Bowling in Slow Motion with Blue Man Group - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Published on May 16, 2017
  • Gav and Dan team up with Blue Man Group to learn that a bowling ball is equally as effective as a paintbrush when making art.
    Huge thanks to Blue Man Group for having us over to play and for the custom sound track!
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    Bowling in Slow Motion with Blue Man Group - The Slow Mo Guys
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  • Vivek Verma
    Vivek Verma 12 hours ago

    People in Africa....

  • Coyti
    Coyti Day ago

    i love their videos but the food their wasting hurts

  • Alivia Warren
    Alivia Warren 4 days ago

    okay, legit i was low key placing bets in my mind on what would be in the heads. On the last one I said tomato sauce and then last minute changed it to spaghetti and I WAS RIGHT!

  • Retrolite Zedka
    Retrolite Zedka 5 days ago +1

    restoration 100

  • DaMemePlayer
    DaMemePlayer 7 days ago

    How to make art:
    1: have a ball above glass of paint
    2: drop it.
    3: Results.

  • pro pro
    pro pro 8 days ago

    Nice job by making lithuanian flag jely

  • Maxwell - L.U.D
    Maxwell - L.U.D 8 days ago

    I hate Gav

  • balaji kumaran
    balaji kumaran 9 days ago

    If they have infinity stone they will look like blue vision

  • Gabru Raja
    Gabru Raja 10 days ago


  • Garrett Ray
    Garrett Ray 11 days ago +3

    3:06, I guess I *BLUE* it.

  • Nipple Cream
    Nipple Cream 11 days ago

    watch at 9:40 with no audio

  • Christian Canales
    Christian Canales 21 day ago

    Bob bbb bbb bbb bbb.

  • TacoCrisis
    TacoCrisis 21 day ago +1

    This is hilarious !
    How do they keep a straight face?!??

  • Михаил В
    Михаил В 22 days ago

    Хей рашан гайс!

    carl ANTMOTHBEE 22 days ago

    Yes dan you blue it

  • Markus Smith
    Markus Smith 22 days ago

    i geuss i blue it he says

  • GarisbleU
    GarisbleU 23 days ago

    Que isso, propaganda da Tim?

  • Lucas Barbieri
    Lucas Barbieri 23 days ago


  • Mr. Pasghetti
    Mr. Pasghetti 23 days ago

    Oof, i want lucky charms now

  • Die Hasis
    Die Hasis 24 days ago

    Wasn't that just a huge waste of... well, everything? 😐

  • Marina Ívina :3
    Marina Ívina :3 24 days ago

    AI. MEU. DEUS.

  • Rex_ Rhett
    Rex_ Rhett 25 days ago +3

    All blue people look the same.
    Change my mind.

    • Rex_ Rhett
      Rex_ Rhett Day ago

      +MogMan Solid argument. My mind has been changed.

    • MogMan
      MogMan Day ago

      That's racist

  • Timemaster8000 master of roblox

    If you turn you volume up to 100 and set this video at 0:17 , 0:18 you here dan saying the f word

  • Hue-Man
    Hue-Man 28 days ago

    This is my favorite video of your guys'

  • Sarkias
    Sarkias 28 days ago +2

    6:50 the painting is of the blue guys and them.

  • KA1D3N H
    KA1D3N H 29 days ago

    7:50 what kind of guitar is that in the background

  • TwoDudes Gaming
    TwoDudes Gaming 29 days ago


  • The anthem of Creation itself

    1:37 the floating multicoloured jelly of doooooom

  • juhannussima teemukissa

    Next slow motion of a tank shell penetrating some armor

  • Kyrre Sommerstad
    Kyrre Sommerstad Month ago

    11:22 perfect thumbnail shot

  • Nv Xunxun
    Nv Xunxun Month ago

    Like a iklan dulax

  • Fabian Biere
    Fabian Biere Month ago

    Omg they killed cookie monster😂😂

  • Identical TWINS
    Identical TWINS Month ago

    Somethings not right 🤨 hmmmm

    Posting My Vlogs soon🙃

  • Gunner S
    Gunner S Month ago

    Beautifull mess...

  • Spookyluki Games
    Spookyluki Games Month ago

    One way to make a custom ball...

  • Joey Vegas
    Joey Vegas Month ago +4

    This is by far the best video you guys have done! What a collaboration! 👏🏻👏🏻

  • LonelyKiwiBird
    LonelyKiwiBird Month ago

    10:09, the aftermath of an Italian war

  • Frick frack patty flap that boi deserves a slap


  • Jinn faz
    Jinn faz Month ago

    Slomo the Grape plasma in a microware...please

  • Meir Shoenig
    Meir Shoenig Month ago

    This video you is brilliant from beginning to end 🙌

  • Dallas Caldwell
    Dallas Caldwell Month ago

    Can I buy that bowling ball

  • Dalai Biju
    Dalai Biju Month ago +1


  • Singing Bird Farm Alaska

    Can you guys shoot a gun in a fish tank? I want to see the gun explode, go through the water, break the glass and the water flow out. Would look pretty cool shot from the outside too. You guys are my new meditation and inspire my art. I just love the surface textures of moving matter, it echos the organization of matter in the universe. Your water tower in that cool pool, as it falls straight back from the camera, is an excellent example of Bubble theory, for instance. I also think it would be cool if you filmed that Indian ceremony that they throw colored dust, though it might be hard to decide where to focus. Thanks for exploring the slow dimension and sharing it! It reminds me a little of the guy who does very tiny art in needles, it is secret art;)

  • Waldmeister 15
    Waldmeister 15 Month ago

    13:27 the Bubble

  • Condom With A Hole
    Condom With A Hole Month ago

    they got blue balls

  • Fockin Memes
    Fockin Memes Month ago

    Announcement: no Blue Men where harmed in the making of this video

  • jimbobeire
    jimbobeire Month ago

    I guess the bowling ally wanted a new colour for their bowling balls

  • 338562able
    338562able Month ago

    This was painfully beautiful

  • Elise White
    Elise White Month ago

    Cool, I subbed

  • Deus Ares
    Deus Ares Month ago

    This, this is what youtube was made for

  • PimPlayer69
    PimPlayer69 Month ago

    blueman group
    who are they?

  • Gabriel Cerqueira
    Gabriel Cerqueira Month ago

    Did anyone else notice how confused dan got at 6:40

  • Soph C.
    Soph C. Month ago

    if only they had the cameras that they have today #2019

  • FachryAzriel StandardISO35

    The blue group , intel commercial

  • mgk gohan
    mgk gohan Month ago

    This is just great

  • big boy
    big boy Month ago

    You guys really should start a phone wallpaper company

  • भारत जिंदाबाद

    Of what kungfu panda made of...

  • Austin Savage
    Austin Savage Month ago

    I do not believe my eyes

  • ᗅᐻᗅ Sᓿᙢᓎᘉ

    Why are there blue men

  • Kyle Howard
    Kyle Howard Month ago


  • Husky Time
    Husky Time Month ago

    8:12 When your ex shows up at your wedding

  • Tom Dixon
    Tom Dixon Month ago

    i know its all scripted and whatnot but i couldn't help feeling so sad for Dan at 3:00 : , (

  • BurntL
    BurntL Month ago

    The second it was revealed that the heads were filled with things, I knew that one would be filled with spaghetti.

  • sWniyar minecrafter

    I love you slow mo guys.I saw your vids in gem education

  • Spooky _YT
    Spooky _YT Month ago

    How Much and where can I get one

  • Shadowwolf 930
    Shadowwolf 930 2 months ago

    who are those blu people

  • LuisMa Suárez Gutiérrez

    what is it with compression and all these small flying pieces ?? do i have to crank it up to 4k to watch it clearly? Gav mentioned once that compression algorithms flip with colored glass smashes to pieces. could some one shed some science on this?

  • xXFireSkorpionXx
    xXFireSkorpionXx 2 months ago +1

    Such a waste!

  • Cyber Cable
    Cyber Cable 2 months ago +1

    3:21 Who is Nora and why is she bloody

  • Dima Mitin
    Dima Mitin 2 months ago +1

    Лайкни если ты русский

  • Souvik Ghosh
    Souvik Ghosh 2 months ago

    I see

  • Meko Shaanika
    Meko Shaanika 2 months ago +3

    When the spaghetti came out I cried😂😂😂😂

  • I like music
    I like music 2 months ago +1

    11:07 "By the time your ball gets there, there is only one pinup."

  • sparkle lover 21
    sparkle lover 21 2 months ago

    I think the blue men group are scary

  • A7V Flying_Japan_Guy
    A7V Flying_Japan_Guy 2 months ago

    Warum Titel in Deutsch

  • Ward Choeb
    Ward Choeb 2 months ago


  • Ward Choeb
    Ward Choeb 2 months ago

    Scan you go slower

  • Brad's Tech Reviews
    Brad's Tech Reviews 2 months ago

    4:18 when you bust a nut out of nowhere

  • digitalfrost 72
    digitalfrost 72 2 months ago

    I thought the Seinfeld references funny

  • fourwheeler_ driven
    fourwheeler_ driven 2 months ago

    Jello holds together with 20 lb ball yet when i poke it it breaks explain

  • Nathan Higa
    Nathan Higa 2 months ago

    Happy new year to 2019

  • Johannes Pape
    Johannes Pape 2 months ago

    To every stoner watching this: I feel you.

  • satyam sinha
    satyam sinha 2 months ago

    Gav=Howard Wollowitz

  • diana conway
    diana conway 2 months ago

    That's a good quality camera ye got there mate

  • Oddball Skull
    Oddball Skull 2 months ago

    ....I'm gonna need more weed

  • Person_in_the _abyss
    Person_in_the _abyss 2 months ago

    13:12, the face is priceless!!😂🤣

  • Redaqw 12
    Redaqw 12 2 months ago

    The bowling ball didn’t even touch the table

  • Rixet Snazman
    Rixet Snazman 2 months ago

    I honestly have no idea what’s going on

  • Seren Whiteside
    Seren Whiteside 2 months ago


  • Enrique Salazar
    Enrique Salazar 2 months ago

    An opprtunity taken...

  • U My Dinner
    U My Dinner 2 months ago

    4:12 what kind of reference is that hahaha

  • Horseradish BK
    Horseradish BK 2 months ago

    Aż się glodny zrobiłem xD

  • The Real Yoda
    The Real Yoda 2 months ago

    10:14 BMCI, blue men crime investagation

  • Brent Hutchinson
    Brent Hutchinson 2 months ago +1

    Love the videos, we think some of the slo mo shots would make amazing artworks. Can I get a shout out. Max from Australia 8 years old.

  • Mandy Jo
    Mandy Jo 2 months ago

    Where did my spaghetti go

  • Pandu Egaf
    Pandu Egaf 2 months ago

    8:25 Stefano Valentini would appreciate this art so much

  • kevin gentry
    kevin gentry 2 months ago

    ur vidioes ar so satifying

  • Kelly Kutzura
    Kelly Kutzura 2 months ago

    They do have ears u can see them

  • nazi
    nazi 2 months ago

    bloody nora

  • pixelfantasizer
    pixelfantasizer 2 months ago

    This whole vid was majestic.