NBA 2K18 - MyTEAM Trailer

  • Published on Aug 18, 2017
  • MyTEAM returns and is bigger and better than ever, featuring TWO brand new modes fans have been asking for: Pack & Playoffs (pack draft mode) & Super Max (salary cap and season gameplay to online competition)! IT’S LIT!!!
    Learn all about NBA 2K18’s MyTEAM mode in our new dev blog:
    Pre-order NBA 2K18 today:
    ESRB: E10+
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  • Aaron Bruce
    Aaron Bruce 8 months ago

    Yikes no wonder 2k19 did better

  • Mitch Pescott
    Mitch Pescott 8 months ago +1

    Are they going to brig a trailer out for 2k19 myteam?

  • Bothan2
    Bothan2 10 months ago +1

    Can't wait for this, looks so lit, it sucks that I have to wait till Christmas lol

  • shawn snowdon
    shawn snowdon Year ago

    Looks like a b tech version of Fifa ultimate team. Take some lessons NBA Fifa does it right..

  • Aro Gago
    Aro Gago Year ago

    Where i s myteam in 2k18

  • Arctic Snipezz
    Arctic Snipezz Year ago

    its shit

  • Cody Y
    Cody Y Year ago

    Sounds LSK talking

  • The Buzz
    The Buzz Year ago

    This game is broke

  • Tysonius
    Tysonius Year ago

    Well then..... this was a big L #savemyteam

  • Diego Santana
    Diego Santana Year ago

    this is cringe af lmao

  • ricky100593
    ricky100593 Year ago

    None of this matters if you still get auto losses when your opponent quits

  • K1ngD1mez
    K1ngD1mez Year ago

    It should have been an original pack and play like on 2kmtcentral

  • YoungMentalityy
    YoungMentalityy Year ago

    This shit look like a pokemon trading card commercial

  • Zoveida Gonzalez
    Zoveida Gonzalez Year ago

    Y is lonzo 74

  • Erick
    Erick Year ago

    They should get travis scott to say "its lit"

  • Yonis YMA
    Yonis YMA Year ago


  • aye it's ye
    aye it's ye Year ago


  • Brandon
    Brandon Year ago

    Where tf is my team online...

  • Jerardo Leon
    Jerardo Leon Year ago

    Step brothers prestige world wide video was better than this.

  • Legweak13
    Legweak13 Year ago

    No one cares about myteam

  • Donielle Monique
    Donielle Monique Year ago

    can I get the starter pack

  • KAM Tv
    KAM Tv Year ago

    Hope yaw do a my park tournament

  • M and l Productions

    Finally that added it

  • Cameron Dunn
    Cameron Dunn Year ago

    wtf did i just watch Lit

  • Steve Stein
    Steve Stein Year ago


  • Bryant 2K
    Bryant 2K Year ago

    this is my game mode iam gonna be number 1

  • ThaSwish
    ThaSwish Year ago

    IT'S LIT


  • LyzoneDrift
    LyzoneDrift Year ago

    If you play this dumbass game mode, you are a sucka. They milk you like cows with VC and these dumbass packs.

  • Dimitri Patsikatheodoros

    So cringy

  • Simon Cowell
    Simon Cowell Year ago


  • mamba 1234_5
    mamba 1234_5 Year ago

    So they added draft champions in the game, wow that's a new idea,😒

  • NightMare TV
    NightMare TV Year ago

    they should do what fifa has in ultimate team. the feuture where you can draft the best players in the game and play agaisnt another drafted team

  • Error Loading
    Error Loading Year ago

    Hey 2K Team, don't make myplayer so tedious. Those stupid practices with long loading times just to rank up your player is a buzz kill. Makes you not want to even play it because it takes so long to play a real game when you got all these practices and loading before.

  • bigdawg Roscoe
    bigdawg Roscoe Year ago

    do a my park trailer

  • Kellan Gaming
    Kellan Gaming Year ago

    What y'all doin with the cover?

  • kyree942 the goat

    I hop they make Kyrie a higher overall

  • Quest ForKnowledge

    Another fail. You guys need to stop being so cheap. We've wanted the '94 / 2000 / 2004 Pacers for years with REGGIE MILLER and you take our money and never deliver.

  • Cordo DaArtist
    Cordo DaArtist Year ago

    So now that kyrie is going to Boston will they change the cover

  • Big Luke Nj
    Big Luke Nj Year ago

    Finnaly a draft mode

  • Joe Portes
    Joe Portes Year ago

    Salary cap for MyTeam is the best thing that could happen to the mode... if it's what I assume. I hope it means ppl can't just drop $200 on VC to assemble an all diamond team. I've beaten a lot of those teams with my modest F2P squad, but that's cuz those dudes couldn't play. If you come up against a god squad and your opponent is at least average at the g,e, it doesn't matter if you're the best 2k player ever. An all ruby team won't beat all diamonds unless the diamond player is pure trash. It should come down to skill first, team composition second, then card ratings third.

  • Sehwon Dokie
    Sehwon Dokie Year ago

    NBA2k plz add more haircuts for your fans to choose from

  • Ayo
    Ayo Year ago +1

    lmao you guys need to change that cover real quick

  • itsthefur89
    itsthefur89 Year ago

    I wonder if I pay an extra 20 dollars, Ill get a Kobe Bryant card that I can only use TEMPOFUCKINGRARILY!!!

  • Jubilation
    Jubilation Year ago

    oh man so LIT LIT LIT

  • Xghost Firelight
    Xghost Firelight Year ago

    Not trying to be rude but to be honest you sound kind of annoying

  • Xghost Firelight
    Xghost Firelight Year ago


  • Dirty Dave
    Dirty Dave Year ago

    CORNiest Lit I've ever heard

  • Marcel Aponte
    Marcel Aponte Year ago

    it's lit

  • Baduki Brother
    Baduki Brother Year ago

    Ok....less than 30 seconds in and this video already used the term "lit"...and again just now! I am. It a 5 year old....I can't take this shit seriously. Mind as well say something else lame like "dab on them" while you are at it!
    I may have to cancel my pre-order of the game because of this! Lit!!

  • WhiteHound
    WhiteHound Year ago

    I'm just praying that they got rid of contracts

  • Kevin G
    Kevin G Year ago

    Desperate nba live gonna win

  • Breon Hunt
    Breon Hunt Year ago

    Did they get rid of player contracts or not? That's my biggest pet peeve about my team... In all honestness I don't think I'm getting 2k18 this year...

  • max
    max Year ago


  • edwin sepulveda
    edwin sepulveda Year ago +1

    I wish they add that ankle breaker when your running and then you pullback the ball while they next to you

  • Statik Fresh
    Statik Fresh Year ago

    Who tf wanna play cards n shyt ? Shyt is fckn corny. Where's my park !?

  • EnReeKAE
    EnReeKAE Year ago +1

    Wheres the parks? This shit is corny... how does ronny still have his job...

  • Kevin Haywood
    Kevin Haywood Year ago

    Im pretty sure that every one in the 2k community is happy to see pack and playoffs and myteam so thanks 2k for improving the game a lot and expanding on the myteam game mode

  • nyghtryder 3
    nyghtryder 3 Year ago

    Put the knicks wit amare and jr and Anthony

  • Donovan Shotwell
    Donovan Shotwell Year ago

    Bra just show sum of them jelly u be talkin about

  • Baltimore Lewis
    Baltimore Lewis Year ago +1

    swear to god i thought this was fake

  • Luke Young
    Luke Young Year ago

    That was so gay

  • michael schmidt
    michael schmidt Year ago

    will the cheerleaders still look like men?

  • Zoom
    Zoom Year ago

    Poor Hibbert tho

  • Kleber Studios
    Kleber Studios Year ago


  • iEatCxmp
    iEatCxmp Year ago

    Can you guys check out my new USclip video it's only one minute long but it would mean the world to me

  • Ayo Swayvey
    Ayo Swayvey Year ago

    I really hope they add sets into myteam that I can like put in cards to earn packs or special cards and quicksells like madden but with mt like if u agree

  • Pat the sketchy kid
    Pat the sketchy kid Year ago +4

    Who else cringed when he said lit

  • vRealGawd SG
    vRealGawd SG Year ago

    Where's myleagur

  • Charles Obasi
    Charles Obasi Year ago

    Good job killing the game mode BTW.

  • Carlos M
    Carlos M Year ago


    UNSTOPABLE2033 Year ago

    2k Next Video Ya'll Please Do a Video about MyPark

  • TVStealer
    TVStealer Year ago

    This looks gay as fuck

  • Enrique Argueta
    Enrique Argueta Year ago

    They basically copied maddens ultimate team with the salary cap and pack and play is basically draft champions. That's why madden is way better to me.

  • Roman
    Roman Year ago +1

    YES!!!! Woooooo!!!! LIT!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • MrStrategyGaming
    MrStrategyGaming Year ago

    "You want it autograph, you got it!, IT'S LIT!".. wtf? LOL.. ya I'm going to be like "I need NBA 2k so I can get autographed MyTeam cards in the game! IT'S LIT!"

  • MrStrategyGaming
    MrStrategyGaming Year ago

    I hope it's more challenging then last year.. It was too easy to get good players.. It should be like getting an all-star on your team is a reward.. not having a team full of HOF's

  • GunzToken
    GunzToken Year ago

    looks like 2k17

  • Kell Go brazy
    Kell Go brazy Year ago

    Fuck my team where's park😂

  • Wesley Lewis
    Wesley Lewis Year ago

    its litt😆😆😆

  • candycane TV
    candycane TV Year ago

    2k really fucked the MyTeam community on this one.

  • My Thoughts
    My Thoughts Year ago +1

    Cringy as fuck, but hype

  • Makaveli Disciple

    Shit looks horrible smh

  • _jr.c
    _jr.c Year ago

    "ITS L1T!!!!!"

    Where the fuck is my bleach.

  • Will Robertson
    Will Robertson Year ago


  • Banged Wolf
    Banged Wolf Year ago

    Tf are they presenting this to a 1980s crowd. That "Its Lit" sticker is sssooo fucking cringy

    YOMAMMABalzUp Year ago

    "It's cringe"

  • Steve Stein
    Steve Stein Year ago +4

    2k:its lit!👍😎
    Me:🤢😑😔😅🙄, 2k is greedy with myteam

    • Steve Stein
      Steve Stein Year ago +2

      Show actual gameplay, not people going crazy in the "get shook trailer" to

  • kxsh_ bvckets
    kxsh_ bvckets Year ago

    Why is devin booker 79 rating smh 2k

  • Lil Stingrayy
    Lil Stingrayy Year ago

    Next got to b park

  • The Crap man
    The Crap man Year ago

    This is the cringiest thing I have ever watched

  • LeBelphegor
    LeBelphegor Year ago


  • Uncustomiz3d
    Uncustomiz3d Year ago


  • Nick
    Nick Year ago +1

    The circle around the salary number looks like i could do it on a 50 year old computer

  • Julian Berber
    Julian Berber Year ago

    last year was better

  • Jug Bull
    Jug Bull Year ago


    RSB ANT Year ago

    Weres mypark at

  • Gee
    Gee Year ago

    No one cares about this shit where's MyPark at ??

  • Hosea Pigram
    Hosea Pigram Year ago

    Can't wait man

  • williamson pumpson

    this voice is so robotic

  • Threaded Cane
    Threaded Cane Year ago

    People need to stop supporting game modes like these, it's sad how much you have to spend to get a good team, very unfair to the fans who buy your game.