Irish People Try American Cereals

  • Published on Nov 12, 2018
  • Irish People trying a selection of American does what it says on the tin!
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    We like to have our TRYers taste a variety of American foods here on the channel, as you must know. We noticed they had missed out on the most important meal of the day - breakfast! American cereals, to be precise. So we had our Irish People try a selection of the popular breakfast items. See what they thought!
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    Diane Jennings: TRY.Media/Diane
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Comments • 2 586

  • Alejandro Montes
    Alejandro Montes 23 hours ago

    Would it have been bad to introduce them to lucky charms.

  • SeemsLogical
    SeemsLogical 2 days ago

    Do a part 2 but include these cereals:
    Honey Nut Cheerios
    Fruity Pebbles
    Cocoa Pebbles
    Fruit Loops
    Frosted Mini Wheats
    Frosted Flakes
    Cap'n Crunch (peanut butter for Dermot)
    Lucky Charms
    Seriously though... how could you leave out Lucky Charms?

  • Howard Smith
    Howard Smith 6 days ago

    Was Dermot unavailable to try the Reese's cereal?

  • Arun Salwan
    Arun Salwan 8 days ago

    We seem to have more choice than most countries ..these aren’t the most popular cereals ,no where near but they r available to buy
    “Smells like shit or smells like waffles”
    People do have different pallets

  • O Snap
    O Snap 10 days ago

    whats with irish ppl and hating peanut butter? like are they just born hating that stuff lol

  • G Robinson
    G Robinson 10 days ago

    blinded by the hotness at the beginning

  • William Rochr
    William Rochr 12 days ago

    Those cereals are all shit. There are much better ones that aren't all sugar.

  • Canuckmom1958
    Canuckmom1958 13 days ago

    The only one of those that is remotely worth eating is the Reese's. My Mom used to say the Box had more nutrition than the cereal.

  • Daniel Collin
    Daniel Collin 15 days ago

    I finally know the difference between gruel and porridge.

  • Peter Griffey
    Peter Griffey 15 days ago

    2 of these cereals I have never seen before or heard of

  • swander
    swander 15 days ago

    The Captain crunch. Fruit loops. Sugar smacks Lucky charms I actuallyate that crap when I was young.

  • Steve DAmico
    Steve DAmico 15 days ago

    You've gotta just eat the Reese's straight out of the box, without milk...I can eat the damn box; and I don't generally like cereals.

  • Myron Fredericks
    Myron Fredericks 16 days ago

    Wtf... who eats this shizz

  • D Kelly
    D Kelly 16 days ago

    They gotta try Cookie Crisp and Waffle Crisp!

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell 18 days ago +1

    Origanal Captain Cruch is American cereal not blue berry I've never seen that in my life and I'm in the US.

  • Mike L.
    Mike L. 19 days ago

    Why no Lucky Charms?

  • Biohybrid _
    Biohybrid _ 19 days ago

    You should've given them King Vitamin... It would've been a 10/10

  • Pancho Castio
    Pancho Castio 20 days ago

    I so have a crush on Irish Velma ❤👓

  • Rommelstar mdoverclocker

    Try Magic Spoon brand cereals

  • porpus99
    porpus99 23 days ago

    Funny thing is that while I have tried most of these, I do not eat any of them. My go to cereal is Raisin Brand

  • Pahricida
    Pahricida 24 days ago +2

    I don't trust people that prefer their cereal to be soggy. Also honey smacks or gtfo.

  • Pops
    Pops 25 days ago +1

    Ciara's so fuckin' hot.

  • JaY Dell
    JaY Dell 25 days ago

    What kind of milk are y'all using? Bleh!! low fat, get that sh!t out of here

  • MintBerry Crunch
    MintBerry Crunch 25 days ago +1

    WHY have thet not tried Lucky Charms yet?

  • Mark Hurley
    Mark Hurley 26 days ago +1

    Most of them didn’t even put enough milk in , and most of those aren’t staple nor that good

  • noah evers
    noah evers 27 days ago

    all the hate on american cereals you'd think the cereal in Ireland is better but im guessing its even more "shite" plus we dont actually eat those except reeses puffs

  • DevilsAssasin17
    DevilsAssasin17 29 days ago

    You have so many people that don't like peanut butter doing these lmao.

  • Oneshot Onekill
    Oneshot Onekill Month ago

    Prison food lol Yup!

  • Rick White
    Rick White Month ago

    They have eyes and they eat each other

  • Skrearlmaster
    Skrearlmaster Month ago

    yeah kinda bullshit guys, none of those really get eaten here

  • David Russnak
    David Russnak Month ago

    wtf? Why are you giving them nothing but weird cereals nobody eats? The Reese's Puffs are the only one normal people eat.

  • Tia Stewart
    Tia Stewart Month ago

    Who tf eats super Mario cereal???? Never seen it

  • KLM Hooked Moore
    KLM Hooked Moore Month ago

    These are kiddie cereal guys. You're making waaay to much out of it.

  • #spoliniandoliver O
    #spoliniandoliver O Month ago +1

    I don't eat any of those cereals, where's regular Cap 'n Crunch, Frosted Flakes or Corn Pops???

  • Cisium
    Cisium Month ago

    The irony is that I grew up eating porridge every morning.

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark Month ago

    Cinnamon toast crunch may be top saler..very popular

  • chris green
    chris green Month ago

    I'd rather eat Grape Nuts than any of these.

    MACISUS Month ago

    More like Irish people try super nasty surgery cereals. Maybe try again with ADULT cereals?

  • wyvern723
    wyvern723 Month ago

    .... I've never heard of these cereals ... Could they not get Lucky Charms or Cheerios?

  • David Myrick
    David Myrick Month ago

    To be honest when u downplayed Reese's puff cereal like u don't even deserve the cereals we eat regularly. Have ur water grits and butter

  • Death Knight
    Death Knight Month ago

    I have never heard of these cereals and I am from America

  • Kenisha L
    Kenisha L Month ago

    I’m American. Y’all got the knock-off cereals.

  • Next_ Monday
    Next_ Monday Month ago

    Did they say anything bad about the Reese's Puffs I am going to flip shit.

  • Jennifer wellman
    Jennifer wellman Month ago

    I stopped eating sugar cereals a year ago, Because really they are all 💩

  • John Robatchka
    John Robatchka Month ago

    They gave you bunch of crap cereals

  • Runs4Drinks
    Runs4Drinks Month ago +3

    You missed so many good ones. Cocoa Puffs, Count Chocula, Frankenberry, Cookie Crisp, Sugar Smacks, Golden Grahams.

  • chadwoodd
    chadwoodd Month ago

    None of these people like anything American...

  • Daniel Egan
    Daniel Egan Month ago

    They all seem cool except one stick in the mud. We all know who that is.

  • Megrayne23
    Megrayne23 Month ago

    Look up french toast crunch cereal commercials. The little cereals are cannibals!

  • Richard J. Tripoli Jr.

    Emmanuel Idama @emmanidama I get bags of the Cereal marshmallow’s to snack on.

  • Mohammed  ahmed
    Mohammed ahmed Month ago

    Wtf does America got to prove to irland???

  • James Shannon
    James Shannon 2 months ago

    What a great group. All of you funny, even you MC, just kidding, you're special...

  • Kendall Navstar
    Kendall Navstar 2 months ago


  • Vallhund
    Vallhund 2 months ago

    Do something different. Do Irish People watch porn on PornHub.

  • p0pp4
    p0pp4 2 months ago

    Feeling sick afterwards is normal. It's the sugar.

  • Nó Nàmé
    Nó Nàmé 2 months ago

    Where did you all actually acquire these? I have a strong feeling these are not exactly an American thing.

  • Fraz82
    Fraz82 2 months ago +1

    Did anyone else pause the video to complete the Mario maze? lol

  • nodnoc
    nodnoc 2 months ago

    does this channel intentionally give them the weird shit that most americans dont eat?

  • J G
    J G 2 months ago

    Super milk?

  • Casey Sand
    Casey Sand 2 months ago +1

    Rice Krispie Treats cereal

  • Shelly Goodwin
    Shelly Goodwin 2 months ago +1

    all you can do is bitch & complain! you actually are deprived because of what your food choices are. you sound like old bitter women!

  • David Hooker
    David Hooker 2 months ago

    Guys, 1: That's what we give our children to start them on a path to diabetes. Repeat, those are children cereal. Adults stop eating that crap in college. The adult stuff is the shit!! It's all a mixture of honey nuts and grains and raisins and corn flakes mixed in a variety of different ways. There's some gross shit too. But you get tired of that super sweet sugary KIDS CEREAL in your teens. Unless you're a pothead........but even you guys, ya always bring a smile.

  • Justin Keith
    Justin Keith 2 months ago +1

    These aren't normal cereals. These are trial run cereals sold at Sam's Club. Reese's cereal is the only normal one and everyone loved it, except Kelly.

  • bby m
    bby m 2 months ago

    French toast crunch? Cinnamon Toast Crunch is better

  • Obie
    Obie 2 months ago


  • Trevor Spring
    Trevor Spring 2 months ago

    Emmanuel also knows what prison for tastes like

  • Trevor Spring
    Trevor Spring 2 months ago

    Emmanuel is the most annoy person on this channel.

  • Drew Shourd
    Drew Shourd 2 months ago

    ...once again, the only Americans that eat this shyt are unhealthy, ill-informed, sugar addicted adults who feed the shyt to their kids.

  • Timothy Cole
    Timothy Cole 2 months ago

    French toast crunch is for suckers! It's all about the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Fruity Pebbles.

  • Cerillion Blue
    Cerillion Blue 2 months ago

    why are adults trying kids cereals? There are good tasting, healthy adult cereals they might actually like

  • W1cked RcL
    W1cked RcL 2 months ago +1

    Diane is secretly American

  • lester mckee
    lester mckee 2 months ago

    they need to try granola crunch.

  • Arnold Baker
    Arnold Baker 2 months ago

    Seriously?! Try cinnamon toast crunch, strawberry mini wheats, fruity or coco pepples, honey toasted oats, frosted flakes,

  • Chris Bolin
    Chris Bolin 2 months ago

    What the hell is super milk

  • Larry renz
    Larry renz 2 months ago

    The super Mario bros cereal is just knock off lucky charms from the way they described it

  • Larry renz
    Larry renz 2 months ago

    Grool means something else in North America

  • Prince_ TheSims
    Prince_ TheSims 2 months ago

    French toast and Reese’s puffs are the only I tried... and liked

  • ໓นŞtiຖ hคk໐ຖŞ໐ຖ

    Never had Super Mario Bros. cereal, but I imagine it's a lot like Lucky Charms. That crap becomes gross as hell as you get older.

  • Chet
    Chet 2 months ago

    Mary-Claire has some amazing cleavage going on. 😛

  • nashvillenightkat
    nashvillenightkat 2 months ago

    Where did they get the cereals from I never heard of any of these other than first one and them not good.

  • towert7
    towert7 2 months ago +1

    Why not give them the good ones? Cinnamon toast crunch, reeses peantut butter puffs, lucky charms, and froot loops.

  • James Shannon
    James Shannon 2 months ago

    Those are some of the worst cereals in Amurica

  • Corach
    Corach 2 months ago

    Wait....we have Super Mario Cereal?
    That's a new one on me and I was born and raised in the USA.

  • Danny Bowden
    Danny Bowden 3 months ago

    "that's how color works"

  • Holly LeCompte
    Holly LeCompte 3 months ago

    Is it just me or doesnt MC look like she could've played the role of Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades? Anyone??

  • nulfater
    nulfater 3 months ago

    Odd ass cereals, where’s the fruity pebbles, trix or frosted mini wheats?

  • Kendall Scrimshaw
    Kendall Scrimshaw 3 months ago

    Fuck you! French Toast Crunch is amazing!

  • Victory Saber
    Victory Saber 3 months ago

    I've had these and I swear to God white chocolate dingdongs are a gift of the heavens and my damn Walmart hardly ever has em. Hostess yes back up that truck over here I'll eat the pallet of em.

  • Making it on our own
    Making it on our own 3 months ago

    Do they still sell some of these? I thought Mario cereal was discontinued years ago.

  • Conner of Dill Creek
    Conner of Dill Creek 3 months ago

    FTC, RP, the rest I’ve never even heard of.

  • Ayana Nyree
    Ayana Nyree 3 months ago

    I've literally never seen that Mario or blueberry capn crunch cereal in my entire life. I think we need to find you a new American consultant.

  • toasteee252
    toasteee252 3 months ago

    Irish adults try cereals with some kids cereals mixed in that adults won't eat because thier taste buds changed as they grew older and lost the taste for them

  • david gutierrez
    david gutierrez 3 months ago

    This video reminded me that Irish is a nationality not a race.

  • Coushatta LaRue
    Coushatta LaRue 3 months ago

    I love French Toast Crunch! And I know of the Reese's one even though I don't like them. But I don't know any of the others. Why did they pick such strange American cereal?

  • Eyreaus Marx
    Eyreaus Marx 3 months ago

    Will/Is there an Irish People Trys American Fair Food? Fried Butter, funnel cakes, the likes?

  • Eyreaus Marx
    Eyreaus Marx 3 months ago

    What are these cereals?! Most of these are not the classic standard American fair.

  • Missy J.
    Missy J. 3 months ago

    A brioche crunch? 😆😆😆

  • tmart43
    tmart43 3 months ago

    American's haven't even tried most of these, great test lol

  • KMcBride151
    KMcBride151 4 months ago

    ...super milk...

  • Ron Schaffer
    Ron Schaffer 4 months ago

    I make my oatmeal with water too yum banana