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  • Published on May 10, 2018
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  • Grace Wolfe
    Grace Wolfe 10 months ago +1

    I've heard this riddle before. The girl unknowingly pinned her outfit down with the knife (and couldn't move). She died of hypothermia.

  • Isaiah Dahler
    Isaiah Dahler 10 months ago

    Your riddle.
    She died of fright, couldn't move, worried what would happen,.and its.possible to be death.

  • Dr Breeze777
    Dr Breeze777 Year ago

    She stuck the knife in her foot

  • Loki Lover
    Loki Lover Year ago

    The knife was in her dress, she died of fright

  • it's yuri_ram609
    it's yuri_ram609 Year ago

    That story is from this channel called moonraven and she died in horror because she accidentally put the knife on her dress which she thought was the bony hand.

  • Tori Valentin
    Tori Valentin Year ago


  • Ur Local potato
    Ur Local potato Year ago

    The answer is the knife got stuck to her dress and she died from freight

  • Yamilet Santos
    Yamilet Santos Year ago

    Love ur show

  • the tik toker tibbitts


  • Nyan Animatez
    Nyan Animatez Year ago


  • Ella Seo
    Ella Seo Year ago

    The first story is in that book of scary stories

  • Libby Sanford
    Libby Sanford Year ago

    She turned around to fast and got parelized and either got to cold or starved to death or dehydrated

  • peachy roll
    peachy roll Year ago

    Iam late

  • Mariam Changezi
    Mariam Changezi Year ago

    This is boring

  • Sabriel Winchester

    My sixth sense is always knowing if it'll rain

  • HoiKatz
    HoiKatz Year ago

    lol I rlly don't like school spirit :( . I loved something scary and it makes me really sad that you are gonna cancel it

  • Crafty Girl
    Crafty Girl Year ago

    She accidentally stabbed her foot instead and the her foot was stuck so than she died because of her hurt foot

  • jeremiahsluv
    jeremiahsluv Year ago

    You are so awesome

  • Sheen. xom
    Sheen. xom Year ago

    She was parilized and fell ob the knife

  • Bye channel
    Bye channel Year ago +1


  • Emily Bradly
    Emily Bradly Year ago

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo dont leave us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roo Smith
    Roo Smith Year ago

    I’m used to seeing you in B/W lol

  • Mystery Mystique
    Mystery Mystique Year ago +2

    I know the answer to the riddle, because, I have heard of it before on the old tv show I used to watch on the Syfy channel, and the answer is the girl accidentally stabbed her clothes too, when she stabbed the knife into the grave, an accidentally died from fear induced heart attack, thinking it was a skeleton holding her down instead of the knife, if she had a flash light with her an used it, she wouldn't had died, because, then she would have known that she had pin herself to the ground without noticing it.

  • Skywhale News where u get the new things everyday

    😭 take ur time i'll be in the dark corner waiting for ur nexts post📪😘😎

  • kawaii bunny
    kawaii bunny Year ago


  • rüßi•gęmštøńė

    how do you share your story

  • Kutie Kitty
    Kutie Kitty Year ago

    Sorry I forgot to tell you the rest so before we left I went back into the woods. I called out is anyone here but no one answered so I decided to go further into the woods. I was shaking I didn't know what was coming.....then I heard my mom scream. My dad ran to her and I then found myself LOST so I called out Mom Dad!? Where are you? I'm scared then I heard Sweety
    ...... Sweety where are you I looked back and saw the mom and the two kids I said Get away from me. Then I looked back and saw my parents then I went running to my parents and they said "honey you got us worried sick what happend" I said don't let them get me. Then my mom and dad ran to the car and we left. WE NEVER WENT BACK but then a couple weeks later we heard on the news that the mother and two kids were found dead in the nearest river. We found out that the girls name was lillith the boys name was Jake and the mothers name was Cathy.

  • Faith Cha
    Faith Cha Year ago


  • Kutie Kitty
    Kutie Kitty Year ago

    So me and my family where on A trip and we went camping. I was alone for 5 minutes because they went to get food for us. So I went to go to the bathroom and then I saw 2 children and a mother in the woods I ran over to them like a dumb person and I said um are you ok? Then they went chasing after me and I ran to my tent and waited for my parents to get back. And then when they got back I told them but they did not believe me. So then I just went to bed then in the morning we got out of there. And never went back

  • Kutie Kitty
    Kutie Kitty Year ago

    Can you add this story on something scary it's called the trip it's my story I experienced so it was on May 10 when it happened

  • Jolanta Venskaitiene

    Love you

  • Reckless Wolf
    Reckless Wolf Year ago


  • robert burnside
    robert burnside Year ago

    Did she step on the knife

  • Binxie_Boop
    Binxie_Boop Year ago


  • Slytherin Queen
    Slytherin Queen Year ago

    Wait is soling scary ending forever

  • Keira Dewan
    Keira Dewan Year ago

    💍💍 will u marry meh


  • Keira Dewan
    Keira Dewan Year ago

    I like turtles

  • Keira Dewan
    Keira Dewan Year ago


  • Keira Dewan
    Keira Dewan Year ago

    U is cool

  • KissTheSkittlez
    KissTheSkittlez Year ago

    So dark 5 and something scary will be gone? Only things I watch on snarled 😭😭

  • Anya Black
    Anya Black Year ago +8


  • Nerd Of the night

    And no school spirit

  • Nerd Of the night

    Why no something scary

  • frosty everyday
    frosty everyday Year ago

    It's called's normal

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  • Afeni-Marie Kolone-Falaniko

    y'all got yall stories from longscarystoriesforkids

  • Megan Trejo
    Megan Trejo Year ago


  • Lauren Brewer
    Lauren Brewer Year ago +1

    I have the biggest crush on this girl😭 love these streams lol

  • Unicorn Ninja !
    Unicorn Ninja ! Year ago

    Oh that was the riddle

  • Unicorn Ninja !
    Unicorn Ninja ! Year ago

    Wait a second this is confusing what is the riddle

  • Leon Lauscher
    Leon Lauscher Year ago

    She died of fear!!

  • Unicorn Ninja !
    Unicorn Ninja ! Year ago

    I subscribed

  • Unicorn Ninja !
    Unicorn Ninja ! Year ago


  • Katelyn Gibbs
    Katelyn Gibbs Year ago

    Hey saphire, i have some creepy stories id like to share

  • Katelyn Gibbs
    Katelyn Gibbs Year ago

    If I could, I would like to tell my creepy encounter in a church

  • American Dolls
    American Dolls Year ago

    She was really scared froze

  • Kaitlyn Crambell
    Kaitlyn Crambell Year ago

    I had a premonition sorta kinda thing where I had a dream of a girl that was a friend/neighbor of my cousin then a week later I met the same girl which was kinda cool but weird at the same time

  • its illianna p
    its illianna p Year ago

    Dark five is already gone and now something scary 😱😨😭😭😭😭