Film Theory: Why You SHOULDN'T FLY to Mordor! (The Lord of the Rings)


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  • potentatewags
    potentatewags Hour ago

    You didn't go over the lore very well. Mt. Doom is consistly referred to as a mountain, not a volcano. There were references to the flames licking the ceilings. Flying would have given Sauron ample time to counter and they would not have been able to fly over and drop it in.
    To quote the History of Middle Earth:
    I can think of only one way: one would have to find the Cracks of Doom in the depths of Orodruin, the Fire-Mountain, and case the Ring in there, if he really wished to destroy it, or put it beyond all reach until the End.

  • geefreck
    geefreck Hour ago

    *Reads title*
    "Why You SHOULDN'T FLY to Mordor!"
    _Prob because there's an awful in-flight menu_

  • H B
    H B 4 hours ago

    MatPat documentary: You've got it all:
    -Informational voiceovers
    -Measurements via football field

  • J. S. Wahl
    J. S. Wahl 10 hours ago

    Interesting theory, but I'm going to poke holes in YOUR theory that poked holes in the ORIGINAL theory. Both are wrong, which doesn't mean that the original theory is right, but that Gandalf was saying something simple, like "Run away you morons!" instead.
    In the Middle Earth, there are beings that have souls, and beings that did not. The eagles are not beings created with souls, but animals awakened to consciousness by the demi-gods. Contrast this with Ents, which are souls that existed before the trees, and either populated them, or grew to look like them over time. This means that if you put the ring in the hands of an Eagle, it would view it as merely a pebble, much like putting the ring in the hands of a deer would.
    Gandalf basically could call on the eagles because he did them the world's biggest favor. They practically owed him for all time for what he did them. It's intentionally left vague what he did, only that he did something so awesome that they can never say no. This is important because it means that basically they only owe Gandalf a favor. No gandalf = no ride to mordor. And Gandalf is wise enough to know this.
    P.S. The one ring gave the bearer its most desired power. I.E. Put the ring in the hands of a hobbit, which just wants to be left alone (even from other hobbits), and that hobbit gains the power to go invisible. The ring in the hands of a king of Arnor (Eriador + Gondor), and he gains power and leadership over men. We can't even imagine what the ring would do in the hands of an Elf Lord (like galadriel) who already had another ring of power, or a Wizard (like Saruman), or BOTH! (like Gandalf who was gifted a ring of power and was a wizard!)

  • George G.
    George G. 11 hours ago

    The work you've put into this video in every way, is simply amazing. Kudos to you.

  • Luke Filewalker
    Luke Filewalker 11 hours ago

    Americans just have this kinda arrogant tone to them..i dont like it

  • Brandon Wolf
    Brandon Wolf 12 hours ago

    If you remember in the movie the ring forms to fit the owner of the ring .. so it’s completely plausible that the ring would increase sizes to fit the talon of the eagle

  • Fugazity
    Fugazity 12 hours ago

    In other words, if someone carry Frodo who is caring the rings means the one who is carrying Frodo is technically caring the ring too and will be seduced by it's power.

  • Drew Jenkins
    Drew Jenkins 13 hours ago +1

    Still waiting for someone to disprove my LOTR theory:
    The entire 3rd Age is just Elrond's "what if" nightmare ... cause Elrond tossed Isildur straight to his death the second he saw dodgy eyes ... Elrond don't play games.

  • Tucher97
    Tucher97 14 hours ago

    why the group didn't fly to mordor, well there is a thing called arrows

  • PizzaTide
    PizzaTide 15 hours ago

    Had to watch the video teich because when i first saw that intro i laughed for 12 min

  • Alexander Mudge
    Alexander Mudge 15 hours ago

    Bruh you forgot illuvatar

  • Cringe Department
    Cringe Department 17 hours ago

    **bongos intensify**

  • monkeymox
    monkeymox 20 hours ago

    Another important point is that the eagles serve Manwe, and the Valar are not supposed to directly interfere in the affairs of Middle Earth. True, they sent Gandalf and the other Istari to guide the free peoples of Middle Earth, but perhaps allowing the eagles to literally carry the ring over to Mordor would have been a step too far. They might have been forbidden to give aid, and Gandalf would have known this, so he wouldn't have even bothered suggesting it.

  • Jerry Can1213
    Jerry Can1213 22 hours ago

    FORGET THEORIES, become a stand up comedian

  • Lemikelux
    Lemikelux Day ago

    Very good theory. Though in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, around the end of the movie, Bilbo gets carried by an eagle while he has the ring in his pocket.

  • Benjamin S S
    Benjamin S S Day ago

    The hobbit trilogy wasent bad!

  • WaLLy
    WaLLy Day ago

    Dyyaaamm, you went deeper than my depression that is stucked in a well on top of a mountain that goes all the way down to sea level.

  • James Dio
    James Dio Day ago

    Sauron has an air force! That’s why they didn’t use the eagles at first. Sauron would be ready for the eagles. He has his own damn birds. So obvious. Like how can you read the books and not get this?!

  • sleepingcity85
    sleepingcity85 Day ago

    Im pretty sure i remembered a lot more ainur in the silmarillion and only one actual "god".

  • Dapper Davis
    Dapper Davis Day ago

    1:11 I didn't think the Hobbit movies were bad

  • Jo Montferrand
    Jo Montferrand Day ago

    I would be curious to know when Sauron learned his ring had been found. In the Hobbit, Gandalf is hardly suspicious of it being evil or even very powerful, albeit using an artifact foolishly is unacceptable. I wonder if it isn't the fact that Sauron is actively looking for it knowing it had been found and the ring itself wanting the be found that makes the whole plan a wreck-to-be. The eagles could now be tempted, Gandalf himself wouldn't be tested and Galadriel was and chose to diminish and go west. None of it is spoken of in the Hobbit. Then again, all these theories fade when compared to the reason that eagles weren't used, IMHO ; it makes for a cheap and stupid story! The same could be said of the Istari magic, which was used sparingly, even by Saruman who is after power above all. Magic is miracles, and if you slightly abuse it, then you start wondering why Gandalf simply just don't spew lightning (as he is sent by Manwe of the sky and mountains) and you get in a mess where you have to create counter measures for this magic in a narrative perspective, kind of like in Harry Potter, where you can find many loopholes. Plus you have to explain them so you don't let your readers baffled in questions....

  • albertjester
    albertjester Day ago

    slight problem with this theory. The Eagles HAVE carried the ring before. when Bilbo had it.

  • Jeff Wright
    Jeff Wright Day ago

    Well done sir. You wield the powers of both skill and talent admirably, if a bit annoyingly, on purpose, of coarse, for the fun of it, etc., etc . . .

  • Kelvin Neodama
    Kelvin Neodama Day ago

    02:25:21,100 --> 02:25:22,800
    Over the bridge!

    02:25:23,100 --> 02:25:24,600

    02:27:30,000 --> 02:27:32,400
    Fly, you fools!

  • Richie Peterson
    Richie Peterson Day ago

    Love how he says Sawwron instead of Sauron... Is he gonna create a sawmill or what? xD

  • Nekrotik Plays
    Nekrotik Plays Day ago

    Fucking plebs needing 12 minutes for this.

  • Segalmed
    Segalmed Day ago +1

    Iirc Tolkien was rather explicit that the giant eagles were a special bunch that would not normally meddle in worldly affairs and could and would not be commanded (same as with Tom Bombadil). Plus we get told on several occasions that they have a limited range if carrying passengers (and we might conclude that they would be unable to fight when thus burdened). They tip the scale just once (at the battle of the five armies) and are otherwise unaccountable. In The Hobbit it is even explictly stated that the rescue of the dwarves was just a personal favor for Gandalf because he once cured the eagle chief from an injury.
    Tolkien was well aware of the 'problem' (and complained when a movie proposal for the Hobbit tried eagles as the main transport). Iirc he even stated that divine intervention was necessary to get the eagles to act for the common good at all in LotR.

  • Telendil
    Telendil 2 days ago

    You missed one thing the eagels don`t have to carry the ring they only have to carry frodo and as sam said maybe i can`t carry the ring but i can carry you. Oh and i don`t really remember the Eye in the Books to be something that actually exsisted in it so no there is no giant eye that can spot the eagels and even if they have nothing to fight them in the air. The nazguhl and their fellbeasts can`t handel the eagels one on one and there are much more eagels than nazguhl. And i also don`t remember there to be any anti flyer weapons to be in the description of mordors defenses.

  • KAZ Vorpal
    KAZ Vorpal 2 days ago

    It's pronounced sour-on, not sore-on. There was a whole effing series of movies with them pronouncing it that way...the way Tolkien specified that it should be pronounced.

  • Jonathan van dorsten

    Also as far as I remember the eagles didn’t give two shits about people

  • JoeyKneecap
    JoeyKneecap 2 days ago

    That was amazing. Thanks!

  • Emma Greanleaf
    Emma Greanleaf 2 days ago

    Except you know.. flying Nazgul dragons and this all needed to be a stealth operation

  • dartfrogger
    dartfrogger 2 days ago

    please trim out the first minute... you almost lost me

  • Vaatí The Wind Mage

    But when isildur puts on the ring he too turns only invisible

  • Luke Somers
    Luke Somers 2 days ago

    At 9:50 you say he never touches it. He touches it in the fire-writing scene. Bare fingers and all. I was shocked when I came across that part. And it's not like he doesn't know which ring it is at that point. I guess he was confident enough at that point that he was not taking possession of it merely by touching it, and only later learned to be even more cautious.

  • Kong V
    Kong V 2 days ago

    Mountains are too dangerious for the eagles to fly over... except when flying over them, like how Gandalf reached the eagle king.

  • David Nylander
    David Nylander 2 days ago

    I cringe every time he pronounces Sauron Saw-rawn 😅

  • jackkoffin1
    jackkoffin1 2 days ago +1

    The eagles were the servants of Manwe, the leader of the Valar.
    Manwe was also partner of Elbereth, essentially thd husband and wife duo who represented the sky. Sauron probably hated and feared these two more than any other beings on Earth. So, naturally he couldn't fail to notice a cadre of Eagles flying into Mordor. Once noticed, every ounce of his power would be directed at them, and if they had the Ring, or the hobbits with them, end of story. Sauron would very likely stopped them before they got near Mount Doom, which lay between Minas Morgul to the Southwest and Baradur to the Northeast, right in the middle of Mordor's most densely populated region. Stealth on the ground was far better a plan than drawing the attention of every evil beast in a 100 mile radius by flying in.

  • Koks Auge
    Koks Auge 2 days ago


  • Necron99
    Necron99 2 days ago

    I want to prove you wrong… But you nailed it.

  • Pablo Espinosa
    Pablo Espinosa 2 days ago

    I think, the problem with the eagles in the films is that they don't speak. For any movie viewer, eagles are creatures invoked by gandalf through a moth. if you read the books, you learn that eagles aren't just some creatures at Gandalf's disposal, they are sentient beings with their own motivatins and fears, they would avoid going to war as long as they can remain neutral, they wouldn't go to war just to help humankind because humans are dicks to the eagles. And yes, they can be killed by arrows. They help Gandalf because he saved the eagle lord once.
    It's weird to me that movie Gandalf speak to a moth, but never say a single word to the eagles, not even "thank you", what a jerk!

  • Alessandro Mariani
    Alessandro Mariani 3 days ago

    You are not a mage! Shut up!

  • Winston Smith - Ministry of Truth

    I dont think the eagles were demi-gods. Definitely powerful, just like Shelob but even she wasnt a demi-god....she could be killed. Even Balrogs which were Fire Demons could be destroyed - whether or not they are simply banished is not clear but it seems if they are killed they are permanently destroyed; like dragons, none of whom returned after their deaths. The Balrog in Moria was after the ring for itself so your theory about the ring corrupting and being desired by the eagles is possible. I dont understand why Sauron would make himself vulnerable by instilling his life force in a ring which can be destroyed allowing him not to return, as Gandalf was able to do, unless, with the Destruction of Melkor he could no longer be brought back if he was destroyed.

  • Homie Pandos
    Homie Pandos 3 days ago

    If I remember correctly, there was a scene in The Hobbit where Gandalf, Bilbo, and the dwarfs are rescued by the Eagles. At this point Frodo has the ring but the Eagles do nothing about it. It might be because they don't sense it or know it's there or they just don't care. It would probably have been safe to fly over Mount Doom if the Eagles weren't told the true purpose.
    Being ancient creatures they of course probably aren't stupid so... Who knows, maybe they would see right through the trick. Or maybe they just have no interest in power at all.
    But hey, it's not like we have Tolkien to answer these kinds of things.

  • Know One
    Know One 3 days ago

    Please buy a dictionary and look up the definition of THEORY.

  • Know One
    Know One 3 days ago +1

    You get a thumbs down because your opening "jokes" were not funny. Also, that is a QUESTION, not a theory. You see, a theory is based on facts. A theory is testable. None of this fits the definition of theory. At best, it is conjecture. Finally, Lord of the Rings doesn't take place in the winter. It actually begins in the summer and the adventure takes the better part of a year to finish. As you are obviously not familiar with either the books or the movies, there is no point in continuing to watch you make a fool of yourself.

  • Evi Kerzel
    Evi Kerzel 3 days ago

    Wait ... in the "Hobbit"-Book the Eagles saved the dwarfs and Biblo. And he bears the One Ring.

    SIALI PRODUCTIONS 3 days ago

    why da fk am i watching this

  • Ronald Pikksaar
    Ronald Pikksaar 3 days ago +1

    I don't believe for one second that you read any of those books since you didn't know about Tom Bombadil, you know, the one so powerful that the One Ring had no effect on him, none what-so-ever. You know, the one character that was left out of the films. No wonder you didn't know about him since you are a film theorist. So ultimately your so-called "debunking" has more holes than that far flung theory - an actual book theory.

    • Chris
      Chris 14 hours ago +2


  • Lars Eiøre
    Lars Eiøre 3 days ago

    My theori is: It would be an incredibly boring story.
    Gandalf: OMG you have the ring, we must destroy it.
    Frodo: But how?
    Gandalf: (Summons the eagels) get on.
    Rest of the book/movie: Cruising on the eagles, plop (drops the ring in the lava)
    The end.

  • Bryan McCormick
    Bryan McCormick 3 days ago

    i think part of what makes people so adamant about the eagles is that sauron's power always seems to methodical and slow, he doesn't actually have a laser power that could just shoot down the eagles that we're ever made aware of... but it's interesting to think that if the eagles had the ring sauron's powers would increase also... that's probably the most incredible part of tolkien's storytelling to undergo all of this rule-setting without going into epic rants about the tedium of why this and why not that... i can't believe you read all that source material, i've only made it up to the hobbit, fellowship, and the first couple chapters of two towers

  • Devin M.
    Devin M. 3 days ago

    The ring adjusts itself to it's wielder remember?

  • AntimatePcCustom
    AntimatePcCustom 3 days ago

    The book theory buster ;D

  • Pro Ebonics
    Pro Ebonics 4 days ago

    you are pretty entertaining buddy

  • CreativeWonderCraft
    CreativeWonderCraft 4 days ago

    7:42 Yavanna and Monwe made the Eagles. XD

  • Erik Joosten
    Erik Joosten 4 days ago

    the ring works proportionally to the power of the holder..... then explain Tom Bombadil.......?

  • qwertical
    qwertical 4 days ago

    Talks about the alps, has Norwegian flag on display. Pat, you need to go visit the alps more :)

  • Twig Legg
    Twig Legg 4 days ago

    C.S. Lewis!!!!

  • Todd Abbott
    Todd Abbott 4 days ago

    But in the Hobbit Bilbo gets the ring in chapter 5 and the Lord of the Eagles saves them in chapter 6. Plus Gandalf might not have wanted to possess the ring, but he had no troubles travelling with it. Same with Galadriel, she had no problem being near the ring or touching the ring bearer, but did not want to possess the ring. Your theory sounds good, but if Gandalf and Galadriel could be near the ring bearer for extended periods without any trouble then the great eagles could have carried them to Mount Doom.

  • LajosH90
    LajosH90 4 days ago

    love that Norway beanie in the Alps =D

  • GeoGal TwoThousandFive

    I thought it was "Folly you fools" which, in my book means, "Run you idiots"...

  • Sachiko Raven
    Sachiko Raven 4 days ago


  • DaGamerGirl YT
    DaGamerGirl YT 4 days ago

    He says run you fools...

  • Goroto Jr.
    Goroto Jr. 4 days ago

    Fly also mean run you dense cabbage. If you actually flew to Mordor the nazgûl and ballistae would catch you or shoot you down in seconds upon your arrival.

  • mugglesarecooltoo
    mugglesarecooltoo 4 days ago

    European Alps - wears Norwegian hat.

  • Riley McClure
    Riley McClure 4 days ago

    It feels wrong to say the name of a false god,thus is wrong.

  • hassan Talpur
    hassan Talpur 5 days ago

    Exept for dwarves? Watch any scene from the movie.

  • Jacob Rank
    Jacob Rank 5 days ago

    The one was forged by celebrimbor

    • Andy Hughes
      Andy Hughes Day ago

      Celebrimbor forged the Three rings alone after "Annatar" (Sauron in disguise) had left Eregion & returned to Mordor where he (Sauron) forged the One Ring in the fires of Sammath Naur (Mount Doom). This is according to J.R.R. Tolkien.

  • Armin Johansson
    Armin Johansson 5 days ago

    If Gandalf could remain within proximity of the ring, couldn't the Eagles do it to?

  • lucozademan999
    lucozademan999 5 days ago

    Interesting title of the vid, first 30 seconds went by.... Wtf am i watching. Trying way to hard.

  • Jimicus Jolcen
    Jimicus Jolcen 5 days ago +1


  • Ben Kidd
    Ben Kidd 5 days ago

    The reason he might not have said "fly using eagles" instead of "fly you fools" is because spies of Saruman or other creatures may have heard and therefore reported back, making it impossible.

  • magicscot
    magicscot 5 days ago +22

    Not to nitpick, but I suppose I'm going to anyway … If you pored through The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, letters, etc. then you should know that Tolkien's Christian beliefs were reflected in there actually being only one true god, Iluvatar or Eru. The Valar & Maiar were his world's equivalent of archangels & angels respectively. That's right … The wizards & Sauron were Maiar & thus angels. Also, if memory serves correctly, Tolkien said that all the races, including the Eagles, were engaged in their own battles against Sauron's forces, further preventing them from assisting much. Otherwise, I agree 100% with this theory.

    • Ryan Shue
      Ryan Shue 11 hours ago

      +Pablo Espinosa Pablo, I think you're mistaken about how angels are understood in Christianity. My understanding is that in traditional Christianity (not contemporary American Protestantism) angels are incredibly powerful and placed in a hierarchy. The angels that appear as messengers in the bible are at the lower levels of the hierarchy. The higher angels actually control the forces of nature and would be functionally equivalent to the gods of pagan religions, the only difference being that they are created by an infinitely higher and eternal being (God, or Eru Illuvatar in Tolkien's universe) and are not to be worshiped. As far as power goes, the angels as understood in Christianity are roughly equivalent to the Valar and Maiar of Tolkien's universe. See this example:
      Also, you seem to be setting paganism as completely against Christianity. Tolkien, as well as Lewis, didn't think of the relationship that simplistically. They believed that pagan religions were true to an extent and the belief in gods was a type of cloudy or fuzzy understanding of the truth that is revealed in Christianity. You could say that polytheism is an incorrect understanding of angelic/demonic beings.

    • Pablo Espinosa
      Pablo Espinosa 14 hours ago

      ​+Hakan D. "JRR Tolkien was a devoted Christian."
      He was also an expert professor of medieval literature at Oxford University. One of his favorite tales was Beowulf, a story that have more thing to do with paganism and anglosaxon folklore than christian belief. You can tell Beowulf had a major influence in Tolkien writing because many plot points of the Hobbit came directly from there.
      Also nordic mythology is a huge influence in Tolkien's work. Have you ever heard of a ring of great power who bring missfortune to people who have it? does that sound familiar to you?
      Also, many times he said he never tried to do any allegory with his work, unlike C.S. Lewis who wrote Chronicles from Narnia's books, which are a very clear allegory to christian beliefs.
      So when you say, Eru was the one true god and all the others was just "angels", i feel like you are oversimplifing things. Have you ever read the bible? Most histories were angels have participation they just deliver messages, some times they play music, i'm not talking of "world creator" music, i'm talking regular music.

    • Drew Jenkins
      Drew Jenkins 14 hours ago +1

      ​+Pablo Espinosa You're right.
      If the reference point is Greek or Norse religions - than the Valar look like gods. But if the reference point is Christianity - than they'd have to be angels because there's only one god. They seem to have more in common with pagan gods than with angels, but the only person that could answer this question is the writer, and it sounds like he he got his inspiration from his Christian beliefs (unless he was mis-quoted above). I can't argue with Tolkien my man ... I can even get through one of his long ass books.

    • Pablo Espinosa
      Pablo Espinosa 15 hours ago

      +Hakan D."nd why are you mentioning shintoism at all?"
      I just mentioning gods from different mythologies so you may notice that Valar are no different to other mythologic gods.

    • Pablo Espinosa
      Pablo Espinosa 15 hours ago

      +Drew Jenkins All I'm saying is by definition, they are gods.
      Even if i agree partialy with you, i think the similarities between Valar and greek or norse gods are far more than the similarities with Angels from Christianity.
      Fun fact: in most stories Hermes serve the same function as angels do in the Bible. Would you say that Hermes is an Angel instead of a god?

  • Brendon Kennedy
    Brendon Kennedy 5 days ago

    the reason Frodo was picked to carry the ring is because like him and most hobbits, Frodo has no desire to do anything besides eat and nap in breezy fields.

  • Frankie Reyes
    Frankie Reyes 5 days ago

    Ridiculous, they didn't have to fly into mordor, simply, close enough.

  • perfection59
    perfection59 5 days ago

    Bollox they dont have fingers. The ring wouldnt work on a chain. Total bollox!

  • markus saarnio
    markus saarnio 5 days ago +2

    actually when gwaihir saved gandalf from isengard, it took him to rohan, and he took horse shadowfax and rode back to shire. gwaihir never carried him over the mountains or to eagles eyrie, but to rohan, where he was declined by theoden who told gandalf to take a horse and begone

  • Andromeda Prima
    Andromeda Prima 5 days ago

    They should just let john cena carry frodo into mordor. Problem solved. Everyone is alive. Happy ending. Duh

  • Darth Sideous
    Darth Sideous 6 days ago

    The hobbit was good my niggas

  • Trump is a Pedophile

  • Trump is a Pedophile

    Why does he keep stealing from other youtubers and trying to pass it off as his own?

  • David Stoyanoff
    David Stoyanoff 6 days ago

    dude needs to switch to decaf. I love LOTR but couldn't get past 4 1/2 minutes of this annoying person. Now I don't even care why the Eagles didn't fly the ring to Mordor because my ears are filled with melted brain.

  • Jacques Ford
    Jacques Ford 6 days ago

    hen hen hen hached a plan cuz you know they are birds 3:25

  • Jebact
    Jebact 6 days ago

    I thought that Gandalf mentions in fotr (book) that the eagles won't help because it's not their business. The only reason they help at all is cause they owe Gandalf and he's friends with the leader. They wouldn't get so directly involved. Also they even talk about using eagles at the council of elrond (book) and Gandalf tells them it won't work.

    • whiteknightcat
      whiteknightcat 6 days ago

      The only mention of the eagles I see in the Council of Elrond is where Gandalf relates his story of escape from Orthanc due to the aid of Gwaihir.

  • Stefan Walicord
    Stefan Walicord 6 days ago

    Thank you so much. This needed to die.

  • Björn Erlendur
    Björn Erlendur 6 days ago

    5:07 and who was JRR Tolkien's AI scripter and QA tester?

  • Ditronus
    Ditronus 6 days ago

    I don't get it. Why does the hobbit trilogy suck? Is it just cool to hate prequels now inconsistently?

    • whiteknightcat
      whiteknightcat 6 days ago

      No. It's because a relatively simple story was expanded out (most say needlessly) into a massive trilogy by including appendix information, creating situations and plotlines from sheer dramatic license (Legolas and Tauriel), and significantly altered the canonical work for the sake of a forced plotline (Azog had been dead for more than 150 years). Many perceive these deviations were not so much to make the movie flow better than the book on the big screen, but to increase audience appeal and profit.

  • Björn Erlendur
    Björn Erlendur 6 days ago


  • Dustinmaester
    Dustinmaester 6 days ago

    for some reason I thought he said Run you fools. wtf is this a mandela effect? im from another univserse and I was sent here too ruin your lifes????

  • Lawliet
    Lawliet 6 days ago

    Sry this makes me sick

  • Stale Instant Ramen
    Stale Instant Ramen 6 days ago +1

    The eagle thing isn't even a plot hole. Sauron was obviously keeping tabs on big players like the eagles. They would easily get spotted and get shut down, giving Sauron the ring.
    This is kinda the point of getting Frodo to carry the ring to Mordor. The hobbits were always overlooked, ignored and never looked at as a serious threat by Sauron, making them ideal to sneakily carry the ring to Mordor.

  • Yllegjord F
    Yllegjord F 6 days ago

    All this talk of power is exactly the point that Tolkien is trying to make, or, in his own words, the story he is trying to tell: power comes with arrogance and this is its downfall, because individuals that are considered small and insignificant can change the history of the whole world. This battle is not to be won by clashing strengths (they tried this and failed, remember) but with the smallest of the small embarking on their own hero's journey. The difference between the good side and the bad side is not who is the most powerful, but being able to see those small ones and not just randomly crush them for their own purposes.
    Also, cathartic doesn't mean what you think it means.

  • NoTtOGoOd
    NoTtOGoOd 6 days ago

    here one for bilbo, it is why hes eye turn that way and his teeth go messed up and all evil like when he is tempted by the ring again. it is because he is so old, as said on here your power is directly linked to how old you are and while bilbo had the ring he lived for over 100 years increasing his power as a hobbit there for when he transforms as such when tempted by the ring it is because he has gotten more powerful with age there for it lets him wield more of its power.

  • Robbie Hall
    Robbie Hall 7 days ago

    3:46 But it did fly over the mountains, you literally just said that 3:11

  • BrassBoy1120
    BrassBoy1120 7 days ago

    The Hobbit movies were not bad. They were really good!

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 7 days ago

    Flying to Mordor definitely would of made for a very short and rather crap book. And as for why the Hobbit trilogy was so bad, simple The Hobbit is just one book that is 272 pages long which is approximately the number of pages it takes Frodo to reach Rivendell in the Fellowship of the Ring.

  • Rustymcnut
    Rustymcnut 7 days ago +1

    You missed Eru Illuvatar who ranks above the Valar.
    Also just a note the term for both Valar and Maiar is Ainur

    • Rustymcnut
      Rustymcnut 7 days ago

      And while you are talking about if the eagles got the ring, the ones above them in the hierarchy, like the actual Maiar would make more powerful lords.
      Besides, the purpose of the One Ring is to assume dominion over the other rings. Basically mind controlling the other ringbearers.

    • Rustymcnut
      Rustymcnut 7 days ago

      And while the eagles helped, it was ultimately Elendil that felled Ancalgalon.

  • Tim Wells
    Tim Wells 7 days ago

    Hey I watched a few of your theory videos Matt, I dig them I love them keep doing them I've never actually commented on any of them I don't think dot-dot. But this f****** Eagle One, I remember having this conversation with friends of mine like when the original trilogy came out and saying some of the same s***... But I never actually read any of the f****** books because I was young and have video games played Sports and I didn't want to read books till I grew the f****** and started getting into fantasy and Dungeons & Dragons s*** Game of ice and fire songs, but yeah the Eagles were like a ex machina f****** Godmachine dot-dot-dot too powerful, and I did read some of his like little lore books like you were talking about where he does say that they're kind of like half angel type creatures you know same reason why the wizard didn't just carry the ring. I just think it's funny that if me at like a little kid age could one shot the movie and immediately recognized that concept without ever reading the books and then continue to argue it 4 years after the movies was pretty incredible just as a living self-aware Bean oh, it's kind of wild to think that little kid me already understood and accepted theological Concepts from abstract realities let alone the actual one we live in dot-dot-dot but mad respect keep doing your thing Matt!!