The Science of Lucid Dreaming

  • Published on Oct 10, 2012
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    Have you ever wanted to take control of your dreams? Now you can, with the science of how to lucid dream! With these simple steps, and a little practice, you'll soon experience sleep like never before.
    Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).
    Music by Mitchell Moffit
    Art by Gregory and Mitchell
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  • Nikoplan
    Nikoplan Day ago

    Lucid dreaming sounds super cool but the dark scary figures man i get scared easily i would probably get a heart attack and die

  • Nyx.Raexx
    Nyx.Raexx 3 days ago

    Tbh I usually know when I'm dreaming in a dream. I didn't used to, but like a couple years ago I started normally lucid dreaming. Usually, whenever I dream, I know it's not real life 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Black Hole
    Black Hole 4 days ago +1

    I still see your shadows in my rooms, can’t take back the love that I gave you

  • Eve Williamson
    Eve Williamson 4 days ago +1

    If you hold the space bar it sounds like he's laughing

  • Flan Flan Flan
    Flan Flan Flan 5 days ago

    how come we never see our phones in our dream? like we use them so much but why are they never there

  • Akihiko Hayashi
    Akihiko Hayashi 5 days ago

    I dreamed watching this video without actually watching it before...

  • xgbc mox
    xgbc mox 7 days ago

    @ juicewlrd

  • Capalot Tv
    Capalot Tv 12 days ago

    I wasn’t able to move

  • Renee Does Makeup
    Renee Does Makeup 16 days ago

    *why is this in my recommended after 6 years*

  • Claire Carberry
    Claire Carberry 17 days ago

    Can you do one on the Tesla

  • David Worrell
    David Worrell 19 days ago

    Love this vid I'm so happy ASAP did a video on one of my favorite subjects

  • Deepak Deepu
    Deepak Deepu 20 days ago

    i experienced a sleep paralysis but not lucid dream why???

  • Deepak Deepu
    Deepak Deepu 22 days ago

    is there any tabs for lucid dreaming

  • Skye Pie
    Skye Pie 24 days ago

    I just woke up from a scary dream

  • Teresa Ramirez
    Teresa Ramirez 24 days ago +1

    But why do it. Is it important for you brain? I've had lucid dreams. Is there a healthy benefit to it. Thanks for info.

    • Batman
      Batman 20 days ago

      Teresa Ramirez You can practice things you already know like Martial Arts, Guns, Coin Toss etc.

  • Adriana Pagan
    Adriana Pagan 25 days ago

    How come every single time I realize something is a dream but however, I feel like I've dreamt of something that is happening at the moment and every single time when someone or something is touching me I always feel it

  • Daniel Patterson
    Daniel Patterson Month ago

    I lucid dream a lot and do none of this

    • Doge
      Doge 20 days ago

      Well lucid dreaming must come naturally for you.

  • Agents Monkey07
    Agents Monkey07 Month ago

    When I have a dream I look at something but my eyes go down it weird

  • Heat Yeet
    Heat Yeet Month ago

    I have these lucid dreams

  • Olivia Vlogs
    Olivia Vlogs Month ago

    Lol I’m watching this because I had a lucid dream last night. I got off the couch, picked up my cat and woke up. That was my dream 😂 I wish it was more than that.

  • Priyanshu Alok
    Priyanshu Alok Month ago

    But first of all, make an atmosphere for your sleep or else you will forever stress to sleep.

  • Gaming Master1031
    Gaming Master1031 Month ago +3

    But every time I realise I’m in a dream... I wake up. *WHY CAN’T I HAVE LUCID DREAMS*

  • Dakota Rainside
    Dakota Rainside Month ago

    My clock hands are not moving. Am i dreaming.

    FOXY THE GAMER FOX Month ago +1

    Every time I have sleep paralysis it's just me not able to move. And usually I have to pee so it sucks!

  • Robert Cobbs
    Robert Cobbs Month ago

    If u wanna lucid dream better just force yourself into sleep paralysis

  • Fish Boy
    Fish Boy Month ago

    It’s like inception

  • myyah Maynard
    myyah Maynard Month ago

    Bruh i literally know i'm dreaming in my dream without saying "i will have a lucid dream tonight"

  • myyah Maynard
    myyah Maynard Month ago

    When i dream i know that i'm dreaming i'll be like saing in my dream "i know i'm dreaming" but i just can't control them

  • Sammy the Doge
    Sammy the Doge Month ago

    Brain: Wtf Is going on with these waves? I have to make a story now Shit The Person I am trying to survive is Now Controlling the dream Shit

  • KitCat AnimationsOwO

    I did this it, it was great until I could barely breathe and I was left with sleep paralysis, it works better for some people I'm sure

  • Black Desperado
    Black Desperado Month ago

    I get lucid dreams some nights. One of my most memorable lucid dreams were (I know many people won't believe me) me meeting some touhou characters (if you don't know what touhou is, don't read this comment because this is too weird). First, on one night of summer of 2015, I had a lucid dream of me meeting Kaguya and Mokou. Then, on one night on february 2017, I met 5 or 6 touhou characters and they were Koakuma, Sakuya, Remilia, Flandre, Koishi, and I don't remember who the 6th one was, if there was, it was probably Alice. I didn't even know it was possible to have dreams of encountering the touhou characters and I do not know how it was possible for all that to occur. If you're a touhou fan who happened to be watching this video and you read the entire comment, I greatly appreciate it.

  • Turk Boi
    Turk Boi Month ago

    Once I thought I was lucid dreaming...

    Now I'm in jail for public nudity

  • Elmo *
    Elmo * Month ago

    This video is my sleep paralysis monster...

  • ThronRitter
    ThronRitter Month ago

    Wanted to Watch this as a good night video now it's midnight and i am afraid of sleeping because of sleep paralysis

  • ashley hussey
    ashley hussey Month ago

    you don’t always see shadows during lucid dreams ...

  • ashley hussey
    ashley hussey Month ago +1

    let me just say, coming from someone who had extremely vivid/lucid dreams every night for 3 weeks straight and i still get them about 3 nights a week you don’t want them. it gets so frustrating because you feel like you didn’t get a good nights sleep after having such a vivid dream.

  • Rosco The Rascal
    Rosco The Rascal Month ago +1

    i was wondering why i was lucid dreaming last night.
    i caught a cold yesterday and i fell asleep early, causing my body to wake up around 4 am, i stayed awake for roughly 28 minutes before attempting to sleep again, there i kept my conscious awake and aware while my body fell into paralysis. some may describe that as scary but i was completely relaxed actually, it felt like all of a sudden my eyes closed for me, and now (in the dream) i was running on a dark road, i could hear my footsteps and i could speed up as well. best part about it was that in my head i was well aware i was dreaming.

  • Roxic
    Roxic Month ago

    I once had a dream in which i watched myself sleeping

  • Feather Soul
    Feather Soul Month ago

    1:20 Don’t have the words lucid dream in your mantra, it decreases the chance of you having one, instead say something like ‘I will know I’m dreaming’ or ‘The next thing I see will be a dream’.

  • Crownie
    Crownie Month ago

    Thanks for not wasting your time, videos are amazing filled only with info i came here.

  • Ultra Nova
    Ultra Nova Month ago

    Soooooooo..... I can already control my dreams, is that considered being lucid? Or is it just a habit? I need answers!!!!

  • nadea rahma
    nadea rahma 2 months ago

    Sometimes I find it hard too breathe during lucid dreaming.

  • Drew Peacock
    Drew Peacock 2 months ago

    JUICE WRLD has entered the chat

  • Lucid Dreaming
    Lucid Dreaming 2 months ago

    Uh, now, I'm gonna tell ya something that you're not gonna like and probably the world ain't gonna like, but I'll tell it to you just like it is :
    There is only ONE WAY to lucid dream ON DEMAND :​

  • Gordon Xavier
    Gordon Xavier 2 months ago

    I've had a few crazy experiences with this. Probably one of the more popular topics on my channel. People are waking up to this! Great video!

  • SHayden
    SHayden 2 months ago +1

    I tried lucid dreaming so many times in my life and never succeeded at will. I did have few lucid dreams but those were spontaneous and attempts to have them at will never gave results :/

  • Illuminism/Hyperianism
    Illuminism/Hyperianism 2 months ago

    There is no reason for you to fear death. You can look forward to the greatest future of all: Divinity. Simply by reading our books, you have brought yourself astoundingly close to becoming God. When you “die”, you will be plunged into the existential vortex between the subjective and objective domains - the domain of transcendent dreams. In this extraordinary dream world - that Tibetan Buddhists call Bardo - your destiny is decided.
    Bewildered people who haven’t understood life are swept along by infinitely powerful currents and swept into new lives via reincarnation, but have no choice in the process. All Abrahamists suffer this dismal fate, and will keep suffering it while they continue to listen to false Prophets and worship the Devil. However, all Illuminists, armed with the vital information we have furnished, are not bewildered at all. They look around them and smile - because they understand it all. They have the time and freedom to make whatever choices they like and select exactly the new life they want to have. They might choose to come back to this world as helpers of humanity; they might choose to be Phosters. Or they may decide that they are ready for the ultimate transition - divinity. All Illuminists have the brightest possible futures lying just ahead of them.

  • Illuminism/Hyperianism
    Illuminism/Hyperianism 2 months ago

    Never forget that the whole of existence is one Singularity - a dimensionless point of infinite complexity. We are all interconnected and in some sense sitting right on top of each other. When minds become sufficiently powerful, they break right through the illusion of physicality and become the masters of true mental reality. Fourier mathematics can allow them to take control of any body they like. Phosters and archons operate at this level. Gods tend to be preoccupied with entirely different concerns.
    What is a monad? It’s an infinite collection of basis functions of precisely the kind used in Fourier transforms. A monad learns to think and become an individuated, unique being by taking control of physical bodies. However, once it has achieved gnosis, it no longer needs to attach to a physical body. It has attained God consciousness and is free of the material plane. It can now operate solely on the frequency side of the Fourier transform and generate an infinite number of thought functions. It can think anything. Its mind has become infinitely powerful and can roam free across the entire mental plenum of the Singularity. That’s what it means to be God.

  • Illuminism/Hyperianism
    Illuminism/Hyperianism 2 months ago

    Here is the remarkable Truth of existence. The whole of reality unfolds within a single point called the Singularity. Yet this Singularity (with a capital "S") is itself composed of infinite singularities (with a small "s") All of these singularities are Minds, and nothing else exists. Just as holograms are created by illuminating wave interference patterns, thus generating the "illusion" of solid things from nothing but intangible waves). These minds are all fundamental, indestructible units which have compulsory existence and have been present forever. In religious terms, these mathematical units ("monads") have a far more resonant name: they are immortal SOULS. Souls are 100% mathematical, defined 100% by mathematics and interact with other souls 100% mathematically. There is nothing other than mathematics. Precisely thanks to that fact, each of us can gain 100% knowledge of the universe and know everything, i.e we can all become GODS.
    Each soul exists in two different ways: 1) privately (in relation to itself, to its own inner space, its own "dream world") but also 2) as one node of the whole monadic collection. It's this latter context that constitutes the real, external, objective world that we mistake as a material world independent of minds. In fact, it's a collective construct of all those minds. Just as a single mind can generate an internal dream world, so can the whole mind collective, but now that dream is regarded as external to each individual mind, and, moreover, it obeys firm, rigid, objective mathematical rules and laws - precisely those studied by science as the alleged basis of the "material" world. The collective dream world is rather like The Matrix, and we are all plugged into it. It wasn't an artificial intelligence that created it, but our own minds. So how does the film The Matrix match up to true reality? In the movie, there is both a real world (a post-Apocalyptic wasteland) and a simulated world that resembles a previous peaceful period of human history. People have real bodies but these are all in life-support incubators plugged into the simulated reality. Their simulated bodies match their actual bodies. Each real person is permantly asleep, but experiences two different sleeping modes: "waking sleep" (when they are directly part of the Matrix simulation and doing things within it) and "sleeping sleep" (when they go to sleep within the Matrix and are no longer interacting with it). When people "wake" from sleeping sleep, they enter the waking sleep of "normal" Matrix life, but no one completely wakes up (to true reality) unless they are explicitly unplugged from the Matrix. Death in the Matrix causes death in real life. (In other words, the simulation can kill you.)
    Outside the movies (!). Reality comprises a world of minds. Each mind is plugged into the "material" world. (Collectively generated by all of the minds), where it's attached to a specific material body. When its body is awake, the mind is linked to the "objective reality" of the material world. When its body is asleep, the mind retreats to its own subjective hinterland where it creates its own dream worlds, over which it has complete control. In this system, the mind is never asleep; only the body sleeps. The status of the body - sleeping or waking - determines what experiences the mind has (subjective or objective). A sleeping body in effect frees the mind from objective, body-focused reality. Your dreams, remarkably are the proof that your mind can exist and function without a body, and hence that the death of your body is irrelevant to your mind, except that it deprives your mind of a link to the objective world of other minds. Only via reincarnation is a new bodily connection established. Death is thus simply super-sleep. Normally when you go to sleep, you wake up in your familiar body, but following death, you wake up in a brand new body (that of a newborn baby!), with all of your previous consciousness memories erased. As the Ancient Greeks liked to say to explain why people couldn't remember their past lives, you have drunk of the deep waters of forgetfulness of the underworld river known as Lethe. Death resets your consciousness of the objective world, but does not reset your mind itself, which has full knowledge of all past lives. Death and sleep are basically the same process, but with death effecting a much more radical transition upon "waking". The study of sleep and dreams should be one of the key activities of the human race since all of the mysteries of life and death are contained in sleeping and dreaming. Yet this subject is barely studied at all. That's mostly thanks to the scientific materialists, who have an inverted understanding of reality, putting matter above mind. Your body isn't a physical "thing", it's a mental construct, a kind of avatar that operates on your behalf in the objective world. The key to understanding the material world lies in quantum mechanics. Quantum particles are simply "thoughts" that emerge from individual minds into the collective mental arena, where they become "objective" rather than "subjective", and thus seem like solid, persistent things (i.e. material objects). They are external rather than internal thoughts. Individual particles display the extremely bizarre behaviour well known in the quantum world because they are so closely related to mental rather than physical things. Only collections of trillions upon trillions of quantum particles take on the solid character of the familiar material objects of our world. If we subjected any physical body to a powerful enough microscope, it would, at the highest resolutions, dissolve into oblivion because its particles would vanish into the non-physical minds from which they originally came. Your "normal" thoughts are internal and subjective (unextended; dimensionless), but what happens when your thoughts become external and objective (extended and dimensional)? Then they are converted into quantum entities, shared between all of the minds of the universe, and multitudes of interacting quantum particles produce the illusion of a solid, material world. Matter is, however, just a different kind of mental expression: objective rather than subjective, external rather than internal, extended rather than unextended, dimensional rather than dimensionless. "Matter" is produced by the thinking of an infinite collection of minds, while normal thoughts are produced by individual minds. So, everything boils down to minds operating on their own and minds operating collectively. Nothing else is going on. Reality is all about minds and thinking, and that's it. There's no mysterious "matter" independent of minds and thinking. To grasp Illuminism, the religion of the Illuminati, you have to abolish all thoughts of matter as an independent entity, minds create matter; matter does not create minds. All matter is actually alive insofar as it all belongs to living minds. This position is known as hylozoism - living matter. We could equally refer to panpsychism, meaning that mind is everywhere and in everything. What, then, is the difference between a living body and a lump of rock? Both are made of the exact same stuff, atoms generated by the Mind Collective. Atoms derive from the energy content of minds, but are not minds themselves. (Rather, they are psychoid: relating to mind; resulting from mind). "Living things" are those things that are directly and and efficiently controlled by individual monads. Life is a continuum and things are more alive to the extent that they allow the expression of individual wills. A lump of rock does not express any meaningful will at all, so it can be concluded that either it has no active, individual controlling mind (it is under the passive control of the Mind Collective, hence obeys the deterministic laws of mathematics) or any individual mind linked to it cannot achieve any significant degree of expression, so any such mind is both passive and totally unconscious. A plant is a living thing, but barely expresses more will than a rock, however, any individual mind linked to it is slightly more active and slightly less unconscious than that of a rock. Animals are higher again on the scale and individual controlling minds of animals are active and "pre-conscious". Them come human beings. Human beings have controlling minds that are active and conscious (meaning that they are self-aware and can excercise authentic freewill - such minds are what we properly call "souls"). They are active souls as opposed to passive souls. On earth, DNA is the crucial factor that allows minds to exert meaningful control over bodies and thus generate the phenomenon of life. Everything is in fact alive since mathematical minds are the only things that actually exist, but only a few of these minds can express their life meaninfully, via bodies they control in the material world. DNA is the "living code": the way of organising atoms in such a way as to allow individual minds to take direct control of bodies made of DNA and express themselves through those bodies. DNA is a mathematical information code and contains enormously more information, order and organisation than a lump of rock. It wasn't Darwinian evolution by natural selection that created DNA, but continual attemps by individual minds - over hundreds of millions of years - to create atomic and molecular information systems over which they could exert direct mathematical control.

    • Illuminism/Hyperianism
      Illuminism/Hyperianism 2 months ago

      This mental process would, from a materialist perspective, seem Darwinian and random, but actually reflects unseen and unobservable operations of individual minds, and collaborative collections of minds. All minds are on a scale of passivity versus activity and unconsciousness versus consciousness. The higher your mind is on the scale, the more active and conscious you are, and the more you control your own destiny. Gods have the highest minds on the scale: they are completely active and conscious. They have fully incorporated all unconscious elements.
      "Matter", it must be emphasized, does not belong to individual minds and is not defined by individual minds. It belongs to infinite minds and is defined in that context. Since each mind is trivial compared with the whole collection of minds, no ordinary mind can hope to influence the material world, except in the limited arena of its own physical actions, carried out its own body. The material world is therefore a world of rules and laws that no ordinary mind can ever defy. These rules and laws were there before we were born and will be there after we die. These rules and laws endure forever, although, periodically, the universe itself dies and reincarnates. The death of the universe is the same as the death of an individual, but on a cosmic scale; the cosmic mind then requiers a new body and it generates it via a cosmic mental event know as the Big Bang! Mathematically, the Big Bang is an anti-symmetry event involving infinite minds. We have described this in detail elsewhere in The God Series.

  • Johnny Guy
    Johnny Guy 2 months ago +1

    There aaint no way I'm doing that W.I.L.D thing, I really dont like the things you see when you're brain starts making you see scary stuff. It's just so terrifying seeing some creature or shadow and you're not able to move!

  • Vhan Clifford
    Vhan Clifford 2 months ago

    sometimes i feel like floating in the air like i can see my whole body while sleeping and i dont know why but whenever i try to go to my body i always woke up and it always scares me , am i the only one who experienced this?

  • rawrbro69
    rawrbro69 2 months ago

    Idk I like dreaming and it’s random stuff it’s kinda fun I can simi control my dreams like if I wanna fly or what ever

  • Reyhan Let's Play's and Theories

    I cant do a reality check because i may be in a first person but like a video game, i move like a camera

  • Lizard Man
    Lizard Man 2 months ago

    I'm disgusted with my self, I had a lucid dream but I made hot women... You can guess the rest from there

  • ɯơٳʄ ɧơɯٳɛř
    ɯơٳʄ ɧơɯٳɛř 2 months ago

    I still see ur shadows in my room


    *my mother was a unicorn*

  • LavenderLushLuxury
    LavenderLushLuxury 2 months ago


  • Dr. egern
    Dr. egern 2 months ago

    I did have a lot of lucid dreams a long time ago and it was about every dream.

  • Kaylee Vigil
    Kaylee Vigil 2 months ago

    The problem with me is that when I realize I’m in a dream, i wake up.

  • Elliot Nyberg
    Elliot Nyberg 2 months ago

    when i do reality checks in dreams, like trying to hold my breath i CANT breathe, which i should be able to do in a dream...

  • Tina Huczx
    Tina Huczx 2 months ago

    Every dream I get I remember every single one perfectly

  • Eddie Arias
    Eddie Arias 2 months ago

    idk why that scared me

  • Namelicious
    Namelicious 2 months ago

    I heard from someone that people who play video games can control their dreams. I don’t really believe it but it sounds cool so I play a lot of games.

  • Queen MiDu
    Queen MiDu 2 months ago +1

    Omg it means I'm a lucid dreamer. Cuz I do that all the time. I write my own dreams diary everyday cuz i REMEMBER my dreams perfectly and entirely. I also have sleep paralysis. It first started with sleep paralysis alone then the controlling and saying it's just a dream i won't die if i jumped or even telling myself I'm dreaming, let's explore and I actually do that and my key to examine if I'm dreaming or not is that i pinch my skin and if i felt numb means im dreaming, it's a good trick. but anyways, then after awhile it has to be ended with a sleep paralysis.

  • Shooting Star
    Shooting Star 2 months ago +1

    its ok for me cuz i dont have dreams
    its actually true

  • E_xrh
    E_xrh 2 months ago

    I lucid dream all the time but i cant control it most of the time

  • Rock gaming 56
    Rock gaming 56 2 months ago

    I can kiss my crush

  • Brandon the rock star. Purple Productions

    I was not able to wake up I acttly had to fight a possably demon to wake up and In that nightmare I thought it was real life when I was in that nightmare also The demon killed my mother in that Nightmare and was comeing for me nexrt But I escaped but was also wondering why the demon in my nightmare moved my whole house into the wood's lol 😂

  • Brandon the rock star. Purple Productions

    I had sleep paralysis from sometime in the moring last night til 6:30 it was a really scary and I was not able to move at all

    • Doge
      Doge 20 days ago


  • proTeeN
    proTeeN 2 months ago +1


  • Ashreen S.
    Ashreen S. 2 months ago

    I literally lucid dream every night and remember all of them. I’m scared lol.

  • Scik D8
    Scik D8 2 months ago

    I can 70% remember my dreams, but here’s the thing, I remember dreaming about falling over while kneeling down and that same action happened in real life and it was the exact same as the one in the dream, and this happened lots of times like another example i pass my mate some bullets in a game and that happened in real life as well and it was the exact same in the dream that I had. Does anyone know what the cause of this is? Please let me know

  • Um Yeah
    Um Yeah 2 months ago

    I have never had a lucid dream lmao.

  • Jack Fagan
    Jack Fagan 3 months ago

    when I dream I cant luciddream however whenever I perform an action my body feels 40 pounds heavier everywhere. does anyone else feel this

  • Luis Costa
    Luis Costa 3 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Paul B
    Paul B 3 months ago


  • TheEvolvedNoob
    TheEvolvedNoob 3 months ago

    I belive dreams have a meaning

  • It's Just Drew
    It's Just Drew 3 months ago

    Can i skip the dream journal step? I want to lucid TONIGHT but i don't have one, or any stable memory of any of my dreams.

    *Hey, don't look at me like that! I just want to see what Luncheon Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey looks like when i'm there!*

  • Austin Guzman
    Austin Guzman 3 months ago

    but i always know I'm dreaming...

  • Im a Whole Motherfucker

    I have very dirty lucid dreams

  • Its_ Crypto
    Its_ Crypto 3 months ago


  • aestheticbby x
    aestheticbby x 3 months ago

    *cant take back the love that I gave you*

  • kid ace
    kid ace 3 months ago

    *I still see your shadows in my room can't take back the love that I gave you*

  • Jaedyn Bagley
    Jaedyn Bagley 3 months ago

    I still see your shadows in my room

  • Akira Seegars
    Akira Seegars 3 months ago +1

    2019 anyone

  • Pixelata
    Pixelata 3 months ago

    And by the way, why in my dreams even the texts , time and other things are usually very ordinary?

  • Pixelata
    Pixelata 3 months ago

    I just get sleep paralysis, thats it.

  • jeremiaster 2000
    jeremiaster 2000 3 months ago +1

    Lucid dreaming is a free alternative to activities for example skydiving or deep sea diving, as you can breathe underwater

  • Rehachicken
    Rehachicken 3 months ago

    I still see your shadows in my room

  • Isaiah Rodriguez
    Isaiah Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Finish the lyrics
    I still see your shadows in my room...

  • LuaConstructor
    LuaConstructor 3 months ago +1

    I was gonna try it until he talked about sleep paralysis... at least he warned us

  • Ciel3000
    Ciel3000 3 months ago

    I have only lucid dream (or almost) and it’s pretty boring, don’t try it

  • Abby Black
    Abby Black 3 months ago

    Whenever I lucid dream (not by choice) It happens when I nap and wake up where I fell asleep and everything stays the same except that I’m asleep. I can hear everything that’s going on, for example if the tv is on in my living room when I pass out I can still hear it in my lucid dream only thing that’s different from being awake is I can’t move. The scariest experience I had with it once was I saw hands touching my face and people saying my name but I couldn’t turn my head or open my eyes to see them. I also was lucid dreaming another time and was scared I wasn’t gonna wake up so I tried calling my moms name but it came out really quiet and then i lost my voice completely after a few times of calling. And then just yesterday I was napping cause who doesn’t 😂 and I uh had a lucid dream but my head was under my covers so it was harder for me too breath, I started to really panic Thinking I was gonna run out of air, but I quickly fell into a normal dream and woke up with my heart racing. I have only ever lucid dreamed 6 or 7 times though, but each time that it has happened it’s been very clear and obvious it’s not just a normal dream. Because I have had dreams where ik I’m dreaming but their not lucid. Ok anyways I’m done I just wanted to share my experience

  • Tvehsa Gangwar
    Tvehsa Gangwar 3 months ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Josef Lazaro
    Josef Lazaro 3 months ago

    I don't dream anymore :/
    Edit: Nvm idk why it's Super Rare these days

  • Dave
    Dave 3 months ago

    I’m gonna be honest, my sleep paralysis demon is pretty cute

  • Mochi Mochi
    Mochi Mochi 3 months ago

    I only lucid dream I control everything

  • Gustavo Martinez
    Gustavo Martinez 3 months ago

    Sorry but you fell short way short of an explanation to someone that actually is dealing with lucid dreams.

    LIFE UNFILTERED 3 months ago

    yeah i’ve been trying this to the point where last night i had a dream that i knew how to lucid dream without actually lucid dreaming. i did a reality check and was like wow dude i’m dreaming i can lucid dream. and then nothing happened. my dream kept going on i couldn’t control any of it even tho i KNEW i was in a dream

  • Mr. Bearzzz l
    Mr. Bearzzz l 3 months ago

    Ive never remembered more then 3 seconds if a dream in my life