The Science of Lucid Dreaming


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  • eVoLvE eX
    eVoLvE eX 2 hours ago

    I belive dreams have a meaning

  • It's Just Drew
    It's Just Drew Day ago

    Can i skip the dream journal step? I want to lucid TONIGHT but i don't have one, or any stable memory of any of my dreams.

    *Hey, don't look at me like that! I just want to see what Luncheon Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey looks like when i'm there!*

  • Austin Guzman
    Austin Guzman 4 days ago

    but i always know I'm dreaming...

  • Salty Nut
    Salty Nut 4 days ago

    I have very dirty lucid dreams

  • Its_ Crypto
    Its_ Crypto 4 days ago


  • granny gardens
    granny gardens 5 days ago

    *cant take back the love that I gave you*

  • Josh Sainsbury
    Josh Sainsbury 5 days ago

    *I still see your shadows in my room can't take back the love that I gave you*

  • Jaedyn Bagley
    Jaedyn Bagley 5 days ago

    I still see your shadows in my room

  • Akira Seegars
    Akira Seegars 5 days ago +1

    2019 anyone

  • Pixelata
    Pixelata 6 days ago

    And by the way, why in my dreams even the texts , time and other things are usually very ordinary?

  • Pixelata
    Pixelata 6 days ago

    I just get sleep paralysis, thats it.

  • jeremiaster 2000
    jeremiaster 2000 6 days ago

    Lucid dreaming is a free alternative to activities for example skydiving or deep sea diving, as you can breathe underwater

  • Rehachicken
    Rehachicken 6 days ago

    I still see your shadows in my room

  • Isaiah Rodriguez
    Isaiah Rodriguez 6 days ago

    Finish the lyrics
    I still see your shadows in my room...

  • LuaConstructor
    LuaConstructor 7 days ago

    I was gonna try it until he talked about sleep paralysis... at least he warned us

  • Ciel3000
    Ciel3000 8 days ago

    I have only lucid dream (or almost) and it’s pretty boring, don’t try it

  • Abby Black
    Abby Black 8 days ago

    Whenever I lucid dream (not by choice) It happens when I nap and wake up where I fell asleep and everything stays the same except that I’m asleep. I can hear everything that’s going on, for example if the tv is on in my living room when I pass out I can still hear it in my lucid dream only thing that’s different from being awake is I can’t move. The scariest experience I had with it once was I saw hands touching my face and people saying my name but I couldn’t turn my head or open my eyes to see them. I also was lucid dreaming another time and was scared I wasn’t gonna wake up so I tried calling my moms name but it came out really quiet and then i lost my voice completely after a few times of calling. And then just yesterday I was napping cause who doesn’t 😂 and I uh had a lucid dream but my head was under my covers so it was harder for me too breath, I started to really panic Thinking I was gonna run out of air, but I quickly fell into a normal dream and woke up with my heart racing. I have only ever lucid dreamed 6 or 7 times though, but each time that it has happened it’s been very clear and obvious it’s not just a normal dream. Because I have had dreams where ik I’m dreaming but their not lucid. Ok anyways I’m done I just wanted to share my experience

  • Tvehsa Gangwar
    Tvehsa Gangwar 8 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Stubby Squid
    Stubby Squid 8 days ago

    I don't dream anymore :/
    Edit: Nvm idk why it's Super Rare these days

  • Dave
    Dave 9 days ago

    I’m gonna be honest, my sleep paralysis demon is pretty cute

  • Mochi Mochi
    Mochi Mochi 10 days ago

    I only lucid dream I control everything

  • Gustavo Martinez
    Gustavo Martinez 10 days ago

    Sorry but you fell short way short of an explanation to someone that actually is dealing with lucid dreams.

  • ace kaites
    ace kaites 11 days ago

    yeah i’ve been trying this to the point where last night i had a dream that i knew how to lucid dream without actually lucid dreaming. i did a reality check and was like wow dude i’m dreaming i can lucid dream. and then nothing happened. my dream kept going on i couldn’t control any of it even tho i KNEW i was in a dream

  • Mr. Bearzzz l
    Mr. Bearzzz l 11 days ago

    Ive never remembered more then 3 seconds if a dream in my life

  • Meg Hesser
    Meg Hesser 12 days ago

    Great video! I love lucid dreaming and I have one at least once a week. I wrote an entire article on how lucid dreaming has helped with my depression and anxiety if you want to check it out 🤗🌻

  • Aurora's Vlogs
    Aurora's Vlogs 14 days ago

    Lol the time was 8:03 then when I first looked then when I looked back it was 8:04

  • Pretzel Time
    Pretzel Time 15 days ago

    I’m not sure if I’ve had a lucid dream... my mom was calling my name outside of my dream, and I was in my second grade class taking a test, then I hear my name and just get up and start looking for who’s calling my name?

  • GavinStephansVlogs
    GavinStephansVlogs 15 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Vicky Alex29
    Vicky Alex29 18 days ago

    why is evsryone commenting i still see tour shadows in my room ?? For a momment i was freaked out

  • Tea Bag
    Tea Bag 19 days ago

    Question: how does autism work?

  • Kaira Larioza
    Kaira Larioza 19 days ago

    One time I had a dream I was at a amusement park for a field trip and I thought it was unusual, and that nothing looked like my local amusement park. I told myself that this wasn’t right and instead on lucid dreaming, I was stupid enough to keep telling myself to wake up in my dream.

  • Dyylan_Galaxy
    Dyylan_Galaxy 20 days ago

    Every night I get sleep paralysis, not ever night, but every time I close the lights, I all of a sudden see flying shadows everywhere. And I have to force my body to move.

  • HS Cubing
    HS Cubing 21 day ago +1

    I still see your shadows in my room

  • DrawingGlasses Animation

    I’m able to wake up from a dream and go back to sleep and continue it. I feel grateful for this.

  • SilkyBigMac
    SilkyBigMac 21 day ago

    I hate sleep paralysis I thought I was gonna die

  • Heilon Iris
    Heilon Iris 22 days ago

    I always lucid that normal?

  • Lil Quil
    Lil Quil 23 days ago

    Usually when I realize I'm dreaming by counting my fingers, I can only semi-control my dream. The first thing I try to do is shoot a fireball (we all do this don't lie) but it just ends up being a slowly moving dim sphere. Anyone know how to gain more control of my lucid dreams?

    • Cruonus
      Cruonus 16 days ago

      You can drink teas wich enhacne different aspects of your dreaming eaxperience,here are some good lists:
      You have to drink some of the teas for a week or so for them to have a noticeable effect.

  • Arika Blackburn
    Arika Blackburn 24 days ago

    I have lucid dreams

  • Sug
    Sug 26 days ago

    Can you make a video about aphantasia?

  • Adriano142 Blabs
    Adriano142 Blabs 26 days ago

    The asleep paralysis is the reason why I cant sleep sometimes

  • GAMING MACHINE (tankionline)

    Anyone 2018?

    I have a huge dictionary I made with 567 pages filled with pictures and memories of my dream

  • Leilia
    Leilia Month ago

    I have these Luicid dreams where i can't move a thing

  • Zein Younes
    Zein Younes Month ago

    2018 anyone?

  • Lil Markos
    Lil Markos Month ago +1

    Sometimes in my dreams i have the ability to change the entire mood of it. Like one time i remember i was having a nice dream and then i started screaming like super sayian and the entire world just started vibrating and every one around me in the dream got angrier and chaotic. It's odd.

  • mayank vashist
    mayank vashist Month ago

    While lucid dreaming i should keep awaken or fall asleep?

  • Abigail Carr
    Abigail Carr Month ago

    Can’t take back the love that I gave you

  • Andour21
    Andour21 Month ago

    Well i rarely remember any dream, like i remember 1 dream in 1 or 2 months but this dream is always lucid dream without do anything... The problem is that i want to remember my dreams more... Any suggestions

    • Cruonus
      Cruonus 16 days ago

      You can drink teas wich enhacne different aspects of your dreaming eaxperience,here are some good lists:

      You have to drink some of the teas for a week or so for them to have a noticeable effect.

  • Atomic Arts
    Atomic Arts Month ago

    I try to do it but tricking my brain isn’t easy my eyes won’t shut

  • Симеон Георгиев

    I almost fall asleep when I look at the sheeps

  • hemanth sunny
    hemanth sunny Month ago

    Lucid dreams are insane man.. EVERYONE SHOULD START LUCID DREAMING.. Listen to Lucid DREAMING music on USclip.. Super helpful

  • Meira
    Meira Month ago

    I’ve always hated lucid dreaming. Yeah it’s cool that you can control your dream or whatever, but I always worry I’ll be stuck dreaming and I’ll never wake up. After a while I was able to teach myself how to wake up from lucid dreams

  • Hint Of Sarcasm
    Hint Of Sarcasm Month ago

    I love when i get a lucid dream, its great

  • S /\ N J A
    S /\ N J A Month ago

    Oh ...i have lucid dreams...yasterday i was dreaming that my dog died and then i sad "oh wait im dreaming I'll just wake up"

  • Some random Kid
    Some random Kid Month ago

    I still see your shadows in my room

  • xCmOn3yxV777
    xCmOn3yxV777 Month ago

    had my 1st real one tonight, after years of "sleep Paralysis" its awesome, but i wake up very fast....and it was "real" very real feeling

    BIBIAN KALINDE Month ago

    who else thought of juice wrld

  • Dewi Jeng
    Dewi Jeng Month ago +1

    Since child When I am sick I always have same draem. so when I sick, I know thats dream.
    Can it called ltucid dream.?
    Also often have a frightened dream and sleep paralyze

  • It’s Tito
    It’s Tito Month ago

    I still see your shadows in my room

  • The Micah man
    The Micah man Month ago

    I was watching this in my dream

  • þe Floof
    þe Floof Month ago

    I had sleep paralysis and i was falling off the bed slowly and i was super scared cus i couldnt move fell off it was the weirdest thing evah

  • NoahDuhBoah
    NoahDuhBoah Month ago

    i had a lucid dream because i woke up and relized the dream was wierd and thought about the dream while falling asleep, in the dream i could wake almost at will and go back to the same dream latter.

  • Alicia Schroeder
    Alicia Schroeder Month ago +1

    I always lucid dream i can always control them

  • GachaJenny Kitty
    GachaJenny Kitty Month ago

    I can basically control myself in my dreams
    But my dreams are VERY weird
    Here’s a example
    1.i learned dark pulse (a Pokémon move)while I was going to school in a bus,then I used it and the bus broke,then I was teleported somehow
    Somewhere in a library,and everyone (only my family members were there except my little brother)was a duck,they told me my little brother (which is also a duck)is locked in a cage,so I went outside and found cages on top of each other and they are gonna fall,and Terry (my little brother)was in a cage on the side of the top,of the I hopped on to the cages till I reached The top,there was like um a shadow,dark duck,so I used dark pulse from earlier and I guess he I opened the cage somehow and my brother was free and then I woke up

  • I'mstuckinlastyear
    I'mstuckinlastyear Month ago

    Honestly, most of the time I know I'm dreaming in my sleep and I still can't do anything! it won't let me move the dream continues on but I still know in the background that I'm dreaming. but once I had a nightmare and I knew I was about to get jumpscared, I was in a dark room in my house and my heart was raising, I was so scared and it was like I was rushing to wake up and got slightly annoyed and I slapped myself in real life and woke up lmao

  • Andrew Butcher
    Andrew Butcher Month ago

    I *CAN* Realize I’m Dreaming But I Forget To Control My Dream *lmao*

  • Ellie Z
    Ellie Z Month ago

    Before the first day of school I kept on waking up through the night. I so tired now...

  • Leila Kelch
    Leila Kelch Month ago

    I have these lucid dreams where I can’t feel a thing......

  • Litlindsey
    Litlindsey Month ago

    *I sTilL sEe yOuR sHadOwS iN mY rOOm*

  • Danny Lampel
    Danny Lampel Month ago

    I had a dream I was trying to do Luisid dreaming

  • Kylee Kerce
    Kylee Kerce Month ago

    What about if I had a dream about my crush and we were playing basketball and the basket ball got stolen and then my crush said " well I we're gonna have to use something else." and then picks me up and tried to throw me in the basket ball goal.

  • Lina Royal
    Lina Royal Month ago +2

    am I the only one that dreams of myself dreaming then waking up (in my dream ) then waking up again in my dream because me dreaming was a dream I had in my dream ??? 😐

    • Lina Royal
      Lina Royal 16 days ago

      Cruonus thanks 👌👌👌 so I guess it's called a dream within a dream ? 👍👍👍

    • Cruonus
      Cruonus 16 days ago

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi Month ago

    How to know if you’re in inception. 101

  • okk janeth
    okk janeth Month ago

    I was thinking of having a lucid dream but until you said scary figures will start to form and your mind plays tricks with you that changed my mind quickly

  • mariiam ryskulova
    mariiam ryskulova Month ago

    I am claustraphobic so when i am sleeping i dont put the blanket over me fully becoause i cant once when i had it a bit over the usual i felt hard to breath after that i realized that i was in a sleep paralysis and i could not mive a was awful i almost had a anxuety attack😭😭😭 i cried the whole night

  • The End
    The End Month ago

    I have sleep paralysis sometimes, although I’ve never seen any shadow people or any other form of hallucination, I do feel a strong presence that something is in the room with me, as if I’m being watched. I struggle to move my arms, legs and neck, I’m terrified until I finally wake my body. But the feeling that someone is there with me isn’t the bad part, the fear and confusion of the paralysis warps the feelings into negatives emotions, creating a negative experience. Even though you know it’s just sleep paralysis, it doesn’t change the fear you feel while it’s occurring and that’s just natural because who wouldn’t be fearful if you woke up and couldn’t move. Your brain is trying to find a reason why you can’t move, thus creating a notion that it must be caused by something or someone.

  • Fec ni
    Fec ni Month ago

    When do i WILD

  • Shannon AP
    Shannon AP Month ago

    I have these lucid dreams where I can’t move a thing - 2018

  • Cink Arts
    Cink Arts Month ago

    Woah I can take control of my dreams just by thinking of something over and over and just eventually fall alseep

  • Chloe Sanchez
    Chloe Sanchez Month ago

    Is there like “private lessons” or something I can do..?

  • scoot tf2
    scoot tf2 Month ago +1

    *lucid dreams intesfises* I STILL SEE YOUR SHADOWS IN ROOM REEEEEEEEEE

  • Green apple
    Green apple Month ago

    Everyone just beat me to the " I still see ur shadows in my room" comment
    And this video is from 6 years ago.

  • Timothy Lu
    Timothy Lu Month ago


  • ENK :
    ENK : Month ago +1

    It's weird, coz I lucid dream a lot and be like, "oh I'm dreaming....pretend u didnt know so that u don't wake up" and like Idk if it's just my dream saying that or if I'm legit lucid dreaming

  • No_ Username
    No_ Username Month ago +1

    Have you ever had that moment when your going to comment some thing but then you realise someone else already did 😂 🤣

  • Andrew Da Silva
    Andrew Da Silva Month ago +1


  • oof
    oof Month ago +1

    I HaVe ThEsE LuCiD dReAmS

  • FuriousFruit
    FuriousFruit Month ago

    I still see your shadows in my room....

  • Chibi Shrek
    Chibi Shrek Month ago

    i taught myself how to lucid dream when i was 4 and i do it every night

    LOLAISYOU Plays Month ago

    I lucid dream without even knowing

  • _leahs_here_ 123_
    _leahs_here_ 123_ Month ago

    *I StIl SeE ShAdOwS In My RoOm*

  • Isabel
    Isabel Month ago

    In my family my and my cousin lucid dream without even trying

  • Xixi Yang
    Xixi Yang Month ago

    I had a livid dream I tried to fly by jumping and I failed 😂 sad life

  • Proviac
    Proviac Month ago +1

    When he said look at the time it said 7:13 I looked back and it was 7:14

  • Th0t_Sl4y3r_600
    Th0t_Sl4y3r_600 Month ago

    *insert juice wrld joke*

  • Lucas Glenn
    Lucas Glenn Month ago

    Iv only had like 2 of those dreams

  • LeeroyJeenkis
    LeeroyJeenkis Month ago

    I had this one dream where I downloaded something on my phone. It then sucked me into the phone, where I can't see anyone I know. Everyone looked for me but they can't find me. Little did they know I was just a trapped inside a phone. Later, some black figure stabbed me and everything was Then I happened to be on an island. The grass was tall and green, and there was an inactive volcano. There is also a small cottage. I went inside it. I saw my parents. They look like in their late 80's. I hugged them. My mother was laying on a bed and my father was sitting. That was the last thing I remember. I woke up, with sweat all over my body, in the middle of 2:00 a.m. This is the dream that I remember the most. I didn't want to sleep again, so I watched TV even though there is school that day. I had this dream when I was 10.

  • YTDylan TheGamer
    YTDylan TheGamer Month ago +1

    Who knows when there dreaming and that they know they are in a dream and trying to wake up(becuase that's what I do)

  • Jesse Waite
    Jesse Waite Month ago

    I lusid dream all the time at nght

  • Danny Ovalle
    Danny Ovalle Month ago

    I just came for the comments 👌

  • Asia-Rae Smith
    Asia-Rae Smith Month ago

    I get these lucid dreams...