Avengers Endgame TIME TRAVEL Explained! Timeline Breakdown (SPOILERS!)

  • Published on Apr 26, 2019
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    SPOILERS ahead! Seriously, STOP READING if you haven't seen Endgame!
    How does #AvengersEndgame change what we know about the MCU timeline, and what loose threads could be explored in Marvel Phase 4? Erik Voss goes full geek-mode to explain Endgame's complex interpretation of quantum physics, the Quantum Realm, multiple realities, time travel, paradoxes... all that science stuff! What happened on Cap's final mission with the Infinity Stones? What happened to Loki? What about Thanos? WHY is Gamora? The first of many deep dives into the mysteries and complexities of Avengers Endgame... which will keep us talking for years to come! Again, this breakdown discusses the movie's story and definitely includes spoilers, so if be sure to watch Avengers Endgame before watching beyond the first 20 seconds of this breakdown!
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  • New Rockstars
    New Rockstars  Month ago +553

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    • August Sucks
      August Sucks Month ago

      The Infinity Stone Collector l think they all got dusted and brought back so they didn’t age

    • Ariel Jaan Casas
      Ariel Jaan Casas Month ago

      Wait now I have a question. Does endgame call the X-Men days of future past trash just like back to the future?

    • Tejas P S
      Tejas P S Month ago

      Why didn't Captain Marvel/hulk/Thor use the infinity gauntlet to being back Tony Stark?
      Or, At least,

      Why didn't Doctor strange use the time Stone to save Tony?

    • Carl Johnson
      Carl Johnson Month ago

      By the way I am A Observant Jew Also A Strong Student In The Technology of Kabbalah, which Is what These Comics and Movies have In Them

    • Carl Johnson
      Carl Johnson Month ago

      ALL what Is Said About Quantum physics & Realies In what Your Showing Dealing with the Science Fact program of Stan Lee's Marvel Comics and Dealing with the Different Stones Has ALL TOO Do With Open The Vortex On The Most Holy Temple Mount Tziyon Moriah In Yerushalayim State Capitol of Yisrael, And One Known Secret That Stan Probably Knew was Our Jewish Messiah king Rabainu Deliverer Redeemer Savior Chosen One Moshe/Shiloh Yosef Ben Dayan of The Davidic Dynasty of Messiah king David and Solomon's Descendant WILL Be The One TOO Open It TOO The 955 Parallel Realms Known as The Gan Eden.


    My head hurts even more but the vid still helped

  • Hanung Gerry
    Hanung Gerry 4 days ago

    But the ancient one said that by bringing the stones back will make the timelines branching merged again?

  • Alberto Romano
    Alberto Romano 20 days ago

    So, there is a reality with 2 captain America? One living with Peggy and the other one frozen?? Or did Cap rescue himself and lived it up happily ever after?? That is one doubt that I still have

  • Ash 1D
    Ash 1D 25 days ago

    Apart from other branching timelines, So the actual chain of events following Thanos' snap is like a loop or predestination, things will keep happening like that? He will snap, they'll go and take the stones back, he'll come to the future again to be defeated AGAIN? 😐

  • Jonathan Nuamah
    Jonathan Nuamah 26 days ago

    0:14 only 1 million.

  • Christopher Turner
    Christopher Turner 29 days ago

    Anyone know how Cap got the cosmic gems back where they belong AND got the Benetar back to the Guardians? It's the only question that's bothering me.

  • Katelyn Murray
    Katelyn Murray 29 days ago

    After we watched Endgame, my dad turned to me and said, "So, the savior of the universe is a rat?"
    Like if you get the joke.

  • Farid Shaya
    Farid Shaya 29 days ago

    Captain America in the main timeline is unaffected... there’s a separate timeline of he and Peggy’s life. And how do we know it was 1940s Peggy vs 1970 Peggy?

  • MK
    MK Month ago +1

    I have a confusion ...... Thanos died in 2023 .... That means infinity war never happened in 2018 ...... Then how Endgame happened in 2023 ⁉️😕😵😵

    • jollllop
      jollllop 25 days ago

      Better yet, did you pay attention to this video that further explains the time travel theory?

    • jollllop
      jollllop 25 days ago

      Did you pay any attention to the movie and how time travel works in that context?

  • Raymond C
    Raymond C Month ago

    When cap went back to 1940s, wouldn't there be two caps? So how can he lived until old?

  • yashsurve .ys10
    yashsurve .ys10 Month ago +1

    Remember that apple scene from doctor strange movie he could have done that in infinity wars to stop Thanos but they ruined it!

  • rt surface
    rt surface Month ago

    whatever it takes... hahahah

  • Linda Chan
    Linda Chan Month ago

    Lol "sorry, no refunds". Returning the soul stone is one of the biggest loose ends I wished there was an explanation for. Also, in the current timeline, the infinity stones done exist anymore since Thanos' second snap snapped them out of existence, are they really destroyed since someone can just go back and get them? The avengers only returned them because of the danger of having them all in one place at one time, but some more sinister villain would not mind bringing it back. Also, Thanos apparently succeeds in snapping in 99999999 since Dr strange only saw one instance where the avengers suceed but since all the hiccups made back in time, there are now 4~5 realities where thanos may not have successfully snapped and therefore possibly the stones still exist past the second snap on one or more of the parallel multiverses.

  • Malia Anise
    Malia Anise Month ago

    You should do a video thats dedicated to cap living in the 1940s again. Like "created a separate timeline vs. Still in the current mcu timeline"

  • michel Ichiman fernandes

    If Cap brings the Soul Stone back to Vormir, will Black Widow come back ?

  • Ariel Jaan Casas
    Ariel Jaan Casas Month ago

    Wait now I have a question. Does endgame call the X-Men days of future past trash just like back to the future?

  • Tejas P S
    Tejas P S Month ago

    Why didn't Captain Marvel/hulk/Thor use the infinity gauntlet to being back Tony Stark?
    Or, At least,

    Why didn't Doctor strange use the time Stone to save Tony?

  • whetherwepieces
    whetherwepieces Month ago

    how many alternate universe did dr.strange created with the timestone, fighting dormammu?

  • AJ BD
    AJ BD Month ago

    Cap has a child

  • T H Jr
    T H Jr Month ago

    At the very end of Endgame - when Hulk, Falcon and Winter Soldier are sending Captain America back in time; you can spot a helicopter in the background carrying off a CRATE. There's a crane in the image as well and it looks like the helicopter is apart of the clean up operation however it's carrying a crate - not debris. This is placement. There is meaning behind this. It wouldn't be there if there wasn't significance behind it. What could possibly be stored in the crate that would need to be wisked off? I'm pretty sure this is a lead into a future plotline.

  • Shining Your Own Way

    So the time travel use is like the flash timer line you break it and when you fix it there will be changes

  • Dominic Lunt
    Dominic Lunt Month ago

    Your video in October 2018 predicted this movie very well

  • Fan Te Dan Edits
    Fan Te Dan Edits Month ago +8

    MCU Fans during Endgame : *I understood that reference...* 🎯🙌💟

  • Joheal Antonio
    Joheal Antonio Month ago

    Best time travel movie ever......

  • CarolEscobarGt
    CarolEscobarGt Month ago +7

    Natasha: "See you in a minute" with a smile before going for the stones... :'(

  • Brayden matush
    Brayden matush Month ago

    Time travel is always so confusing for me

  • Charles Needs Donuts Barkley

    Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 definately most anticipated marvel movie now😏😏😏

  • raybrowski
    raybrowski Month ago +1

    Funniest part of the video is when you transformed into Red Skull and said “Sawrry...No Refunds..🤣”

  • Edzel Marc Robion
    Edzel Marc Robion Month ago +2

    "On your left."
    "Avengers, Assemble."
    I f*cking bawled my eyes out at that.

  • Al the Alligator
    Al the Alligator Month ago +1

    Gamora got dusted

    KING CANCEROUS Month ago

    Where is hugh jackman cameo ?

  • Bear Brown
    Bear Brown Month ago

    Best part is when Cap picked up the Hammer

  • shivam vishwakarma
    shivam vishwakarma Month ago

    Watched I watched in 3d but nothing came popping out of screen. 🤔🤔🤔

  • Banana Split
    Banana Split Month ago

    I also noticed that at one point bucky looked exactly like loki do you think its just a coinsidence or do you think loki is still alive?

  • Banana Split
    Banana Split Month ago

    Do you think that thanoss quote in infinity war ''I know what its like to lose '' has somthing to do with him loseing in endgame?

  • Leopoldo Azpurua
    Leopoldo Azpurua Month ago

    The stones had to be returned to the place where it was taken if they leave their timeline because they balance the universe, since the space stone never left the timeline because it was taken by Loki, no bad ripple (don't remember if thats the name) was created. The biggest doubt i have is how did Captain America give back the soul stone.

  • Dani L
    Dani L Month ago

    red skull said everlasting trade when they were at Vormir. Wouldn't that mean that even if you return the stone Natasha wouldn't come back? I'm guessing...

  • Dani L
    Dani L Month ago

    red skull said everlasting "trade" in avengers endgame, would that mean that returning the stone it wouldn't bring Natasha back! I'm guessing... ;(

  • Drums & Dragons
    Drums & Dragons Month ago

    The huge army of avengers lining up behind cap as he says Avengers Assemble. That whole final battle was incredible

  • maddy dhondge
    maddy dhondge Month ago

    Things going to happen in Loki TV series are going to happen in different realty....... because what ancient one says about taking infinity stone from one's time line

  • blue p3nguin
    blue p3nguin Month ago +1

    thank you rat very cool

  • Think Outside Of The Idiot Box

    It’s the Dragon Ball Z time travel idea.

  • S. Gatsby
    S. Gatsby Month ago +2

    Captain Marvel is the best. Period.

  • MrClovvnz
    MrClovvnz Month ago

    The moment when Tony hugs his dad and says, “Thank you for everything.... you’ve done for the country.” He never got to tell his dad how he felt.

  • ASM_93
    ASM_93 Month ago

    Wouldn’t there be two Steve Rogers now The one who went back aka our Cap and the other timeline cap who gets frozen in ice???? I’m confused someone help me 😂

  • ysock
    ysock Month ago

    But wait, how did old cap rejoin the main time line at the end of the movie?

  • Max Myers
    Max Myers Month ago

    which would mean Gamorah who is in love with Quill would be alive & to be found

  • hampton7c
    hampton7c Month ago

    Are we gonna see Namor? What is Wakanda hiding with an underwater earthquake! A possible war with Atlantis?

  • hampton7c
    hampton7c Month ago

    Did CPT America fightRed Skull again when trying to return the stone knowing he used to be HYRDA

  • Sandra Caraballo
    Sandra Caraballo Month ago

    Everyone keeps saying "a rat" excuse you that rat is Master Splinter, have some respect 😂😂

  • James Kr
    James Kr Month ago

    real mystery is how cap put back the space stone as tesseract

  • Sparkly Mop
    Sparkly Mop Month ago +1

    The best moment, by far, is when Cap wielded Mjolnir.

  • Evan Cappello
    Evan Cappello Month ago

    Scott Lang didn’t “jump” forward in time; the time actually passed in the world while he was stuck in the Quantum Realm for a mere 5-hrs.

  • Tristan Shaw
    Tristan Shaw Month ago

    Ok so there was a theory that you can hear captain marvel (or someone else) say “I have have telepathy “ in the trailers for Endgame. I went to the theatre and heard it in the actual movie. So what does this mean @newrockstars

  • Ying
    Ying Month ago

    A pity hulk didnt have much action scenes

  • Javier  Huitron
    Javier Huitron Month ago

    Captain America using Mjöllnir

  • xoMarielle
    xoMarielle Month ago

    Interesting how Infinity War Thanos said that him and Stark were so similar and what happened to him at the end :(

  • Senjuruven
    Senjuruven Month ago

    How did the old cap come back. There is no evidence that he came back from the time machine. And there is no chance that he just aged up and waited at the scene of time travel since he was in a different reality that the original one.

  • Rajiv Sinha
    Rajiv Sinha Month ago

    Waiting for your Easter Eggs video of Endgame... Love how the dots connect in MCU...

  • Assassin Initiate
    Assassin Initiate Month ago

    Damn I didn’t even think about it. If cap had to go back to every place to return the stones i wonder how his reunion with Red skull went???

  • Anwita Bhati
    Anwita Bhati Month ago

    Black widow cannot come back because red skull said the the exchange for the soul stone is everlasting nothing can effect it

  • Ray Toh
    Ray Toh Month ago

    ..."Red Skull says:......"
    get me literally LOL..

  • santa henriette
    santa henriette Month ago


  • Bishop Lewis
    Bishop Lewis Month ago +11

    When cap lifted thors hamer ,I don't think I can even explain how hype I was.

  • Roth & Leakhena
    Roth & Leakhena Month ago

    Nebula can bring the past thanos to the present. Why don’t they do the same to bring tony?

  • Jemini229 Redd
    Jemini229 Redd Month ago

    How did 2014 Thanos come to 2023 if they only had enough Pen Particular to go and come back?

  • luisa carrillo
    luisa carrillo Month ago

    The fight scene at the end was everything!!!!

  • GrimMonkey
    GrimMonkey Month ago

    You know how Scott was changing ages, when they where testing time travel. What if they did that to Caption America?

  • Chiken Nugget
    Chiken Nugget Month ago

    So sad iron was my favorite hero :( almost cried at his funeral

  • Anime is Beautiful
    Anime is Beautiful Month ago

    *Tony Stark did not have to die and the final battle may not even have taken place*
    I have been meaning to ask ,so was *this* that one outcome ,in which they win ,I mean come on ,the final battle would not even have taken place and Tony would not have died if they didn't take Nebula with them in the past , couldn't Doctor Strange just have said to Tony that "don't take Nebula back" (he must have known about this right?) ,like as a cryptic last message ,that Tony would only remember when the Avengers actually attempt time travel

  • Anime is Beautiful
    Anime is Beautiful Month ago

    Captain America knows *"himself"* too well❤❤❤
    Now that was a moment of feeling proud about yourself and also knowing what your about to get yourself into because you just don't give up ,and this made me feel so sentimental to see Cap this happy and open
    -if you know what I mean 😉

  • Jacko Reece
    Jacko Reece Month ago +1

    Cap fought Cap and past Cap said something and Future Cap said something.... *CAPTASTIC*

  • HiiiQualityy
    HiiiQualityy Month ago

    When past Cap said “I can do this all day” & future Cap said “I know” I felt as if that’s when he made his decision to stay with Peggy. He’s tired & been fighting too long

  • Tyler Messer
    Tyler Messer Month ago

    #ThatRat... The true hero of Endgame who got no credit.

  • HiiiQualityy
    HiiiQualityy Month ago

    Idk why but I’m surprised you didn’t mention anything about Thor feeling worthy again because he could still call on mjölir

  • Noah Bucher
    Noah Bucher Month ago

    fav moment is when cap lifted thors hammer

  • Fabian Nappenbach
    Fabian Nappenbach Month ago

    Why would Cap need to return the Stones to the Time of Avengers 1 (2012) and the one of Guardians1? (2014)?Both times are Cronenberged anyway. 2012 is messed up as Loki has the Tesseract. 2014 is messed up even harder with Thanos and all his Troops including Gamora and Nebula Missing. Why would Red Skull need his Soul Stone back? Why Starlord? All the Events of Guardians1 will not Be set of. Maybe return the Time Stone so Doctor Strange can fight Dormammu later. But the definitely could have kept Space and Soulstone

  • J Compass
    J Compass Month ago

    Micky Rat?

  • Totally A Toaster
    Totally A Toaster Month ago

    Also peggy carter had kids in original timeline so that is another split reality as well.

  • Birta Júlía Helgadóttir

    5:23 you’ve made my life better and less depressing by saying that. Thank you.

  • I’m ur Dad
    I’m ur Dad Month ago

    I’m so confused

  • IrinaNaidin
    IrinaNaidin Month ago

    "On your left"

  • AnimaSean
    AnimaSean Month ago

    But if Thanos disappeared in tonys snap, then how did present day thanos snap in infinity war, making avengers 4 happen. Time paradox?

  • J.O.R.D
    J.O.R.D Month ago

    Sorry! No refunds 😂😂😂 and whatever it takes to cover it all hahaha

  • RylanH5
    RylanH5 Month ago

    U needed just 7 more seconds

  • Corin Gillens
    Corin Gillens Month ago

    Are we sure the female at the end is peggy Carter and not natasha?

  • Cody Chandler
    Cody Chandler Month ago

    So since thanos destroyed all their stones, and they returned all the ones they used. Whats gunna happen to their continuum

  • Jason VorSleaze
    Jason VorSleaze Month ago

    So if Thor took back Mjolnir from the past back to present day with him,how did he have it for the battle in the original Thor?

  • RP 31907
    RP 31907 Month ago

    The real hero is a rat

  • Berbere
    Berbere Month ago

    What about spiderman timeline, bc he and all his friends are still alive in school like nothing happened, but actually 5 years already past so... what

  • marlon mannette
    marlon mannette Month ago

    If Captain America went back in time at the end of End Game to live the rest of his life then what happened to the Captain America from that timeline ? Wouldn't there be 2 Captain Americas in the same timeline?

  • I am Shidou
    I am Shidou Month ago

    1: why they didn't go back between those 20 days from 1st snap of thanos to 2nd snap?
    2: where was Ronan i mean he was also in GOTG 2014 and also was Thanos's allie and we could see C.marvel vs Ronan once again?
    3: RedSkull said Soul for a Soul not Soul for soul stone So can we bring back Nat by giving soul stone??

  • Cam Fifer
    Cam Fifer Month ago

    Best Part? "That is America's ass"

  • Frank Quinol
    Frank Quinol Month ago

    Does this mean that Tony Stark and Natasha are still l alive in the 2014 alternate universe where Thanos disappeared?

  • MrSushiBoi :0
    MrSushiBoi :0 Month ago

    Dr strange saved Ironman to kill thanos.

  • Ring Road
    Ring Road Month ago

    I think the only error is when you say, "The main timeline has now been changed so that the world saw a 20th century with Steve Rogers not him vanishing in ice." But it seems that Cap America was still frozen in ice and that the one from the future just laid low so as to not affect the main time line which means he had been there the whole time!

  • Δημήτρης Σπανόπουλος

    But Cap would have a duplicate if he returned back wouldn't he?

    • Jennie Mae
      Jennie Mae Month ago

      Δημήτρης Σπανόπουλος :O

  • Angelo Lopez
    Angelo Lopez Month ago

    Please talk about how cap didnt comeback from the portal but was seen sitting on a bench but was 70+ years old

  • Seraj Ahmed
    Seraj Ahmed Month ago

    How tannos and his whole army enter into the earth to fight with the avengers through a portal as it is considered a future time for thanos i.e 2023, but he was died in the year 2019 only by thor at his home.