Don't Touch Red Hot Iron


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  • ClawBoss
    ClawBoss 2 months ago +2367

    ABSOLUTELY love these videos!!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Who agrees with me? 😎

  • C Schwartz
    C Schwartz Hour ago +1


  • C Schwartz
    C Schwartz Hour ago


  • GT rkt
    GT rkt 8 hours ago

    *paint iron Red*
    *Make it 40 °C*

  • Aca Pavlović
    Aca Pavlović 11 hours ago

    „Don’t touch red iron“ You don’t say

  • K Fyzoudeen
    K Fyzoudeen 2 days ago

    A blow gun

  • Bradley Whais
    Bradley Whais 2 days ago

    how about the capt america sheild?

  • Gohobogo
    Gohobogo 3 days ago

    Dont touch red hot iron?
    What's next
    Dont shove your hand in a chainsaw?
    Dont jump into a vat of actively reacting Uranium?
    Dont try to breathe in space?
    Dont climb into a vacuum chamber and hold your breath?
    Dont jump into your nearest dumpster fire?
    I got a list that goes on and on. It's all common sense guys...

  • Stephen Fresh
    Stephen Fresh 3 days ago +1

    Diamond playbutton

  • gamergoods 67
    gamergoods 67 3 days ago


  • Harlem Shake
    Harlem Shake 3 days ago

    Why no use kg instead of lbs?

  • Daymien Ferrara
    Daymien Ferrara 4 days ago

    Popsockets ;)

  • E.A.C_TV
    E.A.C_TV 4 days ago +1

    *king* : don't touch red hot metal!
    *me* : why?

  • Aadi Barath
    Aadi Barath 5 days ago

    A blowgun box

  • Nicholas Fry
    Nicholas Fry 5 days ago

    Broad Sword

  • BlackVolusia
    BlackVolusia 6 days ago

    Bet it’s a tkor blowdart gun kit

  • Richard Copeland
    Richard Copeland 6 days ago

    You know what is even closer to the consistency of hot metal, HOT METAL.
    Skip the clay, ridiculous idea. Just practice with metal.

  • Mojo Jojo
    Mojo Jojo 6 days ago

    Was he standing on a box?

  • Flynn Dennison
    Flynn Dennison 7 days ago

    tool kit

  • Maria Sanchez
    Maria Sanchez 7 days ago

    I wonder why

  • qurbanali
    qurbanali 7 days ago

    A hat

  • Cam Rooney
    Cam Rooney 7 days ago

    Blow dart gun

  • brett morrow
    brett morrow 7 days ago

    A 3D printer!!!

  • FirePug55
    FirePug55 8 days ago

    to late i have before and now i am just on fire all the time

  • Reed McElroy
    Reed McElroy 8 days ago

    Could I use play-doh?

  • Mason Schmitz
    Mason Schmitz 9 days ago

    I bet it is a TKOR creater box

  • Mason Schmitz
    Mason Schmitz 9 days ago

    U bet it is a TKOF created box

  • jaylyn tinnirello
    jaylyn tinnirello 10 days ago


  • Armaan Bhomisa
    Armaan Bhomisa 10 days ago

    Happy new year in Advance

  • HuckleB680
    HuckleB680 10 days ago +1

    Next use your naked thigh as an anvil.

  • Grace Fairchild
    Grace Fairchild 11 days ago

    You should do a nail polish in vacuum chamber video please!

  • Jacob Castillo
    Jacob Castillo 11 days ago

    This is the weakest man ever

  • Owen Cirillo
    Owen Cirillo 12 days ago

    8:58 that’s what she said

  • Xxre23yu82_ xX
    Xxre23yu82_ xX 12 days ago

    New merch???

  • Cayden Kopp
    Cayden Kopp 12 days ago

    i loved the vidio

  • Frywood 360
    Frywood 360 12 days ago

    New merch

  • Rosa ramirez-chacon
    Rosa ramirez-chacon 12 days ago


  • Luis Tabuyo
    Luis Tabuyo 13 days ago

    I was about to heat up iron and touch it directly grasping it with my palm thank you cause I saw this before I did that!😱

  • Extrascript662
    Extrascript662 13 days ago

    Well there goes my weekend plans.

  • TheLastEngineer
    TheLastEngineer 14 days ago

    thougth u touched it

  • Wavee -
    Wavee - 14 days ago

    There Go My Plans For Next Week:/

  • Jesse michael Bandy
    Jesse michael Bandy 14 days ago

    New merch

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez 14 days ago

    Your skin will fall off like butter and bone will be exposed

  • Justin T
    Justin T 15 days ago

    He should try to make a homemade bow and arrows one day

  • Lonnie Poynter
    Lonnie Poynter 15 days ago

    You should get together and forge with Alec Steele

  • harley scoots
    harley scoots 17 days ago

    a new box with something cool

  • crappy gamer
    crappy gamer 17 days ago

    Maybe i didnt know that i shouldnt touch red hot feckin iron.

  • Laura P
    Laura P 18 days ago

    Will you try to make a vid trying to make rock candy with honey

  • The OmeJaJa
    The OmeJaJa 19 days ago

    Im already tracer

  • Diego Roldan
    Diego Roldan 19 days ago

    There goes my plans for this weekend

  • Teresa Dodd
    Teresa Dodd 19 days ago

    12:11 he looks like he wants to eat it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did 😂

  • Team Triangle
    Team Triangle 19 days ago

    What happens if you mix liquid and acid

  • Saboo Enanka Sekhar
    Saboo Enanka Sekhar 19 days ago


  • Aussie Idiots
    Aussie Idiots 19 days ago

    A D.I.Y kit

  • Waffledawg 12
    Waffledawg 12 20 days ago

    There goes all my weekend plans

  • SkellyAce The Novelist with Many Ideas

    That anvil weighs almost half of my body weight...

  • James Warren
    James Warren 20 days ago

    Thanks bro I was bouta make a couch outta red hot metal wasn’t sure and saw this

  • Spence Roper
    Spence Roper 20 days ago

    You are the best

  • James Henry
    James Henry 20 days ago

    A kit

  • Odd gamingTV TM
    Odd gamingTV TM 20 days ago

    Video in a nutshell: hitting play dough with a hammer and act like you never saw p.d and their physics

  • Josie Cornish
    Josie Cornish 21 day ago


  • Endiemadness
    Endiemadness 21 day ago

    This video was super calming and fun to watch.

  • Weird Potato
    Weird Potato 21 day ago

    DONT TOUCH RED HOT METAL' no dip Sherlock XD

  • kevin sasso
    kevin sasso 21 day ago

    What happened to grant Thompson because he is not in any of the vids anymore he was awsome

  • Giada Higgins
    Giada Higgins 21 day ago

    New merch

  • Alexa Lloyd
    Alexa Lloyd 22 days ago

    For a sec I thought it was clay😅oops

  • Vicki Davis
    Vicki Davis 22 days ago

    It's a knife

  • Toxic Adder
    Toxic Adder 22 days ago

    Not to touch it

  • Toxic Adder
    Toxic Adder 22 days ago

    No offence but that is kinda obvious

  • avc97_wcr
    avc97_wcr 22 days ago

    Do this again with Alec

  • Greyson Noel-Duquesnel

    and instantly cooled down

  • Greyson Noel-Duquesnel

    right when you started hittihng the metal it chipped

  • Shannon Stallings Wiseman

    Turning col into dimensions

  • zooinaroom
    zooinaroom 22 days ago

    5:23 YEAH!!

  • Ethan French
    Ethan French 23 days ago

    The picture was just the green stuff acting as a green screen so it looked like he was holding red hot metal

  • Alex Madsen
    Alex Madsen 23 days ago

    Really? I was about to do it bud. Thanks for the heads up

  • AJ 7232
    AJ 7232 23 days ago

    What if you try to start a forge with frozen gasoline? Then forge some stuff

  • Kristina Lemke
    Kristina Lemke 23 days ago

    TKOR creator dont touch red hot iron

  • Sam Bink
    Sam Bink 24 days ago


  • Korbyn Scott
    Korbyn Scott 24 days ago

    It would have helped if the anvil was lower

  • Ahmad Kashmar
    Ahmad Kashmar 24 days ago

    So I was watching this video and my dad said to turn the volume down. I didn't care so he said that he will smash my face into the phone. I ignored it anduigduitydiiutsrsytuistjsktsuyrahufzhdlpfkanwofmap

  • Owen Sejdho
    Owen Sejdho 25 days ago

    Try making carbonated water with sodium hexafluoride and maybe lighting it/drinking it/coloring it green like the movie the big friendly giant

  • Owen Sejdho
    Owen Sejdho 25 days ago

    you making a knife @KOR?

  • lacky1180
    lacky1180 25 days ago

    Is it new merch

  • taco man
    taco man 25 days ago

    Tkor merch

  • shadowXXe
    shadowXXe 25 days ago

    instructions unclear hand has become sword

  • God
    God 25 days ago

    Those are some hot bars.

  • NF_RealLyrics Lyrics
    NF_RealLyrics Lyrics 26 days ago

    2:34 *veins have entered the chat*

  • Cown’t
    Cown’t 26 days ago

    I waaasnt supposed to touch that

  • Fluttershy Licious
    Fluttershy Licious 26 days ago

    "don't touch red hot iron!" Wasn't gonna, my man

  • Habib Sharif
    Habib Sharif 28 days ago

    no offence but kingofrandom was waffling so he doesnt become irrelevant in the video. NO OFFENCE

  • Axel Young
    Axel Young 28 days ago

    I touch a red hot bit of steel and it hert!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mr-matt
    mr-matt 28 days ago

    2:11 he looks so proud lol

  • Dylan Douglas
    Dylan Douglas 29 days ago

    Dot touch Red Hot iron

  • Mysticus Freeze
    Mysticus Freeze 29 days ago

    Yall laugh but once you get into the zone its super easy to forgot it's hot and you'll try to grab it

  • bupbup warm
    bupbup warm 29 days ago

    the anvil should be at the height of your knuckles when it is hanging loose at your side. that is way too high, which is why your forearm hurts so much. a correctly placed anvil will prevent this.

  • Nennenereo
    Nennenereo 29 days ago

    This is a genius thing

  • killer zoid
    killer zoid Month ago

    Grant doesn't even do tkor anmore so why is he even like on the intro

  • Ryan Deming
    Ryan Deming Month ago

    A book on experiments

  • G G
    G G Month ago

    Video starts at 9:48 you're welcome