Chris Melling vs Kevin West - 9-Ball - 2019 Derby City Classic

  • Published on Mar 3, 2019
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  • phil driver
    phil driver 6 days ago

    lovely shot on the 5 ball chris . reverse english

  • Keezy The-Fahnessa
    Keezy The-Fahnessa 3 months ago

    Can someone explain what is an illegal break? Chris made a few illegal breaks and I’m trying to understand why?

  • roffey08
    roffey08 6 months ago

    what are the numbers and percentages under the players names??

    • Will Sears
      Will Sears 5 months ago

      fargo ratings and the percentage is how likely they will take the match

  • TheRealRocknRollaTwo
    TheRealRocknRollaTwo 6 months ago +2

    the comentary is epic. "hi guys i'm back" "Hi Back"

  • Tre Yost
    Tre Yost 6 months ago

    Why are they racking the 9 ball on the foot spot? I thought the 1 ball was on the spot. What gives?

    • Chris Go
      Chris Go 6 months ago

      It is a pro rule, prevents making the one ball in the side every single time. Same with breaking from the box and not on the edges.

  • Southern Dandy
    Southern Dandy 6 months ago +7

    That illegal break rule is complete garbage.

    • Skywatcher Pennsylvania
      Skywatcher Pennsylvania 6 months ago

      @Chris Go they need officials !

    • Skywatcher Pennsylvania
      Skywatcher Pennsylvania 6 months ago

      They're not happy unless they are constantly changing things around . I don't understand these crazy racks either !!

    • Chris Go
      Chris Go 6 months ago

      Blame the pros that abused the game with soft breaks and rigged racks.

  • Kilnmaster
    Kilnmaster 6 months ago

    Do they move the tables in fornthis tournament?

  • Real McNeal
    Real McNeal 6 months ago

    What is the players name that shoots from the center of his body? Tom........

  • Kevin Beasley
    Kevin Beasley 6 months ago +13

    Railbirds is quickly becoming my favorite channel on here. You guys were grinding this tournament. Thanks for all the uploads.

  • Andrew T Marceleno
    Andrew T Marceleno 6 months ago +8