Ubisoft Club: Get Personalized Tips for Ghost Recon Wildlands | Ubisoft [NA]

  • Published on May 3, 2019
  • Hey Ghosts! Sam will assist your operations against the Santa Blanca Cartel, by giving you personalized tips to improve. Check out your Daily Login for Ghost Recon Wildlands!
    Daily Login is delivered by Sam, personal gaming assistant available in the Ubisoft Club mobile app.
    Visit club.ubisoft.com or download the Ubisoft Club mobile app for free: bit.ly/ubisoft_club
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    Ubisoft Club: Get Personalized Tips for Ghost Recon Wildlands | Ubisoft [NA]
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  • blurb stolb
    blurb stolb Month ago

    I'm thinking of getting this for either the Xbox One or PS4, but there is one issue: is it possible to AIM while remaining in 3rd person? If I had to switch to 1st person every time to aim then it would feel too weird. Can you aim in 3rd person [on one of the console versions that is]?

  • martin Lb
    martin Lb Month ago

    Sam daily log in doesn’t work on all of its games 🤨

  • Garuda
    Garuda Month ago

    All this stuff is in the game itself already and seems pretty useless to me.
    I wish there would be a mission outside of Bolovia. I would actually pay money for this. An idea my friends and i thought would be fun would be an assault on a naval vessel of some sort. You already have the models for large ships i can’t imagine it would be too difficult to program. Just an idea

  • Drakonir
    Drakonir Month ago

    Much more content should be added. But not content like a new mission that could be ended in 30 minutes.
    I mean new features. These missions come repetitive once you've been through a few, and regarding cosmetics, I wish my characters could have more clothes and customisable appearances.

  • Rockyluz Rockyluz
    Rockyluz Rockyluz Month ago +1

    Ghost recon Buglands

    • Bjorn Ironsides
      Bjorn Ironsides Month ago

      I've encountered very little to none that broke game play.

  • Maria Lopes
    Maria Lopes Month ago


  • Jamal
    Jamal Month ago

    Optimize your game pls. I have an Gtx 1060 6gb and an i7 6700k and only get 30-45 fps!

    • Jamal
      Jamal Month ago

      @Bjorn Ironsides cool idc

    • Bjorn Ironsides
      Bjorn Ironsides Month ago

      Issues like this is why I don't deal with PC anymore. Too frustrating.

  • ipen gaming
    ipen gaming Month ago

    Game is dead ubisoft

  • Angel Daniel Medina Cervantes

    If watchdogs 2 had updates like this sales May got UP high to the sky

  • GSynCH
    GSynCH Month ago

    ubi pls let me choose rainbow icons to buy because In The End no one really even care

  • The Memster
    The Memster Month ago +2

    Wtf did you do to raider you gave him all the good combos and slapped lawbringer in the face all he has is lights and a push while raider has instant lights heavy feint to guard break a good fast quiet combo with heavy lights dodge guard break fix the game fix the character come on read learn how to make this game better plz

    • The Memster
      The Memster Month ago

      Papa Crux When I made this message it’s to message ubisoft stupid about their games guess what for honor is their game

    • Papa Crux
      Papa Crux Month ago

      because this video has anything to do with For Honor

  • Wyatt Priwall
    Wyatt Priwall Month ago +3

    Awesome job on working to keep this game relevant guys, the game might not of lived up to everyone’s expectations it’s still placed pretty high on my favorite games list.

  • Gabe Cabrera
    Gabe Cabrera Month ago +6


  • Gian Felipe
    Gian Felipe Month ago +44

    List of some stuff i hope comes this year to Ghost Recon PVE, at least one of these

    - Smoke Granades (need this the most)
    - Drag bodies
    - Customize NPC loadouts
    - Pants tucked in shoes
    - Half face shemag
    - New hair cuts
    - Supression against NPC (would give the LMGs a good purpose)
    - Binoculars animation
    (its been two years already man)
    - Running animation with rifle's muzzle up, special forces style (should be a choice, and also, the division has the animation with SMGs)
    - Remove backpacks
    - Remove second primary weapon
    - Wire cutters for fence
    - Flashlight
    - Rocket Lauchers or individual granade launcher
    - When spawning on a city or a outpost have the ability to choose ground spawn or Halo jump (Farcry has this)
    - Hardcore mode with no HUD (Only compass enabled)
    - A main Base where you can have a firing range, cqb training sight, helipads/airstrip, garage, armory and a command center where you can interect with a map to setup missions. (this is really unlikely, but i would love it)
    - Rapel from helicopters
    - 6-8 players co-op! So you can have heli teams for insertions or air support
    and stuff (this would be awesome to interact with other Squads, have like two squads play together from diferent countries)
    - More mission with building infiltrations, like hostage rescue and assasinations, just like real special forces do (CQB)
    - Mission Creator (will keep the game alive for so long)
    - Better camos for outfits because most are way wrong (colour and texture)
    - Camos from other countries
    - New military air vehicles, maybe a good plane for halo/haho jumping
    - Landing gear go up and down on planes
    - Better gunner view for vehicles (its too close you get lost)
    - Better vehicle damage
    - Air support (kind of like the air support unidad and santa blanca have, but not so OP)
    - Flares for flying vehicles
    - Patch creator
    - Patch on vest (front)
    - ATPIAL laser on pistols dont show in night vision
    - Silencer and long range optics for LMGs
    - Let use all sights to any weapons in PVE, come on, what difference will it make?
    - FIX silencer possition for the M110 (or add short barrel if lazy)
    - Short barrel for M4
    - Proper special forces gear
    - BATTLE BELT (all real life operator use battle belts with pouches and stuff)

    • Mr. bleach
      Mr. bleach Month ago +2

      Gian Felipe and stock positioning bc on m4a1 with attachments looks bad with the stock being so short

    • xxxjacktacion
      xxxjacktacion Month ago

      Would keep the game alive for at least a year

    • fuckin lesion
      fuckin lesion Month ago

      These are really good but I think a mew game would be better for these. These all seem like things that could be added in a sequel or a newer and similar Ghost Recon game.
      id also like a lethal/nonethal dichotomy and dragging bodies pls ubi

    • Garuda
      Garuda Month ago

      Stop thinking my thoughts!

    • Gian Felipe
      Gian Felipe Month ago +1

      @James Jamero air support would be calling the rebels for a chopper support, like Unidad ans santa blanca have

  • JrG Kat
    JrG Kat Month ago

    why you re-uploaded this video again? ubi

  • Charlie Delta
    Charlie Delta Month ago +3

    I was underwhelmed at the Punisher mission

  • Paul Morgutia
    Paul Morgutia Month ago +5

    But can we tuck our pants into our boots?

  • Michael B.
    Michael B. Month ago +12

    May 9th everyone. I think something big is coming

    • Can Say
      Can Say Month ago

      @Freaking Frogs its the sequel to wildlands so i am not wrong

    • Freaking Frogs
      Freaking Frogs Month ago

      You are wrong

    • Can Say
      Can Say Month ago

      @saneel sawant nice man :)

    • saneel sawant
      saneel sawant Month ago

      My birthday

    • Michael B.
      Michael B. Month ago

      Not sure. There was a Easter egg in the new mission that said may 9th 2019 and had a website

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Lawbringer

    Am I a joke to you Ubi...?

    • BlackTIE
      BlackTIE Month ago

      We just don't know how to play

  • dead_ shot_47
    dead_ shot_47 Month ago +10

    if y'all hate this game so much then why bother watching this video?

    • I’m a nobody
      I’m a nobody Month ago

      dead_ shot_47 ohh kk

    • dead_ shot_47
      dead_ shot_47 Month ago

      @I’m a nobody
      he meant that there isn't enough content.

    • I’m a nobody
      I’m a nobody Month ago

      john reid you said “I hate the state it in”

    • john reid
      john reid Month ago

      @I’m a nobody k, what does the country have to do with what I said in my original comment though?

    • I’m a nobody
      I’m a nobody Month ago


  • z palmer
    z palmer Month ago

    What is that green boat shown in the video

  • Al Cee Productions
    Al Cee Productions Month ago +25

    Oh great you guys got Frank Castle, awesome... but where are the fuckin new features we've been asking about?

    • Al Cee Productions
      Al Cee Productions Month ago +3

      It's called game as a service, it's not doing something great for the community. You wait for about 2 months to get 2 missions that can be done in 30 minutes, a few new features, dozens of paid customizations and you tell me that this is fine.

    • Voodoo
      Voodoo Month ago +3

      You should be happy they are still bringing stuff to this game 2+ years later.

  • Lado Wilson
    Lado Wilson Month ago

    Please fix uplay overlay on games it's not showing

  • Ethan Esslinger
    Ethan Esslinger Month ago +11

    This game should have spent another year in development, the world is so barren and the lighting and rendering issues are atrocious. It's bugfest galore, with some of the worst story narrative and voice acting I've ever had the mispleasure of enduring. Mind numbing repetitive gameplay, with the most hacker filled excuse of a pvp mode. It takes 4 months for Ubi to add one new mission, which can be completed in under 30 minutes and adds nothing new to the story or gameplay, because every mission is the same anyways.

  • Ethan Esslinger
    Ethan Esslinger Month ago +9

    This game doesn't have nearly enough content for a tips feature to even exist

    • Ethan Esslinger
      Ethan Esslinger Month ago +2

      @Ya boi Benson 01 "Hazah! A man of quality!"

    • Ya boi Benson 01
      Ya boi Benson 01 Month ago +3

      Ethan Esslinger this game lacks content. That’s why I stopped playing it because I beat it twice but they always focus on Ghost wars which is a awful pvp game and it’s stupid how when you shoot they know where you are

    • Ethan Esslinger
      Ethan Esslinger Month ago +4

      @One Typical Latino if you call one mission with godawful voice acting and narrative that can also be completed in under 20 minutes content, then you are a poor lost soul. Go buy some battle crates filled with 300 shitty emotes to make yourself happy.

    • One Typical Latino
      One Typical Latino Month ago +3

      They're on their 3rd year of adding content stfu

  • ArxSebastian
    ArxSebastian Month ago +2

    Gay Recon Wildlands. jk

  • Cal Schmidt
    Cal Schmidt Month ago +3

    Great game if it came out for ps2

  • BOSTON2001
    BOSTON2001 Month ago +75

    Get rid of the loot box system and have people earn them though leveling up instead. Game would be way better.

    • Glorious_LDR92
      Glorious_LDR92 Month ago +6

      @Ya boi Benson 01 On Extreme Difficulty without dying, and without your parachute, skydive from 2km high to Floro De Oro and complete the mission "General Baro" using only CQC. - Reward: 25 Prestige Credits

    • Brandon Williams
      Brandon Williams Month ago +2

      But then they wouldn’t be able chase the white rabbit that is continuous profit growth that is impossible and inevitably self destructive.

    • Denis Mrdalj
      Denis Mrdalj Month ago

      The boxes you get after 5 and 10 challenges are much better than the ones you buy with prestige credits

    • Al Cee Productions
      Al Cee Productions Month ago +9

      @Ya boi Benson 01
      Summed up perfectly about the fucked up prestige credit grinding this game has...

    • Ya boi Benson 01
      Ya boi Benson 01 Month ago +10

      Reward: 800 prestige credits

  • Ishaq Ironight
    Ishaq Ironight Month ago +8

    I have no money gimme the game blz

  • Hector Apolonio
    Hector Apolonio Month ago +8

    The game is trash

    • blade runner
      blade runner Month ago

      @Ethan Esslinger i guess

    • Ethan Esslinger
      Ethan Esslinger Month ago

      @blade runner no amount of maintenance can fix this game. Everytime there's a new update they manage to take one step forward and 3 steps back.

    • Al Cee Productions
      Al Cee Productions Month ago

      @Slice of Life
      PvP only, you wanna know how long it took me on PvE? 30 seconds... PvP is dead.

    • Slice of Life
      Slice of Life Month ago

      @Al Cee Productions your internet connection probably and Ubi servers

    • Slice of Life
      Slice of Life Month ago

      @Jalen Brown play ghost war

  • Mr. Джейсон
    Mr. Джейсон Month ago +3


  • dream dream
    dream dream Month ago +6

    Fc ubisoft

  • dream dream
    dream dream Month ago +1

    Commem 1 yes

  • dawson
    dawson Month ago +4

    Love your vids