Alone with myself / lofi hip hop mix

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018
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    00:00 fantompower - blankets
    [ Chillhop Essentials Winter 2018 ]
    02:52 mell-ø - deja vu
    [ A Fall Journey Beattape ]
    04:49 High Noon Rush - Kane
    07:21 lilac - last train home together
    09:10 Nohone - Breath
    [ A Fall Journey Beattape ]
    11:39 petunie - distant
    13:38 tonnA - On The Phone
    16:49 Philanthrope x Yasper - Slopes
    [ Chillhop Essentials Winter 2018 ]
    19:41 trakeemovich - lifes a bitch
    21:35 redrose - i miss the way u played
    23:16 Nerok - I'm Saying Goodbye
    25:33 Jay-Lounge - Breath Of Fresh Air
    28:29 Kupla X j'san - Raindrops
    High Noon Rush
    Philanthrope x Yasper
    Kupla X j'san
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  • Dreamy
    Dreamy  9 months ago +3053

    Thanks for staying with me.
    I couldn't have done it without you.
    65 patrons / 116 692 subscribers.
    Lots of hugs for everyone 🖤

    • TheGreen Tortoise
      TheGreen Tortoise 2 months ago +1

      Love you Dreamy 💚

    • brownie
      brownie 3 months ago +1

      This was the first music I saw on your channel, then I subscribed! You're talented, Dreamy!

    • Meshak Thang
      Meshak Thang 3 months ago +1

      i luv your music please make more. (sending hug)

    • 귀여운소녀
      귀여운소녀 3 months ago +1

      love youu

    • o k
      o k 3 months ago +1

      you have 205k subs now!

  • Nobody is here
    Nobody is here 6 hours ago

    nicee , i like how you put the name of the song in the other swing like a company Xd

  • Qowie
    Qowie Day ago

    before everything i was alone, but i didn't really feel lonely. i was fine with what i had, i was fine with myself. though, a long the way, i found myself meeting these people - these *amazing* people. they became my friends. my bestfriends. when i was around them, i felt happy. happier than i used to be. now, after all the drama, misunderstandings, arguments, losses, heartbreak and hurt; i’m alone again. only this time i’m lonely.

  • David Sinclair
    David Sinclair Day ago

    That moment you feel an emotion is the moment you come to know that you’re alive.

  • Preston Ritzema
    Preston Ritzema Day ago +1

    The time that I spend by myself is enjoyable, but I find myself watching the people I'm surrounded by, whether that's on the internet or irl, I feel this hole in my chest. The desire for affection from a partner or from a friend or two that actually desire to spend their evenings and weekends with me has just plagued me for basically my entire high school life. I've had friends that eventually just desert me for people who are "cooler" and it really hurts to watch someone leave. Eventually, I'm scared that I'm going to put on a fake persona just to impress others and i don't want that. i want a partner of best friend who will like for being me. This is why I'm so excited for my first semester of college next fall. I've heard so many adults say its where they found their best friends and the people they know they can depend on. I want that for myself. Just one more year of hell...

  • Unkown user
    Unkown user 2 days ago

    legend has it he is still sitting there to this day

  • Sonicblaster456
    Sonicblaster456 2 days ago

    I do love being left alone from my family. I don’t usually have that much fun with them but when I’m with my friends then it’s a whole different story. They are the people that I have the best time with. I love being around them and it’s the best feeling in the world. But y’know I realize that even though I’m close friends with them, they all have have different friends groups they hang around with. I see them whenever I go to school, always hanging out with other people. Then I realize I’m the only one who’s not talking to anybody. The guy I considered my best friend for so many year since elementary says he doesn’t have a best friend. And then I’m realize I’m more alone than I thought. And then I realize I hate this feeling of being alone. It’s my birthday party and I invite all my good friends. But then they got thirsty and most of them left to go get boba. I waited for almost an hour for them to get back. They had enough time to post on their ig stories while I was there waiting for them. I don’t want to be alone but I know I am and I hate it. If you read this far thanks for listening to me talk about my feelings. I don’t really have anyone to talk to about my feelings ❤️

  • yellow aesthetic
    yellow aesthetic 2 days ago

    I was around 12 when I lost most of my friends, I would during recess and lunch and they would talk about boys and play games. I was so interested in fantasy world's that I never really cared about mine.

  • WhiteFlame109
    WhiteFlame109 3 days ago

    Saving this for this upcoming Saturday (9/21/2019) so that I can listen to it while everyone has a good time at homecoming and I sit at home alone.
    I’m not meaning for this to be like “oh how sad, look at me and pity me.” This is just what I would consider a good tie for me. Sitting home, alone, playing a good video game, and listening to a quality lofi mix.

  • Jorgos
    Jorgos 3 days ago

    I need frends

    • Егор Брилев
      Егор Брилев Day ago

      Jorgos you have them , i think , have somehow the same problem have a lot of people around me , talking to me , trynna help me out with my problems, saves me when I trynna suicide , but I (may be you ) want the one with same shit in their head , to feel your pain , to just understand your situation that happend , just to them help you , as you could help them if they have same shit as you
      P.s sorry for my English

  • Oop UwU
    Oop UwU 4 days ago

    Today's my birthday and I'm alone again, but that's not the problem it's that I feel lonely

    • Bros Gamingz
      Bros Gamingz 18 hours ago

      @Oop UwU :)

    • Oop UwU
      Oop UwU 19 hours ago +1

      @Bros Gamingz aww thanks :)

    • Bros Gamingz
      Bros Gamingz 23 hours ago

      @Oop UwU oof. Hope you do next year tho. Np ❤

    • Oop UwU
      Oop UwU Day ago +1

      @Bros Gamingz thx and no

    • Bros Gamingz
      Bros Gamingz Day ago

      Happy belated birthday. Did you celebrate it?

  • Eldar Nasibov
    Eldar Nasibov 4 days ago

    Я один лишь загоняюсь под такую музыку?

    • Егор Брилев
      Егор Брилев Day ago

      Eldar Nasibov не один , слушаю ее , и чувствую себя ещё хуже чем до этого , но почему-то получаю какое-то удовольствие от этого 🤔

  • Soviet Beverage
    Soviet Beverage 4 days ago

    hope you doing ok bud, If there is one thing I have learnt from this world, its that if I can't make myself smile, I guess I'll try with other people and that seems to be working.
    - Chai

  • Axel Vargas
    Axel Vargas 5 days ago

    It’s currently 2:39 a.m. walking on a raining day to the abandoned bridge no one goes to not caring if I get sick

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 5 days ago

    I'ma just drop this quote |-/ "Sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind"

  • Time flies
    Time flies 5 days ago

    I fell for my best friend, my only friend. I told them that it would be best if I just left them alone. I never told them how I felt, I never will. Good bye my friend I, hope that my decision of leaving your life will give you never ending happiness. I'm sorry for everything and thank you so much.

  • rodrigaginando
    rodrigaginando 5 days ago +2

    my life was so friend... no support just me walking alone without anyone...and my little brother was the only one that actually understood me and liked to be with me...we played we did so much things but my life got harder and harder and it reached a point that it was starting to hurt me.....this one day i tried to cut myself and so i did i just couldn´t help it then everyone just looked at me and said "freak" even tho im just a normal person then i started to was a hard time but 1 year later i just had this thought on my head to just end the suffering but as you can see im still writting this suddenly a thought just passed through my mind and i just slapped myself and said "what are you even thinking" i started working out but i never had help from someone..just my brother......he makes videos in my account (this one) ...then after the workout i would just eat and sleep school was just a mess (i was 17 at the time)......i´ve helped myself go trough this now im still alone but i still and always will have my brother....(sorry about the bad english)

    update: My life has been going well still alone but...yeah no more cuts work out, my brother and just live my life....thanks for reading this...i just needed to get things out of my chest....

    if you are having problems rn just rely on someone on your family like your brother (if you have one)...if you dont have any family me dont hurt yourself i regret what i´ve done......just keep on living and if any bad thought comes just slap yourself snd say " i can´t give up yet" the hard fight are for the strong ones....thanks for reading

  • Sleeping Koalas
    Sleeping Koalas 5 days ago

    _maybe if I like them, the bullying will go away too_

  • Solitude
    Solitude 6 days ago

    i've found myself alone at park in the middle of the night a couple of times
    It has a bitter sweet feeling, the relief of being alone but the sour taste of being Isolated
    If you are reading this and you are in the bottomless pit of life then let me ask you this,
    Do you know that you are absolutely beautiful and there is so much potential and love ready to make it's way into the
    hearts of many
    And if you're up to the challenge... stretch out you're wings and fly, fly like you've never did before because you are a
    beautiful person with amazing wings of all great and fascinating colors.
    You ARE beautiful, You ARE amazing, You DO have wings of great colors, but you are only what YOU see you're own self as.
    Who you are depends on what you think you are

    These words come from experience, and if someone stumbles across this comment then know that someone out there cares for you. Hope you're well, have a good one :)

  • Ali Baba Ghanouj
    Ali Baba Ghanouj 6 days ago

    If there's one thing I learned in the last ten years of not having a single friend, it's that you can't force someone to love, like, or even talk to you. Realising that doesn't help the problem go away, but at least I'm not labouring under a delusion. So...yay!?!

  • J U S T A R A N D O M P E R S O N

    the only thing that matters is that ur alive,so enjoy the things around you , theres no need to be sad and depressed. Even if something hits you hard you keep moving on.But you'll get through..... just watch 🙂🙃

  • Alex 1885
    Alex 1885 6 days ago +3

    I rlly want to ask the person on the swing if they’re ok or why they’re sad

  • D I A B L O V2
    D I A B L O V2 7 days ago +1

    i don't know if u gonna reply to that . But believe me, we Humans ..our personalities are different and complicated sometimes , that's what makes us unique and different from each others , i don't like talking about myself really but as an example , i dont hate myself , i hate a part of me while i love the other .
    From where i am , i see myself as two parts the nice weak me who enjoy helping people and cant handle letting people get hurt is the part i still like cause its Human and lovable , And then there is the unforgiven part of me that dark evil me who never cries when he is supposed to insead he laugh like a psychopath when someones get hurt or else even worth that part that i decided to hide down in the dark wearing a mask every time when he appears , that devil the past made me become , sort of .. ; the choices i made , unforgivable mistakes ...he blames his self for ,makes me go crazy when he remembers .
    He enjoy being alone ,away from the Chaos and the society but alone is good sometimes , everyone may need to be Alone but not Lonely , cause loneliness kills the inside ..when its dead , broken , you become like a dead walker , living for no reason in denial , no one will remembers that once u existed what u got is the memories u blame yourself for and the few good ones u remember to ease your heart pain .
    You , human said we should try and spend time w ourselves and forgiving ourselves but it never gonna work as you see im one but in fact there is to part and my two parts hate each other one see the other as an Evil dark person with no heart , and the other see the one as a weak emotional person with lot of regret .
    i can't just talk to someone and forgive the unforgivable and i cant just kill the nice part of me and forget about it...
    As i said personalities maybe complicated in their own different way , mine is too complicated for anyone to understand ..
    In everyone f us the is an Angel and a Devil , some decide to kill one of em but i decided to keep em both .
    Everyone has his own personality and a way to describe it , that was my way ..even if it may sound as a none sense , i already said o one will understand .

    § !P E A C E O U T ! §

  • La_Passione_Gio
    La_Passione_Gio 7 days ago +2

    It’s funny to think we all want to be alone when we’re upset, but deep down we don’t wanna be alone... because we become lonely... even if we have that special someone we feel lost and scared, alone.

  • PepiOssauroXD
    PepiOssauroXD 7 days ago



  • PepiOssauroXD
    PepiOssauroXD 7 days ago

    Maid in inscription

  • Aazizul Zaim
    Aazizul Zaim 7 days ago

    just a broke boy that want to say hi.

  • Sch. Video
    Sch. Video 7 days ago +1

    1 fullday alone just for relaxing....

  • Angelica Galstyan
    Angelica Galstyan 8 days ago +1

    all these edgy comments and depressive moods meanwhile I'm just chillin, don't gotta be sad to be lonely

  • Joseph Knecht
    Joseph Knecht 8 days ago

    me, myself and I...

  • Zark Muckerberg
    Zark Muckerberg 8 days ago

    The sad feeling when the batteries die on your eight inch classic dong

  • Study Buddy
    Study Buddy 9 days ago

    Sometimes I think I’m fine with my loneliness, that more content to be by myself because I’m an introvert and people exhaust me. But then...I see how others interact with each other. How...happy they are to spend their time with people around them so they invite them to go places and text them just because they enjoy talking to them or because they can rely on them. And I realize all over again I’m not that person. No one outside really needs me. Not the way I want to be needed. And I wonder, what’s so *wrong* with me that it’s never ever me? People laugh with me and smile with me and seem to like me. I always try to be nice and understanding even though I know I don’t always succeed. And yet... Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I’m too much of a coward to try and create bonds myself because I fear rejection. Or maybe I’m to unattached to others to try. I don’t know how to comfort others in pain. I don’t know how to read them the same way everyone else does. Maybe I don’t know anything or maybe I’m too lazy to try. I don’t know. Doubt. Fear. Loneliness. Contentment. Self hatred. Disillusionment. To want a connection and to fear one’s own inability to make one. I have to change. But I don’t know if I can. What am I missing? What do I lack? Can I regain it if I never had it? Can I grow it myself? Or would it be a lie that will grow more exhausting the longer I pretend it’s true? Can anyone hear me? Does anyone care. It’s so sad and scary in the world. I heard once we are born alone and die alone, so we must hold onto the warmth of others during our lives. I want to be warm.

  • Study Buddy
    Study Buddy 9 days ago +2

    If you’re alone, you can’t hurt anyone nor can you be hurt.

  • Study Buddy
    Study Buddy 9 days ago +2

    The first 8 seconds got me. Subscribed

  • Iam Trash
    Iam Trash 10 days ago +1

    23:20 and 53:20 Felt the pain so many times and my fear is that I will never out grow it.

  • LilLeoRubs
    LilLeoRubs 10 days ago +2

    *sits with this guy in the other seat not saying anything cause we wouldn’t need to while contemplating life*

  • Nao hara Kimm
    Nao hara Kimm 10 days ago +1

    Just yesterday, early in the morning I had a mental breakdown. Silently crying while taking a bath, gently wiping all the tears in my eyes and trying to put a smile on my face.

    • Fiona XD
      Fiona XD 9 days ago +1

      Nao hara Kimm, hey, Know that you‘re not alone. I‘m so proud of you that you even tried!! I‘m really not good at comforting people but I try 💗💞💕 please take care of yourself, you are braver and stronger than you think
      Lots of love 💓💕💗💗💝💖

  • Ferad
    Ferad 10 days ago

    i feel better

  • BaZe Gaming
    BaZe Gaming 11 days ago

    Everyday, I’m surrounded by people, some family, some “friends”. I’m never really alone, but I’m always lonely. As each day passes I see less and less signs of purpose and meaning to life when I always feel so alone...
    It’s hard finding people that will comfort me and hold me and tell me everything is ok. I know it’s not true, but it would still be nice. But there is no one, no one to fill that place, I’m pushed out of groups, I’m last to get picked to be on a team, nobody cares...
    I don’t know why I am posting this message, it’s not like anyone would see it or even care. It’s just nice to be able to vent and talk about problems even though there isn’t anyone listening. I think I’ll just cry myself to sleep to some sad lofi just to wake up and go to school, seven hours of hell but it seems longer, then go home think about my day and wonder if anyone will ever notice me, or if anyone will ever be there to fill the void of loneliness radiating from within me... Good bye, sleep tight don’t let the depression take over your life like it already has to mine.

  • Vishula Gamaetige
    Vishula Gamaetige 11 days ago

    I am a joke to everyone :)

  • Alberth Rondon
    Alberth Rondon 11 days ago

    Si baja mas la cabeza se mama el webo...

  • NeuroToxin
    NeuroToxin 11 days ago +2

    I’ve always been that one friend that helps everyone and talks to them if they’re sad, and they tell me about their problems if they want to talk about it, I never spill any secrets that I’ve been told, but sometimes I just feel left out.
    This is pointless on telling everyone scrolling through the comments but I just wanted to let it out. I just always have this ever-growing stress and anxiety.
    I don’t know if I just hate myself or it’s just that I don’t know how to accept myself.
    But if you ever see someone sad, or just not feeling it, ask them if they’re okay, be honest with them, they’ll feel much better because they’ll actually feel that someone else cares about them. Even the smallest things like saying a small ‘hi’ will brighten up someone’s day. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Alessio Del Forno
    Alessio Del Forno 11 days ago +1

    This a memory of when I met 2 kids very funny who became my friends😄😄 but it was not raining...😄😄

  • E'mani Davis
    E'mani Davis 13 days ago

    It’s been a year and some change, I’ve grown a lot and moved on but I still miss the vibe we have at times.. haven’t found a new one who matches sadly 😏💔

  • ChilledRobot
    ChilledRobot 13 days ago +1

    Good vibes with the song.💖 I will use it in my lofi hip hop stream!

  • FlouLox
    FlouLox 13 days ago +1

    Who else is here after being rejected? 😔

  • V_ a e s t h e t i c
    V_ a e s t h e t i c 14 days ago

    I just don't get why I learned to be so shy Iam usually super active and socialising but something changed me it's like I learned to be shy when I past by around people they looked at me head to toe wearing ripped jeans t shirt and a sweater wrapped around my hips with a headphones around my neck I feel uncomfortable but it's like I'm used to it and I usually be talkative in class and naughty but now I'm just sitting alone in class no topic to talk to I wish I can be active and talkative again I wanna be outgoing like I used to its like my enemies changed who I am before they became more talkative and out going and I'm just stucked somewhere I feel like I switched lives with them but I talk alot with my family members because they make me feel outgoing but in school I feel lonely.. I still learned how to have a positive mind from Jay shetty though

  • Photography Cat
    Photography Cat 14 days ago +1

    I just like to smile.
    act strong.
    to show that im fine when im really not.

  • Proverbs 14 12
    Proverbs 14 12 14 days ago +1

    That moment when you realize how much hurt you caused to yourself and other people. Stay strong. God Bless you all.❤️🙏

  • Jae Kim
    Jae Kim 14 days ago

    when I'm alone theres only one thing to do and that is unzip

  • T.S Subliminals
    T.S Subliminals 14 days ago

    You're an adless god

  • Sasha Dragon
    Sasha Dragon 15 days ago

    Lol thats me haha


  • Gareth Newall
    Gareth Newall 15 days ago +1

    take everything in a positive way

  • Štěpán Pavlas
    Štěpán Pavlas 15 days ago +2

    _"It's beautiful to be alone. To be alone does not mean to be lonely. It means the mind is not influenced and contaminated by society."_ ~Jiddu Krishnamurti
    *You deserve a secret* . At night ... look at the moon ... How many people are looking at him right now? ... Wish them good luck, peace, and love. ... Just as I wish you now!

  • Christine Hillary Lee
    Christine Hillary Lee 15 days ago

    hey! is this copyrighted? id love to use this in my short film

  • Misslangdon Langdon
    Misslangdon Langdon 16 days ago

    Damn I’m I the only one who wants to sit on the swing next to him and make him feel okay-

  • frozen victory ice
    frozen victory ice 16 days ago +1

    All i want is stability.......

  • Jurehan Jaafar
    Jurehan Jaafar 17 days ago

    3pm and listening to this.. Hahaha fucking my depression inside my head. I'm obsessed with the monster.. Gone too far

  • chaotic snail
    chaotic snail 17 days ago +2

    theres this girl. shes pretty, and kind, and into the same things im into. i want to love her and hold her, and send her songs i find. i want to do all these things with her, but i cant because she has a boyfriend and isnt into girls. i cant do anything about it, for fucks sake you cant just change someones sexuality. oiwish she was into girls so bad because ive never wanted to love somebody so badly. so im sitting here, 2 am, reflecting on things i already know and cant change. god, i wish she was into girls. shes my first real crush- and theres not a goddamn thing i can do about it.

  • Nery Linares
    Nery Linares 17 days ago +1

    33min In is my favorite part I wish there was more .. like a lot more