• Published on Oct 31, 2018
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • NightOwl
    NightOwl 23 hours ago

    The last part ends with the fear of the unknown. Because after death we don’t really know what awaits us. And the scare most if not all of us. That’s why people tend to believe things such us after life..

  • TheBrandonRobert
    TheBrandonRobert 23 hours ago

    Dom, I just want to say that you'll never be forgotten. As long as your work here lives on, alongside the impact they've made on everybody's lives (mine too), you will always be remembered. In this day and age, the only way we'd ever forget about you is if we all died. Your mark has been made and only grows :)

  • Snoopy Sensei
    Snoopy Sensei 23 hours ago

    ... something weird in the window and I was like um nope😂😂

  • imelizy123
    imelizy123 Day ago

    oMG I thought the end was going to be a jumpscare. How relevant. The fear of not knowing

  • Eyes Cream
    Eyes Cream Day ago

    I have to admit, I thought the title of the video was "ears."

  • Hawaiian Porkchop

    60 million years from now.
    Person 1: This is the Human, it was the worst animal to ever live.
    Person 2: What about that one?
    Person 1: That is the Gorilla, it used it’s large teeth to kill it’s prey.
    Person 2: WhAT AbOuT tHaT one?
    Person 1: ThAt iS tHe BlAcK WiDoW, iT wAs ThE MoSt dAnGeRouS aNiMaL tO EvEr LiVe.

  • MeyaSf _Gaming
    MeyaSf _Gaming Day ago

    I have a fear


  • Gumanid Rosario
    Gumanid Rosario Day ago

    I get scared of the bathroom because

  • gamingRifat 10
    gamingRifat 10 Day ago

    5:00 that is totally my fear

  • challenger boy17

    We have the same fear

  • Haley _
    Haley _ Day ago

    Train To Busan was amazing and I honestly think it’s stupid that they want to remake it.

  • RollUpTurtle Animations

    6:58 see the line on the hand after a few seconds there is no lines in he hand

  • Davian Lopez
    Davian Lopez Day ago

    OMG I DIED AT 3:24

  • MiningGAMING
    MiningGAMING Day ago

    what is the name of the ringtone in 2:38

  • aadesh bamane
    aadesh bamane Day ago

    I used Dom' s technique to stare at the corner of the screen for the last 20 or so seconds.....was expecting a JUMP SCARE😓

  • Bleached As Bro
    Bleached As Bro Day ago

    Is it just me or
    When you’re asleep
    And you need to like jump or go down stairs in a dream
    Do your legs like go up and go down quite loud????
    Just me ok...

  • blackbobcat999 supdude

    I sub 2 u

  • Petrona Nasleniene

    I have the fear of the dark nights and ghosts and I hate closing my eyes for to long either when im in bed or shower as the ghosts could move closer to me like if you agree

    UNDERDOG ART Day ago

    My fears:
    Being Ignored
    Being Alone
    I am already mostly forgotten but being forgotten
    Being stalked

  • Sol Bri
    Sol Bri Day ago

    what about roaches?

  • Tracy Wooge
    Tracy Wooge Day ago

    I'm scared of da dark cause I'm scared SOMETHING is spying on me and planning to kill me

  • Obsidian Flight
    Obsidian Flight Day ago


  • Gracie Queen
    Gracie Queen Day ago

    the weird thing for me is that i can literally watch the scariest horror thing yet i will bet ill get jumped but the thing is that i dont REALLY think that they ARE scary... i just sit and watch it (sometimes randomly standing without fully knowing it) as all the horrorus things happen... i think i admire it really, i LOVE to see all the gruesome things that will or did happen so i think my self as a little freak.

  • Iris Cruz
    Iris Cruz Day ago

    I do the same in the shower

  • Super UniPuppy
    Super UniPuppy Day ago

    I’m really scared of the bathroom. Guess wat? I have a bathroom in my bedroom... and no one cares (I also scared of the number 3 and 6)

  • J-Hope’s Sprite

    I’m korean and the way you said Busan literally made me fall on the ground crying of laughter. But otherwise, great video

  • Popcone Popcone
    Popcone Popcone Day ago

    Scary movies are not scaring

  • CraftyZombie
    CraftyZombie Day ago +1

    In scary movies for me, only loud sounds scare me the most. Everything else, I just remind myself that its film, not real. I think like, “wow this actor is great!” or “He/she did a good job on this part of the film.” Anyone else? :)

  • zoeee t
    zoeee t Day ago

    The movie theater part got me


    0:12 My credit card bill.

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Day ago

    Im not scared of bugs--Im scared of seeing a bug and then having it run away

  • Amberdawn Sese
    Amberdawn Sese Day ago

    No outro? Just silence (question mark?)?

  • Firegod xxx
    Firegod xxx Day ago

    Same thing with the bathroom lel

  • aaliyahshaw
    aaliyahshaw Day ago


  • San He
    San He Day ago

    Omg the shower part is soooo true for meh

  • trrripe Macon
    trrripe Macon Day ago

    One of my worst fears is remembering that you should be doing a project halfway through a USclipr video.

  • Moooovlylife
    Moooovlylife Day ago

    The I stay fearless is thinking i am not special so that could never happen to me

  • paul cannon
    paul cannon Day ago

    My sis is so scared of the bathroom that when she washes her face she leaves one eye open

  • Prysmane
    Prysmane Day ago

    Well... if nothing is ever deleted from the internet and whatever you put on it stays there forever...
    ...does that mean certain youtubers are immortal; at least until the internet stops existing?

  • Raphael Emmanuel

    Noooooo don't spoil coco

  • Super Saiyan Commenter

    no buiscut
    no riscuit.

  • Chicken Nugger
    Chicken Nugger Day ago

    I remember when I just came to Canada and people dared me to say Bloody Mary to the bathroom mirror 3 times but jokes on them I didn’t know how to pronounce the words and I just said “binding marry” 3 times

  • Doggo Pure
    Doggo Pure Day ago


  • h i
    h i Day ago

    Wow you have the same fears as me about restrooms

  • Caracal Lover12
    Caracal Lover12 Day ago +1

    4:56-5:20 i thought i was the only one...

  • Ed Wehby
    Ed Wehby Day ago

    I got a piece of wood stabbed into my leg and I didn't scream or crie as I couldn't process the injury as it was dark and I still haven't gone to the er as I was at camp and I got stitched up in the nurses cabin

  • Caracal Lover12
    Caracal Lover12 Day ago +1

    1:17 😂

  • MogiL
    MogiL Day ago

    I’m scared Of what can happen when you die !!
    So the unown

  • Bayan Muzlu Süt

    Couldn't agree more

  • Jordan Monson
    Jordan Monson Day ago

    I did

  • De Sister Show
    De Sister Show Day ago

    My greatest fear is probably when I start a shower and there’s a spider lodged in a corner at the top and then when I close my eyes and it’s just gone

  • Josh Blalock
    Josh Blalock Day ago +1

    We're is the jumpscare

  • TrashCan Quality

    Held my breath that whole last like 20 seconds bruh.

  • Kenya Stevenson
    Kenya Stevenson Day ago

    Bro book of life they just use same way

  • Joran van den berg

    Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good.

  • Squir rel
    Squir rel Day ago

    Why does that alien have three nipples?

  • Lil Brahda
    Lil Brahda Day ago

    Nice Harry Potter reference

  • Krystal Arms
    Krystal Arms Day ago

    That moment when you're sitting on the toilet and you hear a big splash. And you look down... and that splash was your cellphone.

  • Tea Sipping
    Tea Sipping 2 days ago

    Oml Coco is basically another version of the book of life and it ticked me off so much.

  • Mason games
    Mason games 2 days ago

    OMG I LIVE IN CANADA TOO but in ontario...

  • Mason games
    Mason games 2 days ago

    what do you use to do your animations? the're SUPER COOL!!!!!!

  • Zombie Raichu
    Zombie Raichu 2 days ago

    Nice try m9

  • Samuel Lau
    Samuel Lau 2 days ago

    He’s talking about how much spiders there is in Canada, Come to Australia😂

  • Happy Place
    Happy Place 2 days ago

    Hp Lovecraft is meh idol 😃. Thxs 4 using his quote.

  • Liberal Kid
    Liberal Kid 2 days ago

    damn look at these hospital bills lol

  • blde guy
    blde guy 2 days ago

    I am scared of ghost like that but school hunts me even more that death

  • Hideo Makoji
    Hideo Makoji 2 days ago

    The coco movie to me was a good movie but I still liked the book of the dead more

  • The Yeti
    The Yeti 2 days ago

    Trust me I'm never forget you man!

  • Ugandan Knuckle
    Ugandan Knuckle 2 days ago

    How can skeletons do anything they don’t have brains

  • Emma Rohmfeld
    Emma Rohmfeld 2 days ago

    The one time I went to the ER was when I fell down like 25 stairs when I slipped on the top one.

  • Lanimoo 808
    Lanimoo 808 2 days ago

    My worst fear is butterflies...every time I see one i go Rambo mode and hide

  • Elaine Huynh
    Elaine Huynh 2 days ago

    4:25 devilman reference, though I hated that anime.

  • Zikulit 07
    Zikulit 07 2 days ago

    Im scared of strangers

  • Regina Webb
    Regina Webb 2 days ago

    "Train to Busan. Omg stop remsking Asian horror films,just read the subtitles.. Ho mygahd ur illiterate"😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Birdtalegaming
    Birdtalegaming 2 days ago

    Nice demon reference

  • grey bowling ball
    grey bowling ball 2 days ago

    My fear is life because you can be talking to someone then the next time they could be dead or brain dead

  • I.H.Z Boi
    I.H.Z Boi 2 days ago

    Last 20 sec if the vid I tried his trick when you think there’s something scary about to happen look at the bottom of the screen

  • Joe Salgado
    Joe Salgado 2 days ago

    He said bloody Mary the third time

  • SuperPants
    SuperPants 2 days ago

    Bro that white screen at the end made me take off my headphones and cover up my screen

  • Elisha Rich
    Elisha Rich 2 days ago

    Smitty Werben *Yager* Man Jenson

  • Applecpyder Vinegar
    Applecpyder Vinegar 2 days ago

    Is there a fear of telling your parents your horrible grades...?... just me..?... I feel like that should be a thing.

  • A3RULAN aerulan
    A3RULAN aerulan 2 days ago

    The video is funny and so are the damn contactz. Yes that's how I spell contacts, and I will forever spell it like that.

  • TheSmartness
    TheSmartness 2 days ago

    (look on 5:30)

  • Xinix_The_Comma
    Xinix_The_Comma 2 days ago

    I was eleven when I watched The Grudge and I thought it was supposed to be scary so I watched it and wasn’t scared in any way shape or form because it was too easy to predict when a jump scare would happen

  • c w
    c w 2 days ago

    4:25 love the Devilman reference .

  • New recipe
    New recipe 2 days ago

    Same, I also fear being forgotten. It's sad, I've seen way too many headstones where they've fallen over, are chipped, and are being eroded away and it makes me sad. Somebody who died, somebody who lived a life probably like ours, somebody who struggled and survived through that struggle is forgotten. Or actions are imported, I think every action should be remembered. Even if somebody had TRIED to help others and failed, their effort should be remembered forever.
    That's why I fear being forgotten, I want to be remembered as someone understanding, considerate and just a hard-working person who tries. The fact that my effort and suffering will be forgotten is... scary.

  • TacoNinja23
    TacoNinja23 2 days ago

    i like how at 5:25, there is a 20xx like in ssbm

  • Darius Plays ROBLOX Games

    was that a reference to soul eater maka's weapon

  • Jacob Allen
    Jacob Allen 2 days ago

    Im actually legit scared of being in a bathroom when its dark.

  • msaeroplaneman
    msaeroplaneman 2 days ago

    I think we should let go of the idea of maintaining one identity, in order to remain in longevity. Think of copyright and how ideas shape and morph with time. You live on through the inspiration you give people, whether consciously or not. And we just need to accept that. A lot of the ways we've been inspired....most people don't even remember what, who, or why they thought of that new idea. If asked, most people would lie or make things up because they've forgotten. But the thing they create, will still remember. And we just need to be okay with that, and understand that.
    There's that saying, "There's nothing new under the sun." There isn't. Every idea will eventually morph into each other. We're just living in a day and age where we have so many different mediums to be creative, to express and demonstrate love. What luck!

  • Stephanie Fang
    Stephanie Fang 2 days ago +1


  • kemuael
    kemuael 2 days ago

    My greatest fear: Dying without reaching my fullest potential and not achieving everything I wanted in life.

  • Johnny Exama
    Johnny Exama 2 days ago

    Guys Guys it Really Works the thumbs up

  • Dayside art
    Dayside art 2 days ago

    when i'm at a haunted house i get so scared from people jump scaring me i just punch them in the face

  • Tristan Nantista
    Tristan Nantista 2 days ago +1

    There was some tension on that last 30 seconds....

  • Keith Simpleton
    Keith Simpleton 2 days ago


  • Darling
    Darling 2 days ago

    good. so im not the only one scared of bathrooms.. ; - ;

  • Heidi Khattak
    Heidi Khattak 2 days ago

    I'm afraid of the dark, I believe that the light can literally save me from anything like,"BACK OFF IVE GOT LIGHT"

  • Vegito Bluer
    Vegito Bluer 2 days ago

    6:38 GoKu FoR DlC PlEsE

  • Jeff Laine
    Jeff Laine 2 days ago

    Omg dom I do the same thing 😂 if it’s dark and a scary scene is about to happen I close my eyes but if the lights are on and people could see me, I either direct my eyes to the corner of the screen or blur my vision