The Science of Lucid Dreaming


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  • XJayX XXX
    XJayX XXX 2 hours ago

    I Still See Your Shadows In My Room Cant Take Back The Love That I Gave You It's To The Point Where I Love And I Hate You And I Cannot Change You So I Must Replace You Oh -Juice Wrld LUCID DREAMS

  • Cousin and Son
    Cousin and Son 3 hours ago


  • TaeTae GucciBae
    TaeTae GucciBae 5 hours ago +1

    I have a question.

    Why do my budgies get so excited from the narrators voice?

  • Ben Elmen
    Ben Elmen Day ago

    I had a dream that i was trying to calculate something on a calculator but every time i tried to hit enter i messed something up. Then after 20 trys i relized i was dreaming and I'm just not good at math. Lol

  • Cryptic
    Cryptic 2 days ago

    2 nights ago I had a sleep paralysis, the next night I had a lucid dream. Im I okay?

  • Zala Koschier
    Zala Koschier 2 days ago

    i have lucid dreams often

  • Adriana .T.
    Adriana .T. 2 days ago

    Usually when I lucid dream, I do stuff like go to a restaurant, move to a very nice house, act crazy, go to the mall, fly, go to the airport, and get free v bucks on fortnite

  • Aria Smith
    Aria Smith 2 days ago

    I have an average amount of 3-4 dreams

  • AtomicMudkipz
    AtomicMudkipz 3 days ago

    i still see tour shadows in my room

  • real nigga hours
    real nigga hours 3 days ago

    I've always lucid dreamed without trying. I also had sleep paralysis and bad nightmares as a kid but grew out of it.

  • Cypher Games
    Cypher Games 3 days ago

    I have these lucid dreams where I can move a thing, thinking of you in my bed

  • Shrek
    Shrek 4 days ago


  • Danny Lopez
    Danny Lopez 4 days ago

    They still see their shadow in their room

  • Ysabel Villanueva
    Ysabel Villanueva 5 days ago

    I still see your shadows in my rOOm

  • Jaden Mcelrath
    Jaden Mcelrath 8 days ago

    Juice world has a song Called lucid dream I don't understand what y'all said

  • Joe Sweeting
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  • Lil ZiipOfficial
    Lil ZiipOfficial 10 days ago +2


  • Jahvah
    Jahvah 11 days ago

    I have nightmares every single night that I can remember for days after

  • pls end me
    pls end me 12 days ago


  • Akash Mand
    Akash Mand 12 days ago +1

    I still see your shadows in my room

  • liveit likeliyah
    liveit likeliyah 12 days ago

    this video reminded me of the song lucid dreams by juice wrld

  • InfiniteGamingZx
    InfiniteGamingZx 13 days ago

    Don’t try this shit if it causes for u to have sleep paralysis, it’s really bad I hate it when it happens , you hear loud sounds that legit hurt ur ears u can’t move a muscle which is really bad because you can still see and also hallucinations but really and truely I don’t think they are hallucinations

  • p:nkata
    p:nkata 14 days ago

    I just had a sleep paralysis

  • ambii's playlist
    ambii's playlist 15 days ago +1

    i still see the shadows in my room

  • SammyJGaming_06
    SammyJGaming_06 16 days ago

    ...I still see ur showdowns in my room...

  • Eulisa B. Lopez
    Eulisa B. Lopez 17 days ago

    What if we experienced loop dreams?

  • Melissa Malila
    Melissa Malila 17 days ago

    I have 4 or 5 lucid dreams in my life..

  • Fluffle Bean
    Fluffle Bean 18 days ago

    I once had a dream I was a tomato on a cruise ship in a river being chase by a person and their mom. I think i have a twisted mind 😐

  • Fluffle Bean
    Fluffle Bean 18 days ago

    All of my dreams are lucid

  • Alexander Esparza
    Alexander Esparza 18 days ago

    I have these lucid dreams where i can't move a thing

  • Evy Rose
    Evy Rose 18 days ago

    I can lucid dream at least every night but then I heard that people who lucid dream a lot are just thinking but you think your dreaming :/

  • Abu Zar Ramli
    Abu Zar Ramli 18 days ago


  • TheBlue Gamer
    TheBlue Gamer 19 days ago

    I lucid dream of jumping of cliffs

  • kayleerenae
    kayleerenae 20 days ago


  • Lexi Bynes
    Lexi Bynes 20 days ago


  • Gavin Burke
    Gavin Burke 20 days ago

    I Lucid dream all the time but I hate sleep paralysis

  • Raining Cats From The Sky

    I DONT WANT TO HAVE SLEEP PARALYSIS, can you plz explain it better? Also how long does it usually last???

  • Ҝ丨ㄥㄥᐯㄖ乂
    Ҝ丨ㄥㄥᐯㄖ乂 20 days ago

    All I remember from my dreams is seeing a white world surrounded by infinite space , then I wake up , I'd rarely get a dream , sometimes between those white infinite space dreams a scenery of the future that I don't remember , only when it happens then I'll

  • aa ee
    aa ee 21 day ago +1

    i still see your shadows in my room...

  • Jessica Wong
    Jessica Wong 21 day ago

    why don’t we remember our dreams when we wake up

  • MrFazer
    MrFazer 22 days ago

    It‘s such an sureal experience - i totally recommend lucid dreaming! :D

  • I have to restart my potatoes

    I will NOT have a lucid dream tonight

  • Jay Pilgrim
    Jay Pilgrim 23 days ago


  • NerdSayz
    NerdSayz 23 days ago

    I wanted to do it then he says you will get sleep paralysis. Now i am scared to do it but I WANT TO LUCID DREAM


    Why do i feel my dream like i had one horrible dream where i got into a fight and got a sword stabbed through my chest and my chest hurts ever since

  • Mocha the Bunny
    Mocha the Bunny 24 days ago

    I keep trying to but there's that stupid thought always at the back of my mind saying it's not happening give up

  • kazy ._.
    kazy ._. 24 days ago +1

    guess I still see the shadows in my room..

  • Crystal clear gaming
    Crystal clear gaming 24 days ago

    Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night or at least I think I do and I check the time than I close my eyes and open them again about a minute later and the time is about 2 hours later am I dreaming or do I just fall asleep quickly

  • Elanor Hawke
    Elanor Hawke 25 days ago

    Yo i have done lucid dreaming one time and the feeling was like my spirit was going out of my body, is it normal?

  • Qwerty
    Qwerty 25 days ago

    Is it normal that i remember all of the dreams i dreamed?

  • Presley Taylor
    Presley Taylor 25 days ago

    When he said look away from the time I looked back the time actually change for me LOL

  • microcowz
    microcowz 26 days ago

    Been doing it since childhood.

  • kenma kozume
    kenma kozume 27 days ago

    i have lucid dreamt many times, but only when i was a lot younger and didn't even realize i was doing it, if that makes sense. i want to try and do it again, willingly this time, but the the fact that there's a possibility of sleep paralysis literally terrifies me like bye

  • The Spoiled Banana
    The Spoiled Banana 27 days ago

    I have a question im derpy but uhm is that real that like when you watch sttuff like scary movies funny dramatic ect they said it’s possible to be your dream???

  • Ben Wyatt
    Ben Wyatt 28 days ago

    Has anyone experienced being asleep » having sleep paralysis » lucid dream » awake? All of my lucid dreams I have had are after experiencing sleep paralysis whilst waking up in the morning (NOT falling asleep at night) so all of my lucid dreams have taken place in my bedroom.

  • Hacker Cat
    Hacker Cat 29 days ago

    What's wrong with incest?

  • Hacker Cat
    Hacker Cat 29 days ago

    I had drea were i was at the playfground entrance of cedar balky on groundlevel, amd there was tbis tall (T!AAAAAAAAAALL) skinny hunched over lady with bony fingers in a long dress with an apple saying something to me, asking me or taking me to do something, she scratch be back (something in my nerves or whatever happened in my back which stuff like that usually effects my dreams.) And then she I woke up I felt the need to apologize to every one at my school for somereason.

  • Hacker Cat
    Hacker Cat 29 days ago

    Heck no, I'm in my grandma's house right now it it too creepy to -Be seei g- SEe creepy stuff right now.
    HECK no, I'll ways till morning or until I'm in a not C reeoy place....

    • Hacker Cat
      Hacker Cat 29 days ago

      I posted this again cause my other one I accidently deleted -this- it she I was trying to felt it o mobile browser USclip. Like I'm using right now....
      *(Sigh.)* -Stupod- Why auto orrect?

  • Hacker Cat
    Hacker Cat 29 days ago

    I want to be the 999th and 1000th dislike, but i camd, it wil take a while....
    It's at 9997 dislikes right now, so. Yeah....

  • Hacker Cat
    Hacker Cat 29 days ago

    I has this dream were this guy from the Zita the spacegirl who said "Its gibbin me nightmares!" And who was also at the back of the book as a pupped was lile a animale bosdy, and was chasing me on this long cafateria table thing, and every were else arounf was dar. And at the top left there wrre stats . But exept the statts were that guy. Imagine the polar bear walking meme, it was like that, but slower, but as that gu7 from the book, and it spun to the left a little bot, then the right a little bit, then the left a a little bit, then the right again. And on the other top right corner, it was the same thing, but flipped (facing the other direction. {Inward like the other one was and -is.- }. .)....... and he was chasing me on all 4s, long aligarom mouth closed then slowly opened all the way then closed. Which took about 1 second or 1.2 or 1.5 seconds or so thing like that, yeah.
    I didn't see my self to I think, I just saw the things, and then it was like I was running away, but I was looking backwards as if in a racing video game, and i couldn't see my body, so yeah....
    Then there was another dream loooooooooooooong forward from then, were I was in this (NOT creepy, not creepy at all. Like seriously, 0 fyear.) Hospital and there was this light like alligator chasing me, and the only part I remember was I was in this small room or something with door, then u see bed right at -left- right, and ypur go jusy around it to other side of bed necpxt to wall, and head head(pillow side) has pillow (head) next to door side (o n (next to, like, next right against at the same as I as)).... and alligator come around then right there in front of me, and there little red or a omthing crystal or whatever arrow that point to me W erw he she it they them is, and it came around to me, he blue like arrow above me focuses beam on it as I t was charging stuck that takes about 3 or 5 or whatever seconds to charge, ad then shot t or s omthing or whatever... the like blue arrow thing had saved me again!! 😁....

  • Hacker Cat
    Hacker Cat 29 days ago

    Once a year, it habe stir dream were this girl on a lion would try to kill me. It wasn't scary though..
    I always wanted to talk to her but I never could....
    Then there was this tall tan wheat grass background in this other dream, with toothless from how to train your Dragon. And it was the worst because it was the boring ests. I always had this choice to skip It or not, and i chose no mentally the first time and one other time, and the rest of the times I chose yea. Me choosing need wouldn't skip it completely, but it would get rid "skip" most of it.

  • Hacker Cat
    Hacker Cat 29 days ago

    Once I was on my top bunk, and there was this big air just thing like, .... imagine 20 strong leave blowers under a wast being held down very well, and is like shaking around. It was like that in my short, and there was this loud noise, (not like a leave bblower,) and lights of DIFFERENT colers of like pi k to green and yellow all at the same time flashing out my shirt like there was a disco ball I there..
    -i think i floated a little too.- And i called out to god for help, and the it stopped..
    Somethi g slightly similar happened way way way way WAY befp4e that.. There was this 2 black garbage bags over and covering my matters cause k used to off the bed, and i had a dream , was standing in front of my bed at a little bit of an angle from the left side, and there was this think like I said with my shirt, We re it was shaking around and it looked like something was in there moving around alot..

  • Hacker Cat
    Hacker Cat 29 days ago

    I sid a lucid dream sleep paralisis! It was this nice regular show day outside, and it was like a war thing with mordicai and rigy... It was cool.

  • Hacker Cat
    Hacker Cat 29 days ago

    I had a dream I fell off a grassy cliff onto this place were there were44(4) ways I could go, and there was this giant spider web over one of the pathes and same with the others, and one I fell, I got up, I some reason ran strait said and then I ran strait throught it, and the spider was able to get on me. Then when I saw this clip of a British spider running (jog prancing)up my left arm to my face. Then I woke up, and kicked my foot up in the air with a yell and my shoe flew off....

  • Piece OCake
    Piece OCake Month ago

    Whose here after Juice World

  • Ilayda
    Ilayda Month ago

    I want to try it but it scares meee!
    do people really enjoy it?

  • Peanut Purchaser
    Peanut Purchaser Month ago

    I have lucid dreams about shooting furries. It's actually quite fun.

  • PlayStationSavage
    PlayStationSavage Month ago


  • Parker Kunz
    Parker Kunz Month ago

    For me it took a girl in my dream literally telling me I was asleep and then I realized I was.

  • da grinny pig
    da grinny pig Month ago

    In think I have had a lucid dream were I knew That I was dreaming but it was more like I thought that I would never get out and I almost went crazy and I just kept trying to get out and the thing is I don’t want it to happen again.

  • just MEa
    just MEa Month ago

    I started lucid dreaming after reading a series of realistic book i liked

  • Aterah Gamer
    Aterah Gamer Month ago

    I Am a Lucid Dreamer But Its Kinda Hard To Control Stuff Example make so war turn into some avarege city dude its hard really

  • Galaxy Blue
    Galaxy Blue Month ago

    This is the first time i realize i was dreaming
    Me: woah wait, iM DREAMING YAY!!!
    *wakes up*

  • podcast ofnosleep
    podcast ofnosleep Month ago

    I once had a lucid dream i was so amazed n depressed becuz i never experienced anything like it ....i created a sword idk dont ask y but time became slow and then i became incompetent n then i woke up

  • Chase Rajala
    Chase Rajala Month ago

    Who thought of juice wrld on here

  • Kaela Fails
    Kaela Fails Month ago

    Lucid dreaming was awsome! I can experience what its like to be a super hero, what its like to be rich all that good and bad stuff

  • Elite Syrax
    Elite Syrax Month ago

    I heard about lucid dreams and I was like yeahh boii I wanna do that but then sleep paralysis...

  • Laila .J
    Laila .J Month ago

    Once i had a sleep paralasys thingy and i woke up but my eyes rollen back but i couldn’t breath and i couldn’t move but it was like someone was pulling me from my bed and them is was gone🙇‍♀️

  • abjaaksm
    abjaaksm Month ago

    Okay so... inception?

  • Felipe Azevedo
    Felipe Azevedo Month ago

    Sleep paralysis is very frightening, I feel sick, it is almost impossible to breathe, and I have to calm myself down and use all of my strenght just to sit down and take a deep breath. It happens 2-3 times everyday and I don't know how to stop

  • PlayBoyHarvey
    PlayBoyHarvey Month ago

    Brah I have lucid dreams all the time

  • Nicole Crazzy 109
    Nicole Crazzy 109 Month ago

    i wounder why re recurring dreams happen

  • Callie the Dog
    Callie the Dog Month ago

    I’m a lucid dreamer

  • Blupza
    Blupza Month ago

    WTF i was lucid dreaming and didn't know, like a shadowy figure was approaching me and i could not move at all and woke up

  • GoldenKingChaos_YT
    GoldenKingChaos_YT Month ago +1

    Juice Wrld

  • presh ramos
    presh ramos Month ago


  • KayToxq
    KayToxq Month ago

    Retards he said that wild could cause sleep paralyses, he said nothing about sleep paralyses with the mild technique. The wild technique is just repeating i am awake and thus could cause sleep paralysis because you’re partly awake. The mild technique is for when you’re already sleeping thus sleep paralyses can’t happen. First listen then comment 9 year olds.

  • Robert Alexandru Stanescu Robert Alexandru Stanescu

    I've had a dream where I was at my grandpa's house. But things were changed. I didn't realise because in my dream it was like "oh that's normal"

    But I got the same dream again with all the stuff. But I realised something WHILE IN MY DREAM. It was the same (that's what I said in the dream) and KINDA realised that it was a dream. Weird right?

  • Wanna give me your account?

    *I have these lucid dreams where I can't move a thing*

  • Abishek /techstore
    Abishek /techstore Month ago

    Anyone elase who can play GTA5 by having lucid dream

  • Abishek /techstore
    Abishek /techstore Month ago

    Anyone elase who can play GTA5 by having lucid dream

  • RaMkEsH R
    RaMkEsH R Month ago

    Please make a video about the science behind ASTRAL PROJECTION

  • Real Blackpool
    Real Blackpool Month ago

    How I know if I'm lucid dreaming, if a girl talks to me😂😂

  • Jerry Bond
    Jerry Bond Month ago

    can I move my eyeballs while using wild technique.
    please reply to my question.

  • Mobile gameplay
    Mobile gameplay Month ago

    Scary figures no thanks

  • Taylor Payne
    Taylor Payne Month ago

    I can control pretty much all my dreams. At first i cant easily and then after a few seconds i have total control over them

  • 23LSD X
    23LSD X Month ago

    Sleep paralysis is crazy but I’ve only experienced it once and I kinda like it

  • The Salt In Your Cut

    Bruh i realised i was in a dream the other night so i was like okay cool i want to fly, and tried jumping as a lift off with my arms extended, FUCKALL happened, i just stood there in my dream, arms extended and jumping up and down

  • teadus
    teadus Month ago

    I had a lucid dream and i had control over what to do but i didnt realize i was dreaming. I would have done crimes like steal candy but i just didnt think. then my sister yelled my name really loud and she appeared in the dream and because i didnt like the loud noise in the dream my brain probably opened my eyes cuz of that and then she said it once more and then i knew it was real so basically u can hear real noises while lucid dreaming and it was my first time. Comment if you want to hear about my dream.

  • Goodluck Daneil
    Goodluck Daneil Month ago +1

    Like me comment if u like the song lucid dreams