By the way, Can You Survive a Horror Island?

  • Published on Jun 22, 2019
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    Do you think you can survive an island full of horrors and mysteries?
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    Detective Daniel is investigating a strange case in a mysterious island. 5 kids have gone to this horror island and have never been found again... Jay, Joe, Stephen, Hosuh and Daniel embark on a trip to a horrifying island covered in mist. Will they be able to survive the mystery that unfolds in this journey, or meet their inevitable impending doom?

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  • Max Martinez
    Max Martinez Hour ago

    More please!

  • Claira forte
    Claira forte 2 hours ago

    Do by the way can you survive the forest

  • Jamie's Jams
    Jamie's Jams 3 hours ago

    Thiccccc with 5 c's

  • Awesome Dawson
    Awesome Dawson 5 hours ago

    Why does this remind me of D&D

  • ctky
    ctky 5 hours ago

    This seems like a dnd module with no combat and its just problem solving

  • ӏҽ_ցɑςհɑ ԹՕԵⱭԵՕՕ

    I need part 2

  • ӏҽ_ցɑςհɑ ԹՕԵⱭԵՕՕ

    I love Stephan and Jay tho 😂
    nvm I love ALL OF THEM

  • Alaina Watson
    Alaina Watson 5 hours ago

    Joe:thiccccc with five c’s
    Daniel: alright calm down
    Me: but... it’s thiccccc

  • carlos garcia
    carlos garcia 5 hours ago

    Thirst to kill

    Me On MuRdEr MyStErY

  • random somethinh
    random somethinh 5 hours ago

    i love the animation in the beginning

    edit: i mean i love all of it

  • Mina Quinteros
    Mina Quinteros 6 hours ago

    i have been waiting for a while for a part 2 and figured they need no animate it and record and have everyone record but dan posted a different video and i havent seen anything i relly really REALY cant wait

  • Katie Caulder
    Katie Caulder 6 hours ago +1

    Where’s part 2

  • 12 1999
    12 1999 7 hours ago +1

    I've been waiting for the second part :c

  • The Gacha Lover
    The Gacha Lover 7 hours ago

    Posted exactly a month ago XD

  • Jocelin De La Flor
    Jocelin De La Flor 7 hours ago

    Stephen is me he's my favorite

  • Dawnerst
    Dawnerst 7 hours ago

    Is that the same Jay from mafia? Jays voice seems deeper on mafia

  • It’s Lina
    It’s Lina 7 hours ago +1

    At 6:55 does anyone notice the painting looks in a different direction??

  • It’s Lina
    It’s Lina 7 hours ago +1

    The mist is so thiccccc.

  • Abigail Kim
    Abigail Kim 7 hours ago

    8:22 jay hugging daniel 🥺🥺

  • CPSparkles10
    CPSparkles10 7 hours ago

    part two

    LIAM JACOB CAMET 8 hours ago

    uh... the paintings move......

    LIAM JACOB CAMET 8 hours ago

    i hate when thier mouths split. It's not a arbiter from Halo, its a youtube channnel...

  • Patchi Artimations
    Patchi Artimations 9 hours ago

    Imagine if they all actually did this infront of real people in a real sinario.

  • Ashley Johnson
    Ashley Johnson 9 hours ago

    give us part 2 :0

  • Mine That Emerald
    Mine That Emerald 10 hours ago

    How can Dan's parents abandon him before he was born?

  • fuck off
    fuck off 10 hours ago

    It’s July 22

  • trisha marie
    trisha marie 12 hours ago

    *oh thank god, you're just old.*

  • Hagop Taslakian
    Hagop Taslakian 12 hours ago

    4:48 look at the old man's eyes

  • Timothy Nguyen
    Timothy Nguyen 13 hours ago

    6:54 the person in the picture frame moves its head. The bird person picture thing

  • TheDiamondSword99
    TheDiamondSword99 13 hours ago


  • Looney Toons
    Looney Toons 17 hours ago

    Me: Yeah! If you survive this, it’ll make the BEST USclip video!

    Edit: wait...

  • •teeorra sucks at drawing•

    8:21 did anyone else see dan and Jay sleeping together owo

  • Rémi Lamoureux
    Rémi Lamoureux 17 hours ago +1


    A P U S S Y

  • dale jespher fetlaveo
    dale jespher fetlaveo 18 hours ago

    Oh my god😱😱😱 im actually watching this in 8:45 PM and im watching these in the fields and a little mist. Thank goodness the corniness delivered.

  • Sairus
    Sairus 18 hours ago

    Where is the parT TWOOOOOOOOOOoOOOOo

  • Error 000Anomaly000
    Error 000Anomaly000 19 hours ago


  • burnt f1ames
    burnt f1ames 19 hours ago +2

    If they were ever placed in a haunted house, they would find a way to beat the shit out of the ghost

  • Robo Bro
    Robo Bro 20 hours ago

    6:54 the bird painting changes its head position SPOOKY

  • Snow Flake
    Snow Flake 20 hours ago

    hosuh x stephen x joe = Johosen
    you don't have to like it,
    I like it.

  • Sumo
    Sumo 20 hours ago

    Part 2?

  • jay 98
    jay 98 22 hours ago

    This channel is the best

  • KaelynGaming
    KaelynGaming Day ago

    1:07 daniel: Also...unstable
    *fish sees jays face* fishes look : oh meh gosh get me away from this dude!!!!!

  • chris the fire fox

    I have murderous tendancys to dont disrespect us

  • Lucy Cane
    Lucy Cane Day ago

    When is part 2 comming🙏😱

  • Scruffy447
    Scruffy447 Day ago

    "Characteristics: Joe - A pussy" 😂😂😂


    i read jays “we will not be silenced” sign as “we will not be seduced”

  • Jessica Cabiness
    Jessica Cabiness Day ago +1

    No a fence but Housh kinda sounds like a girl :) Sorry Housh

  • Guillis 01
    Guillis 01 Day ago

    Joe looks like jocat’s avatar
    (The ones where he sits in a chair and talks about Pokémon designs)

  • Arwen marlies
    Arwen marlies Day ago

    I have a feeling that this will be a haunted muder mistery

  • Ima Kiwi
    Ima Kiwi Day ago

    I felt like I was with my DND group and I liked it lmao.

  • Warrior cat moon Fur


  • Halfdemonoverlord


  • Eglantine Hardin

    do more plz thx
    love you three

  • Ice King
    Ice King Day ago

    Why man I'm Ukrainian

  • FlareRaidz
    FlareRaidz Day ago

    Daniel: *What's the point of you talking!?*
    Me: c-content....?

  • Exelabop
    Exelabop Day ago

    Part 2 please I need to know what happened!!!!

  • Happycat_j
    Happycat_j Day ago

    Old man: Don't peek out he windows.
    Me:..........So thats why they all died.....

  • JakeysDrawings
    JakeysDrawings Day ago

    By the way, Can you survive Us

  • JakeysDrawings
    JakeysDrawings Day ago

    Please do Us with housa Stephan and Daniel

  • JakeysDrawings
    JakeysDrawings Day ago

    Dan plan can you do US the movie

  • Nikki Sawyer
    Nikki Sawyer Day ago

    Whens part two coming out

  • Guest Z
    Guest Z Day ago

    Everyone laugh or I’ll murder you

  • The second Coming

    Did anyone notice the cube escape references

  • lighting wolf girl

    I know is that Stephen is always the one that wants to kill someone first

  • Banana Brianna
    Banana Brianna Day ago


  • Scarlet Grey
    Scarlet Grey Day ago

    when is part 2 ;(

  • Croz
    Croz Day ago

    when is part 2 coming. It’s been a month bruv😅

  • Sapphirewolf
    Sapphirewolf Day ago +1

    For anyone wondering what a DnD campaign is like: It’s this. It’s like this. Aka someone tries to tell a story while everyone else furiously tries to derail it

  • Erik Andre
    Erik Andre Day ago +1

    You guys are amazing and i love your personalities. Pure gold

  • Gamer Mike
    Gamer Mike Day ago

    I would stick with Steven cause I would last longer than these mofos

  • MR. Pop World!
    MR. Pop World! Day ago

    By the way, can you survive the Salem witch trials

  • Chill Music
    Chill Music Day ago

    Put out part 2!!!!

  • Gamer Mike
    Gamer Mike Day ago

    I have 50,000 legendary in my monster legends

  • Tense Sniper1080

    Anyone else notice the paintings in the room, they change constantly. Love this channel for small details like that being added starts at 7:50

  • Carlie Johnson
    Carlie Johnson Day ago


  • anony mous
    anony mous Day ago

    Jay looks like Brock from Pokemon

  • Deric Andre Abella

    Part 2 part 2

  • Gabrielle Higham

    When’s part two!?

  • Lilac Oriel
    Lilac Oriel Day ago

    Dan from earlier: We're 23.
    Dan later: They left 25 years ago.
    Me: 😯 ok

  • Poptart io
    Poptart io Day ago

    this is the epitome of youtube

  • Rina RizkiPrakoso

    Stephen: oh dang, it’s a demon
    Me: get the salt

  • Simone Ashton
    Simone Ashton Day ago

    Can't find the second episide😢

  • sup cookie
    sup cookie 2 days ago +1

    Did anyone see the birds head moved when they were in the room or Im just crazy

  • ThelittlewinterFox 08


  • Lori Heller
    Lori Heller 2 days ago

    I can't wait till part 2

  • Progun149 '
    Progun149 ' 2 days ago

    If Steven gets violent push off the boat

  • digitalnightmare exe

    I like how they think shoot her☻

  • Dorothy Vernaglia
    Dorothy Vernaglia 2 days ago

    PART 2

  • TimberFire
    TimberFire 2 days ago +2

    Hosuh : Logical and quiet

    *A clear sign of suppressed perversion*

  • Willow Pillow
    Willow Pillow 2 days ago

    But I thought there were 7 c's (Pun intended)

    • Willow Pillow
      Willow Pillow 2 days ago

      Get it? Because they are in a boat? The seven seas? I'll shut up now

  • Elizzy555 lue
    Elizzy555 lue 2 days ago

    Dont watch this as night lol

  • Jumping Jellyfish
    Jumping Jellyfish 2 days ago

    Stephens Laugh is adorable! I love it.

  • Howla
    Howla 2 days ago +1

    Stephen is my favourite.
    Stephen: Oh no, how could we *Mist* this? **Laughs**
    Stephen: Everyone laugh or ill murder you.
    **Everyone fake laughs**

  • Anya Pretorius
    Anya Pretorius 2 days ago +1

    Stephen is my favorite and Jay is like soooooooooooooooooloooo close 2nd

  • Adventures With An Alien

    I didn't realize that was Jay:/

  • annlakes24
    annlakes24 2 days ago


  • Jayla Barrett
    Jayla Barrett 2 days ago

    please make a part 2 pleeaasse I need to know what happens next and I want the gang back together

  • Fuzzy Bunny
    Fuzzy Bunny 2 days ago

    PaRt 2!!!!!!!!!

  • lulu Banegas
    lulu Banegas 2 days ago

    I need part 2.!!! 😬😬😬

  • Soldier cat Tv
    Soldier cat Tv 2 days ago

    We are 23 should we tell our parents