Alone with myself / lofi hip hop mix

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018
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    👁Art -
    00:00 fantompower - blankets
    [ Chillhop Essentials Winter 2018 ]
    02:52 mell-ø - deja vu
    [ A Fall Journey Beattape ]
    04:49 High Noon Rush - Kane
    07:21 lilac - last train home together
    09:10 Nohone - Breath
    [ A Fall Journey Beattape ]
    11:39 petunie - distant
    13:38 tonnA - On The Phone
    16:49 Philanthrope x Yasper - Slopes
    [ Chillhop Essentials Winter 2018 ]
    19:41 trakeemovich - lifes a bitch
    21:35 redrose - i miss the way u played
    23:16 Nerok - I'm Saying Goodbye
    25:33 Jay-Lounge - Breath Of Fresh Air
    28:29 Kupla X j'san - Raindrops
    High Noon Rush
    Philanthrope x Yasper
    Kupla X j'san
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  • Dreamy
    Dreamy  5 months ago +2186

    Thanks for staying with me.
    I couldn't have done it without you.
    65 patrons / 116 692 subscribers.
    Lots of hugs for everyone 🖤

    • brownie
      brownie 8 hours ago

      This was the first music I saw on your channel, then I subscribed! You're talented, Dreamy!

    • Meshak Thang
      Meshak Thang 7 days ago

      i luv your music please make more. (sending hug)

    • 귀여운소녀
      귀여운소녀 13 days ago

      love youu

    • Random Person
      Random Person 20 days ago

      you have 205k subs now!

    • Chelsea Davis
      Chelsea Davis Month ago

      No, thank you! 😁❤❤❤

  • Vinicius Cezar
    Vinicius Cezar 6 minutes ago +1

    esff fg

  • izvanzboii
    izvanzboii 2 hours ago

    where i can find this walpaper?❤

  • Probably Tenya Iidas Gay Boyfriend


  • G.Ø.D.
    G.Ø.D. 19 hours ago

    I want to be the lonely kid

  • Egg Krab
    Egg Krab 22 hours ago

    I gave my dad a fathers day card and when he wanted to take a picture of the card and me and all of my siblings. He let my mom in charge of the picture but for some reason the flash never went on. So we stood there for a solid like 5 minutes as my dad yelled at her because she wasnt pressing the right button or something. It only worked a couple of times but in the end it wasnt that sufficient. So my dad gave up and went downstairs. My siblings scurried away, one making it very apparent they were upset, and my mom started laughing. Im scared why she was lauging. I think it was one of those wow this is embarrassing and sad kind of laughs. I held her for a while because i was scared she would start blaming herself for ruining the photo. She eventually went downstairs and i went to my room. I heared my dad yelling at my mom some more. Im upset that the picture thing didnt go as planned, but im even more scared that my mom is gonna start blaming herself and be really sad about it. Its not a big deal just wanted to get it out of my system.

  • Edward J. Nashton

    I'm currently going throught this time of your life where you discover that you're as bad as you think you are. And from that I hate being alone I start to enjoy it. Somestimes you're meeting new people and it's like... they were always at your life. Like they're family. And it's cool to chill with them but it's also great being with myself and listen to this kind of music. Makes me feel calm and home. Thank you for this

  • Merry Catherine
    Merry Catherine Day ago

    Actually I can express myself when I'm alone either happy or sad while I feel lonely living among fake people.

  • Ahad Khan
    Ahad Khan Day ago

    This hits hard when ur lifes a fucking mess😢

  • Adeline Bardaine
    Adeline Bardaine 2 days ago

    I'm so sad, i want to die, but this vibes, let me think i have a dream and i could believe in. 💦💕

  • ACR94
    ACR94 2 days ago

    Anyone else see a creepy face?

  • Omar Sinokrot
    Omar Sinokrot 2 days ago

    You will never feel lonely when you build a relationship with yourself

    K- REACTIES 2 days ago +2

    Somehow,the anime boy on the swing looks like Namjoon :/

  • Llama Fortnite 569
    Llama Fortnite 569 2 days ago +2

    Sorry to break your chill (lol) but I fractured my ankle using a low swing like that so be careful 😂

  • 미셸moonmoq
    미셸moonmoq 2 days ago

    I just feel sad

  • Kirina Shadows
    Kirina Shadows 3 days ago

    I like the music, but who's the artist? Do have the name or link to an account?

  • Человек мусора.

    Hang in there buddy people care about ya...we care about so dont give up

  • Mimi
    Mimi 3 days ago

    the character in the picture reminds me of namjoon

  • Orginal Yuki
    Orginal Yuki 4 days ago

    You know? I don't care about myself. I care about other people...and..YOU. Yes. Y.O.U :) I know what do you feel...bc i feel the same :)...but...we need to stay strong...i know...this is veeeryy hard...but...we just need to TRY. Yes T.R.Y. So...have a good day/night ☆

    Btw sorry for bad english 😓 Im from Poland...


    What's your name?...

  • TheFireyTitan
    TheFireyTitan 4 days ago

    loneliness and appreciation of solitude are two different things, yet hard to tell apart if you dont want to. They ask if you are alright, ask if you need anything, and you say you want to be alone. that is such a lie, but you dont wanna drag others into your own feel like you cant even sort your own problems, so if you seclude yourself, maybe, just maybe, others may feel feel slightly better, yet it is a hollow feeling, and eventually, you are overcome. you snap. you end up damaging yourself and those around you. yet...if there is no one there, you cant hurt them... but you yearn for the warmth, the touch of someone who gets you, who cares, the freedom from judgement, and yet, when you blink, your brief relief is gone, a shadow of a thought, but a wish to be ignored, but a speck of dust in the wind.

  • Dead Set On Dreams
    Dead Set On Dreams 4 days ago

    If anyone knows the artist of this picture would someone please be able to tell me? I've been searching for an artist to do this type of work for a while now and I want to see if they can do commissions, please and thank you if you know

  • Gitika Saravanan
    Gitika Saravanan 5 days ago +1

    I guess Yuuri dumped him.

  • the truthseeker
    the truthseeker 5 days ago

    I acually don't know anymore......I'm..What am I in fact what do I want to be the past few days have been ruff I can seem to shake this feeling I don't know what it is I told my dad that somtimes I have thoughts a death and told him I want peace I told him I don't want to die I can't control the thoughts that run in my head I'm horrible at school and my mom's trying to put me in jobcore witch makes me feel like a failure I just wanted somebody to sooth me I can't open up anymore because yesterday I was questioned for everything I did I lost my wallet and my card most likely stolen I told my dad and he called me irresponsible and over the years I have become apathetic if tried to change but I can't I don't know who are what I am or what I'm going to be

  • KoopieIsGod
    KoopieIsGod 5 days ago

    Oh in that picture is that me?

  • milk before cereal
    milk before cereal 6 days ago

    im such an extrovert and i have quite a few friends, yet i always feel alone

  • IceyLeo
    IceyLeo 6 days ago

    Could I use this music in a video? I’m not sure who to ask, but I love it, it’s so relaxing.

  • don’t worry be happy

    im not doing get help. it’s embarrassing

  • Somi_
    Somi_ 6 days ago

    23:16 ; This music tho 😔😔

  • Taha Akbar
    Taha Akbar 6 days ago +1


  • tunnel times
    tunnel times 6 days ago

    I've been feeling alone lately. I'm constantly in a state of apathy and feel useless. Guilt is consuming me, I feel like I don't belong anywhere and like I'm going nowhere. I'm starting highschool this year and I'm scared. I'm not going to know a single person in this school. I failed Pre-Algebra so I have to take it again which sucks. My Mom thinks I'm going to make so many new friends but... I can't even order a pizza on the phone or tell the people at the burger place what I'd like to eat unless without having a small mental breakdown inside. Am I a terrible person? Am I annoying everyone? I am... How do I stop? Please someone tell me how to stop... These thoughts all run through my head non-stop, it's my own never ending Hell in my brain. Should I just die? What am I ever going to achieve in life? If you actually read all the way through this thank you. I promise I'm not trying to be an attention whore or whine but I can't tell anyone else about this. Sorry, have a great day or night wherever you are. You are beautiful no matter what.

  • Anthony W Lee
    Anthony W Lee 6 days ago

    You always say that you don’t need anyone to be happy, but really, you already have someone in mind... you’re just afraid to tell her...

  • Circus Baby Gacha
    Circus Baby Gacha 6 days ago +1

    I subbed mainly for the comments, people are so nice here, this is like, therapy on the internet reading all of them makes me happy, everyone feels something, either saddness, happiness and more, I love the inspiration these comments give me, it helps a lot, thank you Dreamy, thank you everyone have a good day!

  • Jenn uwu
    Jenn uwu 7 days ago

    Does the creator of the picture is NOMA?

  • 이미연
    이미연 7 days ago

    so.. I'm saying goodbye charlie, goodbye.....

  • Yoloyemma
    Yoloyemma 7 days ago

    My favorite lofi mix 💜 makes me feel at home

  • Crispy Squid of The Acid Cats

    here cos because I don't know how to express feeling alone in crowded areas.

  • Eugene Sk
    Eugene Sk 7 days ago

    Rainy autumn. I work with her on a joint project all night. We talk about everything and we have so much fun together.
    The next day, after the performance, she fell asleep on my shoulder. And even when everyone went their separate ways, I didn’t want to wake her up. And so we stayed a few hours until she finally woke up.
    A few months later we went to the movies. She snuggled to me, put her head on my shoulder. I felt really happy. But after the movie she had to leave. I did not have time to confess to her.
    A few weeks later, she became very cold to treat me. I don't know what happened, because we have not even seen...
    And now she stops responding to my messages. I feel alone. I think every day what I did wrong. I regret not having confessed my love to her then...

  • Curtis Allen Potter
    Curtis Allen Potter 7 days ago

    11 : 30 pm, 06/09/2019, cataloged myself as brain tumor to all my friends and family, just about to end it, smoke rises from my mouth, a ghost appears, she hands me a note, it reads: "Follow" and all the while, psychedelic lights spin around us in a rainy coffin of smoke and lies. Alone, with my selves is not a good thing, nor is it the worst thing when it comes to her, but alas, she doesn't stay but for a moment and leaves through the smoke going back into my lungs
    edit: i'm not high, the smoke is just a bit of my soul floating around like a narcotic to represent a leaving peace

  • Caynon Artibee
    Caynon Artibee 7 days ago +1

    Sometimes the only person you have is yourself...

    • TheFireyTitan
      TheFireyTitan 4 days ago

      no matter how far people reach out for others, they never reach far enough, and fade...

  • Spagandhi
    Spagandhi 7 days ago +1

    terrible back posture

  • sadkatt6music
    sadkatt6music 8 days ago

    I'd love to be in a park like that. Sitting on those empty swings on a rainy night. Listening to this.

  • Elixir.
    Elixir. 8 days ago

    what are friends?

  • Samual Foster
    Samual Foster 8 days ago

    this is my favorite lofi mix. awesome work dreamy.

  • Just a Depressed Teen

    I needed someone... I needed a hug.... All I needed was you but you weren't there for me 😢

  • Logan Finch
    Logan Finch 9 days ago

    she's gone

  • Johnson Waz
    Johnson Waz 9 days ago

    "The loneliest people are the kindest, the saddest people smile the brightest, and the most damaged people are the wisest.
    All because they don't wish to see others suffer like they do."

  • SNSD Supernova
    SNSD Supernova 9 days ago

    it's 5 am and i don't know the reason why i can't sleep i don't feel pleasant with my life

  • Lofi is life
    Lofi is life 10 days ago

    𝓘𝓽'𝓼 𝓶𝓮, 𝓽𝓪𝓵𝓴𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓽𝓸 𝓶𝔂𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓯, 𝓪𝓫𝓸𝓾𝓽 𝓶𝔂𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓯

  • Seuss
    Seuss 10 days ago

    this account copied this entire video but changed the photo lmao.

  • Androgynous Weird Kid
    Androgynous Weird Kid 10 days ago

    I could be in a room filled with people and still feel lonely.

  • 『S H Y N D E R U』
    『S H Y N D E R U』 10 days ago +1

    is that Victor

  • Hemanth Bijjala
    Hemanth Bijjala 10 days ago

    I like my hand sometimes

  • 666 ina 666
    666 ina 666 11 days ago +2

    It’s 1:30 AM (06/06/2019) and I’m lying down on my bed ,,,, i love being alone.

  • sophia
    sophia 11 days ago +31

    hey stranger,
    hope you're having a great day!
    the person who wrote this comment :)

  • Arian A. Mio 123
    Arian A. Mio 123 11 days ago

    Damm lonely soul without money.
    If i had knowed to growing up without money, i would like to kill me in the hospital... My mother will be rich without me.
    I'm not ready for nothing in this life...
    For nothing

  • Anlairo
    Anlairo 11 days ago

    hello person scrolling through the comments !! just a friendly reminder that you are amazing !!! never doubt yourself ! life is one hell of a roller coaster..and just so you know, you're not the only one on it !! Love ya'll tons

  • Tammy Tavares
    Tammy Tavares 11 days ago

    I Love you. In my own little weird way, I Love every single one of you , listening to this right now. I believe in you.

  • perro
    perro 12 days ago

    listened while studying, very relaxing mixes

  • atnip
    atnip 12 days ago +1

    my penis hurts

  • Ezio
    Ezio 13 days ago +3

    Once you see how being lonely is so peaceful and sweet, you no longer want to interact with others.

  • C. Y.
    C. Y. 13 days ago

    Hey👋, I know not all the people will see this, but come on! don’t be sad!😊, I know we all have our different stories why were sad but don’t give up, don’t make your self even more sadder or depressed🙂, you deserve to be happy, to be loved, to live happily❤️
    Just feel free to open up in the replies I’ll read all of them and cheer you up!🌞, I know I don’t know you, I don’t know where you are, I don’t know what your name is, but I’ll be here for you and I love y’all💕, just don’t give up no matter what because you are worth it, and you have a purpose why you’re here on earth, live life to the fullest💪🏻, let’s spread happiness!😊🌈❤️

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel 13 days ago

    I really want a hug

  • 넥타Nectar
    넥타Nectar 13 days ago

    its always the saddest things that make me the happiest. I dont get it

  • AortaPlatinum
    AortaPlatinum 13 days ago

    Hoes sad (x24)

  • Omar Mercado
    Omar Mercado 13 days ago

    Man no se como llegue a este vídeo, pero apenas llevaba 10min y le di suscribir, una joya tu trabajo!
    Encaja en esta noche lluviosa

  • Spixy MC
    Spixy MC 14 days ago +3

    why is he looking at his d*ck for 60 minutes lmao

  • Eaint Zue
    Eaint Zue 14 days ago

    My head is empty, so as my wallet.

    PHANTXM BXRN A WILD SXUL 14 days ago +1

    The world is rotten I think about it often how we end up in a coffin an afterlife would awesome but I probably won’t see one if there is and my family goes to heaven then I’ll go to hell I prolly won’t see em. Either way I’ll be put to rest ina way. aren’t we all depressed ina way. like think about your mother and father and then there’s you so it’s all incest ina way. freestyle constantly in my mind. constantly constructing the end of time. wanting someone else beside myself that’s beside the points there’s no one else besides myself woke as fuck heart weak hands broke as fuck choke me up wit the sweetness hope the bitch choke the fuck need no one it’s nothing in darkness I seek the sun I see sun , shining , it’s bright as fuck exposing the ones round me they grime as fuck get it by myself ain’t no kind of luck look at my bitch you’ll see all kinds of bust but don’t matter cuz you look at my wrist you’ll see all kinds of cuts damn they don’t like me that’s kinda tough but is easier than being betrayed I can’t be misled see I already know they wanting me dead look at that I’m not as depressed maybe it’s cause I got a lot off my chest but still day in day out despair is all I fucking feel I’m always looking for a steal for a pill that can kill

    If it helps you follow so it can continue to and know that YOU ARE LOVED




    I love you.

  • mannikens
    mannikens 15 days ago

    i wish you had a nice christmas

  • indomitusEvehementis
    indomitusEvehementis 15 days ago

    You should change the background pic. Gives peps the wrong impression of what being only with yourself truly means. It’s a blessing. A gift. It’s a luxury I wish more people could experience.

  • Chalcolate Fox
    Chalcolate Fox 15 days ago

    I have no friends or anyone everyone keeps leaving after they say they will stay

  • mccookie2000
    mccookie2000 15 days ago

    Dude I just wanna give this guy in the picture a hug. I wanna be his buddy and go out and get us mcdonalds and just be friends : (

  • Darya Mitichenko
    Darya Mitichenko 15 days ago

    Abdullah Abood?

  • clay Rivera
    clay Rivera 15 days ago

    I love this. A lot. I am alone right now and tbh im just chilling to these beats. High. Just searching my mind and feeling utter peace ✌

  • * EnvyTheJelly *
    * EnvyTheJelly * 15 days ago

    I miss you, I miss us.

  • Clem Intone
    Clem Intone 16 days ago

    Sometimes I like to be alone around nature and listen to songs enjoying my time ☺️

  • Psycho Pompous
    Psycho Pompous 16 days ago

    I routinely find myself returning to this video. The isolation carries a sort of comfort. Especially since my Girlfriend of 4 years just left me. I am stronger now.

  • cecilia mandelli
    cecilia mandelli 18 days ago

    23:19 can someone tell me where is this audio from?

  • HootOwl Justin
    HootOwl Justin 18 days ago

    some of it reminds me of the game Life Is Strange

  • Moodick
    Moodick 18 days ago

    Am I glad I clicked on this

  • инна Рыжкова

    I hope we have a lot of swings

  • AtomBomb
    AtomBomb 18 days ago

    The tapping at 6:00 is so perfect and soft. I love it.

  • Blačk Cat
    Blačk Cat 19 days ago +4

    I’m satisfied because this is exactly one hour , keep up the good work 🏮
    +1 sub

  • Athena Rose
    Athena Rose 19 days ago

    “According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.”

    ― Plato, The Symposium

    i cant seem to wrap my head around this quote, i was told the story when i was little but it became lost in the blur of childhood. having found it again i try to give it a deeper meaning:

    1. we are at our stronger when we are together, with someone we love and in this case, travel to the world to find
    2. we are strong because despite being torn from one another we keep going
    3. we are still wandering but we don't know who we're looking for, we pass them on the streets or don't realize we are talking to them at the cashier. so we never really meet them
    4. one can only feel complete with their other half, hence why we long for companionship and social media has become a vital need in society
    5. god isn't fair and neither is life
    6. we can survive on our own and get through it because we have been for millions of years already

    this is what i think of as the hours pass me by, yeah i may be crying but some how that puts me at peace xx
    dont worry kids, everything will be alright. what do you think about when you're alone?

    • c a n i g e t a d a m n h u g ? U
      c a n i g e t a d a m n h u g ? U 16 days ago +1

      Identity. I am just a mere reflection of those around me. Ive been told this too. I dont know. Is it ok to not know? All I know is I want to be needed. ☁

  • Crow
    Crow 19 days ago +1

    Everyone in the comments are trying to fill their holes with relationships or other things (perhaps drugs) where the reality is, those things will never satisfy us to contentment. It may bring quick, temporary satisfaction but not complete. The truth is, humans will inevitable fail us, and if we give our all to humans, then we will end up with nothing.

    We will constantly seek earthly things to bring us this "joy" but in the end, all we need is Jesus. Believe me on this, he is the one thing that will never fail us. That is why I gave him my all, there is no risk in him letting me down.

  • Tea Served
    Tea Served 19 days ago +1

    The thing is, I am so fucking lonely and I can’t help but feel like shit. I can’t socialize, interact or just have a simple chat with anyone because I feel like I don’t even have that skill. At the same time when I’m alone I always have this comfortable feeling because I can do things knowing that nobody would judge me.
    Like the other day I was dancing and wilding out like crazy to some songs. I sometimes even talk to myself and even respond to my own questions.
    However this comfort feeling will never make me forget the fact that I lost my dear bestfriend because of fear, fear of change, being more social, growing up and even finding out who I am. Instead I hide in comfort and keep talking to myself like the pity full person that I am.

    • c a n i g e t a d a m n h u g ? U
      c a n i g e t a d a m n h u g ? U 16 days ago

      You're going to die. Everyone has a week to live but only you know and cant tell anyone. Now go live it the way you would if this were true.

  • Ya Boi Yuppin
    Ya Boi Yuppin 19 days ago +2

    Damn what did I do why does everyone hate me

  • Uncle Rick
    Uncle Rick 19 days ago +3

    I like the rain more than people because the rain cant hurt me.....

  • Melissa Candemir
    Melissa Candemir 20 days ago

    open subtitles, laugh

  • Niko Setiawan
    Niko Setiawan 20 days ago

    Hugs for the lonely. 💞

  • hendra sugara
    hendra sugara 21 day ago

    Empty space

  • MinnieKitty
    MinnieKitty 21 day ago

    Dreamy I can’t tell you about the countless nights I have fallen asleep to this mix. It has allowed me to release my emotions, and in the end I feel better. You have ironically made me feel not so alone with myself. Thank you X.

  • mrrmpr
    mrrmpr 21 day ago

    ahhh just quit my job now its time to sit back do some doodling with this joint and chill to some sick tunes. thank you

    FANNY CORREA RESTREPO 22 days ago +1

    no soy depresiva, pero si me gusta estar sola.

  • Harper Keith
    Harper Keith 22 days ago +1

    this lowkey reminds me of Naruto sitting on that swing on the tree by himself.

  • Harper Keith
    Harper Keith 22 days ago

    i like to cry my feelings out but I don't like to see others cry

  • Y0c
    Y0c 22 days ago

    Hail everybody

  • Blue Diamond
    Blue Diamond 23 days ago

    Ik her neck hurt damn

  • Tachz
    Tachz 23 days ago

    Damn. Everyone in here writing like heartfelt essays and stuff. I have no talent.

    • hannah
      hannah 19 days ago

      maybe just not in that field you don’t but maybe in something else (:

  • Fathi
    Fathi 23 days ago