Film Theory: Why You SHOULDN'T FLY to Mordor! (The Lord of the Rings)

  • Published on Nov 26, 2017
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    When it comes to The Lord of the Rings, one of the most common questions circulated online is why didn’t Frodo just ride the giant Eagles to Mount Doom? There are theories out there that suggest this was the plan all along, but sadly, when you look at the evidence, that's just wrong. In fact, it's so wrong, it's dangerous! In this episode, I will give you the definitive answer to why Frodo didn’t simply ride those giant birds into Mordor!
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  • Nig Ward
    Nig Ward 5 hours ago

    Or you you know you could just read the hobbit and it explains why they can’t just to the mountain.

  • Markus-Hermann Koch
    Markus-Hermann Koch 6 hours ago

    Love that theory. Still canonically (going on the books you accept as superior canon) the eagle refused to carry Gandalf over a long distance. Instead he brought him to close-by Edoras in Rohan (not crossing any mountains worth mentioning). There Gandalf acquired Shadowfax and made haste to join up with Frodo who by that time was en-route to Rivendell and hunted by the Nine. Well, you were poking some excellent holes in that anyway. Btw.: In the books Gandalf was rescued by Gwaihir who found him accidentally after being sent to spy by Radagast. No moths involved. All this is relayed by Gandalf in his report given in the chapter of Elrond's Council.

  • Fox Williams
    Fox Williams 9 hours ago

    I have a theory. Lord of the rings was made by a catholic so my theory is that the ring represents the devil because it’s been proven that Gandalf is supposed to represent Jesus. Think about it

  • Jack
    Jack Day ago

    I def want more theories on Lord of the Rings

  • Brian Alderman
    Brian Alderman Day ago

    Can you do a theory on how wrong they did my boy Samwise gamgee

  • Lea Bonheim
    Lea Bonheim 2 days ago

    I'm reading "fly" but I'm hearing "run".

  • Alda Luin
    Alda Luin 3 days ago

    YES!!!! Finally someone gets it!!!! Thank you!!!

  • Rahul_A
    Rahul_A 4 days ago

    If Gandalf could have summoned the Eagles to the top of Saruman's tower, he could have similarly asked/requested the Eagles to Rivendell when he was with the felowship. I don't think it was his plan all along to use the Eagles, per say.

  • Rahul_A
    Rahul_A 4 days ago

    I'm very skeptical of the counter-theory that Sauron would simply spot the Eagles with the ring and neutralize them on their way to Mount Doom. You would just need one or two eagles to fly the Ring-bearer to a very high altitude that would not suffocate them (like 15,000-20,000 feet) and be very hard to see on the way to Mount Doom; once over Mordor, then the Eagles would quickly dive to the entrance of Mount Doom. Even if they're spotted close to the end of their descent, Sauron wouldn't be able to respond quickly enough. He wasn't guarding Mount Doom with his armies since he didn't expect anyone to try and destroy the Ring. And he did not have the flying Nazgul beasts until far deeper into the movie, so the most he would have had were bow and arrows from Orcs which may not have been anywhere close to Mount Doom. And though he is a giant eye that has a wide vision, he can't see everything; he only sees where his eye points to, and one can't assume that he would just automatically see the Eagles from very far away.

  • kekinator
    kekinator 4 days ago

    "Fly" in the context that Gandalf uses basically means "Make Haste", "Get the fuck out of here", "Fucking leg it, there's hundreds of Orcs and Goblins behind us and I'm about to knock fuck out of this Balrog", or simply "Run!"..Gandalf doesn't expect them to pull an Eagle out of their ass and Fly to Mordor..

  • Djneverblock
    Djneverblock 4 days ago

    idk man ^^ doesnt the word "fly" mean "flee" too? i mean the film is translated this way in any other language xD maybe u should have looked that up too

  • smart cookies party
    smart cookies party 6 days ago

    Sorry I need to correct you lord of the rings is a single novel but since it's so long it's normally spit up since it's so long.

  • Oscar Plant
    Oscar Plant 6 days ago

    funny how the ad before this vid was angry birds two 😂

  • Atteck on teiten Anni

    at 9:15 the eagles werent even involved in killing the dragon it was an elf basically on his own

  • formless777
    formless777 7 days ago

    Anyone who says that the eagles would get corrupted by the ring remember that Bilbo rode an eagle after Goblin Town with no eagle trying to eat him for the ring.

  • Jasper Russ
    Jasper Russ 9 days ago +3

    Big volcano crushing dragon=Ancalagon the black. Also great video!

  • azron 453
    azron 453 9 days ago

    The one thats not simply fly to mordor

  • Shureshot 1232 Gameing

    I don't think The Hobbit was all that bad.

  • Kari Wetherin
    Kari Wetherin 10 days ago

    8:46 i saw this video before i ever saw the movies and if you hadn't explained to me how that worked i'd of been soo confused

  • Ok Mayo
    Ok Mayo 10 days ago

    Because you’ll get rained in arrows, done saved you twelve minutes.

    UMASHANKAR PATEL 11 days ago +1

    .......aaaand you must be lord of the theorists

  • parZival
    parZival 11 days ago

    But in the hobbit Bilbo baggins had the ring and he satt on with the eagles
    Sorry about my english im norwegian

  • deadshot 090
    deadshot 090 12 days ago

    But if frodo would still wear the ring and they just would ride on them it would work

  • leespiderpod
    leespiderpod 13 days ago

    In The Hobbit (book), Gandalf also says the eagles will not fly anywhere near men as they will shoot them down. "Fly you fools" means run (obviously)!

  • Alan O'Leary
    Alan O'Leary 14 days ago


  • buddy
    buddy 15 days ago +1

    4:46 pip man?pit man??????

  • Extremegaming X1X
    Extremegaming X1X 16 days ago

    Am I the only person who think that the hobbit is better then the Lord of the rings

    Its my opinion

  • Brent Beck
    Brent Beck 17 days ago


  • Ramonas great
    Ramonas great 17 days ago

    Have people played the old playstation lord of the rings games???

  • Bartek Bielecki
    Bartek Bielecki 17 days ago +1

    Lol, when I watched film for the first time I've heard: "Run, you FOOLS".

  • Taco 5150
    Taco 5150 17 days ago

    MatPat mentioned Jamba Juice in the video... I live in the town that had the first ever Jamba Juice. YEET IS WHAT WE SAY HERE.

  • Alec Kushmerek
    Alec Kushmerek 18 days ago +1

    Valar and Maiar aren't gods, they're just the first beings created by Iluvatar who think they're gods because they came first and built a lot of stuff.

  • Alec Kushmerek
    Alec Kushmerek 18 days ago +1

    Melkor was the good guy he's just misunderstood.

  • St0rm Ranger
    St0rm Ranger 18 days ago

    Matt should have read more. Eru Iluvatar is the god of Middle Earth not the Ainur they were like demi gods.

  • funncubesde
    funncubesde 19 days ago

    how about you take one of your older theories and smack it? wouldnt that be fun? picking on yourself?
    No but actually you've done a good job here. well done.

    • funncubesde
      funncubesde 18 days ago

      +Clorox Bleach yeah but how funny would it be if he made fun of himself?

    • Clorox Bleach
      Clorox Bleach 18 days ago

      funncubesde he’s making fun of people who picks on his theories....that’s why he said turn the tables.

  • David Cheney
    David Cheney 19 days ago

    Canonically Sauron isn’t a simple flaming eye. He has a semi physical form and holding a palantir from Minas Ithil, later Minas Morgul, and twisted Denethor’s mind to fall into dispair and lead Gondor to crumble. So he’d just have to check the borders of Mordor, especially with the possibility of the numerous Orc encampments. With the Eagles still able to be shot down by arrows flying into a place that would have thousands for archers ready to shoot anything in the sky and the Nazgul taking Fellbeasts after losing their horses. They might as well walk up to the gates and say they have the ring for Sauron.

  • atown0915
    atown0915 20 days ago

    I hope you do more theories in like middle earth I story and lord of the rings! This one has by far been my favorite film theory

  • Dominick Fahie
    Dominick Fahie 21 day ago

    Siron yep siron no not Sauron just fucking siron

  • the king of utub e
    the king of utub e 21 day ago +1

    Y did u use glaurong instead of ancelgon when u told the story of a dragon destroying the 3 mountains

  • Villa'till idie
    Villa'till idie 22 days ago +2

    Actually, Sauron's name is pronounced 'Souron' not 'Soreon'. It mentions how to pronounce vowels in the 'note on pronunciation', found at the end of some editions of Tolkien's work.

  • spKenny14
    spKenny14 22 days ago

    Was I the only one who never felt that they should have used the eagels? I mean come one, with all those nazguls and dragons the enemy could easly spot and destroy them on the way,...

  • Patney4910
    Patney4910 22 days ago +1

    Gandalf could have said, "Fly, you fools" because in the books when characters talk about running they call it flying. So, Gandalf could have meant 'run you blithering fools'

  • aggi999
    aggi999 23 days ago

    Did anyone think that the hobbit movies were bad? I thought they were amazingly good, but I also think star wars episode 1-3 are the greatest episodes of the franchise and that 4-6 are shit.

  • Kian Dianati
    Kian Dianati 25 days ago +1

    The other problem with that stupid reddit theory is that we know that Gandalf didn't go to the Eyre. He went to Edoras where he found Shadowfax and directly went to Rivendell afterwards.
    Never trust movie fans' theories!

  • Aphantom47
    Aphantom47 25 days ago

    This is best video

  • Robert Calhoun
    Robert Calhoun 26 days ago

    They could’ve made the lord of the rings in ten minutes

  • not johnny
    not johnny 26 days ago

    Did nobody got the reference at 4:02?

  • mehmet çelik
    mehmet çelik 28 days ago

    eagles eagles eagles come on guys movie doesnt tell u shows u why u cant use eagles.1) in movie u see nazguls always patrols the area and u cant avoid them. they are not ur todays little eagles they r huge as fuck. also saruman controlls the sky as u see in the first movie.If they took the eagles then ents defeating saruman is never happen and saruman controlls the sky always. If saruman spots u nazguls know where u are as well so thats one. 2) it always shows mordor's sky filled with poisonous gas from the volcano and neither eagles nor fellowship cant survive until they r reach the mount doom. To reach u have to lower and the eyesight of orcs and nazguls so u are fucked. even gandalf coming back to life as white more powerfull than saruman cant beat the witch king of angmar he dont stand a chance as grey . Nobody look at the mount doom and see the poisonous gas? people say dont tell show when u do it they cant see and say plothole.

  • Гриша Василев

    Gandalf said "Run, you fools", meaning that the others should run out of Moria. Not to fly or whatever...

    • Lea Bonheim
      Lea Bonheim 2 days ago

      Exactly. So why is there this mental illusion causing everyone else to hear "fly"???

  • Mario Bowser494
    Mario Bowser494 29 days ago +1

    I don’t agree with this because Bilbo was able to ride the eagles when he had the ring so if he can then Frodo can

  • Caravan
    Caravan 29 days ago

    Gandalf "Fly like an". Six thousand years later ring is found on the beach.

  • Marcus Jayce Bjorn
    Marcus Jayce Bjorn 29 days ago

    If you read all the books that is literally the answer to why they never used the Eagles, applause for Matt

  • Typhoon Andy
    Typhoon Andy Month ago

    damn this was a year ago?

  • John Idolinton
    John Idolinton Month ago

    Yoy're reallt courageous if you have ridden all this books, I tried, and I didn't arrived. Wooow. GG

  • Kathryne Scott
    Kathryne Scott Month ago

    What about in the hobbit? When they save the drawfs from the trees when the orcs set them On fire

  • John Malloy
    John Malloy Month ago

    Could have been two really short films. Take the Eagles to Mount Doom and destroy the ring. Also, ask the Eagles to fly you all the way to The Lonely Mountain rather than leave you in the middle of nowhere at the top of a rocky crag.

  • Smoan
    Smoan Month ago

    its quite simple. cool theory for those that wants that. But its for the story. they don't fly in , they could, and we all know it.. they would have to deal with the nazgul somehow.. But yes, its for the story. Fly in and drop it would make for a poor story. Let's not pretend there is anything else ;D They already helped the "ring" in the hobbit. they flew it then.

  • Striker
    Striker Month ago

    There is only one lord of the theory and he does not share the power of knowledge
    There is only one lord of the ring and his name is JOHN CENA
    There is only one Lord of the meme and his name is shaggy
    There is only one lord of the infinity stones and he does wipe out half the universe

  • Preacher At Arrakeen

    Some people have wayyyyyy too much time on their hands.

  • Prometheus720
    Prometheus720 Month ago

    Actually, I'm pretty sure that Gandalf did not call Gwaihir with the moth. The moth was actually coming to Gandalf to tell him that Gwaihir was looking for him.
    Which explains how Gwaihir got there basically immediately.

  • Mk. Rowe
    Mk. Rowe Month ago

    I haven't read the books so THANK YOU for that titbit. I'm going to paraphrase you any time it comes up in discussions.

  • Sesshomaru474
    Sesshomaru474 Month ago

    Really the only reason they didn't do that was because they would of been shot down by archers or encountered the fellbeasts. Not sure if the griffins are immortal but they don't really have to kill the griffins just the riders. But they could easily avoid detection by flying low near the mountains and going over once they reach mordor, but I'm sure they have scouts and sentry towers there. Also like you mentioned that powerful being aren't immune to the corruption of the ring... Wouldn't they had attacked frodo for the ring because of its corruption? So it comes down to them being immortal and how strong as they were able to take down a godzilla dragon.
    So many possible holes flying to and not flying to, not being a good story is not one them.

  • Cyrill Turner
    Cyrill Turner Month ago

    Tetap no 2 prabowo sandi

  • A Person
    A Person Month ago

    In the books the eagles speak and say that they refuse to fly to Mordor

  • Jussae Taah
    Jussae Taah Month ago


  • 凍檸斌
    凍檸斌 Month ago

    still greatest trilogy till today, loves anything around it

  • Dashy Awesome
    Dashy Awesome Month ago +1

    "thats like trying to sneak into jamba juice in a fighter jet"

    i cant right now WHAT 😂😂

  • Shining cactus
    Shining cactus Month ago

    Why didn’t you get lava hounds

  • Kacper Fiłon
    Kacper Fiłon Month ago

    The theory about not flying to Mordor on eagles just because they would be tempted to use the ring makes no sense - if they would like to do that, they would have taken the ring from Bilbo 60 years earlier, while they helped him and dwarves to escape from the Misty Mountains, in the Hobbit 😉. Bilbo already had the ring back then.

  • 09EvoX
    09EvoX Month ago

    I like your eyrrrrrrrrrrie theorrrrrrrrrry

  • Dani Cacior
    Dani Cacior Month ago

    But in the hobbit bilbo was flying with the eagles while having the ring...

  • Johan Malmbeck
    Johan Malmbeck Month ago

    "The European alps, where it's literally like -46 degrees in the Winter." What haha. It's litterally February here, on 2000m and i can sun bathe with no shirt on. It's 4 degrees celsius outside and the sun is burning hot haha.
    Not sure if hes talking Fahrenheit, I dont know how fahrenheit works haha. Also, Why is the guy wearing a Norwegian hat?? I thought we were talking about the European alps, not Scandinavia haha

  • Michel Gjerlev
    Michel Gjerlev Month ago

    I could honestly not watch further after the one minute ridiculous intro

  • panzermacht
    panzermacht Month ago

    when a joke is so bad you feel the need to sign in just so you can give it one dislike.

  • walrus fish gibbles

    I need more lord of the rings theorys. PLEASE PLEASE!

  • Adrien Savoy
    Adrien Savoy Month ago +2

    I recently remembered that the matter about the eagles is actually settled inbook, as Gandalf relates his escape from Orthanc at Elrond's Council :
    '"- How far can you bear me?" I said to Gwaihir [aka Lord of the Wings].
    '"- Many leagues," said he, "but not to the ends of the earth. I was sent to bear tidings not burdens."

  • Jason Edwards
    Jason Edwards Month ago

    The Hobbits could carry the One ring because they do not lust for power as much all the other mortal races. They also have a ruggedness and ability to heal faster than the other races as well. In the end it would corrupt a Hobbit (i.e Smeagól, Bilbo) but at much much slower rate. It's not that they're weak.

  • KirbyFan68
    KirbyFan68 Month ago

    Don't swear matt

  • Keldor D'Antrell
    Keldor D'Antrell Month ago

    The reason why the 'eagles direct to Mordor' theory doesn't stand up is actually undermined by this video. Here it is stated that the eagles are almost as powerful as the Maiar. If this is the case then the like of Gwaihir the Wildlord would be chosen for the task and he couldn't possibly be picked off by any of the servants of Sauron as depicted in this video.
    In fact, this video incorrectly interprets Tolkien's milieu in regard of eagles. 'The eagles' as in the phrase, "The eagles are coming!" does not refer to great flocks of eagles as large as Boeing 747s but to a flock of large (but normal) eagles led by, perhaps, one or two of the Maiar type (at best). As there are few of the Maiar (and equivalently powerful evil beings such as Nazgul and Balrogs) there are few giant eagles like Gwaihir. Moreover, as Tolkien's book shows with careful attention, these eagles do not ordinarily involve themselves in the affairs of others. Only Gandalf and perhaps Radagast had any contact with the eagles and that was afforded them as a special privilege on rare occasions. Had the eagles been as powerful as is suggested here i.e. a force with which Gandalf consorted with a view to destroying the Ring, they would have been summoned to the Council of Elrond. In fact, it might even be correct that speaking with Gwaihir was only even possible because of Gandalf's extraordinary powers.
    So basically the eagles simply weren't powerful enough to just fly the Ring to Mordor. Even the Windlord himself accompanied by several of his mightiest fellows would have had a terrible job of getting past the Nazgul let alone Sauron's magic etc. were they inclined to risk themselves (and then there would be the danger of one of the eagles being seduced by the power of the ring as stated here).

  • The Marine Abroad
    The Marine Abroad Month ago

    The Fellowship were constantly at odds on which way to go, and Gandalf was the only one who wanted to go through Moria, everyone else wanted to go South; ultimately they followed Frodo, and he followed Gandalf.

  • Fys K
    Fys K Month ago

    Well maybe not all the way but half the way come on

  • IrvineCascade
    IrvineCascade Month ago

    11:50 That's what the third "player" icon should be. Make it violet, and make it the "Theory Busters." Or something to that degree.
    Then... Of course, the fourth "player" icon must be "Blue Theory." Because... Well... "Bloobs."

  • MagicMemeing Random

    I was sad that i could have been the only one to have the extended edition and watch it until matpat helped 😂😂

  • Matt Carrell
    Matt Carrell Month ago

    You can't corrupt an eagle with some trinket ring. They have no need for such things and unlike mortal men don't thirst for power…. They are not corruptible because their culture doesn't understand the concept. They are fierce predators and would more likely eat a hobbit just for the fun of it than to take some silly sparkley from him.

  • كحيل العين
    كحيل العين Month ago +1

    soo after all these years i now understand

    one does not simply fly to mordor

  • htenkable p
    htenkable p Month ago

    read the title and skip to 2 minutes in we don't have time for this sorta thing browsing youtube late at night doing nothing but watch youtube.

  • Dudepilot 747
    Dudepilot 747 Month ago

    10:37. That statement is quite inaccurate. The Boeing 747 has a wingspan of over 220 feet and its length can only just squeeze on a football field. The wingspan of the eagles is much closer to the Airbus A300, which is much smaller. It's wingspan is 147 feet, which is just under half of the 300 feet of a football field.

  • Tae Kim
    Tae Kim Month ago

    Dude sound like a more annoying version of Ashton Kutcher

  • Franco Accifonte
    Franco Accifonte Month ago

    I enjoyed the hell out of this one

  • TheBrendon67
    TheBrendon67 Month ago

    And after they were created, the eagles went multi platinum!

  • Anubis X
    Anubis X Month ago

    Where does morgoth rank

  • Ivelina Cage Dimitrova

    Hi, I have some feedback for you. Back up a bit with the puns and the strange animated bits. It makes the video really hard to follow and at some point it gets a bit of annoying. I genuinely like your videos, but this one i just couldn't get through

  • BigJay7410
    BigJay7410 Month ago +1

    The biggest counter-argument I can come up with is from the Hobbit. After the companions escape from the goblin caves, this is AFTER Bilbo gets the Ring from Gollum mind you, they all climb up trees to escape the pursuing goblins and wargs(Cue the goblins singing, 15 birds in 5 fir trees.). Just when all hope seems lost and our heroes are going to burn to death in the, now on fire thanks to the goblins, trees, the Eagles appear and save everyone. Why wouldn't the Eagles, if they were so powerful, sense the Ring on Bilbo and be tempted by it then? No. The simple fact is they are not be tempted by it because they, the Eagles, are not carrying the Ring directly, in stead they are carrying the CARRIER of the Ring. When Samwise picks up the Ring he is tempted by it, when Samwise picks up Frodo, he is not("I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you.").
    The only reason not to use the Eagles to fly to Mount Doom is...storytelling.

  • Harrison Plazina
    Harrison Plazina Month ago

    and also darth jar jar

  • Majestic Peggy
    Majestic Peggy Month ago

    I just finished the first movie and THAT CLIFF HANGER HAS ME ON *EDGE*

  • SteinbrecherBack
    SteinbrecherBack Month ago

    I understand the Lord of the Rings and especially the Hobbit films weren't exactly great, but Chris Tolkien is being a fucking asshole when it comes to JRR Tolkien's work. He doesn't want any change or interpretations coming to it, all the while completely ignoring the fact JRR Tolkien's work is a modification and re-assembly of different historical myths.

  • FeatherPaw
    FeatherPaw Month ago

    Geez... the eagle theory is still hanging around? They couldn't use the eagles to fly to mordor, they would have been spotted instantly and killed off by the nazgul. You can't sneak into enemy territory with giant birds who fly just at the hight of Saurons giant eyeball.
    They could rescue them from mount doom AFTER the ring was destroyed and AFTER Sauron and his Nazgul were dead. Simple as that.

  • Jin Emon
    Jin Emon Month ago

    1:20 to skip the bs

  • Joy wright
    Joy wright Month ago

    How long did it take him to make those jokes? Dont get me wrong, they are great and fantastic jokes but brilliance like that, requires brain power

  • James De Vere
    James De Vere Month ago

    Fly you fools means run