complains about things, she's making her points about what she wishes would improve in their relationship. How exactly did he contribute to the conversation? It sounds like gaslighting to me. Not to mention that her complaints are completely reasonable, considering that he literally IS her sponsor and he's so cheap he won't even buy her flowers.

  • Afwina Yusuf
    Afwina Yusuf 2 months ago

    This Colty guy is so disturbingly soft spoken like Jeffrey Dahmer. Also, what's up with his body though? 🤔

  • Tania Jones
    Tania Jones 2 months ago

    Is it true Colt moonlights as a Drag Queen at night? That's why he purchased Larrisa, for tips & pointers unbeknownst to her?

  • AIOS 1
    AIOS 1 2 months ago

    Colt can do better. Larissa is starting to become a pain in his ass.

  • Gary Dulanskl
    Gary Dulanskl 2 months ago

    I told you to run!!

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 2 months ago

    This dude needs to cut the cord from his mom, also needs to give in to his true feeling and marry a man😂😂😅

  • Gabs
    Gabs 2 months ago

    Lol she came to the us thinking every white man has money but nope she found the brokest saddest one

  • Daniel Goodman
    Daniel Goodman 2 months ago

    Colt is the murderer butthead to go and rape women and throw them in his basement. What a loser

  • Giana Gomez
    Giana Gomez 2 months ago

    0:02 me when mom says to say sorry to my siblings

  • wlmarvin
    wlmarvin 2 months ago

    Colt haven't had look up the 'G' in the dictionary to the definition 'gold digger' prior to he sign the papers. :)

  • David Payton
    David Payton 2 months ago

    Wow amazing how that chair is holding up with colt sitting on top.

  • Titanykus
    Titanykus 2 months ago

    Why is Steve Rogers taking so much shit from this woman? Doesn’t he know there are fine women in America? And what happened to your muscles Captain? Dump her, hit the gym and find a nice girl!

  • moon dust
    moon dust 2 months ago

    She is very material girl and he hates spending money

  • Glen Huang
    Glen Huang 2 months ago

    if you don't have money don't go wife outside the USA, they all think you are rich, because you are USA.